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Starters for Villain and Evil Muses
because some of us write bad guys/gals/people! Requested by anonymous. Change pronouns or wording as needed.
“You can’t do that. I won’t let you.”
“Why did you do that?”
“What made you this way?”
“Who hurt you?”
“What would [NAME] think of you if they saw you now?”
“You’re a monster.”
“Stop giving your pain to others.”
“I’ll never forgive you.”
“How could you do such a thing?”
“What the hell is wrong with you?”
“This won’t bring them back.”
“Suppose you succeed. Then what?”
“What do you want? Why are you doing this?”
“What could hurting me possibly achieve?”
“Shut up. We’re nothing alike.”
“This ends here.”
“How am I supposed to believe you after everything you’ve done?”
“You’ve changed? Yeah, and pigs can fly.”
+ add your own!
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 SENTENCE MEME ⟶ DRAGON AGE: ORIGINS / Part 9 always feel free to tweak the sentence to fit your muse.
‘you should curb your tongue.’
‘there is talk that your illness left you feeble.’
‘i cannot forgive what you’ve done.’
‘he always seemed the kind of man who enjoyed kicking stray dogs.’
‘everything in here appears to be breakable. it seems most impractical.’
‘i never knew my real parents.’
‘he was always calling me ‘a stray’, and throwing anything he could get his hands on at me.’
‘i don’t know how it happened, but one day, he just found his hair on fire.’
‘don’t get sentimental on me now.’
‘if one more person asks if i would like a change of clothes, i will set the house on fire.’
‘i was hoping for silk sheets and candied grapes.’
‘give me one good reason to believe this crazy story.’
‘i’m not sure that’s a risk we can afford to take.’
‘shouldn’t you be dead?’
‘he does get terribly emotional at times.’
‘well here i am, in the flesh.’
‘what? you’ve gone soft!’
‘did you fall off a cart full of stupid?’
‘you never hear music in the sound of a key turning in a lock until you’ve been imprisoned.’
‘impressive moves there, old man.’
‘you look like you’ve been dragged through ten kinds of crap.’
‘who calls that a crime? more like a public service.’
‘mistakes were made.’
‘it’s good to see you in one piece.’
‘eavesdropping is not considered very polite.’
‘you do realise that you have been smiling for hours, now?’
‘you are acting quite the fool.’
‘he has his charms, i’ll give him that.’
‘he must be quite something in bed for you to risk so much in order to be close to him.’
‘it’s a bit sickening to watch you two.’
‘where is your humility when we really need it?’
‘you helped them, didn’t you? helped them to never be seen again.’
‘some of us have  still got things to live for.’
‘the scars have healed.’
‘why would you lie to me?’
‘i admire you. you are a wicked, wicked woman.’
‘you are a fool who spends far too much time on his hair.’
‘surely we can reach some kind of compromise.’
‘from the look on your face, i take it the news is bad.’
‘it’s meant a lot to me, but so have… so has what you’ve done. please, take it.’
‘you are a very frustrating man to deal with, you know that?’
‘people like you and i are not the product of happy lives of contentment.’
‘i was cocky and arrogant.’
‘you were /more/ cocky and arrogant?’
‘i was often told i was insufferable. right before i ended up in bed with someone.’
‘she was a marvel. tough, smooth, wicked. eyes that gleamed like justice.’
‘i had closed off my heart, i thought.’
‘i felt empty. i felt as if i was nothing.’
‘in truth, what i wanted was to die.’
‘does she even known i exist?’
‘i suppose i’m your brother.’
‘they told you i was dead?’
‘i didn’t have the life you think i did.’
‘well. that was… not what i expected.’
‘i feel like a complete idiot.’
‘i wouldn’t let a festering swine wear it.’
‘are you blind as well as stupid?’
‘torture is an ugly business.’
‘must we sacrifice everything?’
‘a fine performance, but no one here is taken in by it.’
‘war is cruel.’
‘there are no such things as innocents.’
‘i believe i can speak for myself.’
‘i wanted to protect you from this.’
‘i suppose we both knew it would come to this.’
‘a man is made by the quality of his enemies.’
‘stop treating me like a child.’
‘daughter’s never grow up.’
‘when did this get decided? no one’s decided that! have they?’
‘you’re not thinking of avenging him, i hope.’
‘now there’s a reason to get drunk if ever i heard one.’
‘keep the drunkenness to a minimum.’
‘do not hurry so to sacrifice your life.’
‘don’t you have your own bedroom?’
