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The Demonless Scientist
Expo Voice Drama: Ace is facing a Steel Seijin, Z comes to assist following the previous drama, Beliarok is intrigued enough to assist in the fight. After the threat is dealt with, Beliarok is intrigued enough by Ace to ask for a fight, which happens, but Ace defeats Z and Beliarok. Z is impressed while Beliarok wants him to apply himself more, and Z continues talking with his godfather while Beliarok floats around.
Decker: A fisherman's attempts to fish are interrupted by the appearance of Eleking from the lake. It starts draining a substation, revealing to the arriving GUTS-Select the cause of recent blackouts in the area, one women, after Ichika doesn't listen to her asking to stop the attack on "Ellie", starts calling out herself, nearly getting crushed by rubble and revealed as a Pitt Seijin, Ichika takes a blow to the head and blacks out before she can make any proper reaction. When Ichika awakens in the girl's apartment, her initial reaction is hostility, but the girl explains she crash landed right before the Barrier came up, otherwise she'd have been rescued right away, Ichika starts accepting this, also having people trapped away from earth, before remembering Eleking, sure that it's proof of ulterior motive, but Ellie was her pet, an infant Eleking she crashed with, only for Ellie to grow faster than normal due to overfeeding or the environment, forcingn her to hide Ellie in the lake after she reached human size, and while she kept bringing electricity to feed it she couldn't get enough, and Ellie started finding more food, draining houses and later substations. The girl, Yuko, takes Ichika to Ellie to prove she isn't hostile. Ichika wants to tell TPU to protect Yuko, but Ellie will probably be a different matter, and Ellie starts collapsing due to lack of nourishment. Ichika gets from Hanejiro the location of the outdated emergency supply battery Mega Earth, leaving hi, despairing over all the secrets he has to keep, but she's caught with Mega Earth by Kanata and Ryumon. Murahoshi chews her out both for almost violating his trust, and assuming the TPU will not be reasoned with, promising to appeal to them for both. As a first measure they feed Eleking with Mega Earth, Ichika admitting she found Ellie similar to a pet dog, but Ellie suddenly goes wild, right before Kaizaki contacts them to warn that feeding it with Mega Earth could overload it. There's now no choice but to try and stop Ellie before it can destroy the city, Decker fights but Eleking starts draining his power, so Kanata summons Miclas for help, only for it to be drained. Decker starts fighting but Ellie pulls back, still just a pet, allowing Decker to play with it until it loses control again, needing a Miracle, Decker grants Kanata the Miracle-type Ultra Dimension Card. Now able to teleport, then drain all the electricity Eleking throws at it, returning Ellie to Yuko in infant state. Kaizaki chews Murahoshi for the risky feeding of Eleking without consulting her, and os asked to provide some instruction on proper feeding so Ellie doesn't get too big again.
Revice: Privately, George celebrates the death of Chic, and the end of his father's influence on him. Vice celebrates the fact Ikki won't need to fight and lose his memories anymore, unaware that George, in a new look, has defeats several Demons Troopers, wielding a new Driver. Genta and Ikki setting up a record breaking domino run is ruined not by Daiji rushing off for team reorganising, nor Sakura rushing to school, but Lovekov rushing after her with lunch, Ikki learns after that they've tried to set up a run before. After more sadness over the memories but planning to move forward, Ikki and Vice have to head off. Hana goes to Sakura tomsay goodbye before turning herself in. Hiromi is organising Masumi's things, finding a photo of him and George when he was a child, helping Hikaru move things despite his rough condition out of the Ushijima house, Tamaki noting a stain that has always been there. Daiji rushes to find the defeated Demons Troopers, wondering who could have done it, as George approaches Hana, transforms into Kamen Rider Juuga, and attacks. Bon is restarting his ByTube career and got Ikki and Vice as guests, kids want Ikki's autograph, to Vice's dismay, but Ikki is called by Tamaki about Hana's attack, even as he tries to fight as Over Demons. Ikki and Vice arrive as Tamaki is defeated, and Juuga reveals himself as George. Having completed his strongest system, which doesn't use Akuma powers, he intends to remove all existing systems and those who use Giff's power to bring about true peace. His Genome ViStamp contains the DNA from the 10 ViStamps, and he transforms again into Juuga. Wanting to minimise further memory loss, Vice tells Ikki to let him handle it alone as Giffard Rex. Ikki and the arriving Daiji and Hiromi attend to Tamaki and Hana, but Juuga only doesn't win because of not being fully calibrated causing feedback, so he leaves. The memory loss finally hits breaking point, as when Genta and Yukimi return, Ikki thinks they're customers. Hiromi confronts George, who insists in hi belief he is doing what is right. Vice is angry at himself, and while Genta and Yukimi are obviously upset, they don't blame him, Lovekov tries to comfort Yukimi. Ikki apologises for not telling Sakura and Daiji about the memory loss, Daiji blames himself for losing his nerve that first day, otherwise Ikki would never have had to lose anything, Sakura is distraught. Kagero offers the pragmatic response, get rid of George and Ikki won't have to use his powers. Daiji suggests they surrender their Drivers and ViStamps over to George and see if he will leave ot with that, but they will fight if they have to, both the, and Vice agree to not let Ikki transform again. George throws the Demons Driver and Weekend Driver at Masumi's grave. The family approach George, Daiji offers Ikki's Revice Drama and the rest if he leaves them alone, George refuses, insisting on fighting, and becomes Juuga as Jeanne and Evilytylive face him. Hiromi finds the discarded Drivers as Juuga defeats the siblings and Ikki rushes for his Revice Driver as Vice tries to stop him, but Ikki insists in fighting to protect his family.
Donbrothers: Kijino and Miho spot a boy leaving flowers where his dog died, Miho offers her own prayers, they then pass by a sleeping Inuzaka, recalling swimming with Natsumii, he recognises Miho's voice as Natsumii's and leaps up too late to see her. A young man studying in a cage becomes overwhelmed by the various noises, and transforms into Jyukenki (he was also wearing SRTC brand shoes). A moping Inuzaka and the other companions are brought to battle, JyukenKi lashes out at the sound of DonMomotaro's festival, and sends InuBrother flying before fleeing, the rest chasing him. InuBrother awakens, unknowingly steps on the offering for the deceased dog, and finds he cannot cancel transformation, some girls spot him and then after he starts talking throw stones at him. The marker for the dog accumulates malice. For the first time in a long time, InuBrother goes to Jin, wanting him to restore him, but Jin can only tell him he's been cursed by a dog. Hot and hungry, he steals food from a house and is pursued by animal control. Jiro has returned to his hometown for a visit, showing them a picture of himself as Don Doragoku, they're not convinced it's a real hero power, but in a way admire him for sticking with his dream. He leaves that night, asking Rumi to make him a bentonwhen he really is a hero, showing her his transformation before leaving. InuBrother spots Miho and tries to call out, but the curse makes him only able to bark. Thinking him a lost dog she holds him while thinking what to do, when JyukenKi attacks, he fights it off but Miho is gone. He follows her scent and finds her unconscious in an alleyway. Unable to get her to wake up, he seeks out Kijino, but he isn't home, so he instead heads to Shirokuma, but the other workers take him away before Taro spots him, so he chases his van, but can't keep up, and he's then targeted by Sayama. He runs, collapsing mere feet from Miho, who is awake enough to see him and drag herself to him, and seeing Sayama, the Crane Juto takes hold and opposes him, scaring him off with one blow. InuBrother awakens to see Miho in her possessed state, but can't recognise her or remember himself, becoming an actual dog. Spotting JyukenKi, Miho leaps away, and the others are brought to fight him. After transforming they decide to use Dairanger, as Jiro arrives, declaring his increased resolve from seeing his friends, only for the otherself to tell him he's wasting his time and emerge from his body, telling him he'll never succeed if he keeps idolising Taro, Jiro can sense those feelings but thinks he needs the other Jiro, and transforms into Don Doragoku as the other becomes Don Torabolt. Together they fight JyukenKi, and use their gears to become Don Robogoku and Don Robobolt, together defeating JyukenKi, who becomes JyukenKing. They combine, in a sequence that resembles Roboyoku restraining Robobolt with his body, combining into ToraDragonJin, and shows his abilities in defeating JyukenKi. A young girl spots the transformed Inuzaka and takes pity on him, and a few days later Kijino and Miho spot the disturbed marker for the dog, they clean up and offer their prayers, and the little girl is confused when Pochi transforms back into Inuzaka.
Girls Remix: Police, including Detective Daimon Rinko, fire on a woman using Elctro Waves to knock them down, wondering for a moment if her foe is a Phantom. They're saved by the arrival of Kamen Rider Valkyrie, who suspects their foe to be an AI criminal, and briefly fights before the opponent flees. Sakura is trying to clear up the Weekend base, but Hana is distracted by a letter from a Natsuki Yuriko, claiming to be her older sister and asking to meet her. Hana is hesitant, but Sakura encourages her to meet her real family. It's a big day at Happy Spa, as Nqrumi Detective Agency Chief Narumi Akiko films, introducing Secretary-type Humagear Izu, Game Disease specialist Poppy Pipopapo, Sword of Logos member Shindai Reika, and Weekend members Sakura and Hana, have been asked to help with Akiko's investigation. Sakura has let them use the place, and is glad to see Reika again, seeing her as a big sister and getting Hana thinking again, Sakura is also grateful for the help Akiko's husband gave Ikki. As they are all Kamen Riders, Akiko wants their help investigating the Denpa Ningen incidents. The girls minus Hana are instead distracted discussing their henshin poses. Akiko is annoyed by the lack of focus, Hana just feels isolated, looking at the letter and moving away when Sakura gets closer. Akiko returns from a spill, Reika finding something off, as Akiko starts questioning Hana on her family, when Sakura tries to intercede Hana gets annoyed, and asks Akiko to come with her. Hana explains about being raised by the Deadmans and no memory of her own family, and wants to see if this Yuriko really is her sister, Akiko seeing she does want a family. At this point they see a woman being chased by Black Satan troops, Hana intervenes, as soon as the woman is away Akiko reveals herself as an imposter, Miss Titan of Black Satan, wanting her as a member. Hana refuses and so is attacked, Miss Titan telling her she has no place at Weekend, but is proven wrong by Sakura and Reika's arrival, Reika having deduced by Akiko cleaning herself up too well. Hana is still annoyed with Sakura as all three change, Aguilera fighting Miss Titan, Jeanne tries to help and they start arguing again. Izu arrives with new ViStamps, Jeanne uses Tricera, turning Lovekov into Agito themed bladeguns, Aguilera uses Buffalo to produce two OOO based Chakram. They defeat the enemy, but Hana is still annoyed and leaves. Izu is called by Poppy, who found a passed out Akiko at the sauna. Hana waits at the meeting spot, semi-resenting Sakura for her earlier words. Hana is approached by the woman she helped earlier to thank her, only to realise this is Yuriko, and the two hug, Hana acknowledges her sister, and passes out.
