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Floriografía - C. Madrigal - Part 3
Tumblr media
It’s been three hours since you opened, it was quite busy today with customers coming in one after another. Your fingers ached slightly, irritated by the thorns you’d been poked with several times with your last order.
You duck down under the cabinet to grab your bandages and healing cream. You hear the bell of the shop ring, and you shout from under the counter, “Sorry! I’m on lunch break, come back later?”
“You're having lunch? Perfect timing then”
You bump your head when you try to sit up, recognizing the voice as Camilo Madrigal. Your eyes dart to the vase on the counter, you quickly grab it and place it on a shelf under the counter.
“Madrigal?” You look at him suspiciously, “looking for Christine?”
“Nope,” he says, holding out a pretty basket, a yellow gardenia attached to the side of it. “Wanna have lunch with me?”
“Ha!” you scoff. “What's your game plan here Madrigal?”
The basket was covered with a cloth, you assume the food inside was made by Mirabell’s mom. The smell begins to cloud up in the store, your stomach grumbles, Camilo laughs, “should I take that as a yes?”
It wouldn’t hurt, and Señora Julieta’s food would heal your fingers. “Fine” you grumble walking from behind the desk towards Camilo the two of you exiting the shop together.
Camilo brought you to a neat place by the river to eat, you sat next to him, placing the basket in between the both of you. “I didn’t know you worked at a flower shop” he starts the conversation.
“It’s my mom’s, it was a gift from my papa before he died” You explain, your fingers healing after you take a bite. “Oh, I’m sorry”
“Nah, don’t worry about it”
“Are you coming to my little brother's gifting ceremony?” he asks, already on his 3rd arepa con queso. “Yeah, I mean who isn't?” You exaggerate, “I’m excited to see what little Antonio’s gift is.”
“My mother has been stressing out about it, but we're all excited as well” He says with a small chuckle, “I feel bad for Mirabel, you know it’ll be hard for her.”
He hums in agreement and you both fall into silence. You lean back onto the brick wall behind you, “Hey, Y/n.”
“Why do you not like me?” You look over at him, finding him staring at the river. “I don’t think I’ve done anything for you to hate me for.”
“I don’t hate you” You begin, “I just…”
He turns to look at you, waiting for your response. You look away from him, “you can talk to me about it…you don’t have too but-”
“If Christine gets a boyfriend she won’t have time for me anymore” You look down at your shoes, “I just don’t want to be alone”
Taking a glance at Camilo you find him already staring at you, something unreadable in his eyes.
“What? Is there something on my face?”
You hadn’t even noticed how close he had gotten, the basket that was once in between you too now on his other side. “Then what are you staring at?” You mumbled. He’s so close you don’t feel the need to speak loudly.
“Your eyes are so beautiful,” he says softly.
Your heart is jumping at his close proximity, and you feel the butterfly in your stomach wanting to come up. His hands move to grab something, a yellow gardenia, he moves to tuck it into your hair.
You're now just staring at each other, lost in each other's eyes. He leans in closer to you, his hand going on top of yours. Lost in the moment you begin to close your eyes, leaning in as well.
The loud sound of something dropping scared the both of you. You finally snap back into reality pushing Camilo’s face away from yours. “I need to get back to the shop” you say quickly, getting up and rushing back to the shop, leaving the Madrigal to sit there confused.
Your hands go up to cover your face, red with embarrassment. Had you just almost kissed Camilo?!
Camilo sat in the same spot, his face also scarlet like yours. He almost kissed you, like actually almost kissed you.
Was he dreaming? He must be dreaming.
He gets up from his spot, grabbing his basket before making his way back home. He couldn’t get over how soft your lips had looked, how he almost touched them with his own.
His hands come up to his face, feeling at his lips. How would your lips feel against his own? His mind begins to wander.
Arriving back at his home, he walks through the courtyard walking up the steps to a balcony. He places the basket on the railing, staring at the flower he had woven into the basket.
He remembers what you had said in the flower shop ‘I would want a color that reminds me of the person, so I’d definitely go with yellow’. Were you talking about him? He always wore his yellow ruana around you.
“Camilo?!” His mother's loud cry of his name goes unheard.
He lets out a loud sigh, smiling at the flower. He never did expect himself to fall this deep in love with you, at first he had all his priorities on Christine, but he never really sparked with her like he did with you.
He had only been so persistent with the flowers since you had really damaged his ego. It wasn’t even for Christine anymore, it was for his own self-satisfaction. His mind wanders back to the time by the river, how vulnerable you had become.
‘I don’t hate you’
‘I just don’t want to be alone’
He won’t let you. You won’t ever have to be alone when you're with him, he’ll make you laugh everyday, and do everything in his power to make you happy.
