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waves--6821·2 months agoText

Ardent ~ A.N.

- gif not mine

I hope you guys enjoyed this series so far. It took me months to be able to finish writing and finalizing everything. I really think, writing wise, this is my best written fic without revising after it is published. I am taking a break from continuing the story, but please come back whenever I finally update or let you know when I begin writing again. I currently revising and updating some of my other stories on here, so feel free to check them out (even though some of them are bad).

I have other accounts on Quotev, and Wattpad. I’ve also just started publishing Ardent on my new Webnovel account under my same name. I hope you guys enjoyed the story once again, and hope you come back for future updates.

P.S : The picture is the other cover for Ardent I made, the original was made specifically to fit so that’s the one I used for this site. I also have on like ‘deleted scene’ I kept from the story because personally it didn’t fit . I’ll post it if any of you want to read it.

- If you ever want to be apart of my Ardent tag list, or any other tag list let me know.

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waves--6821·2 months agoText

- no real warnings except some fluff..

- gif belongs to original creator, not me..


Bright lights are the first thing seen above her, blinding her sensitive eyes as her body softly moved. Her bones, joints, and brain aching from disuse. She grunts, hearing soft noises in the background as her eyes blink to adjust.

“Curve ball, high and outside for ball one. So the Dodgers are tied, 4-4. And the crowd well knows that with one swing of his bat, this fellow’s capable of making it a brand-new game again. Just an absolutely gorgeous day here at Ebbets Field. The Phillies have managed to tie up at 4-4. But the Dodgers have three men on. Pearson beaned Reiser in Philadelphia last month. Wouldn’t the youngster like a hit here to return the favour? Pete leans in. Here’s the pitch. Swung on. A line to the right. And it gets past Rizzo. Three runs will score. Reiser heads to third. Durocher’s going to wave him in. Here comes the relay, but they won’t get him.”

She grunts as she finally decides to move, letting her muscles contract and release as she sits up in a plain twin bed, the sheets a stiff cotton and the blanket a soft beige colour. Her mind feeling the baseball game on the radio was familiar, letting it go as she pushed to stand. Her legs wobble as she stumbles to touch a wall, her eyes seeing two windows covered with a thin curtain to block sunlight.

“Ms. Grant! You’re awake. You need to lay back, you’re very sick ma’am.” A woman dressed as a nurse says, her light hair softly tucked into her hat.

“Where am I?” She grumbles out, her voice rough as she turns and goes to take a drink of water that was next to the bed on an end table. Her eyes finally noticing her medical dress, making her pause before looking back.

“The Dodgers take the lead, 8-4. Oh, Dodgers! Everyone is on their feet. What a game we have here today, folks. What a game indeed.” 

“Ms. Grant? Please, you need to calm and lay back down.” The nurse says, watching her glance back to the small radio set on a dresser next to the nurse.

“Louise.” She mumbles out her name, glancing back to the radio as the nurse stood more tense than before.

“Where am I?” Louise asks again, her body now moving swiftly as she took a step to the radio next to the nurse. She switches it off softly glancing to the woman with no emotion, connecting their eyes.

“A hospital in New York City.” The nurse responds almost robotically, as Louise’s mind already invaded her brain without much effort.

“The game, it’s from May, nineteen forty one. I was there, I saw the winning hit.” Louise speaks up looking at herself in a mirror. Staring at her brunette shoulder length hair, her smooth skin; her hands fumbly tear the side of the medical dress. Finding the scar from her energy gunshot wrapped in gauze, a soft red spot leaking through it.

“Open the door.” Louise commands, and the nurse opens it showcasing the modern exterior of the room. The nurse moves to sit on the bed, being released from command as Louise leaves. Men ran towards her, their guns raised high as they were dressed in black and stopped many feet before her.

“Stop, ma’am.” A man yells with his helmet on, Louise’s influence spreading to each man as she spoke.

“Who do you work for?” 

“S.H.I.E.L.D.” The man says and their guns lower as Louise nods and passes them. She stops before one, checking his brown trousers and grey and white jacket.

“Give me your jacket and pants.” She orders and the man, the other guards touring their back along with the now half naked one. She changed into the pants and the jacket, letting the men free and forgetful as she left. Leaving the building she was hidden in, freezing as she exited and heard car horns screech, bright signs hanging around her showcasing videos and vibrant pictures absurdly different from what she was used to.

Louise walked freely, her feet bare as she walked across a sidewalk, her head turned up and staring at the signs. Many people bypass her, slowing as they watched her walk quietly along. She disappears among the crowd, going to places she knows by heart through New York, quickly picking information from signs as she walks peacefully. 

Hours and hours surpass, her body finally freezing before an abandoned building in Brooklyn. She sits at a wooden bench before it, just staring at its emptiness and down. Her hands are folded across her lap, just staring, slight thoughts fill her mind as her hand absentmindedly reaches beneath her shirt to grab her dog tags, rather Bucky’s.

The tags jingle as she pulls them out and stares down at the name. Running her finger over his  rusted name, his numbers. Louise’s feet quickly move to make her stand, her body moving to the closed door of the building. She takes a step close to the door, her hand jerking the handle to open. A cracking sound alerts her to the door breaking through old wood as it opens slowly.

She takes soft steps into the old, musty room, memories filling her mind in reminiscence.

‘Luisa’ Louise hears her mother shout from the kitchen, her head looking up from the opened counter surface in the bakery display.

‘Luisa, hai fatto fiori??’ (Luisa,did you make flowers?) Her mother asks, staring at her from the back.

‘Yes, mamma.’ She replies as she piped a final petal on a specialty cake for one of her mother’s co-workers. Her mother moves near her, seeing her beautiful display of flowers along to the top of the cake.

‘È perfetto, il mio fiore.’ (It’s perfect, my flower.)

Louise smiles at the memory, stepping to a small box in the large empty dark building. She kneels down, grabbing the first thing sticking out. She pulls back a dusty picture frame, blowing lightly to clear a layer of dust off. She smiles widely as she sees the aged photo; her father holding her 3 year old self upon his shoulder, her mother hugging his side as they stood before the bakery at it’s opening. She sets the frame to the side next to her, her hand grabbing another one that was smaller.

Her hands wipe the dust off this time, pausing at the photo inside it. Her smile widens before a few tears fall down her cheeks.

‘Bucky. You need to look at the camera.’ Louise’s father yells, trying to get a photo of the Golden Trio’s last carnival celebration for the summer. Steve stands next to Bucky on his right, smiling and laughing at Bucky’s excuses. Louise next to him on his left wearing a light blue dress with a smile from laughing.

‘Okay, last one.’ Her father yells as the photographer readies his camera and goes to take the picture. Bucky had his arms around each of their shoulders, his head once again turned to look as Louise next to him. Steve smiles at the camera as Louise shares a glimpse with Bucky, as the camera takes its picture.’

Footsteps sound next to her, causing her to tense till she feels a familiar presence behind her. Louise rises to a stand, turning softly as she looks back.

“Steve?” She says, seeing her best friend in perfect health in a white shirt and khaki pants. She quickly steps from the bench, jogging near Steve as he takes steps near her. Their arms barely reach each other before they both cling to one another. She holds him tightly, keeping her emotions intact as she immersed herself into him, his smell, the feeling of their bonds.

Steve pulls back after a minute, brushing her hair from her face so he could see her. He leans in and kisses her forehead once before leaning back slightly and speaking.

“You scared me for a second.” Steve speaks up, his feelings evident in his voice and his eyes that were tired and saddened.

“Same here, Steven.” She jokes with a smile, making her ache as it’s been a long time since she’d last done it. Steve glances to the frame in her hand, lifting it to see the photo of them.

“He wouldn’t stop looking at you that day.” Steve murmurs, making Louise chuckle as her tears dried and she wiped her eyes.

“It seems your adjustment was rather quick, Miss Grant.” A voice says behind them, and she calms her mind to control and turns from Steve.

“It was.” She responds as she sees the dark skinned man standing a few feet away in all black with a long black coat and eye patch on his left side.

“You’ve been asleep for about seventy years, Miss Grant. Along with you companion Mr. Rogers, who awoke just days ago.”

“Who are you and what year is it?” Lousie plays along, feeling Steve hold her hand in assurance as the man spoke.

“Name’s Nick Fury, the year is 2011.” Fury says and Louise tenses, feeling something unknown fill her mind and thoughts with doubt. She glances to Steve with his own eyes giving her a look of agreement as they look back at Fury in uncertainty and hesitancy.

‘We need to sedate her deeper, doctor.’ A muffle male voice says near Louise, her body immoble, and her eyes shut.

‘She’s calm enough, man. Keep it together. We’re on a tight schedule. We must finish her swipe before having to return her. Now hand me the syringe, we need to hurry.’ Louise lays silent, her body calm before pain takes over her senses, overwhelming her in fear.

Louise shoots up on the couch she laid in, her head shooting around to find something. Her hands twist on a lamp light, giving the darkness of an office it’s light. She sighs, shaking of her dreariness and going to stand. She moves to look around, seeing that she is still at a gym.

Grunts fill the air as she takes a step out the door to the small office. Her head perks up to see Steve knocking and destroying another punching bag.

“Trouble sleeping?” She hears a voice speak up, seeing Nick Fury once again holding a file. His eye looked towards Louise then back to Steve who did the same. Louise took a few steps to meet them halfway, Steve grabbing another punching bag and hanging it up, as she neared him.

“You’re here with a mission, sir?” Steve speaks up as Louise intended to listen.

“I am.” Fury responds and hands the file to Louise.

“Trying to get us back in the world?” Steve continues, glancing at Louise and the file.

“Trying to save it.” Fury adds with his arm at his back, Louise reads a few lines before looking back up to him.

“Stark, huh?” Louise finally speaks, reading the file for an operation, a team, the Avengers.


- I hope you enjoyed this series, this is only the first technical movie of the series. Let me know what you thought of it, and any feedback is great.

- Quotev account

- Wattpad account 

- @knivesoutcivilwar

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waves--6821·2 months agoText

- warnings: fighting, blood descriptions

- gif is not mine


Louise sprints forward, dashing past soldiers who part to let her pass from her mental control, lingering only for seconds before moving onto the next soldier in her way. Her movements are swift and quick as she catches up slightly to the giant aircraft Schmidt sped down the runway in. Steve gets held back by kicking two men out of his way before running faster to catch a chain to jump over crates and land closer to the runway.

Louise dodges the propellers that accelerate faster as the plane, the Valkyrie, speeds closer to the opening hatch. She jumps as the ladder to the plane slowly rises to the hatch that was left open by Schmidt. Wind blazes past her, making her grip harden as she struggles to stay attached. Her eyes catch the speeding car that raced to reach the plane before it’s takeoff.

The car boosts into a faster speed, her eyes catching Steve’s movements in his Captain America suit. Gazing as Peggy stops him and kisses before catching a look from Colonel Phillips who spoke muddled words. Louise smiled slightly at the tender moment before taking action and lowering to catch Steve who saw her dangling close to the speeding ground.

Steve signals for her to climb in, making her stop before she pushed up and entered the plane.

Her body jumps as she feels the aircraft take flight, the loud sounds of the tires lifting and shutting into the plane. She hears grunts louden from the back of the plane, her hiding spot above the entrance she came in. 

Louise jumps down softly, keeping silence as she hears the sound of air being sucked out appear as well. She rolls her eyes, knowing she should keep hidden and attack but goes against it and runs into the takeoff dock of sorts. She sees Steve jump onto a small aircraft, her eyes identifying the words “New York” near the nose of it as another H.Y.D.R.A. soldier jumps on Steve and the small ship falls from the dock.

“Shit!” She yells, catching the attention of two already beaten soldiers who stumble to a stand. Louise flips forward a few times, reaching the two guards and kicking them down towards the open hatch. One free falls through it into the open sky, the second clinging on to fight back but screams as it falls out from a crash into the back of the ship, causing Louise to do the same as she flies across the area and slams into a metal column from the impact. She grunts in pain as her side aches, holding it with her left hand as she tries to grab the gun she lost once again a few feet in front of her.

Louise freezes as boots stand before her, her mind moving to take control as she feels a gun press against her temple.

“I’d stop your concentration here, fraulein.” She hears Schmidt say, her eyes raising up to see his red face, or rather muscular structure that was beneath his skin. She pauses as the gun moves, not noticing as he pointed it at her abdomen and shot through her back. She grunts loudly, feelling blood pool and begins to drip down to the ground. The pain excruciating as she feels the burn from the energy increase as she lays on the ground, coughing up some blood.

