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urmomsstuntdouble · 3 days ago

Can you do West African Nations?

From left to right, top to bottom: Nigeria (Yoruba), Ghana, Cameroon, Benin, Togo


Two Jollof queens stand before you… as well as three reluctant taste testers/judges

Historical Footnotes:

  • Jollof rice is a one-pot rice dish popular in many West African nations- due to regional differences, there is frequent competition between the various nations over which variation is better, particularly between Nigeria and Ghana. This conflict has been referred to as the Jollof Wars- would that make this a joll-off? badumtss
  • Miss Ghana is wearing kente cloth, a Ghanian textile made of handwoven cloth strips of silk and cotton. Historically, the Akan and Ewe peoples’ royalty wore it in toga-like fashion, but nowadays, it’s become widespread custom to wear it to commemorate special occasions. 
  • Miss Nigeria is wearing a gele, a head tie; the word is Yoruba for head tie! Traditionally, handwoven cloth is used, but nowadays, imported fabric is popular. There many different ways to tie a gele, and you can even hire people to tie it professionally, especially if you have a big eventcoming up. They’re very popular, worn on many occasions, and are an integral part of Nigeria’s booming fashion industry!



cameroon, benin, togo are reluctant taste testers because this is 73742th time they’ve forced to be judges in their competition

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urmomsstuntdouble · 4 days ago




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urmomsstuntdouble · 18 days ago


what type of things did you post when you first started tumblr? i posted edgy black and white edits

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urmomsstuntdouble · 19 days ago

wait i just read the tag on one of your posts and like.... you want to be a museum curator ?? i want to be a museum curator !! 😳🥺

a ha ha career prospects twins!

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urmomsstuntdouble · 20 days ago



eating out in a pandemic:

hello! i am a service worker and i do actually understand going out to eat occasionally right now for special occasions or because you are on the brink of losing your mind! but here is the thing: please respect the service workers when you go as much as you can. here are some ways to do it:

*wear your masks when they come near you, meaning pop them on even if they are just asking how your meal is.

* i like to leave my hand sanitizer bottle on the table both because i am using it often and because i want the service workers to know i am for ease of mind.

* i always do this, but right now it’s more important. if you are at a place where you take your own dishes to the trash, do it! it’s not the time to be lazy. workers have to touch your dirty dishes. if you are not at a self serve place, please stack them appropriately for easy carry! this means larger plates all together on the bottom, then smaller, then smallest. a neat little pile. collect your trash and set it on top of your dishes for easy removal and tossing. believe me, this makes a huge difference! instead of touching multiple dishes to stack them ourselves or to dig out trash, we only have to touch one.

* tip. listen, right now, i am tipping even at fast food drive thrus. it’s a respect thing.

* speaking of drive thrus, wear your mask in them. it’s 10 seconds of your time versus the life of them and their loved ones.

basically - i am, to a degree, thankful that some people are still coming out to eat. it helps me maintain my job and income. but there is fear everywhere and there are customers who make it blatantly obvious they do not care about us, both by refusing to wear their masks and by pretty much saying it to our faces. the more people that make this easier, the better it will be and the safer it will be.

not to beg for notes but this one would actually mean a lot to me if it was spread around like… working in the food industry right now really does come w it’s own little unique safety hazards and stressors and if more people were taught how to be conscious of that it could literally improve the current quality of life for me and people like me

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urmomsstuntdouble · 20 days ago



i love it when ppl r like “stop over analyzing everything about insert piece of media here!! can’t you just have fun!” like i am. this is my fun babey. if i’m not dissecting the psyche of my favorite characters until i know the minutiae of their mind or if i’m not discussing the MeaningTM of the blue curtains and how actually they’re v important 4 worldbuilding then i don’t want it! leaf me olone with my long character analyses that are 75% projection 25% headcanon 100% good shit and my detailed list of every article of clothing that ever showed on the screen thank u

#i know it’s not meant to be that deep!! i don’t care! i have a shovel and I’m ready to dig for treasure!

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urmomsstuntdouble · 25 days ago

As a writing request, could you post some headcanons on America or Lithuania’s religious beliefs? In your post on Imperial Russia, you mentioned that you headcanon Lithuania as Jewish, and I’d like to hear more about that. Alternatively, I would like to know more about America possibly being a Quaker (something you mentioned in a reply to one of my posts.)

yeah sure! thanks for asking!

