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wei-yiing·5 hours agoAnswer

All this rp verse fluff has been sooo ♥️♥️♥️. I was wondering if you can write a rp verse AU in which Wei Wuxian dies on the battlefield and Lan Wangji's consequent angst 🥺🥺

listen, i saw this when i woke up this morning, and i’ve been thinking about it all day. i was at the office earlier than usual today, thinking i would get a headcanon out at least, but then my whole morning blew up :))))))))))

ANYWAY this is so very interesting!! there are so many ways it can go!! will this be before lwj falls in love? or after?? this was so fun to play around with that i wrote three different versions ahahahaha i am so 对不起 i am like this

under a cut because there is major character death in all of the three options ahahaha

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I am always a little disappointed when people state as a fact that LWJ fell in love with WWX in the Xuanwu cave. It’s not the case!

LWJ fell in love with WWX at first sight, something that parallels both his father’s and Lan An’s. WWX even indirectly points us toward that fact, although by that point he doesn’t know that LWJ loves him.

Wei Wuxian took off the covers of the jars as he continued to think about the stories of Lan An, the founder of the GusuLan Sect, and QingHeng-Jun. The GusuLan Sect really is a strange sect. Although the founder was a monk and its style is so orthodox, it really… raises many romantics.

If thematic parallels and reading the lines do not convince you, well, the novel also straight up tells us LWJ was assailed by his lust during the Cloud Recess arc. And, we know LWJ, while he is incredibly horny on main, he is only horny for the man he loves. And, if that’s not enough, he had already composed Wangxian before the Xuanwu cave.

The Xuanwu cave is instead the moment where LWJ accepts his feelings thereby resolving his internal conflict over them, and imo, accepts that WWX is the only person he’ll ever love romantically for the rest of his life (like Lan An and his father). 

I think the whole thing in MDZS is the lack of LWJ POV that we have. I think the different ways that LWJ can be interpreted makes people’s opinion on him a lot of fun to read (if sometimes kind of infuriating when you think they’re wrong). IMO, people saying that LWJ fell for WWX in the Xuanwu arc wouldn’t be completely wrong, because I think it was definitely a time when he realized that WWX had a lot of substance to his character (rather than before, where he was kind of just lusting after someone he didn’t know all that well).

The question of what love is, and what infatuation is is something that you have to think about in this conversation. To many people, love at first sight is not a real concept, and that’s something I agree with on principle. I guess it’s just not as romantic to say, “infatuation at first sight”, or “lust at first sight”, but if it doesn’t lead to a long term relationship, that’s what most would consider it.

(I still think they fell in love at first sight, but my logic brain cannot agree with that idea, lmao. I can justify it with “it’s a xianxia world where that sort of thing makes sense”, but even that’s a stretch, lol)

I understand the urge to want to question love at first sight, I really do, but I don’t think the novel is sending us the message that it was lust-at-first-sight either. With the parallels with Lan An and his father, as well as the description of the Lans as romantics, it is more along the line of “soulmate-at-first-sight” than “lust-at-first-sight”. But that doesn’t mean that MXTX doesn’t play and subvert a little this idea with LWJ: because of the history with his father and his strict upbringing, LWJ rejects at first his feelings and, in some way, to reject WWX by trying to ignore him (maybe his plan would have worked if it was not for that pesky kid!).

Yet, just spending a short amount of time with WWX is enough to convince him that there is no need to fight it, that he’s incapable of not being in love with who WWX is. Let’s remember that he’s only talked WWX twice since he was kicked out of the CR: once at the archery competition, and now at the Xuanwu cave (I’m not counting the beginning of the Indocrination camp because they never get to have a conversation even if WWX is noticing him amidst the crowd).

Even through WWX’s limited perspective, the novel retroactively does take the time to show us that he had strong romantic feelings for WWX before the Xuanwu cave. He keeps and treasures the portrait that WWX drew of him. He keeps the rabbits WWX gave him even if it was not strictly allowed by the rules.  He composes a love song about them that he never shares with anyone else.

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You can say whatever the hell you want, but the greatest plot twist in cql is finding out that lwj is the horny one.

Wei Wuxian: I just want to settle down. Have a little house in the woods where we hunt our food and make our clothes. Lan Zhan will wash my hair, and I’ll cook the meals. And when we’re all sleepy and tired we’ll cuddle in a bed that’s our own.

Lan Wangji: I wanna fuck him into oblivion.

