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wallstermelon·28 minutes agoAnswer

The fact that people feel the need to defend Louis from people thinking he’s not straight like it’s an insult....is mind blowing. Like maybe they need to defend Louis from Louis then bc he’s the one keeps dropping hints. In the words of the great Lil Nas “deadass thought I made it obvious”

idk like on one hand there’s “i don’t want to speculate on louis’ sexuality” which fair enough but then there’s 14 year olds talking about louis nutting inside a lady and him hating harry for larry and building a “defence squad” which 🥴 what

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wallstermelon·2 hours agoAnswer

hello your blouies secret santa here🎅 so bear with me for 25 days but i promise i’ll try to gift you with the loveliest messages as many as i can!

so how’s your day? hope you’re doing very very fine because every blouies deserves to have a relaxing day and feel amazing all the time. wishing that all the blff fics have been keeping you contented and blissful ^^

before i go and come again tomorrow, (hopefully will sound less annoying than today), i just want to say that i am very grateful to have you as one of my mutuals because you are undeniably a very calm and collected person, very smart and funny and you deserve only the best in everything! (no cap)

this is sad but i have to go, see you tomorrow!

**today’s additional gifts : 3 hugs and 2 kisses 💕

ahhhhh hii !!!!!! hello !!!!!!! omg hehe this is my first time ever signing up for a secret santa and im glad that i got one of my moots !! 😁💛 today was blueh lmao i got a D for one of my tests and i hv a 3 hour exam to study for tomorrow 😭 but at the same time i cba to study and i went and read mar’s DJ harry fic and loved it hehe. judging by what time you sent this to me im guessing~~ that you’re on the western side of the world so i hope december will be kind to you and that you have an amazing day today !!, its already 8pm for me so im abt to go hv dinner 😔🤚 see ya tomorrow 💞

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wallstermelon·2 hours agoAnswer

het Louie defence squad is a combo of 1. Minors who worship a child and/or “influencer” 2. Straight up homophobes who claim not to be but then get angry if you make jokes about louies all being gay and 3. Solo harries who will be nasty about Louis every single day but then “defend” him from people who think he’s not straight

im literally so …. 😦…. like i came across this tweet thread and ??? theres ppl leaving fancams of lou and elk ?? with the caption like “hes straight deal with it” or sumn like that ?? and they keep saying weird shit like “louis fucked a pussy and came in it deal with it” or “i hope louis and eleanor’s sex tape gets leaked” ???????? and they were 99% of the time minors (like… 13/14 year olds) ?? wHAT dkjnkdf

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wallstermelon·4 hours agoText

lgbt stands for louis gay boy tomlinson actually

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good morning the largest virus is half the size of the smallest animal

smallest known animals are parasitic relatives of jellyfish and coral called myxozoans, they can be as small as 8.5µm across


largest known virus, Megaklothovirus, infects chaetognaths (aka arrow worms, though no one calls them that) and can get up to 4µm long 


while we are at it the largest known bacterium is Thiomargarita, which can get up to 750µm (0.75mm) across, shown here next to a fruit fly


btw the biggest single-celled organisms are deep-sea eukaryotes called xenophyophores. they look like this and are up to 20cm across

& also theyre highly radioactive.

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wallstermelon·9 hours agoText

did i just watch billie eilish spank her tits on her ig story …. am i … intruding omg i’m looking away

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wallstermelon·9 hours agoText


tangled au snippet

by request from a tumblr anon - hope you see this and enjoy!

Pascal squeaks and Louis freezes, still holding the pan out in front of him protectively while his heart leaps to his throat. Shoulders raised nervously, he waits. 

However, his hit must’ve been pretty strong because a minute goes by and the man doesn’t stir. His lips are parted, eyes shut and muscles slack where he lays with his front pressed to the rug Louis’ mother brought back from the Devil’s Market years ago. 

Gathering his courage, Louis takes a step forward, raising the pan higher as his heart thunders in his ears. 

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wallstermelon·11 hours agoText

i got a D on one of my tests lol

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wallstermelon·12 hours agoPhoto


When Our Worlds They Fall Apart

Harry put his hand over his heart as if Louis had wounded him. “You’re so harsh, my liege! Perhaps you need to relieve some tension…” He let his voice trail off suggestively.

“The day I ask YOU to relieve tension is the day I lose all my wits and join the Imperials,” Louis said. “It will never happen”

Written for the Bottom Louis Fic Fest 2020- Prompt 325: Star Wars AU with Harry as Han Solo and Louis as Leia.

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