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by ‘holly sweet’ on redbubble

five feet apart cus theyre not gay

oh my god they were roommates 

i wont hesitate, bitch


its wednesday my dudes

(no associated catchphrase)

a potato flew around my room

i have the power of god AND anime on my side


~got a red dress on tonight, dancing in the dark in the pale moonlight~

(no associated catchphrase)

(’take on me’ opening notes)

(no associated catchphrase)

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Tarot Spread: How Do You Connect To The Elements?

Your connection to the element:

earth, 1

Water, 3

Air, 5

Fire, 7

2, 4, 6, 8: how can you strengthen / start your relationship with this element?

9, 10: which element are you most drawn to / where do most of your strengths lie? (Might need a few more cards if you really wanna get in there)

(Didn’t include spirit cause I was mostly focusing on the physical, and am not v familiar with it)

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Black: witchcraft, power, protection, deep magic, wisdom, discernment, removing negative energy

Red/ginger/orange: male power, the power of the sun, Yang energy, harvest moon, wealth, money, focus

Blue/grey/smoke: love, happiness, peace, good luck, emotional stability

White: lunar magic, healing, recharging, beauty, invoking admiration, relieving stress, considered a good omen in America

Colorpoint/Siamese: the royal color, fame, success, purity, longevity, solar magic, Yang energy

Calico/tri-colored: associated with the triple goddess, good luck, protection, happiness, prosperity

Two-tone: wisdom, understanding, common sense, friendliness

Tortoiseshell: Yin energy (this color pattern is inherited only by females), children, pure magic, clairvoyance, healing

Gold/golden brown: revered temple cat, wisdom, grace, solar magic, playfulness

Tabby/striped: good luck, light, humor, energy

source: with some edits by me

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  The moon. Every witch keeps it in conscience. Nearly every religion seems to have something to say about it. In science, history, religion, even in architecture, the moon has come to show its importance and status. Babylonian astronomers in the 5th century BC recorded a lunar cycle, and back in 4th century BC, Chinese Astronomer Shi Shen created a guide regarding the prediction of lunar eclipses. Civilizations like the Han Dynasty thought the moon to be a driving force, while many Native American tribes associated it with female divinity. So, with all this in mind, how can we use and understand the positioning of the moon to better our witchcraft today?

Image result for moon phases photo

  First, we have to understand a lunation. A lunation is a roughly 30 day cycle, from new moon to new moon. The word moon actually comes from the word month. Ancestors used and understood the moon phases to tell time. Each phase lasts a few days to the naked eye, though the moon is really only in each phase for a brief second. It appears the moon stays in a certain phase due to the time buffer in which we on earth see the light. The New Moon represents the start of a new cycle.

 So, exactly what does each cycle mean, and how does it correspond with the craft?

 New Moon - The new moon is a time of new beginnings. The Sun and Moon are aligned, leaving the moon dark and invisible to our eyes on earth. It will also rise and set around the same time as the sun. It is a time to start new projects, jobs, friendships, and to seek new intentions. Starting a diet, trying to kick an old habit, or redecorating will all be made easier by the energy given by the New Moon. Wishing upon a New Moon is also a good way to bring in some luck.

Waxing Crescent -  Also known as the ‘young moon,’ the crescent begins the move towards a full moon. A small, sliver shaped section of the moon is illuminated. Plans or goals that were made during the New Moon can be solidified and worked towards, and often clarified.

First Quarter -  The first quarter moon is a small pause from the motivation and working to balance oneself out and discover possible mistakes and holes in plans and ideas we had made. Now is a time to focus and fine tune little things in your life. Meditation and introspective journeys are at hand.

Waxing Gibbous - Also known as the three quarter moon, the waxing gibbous is ¼ away from becoming the anticipated full moon. Spells for success and goal reaching work best, especially in relation to the project you’ve been working on. Think about positive spaces and constructive magic–bringing in money, romance, etc. If your project so far has failed, the Gibbous will help recharge it.