So, for Lithuania being Jewish, i don’t have a particular reason for it, it just sounded kinda interesting to me. though I’m not Jewish myself, the area i grew up in was majority Jewish, with most of those people being Eastern Europeans or of Eastern European descent. I actually just answered another request about that, which you can find here where i discuss in further detail some stuff about Lithuania being Jewish. another reason i see them as possibly being Jewish is because I sort of really like old things- not because new things are bad, but because its fascinating to think about how long something has been around. All the things they’ve seen, all the things that you and i can no longer see- the past is just a super fucking fascinating place, though i’m glad i can’t visit. anyway. the reason i mention that is because lithuania is a really old country, and it’s one of  more prominent places in Ashkenazi history. Though idk if all the like. professional historians or whatever agree on the path of judaism into europe, i did find in some of my research that Lithuania was one of the first areas where European Jews lived, and one of few places that Jewish culture was able to flourish in Europe. Though this isn’t representative of all time periods, I personally think it would be cool. 

As for America, I am writing her as a Quaker in my fic 1836. That religion was selected for the purposes of that story, which features a strike that took place in Massachussets in 1836 for better working conditions and pay at the Lowell textile mills. It’s sometimes considered the start of the feminist movement (though i’d consider it the start of the labor movement- just because the striking workers were women doesn’t make it a feminist strike, and their goals were much more in line with the goals of the labor movement. but i guess since the start of the feminist movement was closer to the strike it gets lumped in with that), and because of the religious revival movement going on at the time, I thought it might be neat to give the main characters defined religions. I picked Quakerism for Amelia for a lot of reasons. partially because of her personality, and also because it reminds me of transcendentalism, which is one of my favorite genres of literature. also because of how radical it was even in comparison with other Protestant sects, in terms of the belief that Christ is like. a personal experience. they were one of the most pro-equality religions in the us at the time. american quakers have a long history of activism, and a lot of the early abolitionists (early as in before the revolutionary war. and after, for that matter) and, a little bit later, feminists! all this is to say, i think america the character is very idealistic, and that the idea of portraying america as a loveable idiot is very hopeful to me. i think having amelia be a part of a religion that actively upholds a lot of american idealism would be neat, so that’s why i picked that for that particular setting. though i initially wrote her like that for the purpose of being like. what i wish america actually was, i think it could work in other contexts too. i hope this was a satisfactory answer!

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urmomsstuntdouble · 26 days ago








They are talking about a second Krystallnacht, let us be clear about this.

For the week of J20, be careful, support your locals, and be armed and ready to dip.

They will apparently be targeting higher profile Jewish persons and places but other activists/PoC/Minorities are not off the menu.

They are out for blood, please plan with your community, make yourselves safe.

Image Description: DMS or comments labeled ‘Boogaloo comments’. A message labeled ‘Boogaloo Intel Drop’ leads as follows: 

A graphic with the words Million Militia March, January 20, 2021 Washington DC. Beneath the words “@/wuishappening The Trumpists will be keeping DC and the military busy on the 20th as you can see. Meanwhile the lizards homes all across the country should be open for more professional ops.” 

Then there is another message, in a thread labeled ‘The Great Reset’, which reads as follows: “Gee what do we have here [eyes emoji]. The technocrats panicking and fortifying their sacred little civic religion capital? I bet they fully plan mass arrests of trumpist conservitards all in one spot. 

However it seems they’re disregarding the fact that unlike a centralized bureaucracy the common accelerationist isn’t one org, it’s multiple groups in multiple locations. There is no formal hierarchy. Thus, it would be pretty stupid if anyone here was actually considering going to a meme 2nd protest in DC just to get mowed down/arrested. 

The smart ones are those who exploit the divided attention and the incapability of this Jewish government to protect more than one place and more than a few persons. A popular guerrilla onslaught is a nightmare for them, why do you think they’ve been so hellbent on banning guns and body armor? 

These lizards have addresses outside DC, all over the country, hell maybe nearby in your fly-over state. Is the military going to deploy in mass everywhere? 

They can’t” 

End ID 

Corroboration and expansion by a trusted friend, so I’m putting this in a reblog now: if you’re a POC in Seattle and you need someone to run errands or somewhere to shelter, feel free to DM me. I don’t really have money, but I’ll do everything that I can that doesn’t require it. 

Please take this seriously.

If you’re willing to help out jewish people in these areas, too, please say so.
These motherfuckers are explicitly targeting Jewish people and Jewish communities. “Lizard” is still code for “Jewish”. Don’t leave these communities out of your offers for help.