“Now he’ll be distracted.” Schmidt mutters as he steps away back to the piloting area, as Louise lays in pain, helpless for the first time in awhile.

Steve fights off Schmidt, trying to keep him from completing his mission, his mind moving sometimes to Louise and her location, which causes him to slack a few times. Louise groans as she had flipped onto her back, tearing the torso half of her suit off. Her light blue tank top she wore under it, covered in blood in the lower half. 

Her hands quickly move at her side to tear off the sleeves of her suit, tying the ripped sleeves to wrap around her stomach, putting pressure on her wounds and soaking up the blood. She pushes to a crawl before gripping a bar and lifting herself to stand. She pushes through her pain, rubbing her blood from her hands onto the walls as she rushes down a close corridor into the pilot’s area.

Louise sees Schmidt shooting at Steve to her right, her eyes lowering to Steve’s shield on the ground as she crumbles down onto the platform she stood on. Making Steve shout and make a run for it.

“Not my future!” Steve yells as he jumps across and rolls down to the bottom level and grabs his shield, deflecting an energy shot before swinging back and launching his shield at Schmidt, knocking him back into the energy reactor in the middle of the area.

“What have you done?” Schmidt, Red Skull, yells out, as streams and clusters of blue hued energy erupt from the broken reactor.

Louise lays flat on the ground, her right arm hanging down the stairs of the platform towards Steve and Schmidt. She lets her mind free, reaching out to Schmidt to take control. Her mind bypassing his restraint to have complete sentient control. She controls Schmidt as if she’s seeing through his eyes, making him grab the Tesseract.

The Tesseract bightens, more streams of energy flying through the air as a cluster explodes, opening a portal to space, showcasing stars and a galaxy in full view. The energy streams heavily, eating away at Schmidt’s entire hand before moving across his body.

“No!” He shouts, as a stream expands, taking over Schmidt’s body as he screams, breaking Louise’s focus to keep him locked with the stream. The energy brightens, making the super duo cover their eyes as the stream shoots out into space, disappearing into the portal as it closes and the Tesseract falls to the ground.

Steve glances around watching the Tesseract quickly melt through grates and through the metal of the plane till it melted the last layer and fell through the sky. He turns back to see Louise leaning against the stairs, holding her bloodied waist.

“Hey!” Steve yells to her, falling to his knees as he grabs her hand and pushes on her wound.

“Lou! Look at me.” He tries, as she lazily glances around with no focus.

“Louise.” He pushes and grabs her face, her blood smearing onto her cheeks as Steve makes her look.

“I’m healing, Steve. Go fix the controls, before it’s too late. Go.” Louise urges as Steve lays her back onto the platform, moving to the pilot’s seat and turning back to face the controls. Louise knows her wound is moving to slow, her blood pooling around her as her body tried to replenish just as fast. Her ears pick up some of Steve’s words, her head lolling as he tries to stay conscious.

“Come in. This is Captain Rogers.” She hears Steve say, missing words that became muddles.

“Steve, is that you?” She hears a lighter, more feminine voice, Peggy.

“Schmidt’s dead. Louise is hurt badly, I have nothing to help her!” She hears Steve speak again, not seeing his head glance back.

“What about the plane?” Peggy’s voice responds through the radio system.

“A safe landing site…” Louise misses many words, her eyes blinking slowly as her head felt light.

“There’s not going to be a safe landing. There’s not enough time. This thing’s moving… heading for New York.” Steve pauses, watching from the large windows in front of him, he sees his location and his distance from New York.

“I gotta put her in the water.” Steve states, jumping to stand and jogging to Louise who was just seconds from becoming unconscious.

“Please, don’t do this.” He hears Peggy say as he lifts Louise’s head to check her pulse. His body trembles, no longer feeling a pulse as Louise’s eyes closed. Her body’s enhanced heat leaving quickly as Steve felt her life leave. He lays Louise back holding his emotions back as he grabs wires, tying Louise down so she’ll stay on the platform as he goes back to the pilot seat and readies himself.

“She’s gone.” Steve says almost silently, Peggy on her side letting tears fall as she knows what is happening.

“Right now I’m in the middle of nowhere. If I wait any longer a lot of people are gonna die.” Steve responds to Peggy and a bit of silence, figuring out the controls.

“I want a rain check on that dance. Alright. A week, next Saturday.” Peggy pushes trying to figure out something as Steve nodded agreeing as tears began to slide down his cheek, his mask long gone as he tore it off before Louise–.

“You got it.” Steve replies, setting the controls fly down straight towards the water, icebergs and plains coming into view. 

“Eight o’clock on the dot. Don’t you dare be late.”

“You know, I still don’t know how to dance.

“I’ll teach you how.” 

“We’ll have the band play something’ slow.” Words go amiss as he nears the sight, remembering visions, scenes, moments with his friends.

Steve stands before Bucky and Louise, both young once again, all of them together laughing and smiling. Bucky stared at Louise with such admiration, watching her laugh, imprinting the moment in his memory forever.

Steve smiles to the thought, speaking once again as he neared his crash site.

“I’d hate to step on your…”

The plane crashes, scraping, tearing, and slamming into the ice, separating pieces and scattering them far and wide. The thick ice beneath the front of the plane collapsed, swallowing the wreckage into the icy water, filling every crack and crevice. The back half shifts, snapping from the front as it sinks down cracking the large ice into an iceberg, causing the last broken piece of the plane to separate across the water. The ice itself migrated from the wind, traveling slowly for miles and miles before crashing into another ice berg, causing the ship to snap through the ice and sink into the frozen water depths, far away from its original wreckage.


- Let me know if you wanna be tagged..

- @knivesoutcivilwar

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waves--6821·2 months agoText

- no warnings, i think..

-gif not mine


Louise walks silently through the halls of the H.Y.D.R.A. base, her movement in the shadows undetected as she took out over eight men before reaching the doors of the main lab and office. Her hands clutch a handgun, a blue glow shining from the barrel as she held one of H.Y.D.R.A.’s weapons. 

Louise keeps focus, feeling Steve’s presence and many more foriegn guards behind the large metal doors. She kneels against the door, her blonde hair hanging before her face as she closes her eyes to concentrate. She lets her mind unfurl, her power finding the closest presence to the door. Her mental state inducing the soldier to move to the door, commanding them through great focus and control to open the doors and follow her.

“Of course. But unfortunately I am on a tight schedule.” Louise hears Schimdt say as she sees behind a few guards, Steve on his knees with a gun to his head from Schimdt. The soldier she controlled for a few seconds, fell to the ground softly in fear, freezing his movements from a mental state placed by Louise.

The sound of the zip lines stabbing into the earth of the mountain outside the windows, catches most of the soldiers attention. The Commandos sped across the line to attack, as Steve spoke and kicked Schimdt back. Glass shatters and gunfire rains out as the Commandos landed, Louise firing inside at the soldiers as Steve got back up. She dodges Scmidt’s shot, letting Steve run after him as she bids the Commandos off and chases after them.

Loud rumbles sound through the compound, the mountain shook heavily as Colonel Phillip’s exterior forces bomb the entrance to enter. Louise keeps a slow sprint, having to slow to fight off guards that appeared after Steve ran by.

She kicked one of the three guards, her foot taking out the first soldier’s gun. Her left hand grabs the second one’s black helmet, entering the person’s mind without heavy concentration. The second guard tenses and turns to the third, shooting their gun at the third and the first across from it. Both soldiers turn into dust in a blue electrical hue, and she pulls back triggering the third soldier to collapse from her mental force.

Louise skips back, grabbing a dropped hand gun filled with the blue energy from the blue energy source, and continues down a metal hallway. Hearing gunfire and the firing hum of the energy powered weapons all around; Louise sprinted faster to catch Steve. She flips and dodges another group of H.Y.D.R.A. soldiers, throwing a smoke bomb from her boot at their feet to cloud and confuse them as she ran off.

Steve pauses halfway down a hall, reaching back slightly and launching his shield around the bend in the hall to catch up with Schmidt. The shield bounces off the right, then left side of the hall before slamming into the door frame around the curve and sticking. Steve takes off to catch up, freezing as a large H.Y.D.R.A. soldier steps up from an opening and shoots fire from guns attached to its arms.

Louise slid to the ground, fire erupting before her as she fell and slid across the ground from her momentum, Steve shouting her name as he jumped into a doorway. Her wig and stolen H.Y.D.R.A. jacket catches aflame as the man nears and she kicks the man’s legs out. Gunshots fire from behind the man, landing into the gas tank on the soldiers.

Louise flips back as the fire settles and the tank explodes, making her duck back as the soldier falls to the ground and Steve runs out. She tears free her wig and jacket, letting it fall onto the man as she shakes off any other flames.

“Lou-” Steve pauses as he sees her standing fine, her natural brunette hair showing, his eyes cast lower as his eyes catch a slight jingle on her chest plate.

“Are those Bucky’s?” Steve questions as the Allied soldiers and Peggy emerge from where they had attacked down another connecting hall. Louise glances up slightly grabbing the dog tags that hung over her dark combat suit.

“Yeah, I found them in my chest pocket. Bucky must’ve snuck them there when I looked away.” She lies, and picks up the gun she dropped when she fell, tucking the tags inside her suit before standing back up.

“It’s good to see you’re still agile as ever.” Steve tries to converse but moves onto Peggy as she steps up..

“You’re late.” He says as he approaches her closely, staring down at her. Louise glances to them, a slight smile on her lips as she remembers the feeling and moves to continue on.

“Weren’t you about to…”

“Right.” Steve responds to Peggy’s words as he sprints after Louise who ducked under his shield. He tears the shield from between the mechanical doors, running through the door as it closes behind him and they run to the flight hanger.


- Cap. America divider credit @writeyourmindaway​, I believe… Let me know if I’m wrong.

- Let me know if you wanna be tagged..

- @knivesoutcivilwar

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waves--6821·2 months agoText

- no warnings..

-gif not mine, and I just wanted to add a gif of the colonel…


Louise sat next to Steve in the military base, Peggy and the remaining Commandos sat with them to discuss the last H.Y.D.R.A. base.

“Johann Schmidt belongs in a bug house. He thinks he’s a God. He’s willing to blow up half the world to prove it, starting with the U.S.A.” Colonel Phillips says before a large map, showcasing missile target markings across the Atlantic Ocean and along the entire U.S.

“Schmidt’s working with powers beyond our capabilities. He gets across the Atlantic, he will wipe out the entire eastern seaboard in an hour.” Howard had said as he walked to the meeting table and sat down, informing them of the possible outcome of their mission.

“How much time we got?” Gabe asks, from next to Peggy.

“According to my new best friend, under twenty four hours.” The Colonel informs, and Jaques speaks up from the other side of the table.

“Where is he now?”

“H.Y.D.R.A.’s last base is here.” Colonel Phillips pauses, holding a photo up in his hand and pointing to it.

“In the Alps. Five hundred feet below the surface.” He responds and tosses the photo down to the table for the Commandos to see.

“So, what are we supposed to do? I mean, it’s not like we can just knock on the front door.” Jim says, being the one to pick the picture up, showcasing a high peak in the Alps.

“Why not?” Louise says out loud, many of them glancing at her, even many other officers away from the table looking.

“That’s exactly what we’re gonna do.” Steve adds on, catching her sight as they agree. Many people at the table glanced at them as they looked back with determination.


Military personnel scrambled out, listening to Colonel Phillips as he left the conference room. Some of the commandos stayed for a second, leaving once Steve stood and exited. Peggy being the next to stand, but she moves to the front to stare at a map.

“Needing any upgrades before you leave, 


Louise stood in her dark red combat suit, a gun attached to her waist, her knives holstered along her thighs, her boots holster a few small grenades at its side. She double checks her wares, zipping up the bulletproof jacket to cover her chest. Steve did the same, checking his suit as he readied to deploy out on his improved bike from Stark.

“So I’m going first, you stay on target with the others and wait for the mark.” Steve says to her, his back towards Louise as she stood before a mirror holding her wig.

“Whatever you say, Cap.” She responds, staring at the wig that would help conceal her identity. Her rampant thoughts jumbling up her focus; Steve turns his head after a second, never hearing her say that before.

“Louise.” He says, making her look back to him with a blank stare. 