“Camilo?!” Pepa’s angry voice comes up the stairs, having called her son numerous times she came to see what has clogged up his ears. “Camilo Madrigal, have you not been hearing me-”
She pauses, looking at the state her son was in. Sighing every 5 seconds, swinging his leg back and forth, daydreaming at a flower.
Her son was in love.
“I’m home!” You call out, the smell of dinner hitting your nose as soon as you enter.
“Bienvenidas” your mom calls from the kitchen, “Go set up the table.”
“Okay” You call out, placing the pouch of the shop's money on a table near the door. You head into the kitchen, washing your hands before grabbing the dishes to begin setting the table.
“How was your day nieta?” You abuela calls to you, sitting in her favorite loveseat in the living room. “It was good abuela, the shop was busy today” you place the plates onto the dining table, going over to the glassware cabinet to grab cups for everyone.
“Y/n’s crushing over a boy mama” Your mother walks over with a large pot in her hand, placing it in the middle of the table. “Oh really?” the woman croons, “about time!”
“N-no I am not!” You shout to your abuela, and she smiles, laughing. “Oh, it’s one of these hm? Let me guess, you hate him?”
The woman cackles, placing her yawn and knitting needles down. “I was just like you when  I met your abuelo” She slowly gets up from her chair, walking into the dinning room to her chair at the head of the table.
“I’ve started working on your dress for the gifting ceremony next week” She says as your mother begins to put food on her plate. “Thank you abuela.” You take a seat on the other side of your abuela, and begin to plate your own food.
“Speaking of the Madrigals-”
“Mama!” You interrupt your mother making her giggle softly, “I was just going to say you need to make a gift for Antonio.”
You stacked the dirty dishes on the table, grabbing them before placing them in the bubbly soap water in the sink. You grab your wash rag and begin to clean the plate, humming a soft tune along with it.
“I remember when I was in love at your age” Your abuda comes into the kitchen, “I used to hum and day dream all the time.”
“Abuela! I’m not in love with him, he likes Christine” You say, placing the now clean dish on the drying rack. The old woman hoots with laughter, “your father would have a fit if he saw you right now.”
You place the next dish onto the rack, beginning to wash the glassware. The woman walks over, grabbing the newly washed dishes and beginning to dry them off with the drying cloth. “Love is like the wind nieta, you cannot see it, but you can feel it”
You finish with the dishes and turn to your abuela, she places the cloth down before reaching into your hair, pulling the yellow gardenia from out your hair.
You had forgotten it was even there.
“The more you deny your feelings the more they grow” She says, handing you the flower before walking out the kitchen. You look down at the flower, yellow gardenia meaning “you are lovely,” the symbol of secret love.
You sigh, placing the flower onto the counter before searching underneath the sink. You pull out a small glass vase, putting some water in it before dropping the flower inside.
Maybe you liked Camilo, you couldn’t say you loved him. But, maybe you did like him…and that was okay.
“Buenos días mama” You say with a yawn as you come down the stairs, “Good morning Y/n” she greets you back, “I’ll work at the shop today so you can take a break.”
“Gracias” you say tiredly, “buenos días abuela.” your abuela sat in her favorite loveseat once again, “buenos dias nieta, could you please bring me the book on the table?”
You walk over to the farby table, grabbing your abuela’s book. ‘The Little Prince’ was on the cover, you stare at the illustration on the cover below the title. A boy with a crown on top of his head.
You stare at the crown, the simple pattern on it, the way it was shaped. An idea popping into your head. You hand your abuela her book before walking into the kitchen where your mother was cooking breakfast.
“Mama, can I use dad’s workshop?”
Your mother yanks the sheet off of your fathers old equipment, you both cough at the dust waving your hands in front of your face. “I haven’t been in here since your father died” You mother says, admiring the dirty wooden desk.
“What are you going to make?” She asks, “I want to make a clay crown for Antonio.” You look around the place, eyes landing on a clay rose. You pick it up, it was quite thin and delicate, “oh! You found it.”
Your mother comes over, taking the flower from your hands, “Your father made this for me on our first date.” The woman sighs at the fond memories, “Well, I need to finish breakfast, have fun!”
The woman leaves and you take a seat in the old wooden chair, your fathers old wooden desk, drawing of clay models scattered all over it. You pick them up, pilling them up into a neat stack and setting them off to the side.
You get up, going over to some shelves to find some preserved clay. Your eyes land on a glass jar, you grab it, placing it on the table before looking around for the rest of the tools you’ll need.
A tray
Rolling pin
A wire
Sculpting tools
And an apron
You grab the glob of clay, placing it onto the table and start to get to work. Your father’s voice echoed in your ear as you remembered when he first taught you how to mold clay.
‘Remember water is key Y/n’
“I know papa” You say out loud, feeling a ghost like feeling hovering over your hands. You grab your rolling pin, beginning to flatten out the glump you had folded the clay into.
