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waves--6821·4 months agoText

Rambles of a Lost Girl


  • My life is the same everyday. Wake up at random times, eyes instantly on my phone. Not even to call, or text someone, just to have something to do. Nothing changes except if family visits randomly.
  • Same music, same style, every day.
  • Overthinking, to the maxXxxX…
  • Hypothetical conversations to myself, about someone, about something (past, present, and future included).
  • Complaining about it, and doing absolutely nothing.
  • Side friend, or when available for others.
  • Unfortunately, anti-social, socially awkward, an introvert, and lack of self confidence are always number one.

Just thoughts and feelings poured out. Yep, that’s the description 🙃.

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waves--6821·5 months agoText

- Full title: Love and War, based on a song by Fleurie

- Mostly edited, and hopefully better than original series.

-Warnings: violence, mention of wounds/blood??

WC: 1300 or less

*I do not own any gifs or pictures*

3rd Pov.


Rose steps forward as Steve leads them ready for the fight. They begin to jog, turning into a full sprint as they clash, those few flying in the air to crash together. Rose slides against the ground again, making T’Challa jump over her as she turns to stand and flips in the air towards Spider-Man.

She dodges Wanda’s moving debris, kicking the boy as she lands. He falls to the ground as Rose moves towards Wanda who threw Natasha against something away from Clint.

“Go to the jet, use the code 69251, it’ll open the door and check the hack. It should be close.” She urges as the boy stands and shoots at her. Rose flicks her hand for the shot to divert to the concrete. Spider Man slings himself at her, his feet connecting to her back as she hit the ground hard.

“I’m sorry.” Spider Man speaks through his mask, as Rose’s helmet was cracked. She pulls the plastic eye cover from the helmet, her face covered in a thin white mask except her eyes. She stands and kicks up hitting his abdomen, and flipping around to kick his legs out.

Rose diverts away, kicking T’Challa away from Bucky last minute as Wanda throws him through a metal walkway. She pulls Bucky to stand, giving him a nod as she rushes towards the Prince.

“You two get to the jet. The rest of us aren’t getting out of here.” Sam says through comms as Steve looks back to Rose who hits and dodges T’Challa’s movements with swiftness.

“Go, Cap. I’ll be good.” She reassures after a moment, kicking T”Challa, which he dodged. Rose sprints away, making him chase her as she barely saw Scott running on a wheel of an airport vehicle.

“Need a ride?” She asks, running towards the wheel, by jumping over and under things. She holds her hand out last second and he jumps into her palm. Rose jumps onto some crates, climbing to the fourth crate up, quickly throwing Scott mid air to catch up to Rhodes. Scott grew into a gigantic version of himself and caught Rhodes, as T’Challa hit Rose down.

T’Challa leaves her as he goes after Steve and Bucky; Rose watches as Rhodey flings Spider-Man onto Scott. She quickly jumps to a stand, running towards a swatting giant Ant-Man. She runs up the side of a truck, kicking off the roof of it with her powers, her body flying through the air to land on his moving arm.

“I got your back.” Rose meant literally as she slid off his shoulder and down his back towards Spider-Man. He yelps as she kicks him free, falling towards the concrete as she punched him down farther. His webs hitting her side and making her fly off against a plane, a huge hole forming into the plane as she laid inside of it in pain.

“Rose!” Steve yells as they fight T’Challa. Rose grunts, moving to stand as she jumps from the plan. A large cut runs down her left side, a light red stain beginning to form as her suit was cut through. A few of them pausing their fighting, as she hears the jet being taken off. 

Rose grunts loudly as she holds her arms out, holding all of the remaining Avengers down to keep the jet going freely. She throws them with her force as the jet clears the airport but flies close out. Some take off after it, Spider-Man particularly pausing to watch her.

“Are you-” A motorcycle screeches through the runway, stopping straight in front of her. She climbs on, gesturing for Wanda to get a ride to leave. 

“Make sure she gets out, Steve will kill us if she isn’t good.” Clint yells keeping the others at bay. She climbs on quickly, as Rose takes off a few of the others try to stop them as Wanda keeps them distracted, as Rose clears the airport and disappears towards Berlin again.

Rose grunts, glancing at her thin cuts now, her healing generating faster due to her cells.

“I’d keep to yourself for awhile. There’s some money in that drawer, plenty to live off of for a few weeks.” Rose gestures to a drawer in her hotel room where Wanda stood in new clothes.

“Where are you going then?” Wanda asks, pulling a large bag full of cash free.

“America. Returning to my Father, my identity is safe, for now.” 

“Are you going to be alright?” Wanda pushes as Rose slides her white suit into her small backpack and tosses the helmet in the room trash can.

“Yeah, I heal quickly. If you need something write to this address, it’s my Father’s apartment in New York. He has many houses, but that is the one that will get me notified if you need anything. I got to go, I have a flight from London in 12 hours.” Rose says, grabbing her bag and beginning to leave.

“Thank you for this, and for Steve, though you did get hurt.” She says, and Rose smirks.

“It’s worth it, if it’s right. Tell him if you see him, keep in touch.” Rose says, disappearing form the hotel as she caught a train towards Belgium and onto London.

*A few weeks later, STILL IN THE PAST*

“Rosabelle Burkhart?” A voice said behind her; Rose stood along a boardwalk in Maryland. She doesn’t answer guessing by the voice and the odds in her mind.

“Tony Stark.” She replies as he sits next to her on a bench facing the ocean at night time.

“Are you doing alright? From what I know, Spider-Man gave you a nasty cut.” He asks, keeping his face straight.

“That was from the impact in the plane, not him. Anyway, I’m good. I would ask how you found me, but that seems like a dumb question.” Rose replies as he nods with a smirk.

“I’d like for your to accept an internship with me.” He says, her face finally looking towards his.


“Because you have talent, and you have a power that comes with responsibility.”

“Not one of those speeches, please.”

“Okay, fine. I’d like for you to become apart of the Avengers.” He says, looking at her now as well.

“There are no more avengers.” She responds and he sighs in acknowledgment.

“That’s why I recruited Spider-Man, and now you. I want you to be better than those of us who were the Avengers. For you to be a hero for the world, for you to make choices better than we did. For you to be your best self, free in the world.” Tony says, and Rose looks back towards the ocean.

“What do you want me to do?” She asks softly, as he stares with her.

“I want you to be Spider-Man’s partner, for you to learn together, for you to be your own hero in your own way.” He finishes, as he pulls out a briefcase and hands it to her.

“What is this?”

“A suit, a separate headset with a lower face mask and glasses with your own AI in them.”

“I haven’t agreed yet.” Rose says standing holding the case in hand as Tony stepped away.

“I know you’ll do the right thing if it comes down to it, or at least I hope so.” He finishes with a smirk as he leaves and Rose stares at the case. She pushes at the diamond symbol in the middle of the case. It pops out, a set of ear comms inside the small lining hole. 

She grabs one and slide sit into her right ear, Tony’s chuckles filled the air as she smirked to herself.

‘Spider-Man is in New York, specifically Queens. His name is Peter Parker.’

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waves--6821·5 months agoText

- Full title: Love and War, based on a song by Fleurie

- Mostly edited, and hopefully better than original series.

- Warnings: violence, in the past

- WC: 1000 or so

*I do not own any gifs or pictures*


3rd Pov.


(Not doing italics as it may take the whole chapter)

“He should be good.” Clint finishes as the man stumbles out.

“What time zone is this?” The man asks, glancing at Rose who he scrunched his eyebrows at.

“Who’s the kid?” He asks, and Rose rolls her eyes.

“I’m Rosabelle, Rose.” She says, and the man looks away to see Steve.


“Rose, your mission is to get the jet working. No doubt, Tony has some kind of mechanism to keep it from being taken.” Rose nods as they were all in their suits, ready to fight.

“I need you away from the main action, I’m not letting you fight.” Steve adds, and Rose steps forward to face him.

“Honestly, Captain, you wouldn’t be able to stop me.” She adds, and Steve smirks impressed for a moment as he got back to the task at hand.


Rose pulls on the white helmet, the black tinted cover hiding her face as she separated from the group, Steve heading out alone as a countermeasure through the parking zones of the airline.