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** villain / hero sentence starters
“  every  story  needs  a  hero  and  a  villain.  ”
“  this  is  going  to  be  a  little  uncomfortable.  ”
“  do  you  know  what  i've  done ?  what  i  would  do  again  if  given  the  chance ?  ”  
“  i  can't  stop.  it's  what  i  am.  “
“  they  hate  what  they  cannot  control.  ”
“  the  only  difference  between  a  hero  and  a  villain,  is  who’s  telling  the  story.  ”
“  i  have  my  reasons  for  being  this  way.  ”
“  your  death  will  mean  nothing  to  them.  ”
“  kill  me.  go  on,  i  dare  you.  ”
“  i  don’t  think  you’ve  got  it  in  you.  you’re  like  a  little  dove,  never  wanting  to  get  your  hands  dirty.  ”
“  what  do  i  want  ?  i  want  to  see  the  world  burn.  i  want  to  see  a  new  world  born  from  it’s  ashes.  ”
“  one  day  i  will  kill  you.  and  you  can  be  safe  in  the  knowledge  that  you  will  have  deserved  it.  ”
“  fate  is  an  excuse  for  people  who  are  too  stupid  or  too  weak  to  make  their  own  future.  ”
“  let  you  go  ?  do  you  really  think  i’m  that  stupid ?  ”
“  i  could  keep  you  safe.  they’re  all  afraid  of  me. ”
“  ask  me  if  i  give  a  crap.  ”
“  you’re  playing  my  game  now.  ”
“  tell me;  would  you  kill  to  save  a  life ?  ”
“  what’s  more  important  to  you ?  their  life  or  your  reputation ?  ”
“  people  will  never  bleed  enough  to  fulfil  your  vision  of  justice.  ”
“  i  will  never  turn  my  back  on  people  who  need  me.  ”
“  i  don’t  need  to  be  saved.  ”
“  rebellions  are  built  on  hope.  ” 
“  i  will  win.  that’s  what  heroes  do.  ”
“  i  don’t  have  to  prove  anything  to  you.  ”
“  you  can’t  always  be  strong,  but  you  can  always  be  brave.  ”
“  i  will  catch  you.  i  will  bring  you  to  justice.  ”
“  once  there  is  blood  on  your  hands,  they  will  never  be  clean.  ”
“  don’t  carry  the  world  upon  your  shoulders.  ”
“  you  don’t  need  a  reason  to  save  people.  ”
“  i’m  not  a  hero.  ”
“  we  will  win.  ”
“  there’s  no  escape  this  time.  ”
“  i  really  don’t  want  to  fight.  ”
“  if  it  was  down  to  me  to  save  your  life,  would  you  trust  me  to  do  it ?  ”
“  i’ll  admit,  this  looks  bad.  ”
“  i’m  proud  of  what  i  am.  ”
“  i  know  my  value.  ”
“  you’re  wrong  about  them !  ”
“  let  them  go.  they  have  nothing  to  do  with  this  fight.  ”
“  it’s  not  too  late  to  change.  i  can  help  you.  ”
“  killing  me  will  not  end  this.  ” 
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Send a character to my ask box and my Muse will talk about their relationship with them.
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Send “alive” for my muse to wake up after your muse thinks they are dead.
Send “not dead yet” for your muse to wake up after my muse thinks they are dead. 
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Ship my muse with someone and I'll respond with a gif.
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“I am yours in every lifetime. No one will ever have me like you will. My heart, my soul, my smile, my tears, my mornings, my nights, my everything is yours and only yours.”
— Leohearts
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❛ the world is on the brink! ❜
❛ the mind is a fragile thing. takes only the slightest tap to tip it in the wrong direction. ❜
❛ you feel like you don’t belong here. ❜
❛ they can’t begin to comprehend what you are. ❜
❛ I had to keep her stable. I protected her. ❜
❛ I’ve seen evil… and I’m looking at it now. ❜
❛ they’re right to fear me. ❜
❛ tell me how to fix this! tell me what to do! ❜
❛ I don’t know what to do! ❜
❛ I came here looking for answers. ❜
❛ you didn’t come here looking for answers. you came here looking for permission. ❜
❛ but she’s still our friend. ❜
❛ they say you can fix me? ❜
❛ you are not broken. ❜
❛ this is your fault.   ❜
❛ why did you make me do that? she was my friend… ❜
❛ there’s still hope. don’t do this! ❜
❛ I’m scared. and when I lose control, bad things happen to the people I love. ❜
❛ if you touch her, I’ll fucking kill you. ❜
❛ what they don’t understand, they fear. and what they fear… ❜
❛ look at me, focus on my voice. ❜
❛ stop, stop, STOP! ❜
❛ what are we? ❜
❛ sometimes, you want to believe that people are something that they are not. by the time you realize who they are, it’s too late. ❜
❛ she’s coming. ❜
❛ hello, old friend. ❜
❛ stay out of my way. ❜
❛ I’m sorry for what she did. but I can’t let you go in there. ❜
❛ we do this here now? they’ll see us as monsters. ❜
❛ what did I tell you? ❜
❛ the girl dies! ❜
❛ your emotions make you weak. ❜
❛ no. my emotions make me strong. ❜
❛ that power… destroyed everything it came into contact with. ❜
❛ I break things. ❜
❛ how’s this sound? if you break something, I can fix it. ❜
❛ I don’t want to fight you. ❜
❛ I get that a lot. ❜
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it's so funny how some actors don't like their characters being shipped and then there's james mcavoy talking about how charles and erik are in love and saying he fucked michael fassbender in every interview literally unprompted and then sirs ian mckellen and patrick stewart making out on red carpets
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Tumblr media
Charles and Erik in Paris trying to recruit some X-babies.  That time when Erik said to me: “I would have built this tower in less than two days”. Charles is not impressed but Erik is right.