‘Don’t make it too flat’
You hum, liking the thickness you had rolled it into. You grab your knife, cutting the bottom into a straight line. You dip the knife into the water, cutting the edges before beginning to trace a pattern.
Up, circle, down, up, circle down, up circle down.
You continued the same pattern over and over until you reached the end of the flattened clay. You peel off the extra looking at the flattened crown pattern you had made. You take a tooth pick and begin making scratch marks at each side edge of the crown, dabbing some water onto it before picking up the flatten crown and putting the two ends together.
You grab some of the extra clay, shaping each circle into a small sphere and then curling the ends out a bit.
“Perfect!” You say, rubbing your hands on your apron. You grab the tray with the crown on it, bringing it over to a window so it could dry in the sun. Now for step two, paints.
You walk over to the sink in the room, scrubbing your hands for any clay that might have stuck. You take the apron off, placing it back on it’s rightful place before exiting the workshop. “Y/n, finished so soon? Your breakfast is waiting on the table”
“I’ll eat later mom, I need to go buy some paint!”
“Your food might get cold-” before your mother could protest you’re already out the house. She sighs, shaking her head and returning back to washing the dishes, “just like her father.”
The busy street of Encanto never managed to fail to amuse you. The children bickering with each other could be heard from all corners of the town.
“¡Señora García!” You announce yourself as you enter the woman’s paint shop. “Oh Y/n! Welcome, welcome!” the old woman greets you with a smile, she had known your father and mother when they were younger.
“You seem to be glowing today Y/n, something you're not telling me?”
“No!” you shout, going over to the shelf and picking out a white paint and a bright yellow paint.
“Is it a boy?” Señora García asks with a knowing glint.
You almost drop one of the paint jars. “Mama told you, didn't she?”
“She told everyone” Señora García corrects, you grimace placing the two jars onto the counter.
“I watched your mother and father fall in love, now I get to watch you!”
Your face heats up as you try to ignore the woman, grabbing your money pouch to pay for the paints. You toss the money onto the counter, while Señora García bags up your jars.
“Y/n, promise me you’ll bring him here someday?” Señora García asks, a wholesome smile placed on her face. You grab your bag, pressing your lips into a thin line before muttering, “I promise.”
You exit the store, looking up into the sky. It shined quite brighter than usual, so someone must be in a good mood. Speaking of that someone, she was currently marching towards you.
You assume she might just be heading somewhere else in the direction you're in, but you're proven wrong when she grabs both sides of your face and pulls you towards her.
You sit in silence, a face full of confusion as she rotates your face. Left, right, up, down.
“Seems like Camilo got his tastes in girls from his father” she mutters. “Senora Pe-” you begin to question her sudden actions but then she lets you go.
“You're perfect!” she exclaimed, giving you a really big smile. Before you could question she’s already gone, “I- uh…what?”
You turn to the call of your name, Christine running towards you. “I’m so sorry about yesterday, I just wasn’t in a good mood and-”
“My beautiful flower~!”
Your heart sinks into your chest at the sound of Marco’s voice. Christine flushes, recognizes the voice immediately.
“Ohmygod is he talking to me?!” She begins to brush off her dress, fixing up her hair to make sure she looks good for Marco.
“Christine, let's go” You panic but she glares at you and you bite your lip. Marco makes his way over and just as Christine is about to introduce herself he walks past her, grabbing your hand to kiss it.
You snatch your hand away immediately, afraid to look at Christine. “I wrote a poem just for you my love!” he says, getting on one kneel and clearing his throat. “El día que te vi mi corazón estaba herido (The day I saw you my heart was smitten)”
You cringe, glancing around your surroundings hoping nobody was watching. “Vienes a mí en mis sueños (you come to me in my dreams)”
You glance to your left, catching eyes with somebody you wished to have not seen today, Camilo. He was staring at Marco who was still reciting his poem. You felt more panic, why was everyone in the wrong place at the wrong time!
“Estamos destinados a ser- (we are meant to be-)” Before Marco could finish you grab Christine's hand, “Sounds great Marco, needs a little work though- okay bye!”
You rush away from him, running to your house without looking back once. You finally stop in front of your house, ready for whatever hell Christine was going to give you. “Christine look-” you start to apologize but the look on Christine’s face makes you pause.
“He has such a way with words” She coos, a dreamy look on her face. Your eye twitches and your face scrunches up. “Did you hear what he said Y/n? It was beautiful!”
“I wouldn’t call it beautiful-”
She interrupts you with another dreamy sigh. “He’s so perfect!”
You wish you could say you were surprised.
“I’m just going to go now,” You step away from her and enter your house, “I’m back!” you shout running into the workshop to check on your clay. Luckily it had dried fast considering how brightly the sun was shining.
You grab the tray and bring it back to the desk, putting on your fathers old apron before taking your paints out. You grab the white paint, placing some on the desk before using a brush to spread it on the clay.