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urmomsstuntdouble · 26 days ago

If ur still doing the 100 followers thing, well I challenge YOU with deciphering Lithuania.

ok anon thank you so much for asking this question because i have in fact recently fallen in love with lithuania, because they are such an interesting character! (also hhhh im so sorry for how late this is) 

  • Gender

As you may have noticed, I usually use they/them pronouns to refer to Lithuania. I hc them as being nonbinary and using he/they pronouns, though I personally prefer to use they rather than he in that case because. Idk what pronouns you use. But in my experience it’s really hard to get people to call you ‘they’ when you go by ‘he/they’ or ‘she/they’ or smth like that. Though I don’t imagine any of the nations are very attached to their “birth gender” (are nations born???), lithuania is one of those who is a bit less attached. They’re just sort of there, in terms of gender. In my headcanons i also think this has something to do with religion, as lithuania was one of the last european countries to convert to Christianity- just because so much of gender as we know it comes from christianity and what people in the 16th and 17th centuries considered a ‘good’ christian. Thats not to say that there are no gender roles in other religions, but that the way westerners typically conceptualize gender has quite a lot to do with the religious conflicts occurring within christianity. Like you can trace the ideas behind the nuclear family archetype back to the protestant reformation. Additionally, I hc them as being Jewish, which further distances them from the western christian gender roles (though that’s not why i hc them as jewish! More on that later). Finally, i just like myself some trans/nb characters. There’s so few popular trans hcs and that makes me kinda sad ya know? Welcome to the trans agenda its just me projecting onto all my faves

  • Mental Health

Okay, so, i think it’s pretty well known that lithuania’s mental health is wack. They’re often characterised as being a very anxious person, but i think the ways in which they’re anxious is super interesting. For one, they are extremely conflict averse and like to avoid it by being a sort of people pleaser. It’s a sort of defense mechanism, because nobody can hate you if you do whatever they say. Like, if you let people be shitty to you, they won’t hate you for your personality. This is clearly flawed logic because then people are still going to be shitty to you, but. It makes sense to liet. In their mind, it’s okay to let people hurt if your reason is sound enough- Because if they’re not super emotionally engaged in a relationship that’s unhealthy for them, then they can’t get hurt, right? Of course, they can. A good example of this is their relationship with Russia. I think tolvydas sees compliance as necessary there, in order to avoid being hurt. The thing is…compliance is also hurting them, even if they see it as ‘worth it.’ To them, behaving in a submissive way is a survival tactic. A really bad one, but a survival tactic nonetheless. 

This also plays into their tendency to be self-martyring. I think Tolvydas is very good at fighting, and all around a really awesome warrior (strong aragorn energy), which makes them think that they need to be the one to save everyone. Hero complex, sort of. This, coupled with their almost maternal care for Latvia and Estonia, makes them feel like they have a sort of weight-of-the-world on their shoulders. Though Estonia and Latvia do look up to them a lot, Tolvydas can sometimes fail to realise that they are also their own people and can fight their own battles. He feels a sort of obligation to protect them due to their shared culture and languages as The Baltic Trio, though it doesn’t go much further than a sense of obligation. They spent most of their youth fighting, to the extent that that’s most of what Tolvydas personally knows as ‘life,’ but they never actually got to know the other two Baltics very well until the modern day. They have to protect, have to be a caregiver, but they don’t actually know super well the things they’re trying to protect. It’s both a sense of obligation to protect as well as the sense that this is all they’re good at and as long as they’re fighting for a morally just cause, that’ll do. 

I think something that would expose this flaw would be when they were first taken over by the Russian Empire in the 1790s, they were pretty miserable about a lot of things- Like the loss of all their territory and the sudden statelessness of their people- but a big one would’ve been the loss of Poland. This isn’t meant to be super shippy, but you know. They were united into one kingdom, and they had been for centuries, so i don’t imagine it was an easy separation. Though this is more up for debate where real people are concerned, these characters were essentially a big part of each other, ya know? Regardless of how much Lithuania actually likes Poland, they’re still a part of each other and that separation will undoubtedly be painful. Anyway, all that is to say that this separation was at the forefront of their mind during the beginning of the 19th century, and they let it sort of prevent them from taking care of the other Baltics. The issue with that is that they still considered themself to be protecting Estonia and Latvia, even though, in reality, nobody was. Also in reality, Lithuania was making themself out to be the worst off, and were generally sort of annoying to be around at this point in time. Their whole woe-is-me attitude wasn’t fun, and they were hypocritical in that they saw themself as being a better friend than they actually were. They still see themself as being a great friend, and though it’s improved in recent years, they’re still sort of. Flighty, i guess, where friendship is concerned. There was also a lot of annoyance by the other baltics about them being so self-martyring- Tolvydas was Ivan’s favorite, after all (that’s not necessarily a good thing, but. He was softer on them in certain ways). Anyway, I guess the big takeaway of this paragraph is that Liet often lets their self perception cloud the way they act in relationships. 

