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writing-and-robots · 23 minutes ago
So I’ve written something for the first time in five years. I’m a little nervous about posting it.
This is inspired by @transformersluna ‘s wonderful modern au. Her art is just so warm and cozy, and she makes this family look so soft and wholesome. I’ve built off her world building details, but if I keep going with this I’ll be bringing in some of my own (Crosshair works at a museum and makes jokes about art theft to his coworkers, you cannot take this from me). You should definitely check her out. You’ll see the kitchen this all happens in and Tech’s magnificent glasses that inspired that entire exchange at the end,
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writing-and-robots · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
TFP Megatron, Shockwave, and Soundwave Reacting To Their Cybertronian S/O Being Afraid Of Airachnid
Tumblr media
Pairing - Romantic Category - Headcanons Trigger Warnings - None
Tumblr media
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writing-and-robots · 9 hours ago
Hey! Could I get a wrecker x gn reader with prompts 7 & 10 from the fluff section? Where the reader is having trouble sleeping after a mission so wrecker helps them by going on a late night adventure to cheer them up? If that makes sense? ☺️ thank you!!
A/N: I hope you enjoy this! I can definitely see this happening canon but with Omega! Wrecker is such a sweetheart i'd love to be friends with him omg…
Tumblr media
Wrecker x Gn!Reader 
Plot After another tough Mission you struggle to sleep but that is something your close friend Wrecker can help with through a little adventure.
Warnings: Difficulty to go back to sleep but very fluffy and eventually you manage to sleep!
Midnight Mantell
"Fall back!" Hunter's voice sliced through the already buzzing air, blaster shots lingering in the air and flying past your skin. With a deep breath you continued to fire your duo blasters, stepping backwards besides Wrecker and doing everything within your power to avoid the heated fire. You don't really remember how you all exactly got into this messy situation as everything felt like a blur. Blasting down a couple more clankers you turned and made a run for the Havoc Marauder with the rest of the batch who had continued to throw bullers behind them. "Tech, get the ship online and straight to Ord Mantell." With a quick nod, Tech ran ahead and began to power on its systems. That all too familiar hum of the attack shuttle always filled you with a feeling of safety and comfort as it always meant you were all about to leave together and safe. Turning to fire some more bullets, one of theirs shot against your cheek making you wince and throw yourself back into the ship. You were used to close calls but you swore they were getting more dangerous per mission. Sighing at the sting against your cheek, you fired a few more bullets as everybody else made it onto the Marauder safely and signalling for the ramp to be closed and to take off for our next destination. Laying on the flour completely worn out, Wrecker joined you after removing his signature helmet.
"That was definitely something new." You laughed a little and nodded whilst re-attaching your blaster back against your armour. 
"Why is it always us that get sent into traps?" You asked, sighing and finally being able to capture your breath once again. The ship finally lit up with the colour of the stars in hyperspace, Ord Mantell just a short while away. Crosshair was leaning against the wall nearby, cleaning his firepuncher as soon as he could. 
"Because we always need the credits." He sighed, putting a toothpick back between his lips. Wrecker laughed lightly before sitting up, 
"Why don't we get some rest before Ord Mantell? You look like you need it." Rolling your eyes you dragged yourself upwards with a light huff, pulling yourself toward the bunks. 
"Thanks Wrecker!" Playful sarcasm rang throughout your tone as you reached your bunk, his laugh making you smile to yourself as you allowed the cool and comforting texture of the blankets to greet you. Closing your eyes, sleep greeted you almost immediately - thoughts of the mission still lurking in your head. You definitely needed this and by the time you woke up, you were all, sure to be at Ord Mantell. 
Once your eyes opened, you rubbed them gently and began to make your way into the cockpit a little worried you missed landing which you did. Looking around the room you noticed it was just you and the planet lay within the darkness of night. What were you supposed to do now? There was definitely not a chance you could fall back to sleep now especially with the dreams you had about the mission and the sting against your cheek. Moving to the side, you began to fumble around with the Med kit and grabbing a single bacta wipe to place against your cheek which just made you hiss a little at the harsher stinging until it settled down. Footsteps soon accompanied you along with a gentle voice, 
"Hey y/n, aren't ya sleepin'?" You smiled gently at his voice before turning around to face him. 
