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Dig a Grave to Dig Out a Ghost - Chapter 26
Original Title: 挖坟挖出鬼
Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Supernatural, Yaoi
This translation is based on multiple MTLs and my own limited knowledge of Chinese characters. If I have made any egregious mistakes, please let me know.
Chapter Index
Chapter 26 - Photograph
From the South Third Ring Road overpass, turn right and cross a small road covered by empress trees to reach Shenjiayuan.
The fragments of low-rise buildings and the chaotic street stalls on both sides of the street were standoffish in such a modern city. However, this was one of the country's famous antique marketplaces, and tens of thousands of people came here every day with lots of money to spend, risking being baked by the sun and getting heatstroke by lingering around each of the stalls, hoping to find one or two hidden treasures stashed away in a corner somewhere. It was an industry gaining some traction. There were many speculators, collectors, tourists, calligraphers, painters, and even gamblers among them. They firmly believe that a city thousands of years old hid unknown wealth somewhere. It was this mentality that gave them a similar look; intoxicated and wild-eyed with a long outstretched tongue, drooling over the crude high antique imitations on the stalls.
This was the place where Lin Yan made countless memories when he was a teenager. The middle school he went to was nearby. After school, he often came here alone with his schoolbag on his back. Back then, there weren't as many people. There was a very polluted river nearby that hadn't been turned into a landfill yet. The air was always filled with the smell of stinky salted fish. The vendors who set up stalls hadn't yet learned to casually laze about while sneaking glances at the faces of customers to judge how much money they could cheat out of them.
The old days were like rolls of yellowed newspapers. A young man in a light blue school uniform walked through it, exchanging his pocket money for a piece of colored glaze from the late Qing Dynasty. He squatted in front of a stall to sift through the options. The old man at the stall was smoking a cigarette while telling the story of Liulichang in the late Qing Dynasty. Lin Yan didn't know why he was only interested in street stalls when kids his age were saving up to buy posters of celebrities. Just like when they were gushing over the Belgian chocolates their relatives brought home, he was still obsessed for years with the pot full of honey hard candy the old lady in front of the school had.
The wood, rice paper, and the dusty rusticity of the old objects held a taste of time, and teenage Lin Yan couldn't help but be immersed in it. Like a lone fish in the stream.
The sun was shining on the ground at 3 o'clock that afternoon. Lin Yan carried a bulging bag in his left hand and a cup of roasted sencha milk tea in his right. He paced slowly in the crowd, the grass green V-neck T-shirt and cotton calf-length pants standing out. He didn't know why antique hunters liked to wear black, the dust on their clothes making them look like they had just crawled out of the ground.
"Here, it's weirdly hot. Do you want a sip?" Lin Yan shook the milk tea, the ice cube hitting the wall of the cup with a soft thud. Onlookers thought he was talking to the air when actually there was an invisible person next to him helping take off some of the weight of the bag. That mean, even though Lin Yan was carrying a lot of things, it didn't take much effort.
Xiao Yu lowered his head and took a sip where Lin Yan had touched. He bit on the straw a few times and turned his head.
Lin Yan wanted to laugh a little, and brought the cup back to the corner of his mouth.
A-Yan said that Xiao Yu might remember more following him around, so Lin Yan took him to the antique market after breakfast, hoping that something from his own time period might bring something back. Who would've guessed that, after going through all these stalls, lots of purchases were made but there was no progress with the ghost's memory. Lin Yan glanced at the bag in his hand. It was stuffed with clothes bought from a well-known Hanfu store in Shenjiayuan. They were well-made and expensive. Most people only bought them to complete a Hanfu set for their collection. For Lin Yan to buy these kinds of clothes on a daily errand, that was really a rare sight. Even the clerk couldn't help but do a double take.
Xiao Yu didn't understand the time they were currently living in, so he stood his ground and refused to adapt his style to the times. Lin Yan rolled his eyes and glared at him bitterly. He thought, you're the boss here making me throw away my money while I'm just your servant who follows behind you and pays.
Right after they left one store, before he could recover from the purchase, Xiao Yu suddenly stopped when he passed a woodworking shop. Lin Yan looked at the store’s gorgeous decorations and pieces of pearwood and red sandalwood furniture, whining that he really couldn't afford this stuff. Xiao Yu ignored him and dragged him inside. Thirty minutes later, Lin Yan swiped his card to check out under the watchful eye of the clerk and bought a beautiful Tongzhi wood guqin.
"Oh great ancestor, what more do you want?" Lin Yan tucked the order slip from the woodworking shop into his pocket and glared daggers at Xiao Yu.
Xiao Yu shook his head nonchalantly.
There were more people on the street. Some of them didn't know the treasures that they had found, and they couldn't hide their excitement, sneaking a peek at what they have just bought. Some of them had grim faces, looking like they had been ripped off. There were also groups of foreign tourists wearing Lei Feng hats gathered at the roadside to buy shadow puppets. Occasionally, they turned around and curiously look at the antique city, which was built in the traditional Chinese-style.
In the market area to the south, there were large ancient buildings imitating Ming and Qing style architecture. The bustling narrow street seemed like scene straight out of the Water Margin. The wooden window on the second floor were pushed up, supported by a short stick. Looking up, he could see customers sipping tea. The shopkeeper was a short man, busily carrying a large teapot back and forth.
The narrow street lead to a large emerald-green stall covered with plastic tarps to offer shade from the sun. Lin Yan and Xiao Yu walked under the shadow of the tarps when they heard a familiar voice yelling loudly.
"Look at how green the colour is and how good the water head* is! You won't be able to find another one at this price anywhere in Shenjiayuan!" The peddler selling jade pieces had a round belly, one foot on the stool, holding up a transparent fortune bracelet, spittle flying everywhere. The plainly dressed middle-aged woman in front of the stall looked hesitant. She took the bracelet and took another look at it.
*(T/N: Water head [水头] refers to how light shines through jade. Kind of like how the light would look if it were shining through water. There's a list of transparencies if you want to look at how jade is graded, but basically the best jade has a vivid colour with even transparency across the whole piece.)
"It's too expensive, lower the price a bit." The woman said sincerely.
"It's so green, so transparent, I can't go any lower. Miss, if you want a lower price, it'll affect my livelihood. Don't waste my time." The peddler grabbed the bracelet, his eyes bulging.
"I wanted to buy it for my daughter as a birthday gift. It's too expensive. It'd be a pity if she dropped it. Give me the lowest you can go."
"Here." The peddler rolled his eyes. He took out his calculator, punched in a few numbers, and showed it to the woman in front of him, "Is this all right? I can't go any lower!"
Lin Yan couldn't help but lean over and glance at the numbers on the screen. He let out a laugh.
The peddler squinted at him.
Lin Yan shook his head. He took the bracelet and said to the woman: "Don't buy this, he's fooling you."
"Hey, hey, what are you trying to say? I'm running an honest business here. If you don't believe me, go around and ask. . ."
Lin Yan smirked. He put the roasted sencha tea cup on the stall and held the bracelet at a different angle. The curved surface reflected the light from the plastic roof. He said to the woman buying the bracelet: "Look at the blurred edges of the reflection. If you look closely, you can see that there are very fine meshes on the surface." Lin Yan raised the bracelet to let the light through. "There is purple fluorescence inside, indicating that the reason this bracelet is so transparent because of acid washing and a glue filling."
"Also, notice how the green is only sitting on the surface and doesn't reach the middle. That means it was dyed after the fact. This thing is worth one or two hundred yuan. Don't buy it."
The peddler's nose and eyes scrunched up. At first glance, they looked like a dried walnut.
"Oh." The middle-aged woman hurriedly stuffed an envelope containing the money back into her bag, repeatedly thanking Lin Yan.
When she left, the peddler huffed. Pissed, he turned his head away, not looking at Lin Yan. Even his swollen belly seemed to be flatter than before.
"What else should I do when I notice that someone with money on the street?"
Lin Yan roughly flicked the peddler's forehead: "Everyone here has money. It's embarrassing to lie like this, there's no skill in it."
Several surrounding stalls burst out laughing. The peddler rolled his eyes back to normal. He grabbed Lin Yan’s milk tea and poured a few mouthfuls out of the plastic lid. He muttered while he crunched on the ice cubes: “I don't fool people in this business. It's not my fault their eyesight is poor. No refunds is the standard."
This much was true. Antique jade sales rely on good eyesight. Figuring out which store has more genuine products than fake depends on the customer. They can't return them either so the shop doesn't have to admit they were fakes. Lin Yan clicked his tongue: "These people don't know what to look for. You're just trying to make your father think you're good at this job."
The peddler rolled his eyes, knowing that he was in a bad position and couldn't say anything.
Lin Yan had been a frequent visitor to this antique market since he was a child. Since choosing his major in university, he preferred to come to the small stalls to practice his appraisal skills when he had nothing else to do. See what was selling for a high price but was bought for a low price. He was also kind and helped others pick out the best items, so many peddlers knew him. For example, Lin Yan first met this guy's father, a very honest old man. He even took out the receipt with the price he paid for it when he bargained with customers. Unfortunately, when Lin Yan graduated from high school, the old man fell ill and his son took over the business. and this was the leeching peddler in from of him.
Lin Yan wasn't polite with him. When he walked around the stall, he took out a copper box from under the table. Inside were piles of Ming and Qing paperweights. These objects were all family heirlooms that the original stall owner received from nearby residents’ homes when he was young. Lin Yan had just remembered this box of objects then dragged Xiao Yu over to look at them. Brass mirrors, jade bracelets, thumb rings, snuff boxes, tobacco pipes; Xiao Yu looked over them all and just shook his head. Lin Yan threw the last piece back into the box and patted the dust on his clothes, a little frustrated.
"That box has been there for ages and no one's ever touched it. What are you looking at it for?" The peddler kept squinting at him and was too curious not to ask about it.
"Looking for Ming Dynasty artifacts for my classes." Lin Yan actually didn't know what he was looking for. He moved on and put the box back.
"Ming Dynasty?" The peddler didn't care about the bracelet anymore. "Old man Liu has lots stashed away."
"No, no, no. . ." Lin Yan hurriedly refused, but he thought about it and sighed, "Forget it. I've been shopping all day and haven't gone there. I'll give it a try."
"Don't say the wrong thing. Good luck." The peddler made a face.
The shop run by old man Liu was quite famous in Shenjiayuan. Not just because he was the only antique peddler to sell only sell antique pictures, but also because he was notoriously grumpy. Every day, he'd leave the shop and hang up his old camera in the park to make money. Whenever he went to the shop to buy something, the owner was never there. Walking down the street, he ran into him wearing an old Mao suit, cursing and waving around. His thin mantis-like face was slanted and a pair of glasses rested on his nose at an angle. Sometimes the lens' were shattered like cobwebs, and sometimes the lens' weren't there at all.
His shop sells old photographs of the old city, hung densely from the floor to the ceiling. Because old photographs were difficult to reprint, they were also very expensive. The sub districts of Qianmen, Dashilan, old gardens in the setting sun in 1872, passers-by in long gowns with thin faces and numb eyes. The TV station came to interview him, but only half the program was filmed. From photographers to reporters, old man Liu chewed them all out without exception. The interview never went anywhere, and the shop still didn't have any business. The old man still walked around outside with his camera everyday.
The shop was in the northwest corner of Shenjiayuan and its location was considered unlucky. There was a symbol meant to ward off evil spirits designed by a famous Feng Shui master hung on the door. Xiao Yu couldn't enter and stood at the door waiting for Lin Yan.
Lin Yan looked at the ominous storefront. For the first time, he felt reluctant to part with Xiao Yu.
Unsurprisingly, Old Man Liu wasn't in the shop. A seven or eight-year-old girl in a red jacket was facing away from him. She was pointing at a photo on the wall and muttering something. When she heard someone enter the door, she turned back and grinned at Lin Yan.
Lin Yan was a little surprised. This little girl was his neighbor. Although he didn’t know where she lived, he often saw her running around in the yard downstairs in a dirty red dress. Sometimes when Lin Yan went out to buy dinner at night, he saw her playing with cats in the yard, no one coming to bring her home. He hadn't seen her often in the past month and he didn't expect to see her here.
Was it possible she was related to that strange old man? No wonder no one cared about her playing outside everyday, Lin Yan thought.
"Why are you here by yourself?" Lin Yan knelt down and asked her in a soft voice.
The little girl was lean, her eyes staring straight at Lin Yan, grinning silently. Lin Yan suddenly felt that the little girl’s smile probably made people feel uncomfortable. It didn’t seem right to call it a smile, but just a casual grin. The corners of her mouth were upturned but her eyes were dull. Wearing such an old jacket in summer, she seemed to be left behind by the times, like the rest of the photos in the room.
Lin Yan hesitated on whether he leave and wait outside for the strange old man.
"What the hell you XX, I XXXX. . ." Lin Yan was distracted, and suddenly there was a thud. Old man Liu hugging his broken camera fell through the front door. He fell on all fours in an extremely embarrassed posture, landing on the only part of the floor that had sunlight hitting it.
"A-Are you okay?" Lin Yan rushed over to help. Unexpectedly, the old man gave him a sour look. He rolled over and sat on the ground, patting the dirt on his knees, and continued his tirade of curses towards the door relentlessly. Lin Yan stood awkwardly off to the side, neither leaving nor staying.
The old man felt he had cursed enough. He grunted and got to his feet. When he turned his head and saw Lin Yan, his eyes widened like he had discovered a whole new world, and said with a quacking voice: "What are you doing here?"
"I came to buy something." Lin Yan didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Shouldn't that be the first thing the shop owner thinks of when he sees a customer in the store?
"Leave. What is there to buy? Young people are clueless." The old man held his stern gaze and walked around behind the counter, irritated: "Why are you still standing there? You have no business being here!"
Lin Yan didn't want to talk nonsense with the old man, so he pat his back and turned to leave.
"Hey! Wait!" The old man yelled. Lin Yan had just reached the door and was so frightened by the voice that he came to a halt.
"You look good, I'll take a picture of you." The old man suddenly walked out from behind the counter with his camera in hand. He grabbed Lin Yan by the collar and pulled him into the room. After couple of pushes, he stood beside the little girl. He squatted down involuntarily, and the shutter sounded with a few clicks. The old man's furrowed face appeared from behind the camera and he smacked his lips with satisfaction.
After the shutter, several photos appeared from the top of the camera. The old man took one in his hand and glanced at it. He pulled one out and shoved it at Lin Yan: "You take it."
Lin Yan was shown the strength of this old man. He turned his face angrily, trying to walk out, rubbing his shoulder: "I don't want to."
"Take it!" The old man yelled in Lin Yan's ear, making his ears ring.
Lin Yan took it and glanced speechlessly. He saw that in the black-and-white picture he stood like a wooden pole, staring expressionlessly at the wall. The background was dimmed, and the entire thing looked like a horror picture people would share online.
What's wrong with. . .
Lin Yan eyes widened and a nerve in his head popped. He couldn't help taking a step back, looking at himself in the photo. When he looked at the spot where he was standing when the picture was taken, it felt like a bucket of ice water was poured over his head.
The little girl who took the picture with him just now wasn't in the photo. He was the only person in the black and white background straight out of a horror movie.
Lin Yan hesitantly looked up. The girl in red was standing where he stood, wearing an out-of-date ragged jacket, grinning at him biting her fingernail.
"Hehe, hehe." The old man held up the camera to his crooked eyes and a piece of the lens fell to the ground. "Perfect, great picture."
Lin Yan crawled out of the house.
The sun was bitterly hot and the bustling street was swarming with people. Xiao Yu was standing casually by the doorway. Lin Yan couldn't say a word, swallowing hard. He rushed over and wrapped him up in a fierce hug.
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The Husky and His White Cat Shizun - Chapter 18
Original Title:  二哈和他的白猫师尊
Genres: Drama, Romance, Tragedy, Xianxia, Yaoi
This translation is based on multiple MTLs and my own limited knowledge of Chinese characters. If I have made any egregious mistakes, please let me know.
Chapter Index
Chapter 18 - This Venerable One has Begged You Before
Tianwen has a deadly killing move. The name was very simple, just one word: "Wind". Once activated, no piece of armor in the surrounding area could withstand it.
Mo Ran was naturally acquainted with the power of "Wind". He also knew Chu Wanning's strength so there was no need to worry. He glanced at the pale man whose robe was dyed red with blood. He threw away the rest of his talismans to buy Chu Wanning some time, then flew away to the edge of the fight. He grabbed Shi Mei with one hand, Madam Chen with the other, and took two unconscious people, hiding a far distance away.
Chu Wanning endured the severe pain and reluctantly moved his other. Suddenly, Tianwen burst out with a dazzling golden light, and Chu Wanning violently jerked it back.
The Master of Ceremonies Ghost went berserk. It jumped up and rushed towards Chu Wanning with a distorted face.
Chu Wanning's robe waved like a flame in a violent wind, billowing and flying. His eyebrows were furious, half of his shoulders soaked in blood. He quickly raised his hand, Tianwen's golden light became more and more intense then it took off by Chu Wanning's flying spin.
The willow vine stretched for several tens of feet and whirled into a golden spiral. Like a whirlpool, it engulfed the surrounding ghosts, dead bodies, golden children, and the roaring and twisting Master of Ceremonies Ghost into the center of "Wind". The fierce image that was created by Tianwen was then shattered in an instant!!!
"Wind" smashed and destroyed. Not even the surrounding grass and trees, being ripped up from the ground, were spared.
The huge storm centered around Chu Wanning let out a dazzling golden light. The sky grew dark, covered by flying sand and rocks. Whether it was a coffin or the dead, they were like grass fluttering in the wind.
She was sucked in and was cut up by the rapidly spinning Tianwen.
Sliced into tens of thousands pieces of debris. . .
When everything calmed down, there was no grass around Chu Wanning, a desolate and empty wasteland.
Other than him standing alone in his bright, auspicious clothes that resembled a blooming red lotus and a begonia blossom, there was only a ground covered in crushed white bones, and the horrible hissing of Tianwen's golden light.
From this point of view, Chu Wanning did the world a favour pumping out so many disciples.
Based on his performance today, if he wanted to, even if every disciple on Life-Death Peak were defeated, it wasn't impossible for him to keep fighting. . .
The golden light faded away.
Tianwen turned into flickering dots like stars, blending into Chu Wanning's palm.
He breathed a deep breath and frowned. Enduring the sharp pain in his shoulder, he slowly walked towards his disciples in the distance.
"How's Shi Mei?"
Coming to their side, Chu Wanning pushed through and asked.
The ink burned down to look at the unconscious beauty in his arms. He still wasn't awake, his breathing was weak, and his cheeks felt cold to the touch. This scene was too familiar, it was a nightmare that Mo Ran couldn't get rid of.
As Shi Mei was lying in his arms like this, as time went on, he wasn't breathing anymore. . .
Chu Wanning placed his hands on Madam Chen's and Shi Mei's necks. He mumbled out: "Hmm? How could the poisoning be so deep?"
Mo Ran's head snapped up: "Poison? Didn't you say they were okay? Didn't you say that they were just being compelled?"
Chu Wanning frowned: "The Master of Ceremonies Ghost relied on the fragrance powder to compel them. That was a kind of poison. I thought it was only superficial, but I didn't expect the poison to be this severe."
". . ."
"Send them back to Chen's house first." Chu Wanning said, "It's not difficult to expel the poison. It's fine as long as they don't die."
His voice was cold and unwavering. Although Chu Wanning normally spoke like this, at this moment, it really made people feel like he was uncaring and downplaying things.
Mo Ran was brought back to that year of heavy snow. He was knelt in the snow and in his arms was Shi Mei whose life was slipping away. With tears on his face, he hoarsely begged Chu Wanning to turn his head, look at his disciple, and pleaded for him to raise his hand to save his disciple's life.
But what did Chu Wanning say back then?
It was also in such a light and calm tone of voice.
Just like that, rejecting Mo Ran the one time he knelt down and begged.
In the heavy snow, the person in his arms gradually became as cold as the snow falling on his shoulders and eyelashes.
That day, Chu Wanning killed two disciples with his own hands.
One was Shi Mingjing, who he could have saved but didn't.
One was Mo Weiyu, kneeling in the snow mourning the death of his heart.
There was a sudden panic in his heart, a brutality, a snake-like flow of resentment, rage and viciousness.
There was a moment when he suddenly wanted to rise up and strangle Chu Wanning. Wanted to shed his kind and pleasant disguise, revealing the hideousness of a malevolent ghost. Like a fierce ghost from a previous life, it viciously tore into him, questioning him and demanding his life.
He claimed the lives of the two helpless disciples in that snowfield.
But when his eyes flicked up, they suddenly fell on Chu Wanning's blood-covered shoulder.
The beast's anger was suddenly cut off.
He didn't say another word, just stared at Chu Wanning's face with poorly-masked hateful eyes. Chu Wanning didn't notice. After a while, he lowered his head again and stared at Shi Mei's haggard face.
His mind gradually went blank.
If something happened to Shi Mei this time, then. . .
"Cough cough cough!!"
The person in his arms abruptly coughed. Mo Ran was stunned and his heart trembled. . . Shi Mei slowly opened his eyes, and his voice was extremely hoarse and weak.
"A-. . . Ran. . .?"
"Yes! It's me!" In his ecstasy, the haze disappeared. Mo Ran's eyes widened. The palms of his hands were pressed against Shi Mei's cool cheeks, and his shining eyes trembled. "Shi Mei, how do you feel? Does anything hurt? "
Shi Mei smiled lightly, his eyebrows still. He turned his head, and looked around: ". . . How are we here. . . How did I faint. . . Ah! Shizun. . . cough cough, this disciple is incompetent. . . this disciple. . ."
"Don't talk," Chu Wanning said.
He gave Shi Mei a pill: "Since you're awake, take this poison dispersing pill. Don't swallow it right away."
Shi Mei took the medicine then was suddenly taken aback, his colourless face appearing even more transparent: "Shizun, how did you get hurt? You're covered in blood. . ."
Chu Wanning still had that faint, calm, irritating voice: "It's nothing."
He got up and glanced at Mo Ran.
"You, find a way to bring both of them back to the Chen's residence."
When Shi Mei woke up, the gloom that was deep in his heart suddenly vanished. He nodded quickly: "Okay!"
"I'll go first. I have something to ask the Chen family."
Chu Wanning said and turned to leave. Facing the vast darkness of the night, the fields covered in decay, he finally couldn't supress a twitch in his eyebrow, revealing a painful expression.
The entire shoulder was pierced by five fingers, the tendons and veins were torn apart, and the Master of Ceremonies Ghost's claws even pierced the bones deep in his flesh and blood. No matter how he pretended to endure it calmly, no matter how he tried to stave the bleeding, he was still be a human being.
It still hurt. . .
But so what if it hurts.
He walked forward one foot after another, the hem of the wedding dress flying around.
For so many years, people respected and feared him, but no one has dared stand by his side. No one cares about him. He has long been used to it.
Yuheng of the Night Sky, the Beidou Immortal.
No one liked him. No one cared whether he lived or died, whether he was sick or suffering.
He seemed to be born without the need for the support of others, no need to rely on anyone, no need for company.
So there was no need to shout out in pain, and crying was even more unnecessary. Just go and dress the wounds, cut off all the festering flesh around the tear and apply ointment on it.
It didn't matter if no one cared about him.
Anyway, that's how he came to be alone. He's survived all these years. He can take care of himself.
When he came to the door of the Chen residence, before he entered the courtyard, he heard an ear-piercing scream.
Chu Wanning didn't care about aggravating his wound and immediately rushed in - only to see the old lady Chen with a disheveled hair, her eyes closed, but chasing her son and husband all over the house, only ignoring the young daughter of the Chen family. She stood beside her in panic, huddled tightly, shaking.
Seeing Chu Wanning enter, Mr. Chen and his eldest son screamed and rushed towards him: "Dao Master! Dao Master, help!"
Chu Wanning held them back. He glanced at Madam Chen's closed eyes, and said angrily: "Didn't I tell you to watch her and keep her from falling asleep?!"
"I can't help it! My wife is unwell. She usually goes to bed early. After you left, she was still holding out at first, then she fell asleep, and then she started to go crazy! She started screaming. . . yelling. . ."
Mr. Chen shivered and ducked behind Chu Wanning. He didn't notice that he was actually wearing an auspicious outfit, nor did he notice the hideous wound on Chu Wanning's shoulder.
Chu Wanning frowned and said: "What was she yelling?"
Before Mr. Chen spoke, the mad woman rushed over with her teeth bared, screaming mournfully. It was actually the voice of a young woman—
"Spineless liar! Pathetically fickle! I want you to pay with your lives! I want you all to die!"
Chu Wanning: ". . . This evil spirit stoops low." He turned back and sternly shouted at Mr. Chen, "Does this voice sound familiar?"
Mr. Chen’s mouth was trembling. He rolled his eyes and swallowed nervously: “I don’t know, I don't recognize it, I don’t know! Please help! Please help!
Just then, Madam Chen rushed over. Chu Wanning raised his uninjured arm, pointing at the sky above Madam Chen, and a lightning bolt slammed down, trapping Madam Chen within a barrier.
Chu Wanning turned his head with an icy gaze: "You really don't know?"
Mr. Chen repeated: "I really don't know! I really don't know!"
Chu Wanning didn't say anything else. He whipped out Tianwen and bound old lady Chen in the barrier.
He should have tied up the rest of the family outside, it would be more convenient and easier to gauge the situation, but Chu Wanning had his own rules of conduct. It wasn't easy using Tianwen to interrogate abnormal individuals. So he abandoned the soft approach and instead questioned the ghost in Madam Chen's body.
Interrogating ghosts wasn't the same as interrogating people.
When Tianwen interrogated people, they couldn't fight it and would speak.
When Tianwen interrogated ghosts, it would form a boundary where only Chu Wanning and the ghost would exist. Ghosts would regain their original appearance in the boundary and pass on their message to Chu Wanning.
A flame ignited on Tianwen. It snaked along the vine, burning from his end straight to old lady Chen.
The old lady let out a scream, and suddenly began to twitch. The original scarlet flame on the willow vine instantly turned into a blue ghost fire and burned back to Chu Wanning's side.
Chu Wanning closed his eyes. The fire burned up the willow vine onto his palm, but the ghost fire couldn't hurt him. It just burned all the way along his arm, down his chest, and then went out.
". . ."
The Chen family looked at the scene in horror. They didn't know what Chu Wanning was doing.
Chu Wanning's eyelashes trembled lightly, his eyes still closed, but a white light gradually appeared in front of his eyes. Immediately afterwards, he saw a small, white, jade-like foot step out of the light, and a girl about seventeen or eighteen years old appeared in his field of vision.
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Dig a Grave to Dig Out a Ghost - Chapter 25
Original Title: 挖坟挖出鬼
Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Supernatural, Yaoi
This translation is based on multiple MTLs and my own limited knowledge of Chinese characters. If I have made any egregious mistakes, please let me know.
Chapter Index
Chapter 25 - Cemetery
Buzz buzz. . .
Was there an earthquake? Lin Yan sat up abruptly from the sofa, looked around in a daze, and fixed his gaze on the coffee table.
It was just his phone. Lin Yan rubbed his face and answered the phone. Suddenly Yin Zhou's angry roar came through the receiver, shocking him enough to almost make him fall back on the sofa.
"Your Excellency finally decided to answer the phone!"
Lin Yan held the phone away from his ear and muttered: "I didn't get home from the kid's father's house until really late. I just woke up." Speaking of, he looked up at the wall clock. It was 10:20 in the morning. That doesn't add up. Based on Yin Zhou's usual schedule right now, he should still be lying in bed, dead to the world.
"Hurry up and get to the hospital! I called you 20 times and you weren't answering." Yin Zhou suddenly lowered his voice: "Something's not right."
". . . What? What happened to Xiao Yang?" Lin Yan grew anxious.
Yin Zhou hesitated on the phone and replied, "It's not. . . you, you'd better come and see it for yourself. I can't explain it."
After hanging up the phone, Lin Yan hurriedly washed his face, brushed his teeth and rushed to the hospital. Before leaving, he made a point to check every room. There was no one, no ghost. Xiao Yu didn't come back at all last night.
When Lin Yan arrived at Xiao Yang's room, Lin Yan understood what Yin Zhou was saying about something being off. The windows of the ward, which had been painted over by the little Daoist priest the day before, were clean. The charms written in cinnabar on the walls were gone, the windows had been scrubbed, and the small bedside table was piled high with flowers and food. The girl, on the other hand, was quietly curled up under the blanket, staring at the ceiling in a daze.
Xiao Yang's mother wasn't there. Lin Yan gently walked in, and suddenly there was a scrap of a stool from the other corner of the ward. His attention snapped over and he saw the middle-aged man who slammed the door on him standing on top of a stool with his wife. He was wearing a paper hat, clutching a rag and working hard to scrub down the walls. When he saw Lin Yan come in, the man rushed over as if he had seen a saviour. He grabbed his hand and whined tearfully: "Master, I know I have no conscience. I'll do anything you say, anything, just have mercy and leave us alone!"
This situation seemed like it was straight out of a drama. Lin Yan almost thought he was imagining things. He was thinking about whether he should leave and start over again. Zhou Mo saw that he was going to leave, and hurriedly reached out and grabbed him with his other hand. "I brought all the things Jintian loved to eat and play when he was alive, and I've cleaned the room three times. I'll do whatever you say. Please don't let that thing follow me. I can't live in my house now!"
"Alright, alright, let go first. . ." Lin Yan tried hard to pull his arm off.
"Lin Yan, you're here!" Yin Zhou's voice suddenly sounded from behind him. Lin Yan looked back and saw that Yin Zhou and A-Yan were walking in with a pile of things. They glanced at Zhou Mo as if they weren't surprised, and then slipped a package into his arms.
"I-I checked. This is too much. Just pick two things and buy some incense paper money to bring with you. T-That'll be enough."
"Whatever, whatever!" Zhou Mo replied bitterly while holding the bag.
Yin Zhou picked up a paper windmill from the bag. He glanced at it and threw it back. He sneered at Zhou Mo and said to Lin Yan: "This dude looks very stylish but his brain's not quite right. He was just supposed to come to see his son. Why is he acting like he lost his mind? He showed up this morning in a suit and leather shoes, picked up a broom and started to clean. Everyone was shouting, a nurse even threw him out, but now he's scrubbing the walls." Yin Zhou flexed his hands: "Is he also possessed?"
"Well, 'He who never wrongs others does not fear the knock in the night'. This dude has done a lot of bad things, maybe he just got a little karma yesterday." Lin Yan looked relaxed: "That door knock might have been a bit loud."
The little Daoist priest smiled beside him. Yin Zhou was still confused and shook his head in disbelief.
"It's a long story." Lin Yan curled his lips: "A-Yan, I brought them, what should we do?"
Seeing that no one was paying attention to him, Zhou Mo repeated his pleas with a frown, holding a rag. "Young man, you can help. My whole family is waiting outside. The nanny was scared away. My child is at his grandma's house. . ."
Lin Yan glanced at him in disgust: "I thought I was just cheating you out of money. Are you going to pay me? You're smarter than that."
Zhou Mo's eyebrows furrowed. He wanted to say something but, to save what pride he had left, his mouth slammed shut like a fly had flown in. Lin Yan pointed to Xiao Yang who was lying on the bed and said to Zhou Mo: "Ask him. If your son forgives you, I'll leave you alone."
Zhou Mo looked at the girl under the blanket completely speechless and nodded tearfully.
"It-It's good that he's here. Later, we'll go to his son's grave and burn one of his belongings for Jintian and let him put a few plates of fruit as an offering." A-Yan said.
"Should we go now?" Although Yin Zhou didn't fully understand what was happening, he looked at the young wife next to Zhou Mo and could make a rough guess. He gazed at Xiao Yang sympathetically. "Let the child find peace quicker."