Much of the stuff I’ve mentioned so far is a result of them having quite a lot of PTSD. I think Lithuania’s character tends to be explored through a few common lenses, those being the medieval vibes of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and through being oppressed by the Russian Empire/Soviet Union. Not to say that there’s not a lot of other content about them, but this is what I see most often. I think that all the nations have some form of PTSD, but with Lithuania it’s very pronounced, and it’s made clear that a lot of their tendencies are a result of past trauma- Like the need to take care of others. This is likely originating with their childhood, as they grew up in a very violent environment where their survival was never guaranteed (survivor’s guilt much?) and violence was just the way of things. This is where the need to protect comes from. There used to be several more Baltic nations, though you could argue that now there’s only two- Lithuania and Latvia, as Estonia does not speak a Baltic language and would really like to be considered Nordic. 

Finally, Lithuania is also an interesting character where forgiveness is concerned. I think their sense of morality is very black and white, so some people (Feliks) will be easily forgiven where others (Ivan) will not. In reality, I think it would definitely be valid for Tolvydas to hate both of them, yet they don’t- Because they decided that Feliks was a friend and Ivan was not. Both Feliks and Ivan care very deeply about them, but neither treats Tolvydas in a very good way. Of course, I’m aware that the situation in the Russian Empire/USSR and the Commonwealth were very different, but I’m talking about these three dudes and their relationships with each other beyond the lens of politics. Because Feliks tried to be their friend in a way that didn’t hurt them tremendously, and because. Look at them, Feliks isn’t 5’4 and can’t hurt you. They’re not an intimidating person and they’re not incredibly powerful like Ivan is. Though that’s not all of it- Feliks’ feelings for Tolvydas are definitely a purer, more selfless type of love than what Ivan feels for them- it makes it harder for Tolvydas to hold a grudge against them. Whereas for Ivan, their relationship was about control. He needed to control them as a way of expressing how he felt about them. He represents a lot of what Tolvydas fought against in their youth, so of course they hate him. Of course, I don’t think they like holding grudges. They want to be able to care for everyone, because they know that everyone deserves to be treated well and cared for and all that. You can’t exactly do that if you hold a grudge against someone, so it actually kind of sucks for them when they see someone they hate suffering. It’s a sort of conflict of interest- The caregiving instincts vs the hatred for this person- and they often don’t know what to do in that situation. Usually they wind up helping but not happy about it. They just don’t want to see others suffer, despite the fact that they dislike this person (Russia is of course the exception. They don’t want to help him at all anymore). 

  • Relationship with family

So, this is a bit of an interesting topic. I think the Baltics consider themselves family just because of what they’ve been through together, but they’re not actually blood related. Though they share similar cultures, and languages, they’re just not related. Maybe Lithuania and Latvia are cousins, but yeah. Lithuania sees themself as the head of their little family, as they have the oldest surviving European culture and language. They sometimes get in their head about that, and can act like both a mom friend and a mom who is bad at mom-ing. It’s a sort of self appointed thing, and can be really annoying to the other two. They don’t pay the utmost attention to their fellow Baltics, and are more concerned with physical well being than emotional well being, so, despite establishing themself as a caretaker, do not wind up actually caring for the other Baltics in the ways they need to be cared for. 

  • Fighting style

So, as I’ve mentioned, Lithuania is a talented fighter. They go hard as shit, and can very much kick your ass. I think they prefer to be very technical about how they fight, with something boring like a broadsword as their weapon of choice, but are not afraid to fight dirty. Like rip off an ear with their teeth kind of playing dirty. I think they take fighting very seriously. Though Lithuania as we know it is only about 800 years old, I think Tolvydas is much older. The definition of a nation (a large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory, according to the oxford dictionary) does not require there to be a central governing body, so I think it’s quite possible for Lithuania to be well over 2000. Anyway, all that is to say that they didn’t grow up in medieval times, so by the time they’re like. Achieving dominance in Eastern Europe, they’re already very old and well versed in many different styles of fighting. In the modern day, I think they’ve learned more different fighting styles from other parts of the world, but will always fall back on the way they learned how to fight in ancient times. 

  • Religion

So as I mentioned earlier, Lithuania is Jewish in my headcanons (orthodox, specifically. I think they’re kinda traditional). I have a couple reasons for this- There has been a historical presence of Ashkenazi Jews in Lithuania, going back to the 13th or 14th century, and this is due to certain legal protections granted to Jewish people under pre-Commonwealth law. They were legally on similar footing to the average free people of Lithuania, and were able to create a slightly more prosperous community than Jews in other areas of Europe. This was also affected by the Black Plague of the 1340s. Orthodox Jews tend to put a high value on cleanliness, and often have two sinks in their houses (my childhood home, for example, had two sinks, and i lived in a majority jewish area). They also happened to be concentrated in Eastern Europe, due to the protections. Because of this, Eastern European Jews have some of the highest sruvival rates for the Black Plague and actually brought up the survival rates of the region as a whole- Though this also resulted in some intense antisemitism, as many Christians blamed Jewish people for the plague even happening, due to their higher survival rates. Despite various expulsions  and the loss of legal rights, the Jewish population remained relatively steady up until world war 2. Jewish people made up about 10% of the total population of Lithuania in 1941, and 45% of the total population of Vilnius. (To put this in perspective, the entire world population is only about 0.2% Jewish). Anyway, all this is to say that it’s not out of the question for Lithuania to be Jewish. 