You had to color it white first so the yellow wouldn’t look discolored. Your mind drifts off to Camilo, the way his face looked when he saw Marco professing his love to you.
He didn’t look too happy, was he jealous?
Nono, he probably thought he was talking to Christine, since he likes Christine and all. You think about when you two almost kissed, he does like Christine…right?
It would be weird if his feelings for her just switched like that. Unless he never really liked her.
You shake your head, voiding the useless thoughts from your mind and continuing your work. You grab the yellow paint after allowing the white coats to dry.
“Perfection” You say, looking at the finished product, “Antonio will love it!”
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Floriografía - C. Madrigal - Part 2
Tumblr media
The little bell on the door chimes, and you peek your head from the back of the store smiling at the mother and daughter that had just walked in. "Hola señora" You walk over to the desk, "what are you looking for, today?"
"Hola Y/n, I'm looking for some flowers for my daughter's teacher" the woman glances over at her daughter who is hiding behind her mother's leg. You smile, looking over the counter to the girl. "Hola niñita" you smile at the little girl.
"I've got just the thing" You head to the back of the store, grabbing a blue hydrangea before bringing it to the front. "Hortensias azules, they're great for expressing gratitude"
"What do you think?" The mother looks down at her daughter, the timid girl looks at the blue hydrangea before nodding. A loud crash could be heard from outside the shop, along with some protests, the mother's face drops into one of panic, "Leo!" she shouts before hurriedly turning to you, "I'll be right back!"
It's just you and the little girl now. "I'll be right back niñita" you say to the little girl, going into the back to grab 2 more stems and a blue ribbon. "Flowers have meaning?" the girl asks you as you come back into the room to dress her flower.
"Behind every flower is a meaning, niñita" You say, clipping the ends of the stems,"not only does the type of flower matter, the color does too"
"What do these flowers mean?" She asks, you look over your shoulder seeing her pointing at your green peonies, "those mean good luck" you say while tying a thin white rope to keep the flowers together.
"How about these?" She points at the yellow roses, "friendship and happiness."
"These?" she points to the red roses, "they mean passionate love."
"What about these?"
You tie the knot on the string before looking, she pointing at the blue violets, "trustworthiness and love" you respond before walking to the back to grab a small glass vase, you pour some water inside before bringing it out to the front.
You drop the blue hydrangeas into the vase before grabbing your royal blue ribbing and tying it around the vase to make a bow. "These must mean something really special since they're right here" the girl points to the flowers Camilo gave you.
"What!?" You almost break the vase with your sudden jump of surprise. "No,no,no, these aren't special, not at all" you shake your head, "just plain regular red carnations,"
"Well what do they mean?" the girl asks. "Deep love and affection" your voice quiets down slightly, a bubbly feeling erupting in your chest.
Right on time the girl's mother comes back, dragging a little boy by his ear. "Sorry about that, how much would that be?"
You tell her the price and the woman pays. "What do we say?"
"Flowers suck" The little boy, who you assume to be Leo, shouts earning a glare from his mother.
"Gracias!" the little girl says, holding the glass vase in her tiny arms. "Your welcome, niñita"
The family exits the store and you await the next customer, hopefully it would be too slow today.
The door of the bell rings, a man entering the shop. "I need something that says, I love you" he says upon entering, "I've got some beautiful roses in the back" you say.
"Not roses, too cliche, something that screams 'my love for you will never die!'"
You tap your finger against your chin, thinking before an idea springs into your head. "I've got the perfect thing!"
You run into the back, grabbing 12 vibrant red colored tulips. You grab some white colored florist paper and a red ribbon before bringing them to the front. "Yes! Those are prefecto for my wife!"
You wrap the bouquet swiftly, handing it to the man while he pays. "You are an expert on these flowers, senorita" the man says, handing you your money before thanking you and taking his leave.
You go into the back to grab your watering pitcher, "Y/n! You in the back?" It was Christine, "yeah, one second."
You fill the pitcher up with water before returning to the counter. "Hey Chrisy, what can I do for you?"
"This is a flower shop, right?"
"And everyone in town comes here, right?"
You sigh, again with Carlos, Christine never shuts up about him. "So you know his favorite flower, so please tell me Y/n!!"
"Christine, how many times do I have to tell you, you don't need a boyfriend! You've got me and Mirabel" You say, picking up your pitcher and walking over to your window flowers.
"Yeah but I want one!" She whines. "Come on Y/n! All you ever do is scare away any boy that even looks at me, just let me have this one!" She walks with you, lacing her hands together in a begging motion. "Cause you don't need chicos idiotas ruining your life!"
"You're too protective! Let me have fun, Carlos and I are meant for each other" She begs again, "Come'on, you and Camilo are meant to be and you don't see me destroying flowers"
You almost drop the pitcher, "W-we are not meant to be together, are you crazy!!"