Lin Yan was just about to nod when suddenly he saw Xiao Yu at the door, who had appeared at some point, leaning on the door frame and staring at him. From this position, his long figure was bathed in sunshine, and he looked like he was straight out of a magazine advertisement. Lin Yan was a little stunned. He smiled at Yin Zhou and whispered: "Wait a minute, I still have something to do." He walked around to Xiao Yu. The ghost's eyes changed. When he reached out to hold him, Lin Yan shook his head and dragged him to the bathroom at the end of the corridor.
This floor only had private rooms so the public washroom was rarely occupied. After making sure that all the stalls were empty, Lin Yan locked the door with a click.
"I'm impressed. Tell me, what extraordinary methods did you use?" Lin Yan asked Xiao Yu, propping himself against the marble counter, tilting his head.
Xiao Yu shook his head.
"I'm really curious." Lin Yan raised his eyebrows: "The man wasn't even hurt. How did you do it?"
"You really want to know?"
"Yeah." Lin Yan nodded.
Xiao Yu nudged his chin with his finger and said after some thought, "You asked for it."
Seeing Xiao Yu turn around, Lin Yan suddenly sensed an ominous sensation, and he couldn't help but blurt out: "No, no, I don't want to see, ah!"
Unexpectedly, before he closed his eyes, a hideous face appeared in front of him. His eyes became two deep black holes, and half of his face muscles were rotting, oozing out pus and thick blood, staining strands of his messy hair. His gums were exposed, the dark green layers of plaque resembling mould growing on tofu. A pair of eerie bony nails were poking into Lin Yan's side, its voice sounding like a broken bellow. Lin Yan could almost feel the rancid breath from the mouth of that thing: "Your. . . son. . . is. . . here. . . with. . . me. . ."
"Ahhh!" Lin Yan harshly shoved the thing away. The sudden stare down froze him to the spot, hands flying up to cover his eyes. His hands were forced apart by a burst of cold air and a familiar face appeared in front of him. Lin Yan was petrified. He anxiously pinched at Xiao Yu's side, shaking and yelling, a quiver in his voice: "You. . you scared me to death!"
"Lin Yan. . ." Seeing that the gag was going too far, Xiao Yu held Lin Yan against the sink, wrapping his arms around his shoulders and gently rubbing his back. It took a long time for Lin Yan to come back to his sense. He pulled back from Xiao Yu's arms to give him an unimpressed stare. The two of them glared face-to-face with wide eyes and finally couldn't help but burst out laughing.
Xiao Yu propped his hands on both sides of Lin Yan, and the two of them leaned against the marble countertop. The other man in front of him leaned forward and the tips of their noses bumped together, they were that close.
Lin Yan's heart inexplicably started beating faster.
It seemed that things weren't progressing right. His confused thoughts wondered how they went from a scene from a horror movie to this sudden refreshing change. He vigorously pushed Xiao Yu's shoulders, trying to slip out of the confinement of his arms, but the ghost's arms were like iron rods. Lin Yan could only use his knees to prevent him from coming any closer. He glanced at the door, wondering how he could be so careless as to look himself in here with a ghost. . . This was really problematic!
Xiao Yu simply pushed through his legs and pressed against his chest. Before Lin Yan could take another defensive measure, the ghost unceremoniously pressed a kiss on his lips. First was a gentle nudge and a peck, then he sucked on his lower lip and started grinding against him. The cool and soft touch made Lin Yan's lips feel like flower petals. Then he pried his teeth open and wantonly started sucking on his tongue.
Lin Yan roughly shook his head to push him off. Xiao Yu yanked him into his arms. With his tongue roughly pushing all the way to his throat, one hand groped up Lin Yan's thigh with the other gripping his hip against the marble countertop.
The grass mud horse trampled across the grasslands, leaving a mess of holes behind.
He seemed to be. . . reacting to it. . .
It seemed like. . . the reaction was a bit intense. . .
Lin Yan stared angrily, watching the ghost's eyelashes trembling like dragonfly wings. The lower edge of his thigh up near his waist was being rubbed up and down with the palm of his hand. Lin Yan wrapped his arms around Xiao Yu's neck while softly intertwining their tongues, silently swearing that he would go back and clean up that mess once this was over.
Xiao Yu freed up a hand to unbutton Lin Yan's jeans. Because he was new to this, he couldn't figure out how to do it. Lin Yan was getting impatient by his teasing, so he simply supported the counter with one hand to help him.
"Hey, no, no. . . stop!" Lin Yan sucked in a short breath and stiffly fell backward, supporting himself against Xiao Yu for a while before standing up. He said embarrassingly: "My. . . My back hurts. "
"I slept on the sofa yesterday and it hurts like hell." Lin Yan explained awkwardly.
Fuck his life. When Lin Yan walked back to the room with Xiao Yu in a weird posture, Yin Zhou stared at him for a second then yelled out in front of everyone, "Lin Yan, did you rub one out?"
Lin Yan had a black line on his face, and angrily imagined pummeling him down the seventeen flights of stairs. Then he thought about his lack of combat ability. There wasn't any imminent reaction to what he said, so he swallowed and said grimly: "I slept weird on the sofa. It's here...While everyone can still move, hurry up and pack everything so we can send the brat away." He took the key out of his pocket and threw it at Yin Zhou: "You drive."
After finishing the temporary discharge procedure for Xiao Yang, he followed the instructions of the little Daoist priest to search for little shops in the city to gather what he needed. When he arrived at the suburban cemetery, it was already 6 o’clock in the evening. As the sun set, the afterglow dyed the meticulously manicured lawns with a delicate golden color.
The group of people quietly followed Zhou Mo along the path, stopping in front of a fresh grave in the center of the A area. The headstone was engraved with the words 'beloved son Zhou Jintian'. The black and white photo showed a beautiful boy with a crooked eyes and an innocent smile. Lin Yan glanced back at Xiao Yang standing alone beside him, and asked A-Yan, "Will he go?"
"He should." The little Daoist nodded affirmatively. He placed the offering fruit and incense in front of the tomb, and bowed respectfully.
Smoke curled up. Pieces of toys and paper money clothes were thrown into the fire, crackling and burning. The paper money rolled up in the flames and blew through the air. Soon, a thin layer of ashes fell across the front of the grave.
Lin Yan was reluctantly to move closer. He walked away a distance and sat down quietly. He suddenly felt a bit bitter when looking at the busy group of people. Could all the wrongs be forgiven? He thought, betrayed by loved ones, abandoned, left alone in the cold darkness; could that really be written off?
A-Yan began to recite the Ksitigarbha scripture in a low voice. The peaceful tone sounded extraordinarily quiet in the grassy cemetery. Then something happened that shocked Lin Yan. Xiao Yang, who had been ignorant and unconscious, suddenly turned her head and stared straight at Zhou Mo. Just when he thought something was about to happen, Xiao Yang walked over slowly, stretched her arms around his thighs, and buried her head in Zhou Mo's waist.
Like an ordinary child waiting for his father at the school gate, he wrapped his arms around his father's waist and joyfully told about what was happening at school.
It's a pity that this child has no future, no school, Lin Yan thought. He was about to take the longest and loneliest road of his life, walking alone, regardless of whether the end of the road might be full of flowers. Maybe he would be reincarnated, maybe he would go to a place called heaven in the fairy tale. Imagining what happens after death is the best way of mourning for the people left behind, but what does that matter? He was such a good boy, there's no way God would treat him poorly.
Although the world was utilitarian and indifferent, there were always feelings that continued to return. Through hurt, betrayal and forgetfulness, a broken heart would always heal.
The girl limply collapsed. Xiao Yang's mother couldn't stop herself from swooping forward to catch her daughter. This time the little Daoist didn't stop her, but just looked up at the sky and muttered to himself.
The sunset immersed everything in the dim golden halo. Lin Yan eyes widened and he saw Xiao Yu leading a graceful little boy out from under a pine tree not far away. The boy sucked on his thumb shyly. He quickly glanced at Lin Yan and ducked his head.
Xiao Yu squatted down in front of the boy and gently touched his head, seeming like he was asking something seriously. The setting sun coated him with a heavy orange-yellow light, making the two of them appear like golden clay statues. Xiao Yu smiled kindly, the boy gently nodded, and after a moment he stood up and walked towards the tombstone. He took one last lingering glance back before slowly fading into a light blue mist, disappearing in the sunset.
Xiao Yu stood there for a while a hand bumped into his. The man in the delicate white shirt caught his finger and he sighed.
"Let's make peace." Lin Yan turned his face and said softly: "No more fighting."
Xiao Yu nodded.
"Come on, let's go home."
The group of people in front of the tombstone were still busy packing their things. The two of them had walked a far distance away already, holding hands. The graves were silent in the sunset. Lin Yan watched his steps, trying not to disturb the graves, feeling the cold body heat coming from his fingers. Lin Yan thought tonight he could finally get a good night's sleep.
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The Husky and His White Cat Shizun - Chapter 17
Original Title:  二哈和他的白猫师尊
Genres: Drama, Romance, Tragedy, Xianxia, Yaoi
This translation is based on multiple MTLs and my own limited knowledge of Chinese characters. If I have made any egregious mistakes, please let me know.
Chapter Index
Chapter 17 - This Venerable One's Shizun was Injured, This Venerable One is very. . .
What kind of Master of Ceremonies Ghost was this thing? They dealt with aphrodisiacs. At best, other people's aphrodisiacs would let average living people take about their prowess. This immortal was good. The dead could get hard with a small wave of the hand. The hand was truly a wonderful "aphrodisiac"!
He was watching with great interest when suddenly Chu Wanning stretched out his hand and covered Mo Ran's ears.
Mo Ran: "Huh?"
Chu Wanning looked extremely cold: "Such a ridiculous and obscene practice. Don't bother watching it."
"Then you should be covering my eyes. Why are you plugging my ears?"
Chu Wanning's face was expressionless: "Don't look, don't listen. Close your eyes."
Mo Ran: "Pff. Shizun, you are really. . ." He didn't even pay attention to his own red face. If he wanted eyes closed, he can do it himself.
Mo Ran couldn't help but be a little bit happy. Chu Wanning, a person made of ice and snow, had never even seen an erotic picture. At this moment, now that he saw intimacy up close, he would probably choke to death.
The dead couple came together, and gradually both of them became alive. Their dead throat, which was supposed to be silent, actually let out a raspy gasp similar to that of a living person.
Chu Wanning was obviously disgusted. He harshly turned away, not wanting to look again.
Mo Ran noticed this with great joy. He tried to get a rise out of the other. He smirked and knocked against his chin.
Chu Wanning quickly avoided him as if he were being stabbed: "What are you doing?"
"I'm not doing anything." Mo Ran said sweetly and sneakily. With some sarcasm and teasing, he gave him a once-over like he was making a joke.
No matter how old this man is, this kind of thing still makes him blush. . .
No, it's more like a mixture of blue and red. It's quite funny.
"Shizun, didn't you tell us that we must see what the other party is capable of being doing anything? You should also see the ability of this Master of Ceremonies Ghost."
"What is there to see? Don't look."
Mo Ran sighed: "Why do you have such thin skin?"
Chu Wanning replied angrily: "It's improper and nasty. It really hurts my eyes!"
"Then I have to look at it." Mo Ran said, and he lay there nonchalantly. He looked outside again and he said, "Ah", "Wow", "Awesome", "Ouch" and so on. It made Chu Waning completely berserk, and the coffin board could not be held down. He whispered angrily: "Just look, what are you narrating for?!"
Mo Ran said innocently: "I thought you wanted to hear it."
Chu Wanning finally couldn't hold back. He strangled Mo Ran's neck, gritting his teeth: "If you make another noise, I'll throw you out to feed the zombies right now!"
Enough teasing. He couldn't push Chu Wanning too far. When he got anxious, Tianwen would quickly be summoned, so Mo Ran lay there obediently, staring outside, without saying a word.
As the ghost couple reached their climax, the male corpse let out a low growl, spasming and twitching on the female corpse. Suddenly a cloud of blue smoke burst out of them. The Master of Ceremonies Ghost opened her mouth and greedily inhaled the blue smoke until the last wisp of it was in her stomach. This time, he wiped the corners of her mouth gluttonously, and her eyes shone brightly.
It seems that these were the "benefits" that the married couple gave to it, which would increase its cultivation.
"Haha, hahaha—" When the Master of Ceremonies Ghost tasted the sweetness, it became even more radiant. When he spoke again, the misty and empty voice became clear, shouting and roaring. The sharp voice seemed to pierce through the long night. "Rise! Get up! All of you! Wait for the idiot and blame the girl! I kindly grant you intimacy! You offer me your faith! Get up! Get up! Everyone rise!"
Mo Ran's heart skipped a beat: It's over. . .
What is it going to do?!
The surrounding hundreds of coffins all began to tremble, verifying what Mo Ran was thinking. The Master of Ceremonies Ghost is going to summon all the corpses in the coffins to embrace so that it can absorb all their "benefits" at once!
Not caring about joking anymore, Mo Ran yanked at Chu Wanning: "Shizun!!!"
"Now what?!"
"Quick! Get out! Shi Mei is still trapped with the Chen's family daughter-in-law!" Mo Ran was going mad. "Let's go save him!"
Chu Wanning took a look outside. He didn't expect the Master of Ceremonies Ghost would have such a powerful hunger, not wanting to absorb from the pairs individually, but actually wanting to take a huge bite!
The trembling of the coffin next to them became more and more intense. It wasn't a stretch to think that all the pairs of the ghost marriages were inspired to start acting up in the coffins. This thought made Chu Wanning choke, his face growing even more ugly. At this moment, the Master of Ceremonies Ghost, who was standing in the same place and laughing for a long time, suddenly felt something. She abruptly turned her head. A pair of black eyes without focus stared straight past the others and landed on the coffin of Mo Ran and Chu Wanning .
It could feel, despite its low intelligence, that the coffin does not have the erotic scent it was familiar with.
There was no faith.
There was no. . .
Living people!!!
Suddenly it arched up, screaming and scrambling. The Master of Ceremonies Ghost's robe flapped up, a pair of blood-red claws stabbing through the coffin wood, piercing the thick coffin, straight into the coffin body.
Its attack was too sudden and Mo Ran was too late to react. Moreover, the space in the coffin was very small, and it was impossible to go anywhere. Seeing its head through the five holes made by the nine-yin white bone claws, its body suddenly fell -- Chu Wan Ning had already swiftly guarded him in his arms, blocking himself in front, and the five pointed claws of the Master of Ceremonies Ghost suddenly pierced into Chu Wanning's shoulder!
Deep enough to reach a bone!
". . ."
Chu Wanning stifled a grunt but he endured it and didn't shout out. The other uninjured hand was still burning with the sound-dampening spell, and he placed it on Mo Ran's lips, blocking the sound that Mo Ran would've made.
The claws of the Master of Ceremonies Ghost dug into the flesh and blood of Chu Wanning.
It had a muddled brain and it could only judge what was dead or alive by sound. Chu Wanning actually managed not to say a word in this situation, the blood bubbling down his shoulder. Mo Ran was held down so he couldn't see how serious his injuries were, but he could clearly feel Chu Wanning trembling slightly. . .
Living people. . . or dead people? It was impossible for a living person to have not made a sound. The Master of Ceremonies couldn't tell for a moment. The sharp claws shifted around in the flesh of Chu Wanning's shoulder, viciously tearing and scratching.
Chu Wanning trembled with pain. He spasmed, a cold sweat drenching his clothes.
But he was still biting his lip, protecting the disciple in his arms, as if he had really become a corpse and became a dead person, pressing against the edge of the coffin, like cast iron on the wall of the coffin.
The Master of Ceremonies Ghost seemed to confirm that anyone in the coffin wasn't alive anymore. It jerked its hand out, blood flying, and he could even hear the sticky sound of fingers being pulled out of the flesh, which made his hair stand upright.
Chu Waning's taut body felt like it had suddenly lost its strength. He let go of Mo Ran and gasped softly.
There was a strong smell of blood flowing in the coffin.
Mo Ran raised his head. Through the dim light leaking in through the hole, he could see Chu Wanning's drooping eyelashes, as well as the moist but stubborn eyes beneath them.
Those slightly provocative phoenix eyes, blurred with pain, but still more cruel and tenacious, a thin veil of mist filling them. . .
Mo Ran wanted to speak. Chu Wanning shook his head and he left the silencing spell on his lips. After a while, he took a slow breath and, with trembling fingertips, wrote on the back of Mo Ran's hand:
The sound-cancelling barrier was damaged, so they couldn't speak.
The Master of Ceremonies Ghost outside tilted its head, as if he didn't understand why, even though there was clearly no living person inside the coffin, he didn't follow its instructions, nor could it feel any of offerings of faith.
Chu Wanning raised his head and glanced at it from the gap. His uninjured hand was encaged with golden light, and a willow vine flowing with flaming luster came out in response to the call.
He held Tianwen and narrowed his eyes.
The next moment, they broke out of the coffin!!!
The coffin exploded. Chu Wanning flew out like lightning. Tianwen was both accurate and quick and it strangled the neck of the Master of Ceremonies Ghost who let out an ear-piercing whine——
"Who are you! How dare you!"
Chu Wanning's answer was only one phrase: "Get lost!"
The large, auspicious red robe flipped out, like a cloud wave. He had been holding back just to land the right blow, so he immediately struck with one hand and Tianwen went for the neck! It decapitated the Master of Ceremonies Ghost!
A thick red mist along with a strange fragrance sprayed out from its broken neck. Chu Wanning quickly backed away, avoiding the fog, and sternly said: "Mo Ran! Thousand Killing Cuts!"
Mo Ran had already been waiting on standby. When he heard the order, he clutched the dark sword box in his sleeves, filled it with spiritual power, and blasted it towards the mutilated body who was reaching for his head.
The clay body split open, revealing a flowing red light inside the translucent body. Chu Wanning raised Tianwen again and tied up the immortal spirit body of the Master of Ceremonies Ghost. A scream came from the body of the headless immortal: "The mortals are safe! The mortals are safe! — Rise! Get up! Kill them! Kill them——!!!"
The golden boy and girl, who had no facial features, suddenly both had a pair of blood-red eyes light up, and with countless squeals and screams, rushed towards Mo Ran and Chu Wanning.
The coffins lying on the ground also shattered and the dead corpses lying inside rose and surged toward the two of them.
Mo Ran's gaze weaved through the crowd, looking for Shi Mei. Chu Wanning barked: "What are you staring at those corpses for? That's not going to do anything!"
The two of them and the Master of Ceremonies Ghost had already flown on top of a coffin, the slow-moving corpses slowly gathering around them. Mo Ran raised his hands to light an exorcism talisman. He cast it in all directions, sending an explosion through the crowd. But there were too many ghosts, another wave of them not far behind.
Mo Ran was flabbergasted: "This many people died in Caidie Town? How many married couples are there?!!!"
Chu Wanning said angrily: "Look at the cultivation level of the Master of Ceremonies Ghost. There are so many men and women who didn't die naturally! In all likelihood, it probably compels those who aren't married to commit suicide! Hit over here!"
Mo Ran waved another exorcism talismans toward the place Chu Wanning signaled, exploding a piece of white bone and dead flesh.
"Why isn't the Master of Ceremonies Ghost dead?"
"Ordinary weapons can't hurt it."
"What about Tianwen?"
Chu Wanning was furious: "Can't you see that it wants me to use Tianwen? This Master of Ceremonies Ghost moves extremely fast. If I let go of it, and don't get another grip on it, I'm afraid it will have already escaped!"
Those corpses were piled up more and more. Mo Ran, while fighting, was paying attention to whether Shi Mei was in the crowd, so as not to accidentally hurt him. A golden boy rushed over and violently bit his leg. He cursed inwardly, and he threw an exorcism talisman directly on the golden boy's face. He kicked it into the crowd of corpses and he exploded with a bang.
Chu Wanning said: "Have you seen Shi Mei and Madam Chen?"
After frantically searching, Mo Ran suddenly saw two swaying figures in the distance and said joyfully, "I see them!"
"Get over there and pull the two of them away! Get away from here!"
"Okay!" Mo Ran answered and then he was taken aback. "What are you going to do?"
Chu Wanning said angrily: "I can't raise my other arm, and I can't summon other weapons. I can only use Tianwen. As soon as I release the Master of Ceremonies Ghost, I'll destroy this entire place. If you don't want to die, get out as soon as possible!"
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Dig a Grave to Dig Out a Ghost - Chapter 24
Original Title: 挖坟挖出鬼
Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Supernatural, Yaoi
This translation is based on multiple MTLs and my own limited knowledge of Chinese characters. If I have made any egregious mistakes, please let me know.
Chapter Index
Chapter 24 - Inside Story
"Sorry." Lin Yan mumbled to the boy's back. He wasn't sure why. No one could see Xiao Yu, which always made him a little anxious. Lin Yan hesitated and for the first time took the initiative to reach out and touch Xiao Yu's statue-like fingers and whispered, "It's lonely, isn't it? Of all the people in the world, I'm the only one who can see you and I treat you badly."
Lin Yan stared at the endless highway outside the window and sighed: "Sometimes I think that, if a person walks down the street but seems invisible, desperately waving and no one responds, desperately shouting and no one hears, this feeling will definitely drive a person crazy. When I sit alone in the study room, I often feel that everyone’s excitement has nothing to do with me. I can’t wait to rush into the crowd and shout that I’m dying alone. If there is a person, no matter who he is, just that he's willing to listen to me patiently, I would have held on to him with a death grip; a sad, loving and even desperate grip."
"But I can't tell anyone. No one wants to admit that they're lonely. They always put on a show to satisfy their pride. They show off their awesome life to others while crying behind closed doors. People are such strange creatures."
Xiao Yu lowered his eyes and grabbed Lin Yan's hand. He put it to his lips and kissed lightly, as if comforting.
Lin Yan turned his head silently. The children at the snack bar were making noise, and the street shop windows were covered with small heart-shaped papers of various colours. Lin Yan looked through a few of them, and some of them were written in highlighter about who they love and who they're waiting for. Some wrote blessings to pass the exam. They were notes of immaturity and youthfulness, the purest and most beautiful wishes.
Everyone had their own wish, whether it was simple or complicated. Their dissatisfaction with their lives making them write out their wishes on paper, hoping that one day the gods can see them. Lin Yan thought silently, people who don't know each other always shine brightly, but only when they are familiar with them do they know their weaknesses. Just look at him, his family was well-off and well educated, but he had never dared to admit that he didn't like girls; look at Yin Zhou, he's from a perfect family but only willing to be a prince in the virtual world; then there's A-Yan, who can't even be a normal person in the eyes of others. Lin Yan gave a wry smile, who would listen to their prayers?
Probably because of the high school student's whistleblower, a group of children at the next table were pointing at him. Someone said something about being a psychopath. Lin Yan smiled indifferently. He took a note from his pocket and wrote a line: "I hope I can successfully help Zhou Jintian find his father." He put the note under a piece of fluorescent paper with a heart drawn on it.
He heard about a child's wish today.
He, Yin Zhou, and A-Yan had snuck into the morgue to search for answers after finding the boy’s record. The old man at the door was basically deaf. Lin Yan yelled the three syllables of the kid's name so loudly and the old man didn’t hear him. A nurse doing some cleaning suddenly intervened and asked him if the child hadn't left yet. He put down the broom and said pitifully.
"I know that kid, his grandma and I are neighbours. His mother died a few years ago. His father was too busy with work to care for him. The child lived with his grandma. One time Jintian had a severe fever and his father came back to see him. Jintian never forgot about it. One day while his grandmother was not there, he fell off of a balcony on the third floor, thinking that his father would be able to accompany him to see a doctor if he fell. As a result, the child lived a short life. His internal organs ruptured and caused heavy bleeding, and he passed away after a few days after being sent to the hospital."
"The ashes are buried in the most expensive cemetery in our city. I went there on the day of the funeral. It's a pity that his father was on a business trip abroad. He didn't rush back to collect the body until two days after his son's death. He didn't see him in the end." The nurse sighed. "I heard that the child kept asking about why his father wasn't coming in his confusion. The doctor lied to him that he was already on his way. As a result, the child lay on the bed and looked out the window every day, and even kept his eyes open when he died."
This story made Lin Yan feel a little heartbroken, but A-Yan said that this kind of soul was easy to deal with. There was no resentment and didn't want to harm anyone. As long as he found the person he was obsessed with and burned paper in front of the grave and talked with him often, he should be gone. But the child’s ghost was the most simple and persistent. If that person didn't come, the child would turn into a grieving spirit after waiting for a long time, which was extremely difficult to deal with.
"G-Ghosts have more of a heart." A-Yan was rather lost when she said this.
Ding. Lin Yan's cell phone went off. Yin Zhou sent Zhou Mo's detailed address and contact information. He turned out to be a local, living in the most remote area of ​​the city, about a three-hour drive away. Lin Yan swallowed the last bite of his spicy and sour noodles and threw the nuts in the soup into his mouth. He curled his lips and said to Xiao Yu: "Let's go. This time, the task is to help the kid find his father. It is much easier than dealing with you."
As he spoke, he grabbed his wrist and walked out, and couldn't help but blow a whistle and laugh as he drove, thinking that if only all the troubles were like today. No matter how bad his luck was lately, his family was always warmly affectionate.
Zhou Mo's family was at the fine line between the urban and rural areas. When he arrived at the destination indicated on his GPS, Lin Yan thought he had gone to the wrong place. In front of him was a rather imposing villa with a sign on the door of a European-style courtyard: private residence, outdoor surveillance. Lin Yan couldn't help being secretly stunned. For a man who owns such a house in this rich city, even if his child is hospitalized in the United States, he was rich enough to go back and forth every day. How could he not even get back to see his child for the last time?
He parked the car outside the courtyard. Lin Yan woke up Xiao Yu, who was dazed in the passenger seat, coaxed him and said: "I know you're upset when I drive you away, but this is something I need to do well, so don’t make trouble later, alright?" He leaned on the cushions and said casually: "I really understand the little boy's mood. When I was a child, my parents were also busy. I only go home once a week. I would cook my own food and sleep on my own. I was afraid of the dark and I always wanted my parents to suddenly come back."
"But I know my parents also missed me. Although they were busy, they didn't forget to buy a bunch of delicious foods every time they went home." Lin Yan changed his position and lay on his side, catching a strand of Xiao Yu's hair. He circled it around his fingers and said excitedly: "Although people and ghosts are different, a father-son reunion is always something to look forward to, right?"
Xiao Yu nodded. He pecked his lips on Lin Yan's face, and slowly said, "Let's go."
"Young Master Xiao, you're finally willing to talk to me. It's so hard to please you." Lin Yan muttered and opened the car door.
The owner’s yard was very delicately maintained, with various seasonal flowers in full bloom. He could smell the warm fragrance floating in the summer night while he waited outside the door. Not far away, there were many koi squeezed close to each other in a shallow pool, the sound of water splashing when they shook their heads and tails making people feel unspeakably calm and relaxed.
Lin Yan waited for a few minutes. A woman dressed as a nanny ran out of the villa and looked at him vigilantly through the hollow courtyard gate. Lin Yan explained that he had come because of Zhou Jintian, and the nanny ran back again. This time it took a full 20 minutes for the door to open. Lin Yan adjusted his shirt and walked across a path paved with pebbles. He rang the doorbell of the small building.
With a squeak, the Victorian-style heavy wooden door opened a gap, and a middle-aged man poked his head out of the door and hesitated: "You are?"
Lin Yan smiled politely: "My name is Lin Yan, a student at X University. You're Mr. Zhou, I came for your son Zhou Jintian." He said respectfully and handed over his student card. The owner checked in confusion, and after confirming that there was no problem, he opened the door a bit wider, but still had no intention of letting him in.
"My son just passed away some time ago. What do you want?"
Although it was backlit, Lin Yan still saw the typical businessman expression on the middle-aged man’s face; snobbishness, arrogance, and calculating. He only wore a purple bathrobe with a belt tied loosely around his waist. His chest was exposed and his body was slightly fat, but he could see that he had a good foundation when he was young. Now there was a bit of fat under his ears, so he didn't like to exercise, or his only exercise was golf.
A rich man covered in his armour.
"I'm sorry about your son. It's like this. I have a relative who's hospitalized in L Hospital. . ." The crystal ceiling lamp in the main hall of the villa was shining and blinding. Lin Yan tried to organize the thoughts in his mind, but the middle-aged man suddenly interrupted him. "You work somewhere, right? I paid all the money that should be paid to the school, the hospital and the cemetery bills have also been settled, and I don't owe anything to the commissary, so what are you doing here?"
Lin Yan hurriedly explained: "No, no, you misunderstand. It's not about money. I know this sounds ridiculous and you might not believe it, but your son's ghost is still in the hospital and he's waiting for you to visit him."
The middle-aged man's expression grew strange, and he held the doorknob as if he was about to close the door: "You're sick. What about my son's ghost? Jintian was buried long ago."
Lin Yan frowned. How could such a father exist? Hearing something about his son, even if it wasn't reliable, there was no way he could just immediately disregard it.
"This is the case; do you know why Jintian had an accident? He always felt sorry that you didn't get to see him before he died. Up to now, his soul has been unwilling to move on. He's attached to my relative's daughter waiting for you to come back. You may not understand, but a little girl being possessed by a ghost is in a dangerous situation." Lin Yan gesticulated anxiously: "Just like in the movies."
"If you don't go, Jintian's ghost will never be able to reincarnate. After a long period of time, not only will he suffer, but he may also harm others. When that time comes, for the safety of my relatives and her daughter, I'll have to disperse your son's soul." Lin Yan was in a cold sweat while talking. If he had said this kind of stuff a month ago, he would've thought he had brain damage. He thought he was cheating him out of some money, but what else could he say? Your son’s strong brainwaves caused a disorder in the hospital’s electromagnetic field, causing an innocent thirteen-year-old girl to develop hallucinations and die?
The middle-aged man frowned. He pulled his right hand back from the door frame and tightened the belt of the bathrobe: "Tell you what, I know about this. I’ve been busy lately. You can contact my secretary. Tell him how much money you want to send Jintian away, and I'll ask him to write a check."
"I said this has nothing to do with money. If you don't meet him, no money in the world could fix this!" Lin Yan really got angry this time. Was there something wrong with this guy's brain? How could he only think of money when it comes to his son?!
"Dad, what are you doing? Mom is calling you!" A five or six-year-old boy suddenly ran out from behind the middle-aged man, hugged his waist and acted like a baby. He saw Lin Yan standing at the door and started sucking his thumb, looking at Lin Yan with a pair of black grape-like eyes wide open. The middle-aged man lovingly picked up the child and placed him on his shoulders. When he looked at Lin Yan again, he put on an impatient expression.
"Who the hell do you think you are? Some mage? You're at my doorstep at night, talking nonsense, and I'm calling the police if you don't leave!"
"Who's been at the door for so long? Another bill collector? I've got no money, tell him to go the same way he came." The door was suddenly yanked open and a young woman in the purple bathrobe stood in front of Lin Yan with an imposing attitude. Her figure was slim, snowy breasts hidden behind a lace corset, and her sharp eyes were like a blade scraping Lin Yan.
Lin Yan's argument had been completely disrupted by the battle in front of him and he stammered: "Uh, I, I'm here about your son, Zhou Jintian. . ."
Before he could finish, the woman instantly changed her face and said in a high voice: "There's no end to this. How much money has been spent on the seed left behind by that yellow-faced woman? From the best hospitals to the most expensive graves; his son cut his own life short and didn't fight to survive, yet he's still shoving his way into our lives?" After speaking, the little boy was shoved in front of Lin Yan: "Okay, this is my son, he's the only one!"
After speaking, she didn't care about her husband's ugly face and slammed the door with a bang.
Lin Yan clenched his fists and stood in the dark doorway, chills in his heart.