  • Extras/Fun stuff

Lithuania loves reading, especially the fantasy/fairy tale genre. It makes them nostalgic without the trauma of reading historical fiction. 

They’re also very musically gifted, and can play the piano, bass, ukelele, and flute. 

They wear docs.

They love hot chocolate. 

They remind me of both Aragorn from lotr and Hozier. They’re such a sweet lad. 

Bicon who has like 5 people thirsting for them at a given moment but is either oblivious or not looking for a relationship right now. 

Here are my fics with lithuania as a main character!

My previous character analyses of lithuania (sorry they’re mostly in shipping contexts, rip) and another good analysis someone else did

My playlist for them

and i think thats it! of course i could always talk more about them, but those are my thoughts for now! thank you so much for the ask, i hope i was able to meet your challenge! 

writing requests

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character: *isn’t 100% good or evil*

The Internet: hello naughty children it’s Discourse time

character: *is actually 100% evil*

The Internet: defense squad uwu

character: *is actually, truly, for once 100% good*

The Internet: um actually in issue 9374 page 297 line 2 they said something that the villain also said way back in issue 27, so sorry sweaty but they’re actually a bad guy

Reblogging for the last one.

#character 1 is a white woman #character 2 is a white man #character 3 is a poc

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when i watch old movies i’m constantly surprised by how much acting has improved. not that the acting in the classics is bad, it’s just often kind of artificial? it’s acting-y. it’s like stage acting.

it took some decades for the arts of acting and filmmaking to catch up to the potential that was in movies all along; stuff like microexpressions and silences and eyes, oh man people are SO much better at acting with their eyes than they were in the 40′s, or even the 70′s.

the performances we take for granted in adventure movies and comedies now would’ve blown the critics’ socks off in the days of ‘casablanca’.

there’s a weird period in film where you can see the transition happening.  right around the fifties, I think.  the example my prof used when i learned about it was marlon brando in “a streetcar named desire” - he was using stanislavski acting methods and this new hyper-realistic style and most or all of his costars were still using the old, highly-stylized way of acting. it makes it way more obvious how false it is.

i even noticed it in ‘the sting’, which was 1973. i actually think they used it on purpose to get the viewer fished in by the second layer of the con; the grifters at the bookie’s were acting like they were acting, and the grifters playing the feds were acting for reals. if you’re used to setting your suspension of disbelief at the first set’s level, then the second set are gonna blow right past you.

or possibly the guys playing the grifters playing the feds just happened to be using the realistic style for their own reason, and it coincidentally made the plot twist work better. but i like to think it was deliberate.

i was thinking about this again, and when you know what to look for, it’s really obvious: old movies are stage acting, not movie acting. it just didn’t really occur to anyone to make the camera bend to the actors, rather than the other way around. just image search old movie screenshots and clips and gifs, you’ll see it. the way people march up to their mark and stand there, the way they deliver their lines rather than inhabiting the character. the way they’re framed in an unmoving center-stage.

this is a charming little tableau, quirky and unexpected, but it’s a tableau. it lives in a box.

now, i usually watch action movies, and i didn’t think it was fair to compare an action movie with what appears to be an indoor sort of story, but i do watch some comedy tv. so i looked for a brooklyn 99 gif with a similar framing, intending to point out that the camera moves, and the characters aren’t stuck inside the box. but i couldn’t even find the framing. they literally never have all the characters in the same plane, facing the camera, interacting only within the staging area. even when they’re not traveling, they’re moving around, and they treat things outside the ‘stage’ as real and interact with them, even if it’s only to stare in delighted horror.

as for action, it took a while for the movies to figure out what, exactly they wanted to show us, and how to act it. here’s a comedy punch:

here, also, is a comedy punch:

the first one looks like a stage direction written on a script. the second one looks like your friends horsing around and being jerks to each other. the first one is just not believable. the physics doesn’t work. the reaction is fakey. everyone’s stiff. even the movement of the camera is kind of wooden. the second one looks real right down to the cringe of his shoulder, and the camera feels startled too.

i’m not saying this to dis old movies, i’m just fascinated and impressed by how much the art has advanced!

