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A very accurate and timely twitter thread. 👌

[ID: Twitter thread by martin ⌛ @/unsolvedtwt that says:

so in light of elliot page coming out, i’m gonna remind you guys of basic, Very Basic trans etiquette in this thread:

- you don’t use their birth name. ever. that shit is dead, you forget that even existed

- “she is now a he” is the worst phrase, drop it

- correct people!!! if they use!!! the wrong pronouns!!!

- don’t fucking ask people what surgeries they’ve had/are planning on having

- “omg i never would have known you were trans” is not the compliment you think it is

- if you slip up on names and pronouns, that’s okay. just quickly correct yourself and move on. don’t make it a big deal, for God’s sake don’t make it a big deal.

- make an effort on pronouns

- “he, she, it, whatever” is not the funny comment you think it is

- ask what you can do to support them

- you don’t get a special prize for using the right name and pronouns, it’s basic respect. don’t act like you’re doing them a favour

- everyone transitions in their own way and at their own pace. you don’t get to police that.

- don’t ask them if their label on their sexuality has changed. they’ll talk about that in their own time.

- just be respectful, people, it’s not hard.

\End ID]

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2020 has been like:

  • January
  • February
  • March
  • March
  • March
  • March
  • March
  • March
  • March
  • March
  • March
  • March
  • March
  • March
  • March
  • March
  • March
  • Ap-
  • Junly
  • Augsepoctob…Halloween
  • Destiel
  • December
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last night had a dream an image was going viral and it was basically this

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In light of the amazing news of Elliot Page coming out, here’s a great example of how to refer to him before he came out. 

General rule:

Always use the person’s current name and pronouns.

It doesn’t matter if they’re celebrities or well-known individuals, we {especially media} need to respect their identity and pronouns.   

Image source

[image ID (text listed in order it appears):

blue text on a white background: “how do I refer to a trans person before they came out?”

red text on a white background: always use the person’s current name and pronouns when you talk about them!

blue text on a white background with a large green checkmark above it: back when Pete was a little kid, he loved playing soccer

blue text on a white background with a large red “X” above it: when Pete was a little girl, she used to love playing soccer

a watermark in light gray on the image reads: soundsliketransedu.com

end image ID.]

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it’s the year 2080. the expressions “the horse has left the hospital” and “between a crematorium and a dildo store” have fully entered the lexicon even though barely anyone remembers where they originated. one day the kids who live in the Amazon Temperate Habitat Bubble next door ask me what was between the proverbial crematorium and dildo store in the first place. i rip off my Amazoxygen® Ventilator and gasp, “the fucking horse” and immediately die from the polluted air in my probably-covid-ravaged lungs. haunted by these cryptic last words, the kids bury themselves in the ancient runes of the Internet Archive until they find the meme that unlocks it all. the horse was one of the last presidents of the late american empire, a lynchpin in the slow disintegration of the union. suddenly, a drone flies directly through the window. “forbidden word detected: ‘union’,” it says, gearing up its Amazon Brainbuster Electric Reinforcement System. they run

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Clovember is complete! Writing for it was great fun, and reading the other works through the month even better.
A big thank you to everyone who read my fic, or left a comment - much appreciated, as always 🙂

Here is my updated list.
These are all Fair Game focused, unless otherwise indicated.

AO3 rating shown after each title.

Recently posted/updated:

A Thirty-Leaf Clover (T)

Various Clover-centric relationships
One 100-word drabble chapter a day, for the month of Clovember 2020.
30 chapters
3,000 words

Love, Betrayal, and All That Follows (M)

When your day job is trying to save the world, the idea of discovering love along the way doesn’t enter your head. So when Qrow finds himself in Atlas, dealing with love is as unexpected as the betrayal that follows.
25/? chapters
73,287 words

Love Enough For Three (M)

Qrow/Clover/James in various permutations
Qrow blames both himself and James for Clover’s situation.
James blames himself too, for that and also for almost everything else that has happened.
Maybe the three of them, together, can find the peace which they—and everyone else—deserve.

5/? chapters
9,502 words

Numerically Speaking Series

A series of (mostly) unconnected short stories, prompted by the numbers 1 to 10.