He didn't know how he got back into the car, but when he looked out the window, he felt that the whole villa suddenly became ugly, and even the blooming roses in the yard looked like abscesses. He never believed that there were parents like this that existed. He thought that familial love was the warmest, strongest and most unshakable emotion in the world, but this time he really saw the indifference and coldness of the human heart.
Don’t test humanity, don’t, because it was simply unbearable. Lin Yan sat in the car seat and tried to slow his breathing, but his anger still grew, and all Xiao Yang's grieving and crying face appeared in front of him. How much did a child need to miss his father to have the courage to jump off of a third-story building? If his spirit in heaven knew what had unfolded here today, would he feel like his death was all for nothing?
Lin Yan slammed his fist heavily against the steering wheel.
A cold hand lightly touched his face. Lin Yan twisted his head and said hoarsely, "Xiao Yu, don't mess with me. I don't want to coax you now, I just want to beat someone up." He kicked the clutch hard and said: "Fuck this guy!"
Xiao Yu patiently tugged Lin Yan's wrist and wrenching his shoulder to make him face him. His eyes were vicious: "What do you want to do?"
"What can I do? Go back and let A-Yan find a way to make the little brat forget that he has a father!" Lin Yan gasped.
Xiao Yu shook his head, glanced at the outline of the villa in the night, and slowly said, "I'll do it."
"You mean. . ." Lin Yan looked at Xiao Yu blankly, and suddenly understood what he meant. After a long silence, he bit his lower lip and said, "Before this, I always thought I was kind, that there was nothing I couldn't bear, but. . ." Lin Yan stared at Xiao Yu: "I just want to be a fucking asshole! He deserves it!"
"Xiao Yu, I don't care what tactics you use. Before noon tomorrow, I want to see him come to the hospital to apologize to his son!" Lin Yan said viciously in the dark cab.
Xiao Yu squeezed his hand and whispered, "Don't worry."
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The Husky and His White Cat Shizun - Chapter 16
Original Title:  二哈和他的白猫师尊
Genres: Drama, Romance, Tragedy, Xianxia, Yaoi
This translation is based on multiple MTLs and my own limited knowledge of Chinese characters. If I have made any egregious mistakes, please let me know.
Chapter Index
Chapter 16 - This Venerable One is Stunned
This really couldn't be blamed on the beast-like Mo Ran. Anyone in such a claustrophobic space, trapped with someone he'd slept with countless times - regardless of whether the sex meant anything, whether it was out of revenge or out of love - smelling the familiar smell on the other person, he could never help the lurching feeling in his heart.
Besides, Mo Ran himself was a bastard.
Shi Mei was his white moonlight. He absolutely couldn't bear to touch it, and he doesn't want to destroy it.
He patronized Chu Wanning and only Chu Wanning. All of his darkness, bestial-lust, and bone-crushing rage could be vented with no fear of repercussion.
He crushed him, tore him up underneath him, forcing him to take part in all the tricks he would never try with Shi Mei.
In his previous life, every time he saw Chu Waning tilting his neck and moving his throat, he felt he was about to degenerate into a vicious beast that only knew how to drink blood. He wanted to bite the man's throat open, grind his teeth, suck out his blood, chew through his flesh and bones.
He didn't care about Chu Wanning. He could defile him as much as he wanted.
At the end of it all, his body had developed a habit. Every time he smelled the scent of Chu Wanning's body, his stomach would feel like it's on fire, his heart would itch, and he wanted to tie him down to a bed and fuck him senseless.
There was a moment of silence in the coffin and Mo Ran's racing heart could be heard.
He knows that Chu Wanning's face was very close. He could feel the other's breathing. If he bit it right now, Chu Wanning wouldn't be able to break free, but. . .
Better to forget it.
Mo Ran leaned back and distanced himself from Chu Wanning. It wasn't really easy considering there wasn't really much room in the coffin.
"I'm sorry, Shizun." Mo Ran snorted and pretended to be meek. "I didn't expect the coffin to - shake!"
As soon as he spoke, the coffin slanted again. Mo Ran rolled into Chu Wanning's arms again with a grunt.
Chu Wanning: ". . ."
Mo Ran retreated again, the coffin shook again, and the cycle continued several more times.
"Un-fucking-believable." Mo Ran leaned back again.
The golden boy and girl were probably walking on a slope, and the inside of the coffin wall was slippery. He didn't hold on for too long, Mo Ran helplessly rolled on top of Chu Wanning.
"Shizun. . ." He bit his lip, feeling aggravated.
This guy originally looked kind of cute as a young man. If he deliberately hid his wolf tail and act like a puppy, he could actually pretend to be similar.
Chu Wanning didn't say a word.
Mo Ran really didn't want to roll around again, so he simply gave up the struggle: "I didn't mean to."
Chu Wanning: ". . ."
Mo Ran whispered: "But the wound on my back still hurts so much. . ."
In the darkness, Chu Wanning seemed to sigh gently. The gongs and drums outside were a bit noisy and Mo Ran wasn't sure whether he had really heard it.
But the next moment, Mo Ran smelled a clearer fragrance of begonia flowers, and Chu Wanning's hand wrapped behind his back, blocking the gap that he might have crashed into.
However, it wasn't a hug. Chu Wanning's arms were empty, deliberately avoiding physical contact with Mo Ran. Only the clothes and Mo Ran were touching each other, but this posture was still somewhat intimate.
"Be careful, don't hit it again." The voice was heavy, like porcelain soaked in a stream, with a kind of ancient demure. If he listened to it without hatred in mind, it was actually very nice.
". . . Alright."
Suddenly no one spoke anymore.
At this point, Mo Ran was still a young teenager who wasn't as tall as an adult, so he leaned in Chu Wanning's arms, his forehead fitting underneath Chu Wanning's chin.
This feeling was both familiar and unfamiliar.
What was familiar was the person lying next to him.
What was unfamiliar was the position they were in.
Once upon a time, the past events all transpired in Wushan Hall where he was lying on Life-Death Peak. The Immortal Emperor, who had become a lonely man, held Chu Waning in his arms for dear life in the long, breathless darkness.
At that time, he was already higher than Chu Wanning, and his strength was greater than that of his shizun's. His arms were like iron bars of a cage, locking the little remaining warmth in his arms, like holding the last fire burning in the world.
He bowed his head and kissed Chu Wanning's long black hair, and then greedily attached himself to his face, burying deep into the neck of the other, biting and nibbling without pity.
"I hate you, Chu Wanning. I hate you so much."
There was some hoarseness in his voice.
"But you're all I have left."
A violent smash shattered Mo Ran's memories. The sound of gongs and drums suddenly stopped, and there was dead silence surrounding them.
"Shizun. . ."
Chu Wanning stretched out his hand. He touched his lips, and said solemnly: "Don't talk, we're here."
Sure enough, there was no sound of footsteps outside, and there was only dead silence.
Chu Wanning's fingertips ignited in a cluster of pale golden flames and stroked the wall of the coffin to make a narrow opening, just large enough for two people to see through.
Sure enough, they were carried to the outskirts of Caidie Town. The earth temple dedicated to the Master of Ceremonies Ghost was already densely packed with coffins. The fragrance of the butterfly powder in the air became even denser, floating into the coffin through the wood.
Mo Ran suddenly felt something was wrong: "Shizun, do you think that the scent here, as well as the scent in the illusion, seems to be a bit different from the smell in Young Master Chen's coffin?"
". . . What do you mean?"
Mo Ran was more sensitive to the smell. He said: "When we were on the north mountain, the moment the coffin opened, the smell that floated out was very good. Considering it was the butterfly fragrance incense, there was nothing to make me dislike it. But since entering the illusion, I always felt that the smell was similar, but there were some subtle differences. I couldn't figure out what was different, but now. . . I think I probably know."
Chu Wanning looked at him sideways: "You don't like the smell?"
Mo Ran stuck against the gap, still staring outside, and then said: "Yeah. I haven't liked the smell of incense since I was a child. The smell here, and in the illusion, isn't the hundred butterfly fragrance poweder at all, but a special high fragrance used by the people of Caidie Town to burn when worshiping the Master of Ceremonies Ghost. Look there—"
Chu Wanning followed his line of sight and looked at the clay incense burner in front of the earth temple. Sure enough, three arm-thick vertical incense sticks were burning, and they were passing a sweet smell into the wind.
The people in Caidie Town were good at making all kinds of powders from various flowers, so all the fragrances that are used to pray to the gods were made in their own town, and they don't buy them from other places. Since the flowers used are all planted in the outskirts of the town, the smell that turned out wasn't that different from something made by an amateur.
Chu Wanning pondered: "Could it be that the fragrance in the coffin of Young Master Chen had nothing to do with the smell in the illusionary realm?"
Before he could ponder the details of this new discovery, a dazzling red light from the earth temple interrupted his thoughts. The two people hiding in the coffin looked together and saw that the temple was shining brightly, reflecting its brilliant surroundings. There was a row of iron shelves on the side of the temple with red lotus lanterns for making wishes. Those lotus lanterns had originally been extinguished, but now they were all being lit up, one by one.
The boys and girls guarding all the coffins knelt down one after another, chanting: "The Master of Ceremonies has come down to earth to guide us wild ghosts and lonely souls to be free from eternal suffering, to meet a good man, to lie in the same coffin, and to be companions in the Underworld."
Through the sound of chanting, the Master of Ceremonies Ghost in the temple radiated golden immortal light. Then, she lowered her eyelids, slowly moved the corners of her mouth, and leapt off the offering platform.
Her movements were quite elegant and graceful, her appearance a million times more elegant
It's a pity that the body was made of mud and she was too heavy. The girl's house, with a bang, was smashed into a big hole in the ground.
Mo Ran: "Pfft."
Chu Wanning: ". . ."
The Master of Ceremonies Ghost also seemed dissatisfied with the placement of her feet. She stared at the big pit in the ground for a while before pacing out of the pit and straightening her clothes.
She looked like a woman wearing heavy makeup, dressed in red and green, quite cheerful. In the dark night, it turned its neck and came to the hundred people buried in coffins. The night breeze was full of the stench of corpses. She seemed to be in a better mood. She slowly opened her arms and let out a few giggles.
"If you believe in me and make offerings to me, you will be able to meet a good destiny and complete the lifelong event that you weren't able to complete during your life." The tender voice drifted in the night, and the ghosts kowtowed in excitement.
"Blessings of the Master of Ceremonies--"
"Please let the Master of Ceremonies bless this marriage--"
The pleadings were coming from all around her and the Master of Ceremonies seemed to be enjoying herself. She slowly moved among the rows of coffins, and her long nails scraped against the bright red vermilion lacquered coffin boards, making a sharp and ear-piercing sound.
Mo Ran was curious: "Shizun, I remember you said that demons, immortals, ghosts, gods, humans and the devil belong to the six realms, but this immortal doesn't like in heaven. How come she's with these ghosts in the underground instead?"
"Because it cares about ghost marriages, and her main food source is the offerings of the ghosts." Chu Wanning said. "Ghosts can greatly increase her power, otherwise she wouldn't be able to cultivate her immortal body in only a hundred years. With such benefits, she's happy to stay with her 'friends' in the underworld."
The Master of Ceremonies Ghost walked around the group of coffins and returned to the front. The empty and tender voice rang again: "Open a coffin and I'll bless the marriage. Starting from the left."
Following its order, the first coffin on the left slowly opened, and the golden boy and girl were greeted by the two corpses inside staggeringly crawled out, and the gorgeous flaming red dress made the face of the dead look pale and lifeless.
The married couple slowly approached the Master of Ceremonies Ghost and knelt down.
The Master of Ceremonies Ghost put her hand between them and said: "In the name of the master of ceremonies, I grant you this marriage after death. From now on, you will be husband and wife, man and woman together in joy."
Mo Ran rolled his eyes and muttered: "If you can't write a poem, don't do it. It should be a good marriage vow, so why does it sound so lewd?"
Chu Wanning said coldly: "You have a dirty mind."
Mo Ran shut up.
But it didn't take long for the Master of Ceremonies Ghost to personally prove that it wasn't Mo Ran who was dirty-minded, but the god in charge of the marriage who was the lewd one.
He saw that the married corpses seemed to have swallowed some kind of aphrodisiac. They were already two dead ghosts, but suddenly they began to tear each other’s clothes, feverishly kissing and embracing each other passionately. They were entangled so shamelessly in public.
Chu Wanning: ". . ."
Mo Ran: ". . ."
"In the name of the Master of Ceremonies, I give you the joys of heaven. If Yin and Yang can intermingle, what's the harm with life and death!"
The cry of the Master of Ceremonies Ghost became more shrill and much louder.
The movements of the two corpses became more and more exaggerated. After removing the clothes, the male corpse was actually full of passion, full of energy, and no different from a living person.
Mo Ran was stunned: ". . . Is this. . . fucking. . . okay???"
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Dig a Grave to Dig Out a Ghost - Chapter 23
Original Title: 挖坟挖出鬼
Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Supernatural, Yaoi
This translation is based on multiple MTLs and my own limited knowledge of Chinese characters. If I have made any egregious mistakes, please let me know.
Chapter Index
Chapter 23 - Child Ghost
Twenty minutes later, each of the three hooligans sat on the bench in the hospital corridor in a daze, each clutching a bottle of fresh orange juice. The nurse had just scolded them for disturbing the rest of the patients in the surrounding rooms, and they all looked a little bit ashamed. A-Yan's face had some colour brought back. After drinking a few sips of the drink, he calmly said: "I c-can't exorcise it completely. I can only figure out the source of this thing. Maybe it's a good thing that it's harder to expel."
Lin Yan asked what he meant, and the little Daoist priest explained: “As the saying goes, 'He who never wrongs others does not fear the knock in the night*.' Although this girl is weak from her illness, there must be other reasons why, out of so many other patients, this thing chose her. If we can find the reason, then maybe it will leave by itself."
*(T/N: 不做亏心事,不怕鬼敲门 - means if you've done nothing wrong, you don't have to worry about any retributions.)
"It-It keeps repeating 'Why haven't you come yet?' It may be a wandering spirit who hasn't fulfilled his dying wish. His Yin energy is very weak. He probably died not that long ago."
Lin Yan's heart skipped a beat. He suddenly thought of Xiao Yu, and couldn't help but reveal his recent doubts to the little Daoist priest. After a long while, he turned his head and looked at the ghost next to him, and whispered: "Last time, I was only concerned about getting rid of him. I never asked him anything."
A-Yan sat curled up in the chair and listened to Lin Yan while gnawing on the cap of the orange juice bottle. He looked like a kitten. He jolted up and said: "Ghosts are divided into different categories. Today, the one here can only manifest by attaching itself to a living person and it will disappear once that person dies. However, the one that follows you is very, very strong."
A-Yan continued: "A ghost has no form at first, but if the soul is resentful and the body is buried in a place where the atmosphere has heavy negative energy, it's very likely to turn into a powerful ghost. A ghost will cultivate for a hundred years with a phantom body and, after a long time, it will develop a real body. When they have a real body, they don’t have to resort to 'bump around' like today, and they can even move around in the daytime without fear of Yang energy. They aren't so much ghosts as they are demons or animals." A-Yan clenched his fingers: " The most difficult evil spirit to deal with is known as the true body of the ten thousand clans. It requires special formations, plus needs to be done at the right time and place, so there's not much room for error. Once a part of the process goes wrong, the exorcist is likely to be drowned by the energy, go insane and instead be harmed by the evil spirit."
"L-Last time the formation was set up, Master made a fake one to fool the ghost, and he found the gap in time he needed. Otherwise, if you wanted to eliminate him, I'm afraid that you would have to gather more than fifteen boys in a Mandarin Duck Formation to have any hope." A-Yan suddenly gave Lin Yan a strange smile: "That was because he had just re-entered the world and was still confused when we tricked him. Now, I'm afraid. . . Brother Lin Yan, at this point, he should have already remembered something, right?"
Lin Yan thought back on all the things that happened at the lecture and the ghost's increasingly human-like behaviour. He was secretly surprised; was this ghost really recovering his memory? He nodded and replied, "He told me lots of things the day of the lecture. He can talk, just not very much."
A-Yan smiled nervously: "Y-Your four-pillar pure Yin is the most suitable alignment to feed ghosts. The longer he follows you, the more physical he'll become, and the more he'll remember."
"But. . ." A-Yan looked into the distance with a glaze in his eyes, his fingers tightly squeezed the drink bottle. He turned back and grinned at Lin Yan: "Be very careful."
"All I can say is that every action has a reaction, and I can't help you with anything at that point."
He didn’t know why, but Lin Yan felt that the way the little Daoist priest spoke seemed to imply something. Feeding ghosts. . . Lin Yan harshly inhaled the hospital’s air mixed with the smell of disinfectant and frowned. “Let's not talk about it. We have to save A-Zhou's cousin first and figure out the reason for the possession. Do you have to find out who the deceased is first?"
A-Yan nodded. Yin Zhou held his glasses, a little confused: "We don't have much time left. Dozens of people die in hospitals every month. We don't have time to go through each of them individually."
Lin Yan sighed: "That's no other option. Go and pull up the records of everyone who's died recently in the hospital. Maybe there's a clue somewhere."
After all, there were several people now that were exhausted from the attempted exorcism, paralyzed on the bench and not wanting to move. Lin Yan discreetly adjusted his position. Xiao Yu suddenly walked over to him, squatted down and grabbed his knees with both hands.
Lin Yan turned his face and snorted. "Weren't you ignoring me?"
Xiao Yu didn't answer. He gently lowered his head and put the side of his face on Lin Yan's knees, long hair cascading behind him like a waterfall. Lin Yan instinctively wanted to reach out his hand to touch his head, then he thought that he was probably still angry, so he put on an indifferent air and cold expression, not acknowledging him.
After a while, Xiao Yu raised his head. He pressed his hands firmly against Lin Yan's legs, stood up, turned and walked further down the corridor.
"Where are you going?" Lin Yan asked in a low voice. Seeing that he didn't answer, he had to follow a few steps behind. Xiao Yu quietly returned to the door of Xiao Yang's room and went straight through the door panel. Lin Yan was full of doubts. Peeking carefully through the door glass, he saw that Xiao Yang's mother was tired from crying and was sitting on the side of the bed, dozing off with her arms propping up her forehead. The girl, on the other hand, waited by the window again in the same manner as when Lin Yan had first arrived.
Xiao Yu walked to the girl's back and patted her shoulder lightly. What happened next left Lin Yan dumbfounded. The girl with her rolled-back eyes turned around and quietly "looked" at Xiao Yu, showing a normal human on her face for the first time. The corners of her mouth were pulled downward, a look of aggravation painted clearly on her face. Xiao Yu was tall, so he simply squatted in front of the girl and stroked her hair very softly. They were talking, and Lin Yan's eyes widened. Although he could not hear them, their expressions and slightly moving lips convinced him that they were indeed communicating in a language he didn't understand.
The little Daoist priest and Yin Zhou also followed at this time. They curiously holding the windowpane and looking in. They couldn't help but be shocked by the girl's appearance now.
"She's talking to herself?" Yin Zhou was surprised: "What's she saying?"
"Mortuary language." The little Daoist said in a deep voice. "The language used in ancient rituals to communicate with the dead."
Lin Yan looked at the harmonious picture in the room, unconsciously picking at the crack of the door. He grit his teeth and indignantly thought you're Xiao Yu. At home, you're fierce and want to kill me, yet you go talk to a young girl with such a tender look. You just look at such a pretty young girl that I don’t want to let it go. Zhu Xi's Neo-Confucianist teachings have really gone to the dogs. It’s useless for you to think about it. I decided ages ago. When she's a few years older, I'll take her to watch movies and visit the amusement park. Let's see what you can do. . .
"Hey? Are you going to follow him inside?" Yin Zhou patted Lin Yan on his shoulder. Lin Yan had been distracted internally cursing Xiao Yu, and he was so frightened that the hairs on his neck stood on end.
"Holy shit, when did you get here? Were you trying to scare me to death by keeping quiet?!" Lin Yan grumbled, clutching his heart.
"Did you really not hear me talking so loudly before?!" Yin Zhou said in surprise: ". . . Why are you blushing?"
A-Yan smiled and gave Lin Yan a deep look, not making a sound.
The conversation in the room seemed to be over. Xiao Yu stood up. He leaned over and rubbed the top of the girl's head and walked out. Xiao Yang reluctantly turned and stood by the window again. Lin Yan gritted his teeth and waited outside. He internally decided he wouldn't fall for any more of his tricks considering he seemed to do them with anyone. . .
Xiao Yu had already returned to stand in front of him while he was distracted. Lin Yan turned his face away from him in anger, but Xiao Yu didn't care. He took out the memo and the soft-tip fountain pen Lin Yan had bought from his pocket and began to write.
"Jesus fucking Christ!" Yin Zhou looked at the pen and paper hanging in the air and stared in shock.
Xiao Yu shoved the note into Lin Yan's hand, then retreated to stand behind him. Lin Yan looked down. The light green note had two lines written on it. The first line was a series of capitalized numbers: "Three-Five-One-Zero-Zero-Four." The second line was a sentence: "He's waiting for his father."
"Father?" Yin Zhou looked at the words on the note and suddenly clapped his hands: "Hey, I got it, no wonder it came to Xiao Yang. Xiao Yang's mother is a single parent. My uncle passed away last year. I came to the hospital to watch her overnight last week and heard her say she missed her dad and it felt like he was still there with her. . . Then what does that row of numbers mean?"
Lin Yan was also puzzled holding the note. When he asked Xiao Yu, he shook his head and didn't speak. Lin Yan couldn't help muttering, "What the hell? You touched her head and smiled for a long time without asking anything. . . It’s not because the little girl looks good..."
"A g-ghost's memories are incomplete. They can only remember what they want. It would be nice if they can remember the numbers." A-Yan suddenly opened his mouth, his eyes sharply focused towards Lin Yan. Lin Yan's face grew hot, and he hurriedly lowered his head to cover it up. He explained to him that he was searching for people, why did his mind take such a strange turn. . .
That being said, why did he always get distracted by a dead person? This isn't going to work, no. Lin Yan secretly squeezed his fist.
Yin Zhou saw that the two of them were acting strangely. He crossed his hands behind his head and looked around in the corridor. When he saw the computer in front of the nurse on duty at the staircase, his eyes suddenly lit up, and he whistled frivolously: "Look, dude. Time for some fun."
With Lin Yan's girl-pleasing good looks and Yin Zhou's series of honeyed compliments, the three stooges quickly got their hands on the nurse's sister's computer. Yin Zhou stared at the screen intently. His fingers flew across the keyboard and the mouse clicked rapidly. After 15 minutes, the corners of his mouth stretched upward. His whole body suddenly leaned back in the swivel chair. He squinted his eyes and exclaimed: "Done. Turns out the info comes from this hospital. Makes it much more convenient not having to check other systems."
Lin Yan leaned in front of the computer, and the homepage showed: "351004, Zhou Jintian, male, 11 years old, died on May 11. Cause of death: internal organ rupture causing extensive abdominal hemorrhaging." A scanned copy of the body claim form was attached below. In the lower right corner where the family members signed, the family name was written in two large characters: "Zhou Mo" with a small red seal next to it.
"From the deceased's information from the database, this line of numbers is the bed number from the morgue." Yin Zhou touched his head: "This ghost is a child. No wonder he's standing by the window all the time, waiting for his father to pick him up from school."
Lin Yan took a picture of the page with his phone. He smiled and pushed the back of Yin Zhou's head: "Good job."
At the spicy and sour noodle shop across from the hospital.
Lin Yan always disliked eating near hospitals. He always feels that there were grieving patients’ families and infectious bacteria floating everywhere, but these spicy and sour noodles were particularly famous. Lin Yan drove the car for a while, and after a lengthy internal struggle, he turned back. Lin Yan scooped a spoonful of spicy soup and was satisfied that a delicious dinner was definitely worth it.
The little Daoist priest left for a shift in the restaurant where he worked. Yin Zhou stayed in the hospital to see the patient and verify the information. Lin Yan sat alone at the snack bar, a greasy orange plastic table with two bowls of spicy and sour noodles in front of him. One was placed in front of him, and the other was pushed to the opposite side. The "person" only he could see was sitting in the opposite chair with his face turned sideways in a daze. It seems that the ghost really didn't need to eat. Lin Yan sighed and asked in a low voice: "You don't eat or sleep, you follow me every day, aren't you tired?"
Xiao Yu ignored him. His slender fingers propped up his chin, and the outline of his side face looked very beautiful in the dimming daylight. The table was near the window, and the warm yellow halo of the street lamp brushed over the bridge of his nose. His skin looked as fine as porcelain. It felt like porcelain too, icy cold.
Things were still awkward.
"Excuse me, can I borrow the chair? We don't have enough." A childish male voice sounded and Lin Yan raised his head. A boy dressed as a high school student was holding the back of Xiao Yu's chair. He saw Lin Yan looked confused and pointed to the boys and girls chatting at a large table next door. The girls were wearing heavy makeup, the boys wearing ear studs, their school uniforms covered in black and blue pen doodles. There were so many people in the store that they were missing several chairs.
"Someone's using it." Lin Yan replied quietly.
"I know you've been sitting here for a while, no one's there." The boy was unyielding.
"If I say someone's there, someone's there, and if they aren't there now, they will be later." Lin Yan was a little impatient.
"Nutjob, it's just a chair, why so angry?" The boy muttered. Before leaving, he rolled his eyes at Lin Yan.
"Sorry." Lin Yan mumbled to the boy's back. He wasn't sure why. No one could see Xiao Yu, which always made him a little anxious. Lin Yan hesitated and for the first time took the initiative to reach out and touch Xiao Yu's statue-like fingers and whispered, "It's lonely, isn't it? Of all the people in the world, I'm the only one who can see you and I treat you badly."
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The Husky and His White Cat Shizun - Chapter 15
Original Title:  二哈和他的白猫师尊
Genres: Drama, Romance, Tragedy, Xianxia, Yaoi
This translation is based on multiple MTLs and my own limited knowledge of Chinese characters. If I have made any egregious mistakes, please let me know.
Chapter Index
Chapter 15 - This Venerable One's First Time Seeing a Bridal Chamber
Of course, he can only think about escaping this marriage. After all, Shi Mei is still here, and he couldn't leave before him, no matter what he said.
It’s just that this Master of Ceremonies Ghost is too fucking punctual, right?
Mo Ran's face turned blue, and his nose was scrunched. Who cares about all the wedding rituals. Why do you care if they use the bridal chamber or not? Moreover! Everyone is fucking dead! The body is stiff! How could they use the bridal chamber!!!
As for Chu Wanning's face at the moment, he didn't dare look at it, staring at the carpet and pretending to play dumb. Right now, he especially wanted to grab the Master of Ceremonies Ghost, who was hiding in some corner and scream at him— Fuck. You. You can do it! Show me your hole!!
The golden boy and girl surrounded the two and pushed them to the back hall.
There was a coffin, painted with bright red paint. It was huge, twice the size of an ordinary coffin, and looked exactly the same as the one that had been dug up before.
Chu Wanning hesitated for a moment, then he understood.
Mo Ran also immediately understood the Master of Ceremonies Ghost, instantly heaving a sigh of relief.
Of course, the dead can't do anything in the bridal chamber. The so-called bridal chamber should refer to being sealed in the same coffin and carried down to be buried together to complete the so-called "death in the same grave".
At this time, the golden boy and girl also confirmed their thoughts: "First, please invite the maiden into the bridal chamber."
Chu Wanning flicked his wide sleeve to the side and lay in it with a cold expression.
"Invite the groom into the bridal chamber."
Mo Ran blinked at the mouth of the coffin and saw that Chu Wanning had already occupied most of the space. Although the coffin was spacious, two large men lay in it so they were a bit squished. He lay in, inevitably pressing into Chu Wanning's wide hem, and was met with an angry glare from the other side.
The pair of golden boys and girls circled the coffin and sang the gloomy but vaguely longing song from before again.
"The water of the White Emperor, the waves are clear; the ghost mandarin ducks are greeted with flowers.
In the coffin, they lie in the same cave; before life, the intention is clear after death.
From now on, they will be together in the underworld, and the lonely souls will never leave each other."
After singing, the boy slowly pushed up the coffin lid. With a muffled bang, their surroundings were instantly dark.
Chu Wanning and Mo Ran were sealed in the coffin.
The coffin was extremely thick, and when he spoke in a low voice, no one outside could hear him. Chu Wanning raised his hand to set a sound-blocking barrier to ensure that the sound inside would not escape outside. After all that was done, the first thing he said was ——
"Move over, you're pressing into my arm."
Mo Ran: ". . ."
It seems like there are more important things going on than "pressing into your arm", right?
Despite his internal complaints, Mo Ran still moved aside.
"A little more, I can't stretch my legs out."
He moved again.
"Keep moving! Don't touch my face!"
Mo Ran was disgruntled: "Shizun, my whole body is already pressed against the coffin board, what else do you want?"
Chu Wanning finally huffed and stopped talking.
Mo Ran shrank into the corner for a while. Suddenly, he felt the coffin start to vibrate. The people outside lifted up the coffin, shaking it, and began to move slowly in an unknown direction. Mo Ran's ears perked up and he listened to the movement outside, thinking that Shi Mei should be trapped in a coffin with the Chen Yao family at this moment. He couldn't help but feel upset, but there was nothing he could do.
Chu Wanning’s barrier was very powerful. The sound inside couldn't escape, but the sound outside couldn't get in. Through the coffin wood, he could hear the sound of firecrackers, suona horns and drums. Mo Ran asked: "These demons and ghosts really have this much spare time. Where are they going to carry the coffin?"
The coffin was very dark. They couldn't see each other's faces, only hear their voice: "Like the custom in Caidie Town, they should carry the coffin to the earth temple outside of town."
Mo Ran nodded, listening attentively, and said: ". . . Shizun, the sound of footsteps outside seems to be getting louder."
"Hundred ghosts will show up at night, and all the coffins will be carried over there together. If I'm right, the Master of Ceremonies Ghost will show up in front of the earth temple. He'll take 'goods' from every ghost couple."
Mo Ran asked: "There are so many coffins, hundreds of them, walking around town.No one else can find them?"
"They can't find them." Chu Wanning said. "The one carrying the coffin is the golden ghost boy and girl. The things on the ghosts make them invisible to ordinary people."
Mo Ran asked: "How do you know so much?"
Chu Wanning replied: "Just now in the wing, I used Tianwen to interrogate the golden ghost boy."
Mo Ran: ". . ."
After being speechless for a while, he asked again: "Then what happened with the red coffin dug up on the mountain before where Young Master Chen was? Why did the Chen family die one after another?"
Chu Wanning: "I don't know."
Mo Ran was a little surprised: "Golden Ghost Boy didn't tell you?"
Chu Wanning: "The golden ghost boy said it wasn't clear either."
Mo Ran again: ". . ."
After a moment of silence, Chu Wanning spoke up: "But I think that there's something the family hasn't told us."
"How so?"
"You have to remember that the thing worshipped in this earthen temple is evil. But in the end, it has attained an immortal body and needs to rely on human offerings in order to grow stronger by the day."
Mo Yan did not listen carefully to Chu Waning's lectures in his last life, so when he encountered some things later, he would always lack the necessary common sense. In this life, it was better to ask for advice humbly, so he asked: "What about its immortal body?"
". . . What were you doing last month when we were talking about the difference between immortals, ghosts, gods and demons?"
Mo Ran thought to himself, this Venerable One is reborn; this Venerable One can't remember what he was doing during classes that happened 10 years ago! But all he really did was pick up his feet to read the cover of "Upstream of Nine Dragons and One Phoenix"; he was either staring at Shi Mei in a daze or staring at Chu Wanning’s neck, secretly making gestures about how to cut off the man's head.
Chu Wanning said coldly: "Go back and copy the "Six Realms of Insight" ten times."