"Please Y/n!" She begs, you set the pitcher down, sighing as you cross your arms. She gives you another pleading glance and pouts, "Fine."
She jumps in happiness, "thank you so much Y/n!"
You walk into the back of the store, grabbing Christine a bouquet of purple irises. "He buys these every Sunday for his room" you say, wrapping the flowers and tying them with a matching purple ribbon.
"Isn't it weird you're giving him flowers?" You ask, but the girl is already out the door, money placed on the counter. You shake your head with a small laugh, walking back to the front to grab your pitcher and finish watering your plants.
You and Christine had been best friends since you were younger, five years old to be exact. You didn't like the idea of her getting a boyfriend since then she wouldn't have time for you anymore, she would leave you.
So you scared off every single boy who even tried to get close to her, but Carlos Kingsely, he had lots of female attention because of his good looks, including Christine who fell madly in love with just one glance, you couldn't do anything about it, but Carlos was naive and stupid to any of the girls advances so you weren't exactly worried.
You look up at the sky through the window, today was going to be a long day.
"Welcome home Y/n" Your mothers calls to you as you enter your home, the sun was setting and you had closed up shop early. "Hey mama," you walk over to her, giving her a hug and handing her a pouch with today's shop earnings, before walking over to your abuela.
"Buenas tardes abuela" you kiss the old woman's cheek.
"Would you like some dinner Y/n? I'm sure you're hungry from all that hard work" Your mother offers, "No gracias mama, I'm not hungry."
You head up into your room, closing your door behind you before flopping down into your bed. Your back aches from standing for so long, finally feeling some sweet relief once you laid down.
"Red carnations" you say into your muffled pillow, "why would he give me red carnations!" You flip to lay on your back from lack of air, "you stupid idiot Camilo, having me think about you before I go to sleep."
You grab one of your accent pillows, hugging it to your chest. Your heart was aching, making your face heat up at the thought of Camilo. His beautiful hazel eyes....his curly hair-
You stand up straight in your bed, face heated with embarrassment. "What am I doing!" you ridicule yourself, you shake your head as if to clear Camilo from out your mind.
"I'm just tired, he'll be out of my mind when I wake up" you sound more like you're trying to convince yourself. You get out of bed, grabbing your pajamas and changing into them and heading back to your bed before you go to sleep.
"I don't like Camilo Madrigal, I mean he just gave me 3 flowers, who falls in love that fast?" You joke with yourself in the dark, "besides, I hate his stupid face."
"Ah, Mirabel!" The bell on your mother flower shop rings, your friend walking through with a smile on her face. "Is Christine not with you?"
"She's off 'admiring' Carlos" Mirabel says, emphasizing admiring with a small eye roll. "Are you coming to my baby cousin's gifting ceremony next week?"
"Of course!" Your mother emerges from the back of the shop, "oh, mama, I didn't know you were here" you're surprised by your mothers sudden appearance, "I'm just here to grab some pink roses for Senora Jones, she's pregnant."
Your mother looks at the vase sitting on the counter, "I don't remember putting these here, Y/n are these your carnations?"
Your face flushes and you look over at Mirabel who is smirking. "We don't grow red carnations, so where did you get these?" Your mom crossing her arms, a knowing glint in her eyes.
"No one," you squeak.
"Was it a boy?" Your mom arches a brow, smirking at you mischievously.
"It was Camilo, he has a crush on Y/n!" Mirabel shouts,
"No he doesn't!" You shout at Mirabel, feeling your cheek on fire.
"These flowers say otherwise" Your mom comes up behind you, "and you like him too, I can tell."
You wish you could melt into a puddle right then and there. "No I don't mama! I hate his stupid face!" You shout, covering your face with embarrassment, "I-i just thought the carnations looked good in the sun!"
"You're blushing chica" Mirabel teases. Your mother and Mirabel begin to laugh, "okay okay, I'm sorry hija, I'll leave you to handle the shop." Your mother comes up and kisses you cheek, her flowers in her hand, "be nice to her Mirabel, it's her first new crush since Jose."
"Of course Senora L/n" Mirabel waves goodbye as your mother leaves the shop before turning back to you. "It's okay if you like Camilo Y/n-"
"I don't!" You shout, going to the back of the shop to grab your water pitcher. "He gave me some flowers so what? The idiot probably doesn't even know what they mean."
"He doesn't like me, he was probably just trying to sweeten me up so he could get close to Christine" You come back from out the back, "you'd be surprised" Mirabel says.
You ignore her comment walking over to the window flowers. "Are you staying to help me with the shop?" You ask, you place the pitcher on the small table nearby. "I can't, I need to help my mom today" Mirabel apologies, "It's cool, see you later?"
"Yeah," She says before she leaves. You grab the pitcher and begin to water the plants you hadn't watered yesterday. "Dios mío you're thirsty," you laugh watching your plant soak up all the water in its soil before it had its fill.