“Are you all-”

“I’m fine, Steve. Just can’t decide if I want the wig.” She jokes, a fake cuckle leaving her lips as she stares back at herself in front of a mirror.

“Lou, if somethings-

“Steve, I’m okay. We have a mission and that’s what matters, let’s just focus on that.” She pursues, and Steve goes quiet, not knowing what to say as he understands her pain.

“Wig, then, Agent.” Steve responds to her, leaving the room they readied in. She shakes her head and slips the wig on, securing it with soft glue and grabbing her domino mask before exiting as well.


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- @knivesoutcivilwar

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waves--6821·2 months agoText

- warnings: dream sequence, haunting of sorts, mentions of alcohol

- not my gif


Louise stood in the bar alone, the same one from before, remembering her dance with Bucky. 


James. James.

Bucky stood in a dark blue suit, his coat opened to show a black vest and blue striped tie. His body leaning against the empty doorway, his light eyes watching Louise, her body swaying softly in a very light blue tea dress. He takes a few strides to meet her, her light eyes moving around aimlessly as he approaches.

“Doll?” She hears quietly behind her, Louise’s body turning to face Bucky. She gives him a wide unaltered smile, the same one she had given almost everyday of their lives. 

“James.” She responds and he takes a step towards her, her own eyes scanning over his suit and over his slicked back dark hair. 

“May I have this dance?” He asks, holding a hand out, that she instantly takes. He begins to sway them, holding her close as a song suddenly fills the empty air. Her head turns to find the sound playing in her ears, her mind quickly forgetting the thought and setting her head onto his shoulder.

‘I’ll be seeing you

In every lovely summer’s day

In every thing that’s light and gay

I’ll always think of you that way’

The music plays in the background, letting them savor each other’s touch, letting them sway in peace and comfort. She lets him, twirl her once, giggling at his smile and going back to swaying.

“I love you, Bucky. I always have.” She whispers, remembering she missed her chance to tell him earlier. He kisses her temple, taking a step back after a minute of bliss.

“Buck…” Louise speaks, her words soft as Bucky took a few steps back. The bar atmosphere disappearing as a black void surrounded them. He gives her a small smile before looking at the floorless ground. 

“I love y-” His screams fill her mind, his words, voice, disappearing as she watched him fall into a snowy pit right where he had stood. Hundreds of feet below her he lands, his being missing from sight as she had fallen to her knees. Tears having heavily fallen as she cried out his name at the edge of the void before the pit. She breaks down easily, feeling heartbreak and emptiness shroud her  as the void.


Louise lays atop a bar counter, rubble from war bombing being of what was once the last bar Steve, Peggy, the Commandos, Bucky…… were once in. The sky was a dull dark grey; burnt wooden beams were what was left of the roof, ash and dust covering everything, even some buildings near and far in the same situation. Her head aching from her slight recurring dream, a few things changing each time, but his death imminent in all.

Steve sat at a lone dusty table, a half empty bottle of bourbon on the table, a glass in his hand. Louise held her own bottle of whiskey, her right hand though hanging off the side as she laid back, her left arm covering her eyes. Her left sleeve hid the tears that could have fallen from her dream, keeping her cold composure in front of Steve.

A radio blurred the silence between the super soldier duo, a soft fuzzy voice filling the air with news of the city wide blackout in London. A crunching sound enters the air, catching the duo’s attention, though only Steve looks back to see Peggy.

“Dr. Erskine said that… the serum wouldn’t just affect my muscles, it would affect my cells. Create a protective system of regeneration and healing. Which means um…I can’t get drunk. Did you know that?” Steve speaks up as he poured himself another glass, Peggy entering the rubbled area to sit on an empty chair across from him.

“Both of your metabolisms burn four times faster than the average person. He thought it could be one of the side effects.” Peggy responds, glancing back at Louise who took a swig of her bottle before laying back down.

“It wasn’t your fault.” Peggy speaks after a second, referring to Bucky, to his death.

“Did you read the reports?” Steve retorts, only glancing up at her before back to his drink.


“Then you know that’s not true.” Steve adds on, and Louise can feel the guilt radiating from him that had tried to consume her thoughts. She groans quietly, feeling his emotions unfiltered and attacking her own emptiness.

“You did everything you could. Did you believe in your friend? Did you respect him?” Peggy says, Steve looks up and gives her nod as his confirming answer.

“Then stop blaming yourself. Allow Barnes the dignity of his choice. He damn well must have thought you were worth it.” She continues, as Louise stays silent taking in her words.

“I’m goin’ after Schmidt. I’m not gonna stop till all of H.Y.D.R.A. is dead or captured.” Steve pursues  as he gives Peggy a look meaning his seriousness, this statement making Louise sit up for the first time in hours.

“You won’t be alone.” She speaks up, catching their attention as Louise calmly dropped her bottle, shattering it on the ground. No liquid was seen on the ground, causing Steve to stare in slight worry. 

“I’ll be back.” Steve tells Peggy as he stands to follow Louise out of the bar.

Louise walked down the gloomy, empty streets of London outside the bar. Her movements slow as her objective was to reach the base after nightfall.

“Louise.” Steve says from behind her, trying to catch up with her for a few seconds before moving to stand before her. She pauses, no feelings, emotions driving her forward at the moment.

“You need to come back, or at least wait for Peggy to drive you back.” He says as he holds his arms out, trying to keep her from moving.

“I’m fine, Steve. Now move, so I can return to base myself.” She tries and stops as he blocks her.

“Just let us go back, so we can get a ride from Peggy. You’re in no condition to be alone.” Steve adds, and it makes Louise look up at him for the first time in a few hours.

“I am in a perfect condition, Steve. I have no ties, no resistance, nothing. I feel nothing at the moment, and it’s a perfect time to be focused. So get out of my way, so I can begin my mission.” Louise pushes against him, only making him move a few inches before he is back.

“No, you’re wrong. Neither of us is in a good state of mind, but we can figure out a plan together. You’ve drank 5 bottles of who knows what, all of them basically full leftover bottles. I will help you back, just come with me.” Steve replies and grabs her arms to drag her back.

“Let me go. I am leaving, no matter your want.” She responds and pulls away easily, annoying Steve.

“No, come on. Don’t lose your control or anything, let’s just go back.” He says and tries to maneuver her backwards.

“No!” Louise shouts, her mental power seeping into Steve’s mind to control him. Making his body become limp and take a step back, Steve’s own vigilance creeping back as he fought her power. Steve grunts as pain fills his head, regaining control of his mental state, Louise herself surprised as she had lightly used her gift against him.

“What was that?” Steve asks, holding his head in one hand as he felt the fear, grief, hate, the distrust manifesting from the glimpse Louise forced into his mind. Feeling the helplessness take over his thoughts and emotions as she took a step back to distance herself.

“Steve, I lose control. I lose control over almost everything, but not my guard against everything and everyone.” Louise responds to his statement from earlier, wanting to leave after affecting him, attacking him, she thought.


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- warnings: character death, sad, fluff (a little at least)

Louise has her dark crimson combat suit, her blonde wig on neatly with a cap on it, Bucky’s old dodgers cap. She shakes her head at the cap, rolling her eyes as he made her wear it. He stands with Steve on the ledge of the snowy mountain they had hiked to earlier, the tactical zipline setup from them to assault the oncoming H.Y.D.R.A. train.

“Remember when I made you ride the Cyclone at Coney Island?” Bucky says to Steve, making Louise remember it as well, as it was the same night she had her first kiss. 

“Yeah, and I threw up?” Steve responds, never knowing about the actions of that night.

“This isn’t payback, is it?” Bucky asks, staring at the zipline before looking back at Louise who stood next to the Commandos.

“Now why would I do that?” Steve replies with a joking tone, turning to the Commandos as Louise moves next to Bucky. 

“I remember that night.” Louise speaks up, the wind blowing some snowflakes all around them, their altitude very high in the daylight as they had a view of the track carved into the snowy mountain side.

“Really, so do I.” Bucky taunts back, knowing what she had meant. She chuckles to herself, her eyes staring over the mountain ranges covering in thick, deep snow.

“Why don’t I redo that moment?” Bucky phrases, catching her attention as he stood before her and blocked the Commandos view of her.

Bucky leaned his head down, his hands lightly holding her close as their lips touched and they kissed. She responds passionately, savoring it, remembering it as her first kiss from him. He pulls back slightly, his lips hovering over her forehead, where he placed another soft kiss before she looked back up at him.

“Blondie.” Dum Dum Dugan says from behind them, making her blush slightly as Bucky let her pull away.

“We were right. Dr. Zola’s on the train. H.Y.D.R.A. dispatcher gave him permission to open up the throttle. Wherever he’s going, they must need him bad.” Gabe Jones says from the radio next to him and Jim Morita.

“Let’s get going, because they’re moving like the devil.” James Montgomery Falsworth says from the ledge, lowering his binoculars as the H.Y.D.R.A. sped faster and faster than normal.

“We only got about a 10-second window. You miss that window, we’re bugs on a windshield.” Steve says as he is first to the zipline, connecting a handle to the line as Louise, Bucky, and Gabe grab their own.

“Mind the gap.” James Falsworth says, as Steve watches the train, holding the handle ready as Jacques Dernier stood next to him. Jacques timed the jumps as the four runners were ready.

“Better get moving, bugs!” Dugan says, as Bucky glances to Louise as he was after Steve. She tucks the hat from her head into her suit, keeping it close and from disappearing.

“I’ll be seeing you.” Bucky says to her as she gives him a smile before Jacques yells.

“Maintenant!” (Now!) Jacques yells in french, Steve speedily zips down the line to the train, Bucky waits for Jacques call before following Steve, then Louise, and lastly Gabe.

The four of them land securely onto the speeding train, Bucky with Steve and Gabe with Louise. The wind and snow whooshing past them, Steve and Bucky walk down a metal train cabin, reaching the side ladder and entering a base door into the cabin. Gabe and Louise push on past their cabin, sneaking towards the first cabin where Dr. Zola was hiding.

They glanced back at an explosion, their movements shaking as they clamped onto the roof of a cabin. Steve’s cart blew open at the side, as gunshots were being fired. Gabe gestures for her to continue, though she wanted to go back. She gives Gabe a nod before continuing, trusting in Steve and Bucky to make it through.

Louise stands once they reach the first cabin, the wind howling past them as Gabe had reached next to her. Louise sees the glass window, pulling her handgun from her holster as Gabe gives her a nod, meaning as her backup. She shoots once into the window, her body quickly jumping upon to break the glass to fall through.

Louise breaks the glass, falling through with shards landing below her. She holds her gun up against Zola and the train driver, Zola yelps as he stares in surprise, Gabe jumping down after her as he holds Zola up as well. She feels unease creep up her spine, her gun lowering slightly as she turns to face the back of the train cart, looking past Gabe who questioned her.

“Blondie?” Gabe speaks out, as Louise lets her mind free, extending her reach back towards Steve’s and Bucky’s location. A few grunts sound in the area, as Louise reached the first mind, Steve’s. The feelings of grief, guilt, and anguish riddled in his mind as she could feel a sense of helplessness enter her emotions.

“Blondie?” Gabe asks again, only having a slight knowledge of her gifts. She pushes harder into Steve’s mind, trying to figure his thoughts, well as much as she could from her power. Sadness takes a toll on her body, the feeling intense as she turns back to face Dr. Zola with her gun held high again. Tears threatened to fall down her cheeks, her guard slowly breaking as she knew something was wrong, horribly wrong.


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- no warnings, it think…

- gifs belong to original creators, not me..

*montage sort of setting for this chapter, and maybe the next*

Louise held a small gun in her right hand, her back against a wall as she hid from enemy soldiers down a hall to her left. Her red dress was pooled at the floor where she crouched, her black trench coat on the ground a few feet from her next to a dead soldier. She sighed to herself, seeing her last clip laying on the ground empty.

“Blondie, over.” James’ voice speaks through a small radio, her body tensing slightly at the noise. 

Louise stands up against the wall, her blonde wig laying on the ground as her brown hair was curled around her shoulders wildly. Footsteps began to near from down the hall, she flips a gun in her hand, the barrel now in the space of her palm instead of the handle.

“Blondie.” Bucky’s voice spoke through her abandoned radio, the noise catching the attention of two men.

“Here!” One yells, their footsteps quickening towards Louise. She takes a step back, readying for a sneak attack.

A man steps into the hall before Louise, his back to her as he stared down at the soldier. Her body moved quickly, her feet kicking the man down as the second appeared. Her right hand slammed the gun across the man’s face, knocking him unconscious as the first stumbled back up to stand.

