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witchcraft--lizard·3 hours agoText


read this comment about streaming the vid:

Please follow these: 

 1. don’t watch it on repeat. 

2. don’t watch it in a playlist. 

3. Don’t fast forward or skip. 

4. Don’t skip the advertisements. 

5. Watch with atleast 480p and half the volume. 

6. After watching this, watch 3 to 5 any other videos then search this video (don’t click it from your watch history) and watch it again. 

7. Don’t clear watch history and search history. 

8. Comment and like this video. 

9. Share this in your social media platforms.


Consider not looping it, it’ll get marked as spam. Shake it up between loops.


Now this is initiative in action. Signal boost!



a black woman named zoe amira posted a video on youtube. this video is an hour long and filled with art and music from black creators. it has a ton of ads, and in result will rack up a ton of revenue. 100% of the ad revenue from the video will be dispersed between various blm organizations, including bail-out funds for protesters. it will be split between the following, dependent on necessity

  1. brooklyn bail fund
  2. minnesota freedom fund
  3. atlanta action network
  4. columbus freedom fund
  5. louisville community bail fund
  6. chicago bond
  7. black visions collective
  8. richmond community bail fund
  9. the bail project inc
  10. nw com bail fund
  11. philadelphia bail fund
  12. the korchhinski-parquet family gofundme
  13. george floyd’s family gofundme
  14. blacklivesmatter.com
  15. reclaim the block
  16. aclu

turn off your adblocker and put the video on repeat. do not skip ads. let it play on loop whether you’re listening or not. mute the tab if you need to focus elsewhere. but let. it. play.

youtube will donate to blm for you.

please, please reblog. for people who don’t have money to spare, this is incredibly important information to have.

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witchcraft--lizard·3 hours agoText


It’s ALSO worth saying that police dogs serve a significant role in worsening police brutality. A dog trained to attack a human will maim them. A cop looses a police dog on someone, and that person is expected to peacefully cooperate while a dog is trying to tear their limbs off. It is very easy for those massive wounds to get infected. It is an absurd amount of violence. And beyond the initial attack, the fact that a “poor sweet innocent doggo” did this is used to excuse that brutality in court. Especially if the victim, panicking in the moment, lashed out at the dog. As this website has demonstrated many times, majority-white juries have more sympathies for injured dogs than the people of color who are most often victims of police brutality. So they’re not just systemic animal abuse, they’re also a tool for increased police brutality and to excuse



All k9 dogs are abused hands down if you post any pro k9 stuff on my dash you’re unfollowed I don’t care if we’ve been mutuals for years, you can claim to be anti-cop or a leftist or whatever but if you post k9 dogs with like “a good doggo! A good boy!” fuck off, if I lose followers over this then good riddance

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props to stem people wtf! i can bullshit my way through any english essay because literally u just have to say stuff. but for stem paper u have to say stuff AND it has to be true. wack. 

props to hums people wtf! i can bullshit my way through any stem essay because literally u just have to repeat stuff. but for a hums paper u have to say stuff AND it has to be new stuff from your brain. wack. 

#FINALLY the solidarity we need to defeat business majors

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Here’s the short comic project I did as my college final! There were some bumps due to everything, but I’m glad it’s done! Please enjoy!

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witchcraft--lizard·a day agoText


Police cannot maintain their dominance without the illusion of invincibility. They pray every day that you don’t realize how thin that “thin blue line” actually is.

I’ll bet tear gas manufacturers aren’t “essential workers.” Yet.

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witchcraft--lizard·a day agoText


Pridefall doxxing is apparently already happening (I’ve seen 5 cases so far with 2 of them being 12 year olds).

Here’s what I’d suggest you do if you’re worried you can’t handle what’s coming:

  • If you are truly worried and anxious about seeing anything triggering, make your account private and make yourself untargetable (remove any sexualities or specifications that you’re transsexual or non binary).
  • Don’t click on any sort of suspicious links you see in comment sections or DMs.
  • Don’t try to spy/infiltrate on their Discord chats if you see any, or on their forums. Multiple people have been doxxed in response from trying to do this.

If you still want to be proud and visible:

  • Use a VPN
  • Don’t click on suspicious links. They can’t get your IP from simply being on your social media accounts. They can steal your info if you click on links.
  • Again, don’t try to get on the inside. Stay out of their Discords and forums.
  • Report graphic content like videos of murder, r*pe, gore, etc.
  • Don’t have any personal information out there. No last names, addresses, emails, phone numbers. If you have that info out there for business reasons (ex: art commissioning), take it down momentarily.

These people want us to lock ourselves down and hide. They want us to not be prideful of who we are. If you really can stand it ignore it, report it, and continue celebrating your pride. Don’t give them the satisfaction of you giving them a reaction, or letting them succeed by getting you off the internet. Lgbt people have in the past and still do suffer with worse things than a group of internet trolls harassing them!

