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venomsilk · a minute ago
in love with this man and his dance moves...
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tom Holland and Leo Messi at the 2021 Ballon D’Or Ceremony + Tom’s and his brothers’ reaction after meeting Messi
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venomsilk · 8 hours ago
you ever feel both behind and ahead on finals studying and due dates so it’s just overwhelming anxiety from everywhere and you can’t pinpoint what’s setting you off… abolish college
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venomsilk · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
olivia rodrigo performing traitor at the 2021 AMA’s
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Tumblr media
megan was so real for this every time it comes on i be shivering like so true... so true
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broken clocks | mlist.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❝ senior year is rocky for everyone, but thankfully for peter parker, there’s only one week left of it, and the future is only brightening up. between fighting crime as queen’s friendly neighbourhood spider-man, interning at stark industries, and spending time with his girlfriend, it doesn’t look like he’s going to have much time to worry about attending nyu in the fall. but everything changes with a snap of thanos’ fingers.
three years later, gone are slow dances at prom with you in his arms, gone are bonding moments with the only father figure he’s got left, and gone is the peter you remember. your worlds change again, breaking with them clocks, hearts, and futures you thought were set in stone. ❞
Tumblr media
♛ one ; before the storm (est. dec 20) ♛
♛ two ; upside down ♛
♛ three ; heart don’t work ♛
♛ four ; you broke me first ♛
♛ five ; in a stranger’s arms ♛
♛ six ; washing machine heart ♛
♛ seven ; chasing a feeling ♛
♛ epilogue ; in bloom ♛
note — the number of chapters isn’t definitive yet and may change in the future.
Tumblr media
listen to the playlist.
add yourself to the taglist.
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venomsilk · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TOM HOLLAND Ballon d'Or in Paris, France | November 29, 2021
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rb this to give the person you rbed from a soft teddy bear, nice n warm blanket and fuzzy socks, and a nice hot tasty beverage of your choice ! 🧸🧦☕❄️☺️
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Anna's November Fic Recs
Tumblr media
Welcome to my November fic recommendations masterpost!! I was so behind and everything but thankfully I had more time last weekend and got to catch up on reading 😌 As you will see, eternals have entered the chat and mister Druig has been on my mind a lot.
I am so ready for December and all the christmasy fics coming our way 😌 I wish you a happy Hanukkah, merry Christmas or simply a great month 💙
To all the writers - I love you and I appreciate you so much!
To all the readers - please, share the fics you read and love. The reblog really makes the change! It’s the least we can do to show our gratitude.
Also, please, mind the writers' warnings!
🍁Peter Parker🍁
scratches by @spideyspeaches
one-shot, 18+, black cat!reader, spiderman has a little playdate with a kitty 😏
midnight love by @peterbenjiparker
one-shot, reader dealing with sick peter, it's so soft and fun and adorable!!
the beauty next door by @kelieah
one-shot, neighbor!peter is there for you when you need him 🥺🥺
loving him was red and speak now by @spidernerdsblog
two-shot, you're about to marry harry but ex-best friend!peter comes back into your life
throw me a pillow by @sinisterspidey
one-shot, 18+, stark-ish!reader is dating peter, tony finds out in a very unfortunate way 👀
tiger by @devotion
one-shot, pete is a bit grumpy and becomes a cat dad and we love to see it 😸
a billet-doux from the lighthouse by @subspider
one-shot, this is just so original and so well-written, i am at a loss of words ever since i read this gem!
thinking of him by @saturnpeter
one-shot, such a gentle story about falling in love with pete 🥺
radioactive by @spideyspeaches
one-shot, 18+, one night stand with best friend college!peter turns out to be a really life-changing event 😅
three is one too many by @selfcarecap
one-shot, mature conversations about mature subject with boyfriend!peter, i appreciate this very much!
home to me by @venomsilk
one-shot, kitchen counter makeout session with post-college!peter, it's exactly as dreamy as it sounds 😌
🍁Bucky Barnes🍁
a wedding for the ages by @specialk-18
one-shot, black!reader, exes to lovers, they're at he wedding, they're drunk and i love it 😂
chain the devil by @xbuchananbarnes
series, 18+, mob boss!bucky x hitwoman!reader, fucking amazing which is very on brand for Dani 👏
fall for you by @firefly-in-darkness
series, rockstar!bucky, angst, fluff, smut - the golden trio 🙌
my home for all seasons by @sinner-as-saint
one-shot, 18+, hades! reader, stunning fic 👏👏
the problem by @19ana45
one-shot, dad!bucky's conversation with the bump 💙
petal by @navybrat817
one-shot, 18+, florist!bucky, i'm 🥵
in my heart by @ambrosiase
one-shot, bucky being the ultimate girl's dad™, i have tears in my eyes just thinking out this story
movie night by @musingsinmoonlight
one-shot, a cute little thing with our two favourite guys 😌
🍁Steve Rogers🍁
melting hearts (part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5) by @anika-ann
series, where do i even start? avenger!reader, it's simply one of the very best fics i've ever read, i love this story with my whole being, it broke me so many times but it was so worth it, please give it a try!
nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could by @chase-your-dreams-away
series, ongoing, slightly inspired by the sound of music, very nice, it's great!
suburban pleasure by @kinanabinks
series, 18+, sex worker!steve x housewife!reader, it's so bloody good, you guys, ahhh
lazy sunday by @the-iceni-bitch
one-shot, 18+, dilf!steve and tattoo artist!reader starting the morning the best way 😏
missing you does that by @ocean-bucky
one-shot, steve being the absolute best human ever
quiet is the life by @pellucid-constellations
one-shot, nomad!steve, some angst and fluff beautiful fic!
🍁Joaquin Torres🍁
cherry by @mischiefmanaged71
one-shot, insecure!joaquin, friends to lovers, loved this a lot 💙
break time by @sapphireplums
one-shot, husband!druig, this was so nice!
only joy, only anguish by @greenorangevioletgrass
one-shot, 18+, phenomenal, iconic, beautiful, impeccable, read it!!
incentive and promise by @clints-lucky-arrow
two-shot, 18+, eternal!reader, friends to lovers, so good!
spectral tease by @inklore
one-shot, 18+, druig making reader come just by using his mind 🥵
perfectly busy by @tokkiotears
one-shot, husband!druig being a tiny bit possesive but we love it
team-effort by @siempre-bucky
one-shot, eternals are playing matchmakers 😁
of life and flames by @winterlves
one-shot, 18+, so wonderful, so hot and intimate
🍁Tom Holland🍁
not another christmas without you by @heyhihellowhatsup0
series, ongoing, ex friends to lovers hopefully but it's not looking very good for them for now 😅 they're a hot mess but i am so into this story
talk to you later by @luciwritesstuff
series, social media au, starting a friendship with tom through ig comments and dms, this was so fun to read!!
wildest dreams by @greenorangevioletgrass
one-shot, 18+, this will either cater to all you kinkiest needs or awake something in you 🥵
home by @blindingdutchy
one-shot, 18+, exceptional work, i am breathless when i think about this story. so much heartbreak and so much happiness as well. please, read it!
distracted by @screamholland
one-shot, 18+, day at home with ceo!tom, spoiler altert: it get filthy 😏
🍁Harry Holland🍁
anywhere but here by @softholand
one-shot, meeting with ex!harry after a break up 🥺
🍁Harrison Osterfield🍁
beautiful disaster by @softholand
one-shot, mob!harrison x holland!reader, harrison taking the phrase 'dying for you' a little bit too literally 👀
call me names by @lauras-collection
one-shot, 18+, full steam ahead 🔥🔥
🍁Chris Beck🍁
blame game by @starbuckie
one-shot, 18+, college!chris, enemies to lovers, hot hot hot 🔥
🍁Ransom Drysdale🍁
this fic by @stargazingfangirl18
one-shot, 18+, ex!ransom is the only person who remembers her birthday, so good!
🍁Andy Barber🍁
tacit by @wayward-blonde
one-shot, this messed me up in the best way 😫
don't need to say it to know it by @shieldedreams
one-shot, such a beautiful piece!!
🍁Frank Adler🍁
careful days by @rodrikstark
series, colleagues to lovers, fake dating and it's just so 💙💙
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venomsilk · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Rainy days are here and my cat is excited! ♡
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venomsilk · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Reflection of heart cave.
Chiba, Japan.
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venomsilk · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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venomsilk · 14 hours ago
never forget… you a bad bitch fr fr
mwah <3
Tumblr media
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venomsilk · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i’ll love you long after you’re gone, gone, gone
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) dir. Marc Webb
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venomsilk · 15 hours ago
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venomsilk · 16 hours ago
Btw, I have a question, how do you make tag lists?
if you mean the forms, i just open a google form and add questions there like “what is your url?” and “are you 18+” if there’s smut. then when i’m ready to post, i copy paste the urls on a google doc for the formatting since tumblr is ass then i paste that in a reblog of the post and click on each url individually to make sure it’ll tag. unfortunately 99% of the time it doesn’t stick on the first try and it’s a very time-consuming thing so 😀 with the way more than half the ppl on a taglist never even interact with a post, no wonder a lot of fellow writers have thrown away taglists altogether
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venomsilk · 16 hours ago
anyway. feeling good abt myself which hasn’t been thee case for a while so! my peter series aka broken clocks’ masterlist will be out tonight. reminder that i no longer have a general taglist so if you wanna be tagged in it specifically, i linked a form on the post :’)
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