Rose rushes through the parking garage of the abandoned airport, sprinting through the first floor of the airport. She pauses before a locked door of the jet, she flung her hand, the door flying completely off. It lands next to the jet softly, as she used her powers to make it hover to the ground quietly.

She rushes through the jet, attaching a metal device to a back hanger. A projected screen appears before it, numbers calculating to open the door. The numbers rearrange for a few seconds longer as it combines a five digit number and unlocks the door lowering to the ground.

“Rose.” Sam whispers as they still watch Steve talking to Tony’s group: James Rhodes (War Machine), Natasha, Spider-Man, and the Black Panther (aka T’Challa). 

Rose steps in, jogging to the pilot seat and setting the metal device on the command switches, the program beginning to hack in as it showed a loading sign as it decoded the protection unit.

“Sam, it’s gonna take some time, it’s fighting many firewalls and unscrambling codes.” Rose replies, scanning over the numbers and codex.

“Stay with it, keep it free. We’re heading towards you.” Sam orders, and Rose nods to herself, a feeling of slight helplessness hitting her.

“You are helping by accessing the jet.” She says to herself, as she checks the projecting blue screen.

“You could go out and help Cap distract them as the code works.” She persuades herself quietly, as her feet quickly moved on their own to exit the jet.

“Hey, the code for the jet door is 69251. I’ve reseted it, it’s the only way to get in.” Rose yells, sprinting back through the airport to meet up with Wanda and Clint.

“No, stay back.”

“Sorry, I can’t. I left the device, it won’t leave a trace. Tony won’t know it’s there until it’s accessed at 75%. Which’ll be in 4 minutes.”

Rose rushes to a stop next to Wanda, she gives her a look, which Rose counters.

“I can’t just be the IT girl, I have to do something.”

“You don’t even know what we are doing this for.” Wanda replies, and Rose nods in agreement.

“I know, I can guess pretty easily though. The government made you guys sign those accords, Prince T’Challa’s father was killed along with many others. Bucky looks like the supposed assailant, and Cap chose his side along with the rest of you. I can trust Steve’s decision, if I know you all have my back.” Rose finishes as Clint was also listening to her.

“You’re a pretty good kid, aren’t you?” He questions for a minute before looking back out to Steve.

“I’ve known my fair share of pain, heroism, and justice. I also have a cell phone and a TV.” She adds, and they chuckle as they all look to see Steve as Sam spoke through the comms.

“We got eyes on the jet in Hanger 5, Rose set up the device.” Sam says as Clint raises his bow back with an arrow ready. Steve shoots attached hands up. Clint fires his arrow, slicing through the white substance around his hands.

Scott, the Ant-Man, grows to his normal height, kicking Spider Man in the face as he hands Steve his shield back. Iron Man flies in the air, heading towards Rose, Wanda and Clint. Steve chases after the Black Panther, who was after Bucky and Sam.

Clint keeps Rose close as they sprint onto the runway, dodging Iron Man’s rockets as they blew up around them. Rose turns and flings a wave of force towards Tony, distracting for a second as Clint and Wanda continue sprinting and she rushes towards Steve.

Rose slides across the concrete, kicking out T’Challa’s legs as Cap dodges his claw strikes with his shield. She stands quickly as War Machine slams a large glowing bat against Steve’s shield. A loud crashing sound vibrated through the air, hitting those few close. Rose moves help Cap stand.

Steve gives her a warning look, as she shrugs and stands ready to fight. Rose jogs at T’Challa, using her power to dodge his claws. She uses her power force in the punches as he flips back from a power kick.

Steve flips to dodge Rhodes, Rhodey or War Machine, and kicks him down. Scott appears as Rose kicks T’Challa back again and lands back next to them.

“Cap, heads up!” Scott tosses a small gasoline truck into Steve’s hand, holding up a blue disk.

“Throw it at this. Now!” Scott yells as he throws the disk and Steve tosses the truck. The truck now growing to full 3 ton size in the air after hitting the disk.

It explodes on impact on top of Rhodes, flames flying everywhere as Rose ducks slightly to avoid shrapnel. Steve pulls her to sprint towards the jet, everyone meeting a couple hundred feet away as Steve led the way.

A yellow laser beam burns a line in front of them, Vision speaking as he lowered down to the ground and they stopped moving.

“You must surrender now.” Vision finishes as he touches the ground and everyone on Tony Stark’s side lands on the opposite side of the line, the same of Steve’s ready for a fight.

“What do we do, Cap?” Sam asks, and Steve takes a step forward.

“We fight.”

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waves--6821·5 months agoText

- Full title: Love and War, based on a song by Fleurie

- Mostly edited, and hopefully better than original series.

Warnings: fluff, fighting/violence

WC: 886, I think

- I do not own any gifs or pictures*


3rd Pov.

*A week later*

Rosabelle sighs, her hands zipping her small duffel bag shut as she glances to the letter on her white wooden desk. She grabs it softly, looking up to her Father who stood in her doorway..

“Are you ready?” He asks, moving to hold her duffel bag in his hand. His brown eyes scanning her matching ones as she nods.

“I have to talk to Peter. I’m making a stop in Scotland, before I meet you.” She adds, passing him in the hallway.

“I’ll drive. What is in Scotland?” Daniel, her Father, asks;making Rose tense only for a second.

“Something for Mr. Stark, for the internship, since we’re going to Europe.” She lies, sliding her letter into her small bag.

“I’ll also be there in a day or so, I’ve got to finish some work here.” He continues after nodding to her statements, surprising her slightly as he follows her to the door.

“You can’t be protective of me if you see him.” Rose continues as he locks the door behind them.

“I’m your Father, it’s apart of the job description.” He pushes as they walk down the stairs of their apartment building.

“You’ve sucked at important parts, Dad.” She responds back with a playful glare.

“Okay, I can get behind that. But that doesn’t mean I won’t think about doing it.” He adds lastly as they step out into the nightlife of Queens towards his SUV.

Rose steps out from the SUV, quickly hoping to catch Peter getting ready for sleep. She pauses before his Aunt’s apartment door, quietly knocking as Peter answers it with a toothbrush in his mouth. Suddenly choking, he ran to the sink and washed his mouth quickly. Peter rushes back with a shirt on and an embarrassed smile.

“Hey, Pete.” She says with a smirk as he chuckles and pulls her in for a soft kiss. He smiles as he pulls back looking down to connect their hands.

“What’s going on?” He questions and she looks back up at him.

“I have to go.”

“Oh, where?”
“Scotland, then Bucharest.”

“Really, why?”

“I got to help someone, then I’m going to meet with my Father to go meet someone.” He pauses his questions as she gives him a slight smile.

“Right now?”

“Yeah, my Father’s going later. I’ll text you once I land, and let you know how everything is going.” She promises and he sighs with a smile and kisses her again.

“Don’t have to much fun while I’m gone.” Rose jokes lastly as he hugs her and pulls away.

“I will try not to.” She gives him another last kiss and pulls away, disappearing from his hallway as she headed off to Scotland.


Rosabelle speeds to a stop in a parking garage, kicking the stand out of the stolen motorcycle she got from some man in Berlin. She pulls off the white helmet from her head, her face becoming revealed to a small group of people in front of her.

She steps forward in her white jumpsuit, cautiously watching as she stopped ahead of two men another behind a small blue car.

“Rosabelle.” Steve, Captain America, says holding his hand out. She shakes his with a light grip, glancing to the two others.

“This is Sam Wilson, that’s Bucky.” He gestures to the man next to him and lastly to the other man on the other side of a yellow VW beetle.

“Not to be mean in anyway, but she’s just a kid, Steve.” Sam says, and she glances to him with a sigh.

“I’m here because my Father wants me to make connections, mostly. He said he owed a favor.” Rose responds and the man looked her up and down.

“What do you do?” A woman behind her asks, Rose stepping out to the side as she turns to the woman and another man.

“I’m a mutant.” Rose replies casually, as the others besides Steve looked at her in curiosity.

“A mutant?” Bucky says, hoping for an elaboration. 

