The fact that Tenko/Tomura broke the possession/mind control of AFO because he was distressed thanks to Mirio implying that he had no friends.
And the fact he not only corrected Mirio, perfectly naming his friends (even after years of amnesia and abuse, he kept the names in his mind), Tenko/Tomura also valued his friend's opinions over his own, emphasizing that he was in fact a good friend.
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reading/writing fanfiction about your otp be like:
Tumblr media
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Thanks for tagging me 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺💖✨
Tumblr media
Neurodivergent Coded
You're the one weirdo character who's a weirdo in just the right way. You miss the social cues, you can't flirt, you like things purely on color or texture. You fidget, you can't sit still, your house is either extremely dirty or very neat. Reddit hates you, Tumblr loves you/
This is so funny because yeah, I'm walking around in my mess of a room while I write, thinking about five different topics at the same time, trying to organize my luggage for a trip by day and outfit.
Tagging : @a-tired-humanist, @sckmylightsaber, @lydia-denise-la-rue and anyone who sees this and wants to do it!
this post was getting too long
thank you for tagging me @haleigh-sloth :]
Tumblr media
Bastard (Good) You're a bastard. A wet cat, if you will. And we love you for it. You're a little shit, but in the good way. You are the baddest babygirl. You killed a man, but you looked good doing it. You flirted with the hero and the enemy. All of Tumblr is madly in love with you. Congrats, I guess?
LMAO, so basically i would've been tumblr's poor little meow meow? sure, i'm okay with that lol
honestly idk who to tag, so
@bootlickerhawks @lgbtlunaverse @cryptidcryptic @kiritouyadeku96 @irummna @damnamyte @purplemys @saltytearsofjoy @greyjackwatcher and anyone else who wants to join!
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villainsandvictimsalliance · 15 hours ago
sorry but there is nothing more romantic than enemies to lovers. literally nothing. it is you have seen me at my worst, and you make me my best. you have witnessed my anger and hatred and resentment, all of these vile, malignant emotions of mine, emotions once directed at you, and yet you love me regardless.
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villainsandvictimsalliance · 15 hours ago
Keep in mind Bakugo asking himself if he's eveey going to reach Deku.
I think he will, very soon. The key of the fight against AFO could lay in Bakugo and Deku finally acting like equals in a fight, which would be thrilling to watch and read.
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villainsandvictimsalliance · 15 hours ago
What are your thoughts about Tenko and Tomura in this battle, like when Tomura burst out talking about Tomo-chan and Mikkun? Do you think there will be any more outbursts like that?
For sure.
Since the moment Tomura got hid memories back, he's been acting more and more based on them. If before we saw Tomura and Tenko as two different persons, I think they're now mixing back together, which make them so more solid in terms of personality. It is definitely a bad thing for AFO, because he gained control over Tomura the minute the kid forgot about his family.
I think what we're seeing with Tomura and Tenko is exactly the reason why Deku will be able to reach him and separate him from AFO. Both Deku and Tomura-Tenko need each other to defeat AFO.
I genuinely loved to see Tenko responding that he has/had friends. Specially because he answered Mirio, who is one of the closest to Deku characters in terms similar buildings. "You are like that because you don't have friends". I loved it because once more it shows how little most heroes know about Tomura and Tenko, how wrong they are. They assume a lot of things and yes, they are logical, but only Deku understand a little of what Tomura and Tenko has really faced, so once more it shows why Deku and no one else could save Tomura ane Tenko.
I expect to see more and more of Tenko ane Tomura, in opposition to AFO. So far he has named his friends and Mon-chan, so I'm kind expecting to see him talking about his family. Hana, Nao, Kotaro, his grandparents... I wonder how it'll go, eventually. I'm excited for it.
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villainsandvictimsalliance · 15 hours ago
What do you think about what happened in 362? Any theories?
I actually do!
The first thing I need to say it's that I'm really happy Bakugo joined the fight against Shiggy-AFO, because I wanted him to fight along with Deku. Bakugo after all is like a second protagonist in bnha. He has shared the road with Deku right since the beginning, so every time one of them changes or grows, the other does to. It wouldn't be a real end without them both risking their absolute everything to win.
If you guys remember, I also predicted Bakugo joining the fight because originally, Horikoshi had planned the end of Heroes Rising to be the end of bnha. For those who don't know or don't remember, in Heroes Rising Bakugo and Deku share OFA in the final fight to defeat the enemy together. They were also in a precarious situation, with both their lives hanging by a thread.
So what's my theory about bnha 362?
Bakugo in this fight reminded me a lot of the fight of Rock Lee and Gaara lol. The whole fighting while still unconscious, the way he moved, the whole destroying himself in an attempt to win... But what caught my attention was the constant use of sparks or little lights. I know it represents Bakugo's quirk, but if you put it together with the fact he was seeing All Might as he appears in his vestige mode, and if you put it along with the comparison between Bakugo and the second vestige...
