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weepywilly·2 hours agoText


I think we should do a Fiona week, like honestly she deserves being have stuff made about her all the time but still, not even themed just a whole week of love for her. Fanfics, fanart, edits, videos just the whole shabang man! Just a whole week dedicated to this fantastic and incredible woman. 

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weepywilly·2 hours agoText


I really do want a compilation of “The AH Guys Doing The Same Shit Y'all Say You Hate Fiona/Lindsay For”

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weepywilly·2 hours agoText


Anyway, happy pride to Mica Burton and Fiona Nova only.

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weepywilly·2 hours agoText


Me, crying over how the Dusk Boys’ girlfriends are called the Dawn Girls

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Role swap au where Zuko was the Avatar who got frozen for a hundred years, so when he’s rescued from the ice instead of a goofy twelve year old Katara catches this mysterious teenager with long hair and a cool scar and a fucking DRAGON

Katara: BOY???? HOT BOY?????? HOT TEENAGE BOY?????????

Zuko: *speaks*

Katara: nevermind I hate him

How does Aang factor into this? I ask because the more I think about it the more I want him to somehow be trying to capture the Avatar.

Aang is 112 years old, decided he was going to be Zuko’s airbending teacher, and refuses to take no for an answer

Aang: Aw, the new Avatar doesn’t want me.
Aang: *gets out a weighted net* Time for Plan B then.


Look, you know how you keep a net from falling on you? YOU AIRBEND IT, SUCKA. Air comes right after fire in the cycle so it’s not like the guy has any other options. Do you want a flaming net falling on you? No? Then learn to airbend. Or this tiny old man will cart you away like a trussed turkey and lecture you about the power of laughter, going with the flow, opening your chakras, and other hippie shit.

Sokka, slouching against a fence, not moving: Oh nooooooo, that creepy old man stole the Avataaaaaaaaaar.
Sokka, sitting down on the ground: We should dooooo something.
Sokka, pulling out his lunch: Otherwise he might actually learn something. That would be teeeerrible.
Katara, indignant rage coursing through her body: Sokka!!!!!!!! We have to go look for him!!!!
Sokka: Might! Actually! Learn! Something! Katara!
Katara: *wavers*
Katara, also sitting down: We have to go look for him…. *gets out her own sandwich* But, maybe after lunch.

I love that this transforms Aang’s role in the full Team Avatar familial situation from the baby of the family to the Grandpa with weird hobbies

My brain, immediately after the “Aang won’t take no for an answer” post:

Aang: I’m gonna ride him! *jumps on Zuko’s shoulders*

Actually, I thought a bit more about this: If Aang is “grandpa figure who won’t fucking stop teaching Zuko to be a better and more spiritually fulfilled person,” then what is Iroh doing?

And then it hit me.

Iroh: *sitting in a teahouse at a paisho table*
Iroh, deadpan: I must capture the last airbender. 
Iroh: It is the only way to make sure the powe rof the Avatar won’t be turned on the Fire Nation.
Iroh: Only then will I be redeemed in the eyes of the Fire Lord for my failure at Ba Sing Se.
Iroh: …
Iroh: Anyway, it’s your turn.

About half of the B plots are just Iroh finding new ways to feign incompetence and bad luck so that his political watchdog can’t prove that he’s letting Aang - and by extension Zuko - get away.


Sometimes Iroh plays paisho with Aang, whose entire disguise during these games consists of a painfully fake mustache.

AANG WAS THE OTHER PLAYER IN THAT SCENE OF COURSE IT’S PERFECT (the moustache is just a bit of Appa’s fur tied in a string)

i think about this post all the time and if i may, i would like to suggest keeping the banished royalty angle for zuko.

he was the eldest son of fire lord sozin, who knew the avatar was the greatest threat to the fire nation, but also knew the new one would be a firebender and he couldn’t exactly merc his own people, now could he? but he always planned to order a convenient little assassination on whoever the new avatar turned out to be and in the meantime took out the air temples so that avatar couldn’t learn the next element in the cycle. of course, when it turns out to be his son, sozin, stellar dad that he is, thinks “if you want something done right” and shoots a fire blast at his firstborn.

zuko enters the avatar state, blows up half the palace, etc etc as one does, gets a nasty scar for his trouble, and escapes, hence why he was hanging out far enough south to necessitate katara and sokka cracking open a cold boy a century later.

all this is to say 1. i think it’s a good way to maintain zuko’s background and characterization in an au like this and 2. it leads to a secret second roleswap

because this makes zuko iroh’s uncle.

Reblogging again for Katara and Sokka cracking open a cold boy.

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weepywilly·3 hours agoText


a PSA to all the followers I’ve lost this week and the stragglers that might be left still following me: MY BLOG DOES NOT WELCOME RACISTS!!!!!

good riddance, and I will continue the circulation of BLM posts and supporting Fiona and Mica for speaking up about changes that need to happen within RT.


