veryberryghoul · 15 hours ago
Antonio, running a lemonade stand with his animals: Tío Bruno, what would you like?
Bruno: Get me something as dark as my soul
Antonio: One pink lemonade coming up!
Bruno, tearing up: Thank you
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veryberryghoul · a day ago
Señora Pezmuerto(? fish lady) is now crying in the distance
Camilo has accidently swallowed a fish before
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veryberryghoul · 3 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hi hello look more confirmation that Bruno is neurodivergent coded!
I’m obsessed with “he thinks differently, he sees things differently”. Such a beautiful representation!
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veryberryghoul · 3 days ago
im so sorry but the way julieta moves is so entertaining to me😵‍💫😭
source: @angelo.sta.catalina
Man– Man. I can’t– Can an animation test make you feel?
It’s so good. Wish they kept some dancing scenes with family members others than Pepa and Félix 😭 We deserve this Agustín and Julieta’s dance!
Head empty, only melting heart. shsejkdxhsdx
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veryberryghoul · 4 days ago
Julieta dating someone who is hard of hearing
she’s dating me, I’m the one who can’t hear
Tumblr media
She doesn’t mind repeating herself if you don’t hear her the first time, usually moving closer to you to speak. She’s never offended or never thinks you’re not paying attention.
She’s very patient she never minds when you need things written down, repeated, or communicated in a different way. She wants you to feel included, and always makes sure you’re comfortable.
Doesn’t ask or try to hint that she can fix your hearing which is something you appreciated. Because there is nothing wrong with being hard of hearing, it’s something that made you a little different. But, not invalid.
Figures out a way for her family to include you whether they learn sign language, or speak a little louder. She wants them to be able to interact with you, through trial and error you both find a balance.
She always faces you when she speaks, and is mindful of which side you two sit on to ensure you both can hold a conversation. You typically opt for sitting beside her with your good ear, or sitting across from her
She always calls your name first before speaking to get your attention, she’s mindful that you won’t always know what’s happening. So, she confirms by calling your name to know you’re aware.
Anytime you’re having dinner with the family she keeps you updated on things that happened you may have missed. Giving you notice when the conversation has changed, or clarifying a comment that you may have missed.
She always knows when you’re lost or not sure of what’s happening by the curious glances, or a titled head trying to listen in better. She gently pats your hand and gestures she’ll tell you in a second.
Never overtalks or tries to talk for you, she is so generous and thoughtful. She gives you your own space to hold a conversation, proudly listening to what you have to say.
Open to having conversations about understanding your hearing loss, she wants to know as much as she can. Addressing how you equally can reap the benefits of a relationship.
Learning some sign language though it’s not always need, it’s typically used during dinners or loud locations. It helps when speaking from across a room, so she doesn’t have to shout.
Always worried when some days your hearing seems more intense than the other days, you constantly rubbing your ears in hopes of clearer hearing.
She’s really good at making sure there’s not a lot of background noise when the two of you spend time together.
Loves you no matter what and always reminds you that she’s with you, with or without your hearing. You are very special to her.
Tapping your shoulders in a form of getting your attention, small gentle touches as to not startle you.
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veryberryghoul · 4 days ago
Julieta: What are you two looking at?
Isabela: Mirabel put salt instead of sugar in her coffee
Luisa: And she’s too proud to admit it
Mirabel, gagging: It taste better this way
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veryberryghoul · 5 days ago
do you dramatically whip your head around so fast you could give yourself whiplash when singing Pepa’s “but” in We Don’t Talk About Bruno or are you normal.
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veryberryghoul · 5 days ago
Turns out that in order to post my fics, I have to write them! Shocked and upset.
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veryberryghoul · 6 days ago
I’m thinking about this specific poem that reminds me of Julieta and Agustín’s relationship;
That first kiss
‘The way you feel when you kiss him for the first time.
Like fire within your bones.
Like your soul has returned to the water.
Like every part of you that came from a dead star is alive again.’
(By Nikita Gill) okay that’s all i wanted to share that :)
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veryberryghoul · 6 days ago
I honestly don’t think anyone in the encanto cares that Pepa causes hurricanes, floods, or stormy weather. They’ve never showed any fear towards her, only concern about everyone’s safety and their belongings. Even when she’s causing a flurry her sister, brother in law, and husband don’t seem put off. The only person bothered by her display of emotion is Alma because the woman hasn’t found a way to control her daughter’s outlandish personality.
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veryberryghoul · 7 days ago
thid is so good omg
Yknow what? I like you (gives Julieta Madrigal sectoral heterochromia)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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veryberryghoul · 8 days ago
Julieta, as a teenager: I got angry and broke a plate
Pepa: And you’re telling us, why?
Julieta: Cause I told mamá one of you two did it
Bruno: What!?
Julieta, smirking: And she believed me
Alma, in the distance: Pepa, Bruno, get your asses in here now!
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veryberryghoul · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Perfect perfect omg tysm
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
☀️ 🌧️ ⚡ | ☀️ 🌧️ ⚡ | ☀️ 🌧️ ⚡
pepa madrigal stimboard
- requested by @veryberryghoul
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veryberryghoul · 10 days ago
Bruno: As a wedding gift, I got Pepa and Félix matching umbrellas
Bruno: It didn’t go over as expected
Bruno: The next week Pepa gave me a Magic 8 Ball and told me that it was a better fortune teller
Bruno: Little does she know, that thing has gotten me out of so many visions
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veryberryghoul · 10 days ago
To whoever threw that fucking shell, I hope you burn in Hell while I watch!
- Pepa, while playing Mario Kart
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veryberryghoul · 11 days ago
Bruno, with his rats: So, I just put one on my head?
Mirabel: And make sure to wear a blindfold
Bruno: Blindfold?
Camilo: And then the rat will cook for you
Bruno concerned, with a rat on his head: And this works?
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veryberryghoul · 13 days ago
Camilo: Tell me honestly, how much trouble am I going to get in?
Dolores, hearing thunder in the distance: I hope you put me on your will, cause I need some quick cash
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