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trixclibrarian8 hours agoVideo


Hurray for the Riff Raff on Feminism, Gentrification, Gender Violence & 鈥

I love listening to her speak almost* more than listening to her sing 馃枻

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鈥淭he whole crisis does raise some interesting questions though: if we all agree that we can鈥檛 have the weakest people in society dying as a healthcare system, then why do we tolerate it as an economic system? We see articles about people who have stockpiled hand sanitiser to sell at a markup, but they are the people the system we live in supports, and that is what speculation is. How do we ever find a way out of this within our current system? Drugs need to be developed in the public sector: Big Pharma has no interest in putting itself out of business by creating universal vaccines, and spends more on advertising than research. Indeed, you have to wonder if the virus is so very different from extractive capitalism. It commandeers the manufacturing elements of its hosts, gets them to make stuff for it; kills a fair few, but not enough to stop it spreading. There is no normal for us to go back to. People sleeping in the streets wasn鈥檛 normal; children living in poverty wasn鈥檛 normal; neither was our taxes helping to bomb the people of Yemen. Using other people鈥檚 lives to pile up objects wasn鈥檛 normal, the whole thing was absurd. Governments are currently busy pouring money into propping up existing inequalities, and bailing out businesses that have made their shareholders rich. The world鈥檚 worst people think that everybody is going to come out of this in a few months and go willingly back into a kind of numbing servitude. Surely it鈥檚 time to start imagining something better.鈥

Frankie Boyle: Did you ever wonder what you鈥檇 be doing during an apocalypse? ~ The Overtake [beta] (via humulust)

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what if utopia is a gentle collaboration, a wild loving questioning generative emergent collaboration, with chaos.聽

not seeking a聽鈥渂etter鈥 way of life but instead insisting on a life that embraces long swathes and tides of persistent presence and attention, coupled with curiosity and awe, and simple honor for the inherent urge to avoid harm - both given and received.聽

reblogs remind 馃枻

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Ted Chiang isn鈥檛 just a fantastic writer, he鈥檚 also a fantastic thinker about the world (these don鈥檛 always go together, surprisingly). Here he is being incredibly smart about this current moment.

He reiterates the important observation that 鈥済ood vs evil鈥 stories are intrinsically conservative in that they are about a good world being upturned by evil, then returned to goodness in the happy ending.

Whereas sf is progressive in that it is often about the world being changed, not restored.

So the stfnal question about the pandemic is how will things change, not how will we put them back the way they were.

Irrespective of ideology, no one wants a return to the old status quo inasmuch as no one wants a return to a world where a pandemic leads to ventilator, hospital bed, and mask shortages. So everyone wants some kind of change.

Which kind of change is the question of the moment. Naomi Klein鈥檚 Shock Doctrine and its disaster capitalism perfectly predict the worst changes we see happening around us: unlimited corporate welfare and profiteering, authoritarianism and surveillance.

But there are other changes possible. Everyone could see how student debt, weak labor laws, and incompetent demagogues worked, but now we see how they fail.

It would be nice to convince your stubborn uncle to fix his brakes BEFORE the wreck, but if you can鈥檛, then you should seize upon the wreck as a teachable moment to change your uncle鈥檚 attitude towards his brakes. How things fail is much more important than how they work.

As Chiang says, if this was an sf novel it would be an 鈥渋diot plot鈥:

鈥溾 plot that would be resolved very quickly if your protagonist weren鈥檛 an idiot. What we鈥檙e living through is only partly a disaster novel; it鈥檚 also鈥攁nd perhaps mostly鈥攁 grotesque political satire.鈥

Image: 聽Arturo Villarrubia,_Ted_(Villarrubia)_(cropped).jpg


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Imagine moving thru the world without self-pity.

goddess yes. replacing it with compassion {for self & other} 馃挋馃挌馃枻

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trixclibrarian2 days agoText

wrote this essay in my head in the shower just now & got out and wrote these notes down… might write it still but ? not much need bc when I see this every word & sensation of it returns 馃枻

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Florence + The Machine covering Marvin Gaye鈥檚 鈥淚 heard it through the grapevine鈥 for Dazed Digital TV Party 馃崌馃尶

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trixclibrarian2 days agoPhoto


The cuttlefish has a remarkable talent. Its skin contains millions of pigment cells and it uses hypnotic color patterns to mesmerize its prey before it strikes. (Blue Planet II)


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Chicago folk 馃憜


I鈥檝e posted this on my other social media but I figure I鈥檒l post here and tag a few of my Chicago mutuals to get the word out.

I have this amazing sewing machine. Due to school, work, and volunteering for the text crisis line, I am too overwhelmed to take on the task of learning to make masks.

If anyone in Chicago has the time and skill set, I will deliver this sewing machine for them to borrow for the foreseeable future to help in creating masks.

I have a vehicle and I would deliver using social distancing. I鈥檇 also bring Buck along to say hi!

Tagging a few of you in the area, if you know of anyone who would be able to use this machine!

@hopefulmisanthrope @domesticated-witch @digitaltendernesss @immolatemyself @mysolitaryskirmishes @stupon

mostly it鈥檚 pretty easy to learn… I learned as a kid & im relearning now so I鈥檓 happy to serve as assistance in talking through/troubleshooting etc

serve as a coping mentor/model/mutual if anyone wants/needs 馃枻馃挆

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My friends Phoebe and Erc Faden are quite a power couple: she鈥檚 a restaurateur, cook and crafter; he鈥檚 a copyfighting film prof. (They fight crime!)

They鈥檝e combined their superpowers for this awesome DIY 鈥淢acGyver Face Mask Tutorial鈥 video.

It鈥檚 a really amazing collaboration. It starts with this pattern from The Crafty Quilter.

Then Phoebe uses her excellent explaining skills and Eric uses his excellent filmmaking skills to make this legible even for thumbless klutzes like me.

They鈥檙e also running a Gofundme for central PA healthcare workers鈥 PPE.

If you like the work, check out Eric鈥檚 other stuff. He鈥檚 best known in my circles for 鈥淎 Fairy Use Tale,鈥 which uses cut-up clips from Disney cartoons to explain fair use, and which is also a brilliant example OF fair use.

But even more impressive is 鈥淰isual Disturbances,鈥 his movie about what eye-tracking tools can teach us about the experience of watching movies.

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