I wanted to use perspective this time, but, as always, I changed idea. lol
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Erik: Guys, do you think I’m a badass?
Peter: Yeah, sure
Charles, distractedly: No, I think your ass is great.
Charles: Sorry, what was the question?
Peter: I’m going to leave you two alone…
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Charles paused a moment, unsure if he should laugh or sigh. He shook his head instead, a sincere but stern smile on his face.
Tumblr media
“Thank you for telling me the truth. I expect you’ll both plant new flowers at the start of next season?” 
“ I’m just here to talk. ” from Charles
Tumblr media
“Whatever it is, Peter started it.”
She’s not afraid to throw that nerd under the bus.
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//I have officially shipped cherik for a decade now😭🎉 no regrets
//...well damn. Come the summer of ‘21, I’ll have been a cherik shipper for ten years💕
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Tumblr media
drawing this scene without making the colors look drab is SUCH a challenge but i love it sm so i tried my best :’^)
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Charles nodded, offering a weak smile back.  He let Erik guide and dress him, reminded as he so often was of how fortunate he was to have such a kind and considerate husband. If he hadn’t spent his energy throwing up his insides, he might be inclined to fall in love with the elder man all over again. 
Since he had effectively hollowed himself out, Charles instead folded into Erik’s chest, taking comfort in his warmth as he was carried back to bed.
“I hope so,” the telepath murmured, when at last they’d arrived. He’d never been so relieved to see their room in all his life--except perhaps for their first night together...and thinking about it now, as Erik tucked him in, he’d been in bad shape then as well. 
Tumblr media
"Thank you,” he said finally, peering up at him with hazy blue eyes. Whatever he’d done to deserve this second chance, Charles would cherish for the rest of his life.
As soon as he no longer felt like shite.
“Oh darling,” he said, kissing Charles’ head. He held him a little tighter - well, it was clearly some kind of flu, and there was little to be done but to ride it out. “You must have caught a bug somewhere.”
Erik wrapped his arms around Charles more tightly, holding him close. As soon as they got out of the bath, Erik would tuck Charles up in bed while he made him some soup. One of the glorious things about their retirement: they had no pressures on their time, so if they had to spend the next week in bed, well, that was what they would do then.
Tumblr media
“Do you think you can stand?”
Once again, Charles didn’t answer right away. Exhaustion was just around the corner, creeping up on not-so-silent feet. And why wouldn’t it be? Everything hurt and coupled with the warmth of Erik’s body (and the persistent chill  circling his own small frame) Charles was more than ready for bed. Provided he could get up, of course. 
Tumblr media
“Um,” said Charles finally. He groaned again, weaker this time, and finally looked up. “If you help me…”
“Of course, my angel,” he smiled. It took a little doing, but eventually both were out of the tub and wrapped up in warm fluffy robes, slowly making their way back to bed. “Take it easy, darling. You just need some rest, it’ll clear up in time.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
A cherik fantasy AU for the unique and precious @autheane.
On AO3 too : XX
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Tumblr media
“Then that’s alright as well,” Charles said gently. He smiled at the younger man, carefully patting his arm. There you are, he thought, a private thought that often surfaced whenever their conversations shifted into honest territory. He felt a special kinship with Peter, more so than their daughters, including dear Vivian. 
The poor lad tried so hard to be what he believed everyone else needed: the brave big brother chasing away monsters under the bed, a shoulder to lean on or nudge, depending on who it was, the run-around son ready and willing to alleviate tension with a quick-witted quip. It was exhausting to consider, much less maintain day in and out and it reminded Charles very much of the way he used to be. Even a man who moved as fast as Peter would wear out without a foundation to fall back on.
 “You’ve got plenty of time to figure out who you’re supposed to be,” Charles went on. “It took me over half my life, but here I am, happier than I’ve ever been.”
@wickedwritingswickedgame​ sent:  “Be true to yourself.” Charles to Peter
Peter had a quip on the tip of his tongue, because of course he did, but the gentle way that Charles looked at him always gave Peter pause. It was easy to be Peter, the annoying big-little brother/son that made everything okay with a joke and some ice cream. But when it came to Charles, he knew that Charles would rather see him, rather than what everyone else wanted him to be.
Tumblr media
“What if I don’t know who that is?”
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pick your battles. pick… pick fewer battles than that. put some battles back. that’s too many 
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