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alright at one point on frankenstein the creature mentions he took one of victor’s shirts when he fled the lab and (presumably) wore it. knowing that the creature is seven/eight feet tall, this leaves us with two options:

1. mary shelley just forgot that she gave the creature inhuman proportions

2. victor is built like a brick shit house

I don’t know which bothers me more

Have you considered the idea of The Creature wearing a crop top?

okay valid


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I am screaming lmao also this reminds me of @rosewater1997


I really do love that people have legitimately always just been people. Like how many angry breakup texts have their been that end with “Come get your stuff or I’m donating it to goodwill”? People never change.

The concubine after reading this:

This is my new breakup format

Fuck him and his harem. I hope Nisaba made you #1 wife, baby

The history nerd in me loves this, the petty bitch in me loves this 🤣

That’s some hot tea from ancient Mesopotamia

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This is insane

holy fuck, this is A LOT

Also that figure is way too low, modern population estimates might be as much as twice that. There were between 25 and 40 million in central Mexico alone, almost as many people in the North Amazon, almost as many in the Andes, and almost as many in the American South. All saw 80 to 99 percent population loss in the period of 2 to 3 generations.

The Greater Mississippi River Basin had a population somewhere between 5 and 12 million, the Eastern Woodlands had about as many, about as many in the Central Amazon, and almost as many on the American West Coast and North West Coast respectively. All of which saw 85 to 99 percent population losses in 2 or three generations after the others.

Multiple factions if European interests killed all the natives they could and destroyed all the culture and history they could. They were not limited by gender, language, religion, culture, ethnic group, nationality, geography, or time period; just every single person they could.

That’s not even genocide, it’s apocalypse.

Why are you all omitting the well known fact that it was not purposeful genocide but simply new microbes introduced that no one knew about at that time.

Cuz that’s not true.

Tw genocide, tw violence

When Columbus realized the pigs they brought were getting the Islanders sick he arranged to loose as many as possible ahead of them primarily into the Benne region, I believe. Cortez loaded sickened corpses into Tenochtitlan’s aqueducts, Spain deliberately targeted the priests of Mexican society first because they knew it would severely undermine the public ability to treat disease. When the post Incan city states developed a treatment for malaria, the Spanish deliberately targeted the cities producing the quinine treatment and made it illegal to sell it to non-christians. The Spanish took all the sick and forced them at sword-point to go back to their homes instead of to the sick houses or the temples throughout the new world, and forced anyone who wasn’t sick to work in the mines or the coin factories melting and pressing their cultural treasures down into Spanish coins. The English were just as bad, they started the smallpox blankets. A lot of the loss was not deliberate infections like this but it was preventable at a million different crossroads and every European culture took the opportunity to weaponize the plagues when they could.

They knew what they were doing, just cuz they didn’t know what germs were doesn’t mean they have some accidental relationship with it. Alexander the great used biological warfare after all, so it’s not like you can pretend the concept was alien to them, they wrote about it.

Besides they did plenty of old fashioned killing too, there were Spanish conquistadors that estimated their own personal, individual killings might have numbered over the ten thousands. They were sure they’d killed more than ten million in “New Spain” alone. They crucified people they smashed babies on the rocks, they set fire to buildings they forced women and children into and cooked their meals over the burning corpses, they loosed war dogs on people. They sold children into sex slavery to be raped by disease riddled pedos back in Europe and if taking their virginity didn’t cure the sick creeps the native children would be killed or sometimes sent back.

The English were just as bad, shooting children in front of their mothers and forcing them to mop their blood with their hair. Turning human scalps into currency. Feeding babies to dogs in front of their mothers and fathers. Killing whole villages and erasing them from their maps so that historians would think God had made it empty just for the English.

The Americans after them burned crops and drove several species of bison to extinction just to starve the plains tribes. They pushed the blankets too. On top of the wars of extermination and scalp hunting and concentration and laws defining natives as non-persons so that we’d never be protected by the Constitution.

