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transmed-with-opinionsan hour agoText


Bi has literally always been inclusive of trans and nb people, and this was documented and goes generations back. Quit silencing bi people, and telling them they may actually be pans depending on who they may date.
Also, trans people are the gender they identify as, please quit treating them as if they are sub genders, by doing so, it shows you do not see them on the same level as a cis person.

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I hate the fact that the Internet exposed me to angry hermits and i envy normal people who don鈥檛 know what an incel or terf or a panromantic is

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kinda wanna say:

if you are a truscum/transmed/terf you dont deserve a space on my blog

you don鈥檛 deserve to breathe in my face and i will literally fight you聽

trans ppl can have or can not have dysphoria

Okay don’t cross tag then fuckface

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  • Queer is often used as a slur, especially against gay men, who generally don鈥檛 want to be called聽鈥榪ueer鈥. It鈥檚 the most commonly-used anti-LGBT slur in online communities. It literally means聽鈥渟trange鈥 or聽鈥渟uspicious鈥.
  • I鈥檓 glad you鈥檝e figured out how to google Latin word roots, but you鈥檝e forgotten how to google聽鈥Bisexual Manifesto鈥. From 1990:聽鈥Do not assume that bisexuality is binary or duogamous in nature: that we have 鈥渢wo鈥 sides or that we must be involved simultaneously with both genders to be fulfilled human beings.鈥 Sounds like the definition of聽鈥減an鈥 is straight up the definition of聽鈥渂i鈥, with added transphobia and biphobia.聽
  • Here鈥檚 a quick thought experiment: can a gay person be ace or aro and still be gay? If so, can a straight person be ace or aro and still be straight? If your answers are different, why? Also, why should a cisgender straight person uninterested in sex be lumped in with gay/bi/trans people? What do they have in common?

I鈥檇 love to聽鈥渟pread love and acknowledgement鈥. Maybe if cishets didn鈥檛 feel entitled to our community because they don鈥檛 like relationships. Maybe if people didn鈥檛 want to call all of us a slur because some of us don鈥檛 mind it. Maybe if you quit erasing bi people and assuming their sexuality is inferior.


This wholeass post is a fucking mess.


Oh my god y'all are still saying that bi means two? In 20 fucking 20? Really?


Queer is not a slur. Queer identifying people are valid.

Pansexual people are not biphobic and they identify as loving all genders. Pansexuals are valid.

Bisexuals have “bi” in them which means two. A bi person can like nonbinary people and girls, boys and girls, or any two picks they like. They like two. Bisexuals are valid.

Bisexuals who like the opposite gender more than the same are still valid. I’m tired of people making me feel like I’m “not gay enough.” I love boys and girls and no one is going to take that from me. I am not invalid.

Ace/aro people are in our community and should be loved and treated as such. Ace/aro’s are valid.

I haven seen a lot of homo/trans/bi/pan/ace/aro/any other member who gets excluded-phobia. We are a community about being ourselves and comfortable and love. We get so caught about these things that we lose that. I remember when I first found my sexuality I couldn’t describe the love I felt from fitting in. We need to let everyone feel like they’re valid. Our world isn’t doing so great and us fighting over if some people can be accepted or not is making things worse. Spread love and acknowledgement.

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Hey non dysphoric trans people! Guess who got put on T? Guess who looks fucking stunning and FEELS stunning? Me. Because I actually have dysphoria. And physically transitioning is the best cure.

How will you feel when you take a medication you don’t need? You’ll learn what actual gender dysphoria feels like. Have fun with that.

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transmed-with-opinions2 days agoText





tag game

i was tagged like. yesterday by @victorian-vampire-mlm

instructions: tag 10 followers you鈥檇 like to get to know better

1. name: gabriel

2. gender: bastard (male)

3. star sign: aries, baybee!

4. height: like 5鈥9.5 last time i was at the doctors

5. sexuality: chaotic (bisexual)

6. favorite book: to kill a mockingbird

7. current time: 10:32 pm

8. average amount of sleep: 8-10 hours

9. dogs or cats: why not both

10. # of blankets i sleep with: 3

11. dream job: pastry chef. or author. or owning a cafe with my friend

12. blog established: 2 years ago, maybe?

13. favorite animal: sharks!!

14. # of followers: idk like 380?

15. reason for url: my life is a curse and everything i do is shrouded in layers of cryptic-ness

16. something i鈥檓 grateful for: music


@its-jamie-baby @honeyprincerising @useless-historian @dorian-mlm

1. name: james

2. gender: male

3. star sign: p-pisces

4. height: 5鈥2 bc im a short king

5. sexuality: bisexual (in a relationship)

6. favorite book: Imma modify this to say series- Warriors

7. current time: 8:10am

8. average amount of sleep: varies wildly between 4-10 hrs

9. dogs or cats: cats

10. # of blankets i sleep with: 2

11. dream job: artist or psychologist

12. blog established: less than a year- abt 9 months ago

13. favorite animal: fox maybe,

14. # of followers: aprox. 110

15. reason for url: i call myself a baby, jamie is my nickname, and it sounds fun saying out loud (emphasis on jamie)

16. something i鈥檓 grateful for: not to be gross but my gf

tags: @sid-the-sloth1@cherrysodaboy@femmebisexuelle鈥 and i have 0 memory so just those,,, anyone can do it if they want

1. name: I go by Ardelia

2. gender: Female

3. star sign: pisces 鈾

4. height: 167cm, I鈥檓 short

5. sexuality:

6. favourite book: The Demon by Lermontov

7. current time: 18.48

8. average amount of sleep: anything less than 8 hours is unacceptable

9. dogs or cats: cats! I actually have 2

10. # of blankets i sleep with: one, 2 max.