"Nah I can't get back to sleep. I'm sorry I slept through landing!" You grinned slightly toward him. "I trust it was a smooth landing as always?" Your playful tone made him chuckle a little before he began to help apply a light patch of bacta over your cheek. 
"Oh yeah, completely." Gently patting your shoulder he gave you a light smile in return to yours. "Hey, why don't we go out for a little? It might help ya sleep." Tilting your head at him you began to put the Med kit away with a light laugh. 
"Are you suggesting we sneak out to view Ord Mantell?" He just nodded at you, gesturing toward the ramp. 
"Why not? Not like they're gonna miss us, they're out like a light - even Hunter." Your response was just to let down the ramp whilst keeping your gaze trained on Wrecker. 
"Just remember this is your idea so you better take the fall if they wake up earlier." Grabbing his blaster he walked out with you, the cool night air instantly hitting your face as your eyes became glued upon the city lights before you. You could even hear some faint music from the various bars and clubs being carried over to you by the wind. Stepping forward Wrecker followed you whilst rubbing the back of his neck. 
"Where do you think we should go?" With a light laugh you pulled him by his arm, taking you both further away and closer into the city. 
"I've got some spare credits, why don't we grab a couple of things? Kinda like midnight snacks." His face soon turned into a state of confusion at your words. 
"Midnight snacks?" He paused for a moment in thought, "What're they?" 
"They're just treats you have late at night! Come on, it'll be fun." Gently tugging him further along, you both finally reached the city's paths which were still buzzing even at this hour of the night. Pushing past a few people, you both approached the market stalls, many of which were selling a variety of mouth-watering food and a selection of sweeter treats. Rolling your eyes over the colourful selections you hummed lightly, "Have you got a favourite treat?" He replied without hesitation, 
"Mantell mix!" Your eyes fell upon the purple toned treat, instantly grabbing two boxes of the kind and paying the kind twi'lek who seemed pretty pleased yet confused with your purchase. Passing the box to Wrecker, you clung to your own and began to walk back out of the city with him all while embracing the cotton textured breeze that greeted your skin. Warily you took a bite of the sweet treat and instantly grinned ear-to-ear.
"How come I've never tried this before?" You asked, beginning to eat a handful whilst Wrecker did the same. "This is brilliant!" He laughed at your enthusiasm as you both allowed your legs to take you both elsewhere. 
"I have it all the time, we should do this more often!" You just nodded until you allowed your eyes to trail to the sky above you, thousands of stars littering the sky with the slightest hint of a golden sunrise starting to take over the night sky. 
"We should! Let's go eat these back at the Marauder just in case." Wrecker agreed pretty quickly and you both made your way back into the ship's warmth. Upon arrival, you both shut the ramp behind you and lounged around in the pilot's seats laughing and dropping the occasional Mantall mix upon the floor. Eventually you had both managed to drift back into slumber and once the rest of the ship had woken up, Tech wasn't really pleased at the mess. It was definitely worth it though and a loving memory with a close friend you'd keep forever
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writing-and-robots · 14 hours ago
Hold Me Close
Words: 1.4k Pairing: Data x GN!Reader Warnings: Angst, mention of blood, possible implied death
Hold Me Close - Madds Buckley
The ground was uneven, the frosty grass crunching underneath your feet. You were sprinting full-tilt in the direction of a cave, the ground shaking as artillery shells dropped from above, growing closer with every shot.
Data was running behind you, maintaining the same pace as you… though you were sure he could have run much faster without you setting his pace.
The shells were dropping just behind you now, and you pushed yourself to go faster, but even with all the adrenaline coursing through your veins, you couldn’t get any more speed.
There was the sound of an explosion directly behind you before hot, searing pain shot through your thigh and you fell to the ground.
Your ears were ringing so loudly that you could barely hear yourself cry out, hands shaking as they hovered over your leg. Your vision was blurry, but you were sure you could see red beginning to soak into your black uniform.
“Y/N!” Data called, reaching you quickly.
He assessed you for just a second before apparently deciding that it was safe to move you.
He looped an arm underneath your legs, then placed a hand underneath your back and lifted you. The movement caused the pain to go searing up the back of your leg again.