Futo PI: After Phillip arrives the attacker vanishes. Tokime appears floating above questioning of Phillip is also a detective, and vanishes into a wall with a warning following will lead to their own dismemberment. They then get grabbed by Tachikawa goons again. Back at the agency, they're fairly sure this is a Memory crime, explaining to Chuta using the example of Magma, while the manufacturers were dealt with, there's still some on the market. Chuta wants to call it quits, but Shotaro encourages him to accept their help further. Phillip and Shotsro head into the back for a lookup based on characteristics observed, they have too many matches until Shotaro recalls the heat of the attack, narrowing it down to the Road Memory. The Shadow Futo is made from the body of the user to create dimensional roads, and that matter has to be reclaimed, most efficiently by eating people. Another day another body, all personal belongings taken, Phillip is sure Road Dopant is Tokime, but the murders are random, but Shotaro thinks there's more and starts asking around. While despairing Shotaro is approached by Akira, from the last episode, who gives a pep talk, but Shotaro gets distracted by noting the attention Akira is getting from a classmate, Takahashi, though she's actually there with info in the rumours. 1 rumour they collected catches his attention, where Tokime scared two girls away from a tree. Finding the flower smells like her, he checks out other trees of that kind, finding the largest is next to a site owned by the Tachikawa group, and Chuta is investigating himself, rejecting Shotaro right before he has to save him from Road. It attacks, and he has Chuta close his eyes as he pulls out the Double Driver, in the aftermath of the attack they're now on a roof. Tokime appears to question how he did that, as he questions her on if she's the Dopant, she seems unsure and goes for a bath, he rides HardBoilder back to the hideout. Phillip, able to see Shotaro is attracted to Tokime and distracted by that, tries to warn Shotaro, who instead leaves the Double Driver and rides off. He finds her bathing in the fountain again, and tells him he can take Chuta's bag back. He wants her to tell him the truth, she notes when the Shadow Futo activates she feels heat from the memory and goes there, and asks if he can find who she is, admitting to amnesia, but she know she has to find something in the Shadow Futo. When she looks at the Memory Shotaro spots something and gets a look, right before it heats up, she says "he" is coming, and Tachikawa and his men appear, glad they've found the witch killing their men, and thinks they'll deal with Shotaro and the bag while they're at it. Shotaro explains he's wrong about one thing, Tokime's Memory is broken ao she can't be Road, one of Tachikawa's men is. Tachikawa is dismissing this as nonsense when his number 2, Sabu, finds the hunger too much, breaks his face with his gun, and decides to just eat everyone, transforming into Road. Intending to buy time, Shotaro tells Tokime to run, but is saved by RevolGarry slamming into Road. Understanding the situation, Phillip returns the Double Driver, and the two together become Kamen Rider W CycloneJoker.
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Welcome Pack for Futo PI viewers.
Tumblr media
Welcome. If you're enjoying Futo PI, you may have learnt about the fact this is a sequel to a 2009-2010 tokusatsu series entitled Kamen Rider W, specifically an adaptation of a manga that started serialisation in 2017, written by that show's head writer Sanjo Riku. I won't tell you you have to go back and watch W, which was the latest in a still ongoing series of toy commercials, and was primarily intended for kids, while Futo PI was always aimed at an older audience and to draw in non-toku fans. I will say anime watchers at least get told this is also a superhero show from the beginning, unlike the manga, as that first scene was an adaptation of the very first scene of W.
As I said, you are under no obligation to watch W to follow Futo PI, but if you're curious about seeing where the main characters have come from, please read on and I'll tell you where to look.
Tumblr media
At a basic premise, Kamen Rider W and Futo PI have the same conceit of the 2-in-1 detective, Shotaro and Phillip, defending Futo from the users of the Memories as Kamen Rider W. The big threat is different of course, but the general premise is the same.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
While you will see the main cast (and Akiko's father) resemble their live action counterparts quite closely, other characters are more varied. Detectives Jinno and Makura, Santa-chan and Watcherman are all recognisable easily, while Queen and Elizabeth, and Lily look less like their TV selves, I'm guessing due to image rights. Tokime and Bando are original to the manga, so never had actors.
Also, before I go into an explanation of what to watch to get the complete W experience, I will note that the OP, "Private Eye", is by Big Gadgets and features Kamiki Aya and TAKUYA, who were responsible for the W OP, "W-B-X ~W-Boiled Extreme~", while the ED "Tsumi to Bachi to ANGURA" is by Matsuoka Mitsuru and Kikkawa Koji, who each starred in 2 W movies and provided music, Kikkawa performed "Nobody's Perfect", the theme for his character, Narumi Sokichi, as well as being half the duo performing "HEARTBREAKER", while Matsuoka performed "W", for the movie, and then "cod-E -E no Ango-" which could be seen as the theme for his own character, Daido Katsumi. Flashbacks have featured both characters in the manga as I understand, but I don't know if in either case that's in the material getting adapted to anime, since each arc is probably going to be 2 or 3 episodes.
Kamen Rider W Watch List
This should be only the most important parts.
Kamen Rider W Episode 1-14. After the Begins Night intro, these episodes introduce to Futo, W and the Gaia Memories, through the eyes of Akiko as she comes to Futo seeking her father.
Kamen Rider W Begins Night. The W portion of Movie Taisen 2010, where the Begins Night comes back to haunt Shotaro, adding further context to it for the audience, and resolving a plot hook that's been hanging between Shotaro and Akiko since the series started. You can skip the crossover portion, but there are some scenes at the very end I would watch.
Kame Rider W Episode 15-34. The new year brings sweeping changes to Futo, with the last member of the main cast joining soon after.
Kamen Rider W Hyper Battle DVD. You can skip this, it's a humourous DVD they do every year, sometimes with new forms, this one is mostly notable for featuring a character that got a surprising amount of use post-W.
Kamen Rider W Episode 35-44. The series moves into the last act, with a last shift to the status quo, as the 10 year plan of the villains approaches fruition.
Kamen Rider W Forever: A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate. W's summer movie, following directly on from the end of episode 44, and focuses on revelations on that episode and how they affect Phillip. The release was accompanied by humourous net movies, as well as a prose prequel: The Beginning of N/Blood and Dreams, which may have been contradicted by later releases.
Kamen Rider W Episode 45-49. The last act and epilogue to W.
Kamen Rider Skull: Message for W. W's portion of Movie Taisen CORE, it provides an origin for the titular character. As before, you can skip the crossover portion, but there are some scenes at the end to still watch.
Kamen Rider W Returns: Kamen Rider Accel. A direct to DVD film focusing on the titular character after the events of the series.
Kamen Rider W Returns: Kamen Rider Eternal. A prequel to the summer movie providing backstory for the titular character.
Novel Kamen Rider W: The One Who Continues After Z. (I don't believe this has been translated yet although I would imagine it is on some group's to-d list). While set during the series, I would advise leaving it until finishing the series.
Futo PI. The manga has had over 100 chapters and is at least 12 volumes so far, the anime is expected to be 12 episodes for now, and will cover maybe half of that.
Aside from these W focused excursions, members of the cast have returned in other series, though those are always more focused on the parent series.
Shotaro and Phillip made a guest appearance in 2012's Movie Taisen MEGAMAX.
Terui and Akiko sort-of cameod in 2013's Sengoku Movie Daikessen.
Shotaro was one of several prominent returning characters in 2014's Kamen Rider Taisen
Terui returned for a significant appearance in 2016's Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Chaser, also written by Sanjo. Notably this revealed a major development after Futo PI's events, which didn't come out for another year and a half.
Terui returned, along with several other past riders, for a guest appearance in NEXT TIME: Kamen Rider Geiz in 2020.
Terui was one of several past characters to enjoy a major role in 2022's Kamen Rider Revice: The Mystery, being the lead in the B-plot alongside a Revice character.
Akiko also returned in 2022, alongside several other female characters, for Jeanne & Aguilera with Girls Remix.
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The Colonel Demon
Expo Voice Drama: at the Ultra Coliseum, Z trains with Glsnfire. They start talking, Glen telling him he needs to put more flame into it, prompting Z to have Haruki switch them to Beta Smash. Glen then gets annoyed to learn Z hasn't introduced him to his partner, and makes his own introduction before Zero arrives, informing Z that the world of the Eternity Core is currently under threat by the Spheres, and that Ace is currently preparing for a mission, prompting Z to rush to meet Ace, Zero then goes to continue his own work, leaving Glen alone, he decides to go find Jean-bot.
Decker: the newer members are evacuating a building as Bemular rampages, when they see some aliens attack, Kanata pursues an armed Shaplay Seijin, breaking formation, and is eliminated by Bemular failing the simulation after almost accidentally becoming Decker. Next day Asakage gives a briefing on the eventual plan for GUTS Hawk and GUTS Falcon, that they will be able to combine into GUTS Gryphon and pool their energy for a stronger attack, but at the moment it isn't ready for testing. In Yotsuhana, drilling to find a new water vein after they shifted after the Spheres appeared, so they can revive the town via the Spheres, hitting a strange 1300 year old metal capsule, and triggering a earthquake. Ryumon and Kirino, who is familiar with the area, assist evacuation, while Hanejiro flies GUTS Hawk to analyse the situation ahead of Nursedessei arriving. A Kaiju, Mons-Agher, emerges from the capsule, at with point Kanata is dispatched in GUTS Falcon, but it has tough skin and Hanejiro rejects attempting to form GUTS Gryphon. A broadcast from the capsule is translated by Kaizaki, revealing Mons-Agher is a Kaiju weapon sold to races wanting to eliminate other races making it into space. This angers Kanata into becoming Decker as the Falcon goes down, Hanejiro having to cover to prevent the others from rushing to the Falcon to find him gone. As Decker switches to Strong Type, Hanejiro comes to an idea, communicating to him to agitate the underground streams and trigger a new geyser, launching the Falcon into the air so he can form GUTS Gryphon and assist in eliminating Mons-Agher. Afterwards, they want to enjoy the springs, but Ryumon insists on returning to base to report.
