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I experienced my first severely uncomfortable encounter with biphobia today??? Like, I've been called names plenty of times, been glared at, told I'm going to hell by my family members all that shit, and I've managed to just put it past me pretty quick. But I'm at a hotel with a friend to go to a concert later tonight, and apparently her bf was afraid that I'd make a move and take advantage of her, and she didn't see why it would make me uncomfortable or feel like that
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whateverthatgoldsworth · 3 months ago
Heya! It's me! The annoying bitch that comments on every single chapter of Bring Color to My Skies (better known as itsjust_soff).
I just wanted to pass by and tell you again how great the fic is, like, I hope your pillow is cold on both sides, that your clothes are soft and that you have the greatest glow ups in history 🧚‍♀️✨
Um,, that was all, okay bye!
I love your comments, you're not at all annoying! Thank you,,, you're awesome! ❤️
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whateverthatgoldsworth · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
if someone could tell me why i can’t put as much effort into my accounting assignments as i do to my fics, that’d be great thanks.
bts from upcoming coffee shop au:)
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house-ad · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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whateverthatgoldsworth · a year ago
after you’ve been through like a string of fandoms and you’ve decided your favourite character/s for each one, there will come a day when you will list all your faves from each fandom side by side and look at them carefully and realise
you have a type
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whateverthatgoldsworth · a year ago
tumblr mobile won't let me upload a voice recording, so I guess you're all spared hearing about my thoughts that people (some of them at least) aren't actually desperate for comments. What they're actually missing is community.
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whateverthatgoldsworth · a year ago
so uh, home is where the heart (and kitchen) is, does anyone still want to read that or uh no
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whateverthatgoldsworth · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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whateverthatgoldsworth · 2 years ago
I sorted through all of my documents the other day and I have SO much unfinished standrew fics in there.. What do you want to read? Smut, a Marvel AU, a Brooklyn 99 AU, Home is Where the Heart (and Kitchen) is, something entirely different? 
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whateverthatgoldsworth · 2 years ago
It’s been 84 years but Worth It food is back babeyyyyyy!!!
wow they really they really hit you with that cover image didn’t they jesus
oh god oh god im sad cause only six episodes but
Ah! megan!!!!!!
“Can you imagine me on ecstasy?” “uhhh, are we going there right now?” idhwieufhiruhf SAME???
i literally had to pause and cry cause i missed them SO DAMN MUCH
okay but they’ve gone back to the season two thing where they figure out who is who in the dish
S: I’m not saving any for Adam
Adam: fuck you *steals burrito*
yall were only like 5 minutes in and look how much ive written
oh….. oh….. Heart Eyes Ilynyckj is back……. dont do this to me
look guys going to a latino bakery and getting pan dulces is an ideal date for me and im getting super emotional
Annie’s like, why are you like this XDDDD
Steven, baby,,,, breakfast foods in a burrito is a breakfast burrito, honey smh
Adam really went for the food porn shot by ripping the burrito in half, what a bold man
I love how they casually stopped by a historic site during a road trip, if that isn’t my whole goddamn mood every day of my life
omg im so happy for these people with the anaconda burrito, they really succeeded by selling giant foods people cant get enough of, good for them!!
any one else getting a phallic vibe cause im a little uncomfy by them cheersing the ends of the burrito
steven is really competitive, im not surprised he won eating the most
I would pick Low Key too, I love me some breakfast burritos
Guys, they’re really back, my heart is glowing, my body is tingling, i feel alive <3 <3 <3
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whateverthatgoldsworth · 3 years ago
1st Day Of Christmas Prompt List
Oh my God, the dog has an ugly jumper! My life is complete!
Why is there a throwing star on top of the tree?
I’ll drag this goddamn tree in the house if it’s the last thing I do.
Die Hard is a Christmas movie and I’ll fight you if you say anything else!
Is this supposed to be a subtle hint that I need to brush my teeth more?
I’m sorry for anybody who will have me as secret Santa, you’ll absolutely only get alcohol
I’ll burn all your gifts if you keep throwing the mistletoe at me.
Let’s watch some Christmas porn!
“You can’t force me to go outside!” “Either you put something on willingly or I’ll throw you in the snow without your pants.”
The only reason I’m willing to dress as a Santa is the cookies. The absolute only reason.
If you want to invite my family over for Christmas, be ready for somebody get stabbed.
Stop eating all the marshmallows, I want them too!
This is the ultimate Christmas drink! Eggnog and hot cocoa. Feel welcome to throw up!
These jokes are not Christmas friendly!
“Why don’t you like ice skating?” “Have you not seen the videos of Zednik or Malarchuk getting their throat slashed?! This is dangerous!”
You are not allowed to touch the tree anymore!
You can’t be drunk on Christmas Eve!
I’m like a Grinch. I hate Christmas and people.
“Merry Christmas!” “You brought me Trump Vodka? Are you serious?”