I think somehow Bakugo is gonna get saved by OFA. Maybe not in the way we could expect, but I'm confident this is not the end for Bakugo.
In bnha, death is also synonymous to redemption or change. For example, Tenko and Tomura, Touya and Dabi, Shirakumo and Kurogiri, Endeavor and Young Enji... If a character has been somehow wrong or bad before, or if a character has suffered and been beaten up by life, a near death experience could be the switch between an old version and a new one. It also applies to return to the old version: Shirakumo awakening inside Kurogiri, Dabi going back to Touya, Tenko awakening inside Tomura once AFO possessed him...
Normally, the people who die in bnha are on their most definitive version. I don't think that's the case with Bakugo. His story with Deku is not over yet. Also, not many main characters die in bnha (or maybe not main character has ever die in bnha?).
My point is: Horikoshi is building up the final fight correctly. There's tension, readers are scared or tense, things are bad and getting even worst. We need the greatest conflict yet in other to solve it with the best resolution. This is what iw going to turn the UA kids into legends, into the best heroes in the world.
And even if OFA doesn't play a part in saving Bakugo (improbable, but okay), there are many other solutions. His heart stopped, and what? There's still time and chances. It's okay if many characters are losing hope, that's a gopd narrative. The question is: whst glorious tactic is ahead of this? What amazing action awaits for us?
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villainsandvictimsalliance · 16 hours ago
So there's actually a lot to talk about, since I've missed a bunch of leaks and comments.
Go hit my asks to tell me what I should talk about first!
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villainsandvictimsalliance · 16 hours ago
After a loooong while
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The thing is that todoroki family (minus dabi) don't want endeavor dead. They hate him for what he did but they don't pray for him to get his ass whooped on war. So it kinda annoys me how some fans make todorokis out of character by making it seem like Shoto actually would want his dad to die and that would have a positive effect on others. And it sucks because from what I've seen a lot of people in fandom think that shoto and his fam (minus dabi) want endeavor dead and would team up with dabi to kill enji. Like I like shoto so it's baffling when everyone misunderstands him and draws art and comics with their OC shoto so people who see that art think it is how shoto is.
Speaking facts, I see.
Yes, most people prefer their versions of the Todorokis before the canon, which is nice and everything until they have to analyze the manga.
You can have your version of the story in fanfics and fanarts, in aus and other creations, but when it comes to reading the manga and analyzing it, you have to recognize the core of the characters. For example, I'm a shigadabi shipper, but I recognize that the pairing doesn't belong in the canon, that Dabi and Tomura have little to none interest in romantic love in the canon and that there's no real thing for such a pairing there.
But going back to what interests us:
You're absolutely right, Touya is the only Todoroki who wants Enji dead. The rest of the Todorokis either want Enji away but not dead (Natsuo), want a sort of relationship with him (Fuyumi) or doesn't even know what they want but they are sure they don't want to see their father brutally dying (Shoto).
I love new interpretations of characters, so them being OC is not a real problem to me, but yeah, pretending the Todorokis would just support Dabi on his murdering era and try to kill Enji... Totally coming from the fandom interpretation, but it doesn't belong in the canon.
Finding a correct representations of the Todorokis is hard, because some people project too much and ends up shaping the characters after them, the real core of the character forgotten. I can understand the frustration of seeing such thing.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Bnha 359 got me like:
Tumblr media
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Calling people immature for wishing death on Endeavor seems a bit - like, it's fairly obvious why most people would want Endeavor dead and its very likely some of them were in Dabi, Shouto, Fuyumi, Rei or Natsuo's position before. Some of those people may be saying that from a place of anger, pain and trauma and if that anon doesn't understand that, they don't deserve to be reading something as complicated as BNHA 👁👁👀
I wouldn't go as far as to say someone shouldn't be reading bnha, but calling people immature for nor sharing your point of view it's certainly a mistake, especially when it comes to fiction.
I think it's wonderful when you learn through art that the world is bigger than you and your beliefs. Not everyone thinks like us, not everyone will interact with a piece of fiction like we do, not everyone sees life how we see it. It's only natural.
It's very important to allow people to learn all these things through art. Now anon knows that calling people immature for wanting Endeavor dead is not fair, neither a good take. That doesn't mean anon is completely incapable of understanding the other aspects of bnha.
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Really normal about this fictional character
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you think tomura knows how to floss
Floss as in...? I'm not familiar with the term :(
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Wow, that anon giving you flack for being busy and not answering asks to their every desire sounds like a real nag!
It didn't sit well with me, being honest. But it happens, many anons don't understand certain boundaries and how they work.
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Guys 🙂 the university I study in is about to close my career, because we don't have enough students to give them enough money 🙃
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