Part Eight: Eight Days (T)
Sometimes, the most trivial disagreement is all it takes. But if you care enough, there’s usually a way back.
1 chapter
2,138 words

Varin & Challance Series

Stories taking place throughout Qrow and Clover’s life together.

Part One: A New Home (T)
The war has been left behind, the personal difficulties surmounted. It’s time for Qrow and Clover to finish preparing their new home on Patch, and Tai is happy to help where he can.
1 chapter
2,468 words

Qrowtober 2020 Series

Six separate fics for Qrowtober 2020.

Day Twenty-One: A Different Family (G)
Qrow & Raven
Family is very important to Qrow. He wants to belong, but he begins to realise, not all families are the same.
1 chapter
841 words

Day Twenty-Four: Misplaced Trust (T)
Qrow knows there are limitations to the intimacy he shares with James. Finally, he must question whether a relationship without trust is one worth having.
1 chapter
1,225 words

Day Thirty-One: The Love That You Bring (G)
Qrow has seen Remnant at its worst. With the war behind them, he and Clover can look to the future. Both men agree, the world is a better place now they are together.
1 chapter
1,675 words

Home Is In Your Arms (G)

Qrow has never known true love, and anyway, he’s not sure if it’s something he deserves.
But maybe things are different now.

1 chapter
2,787 words

The Only One That Knows Me (G)

There are two Clover Ebis— one public, one private. Other than Clover himself, only one person knows them both.
1 chapter
1,686 words

We Don’t Have To Dance (M)

Neither Qrow nor Clover is looking for love— both are happy with casual encounters. A chance meeting might change their perspective.
3 chapters
7,555 words

Two Hearts (G)

Two hearts, drawn together. A poem.
1 chapter
184 words

It’s Not Goodbye (G)

In the escalating confusion after team RWBY fight with the Ace Ops, there is someone Jaune desperately wants to find.
1 chapter
647 words

Reassurance (T)

Qrow always anticipates the worst outcome in any situation. Clover tries to reassure him, that isn’t always how things turn out.
1 chapter
1,113 words

The New Stable Master (G)

Captain Clover Ebi arrives at Faunus Hall, to take up a position as Stable Master. The estate Steward, Qrow Branwen, is unsure of his suitability for the role. In time, however, Qrow finds they have much in common.
1 chapter
4,925 words

Older fics below cut

A Fair Game Rainbow Series

A series of eight unconnected short stories, prompted by the colours of the rainbow. Because why not 🌈🙂

Part One: Red (G)
As their first Valentine’s Day approaches, Clover wants to surprise Qrow with a small, yet thoughtful, gesture.
1 chapter
1,201 words

Part Two: Orange (T)
Qrow and Clover finally get some time off work together, and decide to take a short vacation.
1 chapter
1,384 words

Part Three: Yellow (T)
Breaking the ice with a shared DIY task? It’s more likely than you think.
1 chapter
1,220 words

Part Four: Green (T)
An unexpected visitor on board the United Star Ship Atlas proves unsettling for Lieutenant Clover Ebi.
1 chapter
2,806 words

Part Five: Blue (G)
It’s Clover’s birthday, and for the first year in a long time, he’s going to celebrate. He just doesn’t know it yet.
1 chapter
2,218 words

Part Six: Indigo (T)
All Qrow needs is a good night’s sleep. All Clover wants is to help him get one.
1 chapter
1,697 words

Part Seven: Violet (M)
Qrow’s misfortune makes itself felt at a most inopportune moment.
1 chapter
1,233 words

Part Eight: Rainbow (G)
If Qrow had been offered his heart’s desire years ago, he doubts he would have thought of wishing for what he has now.
2 chapters
2,420 words

Clover Ebi: Ace Operative Series

A short series looking at how a Fair Game relationship might work, if Clover were asexual.

Part One: Best of Friends (T)
Qrow and Clover find they have more in common than they first thought.
1 chapter
4,158 words

Part Two: Lines of Communication (G)
Clover can’t help fretting, which almost spoils a special day.
1 chapter
2,971 words

Part Three: Part of You (M)
Being together for a year is a good reason to celebrate, but things don’t quite go according to plan.
1 chapter
2,433 words Part Four: Now and Always (T)
Qrow and Clover take the next step.
4 chapters
7,857 words

Early Days Series

A series of short fics which follow Qrow and Clover as they become more friendly, leading into the start of a deeper relationship.