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wei-yiing·3 days agoPhoto


Hello! Sign ups for the first Wangxian Winter Solstice Gift Exchange are now open :)

Especially in these strange and difficult times it is important we occupy and distract ourselves with things we enjoy, as well as be kind to each other wherever we can. I hope this gift exchange will provide a little bit of joy and happiness for all :)

How it works

  • You MUST have a Tumblr
  • Sign up with what you want to make ( e.g. fic or fanmix)
  • Also list what you’d like to receive (e.g. gifsets, drawings)
  • Sign ups are done via a form

»» Sign Up here! ««


After that assignments will be send out to everyone by email on October 26th, and then you’ll have six weeks to make gifts for the person assigned to you :)

Gift Giving Guidelines

Just in case it isn’t clear to anyone, all the gifts have to be WANGXIAN-related! Fans of all adaptations are welcome and yes, this gift exchange allows NSFW content.

>> Read the full guidelines here <<


On Winter Solstice/Dōngzhì (December 21) all the gifts will be posted for everyone! Once the gifts are posted, it will be revealed who made gifts for whom, then after that you’re of course free to post the gifts you made to your own Tumblr :)

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now! 

And feel free to signal boost this post, I’d appreciate it <3

|| Sign Up || Guidelines || Follow || Ask ||

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wei-yiing·4 days agoText

eep just to let you guys know

i was recently informed that the artist of the illustrations for the russian edition of mdzs has a tumblr and i was totally unaware when i was posting their art. i’ve reached out but haven’t heard a reply back from them yet so for the time being i’m leaving those posts up but moving forward pls go reblog from their tumblr instead of mine!! (username is baoshankaro)

for good measure, i’ll link it twice

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The “soulmate” scene translated! 

WWX: 蓝忘机啊蓝忘机,我是你什么人啊?我的事情你能不能不要管啊?

Lan Wangji ah Lan Wangji, who am I to you? Can’t you leave my business alone?


Who do you consider me as? / Who do you take me to be?


I once regarded you as / treated you as… my lifelong ZhiJi

毕生 = lifetime / all one’s life



The “I used to think of you as my zhiji/soulmate/confidant”/“I still am” scene is still absolutely haunting me. I keep thinking about how Wei Wuxian literally is like. He’s almost breathless for a moment. Lan Wangji says “what do you take me for” and he stops and stares at Lan Wangji and you can see him debating internally whether to laugh it off and be like “obviously you’re a bother!! A bore!! Lol!!” But his expression is so blank ? And you look at him and it’s just like. He seems so TIRED. And he has to physically look away from Lan Wangji as he tells him he USED to see them that way - as soulmates, as the ones who so truly knew each other. Because he think he’s so unworthy of Lan Wangji even KNOWING he has the AUDACITY to have had thought that of them. And then Lan Wangji says “I still am” and the LOOK on Wei Wuxian’s face he’s so shocked his gaze snaps to Lan Wangji’s so fast and he looks like he’s about to ARGUE and then they’re interrupted.

It’s not a cocky “we’re soulmates!” like in the special edition where Wei Wuxian bumps his shoulder, it’s so still and careful, like Wei Wuxian is laying it out like. “I’m sorry. I thought we were zhiji (and then I gave up my golden core and had to turn to demonic cultivation & couldn’t tell you about any of it no matter how much you’ve been trying to help me)” it’s almost like he’s apologising, for tainting Lan Wangji with even the IDEA of them being connected in such a way. And then Lan Wangji turns around and tells him that he sees their relationship that way too and STILL does…

I still am now.

And the implications of that word as well - ZhiJi - that it’s not just a soulmate in a romantic sense, but a person who Knows you and Sees you as you really are, in a way that no one else does. (see this much more knowledgeable post for more info on ZhiJi. It’s a gorgeous concept.)

At this point in the story Wei Wuxian is concealing so much, from so many people. He feels guilty, burdened, tired, and he can’t risk explaining it to anyone, so he’s incredibly lonely… 

When this conversation happens, it’s already a huge moment because of Wei Wuxian’s weary honesty and Lan Wangji’s declaration of “I still am”, but it’s also heartbreaking because it comes SO CLOSE to being an even more redemptive event for them.

WWX: “I once thought you were the ‘person who Sees me’ of this lifetime.”
LWJ: “I still am.”

But at that moment Lan Wangji ISN’T. He DOESN’T fully know Wei Wuxian, but only because Wei Wuxian isn’t LETTING him. Wei Wuxian hides behind jokes and wordplay rather than being sincere, tells Lan Wangji to stop bothering him, keeps secrets from him.
Lan Wangji is standing in front of him saying that he wants to be the one who knows him… but he can’t because Wei Wuxian has shut part of himself away.

At this moment, Wei Wuxian looks down at his flute, ‘Chen Qing’ (the name meaning something between ‘expressing my intent/commands’ and ‘fully disclosing my feelings’), and that’s what he is considering in that moment.  Should he open up to Lan Wangji and let himself be known again?