Revice: Through Vice, Giff tells them to choose a new world or human extinction, before retreating, leaving Vice. At Happy Spa Ikki and Daiji discuss a next move while Vice stews in anger at being used, he goes to have a bath but is stopped, but realises Ikki has either forgotten they run a bathhouse, or what a bath is. Sakura argues at Lovekov about throwing herself in, only for Hana to tell her she's not going to let either of them take part in the next fight until they've resolved their situation so Sakura isn't distracted, telling her to listen to her partner, as Tamaki contemplates. Hiromi wakes George from an all nighter, wanting his input on how to solve the issue with Giff, but George insists on finishing his own research, feeling the siblings can make a miracle, but offers Hiromi something. Sakura returns to the Spa, still arguing with Lovekov. Kagero reminds them that despite not having Giff's powers, Daiji did damage to Giff when they were opening the portal causing the cocoons to emerge, reasoning the dimension is connected to Giff as his stomach, and so they will need to get someone inside to do damage while keeping his body outside, Ikki and Daiji clearly plan on that being Vice. When Giff appears again, they go, but Sakura has to tell them she need to settle things with Lovekov, Ikki giving her the words to really think about it. Tamaki visits Hikaru, who is out of action and expected him to come, gives him his Demons Driver with his blessing. Revi, Vice and Evilytylive start battling Giff's army, Vice gives Revi his half of the Giffard Rex ViStamp and is launched into the realm. For the first time, Sakura summons Lovekov without a henshin. Recognising she never quite trusted Lovekov as an individual as Ikki and Daiji have come to treat Vice and Kagero, and apologises, Lovekov swearing to protect her too, and the "wound" grows more, Sakura realising it is actually a sign of Lovekov maturing. Aguilera arrives to help fight off the enemies, so Revi can try to attack Giff, but starts feeling overwhelmed, Tamaki arrives swearing to ways protect her but that he'll fight to atone, transforming into Over Demons. Vice finds a platform with the Giff Sarcophagus on it, which starts attacking him as he tries to fight, as Sakura arrives, with a now talking Lovekov, shedding her skin, they use the King Cobra ViStamp to become together Invincible Jeanne. After helping them with some foes, they have her go on ahead to her brothers. An overwhelmed Evilytylive is saved by Hiromi with a bow and arrow from George. Ikki and Vice attack Giff and the sarcophagus simultaneously, destroying the subdimension, Vice pulled out just in time. The 3 siblings and their Akuma join together against Giff's Giftexes, before settling things with a 4 Rider kick, destroying Giff as he makes his final warning that humanity will Doom itself. As everyone celebrates, they notice a spatial distortion remains above the city, as in his lab, George continues his work to make a driver which doesn't rely on a Akuma. We are set up now for Battle Familia.
Donbrothers: Haruka continues drawing for Sonoza, creating Hatsukoi Hero: New Term, where 4 students and the teacher all newly transfer. At Donbura, Saruhara and Kijino are telling Jiro they cannot trust him with his other personality appearing at any time, as Kaito tells Taro Haruka has been missing, only for Taro to decide Jiro losing control could present a good challenge for the Donbrothers, though he is also curious about their shared connection via the Don Clan, but rejects considering Jiro his sibling. Sonoza is frustrated by Haruka's work, with all the transfer students confessing to the heroine, and she decides she needs to make the circumstances of confession more realistic to bridge the gap between Noto and human. Taro delivers to a rich man who has excelled in everything he puts his mind to and is this bored of everything, desperate for entertainment, he becomes DenjiKi after Taro leaves. Haruka establishes the heroine "played" by her, is a monster hunter, when "Taro" becomes a monster she transforms into a Poitrine homage, only for Sonoza to object to the gag she puts in. As DenjiKi keeps rampaging in his company, Haruka is taken to fight, Sonoza distracted reading Shin Hatsukoi Hero, he arrives at the battle before the other Donbrothers do, but DenjiKi flees. Haruka next attempt involves introducing Sonoda, clearly based on Sonoza, and having Haruka beat him up. Seeing the Shin Hatsukoi Hero volume, Haruka decide to meet the author Shiina Naoki. She confronts the rabbit mascot author, demanding to know how he framed her, and Sonoza has them settle things by drawing manga. Haruka's concept has her self insert join the dance club, and resonate with the president (Sononi) with the two together becoming a hero duo. This feels like it is also a homage, but I'm not sure to what. Shiina while still working presents a dish, Haruka's specialty Beef Stroganoff, exactly like Haruka's. As DenjiKi rampages on the beach, the team use Fiveman, reject Jiro's help, so he fights of Sonoi when he arrives, then use Robotaro to defeat DenjiKi, and form Don Onitaijin as DenjiKing appears. Using KyoryuGold, Don Doragoku fights Sonoi off, as the team finishes things, Jiro deciding he needs Robotaro as well. The host feels satisfied, as Haruka returns to where she's been held, only to find Shiina's manuscript, and is forced to accept she has lost.
Futo PI: So I read the first volume as it was getting scanlated, only for the translations to quickly fall off after that. I believe they've returned since, but I haven't had the time to go back to them. But as a reminder, this is a direct continuation of W. I don't believe any of the cast have returned to voice, but I think that was probably a deliberate decision, a choice between getting either everyone back or nobody. Also, this is intended to ba able to attract non-Rider fans. After a recap of Begins Night, we meet Hidari Shotaro, who is called late at night by Akiko to come meet with a client, as he leaves he passes an attractive woman, muttering about hunger, and misunderstanding her as looking for customers, passes her by, then finds she has vanished from the dock despite heading towards the sea. After more berating back at the office, they are joined by the client, Tsubosaki Chuta. He wants them to find a witch. Just after his arrival, he encountered a woman, who somehow caused his bag to fly to her, and she fled saying she was a witch, he chased, but lost her and found the way he'd come was a dead end. Shotaro recognises from the description the same woman he had just seen. While he would like the money and bag back, Shotaro deduces that what he really wants is to see the Witch again, enraptured by her beauty. Discussing the matter afterwards, he is interrupted by his partner pointing out he may too lose to the Witch's charms. Claiming he won't need help this time, Shotaro goes out, but despite consulting various informants including Santa-chan, he stops by Fumen with no leads, until Watcherman gives him a tip. She's been robbing people fairly regularly, anyone pursuing finding themselves at the same T-junction, as he brings him to one locale. Spotting the Witch she starts walking in the air to get away, as Shotaro chases on the HalfBoilder, catching her, she gives her name as Tokime, but not wanting to hear him out, she hits him and run, as he declares no one can outrun him in his city she informs him that's not where he is, as he realises the locale has changed, before then appearing in the headquarters of the Tachikawa group, Jinno and Makura being called on account of his trespassing, Tachikawa also has a problem with her, Jinno telling Shotaro that body parts have been turning up on the alleyway behind the Tachikawa building, a witness saw Tokime taking jewels off a severed arm. At the Shirogane café Shotaro discloses this to Tsubosaki, who still wants to meet Tokime, as Phillip calls Shotaro asking him to let him help, suspecting Tokime is using a memory, Lily telling Tsubosaki the basic idea of them, and Shotaro has a realisation. They find Tokime bathing in a fountain, she recalls stealing from Tsubosaki, but after a sudden reaction and Shotaro spotting her Memory she runs, they follow but lose her and find themselves in a different city again. Attacked by blasts, Shotaro is saved by the last blast being intercepted by a bird of some kind, and Phillip appears to tell Shotaro he actually needs his help, which Shotaro agrees with.
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Futo PI cast interviews.
Since the launch of the manga nearly 5 years ago, every time a new volume launched they've tried to get cast members to return for an interview, a few photos take essentially in character, that sort of thing.
In preparation, a quick list of the "characters" interviewed this far.
Tumblr media
Kiriyama Renn as Hidari Shotaro & Suda Masaki as Phillip
Tumblr media
Kinemoto Miharu as Terui Ryu
Tumblr media
Yamamoto Hikaru as Narumi Akiko
Tumblr media
Kimisawa Yuki as Sudo Kirihiko
Tumblr media
Kikawa Koji as Narumi Sokichi
Tumblr media
Nadagi Takeshi as Jinno Mikio
Tumblr media
Namai Ami as Sonozaki Saeko and Asuka Rin as Sonozaki Wakana
Tumblr media
Matsuoka Mitsuru as Daido Katsumi
Tumblr media
Terada Minori as Sonozaki Ryubee
Tumblr media
Takaiwa Seiji, suit actor for W.
Tachiko Fumihiko, narrator and voice of Gaia Memories, was also interviewed
The most recent interview is on with the animes actors for Shotaro and Phillip.
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The King Crab/Crocodile Chimera, The Octopus/Rhino/Scolopede Messenger.
Decker: Murahoshi introduces the head of technical development, Dr. Asakage Yuichiro, who's there to run the 3 recruits through simulation training alongside HANE2 to decide who'll pilot GUTS Falcon, putting them in simulation against Deathdrago. Kanata almost immediately crashes Falcon into Hawk, Kirino manages to shoot the Hawk and Ryumon gets shot down by rushing in. Kaizaki goes over with Murahoshi the 5 Kong Spheres and probably the Sphere Soldiers forming the barrier, and Spheresaurus trying to get energy underground, and how they don't know yet if they're connected to Kaiju reawakening or if the new Ultraman can he trusted. Kirino accidentally gives the idea to try and talk to learn more about HANE2, learning he and the Hawk were originally made for space exploration before everything, and learn Ryumon wanted to join GUTS-Select due to being saved himself as a child, and Kanata spills Decker's name. Training continues, trying to reach a point the two jets can merge, though Asakage is concerned by the attempt to reach that level, but Murahoshi wants to be ready for the future. A Gomora appears, and based on the current results Kanata is assigned to GUTS Falcon, the other two fighting from the ground, as HANE2 transfers bodies to the one aboard GUTS Hawk. Things go pretty well, the two craft manage to take off Gomora's tail, when suddenly the Spheres return, merging to form Sphere-Gomora. Using a secure line, Kanata has HANE2 remotely control GUTS Falcon and asks him to keep a secret as he becomes Decker. All fight together, but desperate to keep it from a hospital, a panicked Kanata receives from Decker the Strong Type Ultra Dimension Card, and is able to keep the Kaiju back, before, after some help from the Nurse Cannon, destroying it with a Garnet Bomber. Afterwards, after getting HANE2 to keep his secret, he decides to name him Hanejiro, and tells him not to be so formal, only to immediately regret it.
Expo Voice Drama: I presume this is going to be a fairly short thing, and sadly we don't have subs. Trigger Dark arrives on a world and is immediately confronted by the Phantom Thief Himera, though when he realises it's Ignis he's friendlier. Both are on search of a treasure and decide to seek it out together, but when they find it someone else.os taking it. After some more banter, Ignis heads off in pursuit.