11. dream job: no idea!

12. blog established: I鈥檝e been on this hellsite since like 2013

13. favourite animal: corvids!

14. # of followers: 404 (error: blog not found)

15. reason for url: I am a woman, I am bisexual and I like french words that sound cool

16. something i鈥檓 grateful for: given the current situation, the fact that all my relatives are safe

Tags: @sveasofia @eelmed @ruimtetijd @your-resident-mothman you鈥檙e the first ones that came to my mind ~

@femmebisexuelle YOU鈥橰E SO FUCKING SWEET! Also @eelmed HEYO!!!

1. Name: Jack/Tyr

2. Gender: Female???

3. Star Sign: The Water Bearer (Aquarius)

4. Height: 5鈥7鈥 aka聽170.18 centimeters

5. Sexuality: The baddest bisexual bastard you know

6. Favorite Book: The Hobbit by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien

7. Current Time: 4:02pm

8. Average Amount of Sleep: Fuck that, what鈥檚 a sleep schedule?

9. Dogs or Cats: I prefer cats but my family has two dogs that I do love

10. Number of Blankets I Sleep With: A weighted blanket and a very small one to cover my shoulders if I need it.

11. Dream Job: I would love to run a coffee shop!

12. Blog Established: I made this blog in around January I think. I had a blog for a while ago, deleted it, and then made this blog!

13. Favorite Animal: CATS CATS CATS

14. Number of Followers: 102!!!

15. Reason for URL: I鈥檓 literally mothman

16. Something I鈥檓 Grateful for: I really love dnd and I鈥檓 super happy I鈥檓 able to be the dm for my friends!

@bigexcual @bisexualjustice @bonesoap @transmed-with-opinions @lost-boy-discourse Fill this out dudes!!! I wanna get to know you guys better!!!

@your-resident-mothman asjlkdgaljk okay okay

1. Name: Tyler

2. Gender: nonbinary/ftm something like that

3. Star sign: Technically pieces if you take into account the new one, if you don’t then I’m aries.

4. Height: 5'3鈪"

5. Sexuality: I’m an iced coffee bi

6. Favorite book: Dear Evan Hansen by Benj Pasek

7. Current time: 23:00

8. Average amount of sleep: now it’s about eight or nine

9. Dogs or cats: cats all the way

10. Number of blankets I sleep with: either two or six, no in between.

11. Dream job: I want a coffee place too!! Maybe we could work together some day @your-resident-mothman ?

12. Blog established: gosh I don’t even know, maybe a year ago or something?

13. Favorite animal: ferret!!

14. number of followers: 855!! More than I thought!

15. Reason for url: im a transmed and I have opinions. What else can I say?

16. Something I’m greatful for: my supportive family, my best friend, @your-resident-mothman , my dog, and my access to resources.

Tags: @bates-motel-6 @ratmed @spill-the-gender-tea

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transmed-with-opinions2 days agoAnswer
Do you have an instagram

I do! I actually have four Instagram accounts.

@/tylr.j42 is my main

@/luna.posts is my cat

@/tylersfacespam is a bunch of pictures of me

@/soft.mlm is my mlm/nblm account

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transmed-with-opinions2 days agoAnswer
i used to id as pan and honestly your posts and some others are what made me stop. I realised I had internalised biphobia and that I'm bisexual. Thank you 馃挅馃挅馃挅

I’m glad you had that realization!

I used to ID as pan too, when I was like 12 and I don’t remember why I stopped, but I’m glad I did.

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transmed-with-opinions2 days agoAnswer
i rly like ur account and i’ve lurked on it for a while i wish i could reblog bc u deserve the support but i’m tryna be apolitical :((( keep up your great work and i look forward to more content

Thank you!! I love getting asks like this!

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transmed-with-opinions3 days agoText

It’s not the “queer” community. Don’t call us all a collective slur. Why is that so hard to understand?

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transmed-with-opinions3 days agoAnswer
Hi my discourse blog is alex-with-opinions and I thought it was funny that both of our urls end in "with-opinions" anyway, that's all, bye

Oh lol that’s kinda funny

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transmed-with-opinions3 days agoAnswer
I actually love your blog but like I never let anyone know I read your blog and that I'm transmed because for some reason we're so hated right now. It makes no sense to hate on us.

Yeah, tucutes and the like are just intolerant pricks for some reason. I don’t get it either, but thats the way they are. I don’t get that much hate to be honest, but when u do boy it’s ugly.