“Yeah, the cells in my body were mutated prematurely, also know as I was born with mutated cells that gave me powers. I basically have telekinesis, but I think it is more of it as a force from within me than moving things with my mind.” She pauses, as Steve gives her a nod to continue.

“I can use my hands as a focus of it, or just use my body. I use it to make things fly, smash, crash, hover, etc. I can fly because of the force of it, but I usually just drive, illegally.” She adds at the end, with fake smirk.

The fourth man chuckles with his arms crossed, holding one hand out for a handshake.

“Clint Barton.” He says, and Rose gives him a slight grin.

“Wanda.” The woman next to says, and speaks.

“I was made a mutant, as that is the term for you.” She says to her, and Rose looks at her.

“Well, I’d say let’s cut this short, we need to be ready.” Steve says, and looks to Clint.

“So, how about our other recruit?” Steve says, and Clint turns towards the white van behind him.

“He’s all ready to go. Had to put a little coffee into him.” The van door opens loudly, and the man inside it jerks awake

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waves--6821·5 months agoText

- Full title: Love and War, based on a song by Fleurie

- Mostly edited, and hopefully better than original series. 

- Also, I have changed Rosabelle into more of a fighter in the next series in the story. She is more fierce and capable than I had wrote her in the first series.

- Warnings: fluffff

-WC: 1012, or maybe a little less

- *I do not own any gifs or pictures*


3rd Pov.



Rose stood before Peter, his eyes low as she covered her right arm with his blue hoodie. Her father stands next to them, his hands holding her bag. She stared at him, her face flushed from soft tears.

“Peter.” She whispers shakily, her father stepping away towards his large SUV. Peter glances up slightly, his eyes red from brimming tears.

“I can’t stay here anymore.” Rose continues, her lips trembling.

“It is not safe for you. For anyone. I can’t control myself anymore. More of the stones have been appearing in my arm. I can barely control my power, Peter.” She says stepping closer, Peter keeping his head down as he held himself together.

“I won’t hurt you. Not like this, I can’t do this to anyone.” She finishes, standing directly in front of him as she awaited for him to face her. He keeps quiet, a tear falling from his cheek as Rose let out a sob. She stepped back, Peter quickly looking up at her. He grabs her arm, pulling her tight against his chest.

Rose sobbed into his neck, his arms holding her tightly as a hand pulled her face back up. Their lips smashed harshly together, every emotion pouring through him into her heart, her soul. He pulls back to breathe, his lips pushing against her forehead.

My father grabs my right arm pulling me away, as I reach for Peter. Peter stares with tears as my father pulls me towards his car.

“Peter!” I scream, and Peter stands defeated.

“Rose!” He yells, and I quit, stopping my fight in my father’s arms.

“I love you.” He says, and steps back watching as my father pushed me into his car and slammed the car door closed.


Peter flew up from his bed, his forehead flying up to hit the bars from the top bunk.

“Ow!” He yells, his body flailing around till he falls straight off the bed. He huffed in annoyance, his eyes rolling as he stared up in his dark bedroom. His alarm clock showing the time in red glowing numbers. 

‘2:15 AM’

Peter slowly sits up, sweat dripping through his hair, covering his face and chest. His breaths become even after a few moments, his thoughts upon his dream. Peter glances towards his desk ahead of him, his eyes capturing the lights from the city that shined upon his spider suit. He scrambles towards it, tripping on his blanket once before crawling up his desk chair to grab his mask.

Peter softly slips it on, staring around his room as he touched his ear piece inside it.

“Karen, call Rosa.” He whispers, as the sound of a phone line ringing filled his ears.

‘Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring.’

“Come on, Rose.”

‘Ring, ring, ring… Hey! It’s Rose, call me back.’ 

‘It has went to voicemail, would you like me to call again?’ Karen asks, as Peter sighs.

“No, just send a voicemail.”

‘What would you like to send?’

“Hey, it’s Peter. Just checking on you. Yeah, that’s.. Umm. That’s it. I just wanted to talk to you…Bye.. Call me back… It’s Peter by the way… Why would I say that, she knows its me.” He whispers at the end as the message ends. He pulls it off slowly, his body moving to stand in front of his window. 

The city still quietly moving from below; Peter grabs his hoodie, quickly maneuvering it on. He pulls his window open, quickly shutting it after as he climbed the walls above his window for a better vantage point. He shoves off quickly, a web flying from his wrist as he slings through the city streets. Passing block by block towards Rose’s apartment, he slows to the building across her own. His movements quick as he sprinted off the roof and landed on the fire escape. He winced at the loudness of his landing.

Peter softly moves in front of her window, his gloved hand pushing it open just as smooth. He crawls in slowly, the window only slightly open as he fell to the ground. He pauses, sighing quietly at his lack of dexterity at the moment. His head slowly rises after a few breaths, checking Rose’s bed for any movement.

Peter closes her window, pulling the curtain closed as he checked her cracked doorway next. Sensing her father was gone he closed the door, he pulls his hoodie off along with his boots and gloves. Rose softly shifts on her bed, revealing her navy coloured night dress and black short shorts. He lowers to her side of the bed, pulling his grey shirt from his torso. 

Rose shifts slightly, her eyes softly opened, staring into his blue ones. A smile crept onto her lips as Peter stretches to lay next to her. She moves closer to the wall on her twin bed, Peter hovering over her as she moved. His hand delicately traced her jaw, her eyes staring up at him as he lowered his body against her own.

Rose leaned forward, her lips caressing his neck as he tensed. She pulls back slowly, moving her lips airily against his jaw, getting closer to his lips. Peter slides his left hand behind her head, holding her neck in place, his right hand sliding to hold the left side of her face. He pauses just above her lips, her eyes scanning his own for everything.

“I really like you.” He says, her smile widening as she leaned forward again to close the gap.

“I really like you too.” She replies with a laugh, Peter chuckles with her as he hugged her close. He leans to give her a soft kiss, lowering softly next to her to sleep once again.

“Night.” She whispers back in her sleepy state, her breaths softening into quiet snores. He scans over her face from behind her, looking over her shoulder one last time before leaning back onto her bed.  He sighs silently lastly as his eyes close, the night hours disappearing into a bright dawn as they stayed together.

~I hoped you guys enjoyed the first chapter, and I’d love you’re feedback.

-Let me know if you want to be in the tag list! ;>


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waves--6821·5 months agoText


Basically an announcement that I’m editing the second series of Love and War, which is my Marvel story with Peter Parker.

I’m gonna add sort of a rendition of a cast list, or what I imagine the character to look like.

*all gifs, and pictures are not mine*

Avengers: as themselves of course ;’) :

Roseabelle inspiration:

Rose’s Father ;) :

Rose’s Mother:

*might change inspo, but I like her*

Let me know if you wanna be tagged for the regular series, also how if any of you have enjoyed the first series. Also, it will be over 15 chapters, hopefully with flashbacks and stuff tooo.

Love and War Masterlist

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waves--6821·9 months agoText

{Hey, so this is my Stranger Things fanfic that I have started once again. I will be posting by part, instead of waiting. I will also post it on Wattpad, on my account im_just_fangirling . I hope you guys enjoy it!}

Warnings: nothing really, just maybe too much detail that makes it drag.. whatever 

*Not my gif*

Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers

part 1

3rd POV.

Leona stared at herself, her dark wooden desk covered in papers and pens. Her green eyes bright against her light ivory skin, her eyes scanning the large mirror attached to the top of it.

She pulled out a drawer, grabbing a comb and some oils. Leona sits down in a dark wooden chair, with brown fabric cushioning. She slowly combs out tangles from her thick red hair, each strand claiming around her face and shoulders. She glances at her clock, 6:45, and rubs the oils through her hair.

She sets the things back into the dark drawer, closing it and stepping to her closet. Sliding the white panelled door to the left, her hands grab a shirt, jacket, pants, socks, and shoes. She closes it after, and turns to the bed.

Leona pulls on the pair of dark blue jeans, buttoning them and grabbing the short t-shirt. Red, blue, and yellow thin horizontal lines decorated it; she lifts it over, pulling it down and moves to sit on her bed.

