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George Floyd campaigned against gun violence among adolescents, he campaigned for peace. He was loving and he was kind. Don’t let his memory be defined by the last moments of his life. Don’t let his memory be defined by the man who murdered him.


also celebrate George Floyd’s life. he was truly a beautiful, kind, and caring individual. i wish his family so much healing and that they get the justice they deserve.

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a friend shared these with me — people are still piecing the info together, but seems like this is a true phenomenon

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This blog is wholly anti racist.

People of color, minorities, people of the LGBTQIA+ community, YOU ARE SO WELCOME HERE. please, make yourselves at home.

TERFS, racists, people who are against feminism, Nazis: please, do not interact with this blog. Unfollow me immediately, please.

I will not allow any hateful discourse on this blog and anything of that sort will be deleted.

OTHER BLOGS: LIKE AND REBLOG if you support this post.

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everybody has to do their part. as a reference, this was posted on 1 june 2020. if any links are broken or direct to a place they should not, please feel free to add on with corrections. if there is new information with better knowledge, please feel free to share. thank you.

1. donate

do not donate to shaun king. he has repeatedly collected money to “support” black people, but no one knows where the money is.


note: washington dc and new jersey have cashless bail systems.

  1. bail fund google doc (also includes lawyers for protestors)
  2. national bail fund network (directory of community bail funds)
  3. community bail funds masterpost by @keplercryptids
  4. resistance funds (google sheets; lists bail funds around the country)
  5. nationwide bail funds (split a donation to the bail funds listed on the linked page with a single transaction)
  6. atlanta bail fund
  7. brooklyn bail fund
  8. colorado freedom fund
  9. columbus freedom fund
  10. houston chapter of black lives matter
  11. liberty fund (nyc based; focuses services on people from low-income communities)
  12. los angeles freedom fund
  13. louisville community fund
  14. massachusetts bail fund
  15. minnesota freedom fund (as of may 30, 2020, they are encouraging people to donate elsewhere since they have raised enough money; as of may 29, 2020, they do not have a venmo, as some fraudulent accounts have been claiming, source)
  16. philadelphia bail out fund
  17. richmond bail fund


note: more links are listed in the masterposts below.

  1. northstar health collective (healthcare and medical aid for people on the front lines)
  2. reclaim the block (aims to redistribute police funding to help the minneapolis community)
  3. twin cities dsa (provides fresh groceries and hot meals to people in minneapolis)

2. educate yourself

it isn’t enough to sign petitions and reblog/retweet/etc. nonblack people, including people of color, owe it to black people to educate themselves and correct themselves and the people around them on anti-blackness.

note: more links are in the masterposts linked below.

  1. resources and tools regarding racism and anti-blackness (google sheets compilation)
  2. readings on society, racism, the prison system, etc. (twitter thread)
  3. “where do we go after ferguson?” by michael eric dyson
  4. official black lives matter website

3. give out supplies to protestors

people need supplies to protest safely, and even if they bring supplies with them, they can often run out. if you’re able, stock up and hand them out to people protesting. for more supplies to donate, see the “george floyd action” google docs link in section 5.

  1. water bottles (dehydration and heatstroke are not things people should have to deal with alongside bastard cops. if the police in your area are particularly violent or known to use tear gas, get the ones with the sports cap/suction-thing/etc so people can use them as emergency eye-flushes.)
  2. snacks (make sure to take into account that people have allergies of all sorts. foods will have a little label that says “may contain” and then list any potential allergens. write the allergens on the ziploc (or any container you use) in permanent marker, or better yet, write the snacks included in the pack.)
  3. masks (don’t forget there’s still a pandemic going on. also it will aid in deterring facial recognition when the police try to track down protestors,  also part two, if the cops use tear gas, wearing a mask (with the combination of a scarf or bandana) will lessen the adverse effects. lessen, not stop.)
  4. bandanas, scarves, etc. and goggles (ski goggles, swimming goggles, etc.) (see above for explanation on the scarves. same goes for the goggles. anti–tear gas and anti–facial recognition.)
  5. clean shirts (for people who are heavily gassed. also helps deter recognition through clothing.)
  6. wound care supplies (band-aids, packets of neosporin packets or a similar antibiotic, alcohol wipes, etc.; if you can, decant bactine into those little travel bottles.)
  7. a sharpie or another type of marker (for writing bail numbers or emergency contacts on arms, hands, etc. it’s not enough to have your city’s bail fund number stored on your phone; the police won’t give it to you to look it up. give people a marker so they can write it down, preferably not washable so it isn’t easily removed.)