Revice: I was going to include some notes on Battle Familia since early reports were putting it between last week and this week, having started on this week though I believe it to be after next week's episode, so I will hold off at least for now. Hiromi and Daiji search the woods for Olteca and his cocoon, but by the time Tamaki and Hana find him to arrest it's vanished, Olteca mocks them for thinking their slates are clean just because they switched sides, but Hana declares, to Tamaki's surprise, that she'll also be atoning once the fight is over. The cocoon became a swarm of bugs and starts entering people, who become cocoons as well. Ikki, Vice and Yukimi are tidying Happy Spa while George packs up his things, Buu-san arrives to let them know Genta will be back soon but is still hiding a little longer, Ikki is unsure if sealing Giff was really the best plan, but Vice just thinks they've stopped him and Ikki won't have to forget anymore, although he sees on Ikki's face he has forgotten something. Sakura and Lovekov contemplate how empty Weekend is now, when Hiromi and Daiji arrive with news of the cocoons appearing, Lovekov looks injured. Vice, having helped George get things to his car, hears something. The flies reform from the cocoons, and start producing Giftarians. Everyone goes out, Hiromi having Tamaki stay behind to help him run support. Revi and Vice start fighting as more Giftarians and even a Hell Giftarian appear, the Demons Troopers with Daiji are overwhelmed by the swarm until he uses Evilytylive, and as Jeanne goes to use Hashiboko, she sees Lovekov's wound, and Vice is incapacitated hearing Giff tell him to awaken, Tue fighting finishes with Kagero taunting Daiji some, and the wound on Lovekov grows. Back at base Hiromi tells Tamaki he sympathises with being unable to fight, while Lovekov is angry Sakura wants to sideline her. George visits Masumi's grave, leaving his mask and the stone, telling him he won't rely on his strength anymore. Vice wanders around at night, muttering inhumanly. Ikki finds him missing and rushes out, finding him suspended in the air and Giff speaking through him to condemn humanity, emerges from a portal as Daiji arrives, and summons from his swarm Planarian, Sabertiger, Anomalocaris and Chameleon. Giffard Rex Revi and Evil fight them, Giff summoning Giftarians and a Hell Giftarian when Jeanne and Aguilera arrive, then as Live and Revi defeat them resummons the Giftexes, Lovekov rushing in almost gets Jeanne defeated. Revi and Evilytylive try to combine their powers on Giff, who now seems unaffected, and after defeating them, welcomes the Igarashi's, through Vice, to the new world they will make.
Donbrothers: After a film snippet about a man named Tetsu, we see Saruhara, who uses his powers to get some kids their ball, the change is seen by two guys, and another sees him turn back, beforenhe is kidnapped by the first two. He wakesmup to gangsters demanding something back, only for their boss to immediately tell them they got the wrong guy, when the other man, the Shirai they were after, bursts in, Saruhara breaks his noodle bonds and leaps in his car. Shirai explains they were the Matsui Family, and he was once SaruBrother. Kaito, now selling his own merch, explains Shirai never joined the Donbrothers by defeating a Hitotsu-ki, he must have used his powers the wrong way and immediately lost it, explaining before them about 5000 people lost them. Sakiyama starts eating a disguised Anoni, Mother sends Don Murasame to protect it, telling him not to ask about his own existence, but Don Torabolt attacks him first, letting Sakiyama finish, they both Avatar Change, into AbareKiller and Kibaranger, before stalemate, Murasame leaves, Torabolt questioning the sorrow he senses. Haruka is grabbed by Sonoza. Saruhara meets Shirai while enjoying some imaginary ramen, Shirai admits his misuse of SaruBrother but can't see the sense in fighting to protect, he plans to take action against the Matsuis. Haruka awakens, to discover that Sonoza has become obsessed with Hatsukoi Hero and wants he to continue it, she refuses for all of 20 seconds. Saruhara and Shirai go to the Matsui ramen shop, where it turns out that Shirai just started messing around as SaruBrother and was fired, but stole the precious item, the autograph of the actor Tetsu, which he returns in exchange for the Matsui's signature sauce, not being interested in creating his own. Both parties shortchanged eachother, Shirai having sold the autograph, and Saruhara tries to get both to reject material existence, somehow making them feel the experience of the desert. Sonoza is not satisfied with Haruka's manga. Matsui escapes the illusion by taking offered water and giving up the autograph, Shirai asks Saruhara to help his philosophy, he decides he can only understand by fighting Saruhara, becoming SamuraiKi, the fight takes Haruka away from her captivity. While Shirai mostly fights SaruBrother, who uses Robotaro before they finish as Don Onitaijin. Shirai opens his own cart, offering imaginary ramen.
Birth of Chimera: As noted, while it's out, Battle Familia clearly doesn't happen for at least a couple of episodes, but this is out so I'll cover it now. Hiromi fights with a man, who he recognises like Akaishi made a contract with Giff, who seeks to lead humans in the proper past. He takes Hiromi down, and notes his body falling apart, prepares to start work. George, resentful due everything with Masumi, how seeks never to use an Akuma again, testing his new Driver with the Twin Chimera ViStamp, an attempt at a Akumaless Driver, instead all it achieves is manifesting Chic, Masumi's Akuma, releasing him from George, he struggles but Chic takesone of Gifg's eyes. Nozomu makes food for his mother, his father comes home, noting he mutual friend Dr. Sotoumi has been different lately, then Nozomu and his father do their traditional arm wrestling. Later he trains with his friend Mukai, Nozomu wants to be a doctor, while Mukai is going to partake is Sotoumi's drug trials, a medicine that can awaken the human ability. The medicine turns out to be the Chimera System, most Drop out after the first volunteer is injured, but Mukai volunteers, and while it's painful he does become Chimera. Nozomu and his family spot the failed volunteer, who rampages and becomes a monster, an arriving Mukai recognises the cause and defeats it as Chimera before rushing off to find Sotoumi, the man who fought Hiromi, less disheveled, follows him to Sotoumi. Mukai, sickened by the doctor, takes the Driver and runs, then the man enters, seeking th3 source of the demon transformation, Sotoumi reveals he's been under Chic's control, who now annoyed takes over his body. Chic knows this is Azuma, thanks to data left by Akaishi. Azuma had been working to guide humanity by removing evil, but got sick of the repeating cycle and went into hiding for 80 years, but now his body is falling apart without Giff, Chic says he can stop it using Giff's eye in the Chimera Driver. Azuma has Chic's men target Nozomu's family to lure Mukai out, Azuma fights Chimera, and defeats him, Nozomu grabs the Twin Chimera ViStamp, while Chic installs the eye, Azuma uses the Tri Chimera ViStamp to become Kamen Rider Daimon, and kills Mukai as he delayed becomes a monster as well, the explosion is powerful enough that Nozomu's parents are killed shielding him, Azuma and Chic leave him to his grief. At an ex-Fenix base, George installs the other eye in a second Chimera Driver. Chic brings Azuma and co to Area 666, the former research base of NOAH, and gives him a photo of his next targets, the Igarashi family. At the airport, Nozomu takes a photo for the Igarishi family before Yukimi and Genta take a trip, followed by Azuma's group, Nozomu sees them to and makes his own plan for revenge.
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The Both Sides Brother
Decker: Earth has been under the barrier for a year, with no contact with Mars, but otherwise life has gone on. Kanata after some training wonders if his parents have managed, and looks the Flash Type Ultra Dimension Card, failing again to make the D Flasher appear. The reformation of GUTS-Select has finally been decided, with candidates from the trainees, Nojima, Yamashita and Sakai. Kanata is still motivated, but both Kirino and Ryumon are disheartened by this. Murahoshi assigns groups for a training march, their last major exercise, Ryumon is in charge of Kirino and Kanata, but tells them not to hold him back. Kaizaki and her team are working to reconfigure Nursedessei, she is not as sure as Murahoshi that the Spheres will be back, and who knows of Ultraman will return and be positive. Kanata collapses from exhaustion, and then injures his leg when an earthquake hits. Ryumon intends to pull out as he doesn't think they can reach the checkpoint and failure will surely keep him from joining GUTS-Select, Kanata argues he can keep going, Kirino understands Kanata but agrees with Ryumon, pushing to keep going for a bit, SOS he can work to eventually reclaim her dream of Space Development. Before they can make a decision an earthquake hits, Deathdrago emerging from the mountain, cancelling the exercise. Murahoshi in uniform arrives at Nursedessei. As one of the first Kaiju to appear over a decade ago or more, Kaizaki and Murahoshi are familiar with it, Murahoshi goes out in GUTS Falcon. Deathdrago keeps fighting despite losing a horn, and Falcon is taken down when blocking an attack on the squad trying to get an old man, Kanata, recalling Decker, resolves to run back. He manages to call the D-Flasher and become Decker once more, but his fighting is impeded by his leg injury, fortunately the new GUTS Hawk arrives and destroys the other horn, however Decker still struggles, Kanata received 3 Kaiju cards and at Decker's intrusion summons Miclas. After knocking Deathdrago down Miclas returns, Decker finishing things with a Solgent Ray. After, Kanata notes his injury remained, and is about to be admonished by Ryumon when all three realise helping the injured is more important. Murahoshi approaches, reminding that they were ordered to evacuate, and that a year ago he told Kanata to take care of himself first, but Kanata says they all decided they needed to do what they did. He tells them punishment can wait, but to obey orders from now on in GUTS-Select, them taking a while to actually realise what he has appointed them to. And so Murahoshi is now captain of GUTS-Select, Kaizaki is Nursedessei's pilot and vice-captain, as well as GUTS Hawk's pilot, the AI HANE2.
