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wowpokemon100·an hour agoText

you know it’s fuckin serious when playstation delays their announcements for the PS5. I’m glad they’re doing that.

Perhaps Blizzard should follow suit and delay Shadowlands. This year, gaming-wise, should just be delayed anyway. The pandemic and all that, and the fact that more important voices need to be heard, not video game announcements.

I hope everyone is staying safe out there.

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Concept art for unused outfit designs for Super Mario Odyssey, seen in the 2018 Nintendo employee handbook. While some of these, like the knight, caveman, clown etc. were used in the finished game after being redesigned, some others, like the Yoshi and Donkey Kong costumes, were left out completely. Interestingly, these drawings do not appear in the Art of Super Mario Odyssey book despite it featuring hundreds of other outfit sketches, being exclusive to the employee handbook.

Main Blog | Twitter | Source: user “NintendoMemo”

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wowpokemon100·11 hours agoText

i wanna get the voidtalon mount, but i have decided it’s probably best to just camp multiple zones on one realm, as my other characters are on realms with crz or connected realms and it’s quite noticeable the amount of people you see on like eitrigg trying to camp spawn spots vs the RP realm i mainly play on now.

it sucks, but I hope i’ll get it eventually.

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wowpokemon100·12 hours agoText

i tried doing lineage of power and i was SO close (at least i think i was)

i don’t know if i buffed the ogre mage add, but i stutter-stepped him into the bosses’ cloud but i don’t think it triggered it bc it was JUST as the boss was finishing channeling his spell.

maybe i had to kill the ogre mage first and THEN the boss? that is, if he did get the buff.

i hate how these achievements are designed. ridiculous tbh.

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wowpokemon100·a day agoText


There was a supposed “protest” lead by a Neo-Nazi in Asheville. I understand wanting to jump at any opportunity to protest right now but please do your research and be careful!


DO NOT go to any protest that you cannot prove is organized by BLM or another well-established local organization. Try to wear a mask that looks more “I’m not spreading the rona” than “I’m hiding my face”. Bring fire extinguishers. If you see white people engaging in violence, confront and photograph them. Defend black and immigrant shopkeepers if necessary.

Much is not as it appears.

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For anyone who doesn’t already know—

This is Kwame Tu, more commonly known as Stokely Carmichael. He was one of the original freedom riders; a prominent member of the black panthers party; part of the revolutionary socialist pan-african movement of the time. He was one of the leaders targeted by the FBI for destruction by COINTELPRO.

He coined the term ‘institutional racism’ and came up with the term ‘black power’ in the first place.

He died of cancer in 1998.

(I’m adding this because I’ve seen this quote wrongly attributed to Frank Hampton, another black socialist member of the BPP who was martyred by the state.)

[ID: Black-and-white footage of Kwame Tu in two still-frames. He is speaking into a microphone. There are yellow subtitles reading “In order for non-violence to work, your opponent must have a conscience. The United States has none, has none.” End ID]

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wowpokemon100·a day agoText


Pride month starts tomorrow so I just want to remind you that if you don’t support BLM and are complaining about ‘riots’ you are not allowed to celebrate pride month! The birth of pride was the Stonewall RIOTS, rebellion against police violence by black and brown women. There is no gay liberation without black lives. There is no trans liberation without black lives.

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