The soldier pulled his gun out, letting free a few bullets. Louise dodged it swiftly, kicking the soldiers chest this time, that made the man slam through a thin lab wall. She stands back up, surprised at her strength. Dust filled the air, as the man stayed down this time. She hears her radio go off again, her body moving to grab it as she leaves her other things to continue on down the hall the soldiers came.

“Here, over.” She responds, sneaking through the H.YD.R.A. base as Steve, Bucky, and the Howling Commandos were converging to attack.


Louise steps behind Steve, keeping in tow as they and the Commandos carefully walk through a snowy forest. Fog high in the air as trees surrounded them, silence in the air except for the soft crunching of snow beneath their feet. Louise wore a black winter suit, blocking the cold somewhat, but made to withstand some firepower. Her dark brown hair was visible at the moment, braided back to keep it from her face. Steve pauses a second before her, signaling for everyone to continue forward behind him. Louise’s left hand holds her handgun, her right ready to grab the handle or a throwing knife from her thigh holster. 

Louise freezes, as her ears pick up a movement above them. Her head rises as she sees no wind blowing or snow falling above them. 

“Captain.” She speaks out, making all of them men stop as Steve turns to look back. She signals for him to raise his eyesight into the taller tree branches.

Louise takes a step to him, her head turning to follow Steve’s. Her mind picks up the H.Y.D.R.A soldier’s mental presence, making her attention catch as well. Her hand moves faster than the men can see, a throwing knife flying into the air next to her before her right hand catches the blade. Louise watches for a second before launching the knife from her hand, the force cutting through some leaves and thin branches before the blade lands in its place. A curdled scream erupts as the soldier falls from the covered area of trees, the man landing heavily on the ground behind Bucky, and the Commandos.

They all look back before turning back to face her, the blade having been thrown into the H.Y.D.R.A soldier’s chest. Louise rolls her eyes at their shock and emission of impression, Steve thinking of her aggression at her throw, and even a few others events where they fought. He shakes it off, moving on as they were nearing another base.

Louise runs through the rumble of a H.Y.D.R.A. compound, Steve himself on top of a giant tank, trying to kill the engine. She sprints over and along broken concrete and machinery, Bucky keeping sniper coverfire along with some commandos. She knocks down a few soldiers with her knives keeping the movement as she slid down through the rubble and entered a lab.

Louise slows in her black combat suit, her eyes catching some slightly burnt files. She catches a few words, taking some pieces of the burnt paper. She stops at a depiction of a train route on a torn map, her hands reaching out to tear out of its frame and folding it to slide into a small bag on her waist for it.

An explosion shakes the ground above, making her scramble out as the walls of the room began to crack and crumble. She sprints back out, seeing the giant tank blown into pieces and many soldiers down as Steve and the Commandos await her to get to their extraction. She runs easily to catch up, making the regular men hurry as Steve leads the way to their vehicles.

Louise stood alone in front of European map, many markers tacked into countries and cities of H.Y.D.R.A. bases,  government assignments and information clusters. The Commandos conversed quietly across the small army meeting room, Steve ahead of them explained a few things about the train route she found on one of their last missions. Bucky separated silently from them, heading to Louise who was entranced with the map.

“Lou?’ He says softly, her head turning to face him. He glances over her dark hair, taking in her smooth skin, her light eyes.

“Buck?” She responds, staring back at him. He checks over her clothing as well, appreciating her red blouse and brown trousers.

“Do you want to take a walk with me?” He questions suddenly, breaking their stare as he gestured to the exit of the room. She gives him a nod before following his movements to exit.

Bucky stays quiet as they walk through the clear hallway, the night late as they planned their next mission. He moves closer as they strode in sync, his right hand moving to grab her left at her side. She stops at the movement, facing up to him as he turned to meet her.

“I wanted to give you something.” He states, reaching into his back pocket and pulling out a pair of dog tags.


“I don’t have anything but this here with me. I wanted to give you something of me.” He pursues, having interrupted her to get her words free.

“I don’t need anything, James. But I’ll gladly take it for you.” She slightly teases, and he rolls his eyes, stepping closely up to her. He reaches to her neck, his left hand brushing her hair to the side, unclipping the chain to attach it back around her throat. She breathes in quickly, feeling some nervousness or excitement as he shares her breaths, holding in his own nervousness.

“Perfect.” Bucky speaks once he clips it and fixes her hair back, her hands raising to center his tags. Louise looks into his eyes, his body still standing close.

“Lou I-” She interrupts him this time to kiss his lips, her mouth lightly touching his own. His hands softly grabs her cheek and waist (respectfully high). He pulls her in closer, savoring her lips, her kiss, her love. Louise wraps her arms around his shoulder, moving her mouth in junction with his as he took slight steps towards the hall wall behind her. She gasps once her body gets trapped against the wall and Bucky, Bucky himself sneaking his tongue into her mouth at her surprise. 

Another sound breaks them apart, Steve himself being the one shocked down the hall they already passed. Louise feels her face heat wildly, Bucky chuckling at her blushing and glimpses at Steve. 

“Get outta here, kid.” Bucky speaks to Steve, hoping to kiss Louise once more.

“So you both fin-”

“Steve!” Louise shouts, glaring at Steve who silenced himself and forcefully jumped back down the hallway he came from. She hides her face in Bucky’s chest, feeling him laugh quietly as he looks down at her.

“Did you make him go?” He asks, and Louise pulls back to show her flushed appearance.

“Yes. He was ready to ramble and I refused to let him ruin this moment.” She states, making Bucky laugh once again before he clasps her cheeks.

“One more, then we’ll have to go back.” He lowers to her quickly, latching their lips together as he pushes back against the wall again. Bucky shoves his love and wants into the kiss, hoping she’d feel it. Louise pulls back, resting her head to his, catching her breath.

“I love-” Bucky keeps her from finishing, stealing another soft kiss before taking a step back to take in her lovely appearance.

“Gotta stay away, or we’ll never go.” He states this time, teasing her and she scoffs at the audacity.

“Whatever you say, Barnes.” She responds and jogs to the meeting room, racing him through the halls to meet Steve and the Commandos.


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Louise ties her combat shoes, her entire outfit tinted red entirely to fit her original style. Her catsuit, only to be seen in a dark red colour in the light, making her disappear in darkness because of its material. She attaches holsters to her right thigh and one on her left upper arm for ammo, on her left leg she has many knives hidden.

All of the men ready themselves in the lab on the other side of the room. Bucky, Howard, and Steve watching her as she prepares to join them and the Howling Commandos. Louise only gives them a glance as she double checks her ammo and the way it looks in the small mirror in front of her.

Howard steps away, speaking to Peggy and some of the men about their equipment. Steve takes a step back, going to get his equipment as he still sees Bucky watching her. His movements come towards her as she pauses and looks at him.

Bucky slows before her wearing his blue jacket, some dark brown pants and his own boots. Louise stops from grabbing her black trench coat, knowing she’d wanted to see him for a while.

“Hi, James.” She says, and sets down the gun she had in her hands. His bright eyes watching her movements as he stayed quiet.

“Nothing, at all Buck?” She speaks again and stares at him, seeing his mouth open slightly and shut.

“Okay, then.” Louise speaks to herself and grabs the gun and slides it into a holster. Her hands leaning onto a table next to her and grabbing the trench coat before passing Bucky. He sighs as she steps away, his eyes catching Steve’s who gave him a disapproved sort of look. 

Bucky curses to himself, his feet moving at their own accord and dragging him to run after Louise who had jogged from the compound towards her small car on ground level.

“Louise!” Bucky shouts, making her pause from the outside car. Her dark hair was still curled down around her shoulders as he approached lightly out of breath.

“What is it, Buck?” She asks, waiting to leave to start her missions to aid him and Steve.

“I’m sorry for ignoring you. I am sorry for putting down your abilities and your sex to appease the male dominated society.” He spits out, and Louise nods and gives him a light smile.

“Thank you. I have to go.” She responds and goes to enter her car.


“What, James?” She says with a frustrated tone, and he slides a hand through his dark hair.

“I have to do this so Steve will get off my back. No matter my thoughts, I have to give it a shot.” He says with some nervousness in his voice, and she stares with confusion.

“What are you talking about?” She asks, and Bucky stood before her breathing heavily, debating in his mind. Bucky wipes his palms on his pants, lifting his hand up then to grab her face softly.

“This.” He mutters as he raises her head slightly as he lowers his own to kiss her lips.

Louise stares in shock, as Bucky pulls her close and pauses before her lips. She stares in his eyes with her own light ones, making her own breaths become faster as her heartbeat sped up.

“Show me.” He whispers, wanting confirmation of what he perceives. 

Louise rises a little more, glancing between his eyes and his lips. Her left hand lightly touches his jaw, as her right hand sweeps across the back of his neck and her arm wraps around his neck to pull him down more. Her left hand caresses his jaw as she moves closer and lets her smooth lips touch his slightly chapped ones. 

Bucky’s lips move slowly along with hers, savoring it, her. His arms hold her hips close, as one hand moves up to hold her hand closer. They moved in sync, letting their affection, emotions pour through it. Whistles and clapping sound loudly from behind them, both of them tensing and pulling apart to look back. The Howling Commandos laughed loudly and whistled at catching them. Steve and Peggy smiled towards them, as Bucky turned back around to look down at Louise, who he still held.

“Well, that was-”
“Perfect.” Louise sighs with a smile as she stared up at him with adoration. Bucky’s own filled with love, as he kisses her forehead and takes a step back.

“We’ll see you there, right?” Bucky asks with a cocky smirk, his mood changed from the nervousness and quiet. She chuckles and nods as she opens the car door, Bucky deciding to backtrack towards her.

“Yes, you have a radio with my frequency.” She responds, and Bucky grabs her face gently and kisses her softly.

“You’re gonna have to stop, before I want more.” Louise teases, and he laughs, caressing her cheek before taking many steps back this time.

“You better give them hell.” Bucky says as she had entered the car and rolled her window down.

“I wouldn’t want to disappoint you, so I will.” She teases again, and he chuckles, watching her take off toward another base to begin her inception.

Bucky walks back to join Steve and the Commandos in a large truck, watching the men holler at him and Steve smiling at him. Bucky shakes his head and climbs into the back with the others and Steve sits across from him.

“Told you it’d be fine.” Steve slightly brags, and Bucky shakes his head again.

“Only because she liked me back.” Bucky pushes and Steve snickers, catching his attention.


“Louise has been fond of you since grade school, you’re after all only what, four years older. She’s been with us for years, and has been with you for nearly a decade. She was just waiting for you.” Steve finishes, and Bucky smiles slightly in acknowledgement. Both of them converse about the past, on the mission, as their drive took time and their missions grew.

Louise wore her signature red dress, the small sun stitching matching her golden lined mask, most of it black to go along with her original domino mask and her blonde shoulder length wig. She steps in her red heels softly, keeping aware as she had slipped into a H.Y.D.R.A. secret meeting, the gathering a cover up of hidden exploits. She sips lightly upon some champagne, keeping it sparse, as her eyes found each agent assigned as back up. 

Loud classical music fills the air as a small orchestra begins to play, a composer signalling them, as many guests with masquerade masks fill the large mansion in Germany. Her eyes pause as her eyes land  on a male duo, both with bright blue eyes. Their eyes swing towards her, making Louise turn and set her glass down. She steps away, moving towards the large rounded dance floor, a few steps leading to it as she swayed softly.

A body stops before her, one of the described males standing before her, his hair dark, his suit a classical black with a matching tie. Her eyes scan the man, catching the slight smirk peeking through his pink lips.

“May I have this dance?” He asks, Louise catching the familiarity as she gives a nod in response. She takes the man’s hand, letting him hold her upper back and clasping her left hand in his right. The man leads slowly, her mind picking up on the tenseness of the person.

“What are you doing here, James?” She speaks up softly, catching the man look down at her in acknowledgement.

“Back up. This is a meeting base, after all.” Bucky responds, rolling his eyes at himself for her figuring it out so quickly. Louise turns her head slightly, catching Steve in a dark suit with a dark mask at the bar she had been at.

“You better keep up, and be quiet. It’s supposed to be an infiltration, after all.” She uses his words at the end, and lets him twirl her around once. Bucky smiles as she returns and steps along with many other dancers on the ballroom floor.