You go head to the back to refill your pitcher, you head back to the window plants and begin water once again. You look outside the window, a swarm of children laughing outside could be heard.
You look, feeling butterflies erupt in your stomach as you notice it was Camilo playing with the children. You couldn't help the smile that melted on your face, watching his big goofy face as he laughed with the children,
You feel a splash of wetness on your leg, snapping you out of your day dream. "Oh geez!" You look at your over-watered plant, "you're not getting any more water for a while."
You finish watering the rest of the plants before heading to the back to grab a mop and clean up your little mess. You finished quite quickly, heading over to the shop's door and flipping the sign so it said open.
You go into the back of the store, putting away your mop and beginning to organize the tools your mother hadn't put back after making Senora Jones bouquet.
"Just a second!" You call out, hearing the bell of the shop's door ring. You emerge from the back, coming up to the counter where the customer was waiting. "Hello Señor, how may I help you?"
"Hola Senora-" He pauses when he meets eyes with you, looking you up and down. "Hola hermosa~" he changed his attitude, a more flirty demeanor, he looked about your age and he wasn't bad looking, more Christine type though. "Do you know what type of flower you're looking for?"
"Depends on your favorite flower"
"I don't understand how my favorite flowers has anything to do with-"
"My name is Marco" he interrupts you, "and you, senorita, are the perfect girl for me"
"What-?" You face drops into one of confusion, "I-i just wanna sell you some flowers-"
"Yes! Yes! I can see it" he ignores you, envisioning something in his head. "We'd get married, and have cinco, no seis babies." Your face explodes red, you look at him with a mortified look, he just walked into your shop now he's imagining babies with you?!
"Señor, if you're not here to buy flowers, I would like to ask you to leave." You try to stay professional despite wanting to scream at the male to leave. "No need to buy flowers when I already have the one I want standing here in front of me" he continues to flirt, about to get on your last nerve.
"Marco! Nino where are you!"
You don't know who saved you, but thank god for whomever called the males name. "I will be back for you my flower" he says before rushing to leave the store, you sigh bringing your hand to your face to squeeze your temples.
The store bells rings, bringing your attention to it. Luckily it wasn't Marco again. "Buenos días señor" you greet, "how may I help you?"
"I need a flower that says..." the man pauses, looking at your vase with your red carnations. You clear your throat, gaining his attention again. "Lo siento" he apologies, "I need some flowers that say..."
He stares into your eyes, his body relaxing as he loses himself in your e/c hues. "I didn't expect to fall in love with you" he says slowly, never leaving your eyes.
"Gardenias are exactly what you're looking for, they're perfect to give to those you truly care about" You say, "what color would you like those in?"
"They come in red, pink, yellow and the most common color, white" You explain, "which one would you prefer someone gave you?" The male asks.
"Well, white gardenias are very pretty but they're too common, I would want a color that remind me of the person, so I'd definitely go with yellow"
"Yellow it is!" The male is confident, you laugh at the enthusiasm. "Right away Señor!" you go into the back grabbing his stems and floral paper along with a golden ribbon.
You walk out from the back room, going to your preparation table to fix up the flowers. You snip the ends of the flowers, grabbing your white string and tying them together tightly.
"These red flowers must be special," you look over your shoulder to look at the man.
"I wouldn't say they're special" You get back to work, folding the floral paper around the flowers.
"You're a pretty girl, so these must be from a boy you like" The man teases, "I don't like him!" you flush, finishing with the wrap, and grabbing your ribbon to make a beautifully tied bow.
"So it was from a boy!"
You bring the flowers over to the counter, and tell the man the price. He pulls out a money pouch and hands you the money, grabbing his flowers and inspecting them, "this is very pretty!"
"Thank you, my mom taught me how to make them" You say with pride, putting away the money. "Tenga un buen día, señor"
"Tú también" he says, exiting the store.
You watch the door close before to the back and wash your hands off in the sink. You dry them by rubbing them on your skirt before returning to the front of the store. "Y/n! Y/n!" Christine runs into the store, "I just saw the cutest boy in the market today!"
You cringe. "What happened to Marcus?"
"He doesn't matter anymore" She says, waving her hand as if to wave Marcus off. You hoped to god she wouldn't say the name you were thinking.
"It's all about Marco now!"
You grimace at her, "Christine, I'm being very serious when I say this, Marco isn't-"
"Here you go again with this over-protectiveness! Can't you just be happy for me for once?!" She crosses her arms, you begin to protest "just yesterday you told me you and Marcus were meant to be, now you're all on Marco?!"
"It's my life, my choice!" She argues. "I'm just trying to warn you Christine!" You argue but she turns her back on you. "I don't want to hear it!" Christine says, "all you ever do is ruin any of my chances of getting in a relationship!"