FULL MOON - The full moon. Esbat. Regarded highly as the best and most effective time to cast spells, lore and tales have surrounded the mysterious full moon for centuries. It is a time of heightened psychic awareness, in which everything comes together, including family, friends, plans, and ideas. In Wicca, the full moon is the mother’s moon, and in folklore, the full moon represents divine female power. Divining is especially powerful during a full moon. It is a perfect time to make Moon Water and to perform any exciting or lengthy spells you’ve been working on.

Waning Gibbous - As the waning begins, so does the shedding of old or toxic things in your life. Removing bad habits, curing illnesses, quitting bad jobs, ending addiction, or even breaking off relationships can be planned or started. This is also the time of the goddess Demeter.

Last Quarter - Continue banishing work here, especially focused on your emotions and negativity. Remember things you want to improve and save them for the upcoming new moon, but for now, simply make room for them.

Waning Crescent - The final waning phase before the start of a new cycle, now is a time to confront head on what is causing chaos in your life. A little hexing here and then, if such practice coheres with your beliefs, might just work out during this moon phase.


Lunar Deities: Phoebe, Artemis, Selene, Hecate, Chang'e, Sin, Mani, Tsukuyomi, Ibis, Chonsu, Thoth, Set, Chia, Wadd, Elatha, Luna, Nepthys,


The Moon Tarot

Image result for Moon tarot

 The moon tarot invokes the unconscious, introspect, and discovery. The face of the moon is half seen, symbolizing pregnancy and the mystery of the soul. The rays of light represent creation and power, and are a vital symbol of life. The animals, perhaps a wolf or dog, sit opposite of a river, mouths lifting to howl at the moon. This can represent the cutting of ties with someone close, and is especially poignant in the idea of hiding or forgetting ones ancestry. A crustacean sits in blue water at height of a pond, symbolizing hidden emotions and sensitivity. The water flowing towards the moon along with the crustacean and dogs rising towards it can be seen as a unity of self. The water at the bottom, where the crustacean sits, is drawn in by the moon, evoking female cycles, as well as passage from life to death and vice versa.


This will most likely be updated and added to, but for now, here this is! I hope this can help somebody out.

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Most to Least Intimidating Mars Signs

Aquarius Mars: Ice kings and queens right here. They’ll cut you off like you never existed. No shit talking, no arguing. You’re just dead in their book.

Scorpio Mars: Vindictive, manipulative, and borderline crazy when mad. They’ll sink your ship and their own trying to hit you where it hurts. These guys don’t give a shit once they hit a point and they will not forgive and forget.

Gemini Mars: Extremely spiteful and hateful when mad. It flips back and forth from forgiving to still pissed off. They will kill you with their words and ask why you’re dying.

Aries Mars: These guys are gonna be all up in your face. They don’t give a hoot what you think. They’ll rant and rave and blow up in a rage when upset. And then be over it seconds later while everybody around them is in shock.

Cancer Mars: Spiteful and emotionally turbulent. Slights will not be easily forgotten, but they tend to be apologetic when they know they’ve said something harsh.

Virgo Mars: They will pick you apart by your flaws and make you feel like the biggest idiot. One difficult part of how detail oriented Virgo is.

Capricorn Mars: They bottle up their anger so much and use it to help them power forward. Their grudges are long-lasting and you usually won’t even know a Capricorn Mars person dislikes you unless you get long silences because they just keep it so hidden. When they lose their temper it’s like an earthquake though - devastating and over quickly.

Taurus Mars: They hold a very intense grudge, but rarely do they do anything about it. Really just very stubborn and tend to latch on to their anger.

Sagittarius Mars: Really difficult to get a rise out of them, because they don’t care for negativity and will just run away from it. But they do have a tendency to pop off and own you with some very blunt arguing if pushed too far.

Leo Mars: Very relaxed Mars sign, but if pushed too far there can be quite an explosion from these guys.