“Ow-- Data!” you protested through gritted teeth.
“I apologize for--as you would refer to it--‘man-handling you’, Y/N,” he stated as he began running again. “However, I believe the alternative is far less desirable.”
You couldn’t argue with that.
You tucked your head into his chest to shield yourself from the wind. He was running much faster now that he wasn’t staying behind you, and it almost made you wonder why he didn’t just offer to carry you from the start.
You reached the cave in no time. The ground was still shaking from the force of the artillery hitting the earth and exploding.
“I am still not sure taking cover in a cave was the best idea,” Data sat you gently on the cave floor.
The rock felt cool against your flushed skin, the cold air biting your lungs as you tried to catch your breath.
“Yeah, I know,” you said through gritted teeth. “If one of the shells hits the cave, it could collapse on us and I’ll suffocate or be crushed, and if we stayed out there, we’d definitely be blown to bits. I chose the lesser of two evils.”
You steeled yourself, taking a deep breath before you looked down at your leg.
There was a piece of shrapnel lodged in your thigh, right in the center.
You grabbed it, testing it to see how deep it was. Even the slightest touch made you see stars, and you threw your head back.
“Gahhh,” you ground your teeth.
“Do not remove the shrapnel,” Data said quickly, turning his head towards you.
“I wasn’t going to,” you snapped at him. “If I remove it, I’ll probably bleed out. I was trying to figure out how deep it was.”
Data knit his brows together, kneeling next to you and pulling out his tricorder. He scanned around the area before looking at you with a grave expression.
“It appears to have cut into your femoral artery.”
You leaned your head back, taking a deep breath. “You need to apply a tourniquet.”
“Lieutenant Y/N, you could lose your leg,” he stated.
“Yeah, but it beats bleeding out,” you sighed. “Are you going to help me, or do I have to do it myself?”
He seemed to think it over for a moment before answering.
“I will assist you.”
He pulled his jacket off and tore the sleeve. Then he wrapped it around your leg and tied it in a half knot.
He stopped as if he was processing something.
He looked around for a moment before leaving your side, only to come back with a small stick.
He placed it on top of the jacket sleeve, then tied a knot around it and began twisting. The pressure became uncomfortable as he twisted, but you knew that meant he was preventing the blood flow and saving your life.
He tied it off and you rested your head back against the cave floor, your breathing shallow and your forehead damp with cold sweat.
“I have done everything I can,” Data sat back on his knees, looking down at you. “However, without serious medical attention soon…”
“I will still bleed out and die,” you finished for him. You sighed. “Thank you, Data. I’m sorry for snapping at you, I’m just… in a lot of pain right now.”
“That is understandable, Y/N,” he nodded.
He didn’t say anything else. You gazed up at him for a while. In the dim light of the cave, you could barely make out his features that you had grown so familiar with over the years.
So, you reached out and did something you’d wanted to do for a long time.
You traced your finger down his nose, along his cheekbone, down his jaw, and then up to his lips. He didn’t move or try to stop you; just allowed you to repeat the cycle as many times as you wished.
His skin was soft and smooth under your fingertips, and even though you were in immense pain and light-headed from the blood loss, the feeling was gratifying.
“Lieutenant Y/N, you are shivering,” he informed you.
You pulled your hand away, suddenly noting your chattering teeth and shaking shoulders.
“Huh,” you said, genuinely surprised. “I wonder if it’s the shock, or if I’m cold. Or both?”
“It would be in your best interest to stay warm,” Data stated as he began shifting down from his sitting position.
“What are you doing?” you turned your head ever so slightly to look at him, but that sent your head spinning.
“We must huddle together in order to keep you warm,” he answered simply as he laid next to you and pressed his chest to your back.
He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you in closer. As he shifted you, your leg ached slightly, but he was definitely warm.
“Data…” you looked down at the ground. “This is all kind of a futile effort, isn’t it?”
“Lieutenant Y/N…” he began, but you went on.
“Taking shelter, applying a tourniquet, keeping me warm… the Enterprise won’t be back for a while,” you said, your voice flat. “I’m going to die here.”
“You do not know that for certain,” he said quickly.
The ground shook as another shell hit the ground.