Part One: Window 1, Bird 0 (T)
Qrow has a spot of bad luck. Fortunately, someone is looking out for him and is able to help.
1 chapter
1,481 words

Part Two: Iron, Qrow (G)
Qrow gets some unexpected domestic advice.
1 chapter
1,118 words

Part Three: Search and Retrieve Mission (T)
Clover suffers a loss, but Qrow is able to help.
1 chapter
1,267 words

Part Four: By the Book (G)
Clover finds a way to say thank you.
1 chapter
1,462 words

Part Five: A Bird in the Hand (G)
An afternoon of avian exploits, and a reminder of Clover’s past.
1 chapter
1,993 words

Part Six: Good Hair, Bad News (T)
Time to trim those untidy feathers.
1 chapter
1,702 words

Part Seven: Enable Cookies (G)
Qrow is in need of inspiration. Lucky for him, Clover is on hand to supply it.
1 chapter
1,959 words

Part Eight: Fever Pitch (G)
Qrow gets an opportunity to demonstrate his bedside manner.
1 chapter
1,859 words

Part Nine: The Last Dance (T)
A celebratory night out for everyone gives Qrow and Clover a chance to get closer.
1 chapter
1,633 words

Part Ten: Reggie’s Diner (G)
Finally. A kiss.
1 chapter
1,674 words

Fair Game Weekend 2020 Series

3 fics for Fair Game Weekend, 2nd-4th October 2020.

Part One: Good For The Soul (G)
After arriving in Atlas, Weiss initiates a plan to help the new hunters and the Ace Ops get to know each other better. The outcome, in one way at least, is more successful than even she expected.
1 chapter
4,075 words

Part Two: Chasing This Starlight (T)
After resolving their difficulties and deciding they want to be together, Qrow finally joins Clover on the USS Atlas.
1 chapter
2,046 words

Part Three: Tantalised (T)
Qrow normally has no interest in the festive season. This year he grudgingly agrees to participate, if only to keep Jimmy quiet.
1 chapter
3,260 words

Numerically Speaking Series

A series of (mostly) unconnected short stories, prompted by the numbers 1 to 10.

Part One: One Mistake (M)
One mistake. One stupid mistake. And suddenly, everything was ruined.
1 chapter
1,947 words

Part Two: Two Months (T)
It is hard to see past the hurt. But to heal, that is what Qrow tries to do.
1 chapter
1,417 words

Part Three: Three in the Morning (G)
When Qrow can’t get back to sleep, he hatches a plan. It doesn’t quite work.
1 chapter
1,002 words

Part Four: Four in the Family (T)
Three become four as Qrow and Clover welcome a new member of their family.
1 chapter
1,667 words

Part Five: Five Words (T)
Qrow and Clover have a date, a meal at their favourite restaurant. But this time, something seems different.
1 chapter
1,393 words

Part Six: Six Weeks (T)
Qrow/Clover / Blake/Yang / Jaune/Marrow
Yang is determined to keep working as long as she can. Luckily, when she unexpectedly goes into labour, she’s with the right people.
1 chapter
3,128 words

Part Seven: Seven Stars (G)
An evil is rising, and the Captain of the Guard is sent from Minas Tirith to seek one who may be able to overcome it.
2 chapters
5,518 words

Qrowtober 2020 Series

Six separate fics for Qrowtober 2020.

Day Two: Flight Interrupted (T)
Qrow is a bird on a mission. When he finds himself caught in a storm, it takes an unexpected turn.
4 chapters
8,432 words

Day Seven: A Quiet Night In (G)
Qrow & Yang & Ruby / Background Taiyang/Summer
Taiyang and Summer have been married for three years, and Qrow agrees they deserve a night out to celebrate.
1 chapter
1,677 words

Day Eight: Images of Yesterday (G)
Taiyang has accumulated an attic full of memories stretching back many years. Some of them are inconsequential. Others, Qrow realises, mean so much more.
1 chapter
1,005 words

Varin & Challance Series

Stories taking place throughout Qrow and Clover’s life together.