Revice: Daiji offers to take on Akaishi's role, Giff presents the contract but Vice tackles Daiji away, Giff in response abducts Vice. Hikaru is in critical condition. Vice in Giff's realm sees one of the spheres in there contains Olteca. At Happy Spa everyone wonders what to do, Daiji suddenly appears to say goodbye to Yukimi, an angry Ikki brings him outside. Masumi's condition worsens, and when Hana goes to George he refuses to see him, working on configuring a Demons Driver. Giff reveals to Vice that he feasts on the energy of demons, but he believes if humanity continues evolving it will destroy itself, which is why he is trying to make adjustments. Daiji refuses to hear his brother and sister out, so soon Holy Live is fighting Giffard Rex Revi and Jeanne. Giff explains he finds the Igarishi's, wonhave harmony with their Akumas due to their having his cells, worthy to walk with him, at this point Vice starts being heard by Ikki via the Giffard Rex ViStamps, as Giff says he will reduce all humans beside them to nothing, and Vice falls out the dimension. Georges frustrated by his work not succeeding, and tells the arriving Hiromi he of course is in no shape to henshin, but turns over the Driver on the condition he never again talks of laying down his life. Giff and Vice emerge, Vice again prevents the Contract being formed, and Revi having heard everything works with Vice to keep Giff from Daiji as Hiromi confronts him. Transforming into Demons once more, the fight is short but a draw, and Hiromi holds him, persuading him he can face up to his mistakes and learn, as he starts collapsing from the strain, and Giff summons an army. Wanting to change and asking Kagero for help, Daiji's tear activates the Crow ViStamp, evolving it into the Perfect Wing ViStamp as Kagero emerges, having been inside it the whole time, waiting until Daiji needed him. They promise to fight together from now on, together they become Evilytylive, and defeat the army before joining Revi and Vice, who create a portal to seal him which Evilytylive forces Giff in, as they do so everyone in the spheres comes out, though we don't see what becomes of them. The battle seems to be over for good, as everyone celebrates, George goes to his father, too late.
Donbrothers: Jiro's girlfriend, Rumi, is coming to Tokyo, and it turns out he's broken up with her to dedicate himself to fighting evil multiple times. In order to look good he wants to be the Donbrothers leader, to everyone else's shock Taro allows it, quitting the team so he can't fail to lie about it. Jiro leads the Dragonfires in training, Inuzaka spots them after reflecting on Natsumi and the fact he still hasn't found her, and is goaded into joining the training, then gets tired and pretends to see a cop so he can run off. Haruka and Saruharaare concerned over the possibility of the other Jiro appearing again, when Jiro mobilises them to stop an out of control truck, it manages to stop and it turns out the Master is watching, then watching at Donbura as they discuss raising their profile. A pro kickboxer is challenged and defeated by a man possessed by GoseiKi. The Dragonfires start making headlines through saving, but the Master seems troubled. Sonoi confers with the others over Murasame's escape, thinking it may be connected to the Juto somehow, although Sonoza is too busy ready First Love Hero, when a woman asks them to be in a movie, Shin First Love Hero. The Master warns that they're going wind up like Pinocchio, but they ignore him, as they discuss media appearances. Don Momotaro goes to face the rampaging GoseiKi, Zenkaiser Black joins him until it flees. Taro asks who he is, and he just says he is, has been and will be a hero. The Dragonfires are waiting to receive an award, noses stretched, and when they all reject a change, the Master arrives and reveals they only succeeded because Taro secretly helped them, everyone snaps out of it and the others go, while Jiro gets mad over Taro still being number one. They arrive to help Don Momotaro with GoseKi, Don Murasame arrives but Sonoi challenges him instead, and then the wild Jiro arrives, and transforms into Don Torabolt, wanting to defeat Don Momotaro, but decides to remove the distraction first. Sononi interrupts Sonoi's battle so they can get on with the movie, and Murasame also leaves as Torabolt finishes GoseiKi, and wants to fight, but Don Onitaijin has to stop GoseiKing, as the Master collects the Dragonfires award. As GoseiKing is defeated, the Dairanger Gear goes to Torabolt, changing to Kibaranger. It turns out though that the Master has fallen into the same Pinocchio trap to the others as he receives the award, and subsequently Haruka is shocked to find in a store Goshikado Kaito's 1st photo book.
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The Full-Power Demon Son
Decker: Above Red City on Mars, a spacial distortion opens, and the Spheres emerge and attack. On earth, Asumi Kanata works at the Asumiya Rice Cracker store run by his grandparents and as he has a delivery to the spaceport, gives a lift to a customer heading to Mars as her grandson was just born. Seven years after the final battle (Demonothor or Evil Trigger?) The Neo-Frontier era is in full swing, and TPU are launching from Sorafune Spaceport a team to establish a second Mars colony, seeing them off is unstructor Murahoshi who is greeted on his way by Kaizaki (whom I will just say probably isn't the same character played by the actress also named Sawa, but given both characters are connected to Dyna I wouldn't rule it out completely, unlike Tesshin and Nanase), many graduates of his Space Development Team are joining him, and the trainees in Spade Development and Monster Response are there to see them off and guard. Kaizaki is with the Monster Research Lab, and her and Murahoshi's teams are seeing their budgets slashed, which he is bothered by while GUTS-Select had had it's arsenal automated, he wants there to still be a defence force ready, they cannot guarantee Ultraman will show up this time. Kanata sees a ship take off, and hopes his parents are well on Mars on vacation, seeing one of the students, Kirino desperate to get there, he insists she take a rice Cracker, before fellow trainee Ryumon collects her. The broadcast of the attack on Red City is transmitted, and portals appear above Sorafune, Sydney, New York, from each emerges a GranSphere which releases swarms of Spheres, TPU fight back, backed up by Nursedessei and GUTS Falcon, but the Gransphere, and the ones in Paris, Giza, each emits an energy field. Kanata struggles to save a woman under rubble, Ryumon and Kirino helping, as the Sorafune Gransphere summons Spheresaurus, which disables the automates systems on GUTS Falcon and Nursedessei. Spheres abduct the other soldiers, and Kanata makes a reckless attempt to distract the Spheres and is also caught. Within the void, Kanata finds his will and is contacts by the Giant of Light Decker, which requests his body to fight, granting him the D-Flasher, and the Decker Flash Type Dimension Card, Ultraman Decker emerges from the Sphere, destroying it. He fights through the Spheres and defeats Spheresaurus with a Solgent Ray, and seeing the barrier being placed around earth, flies into space to confront the Spheres, but is repelled back to earth by the Gransphere, as Earth is fully contained within a Sphere. He awakens, the D-Flasher vanishes, but the Dimension Card Holder remains, and Murahoshi asks him to consider if he has the will to protect. A conflicted Kanata is encouraged by his grandfather to do what he has to, and so as the training of Ryumon and Kirino's class is moved from Space Development to Monster Decence, Kanata joins their class.
Revice: Revi & Vice barely hold off Giff's next attack, and the demon summons an army of surround them. Over Demons arrives and holds off the forces, allowing Revi and Vice to get Sakura, Genta, and the Karizaki's away, though Daji has already vanished, Over Demons sees that Akaishi is dead and leaves, only for Giff to revive him, as Akaishi promises to continue regressing humanity, Giff leaves telling him he had his chance. Ikki and Buu-san have gotten Genta to Weekend for treatment, but Daiji still hasn't come back, Yukimi suggests having their traditional Sukiyaki when Daiji returns, Ikki realising this is another memory he's lost. Hiromi approaches Daiji, not for a lecture, but let's him know it is okay to make mistakes, what he does after is important, but that is down to him. Ikki tells Vice that losing memories is hard, but he'll bear it, as at least everyone else keeps their memories of him. Akaishi begs Giff to allow him to be of service. Daiji looks at the Crow ViStamp and recalls Kagero's last words to him, concluding he can't turn back for him either. Despite his critical condition, Masumi calls Ikki and Vice to Weekend, to along with the remaining leadership and George hear his last words. He regrets being the source of everything, having injected Genta with Giff cells, bit his greatest regret is the fact that he transferred his Akuma into George, a desperate action to keep a connection when he though he would die to Vail. George storms off as Masumi apologises for the fact his Akuma likely influenced George's personality, and for gathering the downtrodden to Weekend, though no one else blames him, before reports come off of Akaishi within ARARAT. Akaishi sadly notes he will have to destroy this peace, and starts attacking, as Weekend arrive Giff transforms him again, Hikaru and Hana intend to handle him as they all change, Hiromi starts evacuating people as Revi and Vice stop Giff retreating. Despite their strength, Over Demons, Jeanne and Aguilera cannot overpower Akaishi, who gloats that sacrificing his immortality has given him even greater power and made him far too powerful for the three of them. Hikari has been training to defeat Akaishi, and asks the others to hold him so he can use all his Genomixes, starting with Batta. Giff isn't reacting much to Revi and Vice's attacks. Daiji arrives, Akaishi glad to see his successor. Daiji tells Hiromi he cannot change his path and waste Kagero's loss, becoming Holy Live and defeating his Troopers when they won't stand aside. Over Demons continues, straining as he adds Condor, and as Hana and Sakura are defeated goes to act early, but Revi intervenes so he can keep going, as he adds Scorpion and then, promising to remember his parents' sacrifice, adds Anomalocaris. Unleashing his full power as Over Demons, he fights to defeat Akaishi, successfully overpowering him. Having overpowered the Demons Troopers, Holy Live, knocks Hiromi aside, and walks up to Akaishi, reaching out for him, before delivering a finisher, noting he cannot save humanity. Akaishi does, amused, and as Giff overpowers Vice, Daiji asks to make a covenant with him.
Donbrothers: Haruka's aunt bemoans the prevalence of smartphones taking away the romance of sneaking off to call from a phone booth, but Haruka just thinks that sounds like unnecessary hassle, and is annoyed by Hanamura continuing to message her. A team comes to tear down a phone booth, only for EngineKi to appear and attack, making everyone disappear. The Donbrothers are brought to fight, but their attacks pass right through, before it disappears. Haruka spots a girl in the Phone Booth. After being returned home, she rides back to the booth, the girl, on being seen asks to be friends, introducing herself as Sagiyama Minako, and scaring Haruka, after Haruka rides off Minako disappears. Haruka gets back home to find Minako there, and slowly realises she's a ghost and is there to ensure they really do get to be friends, but she then leaves as it is the time Shinzo might call. Haruka brings Minako to Kijino and Saruhara at Café Donbura, they can see her if they hold their breath, and learn she is kept from moving on by her attachment to Tadokoro Shinzo, her Pen Pal who started calling every day, but right before they were going to meet she was in an accident. Minako has had Haruka make a drawing based on her image of Shinzo, even of it has been 50 years, but in quick succession sees Shinzo in Taro, the Master, and Inuzaka. Sonoza scares a man reading First Love Hero, who leaves the volume behind. Kijino finds a business card for Tadakoro Shinzo in his contact book. Haruka meets with Minako after she's had dates with the others, she had a good time with Taro and Inuzaka, but the Master just attracted attention from every other woman at the park. However, she has concluded Shinzo is the only one for her and intends to keep waiting. Kijino brings Shinzo to Donbura, he does remember Minako, his first love, and wants to help, but they're concerned about presenting the frozen in time Minako with the reality of Shinzo today, but Haruka has a plan. At 6 PM, Shinzo calls the phone booth and they start talking, the group watching, but before things can settle another crew arrives, leading Minako to produce EngineKi again. The Donbrothers start fighting, InuBrother arriving late. Jiro arrives as well, but is attacked by Don Murasame, whole EngineKi grows to EngineKing, forcing the others to form Don Onitaijin as Minako continues to talk with Shinzo, who tells her he can't make their date, as Don Doragoku uses Ninnin Alter to fend off Don Murasame. The two promise to meet in the next life, and Minako's regrets cleared, EngineKing is defeated, and she moves on. As the phone booth is taken away, Haruka gets more messages from Hanamura, and calls him to tell him to give it a rest, only for his mother to pick up.