Leona slides on the white socks and slips on her dark brown ankle boots. She grabs her light brown jacket and slips it on; moving towards her grey bag on her bed. She slides in a notebook and a walkie-talkie inside it, zipping it up quickly and stepping to her white door.

She turns left, moving through the hallway and turning left again down the stairs. She passes the front door and moves into the heavily wooden interiored kitchen. Seeing her step-brother standing with a bowl of cereal, she glances at him and steps closer to grab a muffin from a basket on the large island.

“Do you want a ride?” He asks, his mouth full of food.

“Nope.” She says as she goes back to the front door and leaves through it quickly.

“Hey, Leo.” Someone says behind Leona as she rode her bike towards school. Dustin, Mike, and Lucas riding by her as she rode with them towards their school.

“Have you seen Will today?” Mike asks, and Leona shakes her head as she climbs off her bike and follows them with it as they reached the middle school lot.

“Step right up and get your tickets for the freak show.” Two other kids say, as Leona steps up behind them, her taller height intimidating to many.

“Who do you think would make more money in a freak show?” The dark haired one asks, as Leona watches them silently.

“Midnight, Frogface, or Toothless?” The dark haired kid hitting Lucas, Mike, and Dustin at each nickname. Leona glances down as she see both of the bullies’ feet close together. She smirks above them and backs a little away. Kicking her bike stand down and stepping back up to them.

“Freak!” The dark haired bully yells, and she gets close and lifts her left foot high above both of the bullies’ feet. She slams her body weight into the stomp, making both of the boys yell out and jump away. Lucas, Mike and Dustin staring in shock as Leona shoves them to the ground and steps up to the trio.

“If I see Jonathan, I’ll ask.” She tells them as she turns back, making a quick jumps forward close to the bullies, making them jump away in fear. She smiles with triumph, as she quickly kicks her bike stand up and petals to the high school before a teachers came.

1st Pov.

I pass through the tan halls, my bag feeling heavy as I step towards my locker on the right. I spin in my code, opening it and sliding my art stuff into it. My eyes glancing around for Jonathan, his usual mop of light brown hair missing from the busy hallway. I push towards the office, passing Steve Harrington, a charmer, and his new fling with Nancy Wheeler. I sigh, as I grab the phone the school has for teachers only in the teachers lounge, adjacent to the office. I dialed my uncle’s personal sheriff phone.

“Come on, Hop.” I say quietly, as the line rung.


“Hop, its Leo.”

“Why are you calling’ me? Aren’t you at school?”

“Hop, is Will Byers missing?” I ask.

“Why? What do-”

“Hello?” A female voice says.

“It’s Joyce, Will’s mother.”

“Hi, Ms. Byers. It’s Leona.” I say.

“Leona? Have you seen Will?’

“No, that’s why I’m asking. I saw the boys this morning and I said I’d ask Jonathan. Is he there?”

“No, he’s at home. Please let me know if you find anything.”

“Of course.” I say and hang up as a teacher almost catches me and I ran towards the library.

[Original Cover]


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waves--6821·9 months agoText

I’m gonna do a Stranger Things story with Billy Hargrobe, only on Wattpad. Because it’ll more than likely be to long to put on here. I’ll post when it’s actually up.

This is the real cover I made for it, but it is different on Wattpad, since I made it fit.

  • Anyways, if you’re interested check it out im_just_fangirling , which is my Wattpad account. Forewarning, there ar eold stores on my account that are just horrible, and some that just are okay. Just saying, 😅.
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Love - Spider Man Homecoming ~ Chapter 16 [FINALE]

- Full title: Love and War, based on a song by Fleurie

- Warnings: a bit of angst, love stufff, flufffff

1st Pov. Rose

“Take a look. It’s pretty impressive, huh?“ Happy says, Peter sitting the back staring at the remodeled Avengers buildings. I glance from the back next to him, watching as we park. I climb form the car, Peter coming around and grabbing my hand. He steps after Happy on some stairs, and through a building.

Happy pauses as Peter steps forward, seeing a jet take off into the sky.

“You don’t see that every day.” Happy says as Stark appear behind them.

“Oh, there they are.” He says and pauses in front of us.

“How was the ride up?” He asks, glancing between Peter and I.

“Good.” Happy replies.

“Give me a minute with the kids.” Stark says, glancing to Happy.

“Seriously?” He asks, and Stark gives him a curt nod.


“I gotta talk to the kids.” He continues, and Happy glances to us.

“I’ll follow close behind.” He says, and Stark turns slightly.

“How about a loose follow? All right? Boundaries are good.” Stark says as he wraps his arms over Peter’s and mine’s shoulders and begins to walk.

“Sorry I took your suits. I mean, you had it coming. Actually, it turns out it was… the perfect tough-love moment that you needed.” Tony says, and I glance at the ground.

“To urge you on, right? Wouldn’t you think? Don’t you think?” He continues and Peter looks at me.

“I guess.

“Let’s just say it was.” Tony pauses, sighing deeply as we neared a large glass door.

“Mr. Stark, I really”

“You screwed the pooch har, big time. But then you did the right thing.” Tony says, glancing ahead at the door.

“Took the dog to the free clinic, you raised the hybrid puppies… All right, not my best analogy.” He says as the doors slide open and we continue onto the room.

“I was wrong about you, both of you.” He says and we enter the room.

“I think, with a little more mentoring.. You could be a real asset to the team.” Tony says, and we pause ahead of a large round machine with a large Avengers ‘A’ covering it.

“To the–? To the team?” Peter stutters and I step to the side.

“Yeah.” I say, and Peter glances to me.

“Anyways, there’s about 50 reporters behind that door. Real ones, not bloggers.” Tony says, and I slip my ear comm in.

“Open it, Tommy.” I say to my AI, and the large machine opens and a metallic suit, remodel for Spider-Man.

“When you’re ready.. Why don’t you try that on? And I’ll introduce the world to the newest official member of the Avenger: Spider-Man.” Tony says, and Peter steps forward towards the suit.

“I..” He chuckles as if not believing it.

“Yeah, give that a look.” Tony adds as peter glances to me.

“So, after the press conference, Happy will show you to your room, your new quarters.” Tony continues.

“Where’s the between? He’s next to vision? Next to Rose?” Tony says and cringes slightly at the mention of my name.

“What?” Peter says, and glances to me. I was already far away, climbing up the stairs towards Vision’s room.


“Hey.” I say, and Vision glances up with a smile.

“Rosabelle, it’s good to see you.” He says, stepping to me and holding his hand out. I shake it lightly and glance towards the hallway.

“Are you going to Europe?” I ask, hoping no one heard.

“Yes.” He says, and I no turning back towards the door.

“I’ll do what I can to help you here. Just tell her I said, ’Hi.’ “ I say and step out, moving towards the stairs where Peter paused his ascent.

“Were you going to tell me?” He asks, and I nod moving next to him on the stairs and sit.

“Yes. This was where I was deciding to go.”

“So are you?” He asks, and glances up at me.

“No. I think it would be fun to stay neighborly.” I says and he sighs in relief and grabs my hand.

“You’re maturing some, Mr. Parker. I don’t know how I feel about that.” I say and he smiles as we run down outside towards Happy’s car.

3rd Pov.

“Look at them.” Pepper says, and Tony smirks as they climb into the car with smiles.

“They’ll do good.” Tony says and takes Pepper into the conference room.


1st Pov. Rose

I follow Peter to his room, a bag laying on his bed.

This belongs to you. TS

I smirk as he steps forward and opens the bag. I close his door, pulling off my bag and laying it on his floor. He changes into it quickly stepping around proudly, slowly pulling his mask off as he stops in front of me.

“So, you wanna go crime fighting?” I suggest and he nods with a smile. He leans down slightly, kissing me sweetly as he held my hips close to himself.

“What the-”

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Love - Spider Man Homecoming ~ Chapter 15

- Full title: Love and War; based on a song by Fleurie

- Warnings: fluff, angst, love stufff

1st Pov. Rose

I groan, my back aching as I saw I my father sitting next to me. I glance to see my bedroom, my clothes changed.

“Hey, dad.” I say quietly, and he glances to my wrist.