If he just stopped pushing Lan Wangji away, and gave him the full account of what happened and what he felt about it, Lan Wangji would know him. He would have put Lan Wangji in the difficult position of keeping up his deception with him, but he would finally be truly understood, the weight lightened, and have his ZhiJi once more…

“I once thought you were the ‘one who Sees me’ of this lifetime.”
“I still am.”
 (”You’re not. But you could be. If I let you. And I might let you…”)

And then they are interrupted.

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what does it mean, what does it all mean

Okay the three sentences in Chinese are not similar at all. The three “delicate”s used are all different. They are, respectively from JFM to WWX to JC: 脆弱,娇气,金贵. They’re synonyms to a degree but are not necessarily interchangeable.

More explanation to come in 6-8 hours after I sleep a lil. 

Okay so: 

JFM: the context of this scene is Jiang Yanli stuffing a bunch of packed food and things for her brothers to take on their trip to Qishan. JFM eventually told her to stop and said the disciples of Yunmengs are not so “cuiruo” 脆弱 that they can’t withstand a little “fenglang” 风浪 from the outside. First, “feng’lang” literally means wind and wave, and it is used to describe hardship, trouble, danger etc. “Cui’ruo”  脆弱 means fragile, as “cui” means brittle and “ruo” means weak. Of the three “delicates” it carries the least negative connotation. A personal can be emotionally “cuiruo” fragile and/or physically “cuiruo” fragile. Of the three, “cuiruo” is probably the most matter-of-fact term. It’s a quality of a person, kind of like… well I’m good at music and he’s good at sports. 

What JFM is trying to say, if I were to translate that scene, is: “The disciples of Yunmeng Jiang are not so weak that we cannot withstand pressure from external forces.” 

WWX: now, the term wwx uses is “jiaoqi”  娇气. The closest thing in English that I can think of that would both fit the definition and the context of his use of this word is “prissy”. So in the scene, LWJ is saying to WWX because of WWX’s wounds, he shouldn’t get into the water (probably for infection control purposes). And WWX makes a face and replies “I’m not so ‘jiaoqi’. Rather, it’s you - the medication Wen Ning gave you, how is it?” The term ‘jiaoqi’ is most of the time used for girls who are kind of…princess-y, the kind that is very proper, won’t ever get messy, and who doesn’t like to do anything physical. It can however, also be used for boys. Nie Huaisang’s behaviour during their night hunt in the early episodes could be described as a little “jiaoqi”. He’s certainly “jiaoqi”-er than his brother NMJ. A classic display of “jiaoqi” is like… some kid trips and scrapes their knee a little bit and makes a huuuge fuss over nothing.

JC: So the last “delicate”, “jingui” 金贵 is the word that can be used positively or negatively. It’s literal meaning is “precious” or “expensive”. jin = gold, gui = expensive. When used to describe items, it typically takes on it’s normal surface level meaning, that being precious, expensive, rare etc. When used to describe people, that’s when the meaning can get murky. Sometimes, “jingui” is used positively/unironically to talk about someone of prestige and importance. For example, a servant, upon hearing their beloved young master had to spend a week out roughing it in the woods could probably say something like, “ ‘Jingui’ as our young master, how horrible to think he had to spend a week alone in the woods! That’s ghastly!” In this case, the servants do mean well: their young master is someone who is important and also probably someone who’s never had to endure much discomfort because of his noble birth. People who are unironically called “jingui” are probably nobility, royalty etc, and are typically given more respect in society. Sometimes, ‘jingui’ can used as an insult. For example, one maid might complain that the rice was cooked too hard or that her chores are too difficult, and another maid might say to her, “Wow, you’re so ‘jingui’.” (Like: wow, fucking get over yourself.)  

For Jiang Cheng, it’s probably the most heartbreaking of the three “delicates”. Because he had said, “You promised me when I become head of the family, you’d be my subordinate.” And WWX replied, “I’m sorry, I broke my word.” And Jiang Cheng chuckles a little bitterly and says, “Things being as they are, how ‘jingui’ a person must I be, to still need you to apologize to me?” Meaning: I’m not so “jingui” that I still need you apologize. He’s almost saying that he’s not so important that he has to actually hear WWX’s apology, especially since WWX already gave him his core. 

So that’s the difference between the three scenes. I honestly don’t think it’s connected, but to each their own. 

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I’ve honestly never thought about how petty Lan Wangji’s destroying of the Jiang-Jin spirit trapping nets was. Now, I’m just imagining the juniors just watching, carefully quiet, as he methodically finds and cuts them all down. 

Jingyi: …uh, is he supposed to be doing that?

Sizhui: just…just leave it

Lan Wangji: [silently shredding another net]

Jingyi: is your dad, like, okay?


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