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The Crimson Demon and the Hercules Father
Decker: The standard pre-series focus episode. Starts by reminding of Trigger Truth's battle with Demonothor, then focuses on the new cast, showcasing Decker's forms, then Trigger and Tiga's battle against Kyrieloid, then focusing on Dyna, then showcase the members and Mecha of both incarnations of GUTS-Select and their supporters, and finally the Capsule Kaiju.
Revice: Before Masuji can actually henshin Vail knocks him down and uses the Tricera ViStamp on himself, Revi and Vice barely keep him from killing the elder scientist before Vail's body falls apart again. Hana lands, knocked down by Holy Live, the brothers stare eachother down before Daiji leaves. And injured Masumi stumbles away, while recalling helping George with experiments as a child, Heorge wonders what he was doing. Vail, still weakened is approached by Masumi, and realises the Tricera ViStamp was a trap, Masumi, producing a variant of the Rolling ViStamp, says it's time to settle everything. Vail refuses the Crimson ViStamp, even as Masumi apologises for bringing him into this world, but stops Vail from killing him by pointing it the chance tonsettle things with Junpei. Akaishi pathetically protests his body falling apart, Daiji sees this and leaves. Ikki, Vice and Sakura learn George is on the way to Happy Spa with the new Driver for Genta and want to st9p him, but Yukimi stops them, telling them their father is stronger than they think, changed by his parenthood. George arrives with the new equipment, the Vail Driver modified into the Destream Driver, and Ikki and Sakura bring it to Genta in a park from their childhood. They asks why he's so determined to face Vail, he explains aside from settling his own demons, he wants to help Daiji come back, and swears he has the whole "will die if Vail does" thing covered. Daiji gets a message from Genta about his plan to fight, and rejects Akaishi's attempt to treat him as a son. Genta and Yukimi eat, and Genta apologises for the fact his presence has kept her from a normal life, but she's having none of it. At the scene of the fight, George is surprised and suspicious when Vail arrives with Masumi, Daiji arrives, but then Akaishi angrily attacks, Revi and Vice fight him, and when Live pushes her aside when she tried to stop him joining, Sakura also joins as Jeanne to fight him. Genta promises his children are stronger than he. Vail transforms into Kamen Rider Crimson Vail, to George's annoyance but Masumi argues he needs to see this fight through, and using the Hercules ViStamp Genta becomes Kamen Rider Destream. They start fighting, while a Giffard Finish takes care of Akaishi, Jeanne defeats Live and tells him to at least watch their father's fight when he looks ready to attack Ikki again. Crimson Vail starts to overpower Destream, who uses the Ryuki themed Komodo Dragon ViStamps to produce a dragon blasting arm, then the Wizard themed Crocodile ViStamp to attack with tails from his back while armed with one on his arm, then Kong for two massive fists, as both are taken back to the night of the fire, before finally both prepare to end it. It's a close match, but Destream barely wins, and Vail starts dying, but Masumi calls out to Genta who, as they had of course planned, seals Vail in the Crimson ViStamp, before stamping himself with it, telling Vail to rest, having forgiven him, and reminding him that Shinanami Junpei is dead, his name of Igarashi Genta, which amuses Vail somewhat, promising not to forgive him. The fight over, Masumi acknowledges George's skill before dropping dead, and Genta goes to Daiji, telling him he can forgive himself. Ikki and Sakura ask Daiji to come back, but before he can take their hands, Giff himself appears.
Donbrothers: Murasame, in sword form, flies from it's tank, bid by the voice of it's mother to escape the Noto realm, dogning attacks and confusing Sonoi and Sonomi when passing them, before landing in the human realm, and sleeping. The team have a word with Taro about Jiro's actions, but he's against dismissing him from the Donbrothers, he later meets with Jiro, and when Jiro expresses his wish to be equal to Taro, is challenged to successfully hit him to do so, with a Batsu for each failure. Kijino happens to witness the second attempt, and so the others learn about it and decide to also try and strike Taro. Sononi approaches Inuzaka, reminding him he won their bet, ad offers to take him to Natsumi, he refuses, determined to find her himself, and is warned that he'll awaits if he takes that route. Kijino attempts to steal part of Taro's meal, Saruhara to snipe him with a paintball, Haruka attempts to use a boxing glove present disguised as cookies, but becomes guilty when Taro mentions it as the first time a woman has made something for him, and accidentally opens it on herself, immediately after Jiro attacks but Taro catches his sword. Sonoi approaches Taro, challenging him to help the most humans, but will help him with deliveries first. During this, a coordinated strike is countered as well. Mother bids Murasame awaken, absorbing electricity. The others, Jiro for the first time, meet Jin and ask for a weakness of Taro's, and are told to tell him Gii-chan the Kabutomushi is back, Taro's one childhood friend who flew away one day. It works, Taro desperately looking for him, and while they Aall go to attack they collectively realise they can't mid leap, and none of them want him to lose. They tell him the truth and apologise, right before Sonoi and Taro both notice Murasame, which knocks down the companions before then targeting Don Momotaro, before summoning a body in Don Murasame. Sonoi recognises him as he is bid to fight the Donbrothers, InuBrother being dragged to the battle, his abilities leave only Don Momotaro and Don Doragoku even close to handling him. He is ordered to Alter Change to Don Murasame Alter, they use their own Alter forms to hold him off until he retreats, leaving them confused, and Sonoi is concerned enough to out the contest on hold. Later Taro tries to help a woman with her shopping, and she, annoyed, succeeds in getting a hit on him.
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The Demon Soldiers
Ultraman Chronicle D: After finishing Saga, Deban explains he's realised why Tatsumi sent him to Marluru, to learn that you can't be a member of GUTS-Select and fight assuming Ultraman will come. So when he can, he wants to travel. For now Marluru, Deban and Kengo take a photo together.
High School: The heroes reach Yabai Kamen, who kidnaps MAKO in a dark aura, and leaves Caramis and the dancers from the OP and ED for the rest. Yabai Kamen started fight MAKO using Hashikiri-Hasebe. Ex is regretting not coming, but spots Shaberryman trying to attack Sekikaguou 208, quickly knocking him out, the robo in giant form carries him away. Shaberryman's backpack fires blasts at the heroes, and the other villains arrive as does Metal, while Bincho Fire and his interpreter offer water to both sides. MAKO continues fighting Yabai Kamen. Ohgaman fights Caramis, while Rookie engages Shuraomaru in swordplay, Great 2 takes the sword, using Great X's swordplay on Uzagi, Yamazshiron on the Marou Kaijin, Fukuokalibur on Nectaris, and El Brave with Maid Shitsuji. MAKO keeps fighting as Daisuke rushes to meet her. Kitaqman films while watching his brother fight, actually using Jyuketsu briefly to save Metal before complaining. MAKO still fights supported by Kireko, as Ohgaman takes the sword, and the giant Sekikaguou 208, commanded by Ex and the smaller version, launches a blast, and Ohgaman is targeted by the backpack, but it is blasted as MAKO wins her single stroke battle, and Yabai Kamen receives the rest of the blast. As Yabai Kamen emerges with another strike, Kireko takes the strike with his body. He apologetically hands her the other sheath, and uses his power to seal Hashikiri-Hasebe, taking the power from Yabai Kamen. The angry villain goes to attack the powerless Mako, butnisnousjed aside by Daisuke. He admits that the last time Kireko got angry with him, he actually asked him to take care of her, meaning she's now upset he knew Kireko was going to have to use himself. When Yabai Kamen tells daisuke to move so he can settle things with Mako he refuses, and Mako awakens her power, restored as MAKO, and defeats Yabai Kamen in another dual. She helps Daisuke up, as the power leaves Kireko. All the heroes attend the Cultural Festival, with some other stands present, though sadly the mascot is absent, as they put the stand away Mako has to leaving the sheath with the Dogengers and running, Daisuke getting there just after she leaves. Kireko presents his lord, Oda Nobunaga, with Hashikiri-Hasebe, Nobunaga is impressed, though questions the new design of the sheath, and hands it back, bidding he look out from the castle. Yabai Kamen seeks enlistment under a waterfall, the heroes and Daiusuke have already finished, and are now calling out for Kireko to return, Nobunaga allows Kireko to see the scene. Mako is awoken by her mother, and late, starts running to school, only to run into the Dogengers, who have someone to show her, stepping away to reveal Daisuke, who has to get Kireko to step out, who starts trying to explain himself, but the overcome Mako can only hug him. They redo the MenPizza stand for Kireko's benefit with the help of Tetsu, Oyasan and the rest of Yahata Construction, Osojima-sensei is reunited with his former pupil, Mako and Akine's mothers enjoy the pizza, Tanaka has a moment with Yuki, and the heroes gather around Daisuke as he tries to memorise what to say, before getting up and walking over to Mako as Kireko and the class watch, the reactions of everyone making fairly clear what he asked.
