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Soph, 22, UK, artist (...I think), IQ: unknown, asexual biromantic and a bit of a tomboy, anxiety and too many ideas, draws and watches youtube on productive days, sleeps on unproductive days. Check out my art in #magpie sketches.

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The only reason I come to tumblr anymore is to look up a bunch of stuff from my latest hyperfixation, clog up my timeline with it and then leave

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Ok Peeps,

I’m suffering a big ol’ art block so if you can throw some ideas in the replies or through an ask to help me break it, that would be super awesome!

Many thanks


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Scotland is not boring

When I say I love bagpipes, this is what I mean

Absolute banger


This is Clanadonia

What the video doesn’t quite capture is that when you’re this close, their drumming feels kind of like being punched in the chest. When they’re playing on the street like this, every other busker in a 500m radius just goes and has a tea break, because there’s no point in trying to be heard over Clanadonia.

What the Summoning Dark says. They used to play outside the Thistles in Stirling when I was at Uni there pretty regular like, and you could basically hear them anywhere in the old town center.

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Giving this one more bump before the month starts



For your consideration, may I present the Egotober 2020 list.

Every year a list is created to take us through October, using ALL egos both canon and non canon across all fandoms. Taking us from the 1st, right the way through to the spoopy day itself, these one word prompts can be used in any way: art, edits, gifs, fics, anything that you can think of!

As always, there is NO OBLIGATION to do a prompt every day, dip in and out whenever you like. This list is to add a bit of creativity to the month and for people to have fun with!

If you create anything from the list, please use #Egotober2020 so we can find your work and marvel at the wide range of minds that make up these awesome communities!

And just as a reminder, please do as much or as little as you want from this list. Dip in, dip out, do what you’re comfortable with, even if it’s just one day. This is all about having fun and being creative :D

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I hate that people keep insisting that Kristen Stewart is a lesbian even though she’s flat out said she’s bisexual, that she sees sexuality as grey and fluid, that she’s not strictly homosexual or heterosexual, and that she would definitely date a guy again; like the list goes on. I think it’s the fact that she’s also so visibly gnc and people still can’t concieve that bisexuality isn’t just gay lite? Like as much as she may “look” like a lesbian, she’s a gnc bi woman and I think it’s cool that there’s that kind of rep bc a lot of the bi women the media puts in the spot light are mostly high fem. That doesn’t mean that rep is meaningless but I can count on one hand the amount of andro/masc leaning bi women that are in the public eye.

I also know the other reason why a lot of people keep labeling her as a lesbian is because she’s visibly only been dating women recently, but you don’t have to switch the gender of your s/o every other month to prove you’re still bi like. That’s elementary basics of bisexuality. Especially if said person in question, again, has stated several times that they’re not a lesbian or straight… 🤔

It’s almost like there’s a history (Freddie Mercury) of people (David Bowie) ignoring when people (Megan Fox) say they’re bisexual (Katharine Hepburn), and talking about them (Chuck Tingle) as if they’re definitely gay (Cynthia Nixon) or definitely (Lady Gaga) straight.

I have (Billy) absolutely no idea (Joe) what you could possibly mean (Armstrong)

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The Girl Who Fell in Love With the Moon.

(I saw a very small hand-crafted production play 2 years ago when I was still at uni. I have no idea if it was considered good or bad, all that matters is it stuck with me all this time.)

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hey don’t let the media tell you this election is already decided. it’s exactly what they said in 2016 and we all remember how THAT worked out. 2020 could be a knife’s edge election, and 18-24 year olds could easily be the deciding voice. please register to vote. think about the people that might not survive another four years of this.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s death makes it all the more necessary that you vote. If the results are in any way debatable, will a conservative dominated supreme court rule that trump loses? Of course not. Vote.

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like for real tho yall do realize that you can vote in the US election AND protest the government and its workings, right? i don’t think its hypocritical to vote for the candidate who at the very least isn’t openly and blatantly a white supremacist and fascist while still hating him and his policies. like. I for one would rather the guy whos policies arent blatantly based in ethnic cleansing be the one who wins.

at the very least, more people will likely survive to help in that fight versus how many could have their lives completely destroyed by the policies tr//mp is churning out

actually let me clarify my point:

revolution doesn’t happen overnight and people are going to have to keep living in this system until things do finally change. the least we all can do is have the common decency to act within the system to the benefit of those who won’t be able to survive it until it’s dismantled.

it is the LEAST we can do to at least try to help clean up this mess while we’re trying to dismantle it. we HAVE to work for the long term

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