“You got it, doll.” He responds, and Louise feels her abdomen flutter at the nickname. Bucky catches her slight movement, and smirks as she looks back up to him.

Louise sighs and takes a step away, giving him a slight bow and he did the same as he gave her left hand a small kiss before departing. She gave him a smile; her movements quickly disappeared into the giant crowd of guests. Many other agents, spies, do the same as Louise led the way to infiltrate the meeting room on the arm of a government general.


Gunshots filled the air of the second floor of the mansion, the music below silencing as yells and screams began to pick up. A guard from H.Y.D.R.A falls down the large staircase, guests scream and retreat towards the grand front doors of the expensive gala. Steve and Bucky shoot to join the fight on the second floor, a few guards try to keep them back but are thrown down as they rush to find Louise, and the spies.

Louise wrapped a belt around a general’s throat, her right hand holding the man close as her left fired shots at a few other H.Y.D.R.A. employers, employees, intrustees, etc. She keeps the man close, making him duck down behind an overturned wooden table. The man yells in pain, trying to get someone to help him, as Louise kept him pinned as she shot.

“Halte den Mund, halt den Rand, Halt die Klappe! Du schreist wie ein Kind.” (Shut up! You scream like a child.) She shouts into his face, pausing her shooting to rip out his self-destruct filling. The man screams as she holds it in a black gloved hand, she slides it in the general’s pocket and goes back to shooting. A few agents give her a signal to move out, their guns shooting the guards and some officers back as she lifts the belt, dragging the man up as she sprinted through a pair of doors.

Bucky catches Louise sprinting down a large cream and golden hall, her hand holding a belt in her hand as she dragged a man, who was yelling. She throws the man into a doorway, rolling across the hall to hide in a doorway across from the man, Steve and Bucky hide in a doorway and pull their guns free. Louise looks to the man as bullets fly towards her, her agents fighting on their own in the previous room still.

“If you move, I will cut off your hands!” Louise threatens, making the man hide more into the doorway, as her orders had changed since she had originally entered the meeting room. Steve and Bucky lay some cover fire, and Louise ran to the general’s side grabbing the belt again.

Two agents run out from a doorway, one being shot down, as the other ducks back from the gun fire. Louise grabs a grenade she hid in her dress, her hands quickly pull the pin, her hand throwing the bomb down the hall. Coughs and shouts fill the air instead of gunshots, smoke covering the room heavily as it creeps around the guards.

“Go!” Louise shouts, shoving the general to the last agent in the next doorway as she shot a few times through the smoke.

“Delta, take the general to the secure location. Find beta downstairs, they’ll be your driver.” Louise says into the radio, she had attached to her ankle. The agent gets the man down the steps and out the door, the Brooklyn trio continuing their shooting as they get backed into a room from many guards arriving.

“Where to now?” Steve asks, breathing hard as they scanned the empty room, only a few large windows in the room among some broken chairs. Bucky steps away, trying to search for an exit, or a way out without being shot.

“Alpha?” Louise says out loud to her radio in hand, moving towards the large windows and staring down at the thick snowed in ground.

“Ma’am?” A male voice spoke back, as she checked her chances outside.

“Go through plan c, on the main road, a fourth of a km out. Bring the back ups, there’s only two with me. Out.” Louise says as she slides the radio back into a holster at her ankle, Steve and Bucky join her at the window.

“What’s plan c?” Bucky asks, as they share a look.

“You’ll see.” Louise replies with a grin, knowing they’d hate it. She takes a step back, checking her last gun clip with her gloved hands, and sliding it back into the gun. She shoots the last few bullets at the windows, shattering the glass in the room and down to the snow at the lower story. The freezing wind blew in, catching them quickly as Louise holstered her gun and walked back from the windows.

“Louise?” Steve says, as Bucky grabs her arm to stop her.

“Jump. We’ve got to be quick, or we’ll catch frostbite.” She jokes, and takes a small running start and jumps from the newly formed window ledge.

“Shit.” Bucky mutters, getting a jog before doing the same as Steve followed him as gunshots sprayed into the room.

“Language.” Steve shouts, as they fall and land into the thick snow. Louise was already moving as the men scrambled to stand as bullets rained down. She led them out toward the front, catching a butler holding a car door open. She gives the man a smile, though covered in snow, and steps into the driver seat on the right side, Steve and Bucky jumping into the back and passenger seat as guards yelled after them. 

Louise speeds off, going to meet their extraction team, and take back the intel. The men in the car sigh, as they turn to Louise.

“What happened?” Steve speaks from the back as Bucky pulls off his cold jacket and drapes it over Louise’s shoulders.

“I got different orders that compromised the meeting. So I took down a few, stole someone’s belt and forced the informant to listen, and run, and dodge.” She says with a slight smile, and Bucky chuckles, as Steve shakes his head at her slight humorous tone.

“What? Didn’t you have fun?” She teases, and the men laugh as she sped an extraction site.


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- no warnings, maybe some self doubt/worth..

Steve stood fixing his tie, his jacket behind him as he had chosen to visit Bucky before returning to base to meet with Howard.

“So what happened last night?” He asks Bucky, who was tying his boots. 

“Nothing I know of.” He responds, making Steve think of a better phrase.

“So there’s nothing going on?” Steve asks, and Bucky stood up tall in his blue shirt and brown pants.

“Is there something going on right now?” Bucky asks directly, and Steve shakes his head and grabs his jacket to put on.

“Nah. No.” He answers, and faces Bucky, who grabbed his dark jacket. Steve stares around the room as he does so, thinking once again for a better question.

“Are you interested in Louise?” He asks, making Bucky freeze and fix himself after a second.

“Why do you think so?” Bucky retorts, trying to act natural as he wanted the topic to switch again.

“Because of your continuous chemistry, and the fact you almost decided to flirt with Peggy, but stopped once Louise had arrived.” Steve rambled and Bucky grabbed his wallet and stuffed it into his pocket.

“No, Steve.” Bucky says and exits his front door of his bunk room. Steve hot on his heels as he sped walked towards an exit.

“Steve.” Bucky warns, trying to ignore him.

“Why have you never made a move towards Louise?” He bugs and Bucky turns to face him with an annoyed look.

“Because I do not envision her in that context, Steve.” Bucky sighs, and glances behind him to find a way to leave.

“You’re lying. Why? You know she feels something for you. You’ve even spent time with her that would be considered in ‘that context’, Buck.” Steve shoots back and Bucky looks back to keep the conversation from moving. 

“Why not take the chance, Bucky? You both deserve something other than this war.” Steve pushes and Bucky shoves him away.

“She deserves better than me, Steve. She shouldn’t even be here, no matter how stubborn she is. Louise deserved a happy life in Brooklyn, away from us, away from violence, somewhere where she’d find some guy, have kids, and build a happy life away from us. She deserved the world, Steve. But she’ll never get it being here, around these people, going on missions by herself, changing her with experiments.” He pauses,

“She’s changed, Steve. For the better, maybe? But she doesn’t deserve to be stuck here, fighting for life, for something that we could win or lose. She deserves someone, something that is good, stable and happy, just the life she deserves. Not me, not my damages, not my ignorance.” Bucky finishes his reasoning, pushing away to leave as he needed to think and evaluate. Steve stayed awestruck as he waited sometime before leaving as well to meet Stark.


Louise stands in a dark red buttoned blouse, the edge tucked neatly into a navy grey skirt paired with black pumps. She sighs as she overlooks some information she’d found from numerous H.Y.D.R.A. operations. Her head glances up as Peggy passes her with a smile and Howard stands before a large area filled with sheets and equipment, Steve behind him as he spoke.

“Me, I concentrate on work. Which at the moment is about making sure you and your men do not get killed. Carbon polymer.” She hears Howard say, looking down at the table ahead of her at a large grey cloth.

“Should withstand your average German bayonet.” Louise pitches in, holding a clipboard with an approved ledger. Both men glance over her attire before looking away to continue on, Stark clearing his throat as he picks back up.

“Although H.Y.D.R.A.’s not going to attack you with a pocket knife.” Howard moves on as they walk down the edge of the table.

“I hear you’re uh… kinda attached?” Stark says and knocks on the bullet dented Captain America triangular shaped shield. Louise follows them, taking notes for Howard from boredom, not new missions available for her.

“It’s handier than you might think.” Steve responds, as Howard steps around a table as Steve and Louise stand across from him to look down at shields, and some designs.

“I took the liberty of coming up with some options.” Stark says and showcases taller shields, fitted with some technology. Steve glances over the table, his eyes landing to an under shelf in the table, on a circular shield.

“This one’s fun. She’s been fitted with electrical relays. It’ll allow you to…” 

“What about this one?” Steve speaks up and begins to lift the round silver looking shield.

“No. No. That’s just a prototype.” Stark reacts, leaning a little over the table as Steve lifts it.

“What’s it made of?” Louise quips, and Steve flips the shield, scanning the back where forearm straps were placed.

“Vibranium. It’s stronger than steel and a third of the weight. It’s completely vibration absorbent.” Steve adjusts the shield as he fits his lower forearm into it, running his hand over the rounded edge of it.

“How come it’s not a standard issue?” He asks and Howard looks over the shield as well.

“That’s the rarest metal on earth. What you’re holding there? That’s all we’ve got.” He answers, and Louise turns to hand her clipboard to a male assistant for Howard. Her own curiosity casting the attention on the shield.

“You quite finished, Mr. Stark? I’m sure the Captain has some unfinished business.” Peggy voices as she enters the underground lab all of the men and women were in. Louise takes a step from Steve, glancing between the tension radiating from Peggy, who faced them.

“What do you think?” Steve adds, holds the circular shield before his chest as Peggy stays silent, glancing down at the table to her left and on Louise’s right, next to her. Peggy raises a gun from the table shooting four times at Steve, who raised the shield to cover his upper body and head. The shield protected him as the bullets fell to the ground at his feet once she lowered her gun, many people ducking like Howard, or just staring shocked from the loud gunshots.

“Yes. I think it works.” Peggy responds and steps to leave the lab by passing Rogers, Louise looks to the ground, knowing Steve must’ve done something stupid. A laugh rumbles from her throat, a hand on her abdomen and one at her mouth. A giggle gets released, as she covers her mouth and turns away to calm herself as everyone had glanced around in shock. Howard rounds the table to stand next to Steve as they watch Peggy leave, Louise letting out a laugh here and there as she couldn’t control herself.

“I had some ideas about the uniform.” Steve mumbles out, pulling a piece of paper from his pocket and handing it to Stark without moving his eyesight.

“Whatever you want, pal.” Howard replies and takes the paper, Louise this time letting out a loud laugh as she went to leave as well. Steve’s face blushing from embarrassment as he walked after Louise to get her to stop laughing.

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- no warnings, maybe some angst, i think…

Louise smirked only slightly as they were reaching the Allied Military camp they had once left. The sky slowly brightens with the cloudy sunlight, fog descending in the tall trees surrounding them. Bucky and Steve were chatting most of the way, the men they had saved quantifying in several hundred soldiers. Her two best friends frequently look at her, speaking quieter with each look that has her rolling her eyes. Louise touched her temples softly, feeling her mind in control, finally after hours of focusing through the night. Bucky spoke to Steve suddenly, his movements slowing to move next to her as some of the other soldiers moved away for privacy.

“Hmm?” Louise replied, only giving him a side glance as they walked. An unspoken awkwardness shrouding them as they walked in silence as the soldiers next to them chatted.

“Why were you at the factory?” Bucky spits out after a minute, slowing to a stop as he had grabbed her arm softly to do the same for her.

“I went in to look for the soldiers and you.” She responds, wanting to continue walking as some soldiers gave them side looks as they passed.

“All right, how did you get into the factory?”

“I slipped in luckily.” She continues to avoid the real question.

“Well, then. Will you tell me how you acquired the skills to be able to slip unnoticed into a heavily advanced guarded factory full of H.Y.D.R.A. soldiers?” Bucky pushes, as Louise sighs and begins to walk again with Bucky trailing behind her.

“Hey.” Bucky tries as Louise glares at Steve as she catches back up to him in the front of the soldier herd.

“I’m a spy. I went through training, it’s as simple as that.” Louise answers with a glare, as Bucky looks to Steve for help.

“Since when did you become one? When I left you were still a girl who was love sick and followed us around like a puppy.” Louise froze, as everyone around them did for a second as she turned around to face her friend duo. Her eyes glared at every person looking on, even Steve swallows in slight nervousness as everyone stared.