I’m going to bed, but I also want to say that I think, without actually bothering to explore it and make sure, that there’s been a similar shift in comics, probably related to the shift in acting/camera work. And I think you still see remnants of old “stage acting” comics in the three-panel style set ups (you might still see it in long form comics, but you’d probably call it bad composition)

Now can someone explain why people in old films talked Like That


Seriously, I used to work in a sound studio, and one series of projects required us to listen to LOTS of old audio recordings. Not of anything special - just people talking.


It was so fucking wild to hear just a couple of people being like,





All in that piercing, strident, rapid-fire style we associate with the films of the era. If you’ve watched lots of old movies you can imagine the above in that speech pattern.

I don’t know if people talked like that because it was in movies but I suspect it’s the other way around.

Same goes for the UK - When they made the TV series The Hour, set in the 1950s, they had to tell the very well spoken, privately educated Dominic West to tone down his imitation of a 1950s newsreader because being accurate would have sounded to a 2011 TV audience as if he was doing a parody. When you watch Brief Encounter they’re not speaking like that because they can’t act, they’re speaking like that because it was the norm on screen. It now sounds unnatural because it’s not the norm any more.

Obviously there were people with regional accents and who didn’t speak in a heightened manner, but they didn’t get to be on TV or in movies unless they were villains. (And usually the villains were putting it on, like Richard Attenborough in Brighton Rock. Sure, he was Richard Attenborough, but he was brought up in the Midlands, and by the on-screen standards of the time, that was common.)

Even the Queen’s very posh accent has changed over the last 50 years and become “more common" - check out newsreel footage etc for proof - and recordings of her father are almost like someone from a foreign country (well, it is the past).

There is, for many film historians/critics, an actual turning point from mannered, theatrical, or “overplayed” acting on screen to naturalistic/American Method realism on screen. It happens in the 1954 movie On the Waterfront, during a traveling shot in which Marlon Brando’s character and Eva Marie Saint’s character are walking together. Eva Marie Saint accidentally drops her glove in the middle of the scene. Marlon Brando instinctively picks it up as his character, and continues the dialog, all the while playing with the glove–turning it about, trying it on, etc. Eva Marie Saint stuck with him, never broke, and the director didn’t call “cut.” 

Before that scene in that movie, if an actor dropped a prop by accident, they would have re-shot the scene–because Brando mostly disappeared out of frame as he bent down to pick up the glove, and (as is explained above) movies were framed to keep the people in the scene in the frame. I

t’s a pretty famous scene in movies because Brando’s character doesn’t give the glove back, but instead uses it to amplify what the two characters are experiencing, naturally and without artifice. It is, for all intents and purposes, the exact moment that screen acting changed.

Okay, but here’s the thing about television specifically: given the size of TV screens when they first came out? Stage acting was the only thing that could be READ. Watch Star Trek: TOS on a modern screen and it looks absurdly overacted. Film of the same era is not, and yet the TV is.

And that’s not a fault of the actors; they were all very capable of naturalistic film acting (yes, even Shatner) – as the later movies would bear out. It’s because they were acting for the small screen, not the big one.

Stage acting and stage makeup is what it is because people are far enough away from the stage that you have to cake on the makeup garishly and exaggerate the hell out of your for it to be VISIBLE. And in early television? Yeah, those constraints actually very much applied. You could move the camera, sure, but the quantity of visual information you could send was just damned limited.

Here’s another example of that.

Watch some Classic Dr Who. You may or may not notice it without watching for it, but every shot of the TARDIS is taken from the same angle.

The TARDIS was, at that time, a stage set. The camera was behind the fourth (Sixth?) wall. It was fixed. And most TV sets were built like this. They had a specific fourth wall and everything was filmed from that angle.

Fast forward to the new series, and you’ll see that the TARDIS is being filmed from different angles all the time, including following the actor around.

Three things have changed:

1. Cameras have become much smaller.

2. Set building for TV has developed as an art. Those early sets were built by people who were trained to build stage sets.

3. Overall technological improvement resulting in things being cheaper.

The TARDIS set that was just retired? Each of its walls was designed to slide out. So you could put the camera anywhere you wanted. Presumably this is the case with the new one too. They couldn’t imagine doing that back in the day. Nor could they afford the complexities of a set like that.

It’s actually my opinion that TV has very much matured as an art form…this century. This decade. We are doing and seeing things that couldn’t be done ten years ago, twenty. Heck, even five.

Going back to speech patterns for a moment – I was a young child in the 80s, so my memories of the norms of the time period are limited (especially because I was incredibly sheltered), but the books I read at the time and the popular movies of the time all have this kind of – whimsical, sardonic speech pattern going on. Think John Waters dialogue. 

