«I came out of the fog; a sleepy-eyed kid»

Characters and their stories are my biggest passion; so I love drawing them and writing their tales. This is my art blog! || my current obsession: PEAKY BLINDERS || VioletFolgi - Instagram secondary blog: miss fahrenheit

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violetfolgi·4 days agoAnswer

ahhh you guys THANK YOUUUU!! I’m so emotional right now 🤧💜

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violetfolgi·4 days agoAnswer

THANK YOUU!! I appreciate this so much, thanks for all your support 😭💜

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violetfolgi·6 days agoText
art by Viria
Billy Elliot: The Musical !!
baby it's time to think!
my room; couldn't love it more
my art :)
my art :)
my art :)
my art :)

I was tagged by the lovelies @tinypinetrees and @weeo to describe myself using 10 photos that I already owned, (no downloading or taking new ones!) and then tag 10 other people!

First, Leo Valdez, art by: @viria . We also have a Billy Elliot: The Musical cheerful photo, two “peaky moods” lol, some of my art, and two photos of mine; my beloved room/bookcase & how my homework place looked a couple days ago! I’m really happy with how this turned out, at first I thought it was going to be really sad and gloomy, but at the end I just realized I’m more optimistic than that? lol. anyway.

So I’m tagging:

@those-peakyboys @peakystitches @mafaldaz @twistedrunes @myplaceofheavenorhell @aranoburns @andtherewerefireworks @iamnmbr3 @wxderlxst @thepeakygirl have fun!!

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violetfolgi·10 days agoText

Bleached and Brittle…

Inspired on Chapter 11’s last paragraph from the marvelous ficThis Bed of Shattered Boneby @deadendtracks (beware; text from the fic that may be considered to have spoilers below!):

As if his knees had gone on strike, Tommy folded slowly to the floor and sat there slumped against the balcony door, drawn back into himself. Didn’t look much like a living thing right then, bleached and brittle as driftwood, but that was the nature of resurrection, wasn’t it. The only promise it delivered was the relentless endurance of the engine that animated your battered carcass, whether you welcomed it or not.”

– “This Bed of Shattered Bone” by @deadendtracks

If you haven’t read it yet, then you should really give it try! Be mindful of the tags, but other than that, this fic will blow your mind with its brilliant writing, subtle metaphors, an amazing Alfie characterization, and a very interesting look into Tommy Shelby’s mystery of a person.

“A journey through the afterlife, otherwise known as Margate.”

-as the author puts it.

You can find it here on AO3!! ↓↓↓

Show Chapter | Archive of Our Own

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violetfolgi·11 days agoText

an ordinary day with the:

· Shelby Family ·


We’re sorry, Aunt Pol…


* elbow to Tommy’s ribs *

Yeah, sorry…

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violetfolgi·14 days agoText

Before the War: Tommy Shelby & Freddie Thorne.

please tell me I’m not the only one who is interested on knowing more about their relationship before war…

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violetfolgi·15 days agoText

Tommy Shelby & TØP

‘‘Gangsters don’t cry
Therefore, therefore I’m
Mr. Misty-eyed, therefore I’m…


Can you save—? Can you save my—?
Can you save my heavydirtysoul?
For me, for me…!’’

—heavydirtysoul, by tøp

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violetfolgi·20 days agoText

Tommy Doodles! (Part 1)

my young Tommy Shelby headcanons I always consider when drawing him:

  • he always wears a neat shirt tucked into his black trousers and suspenders (I love suspenders).
  • he’s got the same haircut as older Tommy though a bit longer, meaning, he has curls! we do see s5 Tommy with little longer locks that curl at the end (which I adored!!) (which is why I said fuck it to cillian’s really lovely straight hair and gave young tommy curls)
  • am i the only one who loves curly hair tommy?? pls tell me no??
  • the eyelids!! the sleepy-eyed kid, he is
  • foggy eyes, for some reason.
  • the sharp jaw, sharp cheekbones, his very angular features, chin… everything but the nose. the nose, round and cute and kind of at odds with the rest of his face.
  • the hollowed eyes, hugged by the eyebrows, long and thin.
  • and let’s not forget the bags under his eyes. critical.
  • plump lower lip and very defined upper one?
  • almost constant furrowed brow
  • also, he is very short
  • he hates it, really, but somehow still manages to look down at everyone (literally) from below
  • he keeps waiting for a growth spurt that will make him taller than John, his fucking kid brother but, as we see, that never really happens.
  • Tommy Shelby stays quite short
  • and now i’m rambling…
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violetfolgi·a month agoText

Tag Game!!

I was tagged by @weeo to make a list of 5 male characters I love. Thanks so much for the tag :D !! Did some digital sketchs for my two favorite ones, and little doodles for the other three. Hope you like them!!

  • Tommy Shelby – Peaky Blinders.
  • Remus Lupin – Harry Potter (Marauders Era).
  • Newt Scamander – Fantastic Beasts.
  • Leo Valdez – Heroes of Olympus
  • Percy Jackson – Percy Jackson & The Olympians.


(becuase I’m weak and I just couldn’t leave these two out!)

  • Sherlock Holmes – Sherlock Holmes: Series & Books.
  • Billy Elliot – Billy Elliot: The Movie & The Musical
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violetfolgi·a month agoText

“I came out of the fog; a sleepy-eyed kid.”

The Ballad of Tommy Shelby.




Did this one in December, 2019, highly inspired by The Ballad of Tommy Shelby, a text-poem written by Steven Knight, and narrated by our dear Cillian Murphy. You should really listen to it, if you haven’t already! You can find it here, along with The Gospel of Alfie Solomons (read by Tom Hardy; it’s crazy good as well!):

Peaky Blinders - Coming Soon

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violetfolgi·a month agoText
Where secrets lie in the border fires,
In the humming wires,
Man, you know
You’re never coming back…
  • .red right hand. >
On a gathering storm comes
A tall handsome man…
In a dusty black coat,
With a red right hand…!

—"Red Right Hand", covered by PJ Harvey.

if you want to see the WIP of this drawing, you can find it here:

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violetfolgi·a month agoText

WWI Thomas Shelby.

I did this drawing for the 2019 InkTober prompt “Pattern”; becuase there’s a pattern in the voices that he hears, crawling up from the shadows. And it’s that they’re all dead.


Also, this was highly inspired by @veneredirimmel ’s mind-blowing fic:

Spit Blood, with Blue Steely Grey

by Veneredirimmel (Smilla) on AO3.

if any of you want to read it (which I suggest you do! it’s a great Tommy Shelby character study in some way but also gives so many rich clue moments from his childhood and time at war, and it’s just– brilliant!) you can find it here:

Spit Blood, with Blue Steely Grey - Veneredirimmel (Smilla) - Peaky Blinders (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

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violetfolgi·a month agoText

Tommy Shelby.

so this was a drawing I made for the 2019 InkTober prompt “Enchanted”, because Tommy Shelby has me enchanted! (but really, I just wanted to draw him lol)

I’ll start posting loads of Tommy & Peaky drawings and sketchs from now on and I’m so excited to finally be sharing all of them!!

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