tear gas: if you’re hit, get out as fast and as soon as you can. take anyone you can with you. the longer you’re in the gas, the harder it will be for you to see, and it can irritate your airways, making it hard to breathe. if you’re hit, don’t run; it’ll only make things worse on your lungs. when you leave the area, take a cold shower. don’t use hot water (it will only reactivate the agent); don’t bathe (it will only spread the CS around). (source 1) (source 2) (cdc fact sheet on tear gas)

  1. move them to a clean and ventilated area where it’s as safe as possible.
  2. ask them if they’re wearing contact lenses. have them remove it. if they’re wearing glasses, rinse it with water.
  3. solution of half liquid antacid, half water. spray from the inside going out, with the head tilted back and slightly towards the side being rinsed. if they say it’s okay, open the eye slightly while doing this. (source)

bullet wounds: the most important thing is to stop the bleeding. be sure to check for an exit wound and cover that as well. treat both wounds, but treat the worse one first.

  1. stop the bleed (youtube video by uc san diego health)
  2. first aid in active shooting scenarios
  3. making a tourniquet (a commercial tourniquet is best, but improvised ones can work as well if done properly; the most important things to remember is that tourniquets are for limb injuries and are not meant for the head or torso and that they have to be very tightly wound on the injury.)
  4. how to apply pressure dressings


  1. adult cpr tutorial (youtube video by cincinnati children’s; think of “staying alive” by the beegees or “uptown funk”)

4. be a source of information

be responsible with this. people’s lives are at stake. that being said, the media is a fucking joke and the best way to get accurate information in a grassroots rebellion is amongst ourselves. record everything, but if you are going to share any information at all, be sure to blur people’s faces.

  1. signal (encrypted messenger app; messages delete after x amount of time): app store | google play
  2. tool for scrubbing metadata from images and selectively blurring identifiable features
  3. tech tips to protect yourself while protesting (by rey.nbows on tiktok, via vicent_efl on twitter)
  4. cop spotting 101 (google docs)
  5. know your rights (by personachuu on twitter)


remember to keep phones OFF unless absolutely necessary. cell phone towers, stingrays, location notifs can all be used to track you and other protestors. don’t fuck around. if your phone must be on, keep it on airplane mode as often as possible and only communicate using encrypted methods. no, snapchat doesn’t count. (a twitter thread on stingrays, for those interested)

  1. lawyers assisting protestors pro-bono (by riyakatariax on twitter)
  2. atlanta: 404-689-1519
  3. chicago: 773-309-1198
  4. minneapolis: 612-444-2654

5. miscellaneous links and links for protestors

  1. masterpost of petitions to sign, numbers to call, places to donate, and more (carrd by dehyedration on twitter)
  2. #blacklivesmatter (google docs by ambivaIcnt on twitter; includes information on relevant events, other masterposts, lists of petitions and donation links, how to protest safely and protests to go to, and more)
  3. george floyd action (google docs; includes information on apps to download, supplies to buy and donate, places to donate to, protest safety, resources on unlearning racial bias, and more)
  4. how to get out of ziptie “handcuffs” (by finnianj on tiktok, via katzerax on twitter)
  5. how can i help? by @abbiheartstaylor
  6. how to make a signal-blocking cell phone pouch
  7. tips for protestors by @aurora00boredealis
  8. twitter thread for protestors (by vantaemuseum on twitter)
  9. also, if you’re protesting, change your passcode. make it at least 11 characters long and don’t use facial/thumb recognition.
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if a person of color is telling you you that you’re being racist you need to recognize it and apologize. if a gay/bisexual person is telling you that you’re being homophobic/biphobic you need to recognize it and apologize. if a transgender person is telling you that you’re being transphobic, recognize it and apologize. if a woman is telling you you’re being sexist, recognize it and apologize. the line is not yours to be drawn.