“Love sick, puppy, right.” Louise says as she takes a few steps to stand right in front of Bucky, her height only and inch or two shorter. He stared on in slight nervousness, maybe that was the right term; Louise’s mind beginning it’s connection into every person’s mind around her as she loses some control of her actions.

Louise slams her fist into the Bucky’s left side of Bucky’s face, her strength from Erskine’s serum knocking him to the ground with ease. The same hand unsuspectedly whipping across Steve’s face who stumbled quite a bit back from her force. Her mind gave every man a headache, each one of them looking at her.

“If I hear another word, I’ll do the same to all of you!” She shouts, every person silencing and staying silent for the last mile as they finally reached the camp in the mid morning. Louise kept her pace in front of the men, her body quickly disappearing in the haze of soldiers coming to see the fallen army return with Captain America. 

Louise stood halfway across the Westminster bridge, her light eyes staring up at Big Ben during a cloudy day. Slight heavy footsteps near her as she tenses and awaits for the person to stop. Her head turns softly, her eyes linking up with James’ blue ones as he stood next her leaning against the metal railing.


“Hi.” She speaks up, and he looks up after staring at the ground.

“I apologize for my reactions and actions towards your new profession and I did not mean to insult you about your life in New York.” Bucky says as if he’d been rehearsing it for hours, she looks to him again, facing him fully in her thin crimson sweater.

“Okay.” Louise says, forgiving him some as she stepped by him without any words. His instinct to follow her, but he stopped.

“Are you coming?” Louise asks, knowing she was missing the initial meeting with Steve, Peggy, and Colonel Phillips about H.Y.D.R.A. Bucky jogs to catch up with her, his body close to hers as she leads them back to the military shelter.


Louise styled up into a blue swing dress, her natural dark hair lightly curled on her shoulders. She swiped some lipstick upon her lips, a peach-ish colour making her lips full. She exited from her temporary apartment somewhere in Europe, Peggy waiting on the street in her government issued dark car. She gave Louise a smile as she entered the left passenger side and drove towards the bar where Steve was recruiting.


Louise follows Peggy inside the bar, her dress swaying softly as she walks in. Many men pausing their speaking, singing as Peggy led the way in her red dress. Louise’s royal blue dress had small embroidered flowers at each shoulder, a small tie at her collarbone that hung down. She gets a respectable nod from the Howling Commandos, a group that they had saved from the H.Y.D.R.A. base. Many others stared a bit longer as they passed to the other side of the bar that was more calmer than the choired one they had just passed.

Louise slows as she holds her thin dark blue sweater in her left arm, her wallet in the side hand. She lets Peggy enter the other side; her body was clothed in a dark scarlett dress that hugged her figure. The singing started up again after a second as Louise finally reached the other side of the bar. Her light eyes pausing on James and Steve, both of them enthralled by Peggy.

“Ma’am.” Bucky says after Steve had acknowledged her.

“Howard has some equipment for you to try. Tomorrow morning?” Peggy says towards Steve, mostly there for him, Louise deduced. She kept her head down slightly, wondering why she agreed to come with her.

“Sounds good.” Steve responds, Bucky’s head softly turning to see Louise with her head turned away. His bright blues scanning up and down her dress, a soft smile on his lips as she captured his attention.

“I’ll see you, top squad is prepping for duty.” Peggy speaks to Steve as Bucky turned his body towards Louise and lifted his left hand to raise up her chin so she’d face him, her bright eyes looking up surprised.

“You still like music?” He asks, and Louise blushes lightly and smiles. Bucky steps out in front of her, catching eyes with the Commandos that cheered him on from behind her.

“Come on then, doll.” He whispers, and pulls Louise towards an open space in the bar, where the music was playing loudly. They watched as Steve and Peggy conversed for a few more minutes and separated, Bucky taking her attention as he led their close movements. Their bodies moved together as the song was slow and he held her close. 

“I’m sorry for ridiculing you. You have to know I’d never say anything like that to you and mean it. I’m a jackass, I get it. But I refuse to let you hate me forever.” Buckys says close to her, making her stare into his eyes.

“I already forgave you, James. You should know that.” Louise responds, a chuckle leaving his lips as they continued dancing. Steve this time, watching them, their chemistry that was seen all along their childhood.

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- warnings, so enjoy

-gif belongs to original creator, not me..

“Did it hurt?” Bucky asks as he finally walks on his own, glancing nervously along with Steve to Louise who worsened from after effect of Dr. Zola’s serum.

“A little.” Steve responds, as Bucky moves next to Louise, helping her stand as her mind has weakened from constant use for over a few mile radius.

“Is it permanent?” Bucky asks as Steve catches on and lifts Louise into his arm to move faster.

“So far.” Steve responds as Louise complains, but blood begins to leak from her nose lightly.

“We need to move.” He urges, and Bucky steals a pair of boots from a knocked out guard before they reach the platform. Steve moves quickly, his shield on his arm as he carries Louise up some platform steps. 

Explosions having already filled the factory and continuing to destroy the building in fire the trio deflected from. They sprint back the way they came taking a different direction after going up, a voice catching them as Louise pushed her mind to control itself and weakly stood from Steve’s arms.

“Captain America! How exciting!” Schmidt says from across a railing bridge above the fire, high in the factory building. Bucky held Louise close, trying to help her to move on her own as Steve stepped across the bridge along with Schmidt. 

“I’m a great fan of your films. So, Dr. Erskine managed it after all. Not exactly an improvement, but still impressive.” They meet in the middle, Steve hurling a punch across Schmidt’s face and knocking him slightly back before he stands back up.

“You’ve got no idea.” Steve responds as Schmidt looks back, his right eye seeming different as a redness appeared to be showing beneath his skin.

“Haven’t I?” Schmidt replies, going to punch Steve who blocked with his thin shield. Schmidt swings back again after Steve looks over it, knocking him back, an indentation of Schmidt’s hit scoring the shield. 

Steve’s gun falls into the fire below them, his hands grabbing the railings beside him. Steve launches himself into the air to kick Schmidt back across the bridge to his far side. Louise looked to Dr. Zola, her mind trying to manipulate him to her will. Dr. Zola grabbed a lever and pulled it back to separate the bridge and the serum soldiers. She grunts as she separates completely, her ears bleed slightly this time, and James then tries to help her as Schmidt shouted across the way.

“No matter what lies Erskine told you, you see I was his greatest success!” He yells, his hand going to the side of his face to peel his skin free, showcasing the red muscle that had formed around his skill, some features were technically gone but the bone shape was still there.

“You don’t have one of those, do you?” Bucky asks, staring at Schmidt, or the Red Skull.

“You are deluded, Captain. You pretend to be simple soldiers, but in reality you are just afraid to admit that we have left humanity behind.” Schmidt says as he and Dr. Zola stepped to an elevator, Schmidt’s face skin falling and burning into nothing in the raging fire beneath them.

“Unlike you, I embrace it proudly. Without fear!”

“Then how come you’re running?” Steve asks as the elevator doors cut Schmidt and Dr. Zola off, and the fire below worsens.

“Come on, let’s go. Up.” Steve says, eyeing a rafter in the very top of the factory. Making Louise and Bucky follow him quickly as the flames below grew. They reach the top quickly, seeing the rafter shaking slightly from more explosions outside. The rafter hangs down slightly from its original hinges, creaking from the outdoor blasts.

“Let’s go. One at a time.” Steve pushes Louise first as she’s the lightest, she stumbles very much, her quickness keeping her from falling as she collapses on the other side on the walkway. Bucky begins to go slowly, his eye watching as the rafter shakes down a little and increases as he nears the other side. The rafter squeaks loudly as Bucky jumps to the end and climbs over, checking Louise fastly and looking back as the rafter becomes consumed by flames.

“Gotta be a rope or something!” Bucky yells back to Steve who was stuck across the way, Louise pushes to a stand awaiting for Steve.

“Just go! Get out of here!” He yells back and she shakes her head along with Bucky.

“No! Not without you!” James yells louder and Steve looks at them worriedly. Steve bends a railing pipe out of the way of the broken rail, making an opening for him. He works back as much as he can on his platform, his feet taking off as he sprints to jump across. Explosions fly high, fire surrounding them as he flew through the air, bright light taking them from sight.

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- no warnings…


Louise tore the page of the file, her hand clumsily folding it and tucking it into her scarlett tank top, that was beneath her black torn suit jacket. She peeled the jacket off, feeling her body temperature rising steadily as she pushed off to get to the door.

Louise skipped her tattered boots, leaving them in the lab room as she walked silently in her socks. She tossed her fallen wig back into the room, leaving it behind as she followed her mind to follow the most gathered amount of thoughts, she presumed were prisoners.

Louise achingly beat down multiple guards at different stations, only using the same knife she had stabbed Scmidt with. She slowed as she felt the most presence behind a door with a single guard outside. She took a step back and sprinted, falling to her knees to slide and slice the guard’s leg out. The guard yelped, but she grabbed his mouth and clamped her palm over it. She grabbed the top of his head and his chin and snapped his neck swiftly, knowing something from the serum Dr. Zola had given her, changed her. Making her movements, actions more aggressive, less controlled and openly harmful.

Louise grabbed a pair of keys from the guard, and slid his body to hide. Louise slipped through the door quietly, her feet quickly moving her crouched body to a cylinder shaped barred cell. Her eyes see many other cells just like it as she moves close to speak.

“Be silent.” Louise spoke out in the quietest voice she could, alerted the six soldier men who stopped moving at the sight of a guard above them. She took the cell key and softly turned it, the men staring at her beauty and the shock of having a woman rescue them. She controlled the guard above them, her mind unconsciously knocking the man out from the head pain.

“Continue on.” Louise says almost silently, as she opened the gate enough for them to slip and handed them a set of keys. The men nod and split the keys to let prisoners out. Louise continues on as she lets a few more men out before reaching a cell where a guard fell to the ground above them.

“Who are you supposed to be?” A black man says, staring up to see the guard laying on the bars above them and another man.

“I’m Captain America.” Louise hears Steve say, and she speaks up from in front of the bar.

“Cap!” She yells slightly, and Steve looks at her, seeing her pale-ish body, bright red tank top with her arms free, crimson pants, and no shoes.

“Lou!” He does the same, as he takes off as she stands to let the men out and continues on, shocking all of the prisoners as Steve joins her.

“Lou, what happened?” Steve asks, and she makes sure everyone is free.

“Schmidt and Zola. I will help explain later, but we need to keep moving.” She slightly orders and the men stare sort of funny.

“Is there anybody else? I’m looking for a Sergeant James Barnes.” Steve speaks, nervously glancing at Louise who checked the soldiers.

“There’s an isolation ward in the factory, but no one’s ever come back from it.” A man, presumably French says, as they walk alongside Steve and Louise.

“All right. The tree line is northwest, 80 yards past the gate.” Louise says, turning back to face the men next to her.

“Get out fast and give ‘em hell. I’ll meet -” Steve adds, Louise interrupting him.

“We’ll meet you guys in the clearing with anybody else we find.” She finishes and Steve gives her a worried look that she passes over. She steps away, Steve next her as the man from earlier speaks up.

“Wait! You know what you’re doin’?”

“Yeah. I’ve knocked out Adolf Hitler over two hundred times.” Steve responds, and Louise rolls her eyes, picking up her movements as they all split into divisions.


Louise kicks heavily, using her fists occasionally as they fought through the factory, her mind focused but still aching. She felt the mental manipulation still lingering as many H.Y.D.R.A. guards attacked, and they made their way into the isolation ward.

Louise felt her head begin to ache, her mind expanding and shrinking as guards fell from her unfiltered mental wave, making her stumble. Steve caught Louise easily as he helped her run towards the ward. Steve slows as they both see Dr. Zola freeze in the dark hallway before taking off. Louise pushed to stand as the pain lessened, Steve held her hand as he helped her stay up. Steve paused in front of the doorway Zola exited, Louise the first to enter as she felt another close mental presence.

Louise paused as she felt James, Bucky’s mental state she had memorized from New York, though a bit tortured and scrambled.

“Steve.” She shouts, and moves to the table. Bucky came into full view as she approached, his dazed state, tortured, and strapped onto the table.

“Sergeant, three-two-five-five-seven.” Bucky mumbled as Steve came in on his left side.

“Oh my god.” Steve says and tears free the straps holding him.

“James-” Louise says as she pulls the straps off and he looks towards her softly.