“Hey, Rosa.” He says just as quiet, and pulls my grey bag out.

“You better hurry and get dressed, or you’re gonna be late.” He says and stands moving towards the door.

“Dad, did you-”

“I’m understanding now, Rose. Don’t rush.” He says with a smile, the first smile I’ve seen in years.


I pass through the halls, searching for Peter as I saw him standing with Liz. I watch as he turns to see her leave, then turning towards me. He steps quickly by people, passing Ned as well as he slows to stand in front of me.

“You’re okay.” He says nervously, and I nod along with him.

“Yeah. Happy helped.” I say and slide a piece of hair behind my ear.

“I’m sorry, about everything. I really am.” He says, and I nod keeping my eyes down as most students went to class.

“Peter, if you would have just told me, I would have stayed back.”

“Would you have though?” I giggle shaking my head ‘no’.

“Okay, I wouldn’t have but at least you wouldn’t have gotten stuck.” I explain he nods along with a smirk.

“Would you be mad if I made a sudden move instead of waiting?” He asks, and I glance back up with my small smile.

“Maybe.” I reply, and Peter grabs my cheek, pulling me close as his lips touched mine. He holds me close, kissing deeply to make up. I pull back, breathing deeply as I glanced up at him.

“I was stupid for what I did. To choose something, someone I didn’t want anymore because of conflict.” He says, holding my right hand, hoping I would listen.

“It was stupid. But I’m willing to give you another try.” I say and he smiles, leading me towards the library.


“Congrats decathlon national champions. Yeah.” The coach says as we all gathered around a table and clap.

“I’ll have to put this back in the trophy case soon. But I’m just using it for motivation. I’ve been ahead of the game and wanted to appoint our new president.” The coach continues, and I move to sit next to Peter and Michelle.

“Michelle.” We all clap as she glances around at us.

“Thanks. My friends call me MJ.” She says, and Ned, next to her, speaks.

“I thought you didn’t have any friends.” He says, and she glances down at her hands.

“I didn’t.” She says and I hear Peter’s phone buzz.

“I gotta go.” He says and gives me a nod towards the door.

“Where you going, Peter? Are you hiding something?” Michelle says as Peter pauses, and I stand pushing my chair in and stepping towards the door.

“I’m just kidding. Bye.” She says and turns to face the others as Peter caught up to me and grabbed my hand.

“Who was it?” I ask, and he pauses in front of the restroom.

“I don’t know. I’ll go see. Will you wait?” He asks hopeful, still holding my hand.

“Go, Parker.” I say and shove his shoulder lightly. He chuckles and steps into the bathroom. I lean against the wall near it awaiting Peter.

“Come on, RB.” I hear Happy says as he appeared from the bathroom with Peter following him. Peter grabs my hand as we leave the school.

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Love - Spider Man Homecoming ~ Chapter 14

- Full title: Love and War; based on a song by Fleurie

- Warnings: angst, mentions if blood loss violence, pinch of fluff

1st Pov. Rose

“Hey!” I hear Peter voice, and I jerked hard against the cuff, my wrists beginning to bleed down the pole.


“Oh, hey, Pete. I didn’t hear you come in.” The man says, and turns to face Peter. I grunt, my wrist healing slowly as I kept struggling.

“It’s over. I’ve got you.” Peter says down the warehouse, his voice echoing from a distance.

“You know, I gotta tell you, Pete…. I really admire your grit. I see why Liz likes you.” The man replies sliding on his jacket with the feather like collar. I paused, looking back up at the man, who was also glancing at me.

“I do. When you first came to the house, I wasn’t sure. I thought, ‘Really?’. But I get it now.” The man says, and I groan my wrist sore as the skin of my wrist reappears and blood stops leaking. A tiny puddle was gathering next to my feet, my head becoming light as my body went to generate some more blood.

“How could you do this to her?” I hear Peter say, and my chest aches slightly. The man grins glancing to me.

“Me? How could you do this to her, Peter?” He says and gestures to me. Peter steps far enough forward, his body jerking forward slightly.

“Let her go. She has nothing to do with this.” Peter’s voice fills with fear, and I grin slightly, knowing he cares somewhat.

“She is part of this. Since you decided to mess with me and my business. You chose my daughter over her, I think it was good Liz found someone she likes. But for poor Rose, you run back to your crush instead of facing her.” The man says with a chuckle, as Peter glances down at the very slow growing pool of blood beneath my shoes.

“I know you know what I’m talking about, Peter.” The man says.

“Why are you telling me this?” Peter asks after listening to side rant about the rich and powerful.

“Because I want you two to understand. And.. I need a little time to get her airborne.” The man says, his winged metal suit flying towards Peter, him flipping over it and landing smoothly.

I shook against the cuffs once again, a beeping sound filling the air as they drop and I do so to my knees.

“Rose.” Peter yells as he jumps and flips continuously through the air, dodging wingsuits.

“I’m sorry, Peter.” The man says, sitting back up against the table, freeing his hand from a web Peter shot.

“What are you talking about? That thing hasn’t even touched me yet.” Peter boasts, awaiting the next one. I crawl on my hands and knees towards him, my body a little weak still.

“True. Then again… wasn’t really trying to.” The man says, a winged suit, slashing through the remaining concrete columns knocking the all down. The roof and other machines upon it caving in on him.

“Peter!” I yell moving to stand as the man grabs my hair, and I weakly grabbed his arm.

“Your turn.” He says and tosses me towards the rummage, some pieces of concrete still falling. I roll onto some of the large slabs of concrete, a large chunk falling towards me and slamming against the side of my head. Blackness filling my eyesight, as I felt a substance poured down the side of my neck.


I hear small grunts behind me, my head throbbing but I no longer feel weak. I feel sore, my joints creaking as I turn slightly.

“Peter.” I mumble, noises getting louder by every second.

“Rosa!” He screams, and my eyes open slowly.

“Come on, Peter. Do it for Rosa.” I hear him tell himself, concrete shuffling filling the air.

“Come on, Spiderman. Come on, Spiderman. Come on, Spiderman.” I hear him chant, the concrete cracking as Peter began to grunt.

“Come on, Spiderman!” He yells, grunting loudly as I feel concrete falling heavily to the ground. He yells out again, a loud boom filled the air, shaking the building.

“Rosa!” I hear him yell, his hands grabbing my face, trying to make me open my eyes.

“Peter..” I mumble and he moves my hair out of my face.

“Rosa. Are you hurt?” He asks checking for anything.

“No, just light headed. Blood loss.” I explain, my eyes hazily opening and focusing on him.

“I”m so sorry. I’m so sorry.” He says, laying his head on my abdomen. I rub my right hand through his hair lightly, as his arms move under my own and under my knees. He lifts me easily, moving to fly out.

“Peter. You need to go.” I try, and he doesn’t listen. Shooting his web out onto the next building, he flings forward landing swiftly with me in his arms.

“Peter.” I say, and he looks down at my face.

“Go. You need to go.” I say, and he shakes his head.

“We’ll talk later, I swear.” I try and he continues to shake his head.

“I swear on my growing love for you.” I say, and his head perks up, his eyes connecting to mine.

“You swear?’ He says, and I nod, reaching for his hand. He grabs mine and kisses it, leaning forward to kiss my forehead. He jumps up sprinting from the roof and onto a billboard sign. His web attaching to the winged suit of the man and flying off high into the air.

“Tommy. Call Happy, give him my coordinates. Tell him to bring an IV bag.” I say, falling onto the roof of the building. Darkness taking me as I hear Tommy repeat something.

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Love - Spider Man Homecoming ~ Chapter 13

- Full title: Love and War; based on a song by Fleurie

- Warnings: angst, violence, mentions of blood loss

1st Pov. Rose

I go through next week like normal, passing every class, keeping my distance from Peter. I only say ‘hi’ or ‘bye’, to him or Ned. I lightly converse with Liz and other of the decathlon team.

I pause down a certain hallway, hearing Peter’s voice.

“Do you want to.. go with me?”

“Yeah, sure.” I hear Liz’s voice, and I step through their hall, ignoring them as I felt the pain I shouldn’t of felt.