"If I see you ruining any of my chances with Marco, we're going to have a huge problem."
She exits the store, head held high. You sigh, watching her walk off through the store's front window before sitting in the chair behind the counter. Christine had her days, and despite how aggravating she could be, you just had to leave her alone, and let her cool off.
You hear the bell of the shop's door ring, with a deep breath you stand up to greet the customer.
"Buenos días señorita"
Part one - here
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Tumblr media
Floriografía - Camilo M.
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Tumblr media
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Floriografía - C. Madrigal
This book contains mature languages. I've used google translate for any Spanish used in this book so apologies to my Spanish speaking/reading readers if anything looks incorrect.
This book is a bit of a slow burn, but it does (eventually) follow the main plot of Encanto, so if you haven't watched it yet, I recommend you click off this book.
I hope you enjoy! If you see any mistakes I might have missed, please point them out so I can fix them immediately!
This book will update every Friday! (or in between)
**✿❀Mother Uni❀✿**
Tumblr media
Camilo held a bouquet of buttercups, his eyes set on a black haired girl who was chatting with a vendor. He smiled before beginning to walk over to her, masking his nervousness with a charming face.
Suddenly the flowers were snatched from him, his face drops into one of annoyance watching you throw the flowers into a bucket before tossing a lit match into it.
The flowers caught fire, but were soon extinguished by the vase of water you had. "Back off Madrigal" you hissed in warning, picking up the bucket and walking over to the girl with black hair, who happened to be your best friend Christine. Camilo sighs in frustration, this wasn't the first time this had happened.
Whenever he tried to talk to Christine.
"Hello, bonita~" The boy was charming as always. "Hello Camilo," Christine says with a small giggle. "Incoming!" A random shout could be heard before Camilo was pushed off the bridge and into the water.
"Y/n!" Christine shouts, before quietly mouthing 'thank you'. "I warned him" you say with an innocent face.
Every single time he tried to give Christine a flower
A red rose.
He had asked Isabela to make it of course, he wanted the prettiest flower for Christine. He quickly ran to find her, eager to give her the beautifully bloomed flower.
He notes her watching some of the town folk dance in town square, he runs over, pausing to make himself look presentable. He puts the rose behind his back before tapping Christine's shoulder, "for you, hermosa~"
He pulls the flower from behind his back, only finding the stem in its place, the rose that was once there now gone. "Oh- thank you?" Christine takes the stem from him before turning her attention back to the dancers.
Camilo looks around, finding you near a building. You stare at him while you spit out rose petals, wiping the spit from your face before mouthing. "Stay away."
A Blue Violet
He held a bundle of the flimsy flower, all carefully placed in a basket.
Before he could even go to start looking for Christine, you snatch the basket from him. "Morning Y/n" He says annoyed, "Madrigal" you greet him looking at him with a smirk on your face.
"Who are the flowers for?"
"I have a feeling you're going to destroy them either way" he sighs, not doing anything to stop you as you dump the flowers on the ground and stomp on them. "You should stop trying Madrigal" you shove the basket back into Camilo's arms, "Christine isn't interested."
Sure, it would be easier for him to just stop trying, you had proven to him time and time again that you wouldn't be letting him get close to your best friend, but giving up would be letting you win. And his pride would not stand for it.
Of course, he got his own payback.
You stood by a building, staking out the place for a certain shapeshifter. You feel a sudden rush of cold dumped over your head. "AGH!" you immediately cry out from the freezing of the cold water.
You look up to see who had pulled such a ridiculous prank, though you already had an idea on who.
"Whoa! Y/n you're totally soaked, what happened?"
"You!" You move your wet hair from out of your face, "Camilo," he says, correcting you smugly. He begins to laugh as you huff at him in anger, you turn and storm off in anger. "Get dry soon!" Camilo yells out.
There just was no stopping you, even if he transformed into someone else
Isabela was quite tired of Camilo asking her for flowers, but he made up for it by telling her about you. She found it quite entertaining; it was like a telenovela, Dolores enjoyed the story too, listening in when Camilo would tell Isabela.
"Try giving Christine these" Isabela says, having her vine hand Camilo some yellow roses. So he did, and of course you stole them, but your reaction was different than normal.
"What happened?" Isabela asks, sitting on her bed while Camilo sits in a makeshift chair made of vines."She stole the flowers, then she said 'yellow roses?' before walking off" Camilo says, transforming into you as he mocked your voice.
"She didn't destroy them?" Isabela questions. "No, she gave them to Christine herself"
Isabela starts to laugh, leaving Camilo dumbfounded. "What's so funny, I don't see anything funny about this" he frowns, only making Isabela laugh even more. "Okay little cousin, give these to Y/n"
With a wave of her hands she gives Camilo 3 red carnations. "Give Y/n flowers?!" Camilo exclaims standing up from his chair, he crosses his arms before slumping back down.