“I’m dying, Data,” you said, your voice weak. “I’ve already lost a lot of blood, and the tourniquet doesn’t stop the flow completely. I’m already getting light-headed. I won’t be conscious for much longer.”
Data was silent now, contemplating that.
You felt tears gathering in your eyes. There were quite a few things you wanted to say before you lost consciousness.
“Data… I have loved you for a long time.”
He shifted slightly at that, and you realized he was leaning over you to look you in the eyes. You turned your head slightly to look up at him.
You reached out, taking one of his hands in yours. “You’re kind, and gentle, and you have the… the curiosity and ambition of a human, but you’re so smart and you can process a million things a second.”
Your vision began growing dark around the edges, but you fought to stay awake.
He was quiet, simply gazing down at you with a look of confusion.
“Can you tell me that you love me?” you asked, the tears gathering in your eyes with much more persistence now. “You can lie. I know you can’t mean it, but I won’t mind if you lie.”
He seemed to deliberate for a moment before leaning forward slightly, letting his hand hover near your face.
He hesitated, before reaching forward with his free hand—the one you didn’t have a death grip on—and brushing the hair away from your face.
“I love you,” he said in a soft voice as he gazed down at you.
You closed your eyes tightly, your grip tightening around his hand. The way he said it, you could almost make yourself believe him.
“Thank you,” your voice was barely a whisper.
If he responded, you couldn’t hear it. Your grip on his hand went slack.
The world went dark.
A/N: Maybe you were rescued by the Enterprise, maybe you weren't; who's to say? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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writing-and-robots · 19 hours ago
Crap I didn’t say the prompt in my ask sorry! Lol it was “ Maybe you could stay? Just for tonight? It's dark outside, and it's raining. My arms are much safer." And wrecker ❤️ thanks again lol
Wrecker would give the best hugs, just saying. Like he's a giant pillow. My writing's also a bit rusty right now so sorry if it's not the best.
Tumblr media
(there're not enough gifs of him)
Warnings: None
Word Count: 375
Prompt 12: “Maybe you could stay? Just for tonight? It’s dark outside, and it’s raining. My arms are much safer.”
Out of all the places you expected to end up at, it was definitely not at Cid's parlor for work. And you definitely didn't expect a squad of clones to be there, and that's how you found yourself at the bar waiting for Cid to finish up with her other workers.
Maybe going here for work was a bad idea you thought. It seems that Cid has enough people. You were just about to leave when one of the clones sat down next to you at the bar.
"So you're Cid's new bounty hunter?" he asked with a big grin on his face.
"Really? What gave it away?" you rolled your eyes.
"Well, she was talking about how she was happy to have someone else on her little team."
"I see," you went back to your drink, "The name's Y/N by the way."
"Such a pretty name," he shot you that grin again, "Name's Wrecker."
You nodded and smiled, knowing you would be working more closely with him and his squad by tomorrow.
Throughout the night, the two of you realized you have a lot in common, especially when talking about explosives. You loved explosives, he loved explosives, it was perfect, much to Sergeant Hunter's displeasure as he growled and muttered when he heard the two of you talking about them.
When you looked at the time, your eyes widened refusing to believe that much time has passed.
"Something wrong?" Wrecker asked.
"It's getting late, and I have to get an assignment from Cid tomorrow morning," you sighed, "I'll see you tomorrow alright?"
"Wait," he grabbed your wrist, "Maybe you could stay? Just for tonight? It’s dark outside, and it’s raining. My arms are much safer."
You let out a chuckle.
"Well aren't you a smooth one? Don't worry I'll be back," you kissed his cheek before walking out the door, "Don't miss me too much."
As soon as the door closed, Wrecker turned around to the rest of the Batch looking at him with a raised brow.
"I'm never showering again," Wrecker smiled while touching the spot where you just kissed him. Tech opened his mouth to disagree with him yet Wrecker cut him off, "I don't need your fancy words right now Tech."