“Rose!” I hear Peter yell, and I step faster towards my class ignoring him as I snuck in and he stood outside disappointed. I glance at the teacher and step back out, the teacher sleeping as some students did the same or were on their phones.

“What?” I say quietly, making to not disturb any classes.

“Are you going to the dance?” He asks, and I stare at him with slight shock.

“No.” I reply turning back towards the classroom.

“Are you sure? You could come with Ned?” I sigh shaking my head and touching the door knob.

“No, Peter. Unless you’re very clueless, then you should know why I am not going.” I reply, going into the class and sitting in the back away from other students.


“Aren’t you going to the dance?” My father asks, I shake my head ‘no’, and grab my phone and some cash from my wallet.

“Where are you going?” He continues, staring at me from the white couch in the living room.

“Just out with a friend to eat. I’ll be back later.” I say, leaving the apartment.

I pause my walking, feeling wind quickening around me. I glance up to see the flying man, his talons latching to me again, the metal stabbing into my shoulder.

“Ah!” I screamed, the man taking off into the air as I black out from shock.


I lazily raise my head, my right arm throbbing from the puncture wound.

“Ah, finally. You are awake. Just in time to be used as bait.” The man says, his light eyes connecting to mine.

“What’s going on?” I ask, feeling my hands cuffed tightly in something metal.

“I’m using you as bait in a way. I know who you are, Rose. Even your father, who is making my business great.” The man says, his face older as he approaches me.

“Bait for what?” I play coy, trying to use a force wave to free myself.

“Ah, ah.” He says, gripping my wrists and crushing them. I yelp, pulling forward, the cuffs holding me against a pole.

“Bait for what? That’s very good. You really are you father’s daughter. I mean, you’re smart, clever, and passionate. That’s why your father lost you mother. Because he was too passionate. Too passionate for his sciences, for you, a mutant.” He says, and I glance down.

“Is that why I can’t get free, because my father made these cuffs?” I say, and the man chuckles leaning against a table.

“See, smart.” He says and I glance up to his eyes.

“Tommy, scan for license.” I say quietly, and the man steps close to me.

‘I can’t detect facial features, facial recognition failure.’ He says into my ear, and the man pauses in front of me. I keep my face like stone as he scans me for any changes.

“You’re definitely braver. Like you’re mother, but she ran like a coward as well.” He says and I give him a puzzled look.

“How do you know my parents?”

“Stories at midnight, traitors to the club, etc.” He says and turns back towards the table. He loads some things on the table, looking over some papers as I hear footsteps behind him.

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Love - Spider Man Homecoming ~ Chapter 12

- Full title: Love and War; based on a song by Fleurie

- Warnings: ANGST, action, other thinge

1st Pov. Rose

I step along the sidewalk of the high school, making sure my forearm was wrapped tightly to cover the glow of the piece. My white t-shirt not long enough to cover, a wrap covered under my sleeve all the way to my wrist. I step inside, a teacher standing in front of me. He glances back, and I see Peter ahead of him.

“Both of you, detention.” The teacher says, and I roll my eyes. I passed both of them as I step to the left towards my class. I heard footsteps behind me, my feet pausing waiting for the footsteps to near.

“What, Peter?”

“I figured out what I gotta do.” He says and moves to stand ahead of me.

“I don’t care, Peter. We’re not partners.” I say, trying to pass him.

“Rose, just listen.” He tries and pauses as he sees my arm.

“Are you hurt?” I pause glancing slightly back and not answering. I push my feet forward ignoring Peter who called after me.


“Tommy, where is Peter?” I asked, stepping from the high school doors, knowing he left during detention.

His tracker is still out. Would you like to see his mask footage?’ He asks and I glance around, running towards a bathroom at a stand for sports.

“Yes.” I say, changing into my catsuit, slipping on a new helmet over my head.

Tommy connects the data to it; I slip on my boots and my whole arm gloves, covering my wrap.

I see Peter flying in the air, his legs moving to land upon something large and orange.

“Tommy, enhance the words at the beginning of the video.” I say the footage rewinding and pausing at blurry words.

The words say, ‘Staten Island Ferry’.

I fast forward the footage to Peter’s view at the moment, guns pointed at him from above.

“Damn it. Tommy, call Stark. Tell him it’s Peter, Staten Island Ferry.” I yelled, running from the bathroom, glancing to see if anyone could see. I kick my boots, shooting into the air as I navigated towards the Ferry.


“Crap!” I yell out, seeing purple laser splitting the ferry in half. I hover closer, throwing a force wave at the flying man. He spun out of control, disappearing quickly as I heard Peter’s yells through the comm. I fly to the side, seeing Peter ahead of me, barely holding onto both sides of the ferry.

I breathe deeply, throwing force waves at each side of the boat, the water pushing the boat up slightly. I pause, Peter glancing back at me. I hold my hands out, light purple force waves shot out at the sides, the boat being lifted back together slowly.

I push hard, Peter losing his grip as I see Iron Man fly down, pushing upon the a side. Blood dripped from my nose, the force waves taking my energy quickly holding the ferry together for a very long time as Stark appearedand welded the halves together from the inside and Peter follows him.

I see Stark fly out towards me, the waves disappearing as my body free fell towards the water. I feel arms catch me, my head light as my eyes close from drainage.


I feel someone holding my head, I glance up lazily, a familiar brown mop checking me. I slowly opened my eyes, seeing Peter staring down at me. I saw my helmet next to me on the ground, Stark hovering above the walkway Peter had us on.

“No thanks to you.” I hear Stark say, Peter helping me stand and lean against the concrete ledge of the building roof.

“No thanks to me?” Peter says, and Stark speaks.

“Rose, was the one who saved them. She was hurt because of your mistakes.” He says, and Peter pauses and glances back.

“Those weapons were out there, and I tried to tell you about it but you didn’t listen. None of this would’ve happened if you had just listened to me. Rosa would be okay, if you heard me.” Peter says, stepping close to Stark who lowered to land on the walkway slowly.

“If you even cared, you’d actually be here.” The Iron Man suit opens, Tony Stark stepping down from it and Peter backs way towards me.

“I did listen, Kid. Who do you think called the FBI, huh? Do you know I was the only one who believed in you, besides Rose.”

“Everyone else said I was crazy to recruit a 14 year old kid.” He says, Peter pausing before me.

“I’m 15.” He murmurs, Tony waving his hand in front of his face.

“No, this is where you zip it, all right? The adult is talking. What if somebody had died tonight?” He says, and Peter stands next to Peter.

“Different story, right? Because that’s on you. And if you both died… I feel like that’s on me. I don’t need that on my conscience.”

“Yes, sir. I’m sorry, I understand.”

“Sorry doesn’t cut it.” Tony interrupts, Peter speaking.

“I just wanted to be like you.”

“And I wanted you to be better.” Peter looks down, as I stand next to him.

“Okay. It’s not working out. I’m gonna need the suit back.” Stark says, glancing to me as well.

“For how long?” Peter asks, and Stark looks back at him.



“Yeah, that’s how it works.”

“No, please.” Peter begs, as I keep my eyes down.

“Let’s have it.” Stark says gesturing to me as well. I lift my helmet tossing it in his hand.

“Please, this is all I have. I’m nothing without this suit.” Peter says, and I tense at his words.

“If you’re nothing without this suit, then you shouldn’t have it. Okay?” Stark says, and I glance at Peter’s sad face.

“God, I sound like my dad.” Stark says, and I speak up for the first time.

“We don’t have any other clothes.” I say, Peter glancing at me lowly.

“Okay, we’ll sort that out.” Stark says and glances between us.


I see Peter standing on my fire escape, he wore a large souvenir shirt. I kept my eyes down as I step into my room, I, myself, wore a large hoodie and large shorts.

“I’m sorry I hurt you, Rosa. I almost got you killed.” He says looking away into the night.

“Peter.” I say, sitting on the window ledge, moving his face close to mine.

“My father is thinking of leaving.” I say, and he looks at me with shock.

“You can’t leave.” He says, grabbing my hand.

“I wouldn’t have a choice, Peter.” I say quietly and play with his hand in mine.

“No.” He says, and I pull my hand away from his.