"No way."
Isabela makes the chair disappear into the ground, making Camilo fall to the floor, her vines wrap around his stomach and begin to squeeze. "Give the flowers to Y/n" she repeats, in more of a demand and threatening tone.
"Okay" Camilo squeaks.
The next day came by pretty quickly and after finishing his chores, Camilo exited casita holding the 3 red flowers in his hands, it shouldn't be that hard to find you, or for you to find him. So he began to walk around, waving at some of the townspeople he recognized.
"At it again Camilo?" Some of them would say, it's not like the townspeople were blind. They witnessed every flower you had destroyed and frankly, they liked watching the scenes unfold. It was very entertaining.
Camilo ignored the teases, still searching around for you. Normally you would have popped out by now, so where were you? You had this uncanny way of finding him, even if he transformed into someone else.
"She's sick" Camilo turns to your voice, seeing you sitting down at a bench. "What?" Camilo questions, walking over to you. "Christine isn't here, she's sick, figured I'd tell you so you'd stop running around town looking stupid"
Swallowing down a snarky remark, Camilo hands out the flowers to you. You blink at him a few times, "what are you doing Madrigal?"
"These are for you"
You're caught off guard, choking on your spit as you stutter.
"F-for me?" You say in between coughs, "yes, for you" Camilo repeats.
He waves the flowers at you, his hand getting tired of holding them out. "Are you gonna take them or what?"
You take the flowers from his hands, holding them close to your chest. Your face felt hot, embarrassment flooding through your veins. "Hasta luego Y/n" Camilo turns to leave, "wait, Camilo" you call out, stopping him in his tracks and he turns to face you.
It was the first time you had called him by his name.
"Thank you" you say softly, looking back down at the flowers and smelling them. Camilo feels his face heating up, cheeks turning a soft pink, he had never seen you look so vulnerable before.
"Y-your welcome"
Camilo walks back to his home, leaving you to stand there with the 3 flowers. Unconsciously a smile melts onto your face as you turn to walk to Christine's house.
"I'm back Chrisy" You call out to your bedridden friend, walking upstairs and going to her room. "Did Camilo have flowers again?"
"Yeah" You sigh, "but they were for me this time."
"Oh really?" Christine strains herself to sit up, looking at you as you day dream staring at the white flowers in your hand. "Red carnations!?" Christine asks, a grin growing on her face. "Ooo, is there something you're not telling me?"
Your face heats up in embarrassment, "Christine!" She laughs at your reaction, "you're totally blushing right now!"
"Cause you're embarrassing me!"
Christine had met Camilo when he had helped her mother out with her baby sister, allowing her mom to get some rest while he played with the baby. She joined Camilo in making her baby sister laugh and since then Camilo had been desperately trying to get closer to her.
She was thankful for your over protectiveness, since Christine wasn't instead in the Madrigal at all. She had her eyes set on Carlos Kingsely, he was buff and tall and so very handsome.
"You guys would be a cute couple" Christine remarks, snapping you out of your lolla-land. "Wait, no way! Me and Camilo Madrigal!? Could never!"
"Why not?"
You and Christine both look at the door, Mirabel standing there with a plate in her hand, "Nobody was answering the door so I just let myself in."
Mirabel walks over to Christine, handing her a plate of food her mother, Señora Julieta, had made.
"Thank you Mirabel," Christine smiles and Mirabel turns her attention to you. "So you like my primo pequeño?" Mirabel teases, leaning in towards your face. "No!" You begin to back up, only to bump into Christine who was all better now, standing behind you. "Oooh you're blushing you totally do"
You push yourself away from both the girls, face blazing with heat. "No! I don't like him at all" you point your fingers at the two girls, "we hate each other!"
"Not with the smile that was on my cousins face when he came home"
"I'm leaving! I-i need to open up the shop" You have to get away from these two before you explode, you exit Christine's room slamming the door behind you. You start to go down the steps before running back up, you open the door, ignoring the two girls as you grab your flowers and leave.
Christine and Mirabel both smirk at one another
"Me and Camilo?! Locas, that's what they are" you mutter under your breath, leaving the Byers household to go down to your family's flower shop. Encanto was a beautiful town, with colorful buildings everywhere, trees and flowers decorating the place.
You look up at the beautiful baby blue sky, looking at some of the palm trees that arched over the road you walked on. 'Florería Fiorinet' your mother's flower shop, your father had bought it for your mother before he died.
You open the door, going into the back of the store to find the prettiest vase for your flowers. You fill it with water before dropping the stems into it and placing it on the checkout desk. The red carnation looks beautiful with the highlight of the sun through the window.
You grab the broom and begin sweeping the dust and dirt from off the floor. You hum a soft tune while sweeping, piling all the dirt together before sweeping it outside the door. Once the shop was clean, you flipped the sign, opening the shop.
Part 2 coming soon
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