Pisces Mars: Sensitive and prone to crying during disputes even if they’re not at fault. They’ll probably spend a lot of it apologizing and low-key manipulating you to feel bad for them.

Libra Mars: Not extremely intimidating. Tend to just want to smooth over the issues even if you caused it. They’re easily forgiving and don’t tend to be very harsh.

Message me for my in depth reading options! 💞 All multiple pages and only 10$.

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An excerpt from a journaling exercise and a shot from a hike I went on with a large magnolia flower in my backpack

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The Self-Exploration Tarot Spread

  1. Who I Am Right Now
  2. My Short Term Goals
  3. My Interests and Passions
  4. My Emotions
  5. My Inner Demons
  6. My Fears
  7. My Drive
  8. My Long Term Goals
  9. My Future Self

I recommend not using reversals for this particular spread, but you can still use them if you prefer to do so. 

this spread is amazing and just made me cry twice.

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What if there was an apocalypse but some people were really really in denial and optimistic and thinking everything will be back to normal soon?

Like they’d be foraging through the ruins of New York for supplies, shooting raiders in the face and saying “Man, this recession is really bad, huh?”



this post, plus that satire one about the increasingly ridiculous callout culture that slowly became more and more accurate

this one

was anything going on in 2017??? did everyone randomly have prophetic visions????????

Another one from 2017 by @nullsynth

the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls

turns out we had the 2020 vision after all

“the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls” is actually a really fucking metal quote and i will be using it in the future

@handoverthehands it’s from Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel. Referenced as well in Spirit of the Radio by Rush and again in Disturbed’s cover of the original.

And that in itself was a reference to the Book of Daniel from the bible, when the words of the prophet were written on the Babylonian palace walls.

In the real world, it’s not the kings and people in power who see the signs of doom, but the poor people in the subway, helpless to stop it.

what happened on this post


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One of the greatest Mysteries in Astrology is the 12th house  An alternate “new age” interpretation of the 12th is what gives us satisfaction for giving back to the collective.  The 12th house is where we lose our energy for the greater good. Sometimes we earn money for helping, or we can do it just to feel good about making a difference.

Here are some examples in the chart how this can be seen.  Examples are done in “word slam” :

Aries on the 12th House Cusp / Mars in the 12th House

Being proactive in Helping Others, Helping others get motivated, Helping others be independent, Finding what motivates others and realizing self motivation skills, Leading those who need help, Fighting to protect the weak, Bringing pioneering concepts to the World, Teaching the Importance of Passion, Using Sexuality as a Way to heal others, Bringing sports to a culture or group of people as a way to enrich their lives

Taurus on the 12th House Cusp/ Venus in the 12th House

Teaching others about Finding the beauty in life, Helping Others unlock their artistic talents, Helping others find a place they can relax,  Teaching others the value of following your own value’s, Using Money to Assists those in need, Teaching those in need Financial Skills, Creating a Business to Help those in need, Using Financial Power to make a real difference

Gemini on the 12th House Cusp / Mercury in the 12th House

Learning about things for the sake of giving back, Teaching Others, Being Involved in the local community, Giving back to the local community, Teaching brothers, sisters or neighbors,  Helping others see the Importance of Communication, Healing people learn more effectively, Teaching people to realize the power of adaption, Opening other’s minds to logic, common sense and understanding the need to understand the environment.

Cancer on the 12th House Cusp / Moon in the 12th House

The value of Emotions, Teaching others how emotions fuel us, The importance of nurturing and raising others, Teaching others about History, Lineage and the importance of your Homeland and where one came from, Using the Imagination to heal the masses, Nurturing the Masses, Nursing Others to Health, Cooking for others, Writing Cookbooks or Sharing Recipes, Donating Real Estate or Land or Giving Homeless/Impoverished people a place to call home