". . . Uhh."
The cost of skipping was painful.
"The world's immortals are different from gods. Gods act freely, while immortals are all bound and intervene in mundane affairs. They must be thought of by people."
Mo Ran was astonished: "So the Chen family's murder case was only done because someone begged for it?"
Chu Wanning's voice seemed very frigid in the dark.
"I think that the ones who go begging for it are not necessarily the ones who are still alive."
Mo Ran opened his mouth but didn't have a chance to ask anything else. The golden children carrying the coffin probably came across a steep slope. The coffin shook and tilted to the right.
The sudden shaking, coupled with the smooth surface of the coffin, meant there was nowhere to grab onto. Mo Ran rolled over and crashed into the arms of his shizun.
"Uhh. . ."
Holding his painful nose, Mo Ran raised his head blankly, just trying to figure out the situation. A faint scent of begonia wafted into his nose. The scent was as light as the morning mist, and it was still tinged with some of the coolness of the night. The fragrance from the illusion had been strange, but this smell was sobering and refreshing.
Mo Ran froze, and then suddenly stiffened.
He was all too familiar with the scent of this flower. It was the scent of Chu Wanning, and for Mo Ran, this scent was always entangled with desire.
In an instant, a certain deep-rooted evil thought appeared liked a thunderstorm brought on by a forest fire, and with a bang, it rushed into his head.
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The Husky and His White Cat Shizun - Chapter 14
Original Title:  二哈和他的白猫师尊
Genres: Drama, Romance, Tragedy, Xianxia, Yaoi
This translation is based on multiple MTLs and my own limited knowledge of Chinese characters. If I have made any egregious mistakes, please let me know.
Chapter Index
Chapter 14 - This Venerable One is Married
The red veil was thin and hung in front of his eyes. Although he could still see things, he couldn't see them clearly. Chu Wanning had sullen eyebrows and a calm face and was brought to the flower hall by the ghost bridesmaid.
Looking up through the soft red, seeing the person standing there, the temperature of Chu Wanning's whole body suddenly dropped several degrees.
Mo Ran was also dumbfounded.
No. . . shouldn't it be Shi Mei who came out?
The "bride" in front of him had bright red makeup and his face is covered by tulle. Although his facial features were slightly blurred under the veil, it was still Chu Wanning's handsome and murderous face, just staring at him, his eyes filled with the intent to kill.
Mo Ran: ". . ."
He was at a loss at first, and then his expression gradually became extremely complicated. After all kinds of emotions cycled on his face, a strange silence settled between them. Chu Wanning looked at the other, the atmosphere becoming extremely embarrassing.
It happened that the golden boy and girl behind the two chuckled. They clapped their hands and began to sing.
"The water of the White Emperor, the waves are clear; the ghost mandarin ducks are greeted with flowers.
In the coffin, they lie in the same cave; before life, the intention is clear after death.
From now on, they will be together in the underworld, and the lonely souls will never leave each other."
The lyrics were eerie, but they were also full of lingering feelings.
If he could speak, there was only one word Mo Ran wanted to say.
But he couldn't speak.
There is a pair of paper mâché men and women in front of the stage. Although they had no faces, they were dressed richly and gorgeously. They were slightly loose and bloated. It is supposed to refer to a person who has reached middle age in the main hall.
The official of the ceremony began to sing with a sloppy tone: "The bride is charming and shy, with low eyebrows and soft eyes, a red veil covering her face and delicate smile. Please come and let the groom lift the veil."
". . ." Mo Ran was originally very reluctant, but when he heard this, he went crazy holding back his laughter.
Hahahaha, the bride is charming and shy, ahahahahaha!
Chu Wanning's face was blue, and he closed his eyes while holding back his anger, as if this would make him deaf even with his ears.
The ghost bridesmaid laughed and handed Mo Ran a folding fan. "Fan" and "good" are pronounced the same, which means that the marriage is a good fate.
"Would the groom please lift the cover?"
Mo Ran held back his laughter, but he submitted. He held the fan handle to lift the light veil in front of Chu Wanning's eyes. His eyelashes smiled cheekily, going to look at Chu Wanning's expressive face.
As if feeling the sneering gaze of the other party, Chu Wanning, who had endured it for a while, did not hold back. He opened his eyes abruptly, a pair of eyes flashing with lightning, full of a sword-drawn, murderous aura.
His red gaze seemed to match his fiery red clothes. Although the intensity didn't lessen, the reddish ends of the eyes caused by anger and grievance had a unique romantic style.
Mo Ran looking at these eyes, unconsciously startled, and his smile instantly froze. The shizun in front of him was suddenly so similar to the one in his previous life that he almost forgot what day it was.
Even though it was only for a moment, it was enough to make Mo Ran break out in a cold sweat.
He had once done three vicious things to Chu Wanning:
Firstly, kill him. That is, make a fatal move against Chu Wanning.
Secondly, humiliating him, forcing Chu Wanning to have sex with him.
Thirdly. . .
Thirdly, it was the most painful thing he did in his previous life, and it was also the thing he regretted the most.
Of course, the emperor of the human realm wouldn't admit that he regretted something he had done, but he couldn't escape the internal suffering it brought in the end.
Damn it. Why did he think of that crazy past again and think of Chu Wanning from back then?
Mo Ran shook his head, biting his lip, trying to shake off that memory of Chu Wanning's face and re-assessing the person in front of him.
Chu Wanning has been staring at him with eyes that screamed "I'll kill you". Mo Ran didn't want to provoke this prick, so he had to pretend to play innocent with a helpless smile.
The official said: "Bride and bridegroom, perform the Rite of Washing."
The so-called "Rite of Washing" is that the newlyweds should dust and clean themselves before wiping and washing each other's hands.
The ghost bridegroom brought a porcelain jug filled with clean water and lifted the jug to ask the two of them to wash their hands. The washing water was followed by a basin underneath.
Chu Wanning's face was full of disgust, but he had to wash the other party after washing himself. Because Mo Ran was a little distracted, he looked quite restrained, silently washing his hands for Chu Wanning. Chu Wanning didn't have a good temper. He splashed Mo Ran with the whole pot and soaked half of his sleeves.
". . ."
Mo Ran stared at the wet half of his sleeves for a while. He didn't know where to look, but there was no expression on his face, only some subtle lustre flowing deep in those dark eyes.
He thought in a daze.
Chu Wanning hasn't changed, has never changed.
What he does, what he thinks, in his past life and in his present life, he was exactly the same, not changing a bit. . .
He slowly raised his head. For just a moment, he felt that he was standing on Life-Death Peak, standing in front of the Wushan Temple. Chu Wanning walked towards him from the bottom of the stretch of imperial steps, and the next moment he would kneel down on him in front of him. The noble head would fall to the ground, and his straight spine will be bent and humiliated. Chu Wanning would lie down in front of him and couldn't afford to worship.
"The Rite of Washing is complete."
The ghost bridesmaid suddenly sang a long song, snapping Mo Ran out of his thoughts.
He regained his senses abruptly and met Chu Wanning's eyes. The dark pupils gleamed with cold light, like a sabre covered with snow, which was truly frightening.
Mo Ran: ". . ."
...Uh, his previous life was his previous life after all. Thinking about Chu Wanning kneeling down to him was enough for this life. The price he would have to pay to make it happen was too great. . .
After the Rite of Washing ceremony, there is the Rite of Togetherness, and then the Rite of Drinking from Nuptial Cups.
The ghost bridesmaid sang slowly: "The couple will drink one cup of wine together, and from now on, in this world, they will never be separated."
The cups were crossed and then they worshipped the heavens together.
Chu Wanning seemed really close to going crazy. His slightly upturned slender phoenix eyes narrowed dangerously. After Mo Ran left, he would probably pound the Master of Ceremonies Ghost into the mud.
But he really couldn't look at Chu Wanning when he was like this.
Even if he took another look, he could fall back into those messy and dirty memories, and he wouldn't be able to drag himself back out.
"The first bow—— kneel to the heavens——"
He thought that even if this was all improved, Chu Wanning was too arrogant and stubborn to kneel, but he did not expect that he would need to in order to complete this set of steps. He twitched his eyebrows and closed his eyes, but he still knelt down, and the two of them bowed together.
"The second bow—— kneel to the family——"
Come on, just kneel towards those two faceless paper men, they can also be called the family.
"The third bow - kneel - to each other -"
Chu Wanning's eyes were half-lidded. Without even looking at Mo Ran, he turned around, taking a gulp and rapidly knelt down, clenching his teeth together.
Unexpectedly, the two were really out of sync. They got too close and banged their heads together.
Chu Wanning sucked in a breath of pain, clutching his forehead. He raised his moist eyes and staring fiercely at Mo Weiyu who also rubbed his forehead.
". . ." Mo Ran felt he had to say: "I'm sorry."
Chu Wanning didn't say anything. He grimaced and rolled his eyes.
Then there was the Rite of Binding Hair. The official sang: "Binding hair as husband and wife, the love between them is clear." The ghost bridesmaid handed over the golden scissors and Mo Ran couldn't help but shrink back, lest Chu Wanning be displeased and stab himself to death. Chu Wanning seemed to have this intention, but in the end, he only cut of a piece of each other's hair. He put them into the pouch presented by the golden boy and girl and they were put away by the "bride" Chu Wanning.
Mo Ran was tempted to ask him, you won't use my hair to curse me in a rage, take out the villain, right?
The tribute officer sang: "The Rite - is complete -"
Both were relieved and got up from the ground. Unexpectedly, the official yelled leisurely at the next moment:
"The time has come to send the bride to the bridal chamber——"
What. The. Hell!!!
Mo Ran froze instantly.
A mouthful of old blood almost spewed out!
What a joke. If he dared to sleep with Chu Wanning, this wedding was going to be a real fucking marriage! If he should die beneath a peony flower*, he would still be charming as a ghost. . . No, the person he wanted in his two lifetimes was the untainted Shi Mei, not this cold-blooded devil Chu Waning who would tie up anyone who coveted him and throw them into the mud pond to humiliate them!!
(T/N: peony flower is a metaphor for a beautiful woman)
Is it too late to run away from the marriage?
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The Husky and His White Cat Shizun - Chapter 13
Original Title:  二哈和他的白猫师尊
Genres: Drama, Romance, Tragedy, Xianxia, Yaoi
This translation is based on multiple MTLs and my own limited knowledge of Chinese characters. If I have made any egregious mistakes, please let me know.
Chapter Index
Chapter 13 - This Venerable One's Bride
No need to remind Mo Ran. Chu Wanning had already figured that out long ago.
Those people were chatting and laughing, but they didn't know where the voices came from. Those who were sitting or standing, gesturing and toasting; their faces were blank, just like paper.
"What do we do? Do we have to go in and drink with them?"
Chu Wanning was not amused by Mo Ran's poorly-timed joke, and he lowered his head in thought.
At this moment, there was a sound of rustling footsteps in the distance. Two long lines of people emerged from the hazy fog, slowly approaching the main building from the distance.
Chu Wanning and Mo Ran subconsciously ducked behind the rocks, and the two teams approached, led by a coquettishly smiling golden boy and girl. These two people had clearly defined facial features. Their faces were colourful, and in the night light, they looked like paper dolls burned for the dead.
Each of them was holding a red candle in one hand. The body of the candle was as thick as the child’s arm, with dragon and phoenix seals entwined on it. As the candle burned, the rich fragrance of the powder wafted to their noses, and Mo Ran almost fainted again. Fortunately, the wound that Chu Wanning stabbed in his arm still hurt, and he squeezed the wound again, finally keeping his consciousness clear.
Chu Wanning gave him a look.
Mo Ran: ". . .cough, this trick works."
After a pause, he wondered again: "Shizun, why don't you need to poke holes in your body to stay awake?"
Chu Wanning: "This fragrance doesn't work on me."
"Huh? Why?"
Chu Wanning said coldly: "Good concentration."
Mo Ran: ". . ."
Headed by the golden boy and girl, the two lines climbed up the steps. Chu Wanning moved his gaze back, looked for a second, and suddenly let out a low "Hmm?"
He was rarely surprised, so Mo Ran was immensely curious. He followed his line of sight to see, also amazed.
He saw that those who swayed in the procession were all dead bodies with closed eyes. They had pale skin and kept the appearance they had before alive. Most of them were very young. They were in their twenties, both men and women. One figure was very familiar--
The Chen family's eldest son, who was seen in the coffin before, appeared in the procession again at some point. His eyes were closed. He followed the scent of candles and walked slowly. Next to him was something different from the others. Others had corpses walking next to them, he walked next to a paper mâché ghost bride.
While Mr. Chen was not a big deal, when the procession came to the end and they saw the people at the end of the two lines, Mo Ran's face drained of blood.
Shi Mei and Chen Yao had their faces hung and were following behind the dead body. Both of them had their eyes closed. Their faces were as white as snow. Their walking posture was no different from those of the dead people in front of them. They didn't even know if they were still alive or not.
Mo Ran's mind exploded. He jumped up and wanted to rush over, but Chu Wanning suddenly grabbed his shoulders: "Hold on."
"But Shi Mei——!!!"
"I know." Chu Wanning stared at the procession slowly moving forward and whispered, "Don't move rashly. Look over there, there is a martial law barrier. If you rush past it, the barrier will scream and I'm afraid that all the faceless ghosts in the yard will rush at you, and the scene will grow out of control."
Chu Wanning is the master of barrier enchantments. He recognized these enchantments well and his eyes were razor-sharp. Mo Ran found that at the entrance to the banquet yard, there was a nearly transparent film.
The golden boy and girl walked to the front of the courtyard. They gently blew on the cupped candle flame, fluttered the flames, and then slowly - passed through the layer of barriers and walked into the courtyard.
The men and women behind them followed them one after the other, passing through the transparent barrier without any issue. The faceless people in the yard drinking wedding wine turned their heads, watching the men and women who entered, laughing and applauding.
Chu Wanning said: "Go, follow them. When you cross the barrier, remember not to breathe and keep your eyes closed. Also, no matter what happens, copy what the corpses are doing and never speak."
He didn't need to say anything more. Mo Ran eagerly wanted to save the others, and immediately followed Chu Wanning into the group of corpses.
The number of corpses in the two lines stayed the same. Chu Wanning stood behind Shi Mei, and Mo Ran could only stand behind Chen Yao. The lines moved very slowly, Mo Ran glanced over at Shi Mei several times. All he could see was his pale profile and a section of white neck that was helplessly drooping.
It was hard to keep up the act all the way to the boundary. The two concentrated and held their breath, smoothly following through to the courtyard. After entering, he found out that the area inside was much larger than it looked like from the outside. In addition to the three-story main building, the courtyard was lined with a hundred or so small rooms, each of which had a red letter of happiness in their window and a red lantern.
The faceless guests suddenly stood up. Salutes were fired and suona horns sounded.
A faceless salute officer in front of the building sang in waves: "The auspicious hour has arrived, and the bride and groom have entered the garden--"
Mo Ran was stunned. What? He dared to say that these two dead bodies are the bride and groom?
He turned his head to ask for help from Chu Wanning, but the brows of Beidou Immortal were furrowed. He was immersed in his own thoughts, unable to extricate himself, and didn't bother to look at Mo Ran.
. . . Mo Ran felt that all his uncle's hard work might be in vain. Going down the mountain to gain experience, with this kind of shizun, was really more damaging to his pride than if he had gone without a shizun.
Suddenly a group of laughing and joking tufts of children rushed out from the courtyard, dressed in bright red clothes, but with white head ropes tied in pigtails. They clustered like fish to either side of the lines and began pulling one person each, leading them to the compartments on either side.
Mo Ran didn't know what to do so he mouthed to Chu Wanning: Shizun, what should I do?
Chu Wanning shook his head, pointing to the tidal wave of dead bodies that followed the boy and girl scattered in front of him. The meaning was clear - follow them.
There was no choice but to let a boy with a bun pull him forward, stumbling into one of the compartments. As soon as he entered, the boy waved his sleeve in the air, and the door closed with a bang.
Mo Ran stared at the little man, wondering what the faceless brat wanted to do to him.
In his previous life, Chu Wanning rescued Shi Mei first and then broke the illusion. He didn't do anything the entire time then he easily removed the evil spirits. And then all he did was relish in the wonderful afterglow of kissing Shi Mei. Afterwards, during Chu Wanning’s report, he actually didn't listen much.
So now the situation had completely changed. He didn't know what was going to happen next, so he could only bite the bullet.
The room was decorated with a dressing table, a bronze mirror standing upright, and a black and red suit embroidered with Ruyi patterns supported on the wooden frame.
The boy patted the stool and motioned for Mo Ran to sit down.
Mo Ran realized that the ghosts here weren't very clever. They were pretty stupid. As long as he didn't speak, they couldn't tell the dead from the living, so he sat in front of the dressing table like the child wanted. The little boy rustled over and started to help him freshen up and change his clothes. . .
Suddenly, a begonia flower drifted in from the window and landed leisurely in the water inside the copper basin.
Mo Ran's eyes lit up. This begonia was called Evening Night Northern Star, which was specifically used by Chu Wanning for silent messaging.
He picked up the begonia from the water, and the flower instantly stretched and bloomed in his palm, revealing a gleam of light gold in the centre.
He twisted the golden light on his fingertips and put it to his ears. Chu Wanning's voice rang in his ears.
"Mo Ran, I have confirmed with Tianwen that this is the illusion created by the Master of Ceremonies Ghost in Caidie Town. It was worshipped by the villagers' incense for a hundred years and gradually cultivated into something more physical. As long as there are more ghost marriages, its power will grow stronger, so it loves to organize these wedding ceremonies. Those corpses lined up in two lines should be the ghost couples that the people of Caidie Town have put together under its witness over the past hundreds of years. It likes this kind of fun. Every night, it summons those corpses to the illusionary realm and conducts another ghost marriage, and each time it conducts it, it grows even stronger."
Mo Ran thought to himself - What a pervert!
When other gods are bored, they'll at most match up boys and girls. What kind of Master of Ceremonies is this? It's said to have an immortal body, but its brain must not have kept up with it. Its only hobby was to match up male corpses and female corpses. It didn't matter if they were already matched, the dead married corpses were summoned from the grave every night, again, again, and again.
Was this group of corpses that good-looking?
This bachelor god must be lonely enough.
Chu Wanning continued: "Its true body isn't here. Don't act rashly. Follow the instructions of the golden boy and girl for a while. Since it wants to absorb the power of their ghost marriage, it will inevitably show its original shape in the end."
Mo Ran wanted to ask: Where's Shi Mei? How's Shi Mei?
"There's no need to worry about Shi Mei. He, like Madam Chen, was bewitched by the fragrance powder and temporarily lost consciousness." Chu Wanning considered the problem very carefully and made it clear that what Mo Ran might be wondering. "Take care of yourself. I've got everything under control."
After speaking, the voice disappeared.
At the same time, the child also took care of Mo Ran's attire. He looked up and saw that the face in the bronze mirror was beautiful, the corners of his lips naturally raised, his eyebrows were clean and fresh, his collars were overlapped, his auspicious clothing was a flaming red, and the hair was long but tied back with a white hairband, and he really looked like a married bridegroom.
The boy made a gesture of "if you would" and the door of the closed compartment creaked open.
Under the corridor, standing a row of corpses in auspicious clothes, both men and women, it seemed that the clay head mould of the Master of Ceremonies Ghost wasn't enlightened yet. As long as he had pairs in the hall to be married, it didn't matter, regardless of whether it was a man and woman, man and man, or woman and woman. He didn't care.
There was only one line of dead bodies standing on this side of the corridor, and the other line was on the opposite side. They were too far away, and he couldn't see if Chu Wanning and Shi Wei had come out.
The procession was moving slowly forward, and every now and then the sound of the chanting of the officials in the building could be heard. The marriage of one pair after another was slowly being completed.
Mo Ran took a look at Chen Yao in front of him and felt that something was wrong. After pondering for a while, when the line was gradually shortening and the last few pairs were about to take their turn, the dirty bastard finally understood— —
Wait! According to the procession, does that mean the woman in front of him is going to be married to Shi Mei? Wouldn't that mean he's going to be paired with that little bitch Chu Wanning? This isn't going to work!
At that moment, the former emperor of the human realm was not happy anymore. He grimaced and unceremoniously pulled Chen Yao, and cut in line and stood in front of the others.
The little boy behind him was taken aback for a moment, but Mo Ran quickly put on the expression of a half-dead hanged ghost with a bowed head, drooping down and mixing in with the corpses. Those golden boys and girls with low cultivation levels were in a daze, probably too dumb to figure out what had happened so they didn't react.
This time Mo Ran was happy. He followed the line with great enthusiasm, ready to walk to the end so that he could meet with Shi Mei on the other side of the corridor.
At the same time.
Chu Wanning glanced at Shi Mei standing in front of him, and thought for a while, not knowing what dangers lay ahead.
He has always been hard-spoken and soft-hearted, though harsh to the point of being repulsive. But, in fact, as long as he was there, he wouldn't put his apprentice in any kind of danger.
As a result, he also tugged Shi Mei and pulled the unconscious man behind him while he stood in Shi Mei's original position.
It was his turn.
The ghost bridesmaid standing at the end of the corridor was holding a black and red tray. Seeing Chu Wanning coming over, he chuckled, his face without facial features making a girl's crisp voice.
"Greetings and congratulations to the bride, she is beautiful and white."
Chu Wanning's face instantly darkened.
Br-Bride. . .? ? Do you have no eyes?
He looked at the blank face of the ghost bridesmaid again and held back a shout.
He really doesn't have any fucking eyes.
The ghost bridesmaid smiled and picked up the red gauze veil in the tray. Raising his jade-like arms and pale hands, he covered Chu Wanning's face. Then he stretched out his cold hand, gently held Chu Wanning, and said with a sweet smile: "Bride, if you would."
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The Husky and His White Cat Shizun - Chapter 12
Original Title:  二哈和他的白猫师尊
Genres: Drama, Romance, Tragedy, Xianxia, Yaoi
This translation is based on multiple MTLs and my own limited knowledge of Chinese characters. If I have made any egregious mistakes, please let me know.
Chapter Index
Chapter 12 - This Venerable One is the Wrong Person. . . He is Confused. . .
After walking in the illusion world for a long time, he couldn't find his barrings at all.
However, the smell of butterfly fragrance powder in the air was getting stronger and stronger. After a long time, this smell will stimulate emotions, expand the senses, and make people do a lot of unthinkable things.
Mo Ran gradually began to feel restless. It felt like flames were dancing in his stomach, slowly boiling his blood.
The spring; he needed to find the spring water. Where was it?
He knew that there was a living spring in this illusion. In his previous life, he walked to the spring with a dry throat and bad dizziness. He had no choice but to drink several mouthfuls with his hands. He thought that death by poison was better than death by dehydration.
And just after drinking the spring water, his consciousness got more and more blurred, and, in the drowsiness, Shi Mei came to find him. Shi Mei was practicing medicinal cultivation and he immediately flushed the hallucinogens out of him. At that time, he was so dizzy that he was completely bewitched by the poison, so he kissed Shi Mei's lips with vigour.
The former emperor of the human realm was eager to relive the illusion's dream, and he wandered around the illusion for a while. He finally heard the sound of the tinkling of spring water. He was overjoyed, rushed over and immediately drank from it.
Sure enough, the restlessness caused by the fragrance became more intense under the influence of the spring water. He uncontrollably wanted to plunge into the depths of the spring water, unknowing that he had already submerged half of his body.
Just when Mo Ran's consciousness was about to fade away, just like in his previous life, a hand suddenly pulled him up. The water splashed in all directions, pouring up his nose. Mo Ran gasped and opened his watery eyelashes to see the figure in front of him.
The figure gradually became more focused, accompanied by an almost annoyed voice.
"You dare to drink the water here. Do you want to die?"
Mo Ran shook off water droplets like a dog. When he saw his visitor clearly, he breathed a sigh of relief: "Shi Mei. . ."
"Stop talking, take the cure for it!"
A dark purple pill was pressed against his lips. Mo Ran opened his mouth and obediently took the medicine. His eyes were still fixated on Shi Mei's stunning face.
Suddenly, just like in his previous life, the restless growing in his heart made him unable to resist. Besides, Mo Ran was not a modest man to begin with, so he grabbed Shi Mei's wrist, and before the other party had not reacted, he quickly kissed him.
In an instant, sparks flew and his mind went blank.
He was a flirt who caused lots of trouble, but his intensity in bed meant that he didn't have much lip contact with others. There was no need for extra warmth, so he had a lot of physical interactions with very little kissing experience.
Shi Mei didn't expect this kind of attack at all. He was frozen in place. It wasn't until his tongue poked in that he finally reacted and began to struggle against him.
"What are you doing. . . Hmph!" He only got half his sentence out before he was brutally cut off by the other's face covering his lips again. Mo Ran kissed more intensely than in his previous life. The two rolled down together by the spring water, Shi Mei pressed firmly underneath Mo Ran. Mo Ran kissed his wet and slightly cool lips, and the memory of the same amazing touch was the same, and his cheek, his ear. . .
"Don't move. . ." When he opened his mouth, the hoarseness in his voice took him by surprise.
It was done.
How did the effects of the spring feel more intense than in his previous life?
According to the development in his previous life, he didn't have any time to linger with Shi Mei. Without kissing him after that, the then-young Mo Ran was condemned by his conscience. When he loosened his hand, Shimei got up and effortlessly ran out of the water.
But because of his wickedness and shameless nature, instead of being condemned by his conscience, he was driven by his desire and immediately pressed the person onto the shore and kissed him closely.
Shi Mei angrily struggled underneath him, but he was wicked, unable to hear what they were yelling. All his eyes were focused on was that gorgeous face and those seductive, moist, moving lips.
A fire burned in his belly. Mo Ran listened to his heart, kissing more and more fiercely. He pried the other's teeth, his tongue diving straight in, holding onto the sweetness in his mouth.
His heart was beating like a drum.
In the confusion, he had already torn off Shi Mei's complicated outer robe. He pulled off the waistband, hands slipping underneath, touching the smooth and firm skin. The person under him tried to jerk upright, and Mo Ran slammed him back down.
He nibbled on the rim of Shimei’s ear and whispered: "Be good, we can both enjoy it."
"Mo Weiyu—!!!"
"Hey, how come you're all angry and shouting at me like that? This is a good thing." Mo Ran smiled and licked his earlobe. His hands didn't wait around and went straight to his waist.
That little bastard Mo Ran; the sixteen-year-old hooligan back then was no better than the thirty-two-year-old hooligan now!
This person's cheekiness was growing day by day!
Shi Mei's body tensed, and Mo Ran could feel the slight trembling of his body. Really, he looked so slender, and his hand felt well-built, with sharp lines.
He couldn't help himself. He couldn't help but pull at the other party's clothes.
Shi Mei finally couldn't bear it and broke free.
"Mo Weiyu! You're asking to die!!"
With a bang, a burst of powerful spiritual energy slammed him away! That spiritual power was fierce and domineering. Mo Ran was caught off guard. He was flipped off and hit the rocks by the spring, almost spitting up a mouthful of blood.
Shi Mei grabbed the messy pile of his clothes and stood up furiously, with crazy golden spiritual currents flowing from his palms, sparks crackling. An angry red light reflected in his eyes.
Mo Ran's head was spinning. He vaguely felt that something was wrong.
"Tianwen, come forth!"
With a shout of rage, a golden willow vine swung out of Shi Mei's palm, Tianwen responding to his summon. The whole willow vine was dazzling, and, from time to time, a blazing fire ignited, bursting out in a golden light, willow leaves flying.
Mo Ran was dumbfounded.
Since when does Shi Mei summon Tianwen?
However, the thought had only appeared in his mind for a brief moment before Tianwen ripped open the sky and smacked down over his head! The willow vine was unrelenting, and the bastard immortal emperor was beaten bloody. He thought that people like Rong Jiu who suffered because of Mo Ran would applaud and shout "Well played! Great! One more blow! Avenge us! Do a good deed!"
Mo Ran finally came to his senses through the blistering storm of unrelenting, tyrannical frenzied hits.
Shi Mei was so gentle; how could he beat someone like this?
The technique of the willow vine slashes was so skillful that it couldn't be anyone else by Chu Wanning!!!!
Chu Wanning's movements lessened, then he stopped to take a breath. He rubbed his wrists and was about to slash the vine again. Abruptly, Mo Ran leaned against the rock, coughing up a large mouthful of blood.
". . . Stop fighting. You'll die if you keep resisting. . ."
Mo Ran coughed up several mouthfuls of blood, and his heart was bleak. This was definitely one of the most colourful of his bad deeds.
Who would've known that the person who showed up was actually Chu Wanning?
And he didn’t know why but Chu Wanning's face was just like Shi Mei's. Even his voice sounded exactly the same as Shi Mei's!
He wiped the mottled blood from the corner of his mouth, gasped, and looked up.
It may be because he had been beaten by a divine weapon, or it may have been because the medicine that Chu Wanning gave him just now kicked it. When he raised his head this time, the person in front of him was no longer Shi Mei.
Chu Wanning had a dreary face, standing fiercely under the tree. He was furious, his eyes were like lightning, and he was staring angrily at Mo Ran.
His fierce and stern appearance was truly appalling.
And yet. . .
Mo Ran stared at him for a few seconds.
He found himself. . . shamelessly hard.
Chu Wanning has always been meticulous, and the cumbersome ascetic white robe was unusually messy, only relying on his slender and white hands to hold it tightly so it wouldn't slip off his shoulders. His lips were red and slightly swollen by the kiss, and there were scattered hickeys on the side of his neck. Although it was a vicious look, it made him even more exciting.
In his past life, those memories of Chu Wanning; those memories of madness, blood, hatred, wantonness, conquest, and pleasure, all reappeared.
Those memories that Mo Ran too lazy to think about, and didn't want to think about it, all filled the air with blood and the butterfly fragrance powder, instantly shocking him, difficult to hide.
Like a tidal wave, it rushed into his heart.
He couldn't face Chu Wanning like this.
Even if he hated him, really hated him, and couldn't wait to chop him into stuffing and wrap him in wonton dough and cook him, Mo Ran still had to admit.
In his previous life, several of his own most exciting love affairs, the most blood-curdling, scalp-tingling orgasms/climaxes, were obtained because of Chu Wanning.
It's one thing to hate him.
But for a man, especially a particularly shameless and beastly man like Mo Ran, the body's instinctive reaction was a whole different matter.
Chu Wanning took a sigh of relief. It seemed that he had been really angry, and the hand holding Tianwen was trembling.
"Are you awake?"
Mo Ran swallowed a mouthful of blood froth that welled up: ". . . Yes, Shizun."
Chu Wanning didn't seem satisfied with his beating yet, but he knew that there was a ghost in this illusion, and Mo Ran couldn't be blamed for this. He hesitated for a while, and finally took Tianwen away.
"What happened today. . ."
Before he finished speaking, Mo Ran rushed to say: "What happened today, the heavens know, you know and I know. I'll never speak of it! If I were to say it, let me be struck by thunder and lightning!"
Chu Wanning was silent for a while and sneered: "I have heard your promise more than a hundred times, and not once has it meant anything."
"It's definitely true this time!" The body may react to something stimulating, but wanting to fuck Chu Wanning was like eating stinky tofu. In Mo Ran's eyes, it wasn't even an option on the table.
The stinky tofu could be eaten in a corner where no one else was so no one would notice the smell. Wanting to sleep with Chu Wanning was the same thing.
Mo Ran had always hated Chu Wanning. How could he tell others that he really hated someone while secretly wanting to fuck them? What was this if not some illness?
There were also those rotten things Chu Wanning did in his previous life. He really didn't want to mention it again; give him a break.
"This illusion has a strong disorienting effect, and the people you meet in it will turn into what you most want to see in your mind."