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“ Whenever a Trump supporter asks you to “name one time Trump was racist,” feel free to link to this….

1973: The Nixon administration sued Trump for refusing to rent to black people.

1980s: Trump’s casinos were accused of hiding the black staff when Trump visited.

1989: Trump took out a full-page ad, arguing for the death penalty for a group of black men (The ‘Central Park Five’), effectively putting a bounty on their heads, and plaguing them with a lifetime of death threats. He was sued by the Justice Department for discrimination.

1991: “Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kinds of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day… I think that the [black] guy is lazy. And it’s probably not his fault, because laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is.”

1992: Trump’s casino was fined $200,000 for transferring black dealers off certain tables to appease racist patrons.

1993: Trump said Native American casinos shouldn’t be allowed because “they don’t look like Indians to me.”

2000: Trump ran a series of attack ads against Native American casinos alleging (with no proof) that they were guilty of crimes.

2004: Trump fired a black contestant from 'The Apprentice’ for being over-educated.

2010: Trump argued in favor of segregating Muslims in Lower Manhattan.

2011: Birtherism. Trump alleged that Obama was Kenyan based on nothing but skin color. He never apologized nor renounced that claim.

2015 (1): Trump called Mexican immigrants “rapists” who are “bringing crime and drugs” to the U.S.

2015 (2): Trump called for “a ban on all Muslims entering the U.S.”

2016 (1): Trump called for a Mexican judge to recuse himself based on nothing other than his race. Paul Ryan said this was “the textbook definition of a racist comment.”

2016 (2): Trump regularly retweeted material from white supremacists and neo-Nazis during his campaign.

2016 (3): Trump tweeted a picture alleging that Hillary was Jewish, or controlled by Jewish people.

2016 (4): The Trump campaign adopted Nixon’s “Law and Order” rhetoric which was based in racial fearmongering.

2016 (5): Trump told black voters “What do you have to lose?”

2017 (1): Trump asked a reporter to set up a meeting with the black caucus simply because she was black.

2017 (2): “…some very fine people on both sides” said Trump of a violent Nazi rally.

2017 (3): Trump said people from Haiti “all have AIDS” and people from Nigeria would never “go back to their huts” after seeing America.

2018 (1): Trump called Haiti and African countries shitholes.

2018 (2): Trump referenced the trail of tears to mock Elizabeth Warren.

2019: Trump tweeted that four black and brown congresswomen should go back where they came from. Then attacked Elijah Cummings. Then Baltimore. Then Al Sharpton.

2020: Trump called black protesters “THUGS” just days after calling white protesters “very good people.” Then he threatened to direct the military to shoot the black protestors in the street.”-Translate Trump

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oi guys for the love of fuck, i’m not gonna be nice about it

if you’re a non black poc, or worse, white, do not fucking make this about you. do not make it about aesthetics. do not make it about anything other than it is.

rebloging myself bc someone asked: the point of this post is beyond whether you can or can’t reblog it. the point is whether you should or shouldn’t.

if you’re a non black poc, or a white person, what you’re called to do now is to stand in solidarity.

  • see someone making BLM into a relatable aesthetic? call it out
  • see a post with donation links? reblog it and donate if you can (x), (x), (x)
  • the MN freedom fund itself is bringing attention to other fundraisers. check their twitter
  • most importantly know this doesn’t end in the internet, that is not enough. family or friends saying anti-black bullshit? say something. read on the subject of racism and anti-black state violence, prison abolitionism, etc etc
  • if you’re not from the US learn about what is happening in YOUR country re: black communities and learn how to help them
  • do not speak over black people
  • deplatform racists
  • go to a protest (with the necessary precautions)
  • sign petitions
  • do not donate to anything shaun king posts because he has a history of asking for money in the name of BLM and then the money vanishes. the mn freedom fund has made the clarification already
  • etc etc etc

listen to black people, and stand with them. interject in the situations that you can, and educate yourself and others. as riots and protests spread know many states and cities freedom funds will need donations. check with national bail fund network, or free them all.

don’t ask me if you can reblog, ask yourselves how can you contribute. you shouldn’t be asking if you can help, but how. it doesn’t begin by reading theory, it begins by caring about people

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George Floyd was killed by an officer while being handcuffed. He was PLEADING for breath.