I always thought it was kind of stylized. But then I ended up in a weird part of YouTube one night and found someone’s home video of just walking aroud a 7-11 convenience store at midnight talking to people in Orlando, Florida. Just trying out their new camcorder for shits and giggles, talking to other customers, talking to the cashier, etc. And you know what? They all talked like a goddamn John Waters movie. It was the weirdest thing, like I was watching outtakes from The Breakfast Club or Say Anything. I expected one of the Cusacks to walk into frame any second.

Anyway, so I think it’s super cool how human speech and interaction shifts over time, and if you’re living through the shift, you don’t really notice it as it happens.

A) I think you mean John Hughes but I’m very amused by the idea of everyone talking like it’s a John Waters movie

B) This is still happening only now you can pick up people’s net accents. My friends with tumblrs have tumblr diction. My friends who only spend time on facebook for social media sound VERY different. People who use twitter heavily put emphasis on different things and have a different meme literacy (you all know the difference between the way greentext sounds and the way “RIP but I’m different” sounds).

Anyway have fun listening for tumblr accents now

What gets me is that I had a medium-strong tumblr accent before I joined tumblr. ( @magikarpjumpest and I have talked about this a few times) The way I break clauses, my stress patterns, hell, I do the Midsentence Emphatic Capitalization in speech. And I think that ties in to why I do the Giant Tumblr Rambles in a way that I just… don’t, on FB. I’m too rambly for twitter, and while I can use ‘tag group dialogue’ as a facebooker, and occasionally will in speech (yes, I code-switch my social media dialect in person; I’m conscious of the fact that I mirror, but it’s not generally a thing I decide to do), that’s not my default setting for phrasing. Established tone/accent conventions of tumblr already correspond somewhat to my natural way of speaking, and it’s much easier to get two forms of dialogue that are already close to merge. It also means that engaging with longposts here is much easier because people are more likely to be using humor and syntax that feels natural to me. Twitter threads have a concision to them. Greentext boards -I can read them, but it’s like reading something with a very heavy transcribed accent that I almost never hear in person -it’s a headache-inducing amount of effort that’s usually not worth it to me for a downtime activity. FB doesn’t do paragraph breaks the same way, and the emoticon usage is different enough that I don’t like dealing with it. 

This is a wild read from start to finish!!

Having lived through early Web 2.0, I can tell you that “accents through time” also applies to internet “accents.”

You know how people now will end sentences with “Lol” to indicate they’re not mad (e.g. “I have to go now lol, Mom’s home”)? Yeah, we didn’t used to do that. We also used to have a sarcasm tag! I’m going to apologize to the people with screen readers and tell you I promise this is reasonably short. It looked like this:

“Yeah, well, Obama is a ~*~*~Muslim.~*~*~

The asterisk action tags used to be a non-ironic, non-cringey thing, too. Like this:


“What??? :D”

“(Typing notification)”


The term “teal deer” to replace “TL;dr” was a thing. And, of course, in the early 2000s you had 13375p34k, which for younger folks was “leetspeak.” One is the Homestuck characters uses it, but it’s not just a quirk—people really talked like that.

We are far enough into the internet era that even internet accents have changed.

This is a *fantastic* post and something I find very fascinating, because I tend to focus really strongly on character dialogue and speech. Also I’ve definitely noticed that my internet ‘accent’ is definitely slightly antiquated. I’m still much more likely to use a :3 or a -3- text emoticon over a smiley, and I’m not in the habit of using reaction gifs, and I definitely still do actions inside asterix’. 

then again I’m also the kind of person who uses words like antiquated, so I wonder if soon enough it’ll all sound the same amount of old fashioned?

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re your moodboard, what are your thoughts on nyo china 👀 im a lil curious

YES i absolutely have Thoughts on nyo china….she was my first ever projection character and we don’t have a lot of nyo canon from hima so she’s basically an oc at this point and i ADORE her

but the tldr is: introverted judgemental moneymaking healer bard

- name: wang xinyan (王鑫雁) 鑫 means something like prosperity, and can be used by shops and as a name. 雁 are swan geese and often appear in chinese poems. they have very romantic connotations because they’re monogamous and mate for life + if one partner dies the other will which is. pretty Ironic for her lmao. also i simply couldn’t pass this up:

- sometimes goes by yan

- city person. what do you MEAN there is no convenience store 5 minutes away how do you expect her to survive in such horrible conditions?? why is your internet so bad?? why are the roads muddy??