“I have nothing to keep me here, you don’t need me.” I say, and Peter grabs my hands harder.

“That’s wrong.” He tries and I pull away again and step into my room.

“Goodbye, Peter.” I says and close my window, his eyes trying to connect to mine as I closed my curtains and he disappeared behind them.

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Love - Spider Man Homecoming ~ Chapter 11

- Full title: Love and War; based on a song by Fleurie

- Warnings: angst, violence, action

1st Pov. Rose

I groan, my body sore, probably covered in bruises. I shift slightly, my hands feeling stiff cloth under me. I push my eyes to open, bright lights making me close them.

“Calm yourself, dear. I’ll be getting the doctor.” A sweet feminine voice says, and I opened my eyes again. I push my feet from where I was, my head slowly catching up to realize I was at a hospital.

“Crap.” I groan, gripping my catsuit and hoodie. I glance at the doorway, closing it quickly as I tore the hospital gown from my body. Forgetting my undergarments as I zip it up and slide my jacket on. I open the door, glancing out and quickly stepping out towards the elevator.

I hit the ground floor button, hiding to the side of it to not be seen. I sigh, not feeling my mask or glasses in the pockets. I shake my body, feeling the stiffness still in my bones. I push through the elevator doors, many people crowding the floor as I shift through them lightly, running out the door towards a taxi.

“Do you know where the city is having their athletic decathlon?” I ask, the man nodding as he shifts to drive and pulls out. I shift through my catsuit at my ribs, feeling my small bundle of cash and my room card that was safely hidden.


I hand the italian looking driver cash, knowing I over paid as I sprint towards the Washington Monument. I could feel some worried looks from them as the coach steps up to me.

“Where have you been? Do you know where Peter is?!” The coach says, sweat covering most of them, as I finally noticed fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances surrounded the monument.

“I was really sick last night, I just got up and hour or so ago and saw a message from Ned. What happened?” I ask, and the coach sighs as he sees Peter appear behind me. I glance back to see him, his eyes nervously connecting to mine.

I look away, wincing slightly at my quick action. Peter noticing it from behind me, as I follow at the coach.

After everyone was checked, we boarded the bus to return to the hotel, then Queens.

I hear a beep from my comm in my ear still; Tommy activating it. I shifted in my back seat, glancing to Peter who was in the middle of the bus asleep against the window.

Activating message.’ Tommy says.

Rose? Where are you?’

‘Rose? Rose, come on!

Playing last recording…’ Tommy says.

Is that her, Peter? Tell her, kiss her.’ I hear Peter’s AI say, and felt a tear fall. Knowing the only other person he felt for like that would be.. Liz.


wipe my cheek quickly, Peter looking back at me. I look away, hiding my face in my knees as I had them up to my chest.


I look to see the team’s families, I see my father standing tense, awaiting my descent. I stand, collecting my grey bag and standing. I feel a hand lightly touch my elbow, I pause as I back up to let Ned out as everyone else left the bus.

“Are you okay? Where were you last night?” Peter asks, and I keep my eyes down.

“Don’t bother, Peter. You don’t want a partner.” I says and Peter glances down this time.

“I followed you last night. I heard you lie easily to me, and then I’m attacked. I was in the hospital in intensive care as a Jane Doe. I stole my chart so I couldn’t be followed but, still..” I pause, pulling away from him as I saw Aunt May staring at us.

“Once again, are you okay?’ He tries and touches my arm again.

“No, Peter. Go bother someone else. Because whatever we were trying to do, is obviously not important to you. Hell, I heard what Karen said to you at the monument when you saved Liz. So that proves my point.” I finish, stepping past him as I move towards the sliding doors.

“Rose.” He tries multiple times as I give May a light smile and step to my father. His hand tightly wrapping around my elbow, my body wincing at the pressure as I glance back, my father leading me to his car.

Peter tries to go after me, Aunt May staring as well as she held him back.


I gasp, pain in my right wrist. I look to see I’m in my room, something glowing beneath my sleeve. I pull it up slowly, seeing a bright glowing piece of something under my skin. I try to touch it, the feeling of plain skin on my fingers as I try harder.

The piece stays there as my father sits before me at my opened window. His hands clasped in each other as I only saw the over shadow on his shoulders.

“That is a piece of stone. I finally remembered fully once I saw it appear in your arm.” He says, his voice deep. I sit up in my bed, covering my arm.

“Did you do it to me?’ She asks, and he stays silent for a few moments.

“No. But I did not stop anything.” He says, and stands moving towards my door and leaving silently. I lay back down, thinking over how the piece appeared.

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Love - Spider Man Homecoming ~ Chapter 10

- Full title: Love and War; based on a song by Fleurie

- Warnings: Slight feeling of betrayal, maybe some angst, action…

1st Pov. Rose

I pull of the yellow decathlon jacket, packing my grey bag with clothes and bathroom materials. I zip it up quickly, running down the hall towards the fridge. Grabbing a medium sized container full of sliced and peeled mango; my father doesn’t give me a glance as I step through the front door.


I step down from the bus, as I hear someone from the club yell. The bus parked before the school.

“Hey, its Peter.” I glance up to Peter pausing in front of Liz, I turn away setting my bag on the very back right seat. I pull out my headphones, connecting it to my phone and clicking on Spotify. I put on an indie station and turn the volume high, covering my curled up body with an extra sweater. I could feel eyes on me, as I close my eyes, letting the world disappear into darkness.


I sit up, packing my things back into my bag, standing and quickly leaving the other students behind. Everyone follows the coach, glancing through the large hotel.

“It’s so big.”

“I’ve seen bigger.” I await my room key, getting lucky to not share a room with anyone else.

I unlock my door, glancing down slightly to see Peter doing the same. I step into the room, closing the door nicely and going towards the quilted bed. I set a timer, awaiting nightfall by taking another nap through the day.


I shoot up, my timer beeping loudly as I slide on my catsuit. Sliding my tight black hoodie over it, I clip my mask around my neck, putting my clear glasses on and keeping my room key hidden in my pocket.

I step onto the balcony, closing the door quietly and kicking my boots awake, purple haze like light appearing below the boots as I rose into the air. I flew off into the air, sliding on my mask to cover my nose and mouth.

“Open Peter’s tracker, connect it to my navigation.” I order to my AI, turning slightly towards the right in the air.

The tracker seems to have stopped in Maryland. Connecting to navigation.’ Tommy says, and I swerve to my left this time needing to move northwest-ish.

Warning! Tony Stark’s - Peter Parker’s suit disabled tracking and unlocked the training wheels program.’ Tommy says, a small map appears in the lower left of my glasses, a red line showing Peter’s tracker that was specifically mine.


I hover far into the air, activating my zoom and enhanced hearing mode from high in the air. My eyes finding Peter upon an abandoned gas station sign, his body facing a single van by the old gas station.

“Switch the comms on, connect to Peter’s.” I say quietly, stealthy hovering over him.

Connecting… now.’


Rose? How are you doing that?

“Peter? What are you doing?”

Nothing, Rose. I’m with Ned.’ He says, my chest hurting slightly from his lie.

“Whatever you say, Peter.” I reply, staying quiet way above him.


'Rose, come on.’

‘Comm disconnecting….’ Peter’s female AI says on both sides, and I debate on whether to stay or not.

Rose! Damn.’ I hear him say quietly from below, him trying to shoot a web and fling forward. I saw Peter fall face first into the gravel, I cover my mouth to quiet my laugh. I see Peter glance in my direction, I shoot into the trees. I hear a large trucks passing loudly by, my head sticking out enough from the trees to see three large trucks passing.

I feel pressure above me, mechanical talons gripping my shoulder. I yelp, going quiet as I’m lifted into the air. I feel wind brush by me, my body being shot against the top of the trailers among the last truck.

“Uh!” I groan, my glasses finally detecting the controller. A blue aura covers the person as they snatch my throat.

“Deploy anchors.” I hear said aloud, the man throwing a glowing purple cube on the trailer. A purple phase matter appearing, the inside of the trailer showing.

“Dropping down.” The man says, my body falling inside the trailer.

