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Okay, any show recommendations? I’m bored, and all these series posters look the same.

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For Daenerys Resurrection Week, Day 1: Resurrection and forgiveness

A long time ago I commented here that I had written an outline for a post season 8 fix-it fanfic. And I did write some things, mostly about the political situation in the story, and character’s motivations. As far as actually coming up with a proper story and proper scenes though, I didn’t really go very far. And to be honest I really don’t feel like writing fics, I’d rather spend my energy on metas. But I wanted to share my headcanon anyway.

To start, my headcanon is canon-compliant. I appreciate fix-it AUs, but I have a problem with them because I always feel the need to acknowledge canon. So I acknowledge everything that happened in season 8. But in my headcanon, I completely absolve Dany of everything. Instead, I tend to think Bran warged into Dany and made her burn King’s Landing, urged by Sansa. So yeah, this is not for Stark fans. My headcanon is pretty much anti everyone but Dany and Jon. (By the way, if anyone has seen any fic with this premise, and that follows season 8 canon, can you please tell me? I don’t know why, but it seems no one has thought of this so far? Or maybe I just haven’t seen it, since I don’t read a lot of fanfic, but I would appreciate reading a fic like this)

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This whole “clap for essential workers every day at 7PM from the comfort of our own homes even though they can’t hear us and literally wont benefit from it in any regard” thing is the middle class equivalent of celebs singing imagine. It’s the direct parallel

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Hey everyone! I’ll be reblogging everything from Daenerys Resurrection Week here in this blog, tagged under #daenerys resurrection week, as well as tagged with each day (#drw day 1, #drw day 2, #drw day 3, #drw day 4, #drw day 5, #drw day 6, and #drw day 7). So if you guys want to see the things being created for Dany resurrection week, you’ll be able to find them under these tags. I also already have some posts in my queue to be reblogged in each day, even if they weren’t especifically created for the Resurrection Week, so if you want to find fanart, edits and fics for the thematic of each day, you can look through my tags. Btw, if you already posted your work for the week, don’t worry, it will be reblogged.

Happy Daenerys Resurrection Week, everyone! May we all appreciate and honor our Lady and Savior!

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Any day now…

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me: i want to pursue my dreams in literature, the humanities, and the arts!

also me: passion??? in this economy????

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“Dragon Barbie used violence to free slaves! She killed Slavers.”

Let’s see what the oldest most well known slavery liberation story was like to put hers in narrative context. Yep, I’m talking about Moses from the Torah/Bible/Quran.

God told the Pharoah to release Israelites from centuries of bondage. He refused.

And so merciful God turned the water into blood. He sent an infestation of lice, gnats, flies, & locusts. He conjured thunderstorms of hail & fire. He plunged Egypt into total darkness with a 3 day eclipse.

He afflicted people with boils & pestilence. He had angels strike dead every firstborn son (including children). And when Moses parted the Red Sea? As soon as the slaves made it across to safety, the Slavers who were chasing them all drowned.

Did Moses have jobs waiting for each of the thousands of slaves he helped set free? Not unless you count 40 years wandering the desert as gainful employment.

Is Moses considered a villain? No. He’s one of the most respected men in history.

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