Revice: Daiji is still not willing to acknowledge any bond with Akaishi,mwho after he leaves surprises Vail by telling him to eliminate the rest of the Igarashi family, only wanting Daiji. At Happy Spa Genta is unwilling to accept Daiji as an enemy, and they recognise Daiji may habpve needed Kagero, Hiromi plans to join the fight. Masumi and the Weekend members discuss the loss of Tasuke and Kimiko. As the shelters are attacked, Masumi sends Sakura to find Hikaru, giving her Tasuke's glasses, as George's Demons Army will defend the shelters, consisting of Spider and Kuwagata Troopers, but he refuses to give Tamaki a belt, as Vail leads the assault. The forces do pretty well, until Vail arrives at a shelter defended by Hiromi and Tamaki, Ikki and Vice rushing off. Hikaru is training, while thinking about the deaths of his parents, Sakura approaches to spar. Revi and Vice hold off Vail and destroy the rest of the forces, Vail suddenly fades away to their confusion. Hikaru can't understand why Tasuke saved him and yet let Kimiko die, Sakura pointing out humans aren't rational, the fact he did it being proof he loved him. Yukimi has discovered and 9s showing Genta all the photos without Ikki, who explains his memory loss, Genra asks if he can break the contract, but it's evident Vice would change the contract if he could. Giff forces open the portal to express to Akaishi that if conflict continues much longer he kill destroy civilisation, as Vail returns, his body falling apart, angry at Akaishi for him not being immortal, Akaishi points out he should have died 25 years ago, there is only so much to be done, so he will commit to fulfilling his goal while he has time, as Daiji plans to stop Revice. At Weekend, Ikki has just gotten confirmation from Masumi of what will happen to Genta if Vail dies, when Fail launches another stack, Ikki, Vice and Hana rush to meet him, Tamaki going to go with them until Masumi has an attack, as he recovers Genta arrives with a request. Akaishi joins Vail as Revi and Vice arrive to battle. Gents enters George's lab, Vail Driver in hand, asking for a new driver to settle things with Vail. Akaishi fights Revi, blaming humanity for Giff's anger, as Vail mocks Vice, before Holy Live arrives, but is intercepted by Aguilera, who can't stand his turning on his family. Revi and Vice deliver finishers to their foes. Akaishi whines as his left arm petrified, and ducks under the next attack causing it to miss, then Vail interrupts and Akaishi limps away. Ikki will not kill Vail for his father's sake, when Masumi arrives with a Weekend Driver, saying it is time to move on, and activates the Tricera ViStamp.
Donbrothers: While wondering about his recent encounter with Miho, Inuzaka reflects that it has been a year since Natsumi vanished into a portal, the day he's been waiting for. He spots a man going to jump and saves him as InuBrother, being ambushed by Sonomi. They recognise eachother from their last encounter, and after more talk of love she tells him the man is going to become a Hitotsu-ki due to love, challenging him to turn that darkness into light. The guy, Yanabe, was dumped by his girlfriend Kanako after he ran leaving her when a Hitotsu-ki attacked. Inuzaka plans to set up a heroic situation so he can redeem himself, dressing as a monster, but Jiro interrupts and Kana storms off, Tanabecomments on a passing Miho's beauty, leading Inuzaka to spot her and give chase, bumping into Kijino outside a florists and telling him he saw Narsumi, Kijino points him after Kana, while Miho is inside, and then in despair he starts seeing all the women as Natsumi, nearly being hit by a car if not for Kijino. Kijino asks what actually happened to Natsumi, Inuzaka explains that after their theatre troupe finished a play they took a trip, and he awoke to crane origami on him and the rest swallowing them, she leapt up, an entity declared her compatible, and she was taken into the vortex, the voice telling him he will see her if he keeps it secret for a year. The rest slept through it, and so he wound up being accused of being responsible. Kijino rushes off to see Miho, Sononi, having overheard, warns his love will be painful and an entranced Tanabe follows her, sitting with her and being asked to explain love, but he remembers Kana. He calls her out, but she explains she's become entranced by the one who saved her, unknowingly Inuzaka, but he, watching, remembers the event, and Kana found out his identity, since he's a wanted fugitive. While Inuzaka is troubled, Sonoza random approaches asking about crying, but Sononi explains his identity so he attacks instead, Kana sees him change to InuBrother, sending her into a state of confusion and awakening as ChojinKi. The rest all arrive, the last being DonDoragoku Ninnin Alter, when Sonoza challenges him he Avatar Changes to DragonRanger, handling the Noto while the Robotaro defeat ChojinKi, then Don Onitaijin faces ChojinKing. Inuzaka later spots to two happy together. In the Noto realm, a voice calls Murasame to awaken.
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Friendly reminder that this blog is pro-choice and if you don’t think everyone should have full control of their own body, then kindly unfollow me right now and go to hell
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A Father's Love
Ultraman Chronicle D: Marluru has gotten some time off before leaving for Mars, and Deban decides to show him a movie, after discussing Pega and Riku, Kengo arrives to watch with them, invited by Marluru. They watch and start abridged version of Ultraman Saga, largely focused on the Dyna elements. Pausing midway through, Marluru notes how amazing Kengo is for adjusting to being Ultraman so quickly. As Kengo brings out some sweets, he has to be the one to tell Marluru that his transfer to Mars has been cancelled, Tesshin was meant to tell him. Marluru is annoyed about not being told, but is happy to stay with Deban, but Deban has something of his own to announce.
High School: Kireko has remembered he is the sheath to the katana now used by Yabai Kamen, whose unbridled power damages him, leading Shaberryman to run with him, as Ex comes to the others with the broken sheath to explain they have a problem. In the classroom, Akine, Ryouko and Daisuke decide to do what they can to help Mako. At the Tanaka residence, as Ohgaman tends to Mako and Ex eats, Kireko explains that the katana is Heshikiri-Hasebe, an weapon Kuroda received from Nobunaga, a similar power to the Golden Seal. The sheath that was on Hashikiri-Hasebe when it was stolen is newer. Mako thinks Kireko is going to say he has to seal the sword, but he claims repairing the broken one will suffice for that, but Tanaka seems to have some thoughts of his own. Yabai Kamen is swinging the sword around, unable to let go and wanting a sheath, he realises Kireko is said sheath. Mako and Kireko talk as he works though the night on the repairs. After Mako has fallen asleep, he steps outside where the Dogengers are, Tanaka doesn't want anything like I-Doll to happen again, and wants to be sure Kireko really is going to seal Hashikiri-Hasebe with the newer sheath rather than himself. Looking out across the city, Shaberryman is shocked when Yabai Kamen slices him, declaring this is where he'll defeat his foes, and cutting away Shaberryman's backpack, which once more grows to giant size under the influence of Hashikiri-Hasebe, possibly losing the power of the Golden Seal as Fukuoka Castle appears beneath it. Mako wants to fight, but is worried about the festival preparations, but Ryouko has preprepared for her so she can go fight, Akine has planned things out, and Daisuke has recruited Tetsu to help put up fliers, but it turns out Ohgaman has bought Taihaku in order to get Mako the day off, pulling up behind the teacher in his own car, they arrive at Fukuoka Castle, where Great 2's bike, Bincho Fire's vehicle, El Brave's van and the New Kitaqmachine are already parked. Before Mako goes off, Daisuke has something to tell her, telling her good luck. Bincho Fire and his interpreter are sharing some food with the team, Kitaqman is trying to call someone, Ex is still asleep, and Ohgaman brought his own katana, everyone prepares to go as Kireko seems distracted. The Dogengers charge off tomface Yabai Kamen.
Revice: The shook of Daiji pulling his gun on him causes Ikki to freeze up, Daiji wishing Ikki didn't exist, Sakura angrily snatches the gun away. Daiji insists he's right, Akashi, apparently watching this, seems happy, as Vail barges in and takes Daiji away, as everyone tries to process. Tasuke declares Daiji an enemy of Week End who must be eliminated, Sakura storms off and Hana follows, while Ikki, understanding, is having trouble deciding, Hikaru gets angry at Tasuke for trying to force the decision. Sakura lashes at Hana, who hugs her, she then apologises, as Lovekov also tries to comfort her. Akaishi holds Daiji, claiming only he can understand his present loneliness, and restates the kinship he feels with him. Ikki and Vice return home to Yukimi fighting with Genta, Ikki talks with Yukimi about the fight with Daiji, she doesn't know how exactly they would make up, but her words help Ikki remember and he leaves again, and it turns out thenfight was just to get Ikki to talk. Ikki tells Week End he will infiltrate ARARAT himself, to talk to Daiji and fight like they used to, Akaishi confirms from Daiji his intent to fight, seeing it as the chance to eliminate humanities enemy. Masumi warns Ikki going wil, put them in danger from Akaishi's plans, so Sakura, Hana and Hikaru will have to be on the defensive, Vice can see Ikki is apprehensive, as they go to enter ARARAT Ikki admits he's scared things still won't work out, but is resolved. Jeanne, Aguilera and Over Demons fight the latest attack, Hikaru not as prepared to evacuate if needed. Daiji is already annoyed by Ikki treating this like past arguments, and let's Vail handle Vice while Live fights Revi. The defence team destroys the attackers, only for Akaishi to arrive, wanting to remove the nuisance, he calls down power from Giff to take on a monster form, he starts beating down the 3 Riders. Daiji and Ikki continue arguing. Tasuke emerges to tell the Riders to retreat, after a look back Over Demons instead decides to try holding Akaishi off. As he keeps fighting tonfar more powerful enemy, Tasuke keeps yelling at him to retreat, when Hikaru is about to be impaled, Tasuke at the last second pushes him aside, and is impaled for his trouble. He yells at Hikaru to run. As he collapses a picture drops to the ground, Akaishi picks it up, it shows a younger Tasuke with a wife and daughter, he tells Akaishi they were killed by the Deadmans. Tasuke says freedom is necessary, and that his son will prove it him, Akaishi seeing Tasuke loved Hikaru. Daiji refuses to agree with Ikki and attacks, Ikki knocking him down with a Giffard Rex finish, rushing towards him Akaishi interrupts, taking Daiji and swearing to protect his family. Ikki, realising nothing will change Daiji's mind, collapses.
Donbrothers: Kijino apologises for the trouble, intending to resign the Donbrothers as recompense, forcing the Master to explain he can only stop being a Donbrother by points or by finishing the job. Jiro arrives late, as Taro notes everyone's help he thanks them, to general surprise but happiness all the same. Jiro also invites everyone to a welcome party for himself. Haruka and Saruhara later bring up to Taro how Jiro considered executing them earlier, and Saruhara realises Taro should o who else helped him escape. Jiro starts just copying Taro's work, mimicking his every action. He then present Haruka with a manga he offers to let her plagiarise, submits an awful haiku to Saruhara, and ruins an investment meeting for Kijino. He then asks how Kijino became GekisouKi, and before the explanation is out recommends breaking up with Miho, angering Kijino. A game streamer struggles and is mocked by the chat, becoming KyoryuKi and rampaging, Inuzaka encounters it , fighting as InuBrother until it runs, when Jiro approaches and presents him with dog food, ImuBrother annoyed to find himself acting on reflex. DonMomotaro attacks KyoryuKi, when Sonoi turns up he reverts to Taro to make him talk, but Sonoi refuses to answer why he helped bring him back. Kijino asks Miho if she ever considers leaving him, she dedicates the night to cheering him up. Taro is the only one ot attend the party, as the others have all been annoyed by him, and tells Jiro he cannot replace him, he will just be a companion, this awakens a fire in Jiro and seems to anger him. At night he approaches Haruka, reciting the opening of the story of Momotaro, and changes into DonDoragoku, and starts attacking her, she changes to OniSister, but he manages to force her glasses off her and revert her back before leaving, he continues, badmouthing Taro, with Saruhara and Inuzaka, before attacking Taro while he fights KyoryuKi, declaring he will replace him as a hero without companions. Haruka and Saruhara arrive, and see DonDoragoku use InuBrother and SaruBrother's forms via the glasses, DonMomotaro is unwilling to attack him in those forms, but KijiBrother arrives and fights him off, when he goes to use OniSister Haruka appears and smacks him, the shock sends the glasses back and he seems to lose all memory of what he was doing as KyoryuKi retakes focus, and Jiro decides it must be responsible. He fights, making use of DonDoragoku Alter, and defeats it, but KyoryuKing takes over, and Don Onitaijin steps up, when it defeats KyoryuKing the Zyuranger Gear lands in DonDoragoku's hand, before changing to represent DragonRanger instead. Later, Jiro apologises while having no memory of what happened, as the gang manage to get an apology from Taro, but only once.
