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wolfjillyjill·14 minutes agoAnswer
Also thanks XD I've seens a lot of bad opinions on 76, but Im a really curious person, and I was bored. I will look for something else, not going to let the quarantine make me buy a lame game hahahh. Also, how are you with all that chaos?

Oh yeahhhh, avoid that game at all costs dude, don’t do it lmfaoo if you want, I can make a quarantine list for you, just a bunch of gaming recommendations that are great for right now. Just let me know lol

And I live in NYC, so we’ve been hit the hardest here with it. I’m not sure if I’m positive for it, but I did have a really terrible flu for a couple of weeks. I’m feeling much better now and getting my strength back. How are you doing with all this?


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wolfjillyjill·19 minutes agoAnswer
Funny what got me was the repetitiveness, I loved doing the simple minutemen missions, help someone, build something, it was calming for me. But I did sign up with the railroad too :) was reading a book at the time that had a robot in it, it gave me some feels hahahh

Lmfaoo I totally respect that. I’m honestly only bothered by repetitiveness in a game once I notice it. Like, I’ll can play the same mission for hours if I enjoy the story/gameplay. But once I get bored of it, I lose interest. Skyrim did a better job with that kinda stuff imo.

But I’m glad you enjoy it so much, I’m glad it’s something that’s fun. :) Everyone is different. I really liked the Railroad faction. I thought the people in that group were hilarious and really cool. I liked the Brotherhood for their supplies and equipment, but not the characters.


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wolfjillyjill·an hour agoAnswer
So Im guessing you didnt played 76 then? I wanted a opinion, but anyway who did you signed up with, on fallout4? I spent a hole lot of time building houses, really liked the settlement system and you?

I tried Fallout 76 when it first launched and it was disastrous. Thankfully I wasn’t playing on a bought copy, I played on a friend’s PS4, and that game was terrible. From what friends tell me, it’s still terrible and broken. Don’t waste money on it.

As for Fallout 4, I never finished the game because it got too repetitive for me to ignore. Last time I did play it though, I ended up siding with the Railroad and helping synths. I liked a lot of the characters in the game like Piper, Danse, and Nick Valentine.

I enjoyed the base building too, it reminded my if Skyrim’s Hearthfire. Though I wasn’t very good at it so a lot of my bases were very simple lol

What did you enjoy about the game?


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wolfjillyjill·2 hours agoText

The reviews for Resident Evil 3 Remake are looking great, which I’m happy to hear. I’m excited to watch all the playthroughs for it when it releases.

I still hate the character models though. There were far better ones for Jill in past games like RE1 remake. And I’ve never liked Carlos, so I don’t care what he looks like. Maybe this game will make him likable for me. If he’s still a grade A fuck boi then I’m probably still gonna hate his guts. It seems that way so far from the previews, but who knows.

Either way, I hope they decide to do a remake of Code Veronica next, my favorite game in the series. And I hope they fix Claire’s character model as well for that game if it happens, cuz her one in RE2 Remake was horrible. She looked better in Revelations 2 and the Regeneration movie.


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