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trikext·14 days agoText


Gta v trikey fuckfic where instead of moaning ‘oh please baby please’ they scream the same shit they do in a car crash. ‘I’M FILING A PERSONAL INJURY CLAIM’ 'DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THIS CAR COST?’ 'I JUST HOPE THAT BROKE YOUR GOD DAMN NECK’ 'I’VE SEEN SOME BAD DRIVERS, BUT YOU.’

the best post on this website 😍

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Everyone: The Solomon Richards missions suck


how could anyone not love those missions??

how does it not warm their hearts to see michael so passionate and happy about movies, and finally putting all of his skills to good use!?

you monsters.

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The first time I went through GTA V I noticed Trevor’s grabby hands and they really hit home for me bc the motion is a lot like what Stitch does in Lilo and Stitch and that movie is jsutgernalyl something that’s really close to my heart bc of personal experiences. I learned later on that it’s a motion he does when he feels the need to hold onto people/be comforted and honestly learning that only made me sad more bc Trevor is this guy who has to face the realization that everything he thought he knew up until that point was a lie. It’s jarring for him. He’s been through hardships and he expresses his emotions through the only way he knows how— explosive anger and violence. Granted he’s more tame when he’s in the company of people like Michael and Franklin who he sincerely cares for but the fact that he has no handle on his emotions bc he’s offered no real comfort, and the fact that no one gives him comfort despite him genuinely asking for it several times throughout the game really breaks my heart

dont mind me just cryin g

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Always remember that Michael De Santa didn’t sell Lester out even though he would have been a great catch for Dave and the the FIB.

Always remember that Michael De Santa went out of his way to protect Franklin on several occasions including:
i. Lying to Dave to keep him from pulling Franklin into the FIB shit.
ii. Telling Franklin to go home even after he knew he would be the only one covering him during the IAA raid.
iii. Chose to take Trevor to Martin’s house despite Martin requesting Franklin to keep his boy from getting caught up in Cartel related shit again.
iv. Kept putting himself in the line of fire during the Paleto Bay heist to make sure Franklin was safe from harm.
v. Pushed Franklin onto the getaway train first even though he wasn’t carrying any of the money.

Always remember that Michael De Santa is not a total asshole and that he is capable of loyalty to those who he deeply cares about.

michael looks after his son 😭😭

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trikext·a month agoText

still doesnt sit right with me that amanda and michael get back together at the end of gta v

i just like to imagine that they realise that their relationship is too dysfunctional to work and they get divored because, fuck, michael aint ever gonna change and their kids dont really need them anymore and amanda clearly still aint happy by the of gta v shes just faking it

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trikext·a month agoText

i wanted to play gta v because i thought it looked like a cool game about cold-hearted ruthless bank robbers

i was NOT expecting a beautifully written tragedy about two homosexual lovers who painfully reunite and work through their emotional past

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trikext·2 months agoText

call me a dumbass but franklin’s “you roped me into your crazy world of bullshit…” spiel always pissed me off. like, u didnt get roped into anything u chose to go to mike’s house and ask him to mentor u 💀 💀

no hate for frank or anything i fucking love him but 😭😭

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Can we just all collectively appreciate that Trevor wanted Mikey to come out and visit his place of habitat and when Mikey said no what does he do? He kills two birds with one stone. He “saves” Patricia Madrazo from her marriage while simultaneously ensuring that Michael will HAVE to now come and visit him and lay low with him. Now that’s what I call good planning and multi tasking.

damn i never thought abt that 🤔🤔

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