Leo on the 12th House Cusp / Sun in the 12th House

Sharing the Power of Love and Compassion, Teaching about the Value of standing up, Highlighting the idea to others it’s ok to be dramatic to get what you need, Being Prideful about what to offer others, Naturally shining a light on the needs of others, Being Kind of helping those whom can’t help themselves, Teaching others you need to take of yourself so you can have something to give others, Being Creative with Helping those in need, Bringing people in need to places to have fun and enjoy life

Virgo on the 12th House Cusp / Mercury in the 12th House

Showing compassion through analytical skills, Helping people by being honest, judgmental and critical of them, Showing compassion and worry towards others in need, Bringing routine in the lives of the unfortunate in life, Helping the health of the underprivileged, Writing letters to show awareness and compassion to those in need, Helping the needy get work and become employed, Participating in programs to help Homeless Pets,  Hooking up needy people with animal companionship

Libra on the 12th House Cusp / Venus in the 12th House

Teaching about the importance of Partnership, Marriage to help bring inner peace, Helping others achieve balance in their life, Doing art to give back to everyone, Performing music to help others, Find Value in their life by helping the needy, Using the code of the law to help those that can’t help themselves, Using diplomacy skills to bring the disadvantaged help, Helping others realizing harmonious and civil tactful behavior can help get things done, Negotiating benefits fo the disadvantaged

Scorpio on the 12th House Cusp / Pluto or Mars in 12th House

Using great willpower to research knowledge to help others, Teaching people about Hidden Knowledge, Being Passionate about showing Compassion, Helping others understand themselves, Teaching people how to deal with fears, Using astrology as means to help others, Helping others feel regenerated, Teaching others the value of life and death, Helping people in Emergencies, Helping the Underprivileged in Crisis, Being a detective, Helping others uncover hidden secrets, Helping someone die (morally objective!)

Sagittarius on the 12th House Cusp / Jupiter in 12th House

Spiritual Karmic Lesson of understanding things greater then oneself,  Bringing wisdom to the masses, Helping others have a sense of joy, optimism and hope, Philosophies centered on the importance of giving back, Teaching spirituality, being a guru to others, Teaching others the value of oneness, Showing Compassion with humor, Traveling to far away lands to assists the needy, Helping the underprivileged by educating them, Teaching them languages

Capricorn on the 12th House Cusp / Saturn in the 12th House

Ingrained responsibility to the Masses, Showing compassion through ambition,  A sense of letting everyone down, Feeling Responsible for the underprivileged, Helping build structure in people’s lives,  Making a career of helping the unprivileged, Working with the government so they can help the needy,  Being involved in social welfare roles in government, Teaching others to find their own sense of authority,  Helping others value the need to take things serious, Teaching people Practical skillets

Aquarius on the 12th House Cusp, Uranus or Saturn in the 12th House

Teaching people the values of spirituality,  Hoping and aspiring to help those in need, Interested actively in social reform to help others,  Helping the Impoverished with like minded friends, Teaching people the value of friendship, Showing others the value of being apart of something greater then oneself, Bringing awareness of societal problems through social media, the internet, Teaching others about Esoteric Sciences, Helping others through Astrology, Making friends with disadvantaged people, Being friends with the homeless

Pisces on the 12th House Cusp, Neptune or Jupiter in the 12th house

Spiritually inclined towards showing compassion to others,  Spreading compassion by teaching others about compassion,  Showing universal love to others,  Spreading the word of “god,”  Helping the lonely or forgotten, Showcasing and spreading idealism,  Teaching others about greater things then themselves in the world, Bringing Spirituality to the needy, Helping others out of a soulful longing,  An interest in teaching metaphysics or supernatural ideas to others, Helping the underprivileged through Astrology, Using the imagination to help others,  Teaching others how to utilize their imagination, Helping people who are depressed, Helping people from their own self undoing, Helping others conquer their fears

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honestly if your parents are shitty just dedicate your love and connection to an ancient greek god and ask for them to adopt you instead. because tbh who the fuck can stop you and there’s no reason not to at least try.