Chu Wanning said while walking side by side with Mo Ran.
"You have to stay calm so that you won't be deceived by the illusion."
"Oh. . ."
Huh? Wait, wait!
A sudden thought jolted in Mo Ran's mind.
If this were the case, then in his last life in the illusionary realm, when he saw Shi Mei, it wasn't necessarily Shi Mei? It's possible to say that it was also -
He glanced at Chu Waning, who was walking next to him, and couldn't help the chill down his spine.
If it was Chu Wanning he had kissed in his past life, he never would've avoided being beaten! A slap at the very least!
It definitely wasn't Chu Wanning! It definitely wasn't him!
Internally screaming, Chu Wanning suddenly stopped and pulled Mo Ran behind him: "Quiet."
"What's wrong?"
"There's movement ahead."
With how different the development of things was compared to his previous life, Mo Ran had no idea what would happen next. As soon as he heard Chu Wanning say this, he immediately asked, "Could it be Shi Mei?"
Chu Wanning frowned: "In this illusion, you must never imagine who the person you see is before you can actually see them. If you can't help but think about it, what you see in a while will become that person's appearance. Get rid of distracting thoughts. "
". . ." Mo Ran worked hard for a while and found that he couldn't do it.
Chu Wanning glanced at him. At some point a dagger formed by spiritual energy condensed in his hand and stabbed down towards Mo Ran's arm.
"Don't scream." Chu Wanning had expected this, and his other hand directly touched Mo Ran's lips. His fingertips were condensed with golden light, and Mo Ran suddenly couldn't make any noise. "Does it hurt?"
". . ." Bullshit! Stab yourself to see if it hurts!
Mo Ran nodded pitifully with tears in his eyes.
"It's fine if it hurts. Don't think about anything but the pain. Stay behind me. Let's go over and see."
Mo Ran internally cursed Chu Wanning the entire way, following him quietly along the winding path. Unexpectedly, the closer they got to that place, the more they could hear the countless human whispers, and it seemed extraordinarily weird in such an empty place.
After rounding a long stretch of high wall, the two finally came to the place where the sound was made——
It was a red and green building, with brilliant lights and swaying red veils. More than a hundred tables of banquets were set up in the bustling courtyard. There were all kinds of fish, meat and vegetables on the tables.
In the hall with the door spread wide open, a big and bright red character "Double Happiness" stood out; it looked like a lively wedding banquet was being held here.
"Shizun. . ." Mo Ran whispered. "Look at those people drinking the wedding wine . . . they all have no faces!"
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Dig a Grave to Dig Out a Ghost - Chapter 22
Original Title: 挖坟挖出鬼
Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Supernatural, Yaoi
This translation is based on multiple MTLs and my own limited knowledge of Chinese characters. If I have made any egregious mistakes, please let me know.
Chapter Index
Chapter 22 - Ghost Hunt
"W-W-What's going on?" Lin Yan was taken aback by Xiao Yang's appearance. His mental state was a bit messed up by Xiao Yu recently, but this girl's appearance was too weird. Her pyjamas hung loosely. Her hair drooped down and a pair of eyes without pupils "stared" at him. But the strange thing was that before Lin Yan could calm down, the girl turned around again as if disappointed and looked out the window blankly.
“It’s been four days, and she's been standing by the window every day, asking someone “Are you here yet?” or “Why haven’t you come yet?” The doctor didn’t know what was going on. He said that it was a psychological problem and the family shouldn't stress over it. What's the psychological problem? Xiao Yang was such a lively child, and now she suddenly became like this." Xiao Yang's mother sobbed.
"It-It's a ghost." A-Yan dragged Lin Yan back, watching the girl's back cautiously, and said, "She's possessed by a ghost."
Lin Yan glanced at Xiao Yu subconsciously, and whispered, "You mean. . . like me?"
The little Daoist shook his head: "No, no, ghosts can be split into different categories. The one who found her seems to have just died recently. It can only attach itself to a human body to consume the spirit, but this makes it more dangerous. The girl’s yang energy is weak, and she's still sick. I don't think she can last any longer than a week. . ."
The private ward was very quiet. Although the little Daoist priest had tried his best to lower his voice, Xiao Yang's mother heard the second half of the sentence. She was dumbfounded for a while before suddenly wailing out a sorrowful cry: "What should we do? We didn't talk to anyone or do anything to provoke this, this just happened. . ."
"Auntie, don't panic, aren't we trying to think up a solution?" Lin Yan was distracted by the outburst. He grabbed the little Daoist priest and said to Xiao Yang's mother: "A-Yan understands this situation, let him give it a look first." Then he looked down at A-Yan and whispered: "That's no problem, right?"
"I-I'll try," A-Yan said. He found the compass in his schoolbag and held it flat in his hand. Lin Yan leaned over and looked at it. When looking at the Feng Shui on new home furniture, he saw people using this thing. At that time, the pointer was only shifted slightly a few degrees, but now, the compass in A-Yan's hand seemed to have a problem. The pointer spun around 360 degrees like it was being blown by the wind, and it twitched back into place from time to time. In the end, it seemed like it was pulled by an invisible force and quaveringly pointed straight at Lin Yan.
Lin Yan was startled. He pointed to himself and asked, "I'm a ghost?" Then he realized that the pointer was pointing at Xiao Yu, who was half a step behind him.
The little Daoist tapped the compass a couple times. He frowned and said, "No, no, take him out of here. His Yin is too dense and it can't detect anything else in here."
Lin Yan dragged Xiao Yu to wait outside the door and looked in through the glass of the ward door. This time it seemed like there was no problem. A-Yan stared at the compass and let out a sigh of relief. He took out cinnabar, yellow talisman, incense, and other props from his schoolbag. Lin Yan thought he was going to use a red string to make a formation like in the small temple, but A-Yan just dipped his fingers in water to dissolve the cinnabar, drew a symbol on the yellow talisman and clamped it between two fingers in his right hand. He walked behind Xiao Yang and slapped her left shoulder. Like last time, the girl stiffened her neck and her head turned around one hundred and eighty degrees. Once they were face-to-face, A-Yan slammed the talisman on her forehead.
"Scatter!" With an angry shout, the strange scene appeared again. The yellow talisman let out a "pop." There was no real fire, but it burned into a cluster of bright flames that fluttered and fell to the ground. At the same time, A-Yan raised the peach wood sword over the girl's head in the air and brought it down in a slash!
"Oh! What is that!" Xiao Yang's mother was anxious and rushed forward as she shouted, but Yin Zhou grabbed her from behind: "It's okay! It can't hurt anyone!"
A-Yan used a wooden sword, but it brought a strong wind. The girl's hair was raised and blew around. The tip of the sword was suddenly only an inch from the top of her head. There were a few weird rumbles from her throat, and the girl's eyes rolled upwards. Then, as if the power had been shut off, she limply dropped down.
Lin Yan opened the door and rushed into the room. Yin Zhou and Xiaoyang's mother rushed over, but the little Daoist reacted quickly. Before the girl fell to the ground, he had already supported the girl's back with one hand and wrapped around her waist with the other.
"Yangyang! Yangyang!" Xiaoyang's mother was terrified by the strange sight: "What's the matter with her? What's wrong with her?"
The little Daoist's eyebrows furrowed. He moved his finger under the girl's nose and checked. He raised his head and said bewilderedly: "She-she's okay, she's asleep."
"Huh? It's over?" Lin Yan asked.
"No, that thing is still there, it's just. . . hiding." A-Yan shook his head. He looked around the room, and then returned his gaze to the girl: "This one is so strange. It doesn't resist but it doesn't run. Any interaction and it hides." A-Yan said, stepping back a few steps to make room. Xiaoyang's mother was almost crushed by the battle, and she laid the girl back on the bed. After crying out her name and confirming that she really was asleep, she turned back with tears and begged the little Daoist priest: "I believe you. She hasn't moved from in front of the window in four days. If you let her sleep, can you get that thing out of her quickly?"
A-Yan had always been nervous when talking to strangers, not to mention being asked to do something by one. His face suddenly flushed. He tugged on the corner of Lin Yan's clothes and whispered, "I-I have to draw things out of her to do it. But this method might not look very nice. . . Brother Lin Yan, you can help. . ." He pointed at Xiao Yang's mother discreetly.
Lin Yan nodded reluctantly. He and Yin Zhou each took a side and comforted Xiao Yang's mother, sitting her back on the chair. A-Yan, on the side, didn’t know what he was doing. He took out a bunch of bottles from his bag and opened and poured each of them on the little girl. Some were powder, some were slimy, unknown liquids. There was a fishy smell that spilled out when the cap was unscrewed. It wasn't long before everyone in the ward started to get nauseous from it. Not to mention that Xiao Yang's mother's expression was getting more and more screwed up. Even Lin Yan and Yin Zhou couldn't help but exchange glances and each had a cold sweat on their foreheads.
After seven or eight different things were spilled on her, the girl still didn't respond, and she stayed fast asleep on the bed.
"This-This definitely has to work." A-Yan stammered. He wiped his forehead a couple times, unscrewed the last jar, and the maroon viscous liquid mixed with black lumps splashed all over Xiao Yang. With the addition of the various powders on the face, the girl's face was as lively as a colour palette.
Lin Yan looked at the girl's wet hair soaked in gunk. He turned his head away in disgust and asked A-Yan: "What is that? Why does it look like blood?"
"It-It is blood, dog blood." The little Daoist pointed at the girl on the bed with the peachwood sword: "Dog-Dog blood is the most effective in driving away ghosts."
The girl fell into a deeper sleep, and there was even a slight snoring sound in the room.
Lin Yan was at a loss. Looking back, Xiao Yu was sitting in a chair, looking bored and rolled his eyelids when he heard the words "dog blood". It was clear he was just watching someone put on a show. He wouldn't be able to hold back a scream if he tried to pull anything right now. Lin Yan angrily pushed down the urge to strangle him. He gritted his teeth and said to the little Daoist: "How about I try and help you with all that? Not all ghosts are the same. If it works, then you can change it up."
Yin Zhou couldn't hold back either, rubbing his knuckles and complaining, "Dude, can you do it or not?"
The little Daoist blush was so red, it looked like his face was about to start bleeding. His nervous hands began to tremble, and he said, "This-This ghost is probably afraid of life. . ."
Xiao Yang's mother looked at her daughter's body in horror. Her face was even scarier than the evil spirit's. If it hadn't been for the little Daoist priest offering his help when he showed up, she was afraid that she would be going crazy right now. Lin Yan tugged at A-Yan's clothes fearfully and whispered in his ear: "Auntie is about to storm out. Think of a way to fix this or us three will be the ones held accountable for all this. . ."
A-Yan hesitated for a while. He lowered his head and trembled: "There's only one way. Master isn't here, I. . . I'll do it!" Then he slapped the empty bottle on the table: "First, everyone needs to get out!"
Three minutes later, Lin Yan and Yin Zhou dragged Xiao Yang’s mother out into the corridor. The ward was dark and dreary. The young Daoist priest pulled the curtains shut and sprinkled incense ash on the door and windows. Using the ink pen in his hand, he began drawing on the talismans. Afterwards, he stuck them on the walls, chairs, tables, and windows until every corner was covered. The little Daoist priest then dipped the pen into the cinnabar and simply began drawing straight on the wall. There was even bright red and huge writing on the windowpane: "Promptly and in accordance with the statutes and ordinances.*" He wrote quickly, but for a while, the big red symbols made the room look like a mess, looking unspeakably grotesque.
*(T/N: [急急如律令] - A Daoist incantation used to ward off evil spirits.)
Exorcising ghosts and removing demons was too rare for the average person. Yin Zhou and Xiao Yang’s mother were gripping the door frame and looking inside. Lin Yan had seen similar situations when he asked the temple master to exorcise Xiao Yu, so he wasn't really interested and leaned patiently on the wall. When he raised his head again, he suddenly realized that something was wrong. Lin Yan looked around. Where was Xiao Yu?
He anxiously rushed to the door, and saw Xiao Yu sitting on the girl's bedside. Seeing Lin Yan pop up in the doorway, he only raised his head and glanced coldly, then turned his head nonchalantly.
The dim room was filled with strange imagery. The little Daoist stroked the sword with his fingers. He put the wooden sword on his chest, muttering something. As he chanted, the bright red symbols on the four walls of the room glowed like they were neon signs. The girl on the bed suddenly jerked. First, her hands began to tremble, then her arms and legs, and then her whole body twitched like she was having a violent seizure.
Lin Yan anxiously wanted to rush in and drag Xiao Yu out. He kept silently cursing this ghost's stubborn attitude. It was useless to try and coax him this morning and he was scaring him with this situation. After looking intently at Xiao Yu's face, there was no painful expression on his face, as if he still had some contempt for the little Daoist priest's magic. With his whole heart, he angrily let it go; he deserved anything that might happen.
The glow of the symbols became brighter and brighter. The girl abruptly opened her eyes and sat up straight. She climbed out of the bed and moved her body towards the little Taoist closer and closer. Her head hung limply over her chest, her hair hanging down and covering her face.
The tip of the sword pointed directly at the girl's chest, but she stiffened and moved forward nonetheless. . .
This scene stunned the three people in the doorframe. Yin Zhou squeezed the door frame. Lin Yan put his fist into his mouth and tried to suppress the impulse to yell. Next to him, Xiao Yang's mother took a sudden cold gasp. Her eyes closed and she faintly collapsed.
"Auntie, wake up!"
"My daughter. . ." Xiao Yang's mother sat on the ground, clutching her chest and wailing as she tried to rush into the room. Lin Yan and Yin Zhou hurriedly dragged her down, saying that it was too late. Suddenly, there was a muffled noise that sounded like an explosion in the room. The two windows blew open, the incense was scattered, the wooden sword in A-Yan's hand fell to the ground, and the girl collapsed.
Several people at the door stumbled over each other and rushed into the room. Yin Zhou helped the little Daoist priest, Xiao Yang’s mother hugged the girl and Lin Yan dragged Xiao Yu away. He didn’t know what was going on, his mind was spinning, and he rushed towards Xiao Yu first. With a dark expression, he grabbed his wrists, his shaking voice yelling: "Do you want to die? What if you got hurt?!"
The little Taoist coughed and picked up the peach wood sword. He pointed at the girl and stammered: "It's no. . . no good. That thing is holding onto the body. . . To kill it, I'd have to kill them both. . . I can only. . . break the formation myself to save her life for now. . ."
Lin Yan's heart dropped and he asked, "Is it that powerful?"
The little Daoist paled and shook his head: "It's very weak, but the woman is also weak, so it took advantage of her weakness and merged them together into one. If you want to remove it, you'll hurt the person first."
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The Husky and His White Cat Shizun - Chapter 11
Original Title:  二哈和他的白猫师尊
Genres: Drama, Romance, Tragedy, Xianxia, Yaoi
This translation is based on multiple MTLs and my own limited knowledge of Chinese characters. If I have made any egregious mistakes, please let me know.
Chapter Index
Chapter 11 - This Venerable One Wants His Family to be Happy
"Yes, it's me!" Madam Chen sobbed, "But I didn't write this spiritual tablet! How could I curse my child? I—"
"You wouldn't have written it while you were awake, but not necessarily while you were asleep."
Chu Wanning said. He raised his hand, picked up the spiritual tablet, spiritual energy pouring out of his palm. Suddenly, a distant and piercing scream erupted from the spiritual tablet, followed by a stream of blood gurgling out of it.
The sharp gleam in Chu Wanning's eyes was bitterly cold, and he harshly said: "The arrogance of this creature; it dares to make trouble!"
Because of the great spiritual power in his palm, the writing on the tablet was forced to retreat little by little amid the screams, becoming fainter until it finally disappeared completely. Chu Wanning's slender and cold white fingers clenched and the whole tablet shattered!!
The Chen family looked stunned from behind him. Not just the Chen family, even Shi Mei was stunned.
He couldn't help sighing: "That's amazing."
Mo Ran also couldn't help but sigh inside; he really was so powerful.
Chu Waning turned his handsome and clear face sideways. There was no expression on his face, only a few spots of blood splashed on the side of his cheek. He raised his hand and carefully examined the bloodstains remaining on his fingertips. He said to the Chen family: "All of you will stay in the courtyard today, don't go anywhere."
At this point, none of them dared disobey and they quickly agreed: "Okay! Okay! Whatever you say!"
Chu Wanning strode out of the temple, unconcerned with wiping away the blood on his face. He gestured at Madam Chen: "Especially you, don't fall asleep. To keep that thing out of your body, even if you get tired, you need to stay awake."
"Yes. . . yes yes!" Madam Chen replied repeatedly. With tears in her tears, she asked in disbelief, "Daoist Master, my son. . . is. . . is he alright?"
"He's fine for now."
Madam Chen was startled: "For now? Not always? Then, how can I save my son's life?"
Chu Wanning said: "Catch the demon."
Mrs. Chen was very anxious and couldn't help but be a little rude. She couldn't care less about being polite and asked urgently: "When does the Daoist master plan to catch it?"
Chu Wanning said. He glanced at the Chen family and asked: "Who knows where the red coffin was dug? Come and lead the way."
The eldest son’s daughter-in-law was named Yao. Even though she was a woman, she was tall and looked somewhat good-looking Although her face was filled with fear, she was calmer than the others. She spoke up: "My late husband and I picked out the land. I know the location. I'll lead you there."
The three of them followed Chen Yao all the way north and soon arrived at the land the Chen family had bought.
Martial law had been set up there, and there are no one around. The dark hills were overgrown with trees, not a single sound of insects or birds singing.
Climbing up the mountainside, the view widened over the scene. Chen Yao said: "The three Daoist masters are here."
The place where the red coffin was dug out still had a tombstone stuck over it. Mo Ran laughed: "What's this broken stone supposed to be used for? It looks like an amateur put it there. Move it."
Chen Yao was a little flustered: "The gentleman in the town said that the evil creature is being suppressed by it and can't get out."
Mo Ran chuckled: "He must be really capable."
". . ." Chen Yao said, "Move, move, move!"
Chu Wanning remarked icily: "No need." After he said that, he raised his hand, and golden light glowed from his fingertips. Tianwen listened to his command and appeared in his palm. As soon as he flicked the willow vine, the headstone instantly shattered into pieces! Chu Wanning walked over expressionlessly. He stood on the pile of ruins, raised his palm again, and said in a deep voice: "What are you doing hiding in there? Get up!"
There was a strange noise underneath the earth, and suddenly, a 12-foot-high thick wooden coffin broke out of the ground. The sand and mud rained down and dust was flying everywhere.
Shi Mei exclaimed in surprise: "This coffin is surrounded by such evil energy!"
Chu Wanning said: "Stand back."
After that, with a backhand draw, Tianwen slashed across the welded red coffin. Golden sparks shot in all directions. After a few moments of silence, the coffin lid exploded with a bang. The billowing smoke dispersed and the thing inside it was revealed.
Lying in the coffin was a naked man with a straight nose and a handsome face. If it weren't for his pale skin, he would look like he was simply sleeping.
Mo Ran's eyes flicked down to what was under the man's waist: covering his eyes and said: "Oh, don't wear skimpy pants, you skunk."
Shi Mei: ". . ."
Chu Wanning: ". . ."
Chen Yao cried out: "Husband!" She moved forward to rush towards the coffin. Chu Wanning stretched out his hand to stop her. He raised an eyebrow and asked: "This is your husband?"
"Yes! It's my husband!" Chen Yao was devastated. "Why would he be here? He was already buried in the ancestral grave. He was also wearing much nicer funeral clothes. How could he. . ."
Halfway through speaking, the woman began to weep, pounding her chest, "How could this happen! How tragic - so awful! Husband. . . Husband!!"
Shi Mei sighed: "Madam Chen, please keep it together."
Chu Wanning and Mo Ran didn't pay attention to the crying woman. Chu Wanning was not good at comforting people, while Mo Burning was totally compassionless. They stared at the body in the coffin.
Since Mo Ran had lived through this in a previous life, nothing unfolding was a surprise to him, but he still needed to put on an appearance, so he touched his chin thoughtfully: "Shizun, something's wrong with the corpse."
Chu Wanning: "I know."
". . ."
What he had said was exactly what Chu Wanning had said during this conversation in his previous life. In this life, he wanted to use it to shock Chu Wanning. He did well, and yet he only threw out a simple "I know" as a result.
Shouldn't a shizun encourage his disciple to speak his mind and give him praise and reward??
Mo Ran pretended that he hadn't heard him say "I know", and continued: "This corpse has no signs of decay. It's been more than half a month since the accident. Based on the current climate, it should have festered and rotted. A layer of fluids should have built up in the coffin. That's the first strange thing."
Chu Wanning gave him a cold glare with a look of "Are you done fooling around?": ". . ."
"Secondly." Mo Ran was unmoved, continuing to recite Chu Wanning's words from the previous life to solve the puzzle. "Before the coffin was opened, the evil energy around the red coffin was dense, but after it was opened, it dissipated. And there's a minimal evil aura around the corpse, which is also very abnormal."
Chu Wanning: ". . ."
"Thirdly, did you find that from the moment the coffin was opened, there was a sweet smell in the air?"
The scent was so delicate, if you don't pay attention, you wouldn't notice it at all. When Mo Ran pointed it out, Shi Mei and Chen Yao realized that there really was a faint sweetness in the air.
Shi Mei: "Indeed."
Chen Yao's face changed when she smelled it, "This scent. . ."
Shi Mei: "Madam Chen, what's the matter?"
Chen Yao’s scared voice changed: "This scent is my mother-in-law's hundred butterfly fragrance powder!"
No one spoke for a while. The prophetic sign in the ancestral hall that read "Master Yang, Chen Sunshi" appeared in front of him again.
Shi Mei asked: ". . . Could Madam Chen really have done this?"
Mo Ran: "It doesn't look like that."
Chu Wanning: "No."
The two spoke almost at the same time and glanced at each other after speaking. Chu Wanning's face didn't waver: "You speak."
Mo Ran said nonchalantly: "As far as I know, the Chen family made a fortune and relied on the old lady's hundred butterfly fragrance powder. Although the powder's formula is a secret, the finished product isn't difficult to get. Five or six of ten girls in Caidie Town use this fragrance. Not only that, but we investigated before we came here. Mr. Chen himself seems to like his mother's butterfly fragrance powder very much, and he often mixes it in his bathwater so it’s not strange that he has this smell on his body, the strange thing is. . ."
He said, turning his head again to the naked man in the coffin.
"This person has been dead for half a month, and this fragrance smells like it was just applied. Am I right, Shizun?"
Chu Wanning: ". . ."
"Just praise me if I'm right."
Chu Wanning: "Mmm."
Mo Ran laughed: "What a waste of words."
He didn't have a chance to laugh again. Suddenly, his robe flew to the side, Chu Wanning pulled him back a few feet, the golden light of Tianwen in his hand was shining, dancing like flames.
"Watch out."
The smell of the butterfly fragrance powder in the air suddenly grew stronger. As the scent drifted away, a white mist appeared between the grass and trees, which began to diffuse at an alarming speed. Instantly, it turned the entire mountainside into a sea of ​​mist, and all of a sudden, he couldn't even see the hand in front of his face!
Mo Ran's heart lurched.
An illusionary world appeared.
"Ah!!!" In the thick fog, the first thing that rang out was Chen Yao's screams, "Daoist Master, help—"
Before she finished the last word, everything went silent.
Chu Wanning's fingertips lit up with a blue gleam, and he slapped a tracking spell onto Mo Ran's forehead: "Be careful, I'll check it out."
After he spoke, he followed the voice and quickly disappeared into the thick fog.
Mo Ran touched his forehead and chuckled in a low voice: "Well, even the position of the spell is exactly the same as in my previous life. Chu Wanning, you really haven't changed a bit."
The fog came quickly and dispersed just as fast. It didn't take long for the fog to disappear without a trace. However, the scene in front of him was even more surprising than the fog. Mo Ran was really shocked, at least he was in his last life.
After the fog cleared, the originally desolate and overgrown mountainside had disappeared.
Instead, there was a vast and elegant garden, pavilions, waterfalls, curved corridors, rocky gardens and jade trees, and pebble paths as far as the eye could see.
Mo Ran took a look at the surroundings and immediately wanted to roll around in joy.
This rogue hooligan spent all day thinking about this illusion. In his previous life, they were similarly lost in it. First, Mo Ran ran into Shi Mei, and under the compulsion of the illusion, he kissed the other for the first and only time in his life.
It's a pity that Shi Mei was terribly frightened when it happened. He let go of Mo Ran, turned and ran away. He wasn't given the chance to take a second bite of the swan before it was taken off his plate, which was really unfortunate.
After the illusion was broken, Shi Mei never brought it up. The kiss in the illusion was treated as if it hadn't happened, and no one mentioned it again. Sometimes when he dreamt at night, Mo Ran wondered if he was obsessing too deeply over something he imagined.
But whether he imagined it or not, Mo Ran licked his lips. He thought this time he definitely wouldn't let Shi Mei run away from him that easy! One kiss wasn't enough!
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The Husky and His White Cat Shizun - Chapter 10
Original Title:  二哈和他的白猫师尊
Genres: Drama, Romance, Tragedy, Xianxia, Yaoi
This translation is based on multiple MTLs and my own limited knowledge of Chinese characters. If I have made any egregious mistakes, please let me know.
Chapter Index
Chapter 10 - This Venerable One is a Fledgling
Fortunately, Chu Wanning didn't seem to hear any of the "mouth torture" that Mo Ran had acted out himself. He barely managed to make sense of the nonsense he had heard.
When he returned to his bedroom, it was already very late, and Mo Ran quickly fell asleep. The next day, he went to morning training as usual. Morning training was definitely not how he would choose to spend his morning: it was way too early.
After morning training ended, Meng Po Hall, the place where everyone grabbed breakfast, got more and more crowded.
Mo Ran sat across from Shi Mei. Xue Meng got there late and the seat next to Shi Miao was taken. With a grimace, he reluctantly sat down next to Mo Ran.
If Mo Ran were to pick one of the best aspects about Life-Death Peak, he would definitely say: this sect never needed to worry about fasting.
Unlike many of the floating out-of-the-way sects in the upper cultivation world, Life-Death Peak had its own set of cultivation techniques. They didn't abstain from meat and fish and didn't require fasting, so the food in the sect had always been plentiful.
Mo Ran sipped a cup of spicy and fragrant tea, along with a side of crushed peanuts and chopped vegetables, crispy soybeans, and the crispy pan-fried buns in front of him were specifically for Shi Mei.
Xue Meng squinted at Mo Ran, rather mockingly: "Mo Ran, I can't believe you're still standing after leaving Red Lotus Pavilion. I'm impressed."
Mo Ran didn't even raise his head: "Then you don't really know me at all."
"Then who are you?" Xue Meng snorted. "Shizun didn't break your legs. Are you so crazy that you don't know what onion you are?"
"Oh, I'm a scallion, What about you?"
Xue Meng sneered, "I'm Shizun's chief disciple."
"Did you declare that yourself? Hey, you should go to Shizun to prepare a seal. Get it framed and hang it on the wall for offerings, otherwise, you wouldn't be able to live up to the title of Chief Disciple."
With a snap, Xue Meng broke his chopsticks.
Shi Mei hurriedly tried to settle the argument happening beside him: "Stop fighting. Hurry up and eat."
Xue Meng: ". . . hmph."
Mo Yan smilingly imitated him, "Hmph."
Xue Meng was furious and slammed his hands down on the table: "How dare you!"
Seeing the situation escalating, Shi Mei tried to calm Xue Meng down: "Young Master, so many people are watching. Let's eat. Don't argue."
These two people were incompatible. Although they are cousins, they always bicker whenever they met each other. After Shi Mei talked down Xue Meng, he was bitterly caught in the middle to ease the atmosphere, trying to talk to both sides.
A moment later, he asked Xue Meng: "Young Master, when will Madam's cat give birth to her kitten?"
Xue Meng replied: "Oh, you mean A-Ri? My mother was wrong, it's not pregnant, It just eats too much and looks like it has a big belly."
Shi Mei: ". . ."
After a while, he asked Mo Ran: "A-Ran, do you still have to go work with Shizun today?"
"I don't think so. Everything that needed to get done is done. I'll help you copy the sect rules today."
Shi Mei smiled: "Why do you want to help me? You still have to copy them a hundred times."
Xue Meng raised his eyebrows and looked a little surprised at Shi Mei; he had never received a punishment before: "Why do you have to copy the rules?"
Shi Mei looked embarrassed, Before he had time to speak, the buzzing conversation in the dining hall suddenly fell silent. The three of them turned their heads and saw Chu Wanning fluttering into Meng Po Hall in white robes. He walked expressionlessly to the kitchen cabinet and began to grab some dim sum.
In a dining hall with 1000 people inside, when Chu Wanning entered, it went as silent as a cemetery. All the disciples awkwardly played with their food. If any did start to speak, they did it extremely softly.
Shi Mei sighed softly, looking at Chu Wanning holding his tray, sitting in his usual corner, eating congee silently. He couldn’t help saying: “You know, I think Shizun can be quite pitiful sometimes."
Mo Ran's eyebrows shot up: "How so?"
"Look; no one goes anywhere near where he's sitting. When he came in, everyone went dead silent. It was okay for them to talk before he showed up, but not once he got here. Doesn't it seem lonely that he doesn't have anyone to talk to?"
Mo Ran snorted: "He's getting what he asked for."
Xue Meng grew angry again: "You dare make fun of Shizun?"
"Where was I making fun of him? I was just telling the truth." Mo Ran put another pan-fried bun in front of Shi Mei. "The only thing that wants to stay by his side is his temper."
Mo Ran playfully looked at Xue Meng with a smile, and sneered: "Don't believe me? If so, go over and sit with Shizun. Don't sit with us."
That one sentence rendered Xue Meng silent.
Even though he respected Chu Wanning, he feared him more than others. Embarrassed and annoyed but unable to argue, he could only kick the legs of the table with his feet with a sulk.
A trace of lazy complacency hung on Mo Ran's face. He glanced at the little Phoenix provocatively, and then glanced at Chu Wanning's body through the crowd.
For some reason, looking at the only white figure in a room of dark blue and silver armour, he suddenly thought of the man who had fallen asleep on the cold metal last night.
Shi Mei was right; Chu Wanning was really pathetic.
But so what? The more pitiful he was, the happier Mo Ran was. Just thinking about it made the smirk on his mouth became even more obvious.
Life flies by.
Chu Wanning never did tell him to go back to Red Lotus Pavilion. Mo Ran's daily chores became scrubbing and washing dishes, feeding the chickens and ducks kept by Madam Wang, and weeding the herb garden. It was much more leisurely.
In the blink of an eye, his one-month confinement period was up.
Today, Madam Wang had called Mo Ran to Danxin Hall. She stroked his head and asked him: "A-Ran, are your wounds healed?"
Mo Ran smiled: "I'm sorry for worrying you. I'm alright now."
"That's good. You should be more careful in the future. Don't make another big mistake and upset your Shizun, alright?"
Mo Ran was particularly good at playing the innocent victim: "I know, auntie."
"One more thing." Madam Wang took out a letter from the small pearwood table. "It's been one year since you've been initiated and it's time for you to take on the responsibility of removing demons. Yesterday your uncle sent a letter by pigeon, specifically asking you to go down the mountain to complete this task once your punishment was done."
In the list of rules of Life-Death Peak, one year after being initiated, disciples must wander through the world to dispel demons.
The disciple's master will accompany them on their first demon removal mission. In addition, the disciple must also invite a fellow disciple to go with them in order to let the disciples support each other and understand why "loyalty is a lesson, life and death changes for no one."
Mo Ran's eyes lit up. He took the request letter, tore it open and read it in a hurry, beaming with joy.