A black man asked a woman to put her dog on a leash. The woman then threatened to call the cops on HIM and accuse him of threatening her.

A white pastor claimed two black men kidnapped him to cover up the fact that he was in the hotel room because he was cheating on his wife.

A white woman drowned her nine-year-old son with autism, and said a black man had done it.

Regis Korchinski Paquet was shoved off the balcony by an officer. She died.

Tony McDade, a transgender man, was shot and killed by an officer.

These are all under 72 hours. 3 days. Now, realize what happens in a month.

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Read this, and if it makes you uncomfortable, read it again.

Because if your biggest grievance is not being able to get a cold beer at the bar with your buddies, or not being able to get a pedicure or your haircut by a professional, and you’ve been unabashedly acting like that is oppression, this reality SHOULD make you uncomfortable.

Because being confronted with the reality that you have led a life of such privilege that you cannot distinguish mere inconvenience from oppression, while turning a blind eye to the actual oppression and injustice that your neighbors have been enduring and fighting should, at the very least, make you uncomfortable.

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Another woman utterly failed by our society’s devaluation of women’s reproductive health. We can’t wait around for male doctors to decide what we need to know. This is why we need to take control and educate ourselves about our own bodies.

and here’s some comments i saw under the post. why is this a pattern?? why is this a recurring theme?? why is this information not common knowledge? what the fuck are doctors doing??

This is news to me so let’s share it so people will know!

Gross tmi: but i passed a pretty big clot after having my daughter. It was about the size of a baseball. It actually hurt worse because while 15 hours of labor opened my cervix, i passed the clot in 30 minutes. I knew it was a possibility because of my midwife and reading, but everyone Ive told after this (mostly other pregnant women) were shocked that this could happen.

In our culture, it’s much more common to do deep research about what family cars we want to buy than we do about childbirth when we ’re pregnant.

Tmi: I passed a huge clot after birth in the bathroom of my hospital room and called the nurse sobbing because I didn’t know it was normal. She treated me like an idiot, but NO ONE told me it was a possibility. And the pain associated with healing for the first couple of weeks after birth was worse than the labor imo. Again, I had no idea. They didn’t tell me a thing besides “sitz bath regularly and change your pads.” Before discharging me from the hospital.

I was most definitely told about this in school. Fucking hell, 4-6 weeks of bleeding? My periods were/are bad enough, why the hell don’t we get told this?

I didn’t know it could last so long, wtf? Is the bleeding inevitable after birth? 

Bleeding is inevitable after birth - your uterine wall is shedding a fuck ton of lining. It can last from three to six weeks (possible longer) and it tapers off.

More TMI - I passed a MASSIVE clot after my fourth birth. At this point I already knew this could happen - it’s normal. What I DIDN’T know, was that I had caused it.

My post birth contractions were so bad after the birth that it felt like full transition labor. And they don’t give you anything for the pain. So I used a hot water bottle, without the nurses knowing, and it caused me to bleed even more. I lost so much blood that by the first time they sat me up to go to the bathroom, I fainted. It took three more tries until I could sit up.

Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is, the next morning I passed a clot the SIZE OF ANOTHER PLACENTA I KID YOU NOT, and I know what is and is not normal. So I called for the nurse and through the door told her I had passed a huge clot, and her response was - “It’s not big. I know what big is.” She hadn’t even looked. So I rolled my eyes and said, “Yeah, no. It’s big, I’m telling you.”

So, sounding extremely put upon, she asked me to open the door. I did, and after a long pause she goes, “Okay, yeah, that’s a little big.”


