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Vokara, over the Comm: I’m busy
Kit: do you think drinking thirty-six cans of redbull consecutively would make my senses more heightened or would I just die
Vokara: I’m on my way
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Mace: Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole, truth, and nothing but the truth?
Maul: No.
Mace, turning to the rest of the council: What do we do now?
Yoda: [shrugs]
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Kit: You spent all our money on THIS??
Plo, putting tiny raincoats on ducklings: They live outside. They need this.
Submitted by: @commanderbengiskywalker
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Sinker: I'm ten times funnier and attractive than you!
Boost: Ten times zero is still zero, though!
Sinker: Jokes on you, I can't do math!
Warthog: We're literally all clones, how can you be more attractive than—
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hi i just wanted to let you know that ive tried to look at the rules, but it just takes me to the pinned post again? im on mobile so maybe it isnt happening on desktop?
i really appreciate your posts!!
it's a mobile thing i think. Desktop is fine from what i can tell but here you go
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hi! First of all, I'm really sorry if this is dumb or insensitive, feel free to tell me to go away, but I saw your recent ask and it reminded me of your rules and a question I totally forgot to ask. I was wondering if there was a specific reason you don't like Kit/Aayla? I don't know much about them, so wanted to know if there was something off about the relationship? You said why you dont like Barriss/Ahsoka, is it the same age thing?
Also your quotes supply all my serotonin, so thank you :))
[sigh] okay so.
Basically, the age thing to an extent because Kit has to at least be ten years older than obi wan to have taught Bant, and so that means he's at least seventeen years older than Aayla.
But then what about Plo and Kit? Isn't that a sizable age gap? Well, Aayla still is young. She's in her late 20s, and Kit's at least almost 50. Just something about Aayla being in her 20s and Kit being nearly 2o years older than her bothers me.
(Nautos and Twi'Lek also average irl humans in age, and Kel Dor appears to just be ancient. So differences there.)
On top of that, a lot of the Kit and Aayla comes from that one comic where they kiss. But Kit is giving her mouth to mouth in a way because Aayla is drowning. Yeah, it's drawn 'romantic' but there's no real reason for that.
The entire comic just had weird vibes to me.
I don't really mind if you ship it, but I don't.
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Have you ever heard of the ship kitblyla? If so what is your opinion on it?
I dont ship Kit with Aayla at all. You won’t see it on here. Adding Bly in doesn’t change that I dont like Kit and Aayla romantically involved at all, so you wont see any KitBlyla on here
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Hi everyone. Some major changes going on but this account is no longer going to be active daily or even weekly. Life’s been a bit crazy on my end but I still want to keep this account up. Every so often I’ll post again but likely the encouragement series is at an end for now. 
Just some reminders: 
The inbox is still open but only use the submissions for quotes. If you submit a post that is not a quote or is an ask in nature I will just delete it.
The Ask button is there for a reason, so please use it if you have an ask. Submissions are for quotes.
Please always check out the rules before submitting
please do not tag my posts as master/padawan or clone/clone
Thank you all for understanding,
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T'ra: Why are you guys so late?
Cin, dusting himself off: We went shopping and Tholme tried to shove me into the cart.
Tholme, unabashed: Hey, you told me to put the snacks in!
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Dooku: Drallig?
Cin: ...Yes?
Dooku: Can a nautolan breathe inside a washing machine while it’s on?
Cin: Where's Kit, Dooku?
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Eeth: Where are you?
Agen: Under a cloud that kinda looks like a fish
Eeth: Can you be more specific?
Agen: Ok, well, it's probably akin to Fisto I guess
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Cody, shaking his head: I'm so clumsy today. I keep bumping into things. I've got so many bruises, it's not even funny.
Fox, who broke into his room the night before and moved all the furniture two inches sideways: Damn. That's weird.
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Agen: Good Morning
Eeth: It's-
Eeth: It's midnight?
Agen: Good night, then
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Eeth: [holding a succulent plant] Aloe there.
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