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witchcraft--lizard·a day agoText


ggfidjdvakafa OK SO

My mom has been thinking of moving sometime in the future, and she sent me a listing on zillow to look at, right?

And I’m like, “Oh cute, it even has a little in-law suite, that’s nice,” BUT THEN I KEPT SCROLLING AND




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witchcraft--lizard·a day agoText


kind of obsessed with the idea of the rest of the gaang leaving Toph and Zuko to watch over some cooking food and when they come back its burned and Katara starts fuming but Toph and Zuko are like “we’ve never stepped inside a kitchen in our lives and only have one eye between us, if anything it’s your fault”

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idk who jake paul is but he seem like one of those white men who when mentioned will summon 20 million cishet girls to burn down your hou

op sacrificed themselves..for us

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http://m.dailykos.com/story/2015/08/03/1408341/-Psychologist-openly-admits-he-trains-police-officers-to-shoot-first-and-ask-questions-later S-I-G-N-A-L B-O-O-S-T

No. YOU DON’T GET TO DO THIS AND SLIP UNDER THE RADAR. Anyone who’s seeing this, I beg you to reblog. I want as many people to see this shit as possible.

this is really true tho!!! my uncle was a cop in NY & FL and they taught him to shoot first if he had to. anytime a cop feels threatened (and they basically teach cops they’re always threatened) they can shoot. its rlly sick psychological torture shit to help create a police state tbh


Here’s a source from NY Times

Also! Click here to contact his organization and remind him of the blood on his hands. These are his murders too, and everyone involved deserves to feel the weight of guilt. 

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witchcraft--lizard·a day agoText


How clearly does the point need to be made that “police officer” is just a fucking job, one with minimal training and minimal monitoring. It is NOT some kind of promise of honesty, truth, or heroism. It is a bunch of assistant managers with extremely powerful weapons. IF you can understand “pedophiles choose to be priests and teachers so they can get to children”, IF you understand “arsonists choose to be firefighters so they can be present at their own crimes” - then you can ALSO understand “people who are bigoted, violent, and power-hungry choose to be cops for the opportunities the job presents” and you can ALSO understand “any occupational culture that chooses fraternity over justice - and the allowance of violence in the name of a unified front - is therefore siding with their worst representatives”

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witchcraft--lizard·a day agoText


if you’re white and lgbt, you better be speaking up in support of the black lives matter movement right now. don’t forget all of pride is celebration of another riot started by people of color.

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witchcraft--lizard·a day agoText


katara: *kicks zuko’s ass without even blinking*


The Blue Spirit putting out firebending with a bucket of water is the absolute funniest thing ever done in avatar combat. It just is.

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witchcraft--lizard·a day agoText


Also be careful about anyone in the same arrest van / cell as you because
- cops are known to put undercovers in cells to interrogate the arrested
- everything is monitored all the time

Comfort and support your comrades, but do not share personal details or discuss anything that could be used against you.


you cannot win a cop over. you cannot befriend a cop. a cop does not see you as a person, they see you as a perpetrator - you should view them the same.


I’ve been detained. I’ve been arrested. I know the instinct when you’re around other human beings is to try to relate to them on a human level. I get it, being detained is scary, you’re in cuffs, maybe you’re in the back of a squad car, or in a van in the event of mass arrest. The first thing you’re going to want to do is just… Talk to someone. Anyone. To remember that we’re all human here, or to try to win them over.

Don’t. Cops aren’t people. They aren’t your friends, and they aren’t there to protect you. They’re the bloodhounds of the state. Every comment is a hint, every question has ulterior motives, and they are just trying to pump your for information.

The coffee is a trick, your one call is monitored, they are not your fucking friends. You’re an enemy combatant and every single interaction you have with them is a component of an interrogation. Close your mouth, ask for legal counsel, and always remember, cops aren’t just allowed to lie to you, it’s one of their favorite things to do.


Don’t talk to cops about insignificant things, it’s a trick to get you into a talking-mode to gradually work to more sensitive questions.

Don’t talk to workers inside a police station (medics, cleaners, people bringing bitter cold coffee), assume they’re all cops.

If you absolutely must talk to a medic, deliver your essential medical information to them in one sentence and go back to ‘no comment’ after that. Do not get in a conversation.

Don’t accept a lawyer offered by the cops or a lawyer you don’t know. ONLY take the lawyer provided by the activist organization you’re part of and ask to see their ID. Do not believe people who claim they represent the same firm. If in doubt, keep your mouth shut. 


unrelated to last post but topical: as the child of lawyers, I got one thing drilled into me from age 10: don’t fucken talk to cops. never talk to cops.

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