The point I’m trying to get across is that this shit is so common - women not knowing this stuff is so expected, and it keeps getting reinforced. People don’t expect you to know anything, don’t teach you anything, and then make you feel like you’re totally ignorant and a burden for your lack of knowledge when THEY WON’T SHARE.

Fucking learn EVERYTHING you can when it comes to childbirth, girls. It is the single most empowering thing you can do for yourself. And if you missed something, that’s okay. But the more knowledge you arm yourself with, the more in control of your situation you’ll be.

A few post partum tips:

  • DON’T use a hot water bottle - lol.
  • ONLY pads - NO tampons. Tampons can cause severe infection, not to mention, you probably don’t want to be shoving anything up there any time soon.
  • If you’ve had stitches, sitz baths DO help relieve the pain. Another great pain reliever? Dampen some pads and freeze them. Let one thaw slightly and use it on top of another pad. This will help with the pain as well as reduce swelling. Change the pad out as soon as it’s thawed completely. This REALLY helps on the first couple days after giving birth.
  • If you pass a clot, don’t sweat it. Even the one I passed, which was fucking massive, just required that we keep an eye out to make sure it didn’t happen again. If it does, talk to your doctor.
  • Take a pain killer half an hour before nursing. Because YES - your uterus is contracting after you give birth, to get back to its original size, and nursing causes much stronger contractions. Taking nursing-safe painkillers won’t prevent the pain, but it will reduce it. 
  • Buy disposable underwear for the first few days after birth. They will get VERY dirty. Or use your ratty old pairs that you’re ready to get rid of. Double up on pads - line them all the way up your ass-crack. I am so serious. And wear dark pants.
  • Pee in the shower. You do NOT want to wipe down there right after birth because ow. Peeing in the shower lets you just rinse afterwards. Especially if you’ve had stitches, peeing in the shower, with the shower-head rinsing AS you go, keeps stinging to a minimum. And fuck everyone else - keep on peeing in the shower until you feel ready to move back to toilet paper. Middle of the night and need to pee? Get your pants off - get in the shower and just go.

This is just a few things, but PLEASE feel free to send me an ask if you have any questions about ANYTHING childbirth/pregnancy/nursing related. I have four incredible kids. I’ve done it all - c-section, vacuume birth, episiotimy, stitches, with an epidural, without an epidural. I’m here.

More tips:  GET A PERI-BOTTLE.  If you have a hospital birth, they’ll probably give you one.  If not, you can pick up any kind of small squeeze-y bottle (or even an empty, CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN spray bottle if it comes to it).  It’s like a little portable bidet.  Use it after you go to the bathroom, then pat dry.  This way you don’t have to climb into a shower every time if you don’t want.

IME bags of frozen peas in your underwear with proper covering (you don’t want to get frostbite) are the best sort of cold compress.

Those contractions during nursing?  They are v v important.  They shrink your uterus, helping your body get back to normal faster (and helping you pass blood quicker).  They hurt.  Keep drinking red raspberry leaf tea (which hopefully you drank during your third trimester).  It should help not only with the contractions, but with your milk supply as well.  Take a nursing-safe NSAID if you can.

REST.  I know this is especially hard for people who are already parents, for poor folk, for people with a ton of responsibilities in general.   This is when you call in the cavalry, if you’re lucky enough to have support.  FRIENDS AND FAM of birthing persons, leave the parent alone with their baby.  Do a load of dishes.  Pick up.  Check to make sure the parent has their baby supplies handy (as in, within reach).  Bring them food.  The more they rest, the faster their body heals, and the shorter the bleeding period will be.  If it tapers off and then ramps back up, YOU’RE DOING TOO MUCH.  Slow down.  This is the perfect time to learn that, as a parent, you can’t do it all.  Always prioritise your kid.  If there’s one time you’re allowed to just let shit go, it’s during your babymoon.  (Google is telling me babymoon now means a trip you take with your partner before you have your baby.  What.  No.  “Babymoon” means the first week after your birth.  When the hell did that switch happen?)   REST.  REST.  HOLD YOUR BABY.  SLEEP.  NURSE.  EAT.  This bonding time is imperative.  You and your baby deserve this time.