You are not dressing the cat in a reindeer costume!
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house-ad · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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whateverthatgoldsworth · 3 years ago
Hey, guess what? I want to write! Wow, amazing, right? Let me know what you’d want to read. Home is Where the Kitchen is? One-shots? Some shyan? Tell me <3
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whateverthatgoldsworth · 3 years ago
We NEED an extra person to help run this blog
We’re currently two people running this blog (@shouldbestevdrew and @laimerrylin), but I (shouldbestevdrew) am going through a lot of stress in my life after a major life change, and will have to prioritise myself before this blog. It’s exhausting to run something like this alone, so if you would want to help, please send us an ask, or send one of us a message! Thank you.
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whateverthatgoldsworth · 3 years ago
so uh, home is where the heart (and kitchen) is, does anyone still want to read that or uh no
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whateverthatgoldsworth · 3 years ago
me replying to messages 10 days late and blaming it on my busy schedule to hide the fact that my depression has me thinking simple correspondence is an actual workload:
Tumblr media
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whateverthatgoldsworth · 3 years ago
Want to be a part of this blog?
Hey guys! We’re already two people working on these quotes, but lately we’ve both been busy and we really need one more person. Either send an ask, or send me (@lieasobsessions) a message! Thank you! <3
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whateverthatgoldsworth · 3 years ago
Fanfiction Writer Asks
Most of the writer ask posts I come across are only like ten or so questions long so I thought I’d try to make a longer one because we like talking about our writing! Feel free to reblog!
1) How old were you when you first starting writing fanfiction?
2) What fandoms do you write for and do you have a particular favourite if you write for more than one?
3) Do you prefer writing OC’s or reader inserts? Explain your answer.
4) What is your favourite genre to write for?
5) If you had to choose a favourite out of all of your multi chaptered stories, which would it be and why?
6) If you had to delete one of your stories and never speak of it again, which would it be and why?
7) When is your preferred time to write?
8) Where do you take your inspiration from?
9) In your xxx fic, what’s your favourite scene that you wrote?
10) In your xxx fic, why did you decide to end it like that? Did you have an alternative ending in mind?
11) Have you ever amended a story due to criticisms you’ve received after posting it?
12) Who is your favourite character to write for? Why?
13) Who is your least favourite character to write for? Why?
14) How did you come up with the title for the xxx? - You can ask about multiple stories.
15) If you write OC’s, how do you decide on their names?
16) How did you come up with the idea for xxx?
17) Post a line from a WIP that you’re working on.
18) Do you have any abandoned WIP’s? What made you abandon them?
19) Are there any stories that you’ve written that you’d really love to do a sequel to?
20) Are there any stories that you wished you’d ended differently?
21) Tell me about another writer(s) who you admire? What is it about them that you admire?
22) Do you have a story that you look back on and cringe when you reread it?
23) Do you prefer listening to music when you’re writing or do you need silence?
24) How do you feel about writing smutty scenes?
25) Have you ever cried whilst writing a story?
26) Which part of your xxx fic was the hardest to write?
27) Do you make a general outline for your stories or do you just go with the flow?
28) What is something you wished you’d known before you started posting fanfiction?
29) Do you have a story that you feel doesn’t get as much love as you’d like?
30) In contrast to 29 is there a story which gets lots of love which you kinda eye roll at?
31) Send me a fic recommendation and I’ll post it for my followers to see! (The asker is to send the rec not the answerer)
32) Are any of your characters based on real people?
33) What’s the biggest compliment you’ve gotten?
34) What’s the harshest criticism you’ve gotten?
35) Do you share your story ideas with anyone else or do you keep them close to your chest?
36) Can you give us a spoiler for one of your WIP’s?
37) What’s the funniest story you’ve written?
38) If you could collab with any other writer on here, who would it be? (Perhaps this question will inspire some collabs!) If you’re shy, don’t tag the blog, just name it.
39) Do you prefer first, second or third person?
40) Do people know you write fanfiction?
41) What’s you favourite minor character you’ve written?
42) Song fic - What made you decide to use the song xxx for xxx.
43) Has anyone ever guessed the plot twist of one of your fics before you posted it?
44) What is the last line you wrote?
45) What spurs you on during the writing process?
46) I really loved your xxx fic. If you were ever to do a sequel, what do you think might happen in it?
47) Here’s a fic title - insert a made up title. What would this story be about?
48) What’s your favourite trope to write?
49) Can you remember the first fic you read? What was it about?
50) If you could write only angst, fluff or smut for the rest of your writing life, which would it be and why?
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whateverthatgoldsworth · 3 years ago
Steven: Small creatures are way more vicious. It’s because there’s less room to contain their anger.
Andrew: That’s ridiculous. Name one example of this.
Adam: Wasps.
Niki: Spiders.
Annie: Terriers.
Shane: Ryan.
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house-ad · a month ago
Tumblr media
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