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Gridman Universe & ULTRAMAN: What's next?
Tumblr media
Gridman Universe
The last running spin off manga, Hime & Samurai and Gridman Dogma, have now concluded, as has the adaptation of SSSS.Gridman, sadly there still seems to be no sign of any of the manga or novels getting licensed for the English language markets.
Tumblr media
The only confirmed upcoming project for the Gridman Universe is a film currently scheduled for 2023, with the working title Gridman x Dynazenon. While we can reasonably expect Primal Fighter Gridman and DynaRex to appear, and possibly some combinations between them, I don't necessarily expect the Gridman Alliance or Gauma Team to appear, aside from one for spoiler reasons. More likely to appear in my view are the New Century High School Students and the GridKnight Alliance.
In upcoming figure terms, the MODEROID like from Good Smile Company has displayed prototypes for a Full Power Gridman set, and Bandai recently surprise announced an SMP release of DynaZenon, which will make SMP the first series to have releases of everything from all 3 series.
Tumblr media
The ULTRAMAN manga is still going strong. The anime second season covered events roughly equivalent through to the end of volume 11, the manga has now reached volume 18 in Japan and has continued past there.
Tumblr media
Shortly after the second season dropped Netflix announced ULTRAMAN FINAL, a 3rd season planned to drop in 2023. It's hard to guess how much will wind up being adapted, especially of it's another 6 episode season. The trailer is very evocative of the original Ultraman finale, which may imply it will skip a great deal and cover events from more recent and currently releasing chapters. If it emerges nearer the time that the anime is skipping some volumes (which should become evident from character previews), I will try and cover some of that before the season releases.
Tumblr media
The ULTRAMAN SUIT ANOTHER UNIVERSE stories are continuing, inserted into an altered version of the manga storyline, with the 8U arc currently resumed, I'll be covering that as it continues.
Figures wise, threezero have indicated plans to complete the 6 brothers, plus at least 3 further Another Universe figures. The only current announced upcoming release from the Figure-Rise Standard line is an ACTION version of TIGA Suit, although given the JACK Suit's current presence in the Story a release of it is hopefully forthcoming.
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Guide to ULTRAMAN Part 4e: 2nd Modeling Competition
Tumblr media
ULTRAMAN Suit (GEED IMAGE Ver.) was Hasegawa's demonstration piece for this competition. He included this time a backstory, a mysterious boy, Asakura Riku, was found with phenomenal strength, defeating monsters while injured. He was fitted with a modified B-Type suit as a restraint.
Tumblr media
Hasegawa Keiichi awarded a prize for King Bockle, intended as a mysterious suit using lost technology.
Tumblr media
Hamada Tatsuomi gave a prize for the Zero Beyond Suit.
Tumblr media
Aoyagi Takaya gave an award to FAKE SEVEN, designed as an android duplicate.
Tumblr media
Tsuburaya Pro gave an award to the ULTRAMAN Suit GEED (Type-M)
Tumblr media
Shimizu Eiichi have an award to this statue of the ULTRAMAN Suit Ver7.5.
Tumblr media
The grand prize was awarded to TAC (Tactical Arms Corporation), characterised as the government acquiring the specs for the ACE Suit and starting mass production, developing prototype Unit 0, Unit 01, Unit 02.
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Usuzumizakura Garo Drama CD
Notes on what I can gather from listening.
Part 1: Red Wind
Sophia awakens in an unfamiliar place, comparing the sensation to the Eldonet, and hears Martin's voice asking her to wake up, but reminds herself that Martin is dead, the voice changes to condemnations from Queen, she wonders where Gina is as Martine urges her to wake up.
She is suddenly stirred awake by an unfamiliar person, Ema Guzman, who has come to save her at the request of her mentor, Gina. Ema mentions Leon Luis, her own eras Golden Knight, is facing a threat.
They're joined by Seimei, from an eve earlier time on history, her Golden Knight, Raikou, is also facing the entity causing this. Sophie contemplated how Ema, Seimei and Gina are all so beautiful.
As the entity responsible begins to attack, Ema and Seimei hold it off, with Sophie joining. Sophie thinks it's over, but the others warn the threat is still there, but the three move to escape to their own eras.
(Kugimiya Rie voices Sophia Hennes, while Park Romi voices Martin Hennes, Queen, Ema Guzman and Abe no Seimei)
Part 2: Fate
Sword meets with Garm, who mentions the Madou Ring, handing over Zaruba's remade ring, Sword suddenly feels a pain, she tells him he's overwhelmed by Jaki, sending him to the Tower of Heroic Spirits for purification.
Raikou greets the Inari, the 3 note the absence of Seimei and Kintoki, Raikou explains each has other things they are handling. They too send him to the Tower of Heroic Spirits.
The heroic spirits cleanse Sword, who leaves feeling refreshed, then feels himself affected by something.
Raikou calls out for the Heroic Spirits, who explain the existence of a threat he must deal with, and be goes to cut away the Inga.
Sword fights an entity which seeks revenge on the existence of Garo, similar to Zaji, with powers over time and space, Sword struggling against it, and is abducted into another space
Raikou is confronted by the same Horror, which also abducts him.
Raikou looks around, wondering where he is. In the distance Sword spots him and calls out, Raikou hears his voice as Ashiya Douman's and concludes Sword is a Horror, and the two clash.
Sword recognises the use of a Makaiken and that Raikou is a Makai Knight like himself, Raikou realises now this isn't Douman, but another Makai Knight, and apologises, the two introducing themselves. Sword notes that they are captives of a Time-Spaxe Horror seeking to eliminate the line of the Golden Knight.
(Udono Mayu voices Garm and Inari, Seki Tomukazu voices Sword and Ashiya Doman, Nakayama Masei voices Minamoto no Raikou)
Part 3: Heart of Darkness
Luke is fighting Knight, tormented by his father, while Leon, the one he is actually fighting, tries get him to escape the illusion. The clash continues.
Yasusuke is also in this other dimensional space watching the fight, wondering how they were brought there.
Luke briefly breaks through enough to see the makaiken resembles Sword's, before both summon their armours, Leon becoming Garo, and Luke becoming Zelos. Leon is struck by the armour's resemblance to his father's, Zoro, but Luke can only see his father's Bolg, yelling out at the Dark Knight he sees.
Hakamedare intervenes when Leon goes so far as to use Blazing Armament, introducing himself and explaining he was sent to investigate a distortion by the Watchdogs and wound up there. Luke can still hear Knight's voice, but is able to remind himself that Sword slew his father.
There's a discussion of shared motivations of revenge against those responsible for their mother's deaths and fighting Dark Knights, and Luke manages to cut away the image of his father.
Leon makes a proper introduction to Luke, alongside Hakamedare, and they agree to work together to escape this trap.
(Shimazaki Nobunaga voices Lukather Harden, Namikawa Daisuke voices Knight, Leon Luis and Hakamadare Yasusuke)
Part 4: Golden
Narration quickly relates Ema, Seimei and Sophie escaping from the other-dimensional space, before returning us to Raikou and Sword at the end of Part 2, still on their own other-dimensional space.
In order to fight they try to summon their armours, but it is unsuccessful, Raikou starts wishing Seimei were there, as she might be able to enhance his summon, when Sword off handedly mentions himself as the Golden Knight allows Raikou to realise the actual problem, only one of the armour of Garo can be in one time and space. With this, Sword tries again, successfully summoning his armour.
Elsewhere, while Luke has managed to escape, Hakamadare and Leon are still trapped, with lightning stroking nearby. Hakamadare summons the Zanga armour, prompting Leon to try as well unsuccessfully. While unsure of the reason why his armour isn't appearing, Hakamadare summons Rekka to carry Leon away from the attacks.
The entity Sword and Raikou face denies being a Horror, but is nonetheless a dark entity motivated by revenge on the lineage of Garo. Sword fights it, before sending the armour over to Raikou to use.
Having gotten away, Hakamadare explains to Leon what he knows about the entity, having heard of it from Seimei, not a Horror, but the collection of grudges built up against the Golden Knight. The entity grabs Leon, dragging him into a different space.
The battle continues, Raikou battling the entity, when Leon arrives. Realising he is another Golden Knight, Raikou releases the armour so they may introduce themselves.
The three Golden Knights join forces against the entity, each I believe getting a turn on the armour, and after it is slain, talk about how despite their different eras their fight is the same.
Realising the entity still exists and is keeping them trapped, Leon calls out Garm, who irritably sends him Roberto's sword. Asking his father and brother for support, Leon uses the power of Garo and Zoro to assume Soretsu Jushin Garo, and together the three defeat the entity and begin to return to their own eras, expressing a fairwell to eachother.
(Tomukazu Seki voices Sword, Nakayama Masei voices Minamoto no Raikou, Namikawa Daisuk voices Leon Luis and Hakamadare Yasusuke, and Udono Mayu voices Garm.)
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Guide to ULTRAMAN Part 4c: Staue
Tumblr media
A new Sayama Rena statue was announced shortly before the season launched, this one has her in an idol outfit inspired by the classic SSSP uniform, and a microphone based on the Beta Capsule.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Guide to ULTRAMAN Part 4d: S.H. Figuarts
After the Figuarts line had been quiet since releasing the anime version of the existing releases, the day the anime launched the release of the TARO Suit was announced.
Tumblr media
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Guide to ULTRAMAN Part 4b: threezero figzero
A month before the anime launched, orders opened on the Weapon Expansion Kit for SEVEN, coming with an additional Specium Sword, two Ex-Rifles with back mount, as 2 Wide Shots.
Tumblr media
The day the anime launched, orders opened on the TARO Suit.
Tumblr media
A few months later, the ZOFFY Suit was officially announced to be coming soon.
Tumblr media
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