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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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When Rhodey jokes about Tony taking his last name after they get married, he was expecting Tones to chuckle and brush it off.

But when Tony says, “I’d do it in a heartbeat,” Rhodey stops mid step and looks at his fiancé with a raised eyebrow.

“You’re telling me you’d give up the Stark name and legacy for little old me?”

Tony gives a shy smile and looks down, pink blooming in his cheeks. “Stark was my father’s name, and Howard never protected me the way you always did.”

Hearing Tony’s soft, unapologetic admittance makes Rhodey’s heart ache and flutter at the same time. Gratitude swells in his chest at the thought of Tony knowing just how much Rhodey loves him, and the feeling compels him to press a kiss onto his fiancé’s forehead.

“Anthony Edward Rhodes,” Rhodey breathes, resting his forehead against Tony’s. “Has a nice ring to it.”

They kiss, thirty years and more of devotion mingling in the air between them with no sign of ever drying up or slowing down.

“Yeah,” Tony agrees as they pull apart. “It does.”

New Canon Accepted

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im starting a picrew chain because i found this picrew i love


i tag @tayareum @mxnyardsfoxes @pjo-and-jollof-rice and @neverbeenskiing​ and anyone else who wants to do it!


Thank you for the tag @blindtaleteller ! This is a very cute picrew.

Tagging (no pressure): @poetic-fiasco @shiningloki @lehuka123 @is-it-madness@just-the-hiddles @myoxisbroken @caffiend-queen

alright so this is gonna be weird but I was tagged on this picrew in two very different circles, so thank you @eeveeeclair246​ and @frostbitten-written​! 

not realism in my picrews! :O (they didn’t have purple hair)- But honestly I do have this outfit and also honestly I do not look as this Picrew does. 

ANYWAY- taggin @myraiswack@frostedgiant@lokihiddles@loki-yoursaviourishere@imnotrevealingmyname@head-over-heart​ & whoever else wants to! 

welcome to my derpy self once again—thanks for the tag @lehuka123

TAGS- @thesleepy1@nyx-aira@draco-loves-ferrets@curtisbrosforeternity@naturallesbain@z-hyman​ 

Oh I love these tag games. Thank you :D I know I look terrified at that small cat but that is just how my face looks. 


Thanks again for tagging me @thesleepy1 ! :)

Tags: @batfam16 @angelwars11 @grace-of-creation @muse-of-gods

aaaand of course everybody who feels up to it! ❤

Thank you so much for tagging me @kate-river 💙 I love these games! 😍

Tagging @the-humming-fox @thenelalila @shivanessa @opalineobsidian @onemadeofglass @spidyirony @darker-soft-starker if you want 🤗

@muse-of-gods thank you for the tag❤️

Tagging everyone who wants to do it!! ☺️

i will never not do a picrew bc they are so cute

tagging: @petersmocha@vaguekiwi@starkly@professional-benaddict​ and anyone else who wants to do it!

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‘boy i sure wish i was asleep,’ i whisper, clicking Next Chapter fourteen fucking times

i was initially ashamed of myself but now after seeing how many reblogs there are im ashamed of all of us

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bitches be like, fuck everything that happened in endgame don’t even bring up this movie in front of me, and then slaps anyone who dares to say Sam Wilson is not captain america, it’s me I’m bitches

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My heart has just shattered beyond repair.

I…can’t even comprehend that is real. While I never knew @starker-stories personally they have been a steadfast pillar in this community since I joined nearly two years ago and they are wonderful, judgement free supporter of everyone and anyone in this family of ours. I always looked up to them for being so unwavering in their love and I simply can’t imagine this family without them. They are a wonderful creator who never had a bad thing to say about anyone. I’m so fucking heartbroken hearing about this.


To all my beautiful followers and friends of followers in our gorgeouse starker community

Please read and reblog

The incredible beautiful inspirational and heart of our fandom @von–gelmini or @starker-stories has become ill very ill and has been given the diagnosis of terminal within weeks maybe days they will be leaving us for ever ….

I am heartbroken shattered sad beyond belief because this was my best friend and a wonderful creator and writer who loved and breathed our special little world I can’t comprehend even a day without this person let alone a life

Please please send him prayers and love and if you have never ever been blessed

To read his work please in his honour do so

By doing this we can keep him alive in our thoughts and our hearts

He is everything to me … he deserved nothing but the best in this life and after


@starkerforlife6969 @starkercrossedlovers @starkerdayss @darker-soft-starker @starkerflowers


Share and reblog to all the starkers out there

I love you so much my beautiful friend and forever my Peter

All my love, all of it is with you right now.

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Today, I just want everyone to be a little grateful that we have in our lives.

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Do you find that over time you fall in/out fandom/content creation? What brings you back or keeps you around? If you could change/alter/tweak one thing about fandom culture right now what would it be?

oof yeah. i’ve taken quite a few breaks in the past due to loss of interest or inspiration. honestly considering taking one soon. normally taking a break helps or consuming whatever show/book/movie that the fandom is from sometimes helps too. or when other content creators create something inspiring.

if i could change one thing right now it would definitely be ideas around whether it’s okay or not to criticize the people involved in canon. esp with what happened over the past couple of days. there’s no reason why we can’t love and appreciate characters but recognize that the people who portray them are messy humans who we are allowed to criticize and find problematic. and the other way around. basically i would change ideas around “discourse” and “drama”

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iron man (2008), dir. jon favreau
minimalist posters 12/–
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