- currently lives in shanghai

- really really lives for street food

- Chaotic Neutral™

- she’s generally a very withdrawn and quiet person especially compared to her 1p

- she doesn’t like public speaking. especially public speaking in front of crowds she tends to get very anxious and uncomfortable (again this is like… in direct contrast to her 1p who i hc to have a natural aptitude and the training to become an orator)

- she tends to fare a lot better when speaking to small groups of 5-10 people. this is when her charisma/magnetism will really shine through because she doesn’t have the shyness as a barrier - like you know when some people start talking about a topic and they’re so intense/passionate about it that you kind of feel pulled into their orbit? yeah that’s her

- don’t mistake her introversion for her being nice lol. she can be very cutting in her judgements of people and her words can be very sharp

- jack of all trades: she has a finger in every pie because she has learnt about a lot of different topics and picked up a lot of different skills. this means that if you can get her to open up she’s a very interesting conversationalist because she has at least surface-level knowledge about like everything lol

- the reason why she has so much Knowledge is pretty multifaceted: she likes learning about things for fun, yes, but when she was younger she also felt intensely inadequate and underprepared to survive as a nation and so was compelled to pick up a lot of skills/knowledge

- she has a natural talent for music; she has a very nice voice and could probably make it as a singer, but she also plays several musical instruments. specifically, she plays the guqin, dizi, guzheng, and pipa. she also plays the piano because *gestures at mainland chinese parents and their obsession with pianos*

- she’s always been very interested in medicine and has definitely worked as a traditional chinese medicine practitioner before. she’s also worked as a pediatrician.

- very good at math, and interested in it on the “math as a language of the universe” level.

- also participates in the stock market as a side hobby. probably does algorithmic trading. really likes making money in general. will fight you to get favourable trade deals, has many investments. is a surprisingly good businesswoman despite the introversion

- she’s a magpie lol. most of her hobbies are collecting stuff (including knowledge). she has a fountain pen collection, a coins/notes collection, a brush pen collection, a book collection, an inkstone collection…you name it she probably has it honestly

- she has a house just for everything she has collected LMAOOO

- she has insurance for many of her collections because the value of some of them after like centuries is probably worth a house

- queen of trivia games because of the collecting fun facts thing

- she likes to read serial killer bios and go “tch, sloppy, i could so do better”

- she likes saying “i’m baby” just to watch everyone’s reactions. it is hilarious.

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nyo america is a horse girl i dont make the rules

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Listen I know we shouldn’t encourage him but the fact Lin Manuel-Miranda is writing a 2020 election musical is soooo funny to me. The Ben Shapiro/AOC undertones are a little concerning though

i almost lost my shit

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These are mostly humanverse/non-historical headcanons because I don’t know enough about SK/Korea’s history to write much about it…

— 10 step beauty routine, spas on Saturdays.

— Looks fabulous without trying though (he’s really good at pulling off the “messily dressed” look, where everything looks thrown together and slightly hurried but also really pleasing to the eye)

     -> Related: wore eyeshadow for a whole day as a dare (in around the 1960s-1970s) and after looking in the mirror, decided to wear it regularly. Nowadays male presenting people + eyeliner/eyeshadow is more common, so the novelty of being stared at a lot has worn off, but he still wears it from time to time to look good.

— Well built, has substantial muscle and a good looking body

— Oscillates somewhere between pretty boy and jock depending on the day. Only in appearances though; he’s by no means unintellectual or standoffish.

— To me he feels like the type who’d write poetry on a whim, just small little drabbles of whatever comes to him in a sudden moment of contemplation. He scribbles them down and stashes them in a folder; sometimes he rereads it, sometimes he never reads one of his scribbles again. That doesn’t bother him; the small fragments of lines and bits of stanzas help him organize his thoughts, and save the ones he thinks worth remembering. To him, the act of writing is what makes it worth it.

— A hard worker when he puts his mind to it, focused and methodical. He’s devised his own way to get things done efficiently and it works pretty well when he’s not caught off guard by his hobbies/passions/new K-drama leaks.

— Has actually gotten into a few spats with China over various things and whether it originated in Korea or China. Japan wishes they’d just stop arguing over petty things, but neither Yong Soo nor Yao’s pride allows them to. (this mostly refers to the recent hanfu vs hanbok and kimchi vs paocai arguments.)

— What animal they’d be: either a Korean magpie (a national symbol representing good luck and happiness, both of which seem like his vibes, and they look pretty nice and can sing) or a tiger (another national symbol, representing courage, but also prosperity and good luck.)
Bonus: His brother North Korea would be a cat (generally seems like a cat person, aloof + antisocial but still wickedly smart, witty, with a caustic tongue) or tortoise (likes to think of himself as steady, unshakeable, and the only one still left with tradition in a misguided, too-novel future. Also turtles/tortoises symbolize longevity, and I’m not sure how to articulate it, but it just feels like that would fit him. Also in folklore, the tortoise is one of the 4 cardinal animals and represents the north)

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to the person who asked for a lithuania character analysis its coming along swimmingly at 8 parts now

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finding out the heights of your internet friends is always the weirdest thing

reblog this with your height in the tags then we’ll all know

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