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weepywilly·7 hours agoPhoto


My sister’s and my original toons from back in the day. I had a lureless duck named Weird Salty Cheezydoodle and hers was a dropless cat called Princess Stubby. Sometimes I miss them, but their good times will live on

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weepywilly·7 hours agoText


Any followers who don’t fully support Fiona Nova: there’s the door. Use it.


I’ve lost six followers since I’ve started showing support for Mica and Fiona.

Good riddance.

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weepywilly·7 hours agoText


Damn. I’m feeling pretty proud of Achievement Hunter right now. They’re making progress in a clear and definite way, and are finally righting the wrongs of their past.

But they are not off the hook, and should never be off the hook. We need to hold ourselves, each other, and them accountable. No more empty promises, no more silence. 

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weepywilly·7 hours agoAnswer

So, hear me out- I respect and support everything happening with the protests in this country now; the police are a menace, Black people have suffered more than enough. But what if, for entirely unrelated reasons, I can’t stand Fiona Nova? She’s loud, she’s abrasive, she can’t be bothered to be a cohesive part of the group, she’s constantly intoxicated, and destroys the flow of every video. Consider, also- are there a lot of people who feel that way? Can she not be fired simply BECAUSE she’s blk

Here’s the thing anon: you are so full of shit.

You don’t like Fiona because she’s loud?  How is it that you like Michael Jones, who has made an entire career out of screaming in videos?  He literally yells at least once a video.  He is the king of Too Loud.  But I bet Michael Jones is the reason you discovered Achievement Hunter.  Rage Quit was absolutely what brought me in.

You don’t like Fiona because she is abrasive? But you like Ryan Haywood, who’s entire shtick is being a murderous bastard who is purposefully rude.  Did you watch the fucking Destiny Raid?  But that is funny and we love that about Ryan.

You don’t like Fiona because she can’t be bothered to be a cohesive part of the group?  But you like Jack, who is the Ultimate Troll, interrupting game play in co-op games at every turn.  But that is cheeky and playful and all in good fun.

You don’t like Fiona because she is….constantly intoxicated? Anon, I have no idea What The Fuck you are talking about with this one.  I have seen Fiona drunk in videos maybe a handful of times, and she is only ever drunk when everyone else is, too.  But I will indulge your delusions.  You like Jeremy, who is drunk as often as humanly possible.  You like Geoff, who, before getting sober, was Literally Drunk At All Times.

You don’t like Fiona for being Loud?  Then you don’t like Michael.

You don’t like Fiona for being Abrasive?  Then you don’t like Ryan.

You don’t like Fiona for Not Being Cohesive?  Then you don’t like Jack.

You don’t like Fiona for Being Drunk (which. What the Actual Fuck)? Then you don’t like Jeremy.  You don’t like Geoff.

It is fine for you to not like any member of Achievement Hunter. But don’t you Dare come here and say you not liking Fiona has nothing to do with her race or her gender.  Because you are a liar.  You are either racist or misogynistic or both.  Don’t tell me you don’t like Fiona for good reasons.  Fiona is just as Loud and Abrasive and Not Cohesive and Drunk as the rest of Achievement Hunter.  In fact, she is Less those things than any single member of the group. The only difference is that she is a woman and she is black.  THAT is why you don’t like Fiona Nova.

And I don’t have any time for your bullshit.

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weepywilly·7 hours agoText


Please go watch the newest Off Topic, its up now on YouTube. Yes its long but its so important. Its emotional but eye-opening and at the end there’s a very lovely message Jack relays which I loved.

I love Fiona. Fiona and I have this really interesting relationship that I never thought I would have with someone. - Where I feel so protective of Fiona, at the same time she doesn’t need my protection she’s a badass and will kill you, but its so much fun watching her be amazing. And i’m so proud of everything she’s done since she’s been with the company. I really just- i’ve tried to take her under my wing as much as possible and for whatever situation possible that I can provide knowledge about, which is very, very few, and yeah Fiona I’m so proud of you, you’ve kicked so much ass over all these months you’ve been here and i’m so excited to see what you do, and what you become and I hope I’m here for it and I hope I can help you in some way. - Much love.” - Jack Pattillo

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weepywilly·7 hours agoText


Eric is aware and they are looking into it. Link to his reply is here.


If you don’t want to comment on the site, here are some people you can @ on twitter:

Ryan Hall: Head of Studios Twitter: @theryanphall

Evan Bregman: Head of Business Operations Twitter: @ebregman

Jordan Levin: General Manager Twitter @jordanrlevin

Eric Duncan: VP of Marketing Twitter: @Eric_DuncanATX

And obviously tweet @GeoffLRamsey and @Roosterteeth as well


If y’all are wondering why people are encouraging RT to sever ties with yogscast:

This twitter thread has a bunch of proof of them being bigoted in streams, videos, etc.


Hey guys, a yogscast video just went up on the site today. If you guys want to comment and put some pressure on Roosterteeth to cut ties with them as evidence that they really mean to be more inclusive and stop hatred within their company that would be a pretty cool thing to do as a community.

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