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transmed-with-opinions3 days agoText


鈥渆xclusionists destroyed ace communities鈥 no lmao y鈥檃ll destroyed your own communities when you decided that aces could have/want sex, and split ace/aro identities into so many hyperspecific microlabels that literally anyone on the planet can identify with. by the definitions given, I鈥檓 an angled aroace, so i can say whatever the fuck i want about the ace/aro communities because I鈥檓 in them!! and so is everyone else!! you played yourselves, give me your resources lol!!

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I love that exclusionists keep saying 聽鈥淎CES AND AROS SHOULD MAKE THEIR OWN COMMUNITY! IT鈥橲 NOT LIKE IT鈥橲 THAT HARD!!鈥 when it took LGBT+ DECADES to even get recognized as a legitimate thing.

I鈥檓 never not amused by how fucking pathetic the ace community acts.

It took the LGBT community fucking decades because there were laws against us, people were (and are!) killing us, we were being arrested and forcibly institutionalized, many of us were closeted or forced into conversion therapy, and we didn鈥檛 have any organizational tools besides newsletters and meeting up in actual real life spaces which was really hard because a lot of us risked losing our jobs if we were outed. This is when our safe spaces were raided by cops, we had to fucking come up with codes/passwords to ensure our safety (see: friends of dorothy), and we were, y鈥檜nno,being affected by a fucking plague that the government literally just let happen. Oh? By the way, we couldn鈥檛 actually make media or newsletters reflecting our experiences for much of this time, as obscenity laws made it illegal/impossible to create content that reflected our lives in a positive way. Spreading that content by mail could literally be punished by law.

Meanfuckingwhile, asexuality hit the mainstream in the early 2000s, after 鈥淢y Life as an Amoeba鈥 had been published in 1997. Web groups immediately popped up, including but not limited to AVEN. In the 15+ years asexuality has been relevant, mainstream society has just fucking eating y鈥檃ll up. Two maybe asexual characters, Jughead and Raphael. Buzzfeed and HuffPo are shitting out articles about asexuals and sapiosexuals every single fucking day.

No laws were made against you in response to your identity becoming more public, no outcry or hate groups have formed. No one has batted a fucking eyelash.

If you can鈥檛 fucking organize in the era of fucking twitter and facebook groups, with exactly fucking zero laws against you鈥 that鈥檚 on you.

But don鈥檛 you EVER fucking say聽鈥渋t鈥檚 too hard for a group that includes literal cis straight people to organize, so let鈥檚 make the LGBT people do it for us.鈥

When you say it鈥檚 too fucking hard, you鈥檙e saying LGBT people should take on the brunt of it. When you say it鈥檚 too fucking hard, you think we should give our blood, sweat, and tears to literal cis straight people because it鈥檚 not easy getting strangers to give a single flying fuck about how much you don鈥檛 experience sexual attraction.

Know why it鈥檚 hard for asexual to organize?

It鈥檚 because there鈥檚 no fucking reason to create community around how little sexual attraction you feel.

There鈥檚 no cause to rally around. No meaningfully shared experiences. No culture. No hate groups to counter. There is no ace experience and there is no anti-ace sentiment off tunglrhell.cum.

There鈥檚 literally nothing to bring you together because society has never given a single fuck about how much sexual attraction you feel. It just doesn鈥檛. That鈥檚 why it took til 1997 for y鈥檃ll to even think about creating a community. Lonely fucking nerds who played D&D and were mocked about it had more reasons to organize than y鈥檃ll ever did. At least people were actively mean to them.

So, y鈥檜nno what, you get no fucking sympathy from me.

If it鈥檚 too hard, try harder. Get the fuck over it. Walk it off.

Wow. Yes. All of this.




Asexuals really don鈥檛 realise how easy they have it.

I don鈥檛 even know why asexuals would get hate in the first place, it鈥檚 not something I鈥檝e often seen even here, bisexual girls being dragged by lesbcels because of their current relationship with a man is a common occurrence but, not trying to be rude, who actually cares if you don鈥檛 feel any kind of attraction?

I鈥檝e seen more asexuals hate on LGBT+ people for feeling sexual attraction than anyone hating asexual people for not having sexual attraction

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transmed-with-opinions3 days agoAnswer
Pansexuality was something I just never really understood. The only explanation my pan friend ever gave me was 'a holes a hole' so I don't understand still. I'm bi and I just like people and I prefer the label bi but when I say I like everyone, they say I must be pan then. It's very annoying.

It is very annoying and I really don’t get it either. I’ve been called transphobic because people automatically assume you wouldn’t date trans people if you’re bi (which is wrong). I’ve been called panphobic just because I told someone what bisexuality is and they were just like “no thats pansexuality stop erasing pan history you panphobic acorn” (that’s literally what they said).

So yeah idk what the fuck these people think they’re doing but it makes no sense and it’s very harmful. They don’t care though so whatever i guess.

@your-resident-mothman I thought I should tag you in this but I’m not sure why? What’s your thoughts on all this, I guess?

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