….I know I keep reblogging this but people keep adding super important information.

I feel like no one tells women this stuff because if a woman was even a little on the fence about having a baby before this would kinda make them run for the damn hills.

…..you are correct, typing.


peri bottles, witch hazel or anti-pain anticeptic spray are your friends.
Also passing large clots after birth is a WARNING SIGN. Bigger than a half dollar is a sign that you have not passed your entire placenta (this is most common in hospital vaginal births where the mother is not allowed to naturally birth the placenta and instead has it ripped out by the doctor) if there is any placenta left in your uterus you can get extremely ill. This happened to both myself and my mother in law

WOW I didn’t know any of this and I’m terrified of what more I’m unaware of about my own body :( Honestly when will we fucking abolish this taboo about the female body…

I had pretty great sex ed in school (lots of contraceptive information, and totally acknowledged that teenagers might have sex) and all of this is news to me.

And, as a 28-year-old person with a uterus, I’m extremely appalled I’m just learning this.

Long, but very important information, even for those who don’t plan to have children, because you will almost certainly know someone who will, and you might be able to to help them. Or at least increase your level of empathy for them.

even if you dont plan to have kids this info is really important to know. Uterus havers should know what their body does and why.

How come I didn’t know this? How come nobody told me? Friends, family, random internet posts (until now)???? I never wanted to have a baby, I’m now 3000% more sure of it and I admire mothers a shitload more. Everything I heard in sex ed was that the post op of c-sections were harder on the mother and natural child birth was painful af but after you were done with it, everything was roses. I wanna go back in time and punch some people in the face.

Sending my love to all (future) mothers out there. You are incredibly strong people!

If there was ever a post to make me even happier about getting sterilized, this is it.

Yikes on bikes 😬

For all those with a uterus, heres some info!

Easier said than done, but… try not to be afraid of changing doctors (though you do have to do so in the first half of your pregnancy, generally… they get persnickity about late pregnancy new patients) if your doctor, or their nurses, treat you like you’re stupid. They’re supposed to be the experts and they’re supposed to be there to help you.

My first pregnancy/child birth was a nightmare and most of it wasn’t even from lack of knowledge, but because I didn’t expect, or demand respect.

My second, while still painful and bloody and I only had 4 weeks of maternity leave (vs the near year I was home with the first), was not traumatic and even helped heal some of the trauma from the previous one.

oh… both of my doctors were female; that didn’t seem to make a difference. We thought I was going to be able to switch to a different doctor (male) during my first pregnancy, but then my insurance switched.

Be prepared girls … knowledge is power

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this is the offical ‘i care’ symbol
this is how it works:
basically you reblog this and your followers know that you care and that they can message you about anything anon or not and you will reply back or at least look at there message. if you care about your followers please reblog

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This is painful. I have no words..

As horrid as this is, don’t look away. Esp if you’re white. You probably never knew this happened. I didn’t. Knowledge is power, and if we want to be effective allies, we need to face the true history of what black America has suffered.

Educate yourselves for the sake of a future free of discrimination and oppression.

Im not black but I feel that rage too

This poor child….

For reference, this happened in 1944. Your grandparents were alive when this happened.

Where’s that dumbass “WhY yOu GoTtA mAkE eVeRyThInG aBoUt RaCe” anon… THIS is why I bring up race… because THIS is what it means to be a  B L A C K  child in murikkka. So yes, it’s about race.


I want everyone to look at this poor baby and think about this:

Charles Manson is still alive.

Ted Bundy was able to pass himself off as innocent for ten fucking years.

Jeffrey Dahmer was never executed or sent to the chair. He was bludgeoned to death by Christopher Scarver (who did what we all wanted. Thanks, my man).

John Wayne Gacy made numerous appeals for ten years before he was executed.

Richard Ramirez sat on death row for 20 years before dying of fucking cancer.

Just think about that.

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i had to read an awful post with my own two eyes earlier today so i thought i’d give you a little reminder 🤠✌️

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