Madam Wang worried: "A-Ran, your uncle wants you to have a famous first battle. Therefore, you've got a lot of responsibilty. Although Elder Yuheng has a high level of cultivation, he is ruthless in a fight and he may not be able to protect you very well. You can't be too cocky and underestimate your opponent."
"No, no!" Mo Ran repeatedly waved his hands, grinning. "Don't worry, Auntie. I can take care of myself." After saying that, he was ready to go pack.
"This child. . ." Madam Wang looked at him from behind, her gentle and beautiful face full of worry. "How can he be so happy after receiving this kind of task?"
How could Mo Ran not be happy?
The demon removal mission that his uncle gave him occurred in Caidie Town and was entrusted by a local clerk named Chen.
Regardless of what kind of ghosts there were, the key thing was what happened in his previous life. It was in Caidie Town where he was bewitched by demons, lost his mind, and forcibly kissed Shi Mei under their illusion. It was also one of the few times that Mo Ran had been so close, which was really soul-crushing.
Moreover, because he was bewitched, Shi Mei couldn't find it genuine. It was all for nothing! He hadn't been able to settle things with him afterwards.
Mo Ran's eyes were curved into crescents. Even if he had to do this assignment with Chu Wanning, he didn't mind.
The master can take care of the demons, and when he was on his own, why not enjoy this perfect opportunity?
He invited Shi Mei, reported it to his Shizun, and the three of them rushed all the way to the evil town of Caidie.
This was a town full of flowers. Flower fields stretch for dozens of miles outside the residential area so colourful butterflies were always flying around town, hence the name*.
*(T/N "Caidie" [彩蝶] translates to "bright colour" and "butterfly.")
It was night when the three arrived. At the entrance of the village, drums and music sounded, and a line of musicians dressed in big red clothes blew suona horns and walked out from an alley.
Shi Mei asked curiously: "Is this a wedding? Why is it being done at night?"
Chu Wanning said: "It's a ghost marriage."
A ghost marriage, also known as Yin marriage, was a post-death marriage for unmarried men and women who have died. This custom wasn't prominent in poorer regions, but Caidie Town was very wealthy, so it was commonplace to find spouses for boys and girls who have never been married before they died.
The procession of the ghost marriage was incredibly large, divided into two rows, one is carrying real silk and satin, and the other carrying paper ingots. Like this, surrounded by a red and white eight-person sedan chair and the glow of the golden lamp, they filed out of the village.
Mo Ran pulled on his horse's reins, moving off to the side and letting the ghost marriage procession pass first. When the sedan chair approached, he noticed that it wasn't a living person sitting inside, but a ghost bride made with paper mâché. The ghost bride was covered in cream and powder. Her lips were painted bright red, her pale face prominent because of the two dots of blush on her cheeks Her smile was extremely sullen.
"What a dumb tradition. They're just burning money away." Mo Ran muttered under his breath.
Chu Wanning said: "The people of Caidie Town are very concerned about the art of geomancy, and they believe that there should not be a lonely grave at home otherwise the family fortune will be implicated by the lonely ghosts."
". . . Is that a real saying?"
"The townspeople think so."
"Well, yeah. Caidie Town has been here for hundreds of years. If I told them that the evil they believed in doesn't exist, they probably wouldn't be able to accept it."
Shi Mei whispered: "Where's the ghost marriage procession going?"
Chu Wanning explained: "When we came just now, we passed through an earthen temple. The temple was not dedicated to any gods or Buddhas. The lintel still had the word "囍" on it*. The table was piled high with red satin, and they all had a similar message of 'good fortune from heaven' or 'good fortune under the spring' written on them. I think that's where they're going."
*(T/N Pronounced "Xǐ," means "double happiness;" a symbol of good luck, especially for marriages.)
"I also noticed that temple." Shi Mei pondered, "Shizun, is it the Master of Ceremonies Ghost that's enshrined there?"
"Very good."
The Master of Ceremonies Ghost is a folk image of what people believe the god of ghosts looked like. People believe that the deceased soul to marry also need three matchmakers and the six kinds of bridal gifts, the exchange of wedding invitations, but also need to have a master of ceremonies as a witness to recognize two dead people as married.
And because of the customs of a ghost marriage, Caidie Town naturally built a golden statue for the Master of Ceremonies Ghost for the town outside the cemetery in front of the burial site. Before the participants are bound together through the ghost marriage, they must carry the ghost bride to the temple first to worship.
Mo Ran had rarely seen such a ridiculous scene before, watching with great interest, but Chu Wanning only looked at it coldly for a moment. He turned his horse's head, and said: "Let's go and take a look at the infested house."
"Three cultivation masters, my life is really hard! You're here! If no one cares about what's happening, I-I don't even want to live anymore!"
The person who commissioned Life-Death Peak to remove ghosts was the richest merchant in town, Mr. Chen.
The Chen family was in the incense powder business. There were four sons and one daughter in the family. After the eldest son got married, his wife didn’t like the noise at home, so the two of them thought about moving out and establishing their own business. Chen’s family was rich and powerful, so they bought a large piece of land in a secluded part of the northern mountain with a natural hot spring pool, which guests would especially enjoy.
However, on the first day of excavation, some shovels broke ground and a shovel hit a hard object. The eldest daughter-in-law leaned over to take a look, and immediately fainted. On the north mountain, they had dug up a new coffin covered with red lacquer!
Caidie Town was really a mass burial ground. After the death of the town residents, they were all buried there. But this lonely coffin appeared on the North Mountain inexplicably. There was no grave or monument, and the wood of the coffin was blood-red.
They didn't dare dig anymore and quickly put the soil back, but it was too late. Ever since that day, strange things have happened to the Chen family.
"First was my daughter-in-law." Mr. Chen cried. "She was so frightened, it affected her baby and caused a miscarriage. Later, it was my eldest son. He went to the mountains to collect medicine to help his wife, but his feet slipped. He stumbled and fell to the bottom of the mountain. He wasn't breathing by the time we took to find help. . . Ah!" He sighed, choked up and couldn't speak anymore, just waving his hand instead.
Madam Chen also took out a handkerchief and wiped her tears: "My husband is right. A few months after that, our sons had accidents one by one, either going missing or losing their lives - four sons, three are gone!"
Chu Wanning frowned, his gaze sweeping past the Chen family couple and fell on the pale youngest son. He looked about the same age as Mo Ran, fifteen or sixteen years old, good-looking, but fear made his face a little distorted.
Shi Mei asked: "Could you please tell me how the other children. . . went missing?"
"Oh, the second-eldest was on his way to find his brother, and was bitten by a snake. The snake was an ordinary grass snake and isn't venomous. No one thought twice about it at that time, but within a few days, he suddenly collapsed while eating, and then. . . ahhh, my child. . ."
Shi Mei sighed and couldn't bear to ask: "Then, did the body show signs of poisoning?"
"Ah, where would the poison come from? Our family must be cursed! The first few sons are gone, and the next one is the youngest! The next one is the youngest!"
Chu Wanning frowned. His eyes struck Madam Chen like lightning, and he asked: "How do you know that the youngest will be the next one? Why not yourself? Is this ghost only killing men?"
The youngest son of the Chen family was hunched there; his legs were trembling, and his eyes were swollen like peaches. When he opened his mouth, his voice was shrill and distorted: "It's me! It's me! I know it! The person in the red coffin is here!" He's here! Daoist Master, Daoist Master, help me! Daoist Master, help me!"
Talking about his emotions, he began to lose control, and he rushed over to hold Chu Wanning's thigh.
Chu Wanning, who didn't like contact with strangers, immediately avoided it and raised her head to stare at Mr. and Madam Chen: "What's going on?"
The couple looked at each other and said with a quivering voice: "There is a place in this house, we-we dare not go again - the Daoist Master will know when he sees it. It's truly evil, it's really-"
Chu Wanning interrupted: "Where?"
The couple hesitated for a while, stretched out their hands, and shakingly pointed to the shrine room where the ancestors were enshrined in the house: "It's there. . ."
Chu Wanning took the lead and went over, followed by Mo Ran and Shi Mei, with the Chen family following far behind.
Pushing open the door, the interior resembled a joss house where some large families would offer sacrifices to gods and ancestors. There were several rows of spiritual sigils densely arranged, with pale, tall candles burning on both sides.
All the tablets in the room were engraved, painted in yellow, with the names of the deceased and their position in the family.
These spirit tablets are very well written, showing ancestral so and so's great heavenly spirit, and so and so's heavenly spirit.
But only the spirit tablet in the middle, the words on it were not carved then painted in, but a line of words written in a brilliant red:
The spirit of Chen Yanji.
Master Yang. Chen Sunshi.
Perhaps the Chen family hiding behind the Taoist chief was a fluke. They looked at the ancestral hall where the white silk was flying timidly, only to see the words painted in blood on the tablet again, and suddenly collapsed.
Mrs. Chen howled. Her younger son's face shared its colour with a corpse.
This memorial tablet, firstly, was written improperly, and secondly, the characters on the memorial tablet were crooked and twisted, resembling a ghost sigil written by someone when they were half-asleep, and the scribbles were almost unrecognizable.
Shi Mei turned his head and asked: "Who is Chen Yanji?"
The youngest son of the Chen family was crying behind him, shaking and saying, "Yes, it's me."
Mr. Chen cried and said, "Daoist, this is what it looks like. Since the second-eldest went there, we have discovered. . . that there was an extra spiritual sign in the ancestral temple, and the sign was actually the name of a living person in our family. As soon as the name appeared, within seven days, that person would suffer misfortune! When the youngest's name appeared on the tablet, I shut him in the house, and the door was covered with incense ashes. I invited people to try and cast spells on it. I tried everything. But on the seventh day! He was still dead. . . for no reason, just like that!"
The more he talked, the more excited he became, but the more he talked, the more scared he got, and he knelt down with a thump: "I, Chen, have never done anything in my life that would hurt God. Why did God treat me like this! Why!"
Shi Mei looked sad, and hurriedly went to comfort the crying old man, while raising his head and softly shouted: "Shizun, look at this. . ."
Chu Wanning didn't turn around. He was still looking at the spirit sign with great interest as if a flower could bloom on the spirit sign.
Suddenly, Chu Wanning asked, "Master Yang, Chen Sunshi; is it talking about you, Madam Chen?"
[T/N Hello! Sorry about this chapter taking so long. My family is moving and I've been helping them do that plus a wedding I was in so it's been busy. Things should be calmer now so it shouldn't take this long for the next one!]
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translations-by-aiimee · 26 days ago
Dig a Grave to Dig Out a Ghost - Chapter 21
Original Title: 挖坟挖出鬼
Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Supernatural, Yaoi
This translation is based on multiple MTLs and my own limited knowledge of Chinese characters. If I have made any egregious mistakes, please let me know.
Chapter Index
Chapter 21 - Possess
There were no classes the next day. Lin Yan wanted to sleep in. Who knew that he'd get woken up by Yin Zhou's early morning phone call? He was still hazy from sleep. He didn’t make out a lot of what Yin Zhou was saying. From what he did hear, it seemed like one of his relatives say a ghost. . . Lin Yan put down the receiver and sat on the bed in a daze. He raised his head and glanced at the wall clock on the wall. It was currently 7:05. He had forgotten to close his curtains last night and bright sunlight streamed into the room.
Lin Yan turned over and lay on the blankets, wanting to go back to sleep. The morning wind blew in from the window, and the cool air made him feel refreshed from his shoulders to his legs. Lin Yan hugged the pillow when a thought appeared. Something was wrong.
His side was bare?
He jumped up like a flailing carp and looked down at his bare torso. Lin Yan was so frightened that he pulled the blanket around his waist, looking like a guilty thief.
Fortunately, Xiao Yu wasn't there.
Lin Yan slumped back on the bed, stretching out his arms and legs and reminiscing about what had happened last night. It seemed that he actually had a bath with the ghost, and even had a good time with him. But then, Xiao Yu put on his clothes, leaving him only wearing his drenched boxers. When the flashback reached the part where the door slammed, Lin Yan jerked. He groaned internally; he actually messed around with a ghost.
The relationship between the two had just started to improve at the antiquities lecture, and then a comment about sending him away caused him to completely flip out. Lin Yan put his chin on the pillow and sulkily pondered. He wasn't sure what the ghost had been upset about. It was hard to determine who took advantage of who last night, but a ghost that claimed he'll take his life doesn't give him much room to resist. It was unbearable. If it weren't for the fact that he had finished things himself, he would have gone crazy.
Besides, jerking off is a real personal topic. . . Lin Yan felt himself blush. He buried his head into the pillow and wanted to stay there for the rest of the day.
Anyways, what about the ghost?
Lin Yan changed his clothes, ruffled his messy hair and walked out of the bedroom. When he turned to the living room, he was midway through the yawn. When Lin Yan saw the scene in front of him through the sleepy haze in his eyes, his body was numb in shock and he almost screamed.
Xiao Yu was sitting on the sofa and stared at him coldly. The light gray soft satin shirt reflected the delicate pearly light of the early morning sun. He looked like a beautiful young man, but right now, he made the atmosphere gloomy and chilly.
Five words quickly popped up in his head: enemies on a narrow road*.
*(T/N: it's four characters in Chinese [冤家路窄], and it basically means two enemies that inevitably meet and have a staredown, i.e. a cowboy faceoff at high noon, that kind of thing)
Lin Yan stood awkwardly tugged on the hem of his shirt. The situation was completely beyond his imagination. The ghost found in the tomb was a ruthless murderer, but this ghost was different from the ones on TV or in horror movies. He wasn't possessing him, couldn't remember how he died, or even remember who he was. There was nothing else for him to do but cling to him every day. It sounded pathetic, but he could at least always hold his form and didn't shy away from the sun. Lin Yan glanced at the sofa discreetly, thinking that the next time he saw the little Daoist priest, he would have so many questions to ask him.
The question now was what should he do? The person on the sofa was clearly upset. Even though he was a few metres away, Lin Yan could still feel the surrounding air crackling and exploding with sparks.
After a moment of hesitation, he decided to take the initiative to attack and kill the enemy before the enemy could attack, nipping all the hidden attacks in the bud. Lin Yan channelled his qi, opened his meridians, centred his energy, and let out a dry smile: "Good morning Young Master Xiao!"
You could hear a pin drop.
"Are you. . . hungry? I'm going to make breakfast?" Lin Yan wanted to ask him for forgiveness. Even though he thought that ghosts probably didn't need to eat, eating was probably similar enough to eating people. Eating people. . . Lin Yan's face started to burn again. He anxiously wrung his hands. He moved to the sofa, and gently placed a hand on the ghost's knee.
Xiao Yu glanced at him, then turned to stare out the window in silence.
"I'm not angry anymore. I let you kiss me, and we can do it again in a few days. I don't know what's wrong." Lin Yan coaxed him kindly.
The ghost still sat silently.
"I don't want you to leave anymore. You choked me so hard yesterday, so let's call it even." Lin Yan felt like he was making a fool of himself. He was getting frustrated so he leaned forward cheekily: "Here, I'll let you kiss me again as compensation."
"Alright, then I'll kiss you whenever I want to instead."
Not waiting for Lin Yan to lean over, Xiao Yu flung his sleeves, moved to the side and sat upright looking at him.
Xiao Yu's reaction really let him know what it meant to show warm feelings but meet with cold rebuke. The irritability of being woken up early in the morning mixed with his current anger, and he couldn't keep it together. Why, despite getting closer to death every day, did he still have to go out of his way to make this ghost happy?
Lin Yan clenched his fist and screamed at Xiao Yu: "What do you want? Do you want me to just lie still while you fuck me? I'm a living fucking person and you never ask when you want to do anything. I dug up your grave, not fucked your corpse. What's the point in stalking me like this? Huh?" As he got angrier and angrier, he picked up a glass cup on the coffee table and smashed it, the shards scattering all over the floor.
"Fine, have it your way. You want me to leave? If you aren't going to kill me then I still have things to do. When the time comes, you go on your way and I'll go on mine. We won't owe each other anything!"
In the living room early in the morning, two people were sitting on the sofa, one with a blank face and the other with a face full of rage right beside him. Neither wanted to look at the other longer than they needed to. Sunlight bounced off the broken pieces of glass on the ground. The orchids on the windowsill were in full bloom, and a few slender branches were covered with quivering white butterflies.
A picture-perfect scene of a husband and wife quarrelling.
The people involved wouldn't agree with this. Lin Yan tugged on the waistband of his pants and walked to the kitchen distractedly. He took four eggs and cracked them into a frying pan. He didn’t know why he still prepared enough for two people. The oil crackled and popped on the pan. When it was almost cooked, he grabbed the sugar from the spice box and sprinkled it in. Lin Yan bowed his head again. He just wanted to throw the pan away. He had accidentally put the wrong seasoning, and now the poached eggs were sprinkled with a thick layer of MSG.
He couldn't keep living like this.
Suddenly the phone in his pocket beeped. A text message from Yin Zhou popped up with the address of XX hospital and a message: “Visiting starts at 9:30. Get here quickly.” Lin Yan stared at the phone in a daze, and suddenly remembered the jumbled call he received this morning. It seemed that Yin Zhou's relatives had encountered something evil and he wanted him to grab the little Daoist priest and rush over to see what was going on.
Holding his phone, Lin Yan didn't know whether he wanted to laugh or cry. He hadn't even dealt with the evil things happening around him. Now he had to take on someone else's problem, as if ghosts from all over the world had made an appointment to meet him, rushed over all at once and greeted him with an evil grin. Lin Yan turned off the stove, forwarded the text message to the little Daoist priest, and tried to fix his expression as he walked to the living room. He hadn't been angry for so many years and he didn't know what to do with himself. He deliberately forced himself to keep a straight face and stared at the wall behind Xiao Yu's shoulders: "I'm going out. If you really don't want to see me, stay here. I'll be back tonight at the latest."
After he finished talking, he went to stand at the door to change his shoes. He turned his head and was face-to-face with Xiao Yu again. He was close enough that he could see his reflection in the other's eyes. Lin Yan was so startled that he almost fell into the shoe rack.
"You want to play Cold War but you're still going to follow me, this guy. . ." Lin Yan muttered, grabbing the car key from the hook and opened the door.
At 9:30 a.m., Lin Yan, who had just finished charging through the morning traffic, appeared in front of a private hospital on the North Third Ring Road. The hospital’s grandeur was a sight to behold. The high-rise buildings were covered with walls of light-blue glass, and the shrubs in the flower beds were meticulously pruned. Although the road near the main entrance of the hospital was congested with traffic, it got better once he passed through the gate. Lin Yan followed the instructions on the floor plan to find the inpatient department. He bought a ridiculously expensive basket of apples from the supermarket downstairs, walked through the front door, took out his mobile phone at the elevator entrance and double-checked the address Yin Zhou sent him.
This is it. Lin Yan took a breath and stepped into the elevator and pressed the button for the 17th floor.
In the elevator, Lin Yan hoped that the ghost would do something to disperse the current embarrassing atmosphere, but Xiao Yu just stayed an arm's length away from him and put on an air of indifference.
When the nurse led Lin Yan into the ward, Yin Zhou and A-Yan had already arrived and were sitting on some stools in the middle of a conversation. The private room was clean and tidy. A wide hospital bed sat against the wall, covered with light blue bedding. There were no patients. A middle-aged woman with delicate makeup but a sad expression sat on the bedside peeling oranges. Seeing Lin Yan enter the room, she barely forced out a wry smile and greeted him: "Xiaolin is here, sit down."
"Hello, Auntie." Lin Yan pulled up a chair and sat down. This woman was Yin Zhou's aunt. She was often seen around Yin Zhou's house during New Years. He remembered her as being a very popular person. She liked to laugh at Lin Yan's jokes, and always said that when her daughter was older, they could get married. She kept at it until she met Weiwei, then she changed her goal and asked him almost every day if he was married yet.
"Xiao Yang is over there." The woman pointed to the window. A girl wearing a hospital gown stood in front of the window glass with her back to Lin Yan, not reacting at all.
Lin Yan nodded at Yin Zhou. "What's going on?"
Yin Zhou pulled his stool over and sat down by Lin Yan. He pointed to the girl by the window: "It's my cousin. The one that set off firecrackers with us on New Years, remember? For the past month, she's been in the hospital with a kidney infection."
"Of course I remember my little wife." Lin Yan laughed and called to the girl at the window, "What's Xiao Yang looking at? Come over here, look who's here."
The girl didn't seem to hear it at all. She remained at the window and continued staring out.
Lin Yan was perplexed. He remembers this girl as someone lively and mischievous, talking like a mini adult. Even when she was thirteen or fourteen, it always seemed like she, Lin Yan and Yin Zhou were all the same age. During the Chinese New Year, Yin Zhou had been bored playing games in his bedroom and didn't want to greet his relatives so Lin Yan became the host despite being a guest. He was the one who watched TV and gossiped with this little girl; from which boy was handsome to who secretly wrote a note to whom. The little girl was smart and kept her wits about her. One time, Lin Yan and Yin Zhou secretly took her to a lake to go ice skating. As a result, her foot slipped through the ice and she got completely soaked. Unexpectedly, she never said a word of what happened and she kept it secret when they all went home.
No one in the room spoke, and the sudden silence made Lin Yan a little at a loss. A moment later, the woman sitting on the bed suddenly burst into tears: "I don't know what's wrong. She was barely sick and then this happened." She pointed at the girl by the window and cried loudly: "It's been four days. She hasn't eaten or slept. She just stands by the window and stares outside. The doctors have checked for everything that could possibly be checked. They say it's hysteria and there's nothing they can do. I can't take it anymore."
"What? Auntie, calm down. Speak slowly." Lin Yan was confused.
"See for yourself. It's hard to explain." Yin Zhou pointed to the girl standing completely straight at the window.
Lin Yan put the fruit basket on the bedside table hesitantly. He walked to the window and stood behind the girl for a while. When she didn't move, he tapped her shoulder: "Xiao Yang, have you missed me?"
The girl turned her head. Not like how ordinary people turn their heads where they move their necks first, but instead turned her head 180 degrees until she and Lin Yan were face-to-face. As soon as he saw the girl’s face, Lin Yan yelled and stumbled back. He immediately noticed something wrong. She didn't have any pupils. Her eyes were rolled back into her head. Through her tangled hair, only the whites or her eyes were staring at Lin Yan. She faintly hissed: "Are you here yet?"
"Why haven't you come yet?"
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Dig a Grave to Dig Out a Ghost - Chapter 20
Original Title: 挖坟挖出鬼
Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Supernatural, Yaoi
This translation is based on multiple MTLs and my own limited knowledge of Chinese characters. If I have made any egregious mistakes, please let me know.
Chapter Index
Chapter 20 - Wronged
Xiao Yu didn't make him do anything this time. Lin Yan pulled over a small bench and sat by the bathtub. When he opened his eyes again, Xiao Yu was lying on the edge of the bathtub, his face directly in front of Lin Yan's. Lin Yan almost fell off the bench in fright. He straightened himself, hand clutching at his chest.
What was wrong? Why was he suddenly so nervous? Lin Yan shook his head vigorously to get rid of the strange thoughts in his mind and took a deep breath. He gathered Xiao Yu's hair and soaked it in the water, building up suds in his hands. The temperature in the room from the summer night and two bodies was really uncomfortable, but the air around the ghost felt like it was being blown out of a refrigerator. Lin Yan, greedy for a bit of the coolness emanating off him, pressed his fingers against Xiao Yu's scalp, rubbing it gently. He couldn't help but proudly exclaim: "I'm pretty good at this, aren't I? Am I better than your maid?"
Xiao Yu raised his hand and touched his face. Lin Yan ducked, trying to dodge, but didn't get out of the way in time and his face was smeared with foam. He started playing with it, scooping the foam up and smearing it onto Xiao Yu's face. When he inadvertently wiped it on his eyes, Xiao Yu didn't duck away. He blinked and caught Lin Yan's wrist, and whispered, "That hurts."
"Don't-don't move, I'll help you wash it out." ​​Lin Yan was startled. He lowered the temperature of the faucet water and poured it over Xiao Yu's head. The ghost closed his eyes docilely, and his black hair flattened against his shoulders under the impact of the water. Lin Yan brushed away the foam on his eyelids with his fingers. He couldn't help but look down. A pair of long eyebrows that always appeared uneven, eyes slightly closed, neat sideburns, and the bridge of his nose so sharp, it was like a knife. . . It was really... how could a ghost look so pretty. . .
Lin Yan was in a daze, and a thought appeared in his mind.
A kiss. . . A kiss would be okay.
After all, he had been kissed so many times before.
He could just return the favour.
Lin Yan slowly lowered his head, and pressed his lips to Xiao Yu's cheek. . .
Bang. The cold metal shell of the showerhead slammed against the edge of the bathtub and made a muffled thud. Lin Yan was frightened and jumped back, and he came back to his senses. What he was doing? Lin Yan stared blankly at the showerhead that kept spraying water after it fell in the bathtub. From his neck all the way to his cheeks, he flushed as red as a cooked piece of shrimp.
He must have been out of his mind to try and kiss a ghost that was trying to kill him.
"Lin Yan." Xiao Yu gently called him, picking up the shower and placing it into Lin Yan's hand. His wet arms wrapped around Lin Yan's neck and forced his head down. Lin Yan reacted instinctively and tried to pull away. However, the ghost was too strong. One tried desperately to back away, the other dragging him forward. Lin Yan’s flip-flops slipped on the soapy floor. He lost his balance and pushed into Xiao Yu as he fell into the bathtub.
There was a muffled thump, and water splashed in all directions. Lin Yan was soaked from head to toe. He pulled himself up on the edge of the bath and spit out mouthfuls of water. He angrily wiped the soap bubbles off his face. He turned over, pushing Xiao Yu down and muttered: "Ok, you bastard, see if I help you now!" The sloshing water continued to make noise, and the two people huddled together in the hot water.
The steam accumulating in the bathroom grew thicker and thicker, and it was even getting difficult to see the outline of the door. The water vapour formed beads on the black and white shower curtain, rolling down in small drops. Lin Yan threw his drenched T-shirt onto the ground, lying side by side with Xiao Yu in only his boxers. Xiao Yu's whole body was as cool as marble, and it was very refreshing to stick to him.
Lin Yan stared at the ceiling and let out a long sigh of relief. It had been half a year, and this empty house had the touch of another human for the first time since Weiwei left. It just so happened that the human turned out to be a ghost.
It was like a real home. He could hear the mundane sounds of activities when he got back every day. Someone was there to watch TV with him during dinner. When he fell asleep, he could wrap his leg around the body of the person next to him. When he took a bath, there was someone splashing around and making trouble for him. There was someone there to complain about whether he put too much salt in their food or not, someone who could help him through nightmares. Lin Yan thought, whether it was the so-called 'love' or not, it felt good having someone by his side.
Lin Yan nudged Xiao Yu with his elbow, and sighed softly, "If you were still alive, we could be friends. You could come to my house for sweet and sour pork ribs on the weekend."
"Yin Zhou used to be cheeky and lounged around my place, but now he's too afraid and you and won't come anymore."
Xiao Yu suddenly turned his face and pulled on Lin Yan's arm, fixedly looking at him. He said slowly, ". . . Come with me."
"On July 15?" Lin Yan felt cold.
Xiao Yu nodded seriously.
Lin Yan stared at his fingers in a daze. He wasn't sure how to convince such a stubborn and domineering ghost, and he didn't want to disappoint him, but they were both just too different. He would look for a job, maybe get married, raise some kids, and spend the rest of his dull life eating and working. Xiao Yu should walk his own path, too. He walked through the Sanzu River, went over the Naihe Bridge, and drank the clear water from a wooden bowl. From then on, he could forget the past, treat his future as a blank piece of white paper and write himself a new life.
Pick up the pen, dip it in the ink, and forget about what came before. They should never have crossed paths.
"I can't." Lin Yan said softly, "I still have parents, friends. Xiao Yu, don't make things difficult. I have to live."
"No matter how difficult it is, I'll help you remember why you're here so you can fulfill your wish." Lin Yan sat up on the edge of the bathtub. "You have to be a good ghost so you can get reincarnated. Maybe we can meet again in the next life. I'll be a bearded old man by then, and I promise you won't be able to look away when you see me."
Lin Yan lifted up the edge of his wet boxers, stepping onto the tiles and trying to climb out. Suddenly a cold hand stretched out from underneath the water to grab his ankle, and then yanked hard. The bottom of the pool was wet and slippery. Lin Yan was already standing unsteadily, and he fell straight on his back. The moment his head hit the edge of the bathtub, it was cushioned by a palm. With a muffled sound, Lin Yan rested on the side of the bathtub with both hands under the water. The sharp pain in his back made him suck in a cold breath. When he opened his eyes, he was faced with a pair of cloudy pupils, reflecting his figure, infinitely embarrassed.
The surrounding temperature instantly cooled down.
Oh, he was angry.
After a moment of hesitation, Xiao Yu grabbed Lin Yan's hair and pressed him into the water. Lin Yan kicked his legs indiscriminately. The warm water rushed around from all directions. He was unable to breathe, unable to even make a sound. The warm water mixed with the shower gel poured into his mouth and went up his nose. Lin Yan shook his head helplessly under the water, and a hand that stretched out from the water squeezed Xiao Yu's wrist tightly.
The sound of the gurgling water seemed to be magnified by a loudspeaker when it hit his eardrums. His vision was distorted by the water flow, but he could make out Xiao Yu's wicked and vicious face. One hand wrapped around Lin Yan's neck and kept him underwater, the other hand wantonly stroking his chest.
The pain of suffocation and choking on water cut through his lungs like a razor blade. While his hair floated under the water, his eyes were wide open, full of fear and despair.
With a splash of water, Lin Yan was pulled up from under the water against Xiao Yu's waist and buckled softly against Xiao Yu's body. Unable to get up in a breath, Lin Yan closed his eyes and unconsciously squeezed Xiao Yu's arm. Lin Yan spit out a mouthful of water and started coughing violently until his back was beaten a few times.
It hurt everywhere. His nose, lungs, and back were all screaming like crazy. Lin Yan had never felt this crappy before in his life. He gasped for breath, coughing and spitting water, his ears buzzing. It was like a rag doll being pushed around by Xiao Yu. It took a long time to calm himself down, sobbing aggrievedly.
"Lin Yan, Lin Yan. . ." The hushed voice was full of anxiety, and his icy hand stroked down his back like he was a kitten.
"Don't touch me, stay away from me. . ." Lin Yan trembled on Xiao Yu's shoulder.
There was a small pop sound. The light in the bathroom went out, and their surroundings sank into dark silence.
The sudden darkness made Lin Yan's vision go black. All he could feel was a pair of cold hands supporting his waist. With a gentle tug, he fell back into Xiao Yu's arms. He tilted his head slightly, and his lips were sealed by the man's. His tongue was like a snake's, slithering in and licking around.
He was gentle, but he also wasn't allowing any room for Lin Yan to resist. Xiao Yu’s arms lay across his chest like steel tongs. Lin Yan couldn’t move his neck. He could only slightly tilt his head to match the other. He opened his lips and let the cool tongue slip in and out of his mouth. Then, the overwhelming emotions tumbled out, forcing him to respond.
The previous violent acts seemed to have allowed this ghost to gain complete control over him, but after three or two minutes of lingering teasing, Lin Yan's whole body softened, and the sudden breathing caused the pain in his chest to spike again. Lin Yan grabbed Xiao Yu's arm, muttering softly between the deep kisses: "It hurts. Xiao Yu, it hurts."
The steel tongs loosened, and Lin Yan leaned over the edge of the bathtub and coughed vigorously.
The cold hand rubbed his back and then started to lightly pat it. Until Lin Yan's breathing slowly calmed down, he clasped his abdomen from behind, hooking his arms around him and gently licked his earlobe.
"Hey. . ." After having an extremely sensitive place sucked repeatedly, Lin Yan couldn't help sucking in a breath and he curled up his legs.