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Gabriela Mistral, from a letter to Doris Dana c. January 1950 (translated by Velma García-Gorena)
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Mercury Retrograde Through the Houses ☿💫

I get so many questions every mercury rx period about how it will influence someone specifically - so here I’ve laid out some things to look out for depending on which house mercury is transiting through for you! Remember it’s never my intention to scare/worry anyone - these are just things to keep in mind xx

*if you don’t know where mercury is transiting for you, you can go to > extended chart selection > natal chart and transits > enter a date within the rx period > find transiting mercury (not your natal

1st House: 

  • may have questions like: “am I happy with how I’m being perceived? am I pleased with how I’m coming across? does something in my image need changed?” the temptation to rush into things or jump to conclusions is strong. may be particularly clumsy, fidgety, or have issues stumbling over your words or being misunderstood.

2nd House: 

  • a time to keep an eye on your spending habits and make a financial plan for yourself going forward. what is really important to you? what do you value in yourself and in your life? you could find yourself reprioritizing. take a moment during this transit to pamper and appreciate yourself.

3rd House: 

  • give yourself extra time in your commute! expect delays and disruptions in your every day travel. miscommunications are likely with this transit as well, especially over text/email/dm/etc! take extra precaution with your phone/computer, as you could be more likely to misplace it or experience issues. save files often and reread what you’ve typed before sending!

4th House: 

  • any old or unresolved family issues may show up during this transit. prepare to revisit childhood memories and bring what’s been in the shadows to light. this is also a good time to spring clean or rearrange your space! there could household repairs needed during this time - especially electrical or plumbing concerns, but any kind is possible.

5th House: 

  • inspiration could evade you during this transit - tapping into your inner child and creating for no one other than yourself and for pleasure may be the key. could be feeling particularly romantic and craving affection, but you may not be seeing people clearly. it’s possible an old flame or ex may make a reappearance or try to reach out.

6th House: 

  • may experience miscommunications or disruptions in your work environment. if you work with others, everyone may not be on the same page. routines and schedules you’ve set for yourself may fall apart or get shifted as mercury shakes things up in your everyday life. pay special attention to your health during this transit as you may feel run-down.

7th House: 

  • issues in your close partnerships (business and/or romantic!) that have previously been swept under the rug or overlooked may be brought into focus during this transit. it’s likely an ex or old friend may try to reconnect with you. pay close attention and read the fine print of any contracts or agreements - like a lease, job offer, car loan, etc.

8th House: 

  • secrets could come out and be revealed during this time - yours and others - so being honest and upfront is crucial. it’s possible your sex life may temporarily take a dip during this time, or you may want to explore your sexual preferences further. this transit puts focus on the resources (esp. $) you share with others, and making sure that exchange is fair for both.

9th House: 

  • review, re-write, revise, and re-examine are the key words here! your school work and educational goals will be front and center. you may feel like you’ve lost your vision for the future and need to reconsider what is “true” for you. may experience miscommunications centered around language or cultural differences. expect delays or cancellations if traveling abroad.

10th House: 

  • rebranding or revamping your image is brought into your focus. pay attention to what you say online or in other public forums as others may misconstrue what you try to say. career wise, you may want to reapply for a job, or feel like looking into getting a new one. if you are estranged from a family member (esp. father) they may try to reach out to repair the relationship.

11th House: 

  • friendships and your social circles may experience tension or misunderstandings (ex: plans cancelled last minute). may feel more lonely or isolated as a result. old friends may make a reappearance and attempt to rekindle the friendship. this is the time to realize who your true friends are. your goals and dreams are also brought into focus - use this time to plan for the future!

12th House: 

  • may have a strong desire to retreat to your inner world or sanctum. could experience particularly powerful dreams or heightened intuition during this transit. Subconsciously-influenced traits/mindsets/behaviors may become more apparent in order for you to acknowledge and release them if necessary. 

I have a YouTube video that goes more in depth on Mercury Rx here!

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