And even if you wanna live in some dreamy fairytale where God just made a whoopsie and then there were no natives left, nobody forced them to erase our history. The Spanish burned every document they found to erase the literacy and literary tradition of the Central and South Americans. There are essentially three Aztec documents left and some excavated pottery, and some archeological inscriptions and that’s it. The single most advanced culture in math and anatomical medicine erased probably forever. Same to the Inca, the most advanced fiber and alloy engineers and economists gone forever. Nobody made them do that. Nobody forced the American colonizers to steal political technology and act like they invented democracy or sovereignty. Nobody forced them to build their cities on top of native ones and erase them from history forever. Baltimore was built on Chesapeake, which translates roughly to “city at the top of the great water” in most Algonquin tongues. My favorite example is Cumberland in Western MD, they didn’t even reshape the roads or anything, they paved the steps and walking paths natives had used for hundreds of years and now it’s almost impossible to drive cuz the streets are too narrow or steep. The culture that built them didn’t have horses. Phoenix AZ, called Phoenix cuz the settlers literally found an old city and “brought it back to life.” Did they save any history or cultural artifacts? No. Most cities on the east coast are like this. Nobody forced them to erase that history.

Colonizers are not innocent just cuz the germs did a lot of the work of the apocalypse.

(tlaxcallān had a democratic form of government)

Btw America BARELY acknowledges this, there’s no memorials or educational trips like Germany does the Holocaust, most schools don’t even mention that Native Americans existed

But tHeY dID iT ACciDeNtaLlY … Lol

That’s all of North America and South America not just the USA

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Susan Kare, famous graphic artist who designed many of the fonts, icons, and images for Apple, NeXT, Microsoft, and IBM. (1980s)

She also did the playing card art for Windows 3.1′s Solitaire!

The way she’s sitting…

Is she…you know…🧰🛠

apparently she’s got a husband but I am taking this photo to the next hair salon I visit…

Just a reminder, having a husband doesn’t mean you’re not queer. Reminder that bi/pan/queer women attracted to women are still queer in a relationship with a man and/or heterosexual person. Reminder that it’s still not a heterosexual relationship.

Yeah and I’m not… contesting that… I’m just saying that there’s no evidence that this living person you can Google is actually, you know, apart from killer 80’s aesthetics.

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Homosexuality explained in a German Children’s Book

my eyes are blessed 

just an additional note that the way Frank is described - “sein Freund” - the translation says “his friend,” but that can mean either “his friend” or “his boyfriend” in German. So the translation of “his friend Frank” might be creating a distinction in English that isn’t felt in German about how the narrator sees Frank. The narrator (and, by extension, the children reading it) might understand that Frank is his boyfriend from the beginning, or the distinction between friend and boyfriend might not be as strong as for us.

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this ^^^^

Medical diversity is key.

This is so important in all fields but especially the medical profession. Being able to connect with patients and identify that they aren’t engaging with information is vital to patient care

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because nothing starts ur day off right like darth vader crying heavily over ur naked body

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Some dude in 2020: You should not judge a historical figure, a man from the past, by the modern ethics! He was a product of his time. 500 years ago his actions were completely normal! It’s present-ism, we can’t judge… bla-bla-bla…

People from 500 years ago: Oh my, this guy is such a bastard, a genocidal butcher, a total piece of garbage. Let’s keep records of this douche so people from the future shall hate him too. 

Columbus’s crew were writing about what a genocidal monster he was. There were mutinies and uprisings by his crews and colonists constantly. If his contemporaries were willing to risk the ire of the queen of Spain to oppose him, we have every right to call him out on it too.

My fave professor always says “there have always been antiracist people doing antiracist work”. So yeah, I can hold historical peeps to a higher standard because there were good, ethical people who knew better

Saying “you can’t judge the founding fathers on slavery” because “they didn’t know any better” or “that’s just how it was back then” is a cop out. It’s a standard whitewash that is still used to excuse racists today.

And I can promise you that there absolutely positively were people back then who knew slavery was wrong, and voiced their opinion that slavery was evil. Starting with the slaves themselves.

And if the words of the slaves somehow isn’t good enough, then listen to what one of the founding fathers had to say about the evils of slavery: (x)

Saying people didn’t know any better is whitewashing history, and perpetuating a false image of white purity and innocence. Slavers knew exactly what they were doing. All in the name of free labor and profit. The exploitive nature of capitalism hasn’t changed very much. I’ll bet 100 years from now people will argue that Jeff Bezos didn’t know he was risking the lives of his employees in the middle of a pandemic. Because “times were different back then.”

So yeah, people who insist that “times were just different back then” are racism apologists, whether they realize it or not. That worn out excuse is as old as slavery itself. Call those fuckers out.


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I was today years old when i found out that i was allowed time off to vote. Something no boss has ever told me.

Reblogging now but I’m also scheduling this to post again at the end of October, when folks may need a reminder that they may have right to time off work to vote.

Yeah, if you live in a paid time state nearly no boss is going to tell you this, or that you don’t have to clock out. Tell others you work with. Take those two hours.

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