The snake-like tongue refused to let him go. After getting that initial response, his tongue moved up his ear and made a suggestive sound beside it, while his palm restlessly stroked Lin Yan's chest, pressing into his incessantly. Lin Yan's breathing started to heat up. His whole body felt like it was on fire, but his mind was clear. Lin Yan pursed his lips and tried to control his body's reaction. With his head resting on Xiao Yu's shoulder, he raised his gaze to look at him. His eyes were filled with rage but also with desire. Looking at the pair of eyes filled with such vivid emotions, Xiao Yu was stunned. He lowered his head and continued to kiss him.
The handsome man curled up in his arms was like a cat. As Xiao Yu's kiss deepened, drool slipped out from the corners of Lin Yan's mouth. He only felt that his reactions were completely out of his control. Xiao Yu's bare legs were wedged between his knees, Lin Yan couldn't help but pester him further, his legs clamped around him and rubbed gently into him.
Like a slab of marble, he was firm and cold, a sharp contrast with the heat emanating from the bathtub.
Ever since this all started, he was constantly being teased. First, he was teased with being touched, then teased with him the sight of him. The ghost had kissed him everywhere from his fingers to his forehead in public crowds so often that it was even driving God crazy at this point. Lin Yan shifted desperately and wrapped his arms around Xiao Yu's waist, the desire that had been suppressed all night pouring out of him. Clearly, he had been born gay. Lin Yan hopelessly squeezed the ghost's waist. His heart was angry but his body felt like it was being electrified. Right up until Xiao Yu peeled off the thin pair of boxers he was wearing, his cold palms had been rubbing against his already very reactive member through the white cotton underwear.
"Go away." Lin Yan shook his head helplessly with a low voice: "Don't touch me."
The man's expression in front of him didn't change. His eyebrows stretched to his temples and the steam formed tiny droplets of water on his jade-like face, soaking his freshly washed black hair, it sticking to his face. His thin lips looked like they had been smeared with honey. The ghost couldn't blush, nor could he tremble and sweat like Lin Yan. Lin Yan panted heavily with Xiao Yu's movements, raising his gaze to stare at those chaotic eyes. Not a hint of clarity could be seen in them at this point. They looked like the eyes of a beast, filled with the intent to kill, holding no remorse. Xiao Yu hooked the edge of Lin Yan's underwear with his fingers, wrapping his hand around the limb that enthusiastically popped out.
A string of sparks exploded in Lin Yan's mind, the intense pleasure making him unable to resist biting down on the ghost's shoulder.
"Xiao Yu. . . you're already dead. . ."
". . . Please, don't. . ."
"Xiao Yu. . . let me go."
Lin Yan shook his head uncomfortably, one hand hooked around Xiao Yu's neck as his hand jerked, breathing more and more rapidly. Xiao Yu clenched his waist and spun him around so that he had to cross his legs around the other's hips, the stiffness between his thighs rubbing against Lin Yan's stomach. The shame and frustration of it all made Lin Yan unable to control himself. He must be going crazy. None of this should be happening. Ghosts and humans are two very different things. Even though he knew that the ghost was there to take his life, he couldn't resist. His heart was on fire, the steam in the bathroom felt boiling hot, the thrill of ravenous pleasure making him burn from the inside out.
"Don't touch me anymore. . ."
"Please, please, Xiao Yu. . . I feel like I'm dying. . ."
"I want, I want. . ." Lin Yan's nose was soaked in beads of sweat, and his cheeks were flushed. He was flustered, talking nonsense like a beast in heat. Xiao Yu pulled his face towards him and kissed him again. Lin Yan stuck his tongue into Xiao Yu’s mouth and wrapped his lips around his to deepen it. The hand that was gripping Xiao Yu's shoulder was caught and led down to hold the large object pressed against his stomach. The two were entwined in the tub, moving in each other's hands.
Desire overtook him. Lin Yan whimpered and bit Xiao Yu’s neck. His hand was covered by Xiao Yu, leading him to grasp the two members touching each other. The almost masturbatory action completely shattered his self-esteem. At the same time, the desire that he had secretly concealed for years was magnified beyond what he could bear. In front of him was the nape of Xiao Yu's neck and the indentation of his collarbone. The hot organ between his thighs rubbed against Xiao Yu. The hot water came up just high enough to cover the frigid body of the other person. Lin Yan put his damp head on Xiao Yu's shoulders. His body arched. He let out a low groan and a white cloud was released all over Xiao Yu's body.
He must be crazy. Lin Yan panted heavily on Xiao Yu's shoulder. His vision was a bit blurry, but the eyes of the person under him seemed to grow cold for a moment. Before Lin Yan was able to calm himself down, Xiao Yu abruptly pushed him off and rolled out of the tub.
"What are you doing?" Lin Yan asked tremblingly on the edge of the bathtub.
Xiao Yu didn't respond. He picked up the shirt with a snake pattern embroidered on it that Lin Yan had thrown on the chair and draped it over his body. He turned his back to him, fixed his hair and tied the belt around himself. He looked back at him with a pair of cold black eyes filled with contempt, marched out of the bathroom and slammed the door heavily.
There was a muffled sound.
Lin Yan lay in the bathtub alone, clutching at the cold ceramic tiles with his soaking wet hands, unable to even get a word out.
With a small click, the light came back on.
[The author has something to say: it's spoiler time! The monster-catching squad is getting together again, and it's not to catch Xiao Yu this time, but a . . . Xiao Yu will be here as a monster catcher this time, too! The husband and wife are quarrelling. Warm and hearing little paragraph~
I'll explain the nature of ghosts. It was originally the task of the little Daoist priest in the following chapters, but since everyone is asking me, I'll tell you in advance. In the Maoshan religion, ghosts are creatures that are inferior to the living. They can cultivate into an ethereal body, and then a real body, which means that even the most powerful ghosts have to head towards the living realm to increase their power. Xiao Yu, as a ghost who has cultivated his true body, can control his form and maintain his human desire (lol, this is very important!). He's more like a demon or a monster than a ghost, lol~
He can sleep. I think it’s just a habit of being a human being. He can talk. Of course ghosts can talk. Xiao Yu’just degraded a bit after staying in the dark for a long time. He will naturally change back when he gets along with Lin Yan. . . He will become more and more like a human being. After all, he wants to marry a wife, right?]
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The Husky and His White Cat Shizun - Chapter 9
Original Title:  二哈和他的白猫师尊
Genres: Drama, Romance, Tragedy, Xianxia, Yaoi
This translation is based on multiple MTLs and my own limited knowledge of Chinese characters. If I have made any egregious mistakes, please let me know.
Chapter Index
Chapter 9 - This Venerable One is Not a Dramatist
Chu Wanning's taste was really terrible.
Tedious. Dull. Desperately boring.
Look at the shelves; what a bunch of lame books!
"Ancient Enchantment Catalogue", "Encyclopedia of Exotic Flowers and Plants", "Collection of Linyi Confucian-Style Musical Scores", "The Collection of Herbs and Trees". The only ones that could be considered as casual reads were "Journey to the Land of Shu" and "Food of Basho".
Mo Ran picked up a few of the newer-looking books that Chu Wanning clearly hadn't read yet. He painted over all the pages and started drawing a bunch of raunchy erotica images.
While he was drawing, he thought: There aren't 10,000 books in here. There's only 8000. When Chu Wanning finds out that several of them have been made into erotica, he wasn't sure how long it would take, but by then, Chu Wanning would never be able to figure out who did it, so all he'd be able to do was sulk about it. It would be wonderful, truly wonderful.
He couldn't help laughing out loud when he thought about it, holding the book up.
Mo Ran had painted over ten books at this point. He let his imagination run wild as he thought up scenes to draw. They were turning out pretty nicely, he admired. The brushwork can be described as "Wu's strands flapping in the wind, Cao's clothes from the water"*; very elegant and refined. If someone asked Elder Yuheng if they could borrow some books and they happened to take one of these, it was natural to assume that word of the stuff he reads spreading around--
*(T/N: This saying comes from a type of Buddhist paintings. Basically it means the brushwork looked like clothes that wave in the wind and how clothes look when they cling to a person's body when they get out of the water, so wavy and flowy basically)
"Elder Yuheng, the man with a human face and a beastly heart, actually has images of fornication in the "Mind Purifying Technique" section!"
"Elder Yuheng is a delusional teacher, he's even got a comic strip of cut sleeves* in his sword manual!"
*(Term for gay men)
"What 'Venerable Beidou Immortal'? He's a beast in man's clothing!" The more Mo Ran thought about it, the funnier it got. In the end, all he could do was roll around on the floor with the brush still in his hand, laughing his head off.
So, when Shi Mei came over, what he saw was Mo Ran rolling around in a pile of books, laughing like crazy.
Shi Mei: ". . . A-Ran, what are you doing?" Mo Ran froze. He bolted up, hurriedly concealed all the coloured pictures, and put on an innocent, puppy dog-like face: "J-Just wiping the floor."
Shi Mei held back a smile: "You're wiping the floor with your sleeves?"
"Ah, I couldn't find a rag. Don't worry about it. Shi Mei, why are you doing here so late?"
"I went to your house to look for you, but I couldn't find you. I asked someone else and they said you were here with Shizun." Shi Mei entered the library and helped Mo Ran to pick up all the books piled on the floor. With a gentle smile, he said, "It's okay, I came to see you."
Mo Ran was ecstatic, and a little flattered. He pursed his lips; the person who always had some sly comment to make was rendered speechless.
"Then. . . um. . . then you should sit down!" After bumbling happily on the spot for a second, Mo Ran stammered: "I-I'll pour you some tea."
"No, I came here uninvited. If Shizun finds out, we'll get in trouble."
Mo Ran scratched his head: "You're right. . ." Chu Wanning is such a pervert! Sooner or later, he would break him, and no longer succumb to his lewdness!
"Have you eaten dinner yet? I brought you some dishes."
Mo Ran eyes lit up: "Your wontons?"
"Pff, how are you not tired of them? I didn't bring any. Red Lotus Pavilion is far away and I was afraid of dropping them. Here, I brought some stir-fried vegetables. See if you like them."
Shi Mei opened the food box next to them, and, sure enough, there were a few red-coloured dishes inside. A dish of sweet and sour chicken, a dish of shredded pork with fish, a dish of Kung Pao chicken, a plate of cucumbers, and a bowl of rice.
"Hey, did you out the chilli peppers?"
"I was worried you might eat too many, so I only added a little." Shi Wei smiled. He and Mo Ran both love spicy dishes and naturally knew that nothing could ever be 'too spicy'. "But your wounds haven't healed enough. I didn't want to risk adding too much. A bit of flavour is better than coating it in red."
Mo Ran happily bit onto his chopsticks, his dimples appearing like drops of honey under the candlelight: "Wow! You're going to make me cry!"
Shi Mei smiled and said, "By the time you're done crying, the dishes will be cold. Cry after you finish eating."
Mo Yan let out a cheerful cry and moved his chopsticks as fast as he could.
He ate like a starving dog. Chu Wanning always uncomfortable with it, but Shi Mei didn't mind.
Shi Mei was always gentle, smiling and telling him to slow down while handing him a cup of tea. The plates were quickly emptied. Mo Ran patted his stomach and let out a relaxed sigh. He closed his eyes and sighed: "That was delicious. . ."
Shi Mei asked offhandedly: "Which tastes better, the wontons or these dishes?"
Mo Ran, just like his obsession with first love, was very infatuated with food. Tilting his head, his black, gleaming, soft eyes looked at Shi Mei, grinning: "The wontons."
". . ." Shi Mei smiled and shook his head. After a pause, he said, "A-Ran, let me change your bandages for you."
The ointment was made by Madam Wang.
In her early years, Mrs. Wang was a disciple of the "Lone Moon Night" medicinal sect. She had weak cultivation and didn't like to fight or kill, but she truly enjoyed studying medicine. There was a medicinal herb garden on Life-Death Peak which she planted herself. There were many rare herbs and plants there, so there was never a shortage of ointments in the sect.
Mo Ran took off his shirt and turned his back to Shi Mei. The scars on his back still faintly ached, but Shi Mei's warm fingers dipped in the ointment, little by little, pressed gently and slowly wiped away the pain. But he still held resentment in his heart for the person who gave him the wounds.
"Alright." Shi Mei wrapped a new bandage around Mo Ran, tying it carefully. "Put on your clothes."
Mo Ran turned around and glanced at Shi Mei. Under the faint yellow candlelight, Shi Mei's skin deceptively shined as white as snow, making him look even more alluring. His tongue was dry. He really didn't want to put on his clothes, but after hesitating for a minute, he lowered his head and quickly put on his shirt.
"Shi Mei."
In such a claustrophobic and private library, the atmosphere was set perfectly for any lonely individual. Mo Ran had wanted to say something moving and sweet, but he was an illiterate man who was called his own ruling period "No-Stick". After trying to find the right words for a while, his face turned bright red, and only a few words came out: "You're so good."
"What? Why wouldn't I be?"
"I'll be very good to you too." Mo Ran spoke calmly, but his palms were sweaty, and his beating heart betrayed him. "When I get better, no one will be able to pick on you. Not even Shizun."
Shi Mei didn't know why he suddenly spoke like this. He was taken aback for a moment, but he still said softly: "Okay. Then, I'll trust things to you."
"Okay. . ."
Mo Ran responded softly. Shi Mei's charming gaze made his heart flutter even faster. He couldn't keep eye contact any longer so he lowered his head.
To this person, he had always been cautious around him, even obsessive.
"Ah, Shizun wants you to dust this many books? Won't that take you all night?"
Mo Ran was still trying to recover his dignity in front of his beloved: "Luckily, I should have enough time to catch up before that long."
Shi Mei said: "Let me help you."
"You can't do that. If Shizun finds you, we'll both be punished." Mo Ran was very firm, "It's late. You should go rest. We have early training tomorrow morning."
Shi Mei took his hand and laughed softly: "It's okay, he won't find out. We just need to be quiet. . ."
Before he finished speaking, they heard a cold voice.
"What about being quiet?"
At some point, Chu Wanning had silently entered the room. His face was cold, his phoenix eyes shooting a frosty glare. He was dressed in cold, white clothing, standing at the door of the library, looking at them with a blank stare. His gaze focused on their hands that were clutched together before turning away.
"Shi Mingjing, Mo Weiyu, you both have a lot of nerve."
Shi Mei's face drained of colour. He suddenly let go of Mo Ran's hand, and his voice sounded pitiful: "Shizun. . ."
Mo Ran internally cursed and also lowered his head: "Shizun."
Chu Wanning stepped into the room. He ignored Mo Ran and looked down at Shi Mei who was kneeling on the ground. He said faintly: "Red Lotus Pavilion is monitored by numerous enchantments. Did you really think I wouldn't have noticed if someone entered?"
Shi Mei bowed his head anxiously: "The disciple knows he's in the wrong."
Mo Ran spoke hurriedly: "Shizun, Shi Mei just came to help me change my bandages. He was going to leave right after. Please don't blame him."
Shi Mei also rushed to say: "Shizun, this matter has nothing to do with Junior Brother Mo. it's all my fault. I'm willing to receive punishment for my actions."
". . ."
Chu Wanning's face turned blue.
He didn't say anything. These two were eager to make excuses to save the other, both seeing his as a threat, their shared enemy. Chu Wanning remained silent for a while, barely suppressing the twitch in his eyebrows. Finally, he said: "It's so moving seeing such devotion between fellow disciples. It seems that I'm the only wicked one in the room."
Mo Ran spoke: "Shizun. . ."
". . . Be quiet."
Chu Wanning flung his sleeves out to the side, and didn't speak any further. Mo Ran didn't know what was wrong with him and why he was so angry. His only guess was that Chu Wanning wasn't a fan of people sitting around and gossiping. No matter what they were gossiping about, he probably saw it as something dirty.
The three were silent for a long time.
Suddenly, Chu Wanning turned around to leave.
Shi Mei raised his head. His eyes were a little red, and confused, he asked: "Shizun?"
"Go and copy out the sect rules ten times, then leave."
Shi Mei lowered his eyes. He whispered: ". . . Yes, Shizun."
Mo Ran stayed kneeling in the same spot.
Shi Mei stood up. He glanced at Mo Ran, and hesitated with what he wanted to say next. After a pause, he knelt down again and pleaded to Chu Wanning.
"Shizun, Junior Brother Mo's wounds only just healed. This is bold of me to ask, but please don't punish him any further."
Chu Wanning didn't say a word. He stood alone under the dimly-lit hanging lamp. Suddenly, he turned his head to the side. All they could see were his sharp eyebrows and seething eyes. He barked out:
"Such nonsense! Why are you still here?!"
When he was calm, Chu Wanning looked incredibly handsome, but when he grew angry, he looked absolutely terrifying. Shi Mei trembled in fear. Terrified of making Shizun even more upset and causing more trouble for Mo Ran, he quickly bowed and left.
That left only two of them in the library. Mo Ran internally sighed: "Shizun, I messed up. I'll continue cataloguing your books."
Chu Wanning said without turning his head: "If you're tired, you may leave."
Mo Ran's head snapped up.
Chu Wanning said coldly: "I won't keep you."
Why would he be so kind and let him leave? This must be some kind of trick!
Mo Ran wittily retorted: "I won't leave."
Chu Wanning paused. He sneered: ". . . Okay, it's up to you."
After speaking, he flicked his wide sleeves, turned and left.
Mo Ran was stunned - he wasn't joking? He thought that Chu Wanning would inevitably reward him with another round with Tianwen.
Working right until midnight, he finally finished all his tasks. Mo Ran yawned and finally left the library.
Right now, it was really late at night, yet there was still a dim light coming from Chu Wanning's bedroom.
What? That nasty monster hasn't gone to bed yet?
Mo Ran walked over, ready to greet Chu Wanning before leaving. When he entered the room, he found that Chu Wanning had already fallen asleep, but this guy with his poor memory had forgotten to snuff out the candle before going to bed.
Or maybe he had been in the middle of building something and just passed out from exhaustion. Mo Ran glanced at the Night Wanderer, which was lying in pieces by the bed. Pondering this option, he finally noticed that Chu Wanning hadn't taken off his metalworking gloves, and was still clutching half of the machine's buckle in his hands, confirming the latter theory to be true.
Chu Wanning didn't seem so stern and cold when he was sleeping. He was curled up on the bed that was covered with mechanical parts, saws and axes. There were too many things to spread out. Honestly, there was barely even enough space for him at all, so he was curled up into a tight ball. His back was arched, his long eyelashes fanning down on his face. He looked almost like he was lonely.
Mo Ran stared at him for a while.
Earlier. . . What was Chu Wanning so mad about?
Was he mad that Shi Mei snuck into Red Lotus Pavilion and wanted to help him with his punishment?
Mo Ran approached the bed, rolling his eyes. He leaned close to Chu Wanning's ear and tried to wake him up: "Shizun?"
". . . Mmm. . ." Chu Wanning hummed softly and hugged the cold gear in his arms tightly. He was fast asleep, breathing evenly. The metalworking gloves he hadn't taken off yet were resting by his face, the sharp tips on the fingers looking like the claws of a cat or a leopard.
When Mo Ran realized that he probably wasn't going to wake up any time soon, he narrowed his eyes and a smirk tugged at the corners of his mouth. He pressed himself against Chu Waning's ear and lowered his voice to test the waters. "Shizun, wake up."
". . ."
". . ."
"Chu Wanning?"
". . ."
"Hah, you really fell asleep." Mo Ran was thrilled. He propped his arm on his pillow and looked at him with a smile. "This is perfect. I'll take advantage of this to settle the score with you."
Chu Wanning was unaware that someone wanted to get into it with him. His eyes remained closed and he kept sleeping, his handsome face looking very peaceful.
Mo Ran assumed a powerful pose. It was a pity that he had grown up in a traveling troupe. He would go days without reading anything. When he was a child, all he ever experienced was the bustling life of the marketplace and all the stories being told by the people in it. That meant that the words and sentences he tried to put together were lame and weird-sounding
"You bold, heartless, spoiled man. You messed with the future emperor, you have no respect for your leader, you. . . uh, you. . ."
Scratching his head, he was at a lose for words. After all, when he became emperor, the only curses he used were "you bitch maid" or "you dog slave", but those didn't seem appropriate for Chu Wanning.
After racking his brain, he suddenly thought of a saying that he heard frequently when he was with the troupe. Although he wasn't quite sure what it meant, it seemed good enough. So, Mo Ran furrowed his eyebrows and sternly said:
"You thin-skinned little virgin bitch ass donkey, do you know what you did?"
Chu Wanning: ". . ."
"If you don't say anything, this Venerable One will treat it as a confession!"
Chu Wanning probably heard some of the noise. He sniffed and continued to sleep, clutching the gear in his arms.
"You have committed such a grave mistake. and I will be sentencing you according to the law. . . um, I sentence you to torture by taunting! Eunuch Liu!"
Being so caught up in the moment, he realized that Eunuch Liu had only existed in his previous life.
Mo Ran thought about what to do next and decided to embarrass himself a bit and play the part of the eunuch. So he flattered himself: "Your Majesty, this servant is present."
Then he cleared his throat, and said solemnly: "Execute the punishment immediately."
"As your Majesty commands."
Alright, the stage had been set.
Mo Ran geared up, read to "punish" Chu Wanning.
The so-called mouth torture, in fact, did not actually exist. Mo Ran just made it up.
So how should he execute this temporary verbal punishment?
Mo Ran, the sole tyrant of this generation, solemnly cleared his throat. His eyes were cold and fierce, slowly approaching the icy face of Chu Wanning's snow-dusted cheeks, a little closer to his pale lips.
And then. . .
Mo Ran stopped, staring at Chu Wanning, perplexed and frustrated, he spit out each word:
"Chu Wanning, go fuck yourself. Your pettiness is unrivaled."
Smack. Smack.
Two fake slaps rang out.
Hoho, the execution was successful!
Mo Ran was really enjoying himself. However, he suddenly felt the hairs on the back of his neck raise. There was a shift in the atmosphere. His gaze darted down, and he was faced with a pair of pure, noble and oh so cold phoenix eyes.
Mo Ran: ". . ."
Chu Wanning's voice sounded like a crack splitting across a frozen lake. He couldn't say whether it was ethereal or bone-chilling: "What are you doing."
"This Venerable. . . ah. This servant. . . no, ahhh!" It was a good thing that these two sentences are as quiet as a mosquito's buzzing. Chu night Ning frowned slightly. It seemed that he hadn't heard him clearly. Mo Ran had an idea. He raised his hand and gently slapped Chu Wanning's face a few times.
". . ."
In the face of his Shizun's increasingly unimpressed look, the former mortal realm emperor gave a very nervous and dog-like grin: "T-This disciple was swatting at the mosquitos on Shizun."
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Dig a Grave to Dig Out a Ghost - Chapter 19
Original Title: 挖坟挖出鬼
Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Supernatural, Yaoi
This translation is based on multiple MTLs and my own limited knowledge of Chinese characters. If I have made any egregious mistakes, please let me know.
Chapter Index
Chapter 19 - Confuse
When he left, the crowd was gone. The corridor was empty. The old custodian didn’t even turn on the ceiling light to save electricity. Only the wall lamp glowed a dull yellow. Lin Yan’s face drained of all colour. He suddenly felt like he was in a horror movie. He was the lead actor stumbling along the wall in a terrifying corridor.
The professor's story made him feel incredibly afraid. Behind him was a ghost, a murderer who put people to death in a cruel and bloody way. He didn't even dare to look behind him. He was afraid that when he turned around, a ghost covered in bloodstains would be there, grinning sinisterly at him through a veil of long hair, saying: It's your turn.
Lin Yan's breathing became heavier and heavier. When he couldn't resist the urge to run away, he was suddenly pushed harshly against the wall. His body was wrenched around. Lin Yan raised his head and squeezed his eyes shut.
"Stay away from me." Lin Yan said flatly: ". . . I don't want to die like this."
He bit his lip and pushed at Xiao Yu, but the ghost entangled himself around him and sucked at his neck fiercely. Lin Yan turned his head and stubbornly refused to look at him. He felt that he should be scared, but he couldn't even understand the feeling in his heart. It was unpleasant. It took Lin Yan a minute before he realized that the emotion he was feeling was disappointment.
He was disappointed with the ghost.
". . . Lin Yan" Xiao Yu seemed to be anxious too. He gently rocked Lin Yan's body. His hands slid off his shoulders, and stopped on Lin Yan's small and slender wrist. Pressing his fingers onto his pulse point. feeling his racing heart, he clasped Lin Yan's hands, intertwining their fingers.
The cold hands felt like they were made of fine porcelain, and his fingers were devoid of warmth.
"How could you be so cruel? Even if they entered your tomb with bad intentions, all you had to do was scare them away. You let a woman kill her husband and slit her own throat. How could you do that?!" Lin Yan yanked his hand out of Xiao Yu's. Everything he wanted to say seemed to be stuck in his throat; all he could think about was the ghost. He had protected this man during the events in the temple, and he rested on his chest obediently in the car. When he was onstage, he comforted him when he saw him having bad stage fright. Lin Yan thought he must be out of his mind, otherwise how could he feel so wronged by the shamelessness of this ghost?
The ghost was so strong that Lin Yan couldn't get away no matter how hard he struggled. Xiao Yu pressed into him, his cold body holding him against the wall. Lin Yan helplessly bowed his head, but Xiao Yu dragged his chin to the side and pushed his lips delicately onto his.
"I owe it to you for disturbing your tomb." Lin Yan said wearily: "Get it over with. Just leave my body in one piece."
Xiao Yu's voice took on a bit of urgency as he said in a hushed voice: ". . . I don't want to hurt you." After speaking, he seemed to be unable to think of anything else to say. He stepped back a few steps and caught Lin Yan's hand. On his palm, he stroked: "They deserve to die."
Lin Yan withdrew his hand. He shook his head and stepped back, turning around and stumbling along the corridor and started running. After he got a few metres away, he couldn't help looking back. The ghost was still standing in the same place, the hem of the blood suit fluttering from the gust he made when he rushed away. He looked at him with a sad and lonely glance.
Suddenly, Lin Yan couldn't move anymore, and he felt a pang in his heart. Like he said, this ghost had never hurt him. While, on the other hand, they, in the name of research, had destroyed this ghost's resting place and all the objects he had loved during his lifetime. The last memories he had from before his death were all put into a museum. Since then, he had become a lonely soul wandering around the world, sitting at the door of the ruined temple like a wild spirit in the western mountains in rainy weather, waiting centuries for someone to take him away.
Shouldn't ghosts be the bumps in the night that kill without mercy? Lin Yan knew that it was just his anger speaking at this point, but he couldn't control it. He thought maybe Xiao Yu could have been a good person. Lin Yan thought, maybe he was just lonely and resentful for too long.
. . . Lin Yan's own thoughts surprise him. Was. . . was he making excuses for the ghost?
It was a mess. It was all so messed up.
Lin Yan stood there for a while, and walked back slowly. The ghost seemed to be stunned. He waited until Lin Yan stood in front of him before he hesitantly stretched out his hand and pulled him into his arms. He quietly muttered: "Lin Yan. . ." He seemed to think over his words carefully, but the ghost was already determined to follow him, so he slowly said: "Don't go."
Xiao Yu hugged his waist tightly, rubbing his forehead lightly against the nook of his neck like a big docile cat that ran back to his master to beg for forgiveness after eating his dried fish. Lin Yan couldn't shake him off. The two of them lingered in the dark corridor for a while. He opened his eyes angrily, and yelled at the ghost with all his might: "Why can't I get rid of you?!"
Lin Yan tucked Xiao Yu's hair behind his ear, revealing a handsome face. The ghost dropped his eyes and didn't dare look at him. Lin Yan looked at him and laughed despite his frustration. He said softly with a sideways glance, "Why do you have to follow me?"
". . . Do you like me?"
Xiao Yu's expression relaxed, but his hands squeezed around his tighter. He quickly glanced up at Lin Yan, his eyes shining with expectation.
Lin Yan ran his finger through Xiao Yu’s hair and straightened it down, resting them on his back. In the past, scholarly poetry, calligraphy, music, horseback riding and archery were all available. Because of that, the muscles on his back were very firm. Lin Yan was taken aback. He hid his surprise and sighed: "I deserve all of this. I picked up a ghost after a good archeological internship."
Lin Yan took Xiao Yu's shoulders and looked at him earnestly: "Xiao Yu, you can stay if you want. I'll tell you if you do anything that hurts me. You can't touch any of my friends or anyone around me otherwise I'll go back to the monk and send you away."
A soft kiss fell onto his cheek, and Lin Yan smiled. He knew that for Xiao Yu, this reaction was akin to a promise. After getting used to how stubbornly intimate this ghost was, this kiss made him feel at ease. The power in the corridor was unstable, and the dark yellow wall lamp kept flickering. On any normal day, he would definitely want to get out of this horror movie scene as soon as possible. Today, he didn't feel any fear. What could be more terrifying than being held by a murderer? Lin Yan played with the long hair in his hands and said helplessly: "I don't want to talk about a ghost's morality. Let's go home. You can take a bath and change your clothes. You're shaving years off my life every time you appear and scare the crap out of me."
On the way home, Lin Yan recalled the PSP guy’s shit-eating expression. He whistled happily while listening to his CD, occasionally glancing over at the passenger seat. Xiao Yu was resting on the dark green seat cushion. Lin Yan couldn't help but secretly smile. Since Weiwei had broken up with him half a year ago, no one had been there to accompany him home. While waiting for the red light, Lin Yan raised his hand and brush aside the messy hair covering Xiao Yu's face. The ghost woke up in a daze. His eyes opened and looked over at Lin Yan. Seeing that there was nothing wrong, he closed them again and went back to sleep.
Actually. . . he was almost like a Tibetan mastiff or something like that. Lin Yan's heart beat with happiness. If he were a dog, if Lin Yan was able to take care of him, there shouldn't be any problems with him staying at his apartment. Either way, he still had more than two months left, enough for him to take his time investigating the situation. But it that didn't work. . . the monk would have to send him away.
Lin Yan's expression froze, and his heart twitched. He didn't even want to think about what would happen then.
Later, Lin Yan regretted it. He discovered that in addition to reading, writing, painting a counterfeit fan and being a scary ghost, Lin Yan found other characteristics that left him dumbfounded. When I arrived home at nine o’clock that evening, the small red voicemail light on his phone was flashing. Lin Yan picked it up and listened. The first message was from the little Daoist, saying that he had arrived home safely. The second one was Yin Zhou, saying that he hadn't found anything while searching through the database, but his relatives traveled to Lingyin Temple and bought a very effective amulet for Lin Yan to use if he needed it.
Lin Yan hesitated as he held the receiver and left a voicemail for Yin Zhou: "The lecture gave me some new information. I'm waiting for more news to meet up for an interview with someone."
"About the amulet. . . I don't need it for the time being." Turning his head with a guilty conscience, a silhouette could be vaguely seen in the dark living room. Xiao Yu was leaning on the sofa and waiting for him.
Lin Yan hung up the phone, and dragged Xiao Yu to the bathroom. After wiping down the bathtub and filling it with hot water, Lin Yan pulled the shower curtain aside and said, "I'll bring you new clothes after. Yours are soaked in blood. There's no way to clean them. I'll just throw them out and you can wear mine."
"Call me if the water gets cold."
Xiao Yu didn't move. Lin Yan wanted to go outside, but he started following him after just a few steps.
Lin Yan looked back with wide eyes: "You really can't go an hour without following me? Can't I wait for you outside? I won't run away, don't worry."
Xiao Yu glanced at the bathtub, naturally raised his arms and stretched them outwards.
Lin Yan didn't understand what that meant. He recalled the scenes of a TV drama he had seen, and tentatively asked: "You. . . you're not waiting for a maid to help you, are you?"