“Is that-”
“It’s us. Steve and Louise.” Steve says, grabbing his shoulders as Bucky’s right arm lifts to touch her. Louise grabs his hand and helps pull him up. Bucky becomes more conscious and aware as Steve helps him stand as Louise moves towards the doorway.

“I thought you were dead.” Steve responds, and Bucky gives him a quick glance up and down.

“I thought you were smaller.” Bucky responds as he looks to Louise, giving her a better look as Steve looks towards a map showing the H.Y.D.R.A. factories. 

“Come on.” Louise urges as Steve helps Bucky move and Louise gets his left side to help them move quickly. Sounds from the factory build up as they move to leave the lab.

“What happened to you guys?” Bucky asks as they speed walk on.

“We joined the Army.” Louise says, and Steve nods along.

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Ardent ~ Chp. 11

- no warnings, just I try to make anything in the past or memory in italics, so sometimes they may not be labeled like in this chapter.


Louise quickly changes into her wig, leaving out her dress and opting for a very dark crimson catsuit of sorts. It had dark red sun emblems that were at each end of her collarbone, her hips, and at the sides of her knees. She zipped the chest piece up to her neck, keeping her thin armour hidden in the lining of the suit. Her hands check her separate tight pants that also had thin armour lining and her mid calf high dark red boots. She heard quiet rustling behind her as she stood back up and saw Steve behind her in brown civilian clothes.

“Where are you going? What are you wearing? The blonde-”

“I don’t have time to talk, Steve. I can explain later.” Louise says, knowing she was losing daylight in a tent. She attaches her guns at each hip, double checking her knives at her calves and upper forearms, before grabbing her domino mask.

“Lou, wait a second.” Steve pushes as she passes him and goes to ride a motorbike outside.

“I can’t, Steve. I’ve already arranged for Stark to assist you, Peggy already knows. I’ll meet you there, I know how to make it work.” She pushes, and grabs a hat helmet to attach.

“Louise, just wait. You can’t go in there alone-”

“Isn’t it what you’re gonna do? I’m helping in the way I know how. I’ll meet you there.” Louise says in firmness and Steve silences, finally knowing what she looked like.

“You’re her. The Blonde Phantom.” He says, understanding that she’s been on countless missions to get intel.

“I’ll see you there.” Louise says as she climbs onto the bike and speeds away toward Krausberg between the mountains.

Louise laid against a metal table, her head lulling around as she tried to focus on the small room she laid in. Her mind completely tense as she scrunched her eyes in pain.

“Ugh!” She grunts loudly, her left arm finally registering a stabbing sensation. Her right hand heavily flings across her stomach, as she pulls a tube needle from her arm. She sighs as the harsh sensation in her mind dulls only slightly. Her left hand numbly reaches across her chest, blindly feeling for the needle. She grasps it tight, jerking the needle free and

“Remember, remember.” Louise says to herself, as she tumbles onto the floor with a yelp and pushes to her hands and knees. She lifts her head slowly, the weight of it feeling immense as she squinted in pain.



‘Louise was hidden behind a wall, having successfully acquired a way inside the giant H.Y.D.R.A. base. She slips through darkness easily, checking room to room, and making memories disappear frequently as doctors or soldiers step in a different direction than planned with an average pained headache.

She slows to a stop, as a small group of soldiers stopped down the same hall as her. She expands her mind zone silently, closing her eyes in her hiding spot to persuade them to turn away. The men grunt in pain and shift away, leaving towards the same area in another direction with some hussle. She lets out a soft sigh, her head aching from connecting to some many minds, she pushes onward with checking.

Schimdt grunts aloud after stepping from the power cells, his mind feeling an urge to leave another way. He pushes past it, as he continues his way to his office. He slows after a minute, seeing a small group of soldiers grunts and aches from the head pains. Schmidt stops a short man with some files who walked next to him.

“Remind me who has been established around the hysteria of head pains.” He orders, and the man scrambles through the files in his arms.

“A female government spy that has been captured intel from different organizations including H.Y.D.R.A. official documents. Many have called her the ‘Blonde Phantom’.” The man says after handing the file and Scmidt reads it quickly. Schmidt hands the file back and touches the man’s shoulder.

“Contact Dr. Zola. Tell him to meet me in his main lab. It is urgent.” He responds, and the man rushes away, as Schmidt searches for Louise. Following the pain receptor in his brain for the most contact. 

Louise froze as she felt a mental presence behind her, her hands grabbing her knives from her kneeled calves. She twirls around, kicking the man behind her. Scmidt chuckles, dodging her movements as he smacks her face, disorienting her slightly, but Louise stabs him in his side. She pushes off and kicks him down, getting ready to knock him unconscious as a stinging feeling fills the back of her uncovered neck. She stumbles off of Schmidt, holding the back of her neck as she pushes away from Dr. Zola who had been behind her. Schmidt grunted as he stood back up and tossed her knife onto the ground.

“Looks like we have another way to win the war.” Schmidt said as Dr. Zola smirked. Louise felt her resistance fade, knowing she was given an extra dosage to knock her down. She sits against a hall wall as Schmidt steps up to her.

“Time to sleep.” He spoke aloud, slamming his fist across her face to knock her unconscious on the floor.’



Louise grunts loudly in the lab she was in, on the floor. She crawls towards the door, knowing she’d only move some much, from what the Doctor had given her. She pulls herself to a stand against a close counter, her eyes landing on a thin opened file that contains a photo of her. Her eyes scanned the words heavily, her head aching even worse as she read on.



‘ “What did you give her, Dr. Zola?” Scmidt said with an angered tone, stepping towards him.

“What that imbecile of a First Commander gave me. I told him exactly how much to give and what it was. It is his fault this happened.”

“I do not care for blame! We’ve just wasted a batch of serum on a government spy. We’ve not even begun torture or imprisonment!” Schmidt shouted as Louise lazily saw them arguing away from her as she was laid on a metal table. Her eyes flicked in and became haze quickly as she lost complete consciousness.’

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This is gonna be the series masterlist; in the future I might do one shots or request. I’ve never done it, so it would be a challenge but a good one, maybe.



Ardent (MCU)

- ardent masterlist

- more to be added soon on all of my accounts (wattpad, quotev)

Love and War (Spider-Man : Homecoming), (Avengers: Infinity War), (Avengers: Endgame)

- Endgame is not written yet, well, it is, but its absolutely horrible, and i didn’t finish the last scenes

Stranger Things

The Fallen 

-pending, still writing, unless you want me the post chapters when i finish it..

Harry Potter

Everything and Nothing

-i will add this if any one wants to read it on here. I have the first two adaptations on Wattpad. The third is done, but I need to revise it and see if I like it.


- Wattpad account

- Quotev account

- I have other stories I’ve done on Wattpad and Quotev (the same stories), if you go onto my other accounts on those and would like it moved here, let me know. Also, let me know on the series own masterlist, if you wanna be tagged.

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Ardent ~Masterlist

Here is the full list of this series, so everything is together.


“Are you ever gonna let me save you?”

“I’m not your typical damsel, James.” 

Louise was a woman with many skills, baking, dancing, knife throwing, undercover ops, etc. Well, she learned the last two while her best friends fought in the second World War. She felt her friend became more than he already was, a brave man. He became strong and tall, her second friend she felt changed and thrive, even growing some feelings more as time went on. Though time took him away, as well as all of their supposed lives. That would be it, except for some things that seem to last forever.


- chp. 1

- chp. 2

- chp. 3

- chp. 4

- chp. 5

- chp. 6

- chp. 7

- chp. 8

- chp. 9

- chp. 10


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Ardent ~ Chp. 10

Louise exits a federal government car in the U.S. camp in Italy, finally getting her free time from the Senator. Rain poured heavily as Peggy exited next to her. They both jogged towards the empty American stage, Peggy goes first to find Steve as Louise prepares herself for questions. She breathes in slowly, knowing no one should notice except those in high command that she was the ‘Blonde Phantom’. Her hair was back to her natural brown, curled at her shoulders, which she covered with a large trench coat before entering the stage cover.

Louise stepped forward, her small boots making slight noise as she had worked the trench coat, a button grey jacket and grey skirt. Steve looks up after setting down his journal, Peggy sitting high on the side stage steps as Louise comes into Steve’s view. His head shoots up as she comes into view, his body quickly tumbling up the steps to swarm her with a tight hug.

“Lou.” He says quietly, hugging her hard as he needed her at the moment as his friend. She returns the hug, holding him tight as she feels her mind wants to explain what she’s done. Some guilt filled her mind as she wanted to tell him things.

“Steve. I see you’ve become your dancing monkey, or were you finally gonna choose a different path?” Louise says straight forward, and Steve chuckles as they pull back and he holds her shoulders.

“How’ve you been? I know Senator Brant sent you on something for the last few months.” Louise tenses only slightly as she doesn’t want to lie to her best friend.

“Most missions required a woman’s touch, nothing too risky.” She responds, giving Peggy a glance that meant she’d play along. A few shouts behind them alert them, and an incoming medevac truck pulls in front of a medical tent. Med doctors pull out a man on a stretcher to enter the tent.

“They look like they’ve been through hell.” Steve says next to her, as Peggy speaks up behind them.

“These men more than most.” They turn to face her, and Steve returns to his spot on the steps with Louise next to Peggy.

“Schimdt sent out a force to Azzano. Two hundred men went up against him, and less than 50 returned. Your audience contained what was left of the 107th. The rest were killed or captured.” Both of the serum soldiers looked up, Louise’s chest tightening as Steve spoke.

“The 107th?” He says and Peggy glances between them.

“What?” She says as Louise jumps off the stage, ignoring the rain as she stomped towards the commanding tent with Steve and Peggy hot on her trail.

“Colonel Phillips.” Steve says as Louise stands with her brown hair lightly soaked next to him.

“Well, if it isn’t the Star-Spangled Man With A Plan. And what is your plan today?” Colonel Phillips says from a table he sat at.

“I need the casualty list from Azzano.” Steve says with a slight commanding voice.

“You don’t get to give me orders, son. And none of your hocus pocus either.” He points to Louise and she gives him a pointed glare.

“I just need one name. Sergeant James Barnes from the hundred and seventh.” Steve speaks again,and the Colonel points the edge of a pen to Peggy next to Steve.

“You and I are gonna have a conversation later that you won’t enjoy.”

“Please tell me if he’s alive, sir. B-A-R…”

“I can spell.” Colonel Phillips says, pausing as he stands and sets something on a table behind him, before facing the trio.

“I have signed more of these condolence letters today than I would care to count. But the name does sound familiar. I’m sorry.” Louise feels her chest ache, her face and body expression stone as she sidesteps to speak up.

“What about the others? Is there going to be a rescue mission?” She asks, and Steve looks to the map next to them with pins and strings attached to it.

“Yeah! It’s called winning the war.” The Colonel replies.

“But if you know where they are, why not at least…?

“They’re thirty miles behind the lines. Through the most heavily fortified territory in Europe. We’d lose more men than we’d save. But I don’t expect you to understand that, because you’re a chorus girl.” Colonel Phillips interrupts Steve again, and they all look to the Colonel.

“I think I understand just fine.” Steve responds, and Louise clenches her hands to control her want to use her mental abilities.

“Well then understand it somewhere else. If I read the posters correctly, you got some place to be in thirty minutes.” The Colonel finishes and passes them to look at something else. Both Steve and Louise look at the map, both eyeing the H.Y.D.R.A. symbol showcasing the location of a base.

“Yes, sir. I do.” Steve responds as Louise follows him out, as Peggy continues to look at the map.


“What do you plan to do? Walk to Austria?” Peggy says as she enters a tent where Steve was packing. Louise stood just outside the opening, looking through a small address book for information.

“If that’s what it takes.” Steve responds and Louise knows the same thing is running through their minds on what to do.

“You heard the Colonel, your friend is most likely dead.” Peggy pushes, and Louise takes a step in pausing.

“You don’t know that.” She adds in quietly, as she finds a name of someone who could help her.

“Even so, he’s devising a strategy. If he detects…”

“By the time he’s done that, it could be too late!” Steve says as he goes to exit the tent and steps to an empty uncovered government jeep outside.

“You told me you thought I was meant for more than this. Did you mean that?” Steve asks, glancing at both Louise and Peggy.

“Every word.”

“Always.” They responded, Peggy then Louise.

“Then you gotta let me go.” Steve says as he gets into the driver seat and Peggy steps to his side.

