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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

So one time my friend tried to list out all of his "issues" for us and this is how it went
Him: So there's scoliosis, torn mcl, allergic to gluten, dyslexic, AD... AH... ADH...
Him: yeah sorry I can only read three letters at a time
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My brain has become incapable of processing information. You could tell me that my dad died and I would barely even react because my brain would be all like “whatever, but you know that one embarrassing thing you said yesterday? Let’s worry about that” because some things just aren’t real to me.

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So basically my mom is one of those white moms who’s become obsessed with walks since quarantine started and is determined to make sure that we are productive. Every day, she plans an activity for us to do after dinner. Usually its a movie or a walk.


My dad, sister and I were out of there before she could say corona

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All of my friends are fighting right now. Usually, they resolve their conflicts and work it out rather quickly. This time it’s not looking like that’s gonna happen. We’ve all been friends for at least 3 years. Some of them I’ve known since Kindergarten. I really don’t want this friendship to end, and I have no idea what to do.

I have an update on this is you’re interested

My prior group fo friends has split apart into two groups. It definitely wasn’t my choice and I miss all of them. I’m not on bad terms with any of them, but I’ve decided to stick with the two who’ve always been there for me. We’ve found another group of friends who we’ve known for a while, and now we sit with them at lunch. So I dunno. Kind of bittersweet.

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One of the arguments men often use against women attaining leadership positions is that women are too emotional. I don’t think this is a problem. Who wants a statue of a leader, who will look upon his country in depredations, who will see the suffering of his citizens, and feel absolutely nothing? Emotions are a part of basic human connection and a fundamental aspect of humanity. We want leaders who are real and who understand what it’s like to be a normal person. We want leaders who truly care about us. We want a leader who will look upon the problems of her country and feel something, therefore prompting her to seek solutions. So if you criticize women for being “dangerously emotional,” I argue that it is even more dangerous to have no emotion at all.

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Here are my thoughts on the finale:

The finale did a really good job of wrapping up Elena and Gabi’s storylines. Elena, Sasha, and Jessica came back together, and we get to see Elena discover her “raisin” and begin the journey to her becoming president. Gabi came to terms with the fact that she doesn’t have to lose Robert to love Sam, and their relationship is restored.


The fact that their storylines tied up so nicely scares me a little bit because I feel like Bobby still has so much developing to do. I want to know what happens with him and Liam, but that will obviously only be possible if the show is renewed for season 2. Since every other character got a fulfilling arc and a satisfying ending, will Disney continue the show in order to provide a developed storyline for a gay character? I honestly don’t know. 

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Highly recommend you watch gravity falls. It’s not super long, but it rocks

Thanks! I vaguely remember watching a few episodes when I was younger, and I remember it being good :)

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Some quotes from my eighth grade English teacher, this lady is a LEGEND
After some guy said something stupid: I don’t know what you’ve been inhaling recently, but...
Probably to the same person: You seem like the kind of guy that looks up "penis" in the dictionary
After reading one of Shakespeare's sonnets: SUMMER IS JUST TOO DAMN HOT
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I’ll be having a great time and then suddenly I’ll remember some random embarrassing thing that I did like 3 years ago and then BAM I feel terrible even after I forget what the memory was that made me feel terrible

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: I always feel kind of betrayed when my device doesn’t recognize that it’s me trying to log in
Me: We’ve been through this together. It’s me. Can’t you see? Please, you’ve got to remember! You’ve just got to trust me!
My computer: no actually your finger is slightly damp so unfortunately I have no idea who you are and therefore cannot permit you to log in
Me: *getting offended at the lack of trust between us*
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