Xiao Yu actually nodded. Ten thousand grass mud horses stomped across Lin Yan's heart. He couldn't help shouting: "I don't have one in my house! I'm an adult so I just do it myself!"
"Hey, don't get ahead of yourself!"
Lin Yan tore into the ghost in his bathroom, and Xiao Yu looked at him with an unchanging, stoic look, waiting expectantly.
After several failed attempts to persuade him, Lin Yan angrily took off the traditional dress he had worn for the whole night, threw it on the chair, and harshly pressed his finger into Xiao Yu's forehead: "Give me a minute, let me go change my clothes and I'll be back to help the oh-so-great Young Master Xiao get changed and bathe."
Ten minutes later, Lin Yan slipped on his flip flops and reappeared in the bathroom. The ghost was still standing in the same spot. The blood-stained shirt was eerie in the light. There was no shadow under his feet, and the ghost had his head bowed with paint-black hair covering most of his face. If this were two weeks earlier, Lin Yan would have run out in fear, but now. . . Lin Yan sighed. He draped a towel over his shoulder and untied Xiao Yu's belt.
Lin Yan instinctively turned his face away when the blood-caked clothes fell to the ground and didn't dare peek over. All that was in his mind was the horrific image of dead people's intestines, and the rotting abdomen showed dense white bones, red new flesh, black rotting flesh. . . Xiao Yu lifted Lin Yan's chin with his fingers and forced him to turn his head. Lin Yan took a deep breath, gritted his teeth and fixed his gaze on Xiao Yu.
Unexpectedly, there were no bloody holes or exposed bones like he imagined. Instead, there was a beautiful body in front of Lin Yan. There were broad shoulders and a narrow waist, tight and strong muscles, and messy long hair hanging down to his waist. Lin Yan blushed. Ever since the last time this ghost had teased him to the point of needing to masturbate over it, he had reluctantly accepted the fact that he had feelings for men, and the image in front of him was absolutely vivid. Being in his twenties, coupled with the fact that he hadn't gotten any action in over half a year, Lin Yan couldn't help but internally moan, internally lusting over the thought of doing things with this man.
The bathtub had filled with hot water, and the whole room was covered with milky white mist. Lin Yan tested the temperature of the water, staring at the wall behind Xiao Yu's shoulders, and whispered, "It's okay, you can get in." After speaking, his face blushed again, and he gestured at Xiao Yu: "You can. . . take your pants off yourself."
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Dig a Grave to Dig Out a Ghost - Chapter 18
Original Title: 挖坟挖出鬼
Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Supernatural, Yaoi
This translation is based on multiple MTLs and my own limited knowledge of Chinese characters. If I have made any egregious mistakes, please let me know.
Chapter Index
Chapter 18 - Memories
Lin Yan was afraid that the professor was going to run away. When the event was over, he didn't even take the time to change his clothes. He called over to little Daoist priest to tell him he could leave first, then rushed to the backstage lounge. The crowd trying to leave completely blocked the exit. Lin Yan wasn't able to get out for a while. Behind him was a swarm of school reporters, sweating profusely as they followed.
"Excuse me! Coming through!" He wasn't sure whose foot he stepped on in his rush, but the girl in front of him turned around and gave him a sharp look.
"Lin Yan!" a clear voice rang out. Lin Yan looked up and saw Weiwei standing at the door with a red staff badge hanging around her neck.
Lin Yan didn't care anymore about feeling embarrassed while he hurried through the crowd without any organized manner. He shouted at Weiwei: "Can you do me a favour? This is urgent!"
"It's my birthday next week, come over for dinner!" Weiwei shouted on her tiptoes.
"Okay, whatever, help stop the crowd behind me!"
Lin Yan ran as fast as he could straight down the corridor, stumbling from time to time over the hem of his clothes. When he burst into the backstage VIP room completely dishevelled, he realized that he had been worried for nothing. The professor hadn't planned on sneaking away at all. He was seated on the sofa and had waited for him, sipping his tea.
"You came? Sit down."
Lin Yan clutched his chest and nodded, breathing too heavily to speak.
The lounge was decorated in a very stylish way, with arc-shaped floor-to-ceiling French windows, beige wallpaper, and light brown soft leather sofas that looked like they were worth a lot of money. The school had always been willing to spend money on entertaining guests. The professor poured a glass of water for Lin Yan and pointed to the single-seater sofa opposite of him.
"You're Lin Yan, who came to us for an internship before, right? You performed well today. You've got guts and have a good mind." The professor pondered for a moment: "I thought you'd come find me sooner or later. I didn't expect that you would get back here so soon. "
"Do you know me?" A series of questions popped up in his mind. Lin Yan suppressed the urge to outright address his issue. He apologized for the outburst just then, and then said seriously: "I did here for that internship. This is very important to me, please tell me everything you know."
The professor nodded slightly: "I can probably guess what happened. So, I'll speak slowly. Listen carefully. If there's any useful information, I'll tell you." He sighed and looked out the window. He spoke softly: "The fact that you are still standing here in good shape is already much better than the person who came before you."
Lin Yan looked back at Xiao Yu, who was holding his hand tightly, standing ignorantly.
The floor-to-ceiling windows were facing the path outside the auditorium. The students must use this path to get to the dormitories. In the night, boys and girls walked down it together in large groups. I don’t know who yelled: "The river flows eastward, the stars in the sky look to the Big Dipper!*" The professor smiled, turned his face to Lin Yan, and recalled: "I was about the same age as you when I first entered the tomb. It was a good time to be young."
*(Song lyrics from "Hao Han Ge" by Liu Huan)
"Young people don't know what's important. . ."
The professor spoke very coherently, as if he had been wanted to say all this for many years. Lin Yan even felt that he was using this as an opportunity to reminisce about his nostalgic youth. But when the professor painted the scene back to Lin Yan, it sent a chill down Lin Yan's spine.
Twenty-five years ago, a group of coal miners in Jinxiang County accidentally collapsed a mineshaft while they were hacking away. They removed some jade plates and funerary wooden figurines from inside the hole, which turned out to be the entrance tunnel of an underground tomb. Once the county head official learned about this tomb, he blocked off the mausoleum and reported the news to the central government. At that time, China was still a novice in both archaeological technology and cultural relic preservation, and it was still difficult to excavate many imperial tombs. Therefore, this cultural Ming Dynasty tomb was handed over to the university, and a team of several master's students hired some local volunteers and rushed to Jinxiang.
This group of people included the professor and Lin Yan’s current supervisor. When preparing the materials for the tomb, the professor and Lin Yan both found some strange information. He strangely discovered that whether it were the county chronicles, the local chronicles, or genealogical records, there was no record of the tomb's owner. One of the workers on the team claimed to be a master of fengshui. After seeing the mausoleum, he said that it would be impossible to excavate. The earth's meridians formed a breeding ground for negative energy. The evil spirits attracted to the space were too dense to bury people. The owner of the tomb wouldn't be able to find peace after death. Not to mention the misfortune it would bring future generations. However, most of the students were young and energetic. They were eager to try after seeing the exquisitely carved jade artifacts. Without much consideration, they went directly to the tomb with tools and equipment.
"Strange events started after that." The professor adjusted his glasses and grimaced: "We should have listened to the warnings, but we didn't believe in evil at the time."
First, the four chickens brought to ward off evil spirits died overnight. When the underground tomb gate was opened, the scaffold collapsed, and an 18-year-old fell and broke his right hand. Everyone thought it was an accident, but from the time they entered the tomb, all those involved in the excavation had nightmares whenever they closed their eyes. Every night they dreamed that they were dying to the point that no one dared try to sleep anymore. Fatigue and constant fear made everyone’s fighting spirit die off after only a week.
"What happened after that?" Lin Yan looked back at Xiao Yu in surprise. He thought he had been tormented thoroughly by him, but he hadn't even seen half of this ghost's ferociousness yet.
"After entering the main chamber, we found many valuable cultural relics beside the coffin, but they were poorly preserved. We could only brush off the embroideries. Watching the treasures that we brought out so easily blacken and carbonize the moment the sunlight hit them was the fatal blow to our spirits. I cried miserably, but everyone was equally depressed and even fearful. No one had the energy to comfort me."
The professor's hand shifted on the windowpane, leaving behind a damp handprint. "There seemed to be some kind of energy in that tomb that could make people fall into despair. We worked hard and sang to make ourselves feel more brave, but it was still useless. A rural volunteer girl went crazy on the ninth morning and smashed her husband's head in with a machete while everyone could only stand in shock."
"Blood sprayed all over the bricks on the top of the tomb, and it was dripping everywhere. The woman put her husband's head in front of the blank memorial plaque, kowtowed three times, and sat on the ground convulsing, laughing eerily, while laughing and shouting a name." The professor looked at Lin Yan and asked, "Do you know what name it was?"
Lin Yan took a dazed step back. He wanted to break away from the hand holding his, but Xiao Yu held it tighter, not giving him a chance to escape.
"It was Xiao Yu. Who exactly is Xiao Yu? I searched through both the official and unofficial records, but I couldn't find any record that mentioned this name." The professor's expression became painful: "We gave the woman a consolation fee to settle the matter. After she took the money, she laughed for a while before she raised her machete and slashed it down across her neck. The blood was sprayed onto the memorial plaque. When she fell, only a thin piece of skin kept her head attached to her body. At that time, people didn't know much about archaeology. At first glance, some of the students were okay, but the hired volunteers were all scared away, saying that we dug up the grave of the dead, and this was retribution for it."
"The last person who left was the fengshui guy. He told me that the tomb had no fengshui. The owner of the tomb had died violently. Nothing could approach the tomb through the evil energy breeding ground. This resentment built up over a long time. The woman's body had been filled with too much Yin energy and she was the first to fall prey to the ghost."
"The man left. The students didn't want to go, but they were still having nightmares every time they. They tried to stick it out for a week before packing their bags and returning to school. No one else died. The first time the lead took over, he wouldn't even touch the coffin. It was a disappointment for everyone."
Lin Yan imagined the beheading. His face grew pale, and his stomach felt sick.
"Are you alright? You don't look well." The professor seemed to catch on to the younger's expression, and pointed to Lin Yan's cup: "Drink some water. Take a break then you can listen some more."
Lin Yan shook his head and asked, "Was it really like the fengshui master said?"
The professor hesitated for a while, and his fingers scribbled across a section of thin vapor he exhaled onto the glass. Two words appeared on the glass: "Xiao Yu." As if he didn't want to see it, the professor wiped it away and shook his head: "I have seen a lot of weird things throughout my career. The demon and ghost theory is not unfounded, but I think that the tomb might be some kind of spiritual formation. In ancient times, emperors and generals did everything they could to prevent their bodies from being destroyed. Many strange arts and techniques also emerged. It is possible that the woman was already delirious and so was the first to lose her mind in the consuming and the gloomy atmosphere in the tomb."
Lin Yan imagined the shadowy chamber with two headless bodies lying on the ground. He could barely squeeze out a wry smile: "What does this whole thing have to do with me?"
"I'm getting to that part." The professor sadly lowered his head: "Young people have never been willing to admit defeat. Since then, I've been very interested in the history of the Ming Dynasty Chenghua period. At first, I wanted to find out the identity of the tomb owner but I really fell in love with the history, and, 20 years later, I became an expert in the field. But long-term research in any field will encounter roadblocks. I was troubled by problem for nearly two months, and finally decided to go to the Ming Tomb again."
Lin Yan asked puzzledly: "Are you not afraid something will happen again?"
The professor shrugged: "No way, the large amount of untouched cultural relics inside was too tempting. The team left before anyone had even touched the coffin the last time I was there. I've never gotten over it."
"Be considerate of the obsessions of an old man who has been involved in academia for most of his life." The professor said: "When the newspaper published the news about the excavation of the Ming Tomb again, a message came from my secretary saying that someone was willing to help me. He understood fengshui. If something went wrong, I could turn to him."
"I'm not the same young man who spent a whole year studying about the tomb. I ran all over the country all day and night. I was too busy to take care of it, so I asked the secretary to keep in touch with him."
"Later on, something did happened. It was exactly the same as before. After entering the tomb door, everyone was inexplicably depressed and paranoid, and soon began to have nightmares. I was so afraid that the tragedy would happen again, so I had to ask the person who knew fengshui for help. He told me that I need to find a person who shares the same horoscope as the evil creature in order to make it stop. Then he gave me a birth date and said that he could find someone with the same birth date horoscope."
Lin Yan had already guessed the answer. He pointed at himself and hesitated to confirm: "Me?"
The professor nodded: "That birth year made me think of a student. I asked your supervisor. He said that he had a friend’s son who was looking for an internship, and his own student, Lin Yan. It was just an extreme coincident that your birthday fell onto the right date."
"You know what happened after that." The professor looked at the path outside the window. The students were almost all gone now. The moonlight didn't reach the path, instead only reflecting the black shadows of the trees that were swaying back and forth in the night breeze. "If you want to ask me who the owner of the tomb is, I can only tell you that I don't know. It's shameful; after more than 20 years, I have revisited this topic year after year, but I still haven't made any progress."
"If you have anything else to ask, please go ahead. As soon as you say the name 'Xiao Yu', I knew it was you. You've got a lot of guts to throw my things like that." The professor laughed, "I was just like that when I was young. I had trouble with authority back then. It took a lot to keep up with me."
Lin Yan hurriedly lowered his head and apologized. He kept thinking that it was this File Folder dragged him into this mess, but it didn't seem like he did it intentionally. . . How much did he know about what happened after? Thinking of this, Lin Yan raised his head and asked, "Don't you want to hear how I know Xiao Yu's name?"
The professor waved his hand and relaxed his expression: "People my age don't want to listen to these ghost and monster stories. It's bad luck. I know you're fine when I see you standing here. I didn't discuss it with you. I blame myself for not discussing this with you sooner. I'll try my best to explain anything you need, but the rest. . ." The professor said, spreading his hands, expressing that there was nothing he could do.
During their talk, the professor's personal secretary came in and urged him to leave, saying that the car was ready and the school officials were all waiting downstairs. The professor nodded to the secretary, turned around and asked Lin Yan, "Is there anything else you want to know?"
Lin Yan felt stuck. The most renowned Ming historians in China had no answers. Did he really have no choice but to wait out the three months, waiting for this ghost to remember his life experience and tell him his wish. But what he couldn't remember? Would Lin Yan be forced to accompany him for eternity as a ghost?
As he pondered, a thought popped up, like a small copper hammer hitting the glass with a crisp sound. Lin Yan stopped the professor who was packing up and asked: "You. . . you mentioned that the fengshui guy had mentioned a horoscope date. I happened to be looking for an internship at that time, so it all worked out, right?" Lin Yan's voice was trembling with excitement: "This is too much of a coincidence. It's almost like he was waiting for me. . . Where is he now? How did he know something would happen in the Ming Tomb?"
The professor suddenly stopped, frowning and thought it over: "You're right to be suspicious. At that time, I was busy planning the excavation and didn't care much about it. . ." The secretary who was waiting at the door shouted: " Xiao Liu, do you remember that fortune teller? Give me his contact information."
The young girl flipped through the folder in her arms, and replied: "That person never contacted me directly. He had been passing messages through a young guy who was new to the team. I'll look into it for you. I'll get back to you about in in the next few days."
The professor's face sank, and just like Lin Yan, he had no answer. He whispered to him: "It'll should be easy to track him down." He patted Lin Yan on the shoulder: "I'll help you out with this, don't worry. "He took out a pen and left Lin Yan's his phone number, and the corner of his mouth ticked up: "I still owe you your prize. I'll give it to you the next time we meet."
When he left, the crowd was gone. The corridor was empty. The old custodian didn’t even turn on the ceiling light to save electricity. Only the wall lamp glowed a dull yellow. Lin Yan’s face drained of all colour. He suddenly felt like he was in a horror movie. He was the lead actor stumbling along the wall in a terrifying corridor.
The professor's story made him feel incredibly afraid. Behind him was a ghost, a murderer who put people to death in a cruel and bloody way. He didn't even dare to look behind him. He was afraid that when he turned around, a ghost covered in bloodstains would be there, grinning sinisterly at him through a veil of long hair, saying: It's your turn.
Lin Yan's breathing became heavier and heavier. When he couldn't resist the urge to run away, he was suddenly pushed harshly against the wall. His body was wrenched around. Lin Yan raised his head and squeezed his eyes shut.
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translations-by-aiimee · a month ago
The Husky and His White Cat Shizun - Chapter 8
Original Title:  二哈和他的白猫师尊
Genres: Drama, Romance, Tragedy, Xianxia, Yaoi
This translation is based on multiple MTLs and my own limited knowledge of Chinese characters. If I have made any egregious mistakes, please let me know.
Chapter Index
Chapter 8 - This Venerable One Gets Punished
Mo Ran lay in bed like a dead fish for three days. Just as his wounds started to heal, he was summoned to Red Lotus Pavilion to do manual labour.
This was also part of his punishment. During the punishment period, Mo Ran couldn't go down the mountain, but he also couldn't just laze around. So he had to help out the sect and do some drudgery.
Generally speaking, these errands were things like: helping the cafeteria lady at Mengpo Hall wash the dishes, scrubbing the three hundred and sixty-five stone lions on the pillars of the Naihe Bridge, transcribing extremely boring archive files, and so on.
But what kind of place was Red Lotus Pavilion? It was the residence of that bastard Chu Wanning, known as the cursed place called Red Lotus Hell.
Few people in Life-Death Peak had been there, and everyone who had been there left with either their legs or their arms broken.
Therefore, in addition to Red Lotus Hell, Chu Wanning's bedroom had a more grounded nickname: Broken Leg Pavilion.
There was an inside joke circulating around the sect: "The Pavilion hides a beauty, and the beauty holds Tianwen. Enter the gate of broken legs, know the suffering of getting your legs broken. If you want your meridians broken, go to the Elder Yuheng."
There was once a female disciple who wasn't afraid of death. She was bold enough to lust after Elder Yuheng's beauty. Taking advantage of the dark night and high winds, she sneaked to the Southern Peak and climbed onto the eaves, intending to watch the Elder bathe and strip his clothes.
As you can imagine, the female warrior was beaten within an inch of death by Tianwen, crying for her father and calling her mother, and lay in bed for no less than a hundred days.
And Chu Wanning also declared that, if anyone else dared to commit another crime, he would carve out the eyes of the perpetrator himself.
Do you see? What complete nonsense! What puzzling behaviour! What a heinous man!
Within the sect, there used to be innocent silly girls who thought that, because they were women, Elder Yuheng would pity them and show compassion. They were always laughing and joking in front of him, trying to attract his attention. But ever since the elder whipped that one female hooligan, no one dared to hit on him anymore.
To Elder Yuheng, whether it was men or women, he didn't have the disposition of a gentleman. Other than a good-looking face, there was nothing redeeming about him - this was how Chu Wanning was viewed by the disciples of this sect.
The junior brother who had delivered the summons looked at Mo Ran with sympathy. He tried to stay quiet, but in the end, couldn't hold it back: "Brother Mo. . ."
". . . Elder Yuheng has such a bad temper. No one who went to the Red Lotus Water Pavilion came out able to stand. Maybe you could see if you could say your wounds haven't healed and beg Yuheng Elder to let you wash dishes instead?"
Mo Ran was very grateful for this junior brother's bodhisattva heart, but he didn't agree.
Beg Chu Wanning?
Forget it. He doesn't need to get beaten by Tianwen a second time.
So he strenuously put on his clothes, dragged his feet, and walked reluctantly to Life-Death Peak's southern peak.
Red Lotus Pavilion, Red Lotus Hell. There wasn't a single person in sight for a hundred li around Chu Wanning's residence.
No one wanted to go close to his residence. Chu Wanning's bad taste and uncertain personality made everyone in the sect stay far away from him.
Mo Ran was a bit nervous. He didn't know what Chu Wanning would make him do as punishment. His thoughts ran wild the whole trip to the southern peak. After passing through the dense bamboo groves, large swathes of beautiful red lotus came into view.
It was early morning, the sun rising from the east, reflecting a splendid shine on the horizon. The red lotus stalks in the pond stretched towards the flaming clouds in the sky, complementing each other; magnificent. At the edge of the pond, a curved zig-zag bridge led to the pavilion standing in serene silence. Behind it was a curtain of waterfalls streaming down the mountain, the fine crystal water droplets raining against the rocks at the bottom. The watery mist created by it evaporated into the air, light gleaming through the fog, creating a sense of enchanting tranquillity.
This is what Mo Ran thought about this:
Wherever Chu Wanning lived, no matter how beautiful it was, would always be gross to him!
Just look at it, so arrogantly extravagant, a true waste of extravagance, in fact. The disciples’ dorms are all closely connected to each other and they don't take up much surface area. And then there's the mighty Elder Yuheng, who occupies a whole mountain by himself. He even dug three large ponds and filled them with lotus flowers. Although, these lotus flowers are special varieties and can be refined into immortal medicine, but—
This is getting off track, the place was not pleasing to the eye. He wished he could burn down Broken Leg Pavilion with his torch!
All he could ever do was silently criticize this place. Given that he was only sixteen* this year, he was no match for Chu Wanning. Mo Ran showed up outside Chu Wanning's residence regardless. He stood at the door, squinted his eyes, and put on a sickeningly sweet demure, pretending to be the ideal disciple.
*(T/N The original text flips between all these ages. Mo Ran is just guessing how old he is so that's why it keeps going to 14/15/16)
"Disciple Mo Ran here to greet his master."
"Yes, come in."
The room was chaotic and disorganized. The cold-blooded demon Chu Wanning was dressed in a white robe. The lapels were folded high and tightly, giving off an air of purity and abstinence. Today, he had his hair in a high ponytail, covered with a black metal hair ring. He sat on the ground fiddling with a bunch of mechanical parts, biting a pen he had in his mouth.
Casually glancing at Mo Ran, with the pen still in his mouth, he said vaguely: "Come here."
Mo Ran approached him.
It was no easy feat. Considering there were no benches or tables in this room, artwork and metal broken wood were scattered everywhere.
Mo Ran's brows twitched. He had never entered Chu Wanning's room in his previous life, and he had no idea that this well-dressed beautiful man lived in such a mess. . . He was at a loss for words.
"Master, what is this?"
"Night Wanderer."
Chu Wanning was a little impatient, probably because it was inconvenient to speak with a pen in his mouth: "Night Wanderer."
Mo Ran silently glanced at the mess of parts on the ground.
His master was hailed as Shizun Chu, and it wasn't just out of vanity. Speaking honestly, Chu Wanning was a very powerful man. Whether it is his three god-grade weapons, his cultivation techniques, or his machine-building skills, he was clearly worthy of being defined by four words: "the peak of excellence". This was also the reason why he had such a bad temper and was so difficult to serve, but the major cultivation sects still tried to fight over him for those skill.
Regarding the "Night Wanderer", the reborn Mo Ran was well aware of it.
It was a kind of machine made by Chu Wanning, cheap to make but had strong combat power. It can guard the ordinary people in the lower cultivation world from ghosts and demons at night.
In his previous life, the well-made Night Wanderer had almost become a must-have machine for every household. The price of one was equivalent to a broom, and the effect was much easier to handle than the Grinning Door God.
After Chu Wanning died, those Night Wanderers still guarded the poor families who couldn't afford a high-level cultivator. This compassionate heart, coupled with Chu Wanning's affection for his disciples. . . hehe, it really makes Mo Ran despise him.
Mo Ran sat down and looked at the "Night Wanderer" which was just a bunch of parts at this time, and the past flashed through his mind. He couldn't help picking up one of the Night Wanderer's limbs and grasped it in his hand for a closer look.
Chu Wanning clipped a few components, finally freeing his hands. He took the pen out of his mouth and glared at Mo Ran: "That one was just finished with tung oil, don't touch it."
"Oh. . ." Mo Ran put down the machine. He put his fake smile back on still looking cute and completely harmless. He asked with a smile, "Shizun summoned me here, are you planning to let me help?"
Chu Wanning hummed: "Mm."
"What do you want me to do?"
"Clean up the house."
Mo Ran's smile froze. He looked around at the room that looked like it had been hit by an earthquake: ". . ."
Chu Wanning was a genius in immortal cultivation and an idiot in life.
After picking up the fifth broken teacup that had never been swept up, Mo Ran finally couldn't stand it: "Shizun, when was the last time you cleaned your house? My god, it's so messy!"
Chu Wanning was looking at his drawings, and didn't look up when Mo Ran spoke to him: "Almost a year."
Mo Ran: ". . ."
"Where do you usually sleep?"
"What?" There must be something wrong with the drawing. Chu Wanning was upset and looked even more impatient than usual. He rubbed his head and replied in a huff, "Of course it's the bed."
Mo Ran glanced at the bed. It was piled with all kinds of machines that had been mostly completed, as well as a bunch of tools such as saws, axes, files, and so on.
Seriously, how did this man sleep without cutting his own head off?
After working for most of the day, the sawdust on the floor had filled three dustpans, and the white towel that had wiped down the bookcase was ten times more black. By noon, he had only cleaned about half.
Fuck Chu Wanning, this person is really more poisonous than a leeching woman.
Cleaning a room didn't seem like much of a punishment, it didn't really seem like hard work, but who knew that it was such a ghastly place that hadn't been touched in a year? Not to mention that he was covered with wound. Even if he was healthy now, he could shorten his lifespan by half going through all of this!
"Shizun. . ."
"Your pile of clothes. . ." They'd been stacked there for about three months.
Chu Wanning finally got one of Night Wanderer's arms attached. He rubbed his sore shoulder, looked up at the robes on the suitcase, and said coldly: "I wash them myself."
Mo Ran was relieved. Thank goodness. But he was still a little curious: "Really? Shizun can wash clothes?"
Chu Wanning glanced at him, and after a while, coldly said: "What's so hard about it? Throw them in water, soak them, take them out, and dry them."
". . ." After hearing this, he really didn't know any girl who would keep lusting after Chu Wanning. Mo Ran truly thought that it would break the hearts of dozen of women to find out how disgusting this man really was.
"It's getting late. You can accompany me to the dining hall and finish the rest when you get back."
There were people coming and going from Meng Po Hall, and the Life-Death Peak disciples were eating together. Chu Wanning grabbed a lacquered wooden tray, took a few dishes and sat in the corner silently.
From where he was, no one sat within twenty feet of him.
No one dared to sit too close to Elder Yuheng, for fear that he would get upset, and they would get a lashing from Tianwen. Chu Wanning himself actually knew about this, but he didn't mind. A cold beauty sat there, gently eating the food in the bowl.
But today wasn't like usual.
Mo Ran was brought by him, so naturally he had to follow him.
Others are afraid of him. So was Mo Ran, but he had already died once, so Chu Wanning was nothing in comparison.
Especially after the fear of first seeing him had subsided, the hatred of Chu Wanning from his previous life slowly emerged. So what if Chu Wanning was powerful? In his last life, he still died by his hands.
Mo Ran sat down in front of him, calmly chewing the sweet and sour pork ribs in the bowl. He crunched on the bones then spit them out into a pile.
Chu Wanning suddenly slammed down his chopsticks.
Mo Ran stopped for a moment.
". . . Can you stop eating with your mouth open?"
"I chew the bones, how am I supposed to do that with my mouth closed?"
"Then don't eat the bones."
"But I like to eat the bones."
"Eat around them."
The two quarreling voices grew louder and louder, and some disciples were already peeping at them.
Mo Ran fought the urge to throw the rice bowl over Chu Wanning's head. He pursed his lips, and after a while, he narrowed his eyes, and a sweet smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.
"Shizun, don't shout so loudly. Others might hear, won't they laugh at us?"
Chu Wanning has always been thin-skinned, and his voice really softened. He whispered: "Get out."
Mo Ran burst out laughing.
Chu Wanning: ". . ."
"Hey, Shizun, don't stare at me. Come on, let's eat. I'll try to be quiet."
Mo Ran had laughed enough and started playing nice again, the sound of his chewing much softer.
Chu Wanning gradually went back to gently eating. Seeing that Mo Ran was bring obedient, his face slightly relaxed, no longer looking so bitter and upset. He lowered his head, eating his green beans and tofu with grace.
After a long pause, Mo Ran started to do it again.
He didn't know what was wrong with him. In summary, seeing Chu Wanning in this life, he wanted to make a fool of himself and do whatever he could to make him angry.
So Chu Waning found that although Mo Ran did not chew loudly this time, he began to grab the ribs with his hands and eat them, sloppily eating with greasy hands and sauce-covered fingers.
Chu Wanning's blue forehead vein popped. Endure it.
He lowered his eyelashes. He didn't look at Mo Ran, and focused on his own meal.
Mo Ran didn't know if he had gotten too carefree or forgetful while eating, but he accidentally threw one of the gnawed bones into Chu Wanning's rice bowl.
Chu Wanning stared at the messy and hideous rib bone, and the surrounding air so condensed and frozen it was visible to the naked eye.
"Mo Ran. . . !!!"
"Shizun. . ." Mo Ran was quite frightened. He wasn't sure whether what he said sounded true or fake. "That. . . Uh, I didn't mean it."
Probably fake.
". . ."
"Don't be angry, I'll take it out for you."
He really stretched out his chopsticks, stuck them into Chu Wanning's bowl, and quickly picked out the bone.
Chu Wanning's face was pale, like he was about to vomit.
Mo Ran batted his eyelashes, and there was a pitiful grievance on his delicate face: "Shizun, do you dislike me?"
". . ."
"Shizun, I'm sorry."
It was just that.
Chu Wanning thought to himself: Why do you need to be restrained with the junior disciples?
He gave up the urge to summon Tianwen to hit Mo Ran. His appetite was gone, and he got up and said: "I'm full."
"What? Is that all you're going to eat? Shizun, you've barely touched your food."
Chu Wanning brushed him off: "I'm not hungry."
Mo Ran's heart felt like it was as joyful as a flower, and he still sweetly said: "Then I won't eat it anymore. We can go back to Red Lotus Hell - ehem, go back to Red Lotus Pavilion."
Chu Wanning narrowed his eyes: "We?" There was a mockery in his eyes, and then said, "Who is the other person you're talking about? Disciples and their Shizun have respectable relationships and you will address me in the proper manner."
Mo Ran carefully kept his expression, his eyes curled up with a smile, well-behaved, sensible and cute.
However, in his heart he was thinking: Respectful relationship? Proper manner?
Hehe, if Chu Wanning could know what happened in his previous life, he would know - in the end, Mo Weiyu was the only one deserving of respect in the world.
No matter how noble and arrogant Chu Waning was, he was still a piece of mud under his boot. Didn't he depend on Mo Ran's good will to survive?
Stepping quickly to keep up with his shizun's pace, Mo Ran still had a bright smile on his face.
If Shi Mei was the white moonlight in his heart, Chu Wanning was the broken fishbone stuck in his throat. He needed crush this thorn or swallow it, and it will corrode away in his stomach.
In short, during this new life, he could spare whoever he wanted.
But he would never spare Chu Wanning.
However, Chu Wanning didn't seem to want to spare him so easily.
Mo Ran stood in front of the library in Red Lotus Hell, looking at fifty rows of ten-story bookshelves, thinking that he must have heard wrong.
"Shizun, what did you say. . .?"
Chu Wanning replied lightly: "Dust all the books in here."
". . ."
"After dusting, catalogue them."
"I will check back tomorrow morning."
What!!! Was he supposed to stay overnight in Red Lotus Hell??
But he had planned to meet with Shi Mei, and even asked Shimei to change his medicine at night!!!
He opened his mouth to plead his case, but Chu Wanning didn't bother paying attention to him. With a wave of his wide sleeves, and turned to exit the library, and, incidentally, closed the door of the library in a haughty manner.
Mo Ran, who's date had been ruined, sat in his boiling hatred of Chu Wanning - he wanted to burn all Chu Wanning's books!!
After thinking it over, he thought of something even worse. . .
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