“I can do more than that.” Louise says, having found an informant and Howard Stark’s radio signal. They look at her with a slight smirk, as they speak of ideas.


Louise quickly changes into her wig, leaving out her dress and opting for a very dark crimson catsuit of sorts. It had dark red sun emblems that were at each end of her collarbone, her hips, and at the sides of her knees. She zipped the chest piece up to her neck, keeping her thin armour hidden in the lining of the suit. Her hands check her separate tight pants that also had thin armour lining and her mid calf high dark red boots. She heard quiet rustling behind her as she stood back up and saw Steve behind her in brown civilian clothes.

“Where are you going? What are you wearing? The blonde-”

“I don’t have time to talk, Steve. I can explain later.” Louise says, knowing she was losing daylight in a tent. She attaches her guns at each hip, double checking her knives at her calves and upper forearms, before grabbing her domino mask.

“Lou, wait a second.” Steve pushes as she passes him and goes to ride a motorbike outside.

“I can’t, Steve. I’ve already arranged for Stark to assist you, Peggy already knows. I’ll meet you there, I know how to make it work.” She pushes, and grabs a hat helmet to attach.


“Louise, just wait. You can’t go in there alone-”

“Isn’t it what you’re gonna do? I’m helping in the way I know how. I’ll meet you there.” Louise says in firmness and Steve silences, finally knowing what she looked like.

“You’re her. The Blonde Phantom.” He says, understanding that she’s been on countless missions to get intel.

“I’ll see you there.” Louise says as she climbs onto the bike and speeds away toward Krausberg between the mountains.


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Of course, whats your tag? 🤗

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- google translate in most italics

Louise stood in front of a mirror in a large hotel room, a few other allies, spys, standing aimlessly around the room awaiting for her signal. Her eyes stared at her strange reflection, red strappy heels, a maxi red dress with a square neckline; short sleeves, a left above the knee high slit, and with a small golden sun emblem around the dress. She slid a black fitted domino mask into her dress at her chest opening, situated it to be hidden along with a sleek gun on her right thigh and a few knives hidden along the dress.

(The dress has the golden emblems at the cut of the slit, one emblem at each hip bone in the front, and at the sides of the square neckline on her chest.)

‘Not all of us can storm a beach or drive a tank. But there’s still a way all of us can fight.’ A voice from the television in her room rings out. Louise pauses her movements looking to see the black and white screen. Her eyes land on the Star Spangled Man, Steve, in a blue body suit, his abdomen covered in red and white stripes, his face concealed by a thin blue head mask with a large ‘A’ on his forehead.

Who vows to fight like a man, for what’s right, night and day?’ Show girls in matching coloured short dresses sing as they pass in front of him. Louise smirks at the shield, and turns back to the mirror.

Louise checks the dress made for her to fight in, her quick overview training added in as she prepared to lie, deceit, and fight her way to her target and objective. Her eyes finish their gander, pausing lastly onto the flawless blonde wig that was applied to her head, covering her dark hair naturally including her brows; the hair curled and styled around her head and shoulders. 

She turns quickly, breathing silently as the three men behind her stand tall and begin to leave on que. She follows closely, the three handsome spies keeping her protected as back up and fake guards delivering her to a gala of sorts in Europe.


Louise sits in a French theater, a Captain America film playing loudly around her. She smiles at his fight skills, watching as he began firing with some soldiers to back him up. She sits with a German general, the theater empty from everyone as she poses as a mistress. The man laughs loudly at the screen, as Louise raises to a stand. 

“Wo gehst du hin?” (Where are you going?) He speaks up in German, glancing to the side to check her.

“Chambre de dame.” (Lady’s room.) Louise replies in French, moving to step back up the steps to leave the theater.

“Dann beeil dich.” (Then hurry up.) He responds back, looking away as she goes to exit. She pauses before the exit, hiding her body against the wall. She watches as he sips a drink from his cup, staring as he swallows. The man shouts in pain, clutching his chest as he falls to the ground and seizes. Louise slips her domino mask on, softly stepping back in her red heels. Her red dress lightly skimming the floor as she pauses before the man and squats to speak.

“Information à guérir..” (Information to cure.) Louise says quietly, as he holds his throat, face red. He nods furiously and she tosses him a small vial with only a momentary solution. The man gasps for breath and watches her in worry. The german general points to a briefcase hidden under a seat in the theater. She gives him a smile and pats his shoulder with her black leather gloved hand.

Louise grabs the briefcase, opening it quickly to grab the few files inside. The man tries to crawl away, a knife leaves her left thigh and lodges itself into the man’s right ankle. The man screams loudly as Louise stands with the files in hand. She speed walks to the man a few feet away, grabbing her knife free as she leant down to the man.

“Au revoir.” (Goodbye.) She says and walks to the exits only a single guard steps in to check, his body surging up to pull his gun free as he sees her knife. Louise lets it loose from her right hand, throwing it into the guard’s chest. The guard falls back clutching the knife as the German general begins his coughing fits again, this time quickly resulting in his final shout of pain before he becomes unconscious from her poison.

“Aidez moi! Quelqu'un est mort!” (Help me! Someone is dead)

Louise screams after sprinting through the theater, to alarm people in panic so she could disappear. Yells from guards and civilians alike erupt, as at least 100 people filled the large auditorium and scattered to exit. A guard shouts towards Louise as she sprints through the crowd, her body mingling with the crowd as she darts out into the dark Parisian streets. Louise enters the large crowd of minds, inducing many of them to scream louder and to be filled with intense fear. The movement doubled in quantity, screams and shouts filling the air as she disappeared like a phantom into darkness. She runs to a car, a fellow male spy quickly switching the car on and speeds off. Guards and people fill the streets as the car speeds away, information about H.Y.D.R.A. and certain bases acquired from the mission.

Louise slows to a stop, her eyes catching a newspaper in London with a large heading. She lays a few coins on the news stand and takes a paper.

‘Blonde Phantom Strikes Again: Is She Helping Captain America?

She stares at the name and smirks, rolling her eyes as she sees the article about Captain America’s social climb and her own spy work that has helped the U.S. government against H.Y.D.R.A.


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- maybe spelling errors

Louise sits up, her body relaxed, her mind empty. A doctor sitting in a plain metal chair shoots up, as Louise stares at her. Her eyes dilate slightly; the doctor steps to her calmly, never leaving her eyesight.

Change clothing with me.” She sweetly says in her mind, and the doctor begins to change from her pants, shirt and medical coat into the long blue medical dress. Louise lets her rest onto the bed, knowing her brain, head will ache for some time after. The fluorescent lights above them flicker in dimness as Louise stared in confusion, her mind opening for any presence around them.

Steven!’ She hears Dr. Erskine yells in his mind, her body moving quickly to the door. 

Louise sprints down a hall, following the darkness in the halls to the main area of experimenting. She freezes as shouts of shutdown fill the air, her mind picking up Steve’s immense pain from the glowing metal container she knew he stood strapped in.

“Shut it down, Mr. Stark!” Erskine yells, and Louise moves quickly to the container.

“No! I can do this!” Steve yells; Louise standing slightly back, concentrating on Steve to calm and push back harder.

“Eighty…. Ninety…. That’s 100%.” The light grows brighter from the glass opening, an electrical hum increasing louder as everyone backs away. Sparks erupt from all of the equipment around them, assistants jumping back as the container charges.

The light stops, the hum from the container dying down as several sparks flash once more before ending. Everyone in the display above stands for a closer look, Louise moves forward with Dr. Erskine, who still glanced at her in confusion along with many others.

“Mr. Stark.” The Doctor yells, Howard switching up the latch to open the standing container. The doors and top lift, revealing a very tall, built, shirtless Steve. His body mass and height are extraordinarily different than expected. Louise is the first to move up, grabbing an arm with Erskine to help him down.

“Steven. Steven.” Erskine said, as Howard took Louise’s place and Agent Carter moved next to her to see.

“We did it.” Steve says breathless, now very much taller than before. She stares at him with a smile, his blue eyes looking up to see her.

“Lou?” He says, confused as Louise looked radiant, stronger, better, than she ever was before.

“We did it, darlin’.” She jokes slightly with the nickname, and the two extras pitch in.

“I think we did it.” Erskine says,

“You actually did it.” Howard says, and Louise moves slightly to let Agent Carter, Peggy, see Steve.

“How do you feel?” She asks, and Steve breathes in scanning everything around him.

“Taller.” He says after Peggy held her hand in front of his chest and then grabbed a shirt for him.

“You look taller.” Peggy replies, as Louise feels a presence in the crowded lab they stood in. Her mind no longer inhibited, free flowing to persuade or induce a state to any government officials, doctors, and friends in the room.

“Louise?” Erskine says as she turns away from them, the small group quieting at her movement. The Doctor follows her eyesight to find a quiet man behind everyone else, standing on the empty metal staircase alone. The man flicks out a metal lighter, his hand flicking the starter. 

The display room above explodes in flames, glass shattering down into the lab amongst all of the people. Shouts fill the air as the fire dies down and the Erskine rises back up from the crouching crowd.

“Stop him!” The Doctor yells as the man grabs the last vial of teal Super Soldier Serum. The man; a spy, turned back, shooting Erskine in the chest twice. Steve grabs the Doctor, checking him as Peggy shoots the man a couple times before following up the steps. Louise sees Erskine touch Steve’s chest, pointing to his heart, before his eyes close and his heart stops.

“Give me that.” Louise says, grabbing a gun from a Senator, she believed, and ran up the steps. Steve sprinting just up behind her as they chased back up through the bunker into the Brooklyn Antique shop. 

Louise shoots through the front store doors, holding it open for Steve as he charges out, tackling Peggy out from the street from the spy speeding by in a taxi car.

“Steve!” Louise shouts, her bare feet picking up speed as she sprinted hard after the car, moving into the street to race next to Steve. 

“Pick a side!” She shouts, the taxi getting close to a turn.

“Left!” He shouts, her mind expanding its range heavily far down the road. The spy cries out from inside the car from her manipulation, making him turn left before her range cuts out.

Steve sprints out, she watches as he speeds off to the closest left, her chest moving slightly as she sees Peggy standing in the middle of the street. She jogs back to Peggy, quickly glancing around for another vehicle.

“We better catch up.” Louise jokes, running to an agency car with her. Peggy takes the wheel, speeding by and following the chaos towards Steve and the spy.


Louise sat on a separate table in a separate room from Steve, her blood being taken by a nurse for examination. The government already then knowing of her experiment as well as Steve’s. She was sitting alone, as she saw Steve exit with Peggy. She smiled slightly as the doctor’s step away and left her room. She stood quickly, manipulating a nurse to unlock the door quickly as she tried to leave secretly. 

Her body hid behind walls as she got in range to hear Colonel Phillips, other Senators, Steve, Howard, and Peggy. Her head turned to listen closely, footsteps heading her direction as she pushed back to not be noticed. The figure steps into the hall she stood in, a soldier turned to face her, gesturing for her to step out. She sighs, her body turning to step out. Steve glances back to her, Peggy and Howard doing the same as a Senator from the lab stood facing her.

“Miss Grant. I’ve seen, or rather heard, of how you are going to be treated in the near future. I would like to give you a special chance to help your country, as I suspect you went through a similar event as Mr. Rogers here.” Senator Brandt, she believed, spoke. Louise looks to Steve, his head giving her a nod of assurance, maybe.

Louise gives the Senator a nod to continue, his hand lightly touching her sweater clad bicep and moving her away from Steve and Peggy. Her head turned to give Steve a confused look before returning her attention to the man.

“I have a delicate situation that you would have to train for, but requires your specific skill.” The Senator words, and she pulls back slightly.

“My looks, combat training, bilingualism, medical training, or the super soldier serum ?” Louise responds flatly with crossed arms, the Senator raising his brow at her words and tone.

“Fine, straight forward then. We have an undercover ally in a certain corporation, and the commander is very open to a woman of your description. Your new genetics and assets would be a great assistance to figure out intel and deliver special orders.” He replies just as bluntly, and Louise glances back as she sees Steve leaving the room with Peggy.

“I’m your only way to freedom, if you agree to work as a specialist in the field. You’d be out in the open, able to help your ‘friends’ as Dr. Erskine accepted you in for. All you need to do is missions for your United government.” Senator Brant finishes, and holds a file out with specifics.

“To a limit of course, Senator.” She bargains, and he smiles, letting her grab the folder.

“Of course, Miss Grant.”


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