Part Two: Four in the Family (T)
Three become four as Qrow and Clover welcome a new member of their family.
1 chapter
1,667 words

Part Three: Rainbow (G)
If Qrow had been offered his heart’s desire years ago, he doubts he would have thought of wishing for what he has now.
2 chapters
2,420 words

Part Four: Till I Die (T)
Qrow’s final flight.
1 chapter
1,500 words

7-6 (M)

A quiet night in for Qrow and Clover ends in an unexpected battle for the two experienced fighters.
1 chapter
1,202 words

As Tears Go By (G)

Some painful memories never leave you, but if you have a sympathetic partner there for you, it helps.
1 chapter
1,257 words

Birth Day (T)

Qrow and Clover wait anxiously for a very special delivery.
1 chapter
1,491 words

Convergence (T)

Qrow and Clover are bound to get together. Eventually.
1 chapter
1,514 words

Deep (E)

Qrow sometimes teases Clover about the depth of feeling between them. But they both know that being in deep, is where they want to be.
1 chapter
1,396 words

Face the Rain (G)

Clover and Qrow have been together for some time now, but the cracks are starting to show.
1 chapter
2,324 words

i’m dreaming ‘bout those dreamy eyes (G)

The importance or otherwise of eye colour.
1 chapter
478 words

In Your Eyes (T)

Not everyone believes in the idea of a soulmate. And sometimes, you don’t have to.
1 chapter
6,303 words

Instinctively Yours (T)

In Springtime, every bird’s thoughts turn to finding a partner. Clover never expected it to be him.
1 chapter
2,016 words

Kiss Me, Kiss Me (T)

After the trials and tribulations in Atlas, Clover and Qrow enjoy some downtime in Patch.
1 chapter
1,635 words

Letting Go (G)

Qrow tries to help Taiyang move on.
1 chapter
948 words

The Monster I’ve Become (T)

James had not expected love, or anything like it, to come calling. But it does, and for a while he can be happy. Life, however, has other plans for him.
1 chapter
4,928 words

The One Who Loved You So (G)

James/Qrow and Qrow/Clover
James cares for Qrow. He sometimes wishes he didn’t.
1 chapter
1,000 words

Paradigm Shift (M)

Clover’s life is settled in every way except one. As he searches for the right woman for him, fate takes a hand and sets him on an unexpected path.
10 chapters
19,360 words

a qrow came to me (G)

A short scene which could have happened, but sadly never did.
1 chapter
672 words

Regency Bees (G)

Blake/Yang and Qrow/Clover, but less so than usual!
A desparate situation calls for a desperate remedy. Especially when you have been told you must marry a gentleman for whom you have no regard.

7 chapters
13,556 words

A Regency Qrow (M)

Qrow returns to England after an extended trip, to find society has changed considerably in his absence.
4 chapters
13,918 words

Room in Your Heart (T)

Clover would like to get to know Qrow better, but is there a place for him in Qrow’s heart?
1 chapter
2,414 words

The Shape of You (T)

Qrow sees Clover in a new light.
1 chapter
900 words

Sharp Edges (T)

There is more than one way to hurt those you care about.
1 chapter
3,208 words

The Silver Lining (T)

When it seems there might be a repeat of the disastrous pandemic of two years ago, the government loses no time in declaring a lockdown of all households. For Qrow and Clover, this presents a problem.
1 chapter
3,162 words

Some Kind of Madness (E)

Clover enjoys the heady rush of a new relationship. But after the madness of the early, euphoric liaisons, is there anything more?
1 chapter
3,642 words

Storytime (E)

Clover is away, so he calls Qrow and tells him a bedtime story.
1 chapter
1,501 words

Straight From Your Heart (T)

Following the catastrophic fight on the tundra, Qrow and Clover try and come to terms with what happened.
4 chapters
4,049 words

A Time To Hold On, A Time To Let Go (G)

Sometimes it can take a long while to let go, but that’s okay.
1 chapter
683 words

Who Are You? (T)

Dreams are always open to interpretation, and Clover has no idea what his means. The answer, when it eventually comes, will change his life.
4 chapters
12,281 words

you know i can’t love (T)

Loving someone is not always enough.
1 chapter
1,901 words
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