“Dumb girl.” The man murmurs, this coat feather around his helmet, green markers over black glass, which I purposed was where his eyes were. He grips my throat again, I punch his chest, purple light glowing around my gloved hands. He grunts, flying back against the trailer.

I stand, the man jumping up through the phasing matter, something latching onto my jacket and shooting me out again.

“Hey, Big Bird!” I hear Peter yell, arms wrapping around me again. I look up to see Peter holding a bag of stolen metals and energy devices.

“Ro-” The man throws me back, my gloves barely gripping to the metal to stop my falling. I try to kick my boots, the hover mode not activating. I saw Peter flip around, dodging the bird man. Peter steps back, falling into the trailer and the phasing matter switching off as the man collects the miniature cubes.

“Fall, girl.” the man says, kicking his metal foot at me. I push off the trailer back, flipping above him and landing. I step away, trying to think of a way to get Peter. The man swipes his metal wing at me, my body flying up over it and landing next to it. The other one slapping against my body, my body flying into a building alongside the road.

Glass and concrete hitting against me as my body fell back. My head light as my eyes slowly closed form unconsciousness.

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Love - Spider Man Homecoming ~ Chapter 8

- Full title: Love and War; based on a song by Fleurie

- Warnings: fluffffffffffff

1st Pov. Rose

“H, He, Kr, Hg, and Ag?” I say, glancing down at my flashcards, Peter sitting ahead of me on my fire escape. Cars, motors, and people stepping below us filling the air with noise.

“Hydrogen, Helium, Krypton, Mercury, and Silver.” He replies, as I slide that card to the back of the small stack.

“Peter, you know all of these things. Do you really need to study?” I asked, setting the cards on my leg. He glances up slightly, then look towards the building across the street.

“Well, I wanted to see you.” He says quietly, and I smile.

“It’s been a fun few weeks, Parker.” I say and he chuckles and rubs the back of his neck.

“You wanna go eat some pasta? I saw this Italian place down the block.” I say, standing and stepping through my tall window.

Placing the flashcards upon my old desk, grabbing my jacket from my bed. Peter follows me, glancing around my room, my vintage look. I grab my wide wallet, sticking it into my jacket pocket and slid my keys into my jeans.

“How about we go and see a movie?” He says behind me, and I glanced at him with some nervousness.

“Okay.” I say with a soft smile, he returns it as well and I turn from bashfulness.

“But, we’re eating first. I’m starving.” I say breaking the tension and he chuckles as he grabs his jacket and follows me towards the front door.


Peter pays again for a small popcorn and my swedish fish candy. I grab the candy box, Peter stepping next to me as we move down the hall towards the theater.

He pushes the door open, holding it for me. I give him a smile, passing towards the seats. I step to the second to top row, sliding to the middle as others follow after us. Peter sits to my left, eating some of the popcorn and  passing it to me. I sigh, awaiting through the trailers and commercials.

“What movie did you pick?” I ask.

“You’ll see.”

As the trailers pass and ads as well, loud music fills the air. An excavation site filling the screen. A man stepping through a tunnel, and grabbing a large stone. The camera zooms in, a mosquito appearing to be stuck inside it.

“You’re such a nerd.” I replied quietly, seeing the title, Jurassic Park.

As half the movie was over, I felt Peter lay his hand on the arm rest, my eyes side glancing to it. His hand very close to mine on my thigh. I look back up as I felt his eyes on me. He slides his hand carefully to my thigh, running his fingers over my knuckles, turning my palm up. His fingers gingerly slipping into mine, and squeezing it lightly.

I look to Peter fully, glancing at his lips. He turns to face me as well, moving close slowly. He moves right in front of my face, hovering over my lips. He pecks me softly, getting more confidence to kiss me fully. His left hand moves to hold my cheek, kissing me with some passion.

He pulls away with a smile and I blush, looking back to the movie as he does as well.


“So rock, paper, scissors?” Peter says, we were dressed in a swimsuit and swim trunks. I held my hand out, ready to win. We shook our hands three times, showing our winning score.

“Scissors wins again!” I yell, and he sighs, laughing at me as I stand. The hotel pool we stand near, free of guests.

“Go up and cannonball.” I say, Peter laughing as he ran towards the high dive and climbed the stairs. He smiles, backing up a little and sprinting off. Water splashing far around him, waves splashing against my legs from below the board. I smile widely, happy from spending most of the few weeks on dates with Peter.

Peter slows as he swims towards me, only his head sticking out as he hesitantly swims between my legs. He puts his hands next to my thighs on each side, pushing up to be level with my face. He leans forward, his eyes glancing nervously.

I push forward, my lips molding into his as he lifts his right hand, tilting up my chin slightly and holding it with his fingers. I pull back, licking my lips as he watches the movement and stares into my eyes.

“Do you wanna meet my Aunt May?”

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Love - Spider Man Homecoming ~ Chapter 7

- Full title: Love and War; based on a song by Fleurie

- Warnings: fluffffff, maybe a hint of jealousy or something like it

1st Pov. Rose

I sit up tiredly, my body aching slightly as I stretched and stood from my bed. My eyes stare outside towards my fire escape. Sun shining brightly out there as I paused at my white desk ahead of me.

Working late tonight, be home tomorrow. - Dad

I grab my earpiece and slide it in, checking the time on my phone and the date.

“Tom, call Peter.” I say, as I grab some clothes from my dresser and step to the kitchen.


“Hey, Peter.” I say as I close the door and begin to undress.

Hey, Rose.’

“Are you still taking me out?” I say as I turn the shower on quickly and grab my towels.

Uh… really?

I chuckle at his words and nod to myself.

“Yes, really. Meet me at my fire escape.”

“End call.” I say loudly, and I hang up on Peter.

“Send Peter my address and say, ‘15 minutes.’ ” I pull out my earpiece and quickly take my shower.

“Come on, Pete. You asked so, where to?” I say as we walk down the sidewalk, some people were around us but, it was mostly not crowded.

“I didn’t exactly have this planned.” He says and scratches the back of his head.

“That’s the beauty of it, Parker. Now, roll with it.” I say ahead of him, and he grins at me. I jog ahead of him, and he sprints after me as we race to no end.


“So, favorite colour?” I ask, using chopsticks to pick up my piece of cashew chicken.

“Red and blue?” He says and I giggle slightly and nod along with him.

“Favorite movie?” He says, eating an eggroll.

“Um.. Legend.” I reply, sipping my water quickly.

“Legend?” He asks and leans back in his chair.

“Really? It’s an old Tom Cruise movie, it fantasy and really cool.” I say, and he laughs at my action to defend it.


“How have you not seen this cult classic?” I say, Peter glancing to me from my father’s white couch. A large flat screen playing Rocky Horror Picture Show.

“I’m nerdy.” He says with a ‘duh’ tone. I chuckled, shaking my head as I ate a bite of caramel corn, Peter hogging most of it. I try to grab the bowl, him pulling it away quickly with a grin. I flick my middle finger across my thumb, a small purple haze flew towards the popcorn bowl. The bowl flying from Peter’s wrist from my force wave, I caught it swiftly and moved farther down the large couch. He looks shocked with a grin.

“That was not fair.” He states with a scoff, glancing at me from the end of the other side. He flicks his wrist, a web attaching to the bowl and flinging it safely to him.

“That was even worse.” I glare and crawl back over to him, snatching some popcorn as Dr. Frank N. Furter sang “Sweet Transvestite”.


I stretch to my left, touching my toes and standing back up, repeating the movement.

“Hey, Rose.” Peter says behind me, I stand and glance back, he gulps nervously as Ned stands next to him looking as well.

“Hey, Peter, Ned.” I say as I step towards the ropes hanging from the roof. Peter and Ned watching from below, as the coach held a timer.


I jump up, my hand wrapping in the rope at six ft. , my hands lifting me effortlessly as my feet push me up faster. My shorts wiggle around my thighs as I tap the bell at the top of the rope. Free falling till I tug the rope at five feet above the ground. Many gasping as they thought I was falling the 100 ft. I jump off and land lightly, stepping away towards the other students doing sit ups.

Peter was staring at me as he held Ned’s feet down. I keep his stare till I exit towards the locker rooms.

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