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writing-and-robots · a day ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Cartoon) Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Omega & Wrecker (Star Wars: The Bad Batch) Characters: Wrecker (Star Wars: The Bad Batch), Omega (Star Wars: The Bad Batch), Tech (Star Wars: The Bad Batch), Nala Se Additional Tags: Custody Arrangements, Bad Parenting Series: Part 2 of modern batch Summary:
Because I’m a menace, here comes more modern au inspired by @transformersluna‘s art :3
aka me shoveling my small headcanons all over the place
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writing-and-robots · a day ago
Tumblr media
TFP Dreadwing, Predaking, Soundwave and Optimus W/ an S/O Giving Silent Affections
Tumblr media
Pairing - Romantic Category - Headcanons Trigger Warnings - None
Tumblr media
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writing-and-robots · a day ago
Can we get some happy echo x reader? Maybe they get to explore a planet together or something! Echo deserves some happiness!
Echo deserves happiness, love, everything! 💕 I hope this is what you were hoping for.
Echo x Reader
After a mission, the Marauder needed repairs, and that meant you had to stay on the planet for a while. Luckily Echo is always ready to follow you.
Tumblr media
Felucia. A very nice planet for you. The Marauder needed fuel and a couple of repairs before taking off again. The ones handling said repairs were Tech and Echo, but more Tech. You were bored being inside the ship, you wanted to help in something, but you knew that they already had everything under control.
You knew that there were more important things to do than walking around the planet, since you were practically not tourists. So you saved your wishes for another time. You were with them in the cockpit of the ship, you wanted to help them in some way.
“Need some help, guys?”
Echo was going to answer you, but Tech beat him to it.
“We are fine. You're useful for other ship repairs, not for this. So you can leave”
“Tech!” Echo sounded a little angry with him.
“It’s okay, Echo” you rest your hand on his shoulder. “I'll go do something else”
Echo watches you leave, and as you exit the ship, he looks at Tech with a raised eyebrow, still a little angry with him. Tech looks at him, not understanding the anger with him because he had told the truth.
“What’s wrong with you? Don't you think before you speak?”
“Is that… a rhetorical question?” Tech asked. “I thought it’s was…”
“No! Don't say it” he interrupts him. “Look, don't talk to Y/N like that”
“I think you're being affected by having a partner. That's a problem”
“Y/N and I have been together since before I joined this squad, so no. It's not a problem”
“It is technically distracting you from your tasks”
Echo rolls his eyes and gets up from his chair. He wasn't going to leave you alone after they practically refused your help like that, in fact Tech.
“Can you finish the repairs alone?” he asked.
“What kind of question is that? Of course I can!”
“Yeah… Try to be modest for once, will you?”
You were outside the ship looking at the vegetation provided by Felucia. It is indeed a beautiful planet, but unfortunately the Separatists were there. You inhaled the fresh air and exhaled as a smile formed on your face.
"Enjoying the view?" you hear Echo behind you.
"Well" you turn to look at him. "The views are better now"
Echo chuckles a little and runs his hand over the back of his neck. A slight blush appeared on his cheeks.
"All right. You've already made me blush"
"You look adorable, although you were always adorable" you smiled.
"And you're always so beautiful" he puts his hand on your shoulder. "Listen, cyare, about what happened..."
"Relax, handsome. What Tech said didn't offend me"
"Are you sure?"
"More than sure. Now..." you step back a little and grab his hand. "I know that Felucia is not the best place to walk, but..."
"As long as we walk within a few meters of the ship, I don't see the problem" he smiles again.
"Oh!" you blush and smile with happiness. "Good"
You begin to walk away from the Marauder, and enter the vegetation of Felucia. It was indeed a beautiful planet full of nature, you thought as you walked and looked around. You could never admire that, as you were only going there to fight against the Separatists.
"With this war, there are times when I don't stop to look at what a planet looks like or admire it" you said.
"Yeah. When you are trained in war, it is sometimes difficult to pay attention to such details. You only care about winning"
"Exactly. Felucia is beautiful, in my opinion"
"I must admit that Felucia has its charm... as long as we don't find a rancor"
"We would be very unlucky"
Since they didn't really have to go far from the area where the ship was, you sit on a big rock and Echo sits next to you. Now that you were seated you could admire the view much better. Felucia, in a calmer environment, was a beautiful planet, full of life, full of vegetation.
"Look at all this..." you said.
"Beautiful, indeed"
"It's strange... A soldier usually does not stop to admire the planet he uses as a battlefield. This war takes that away"
"Well, right now... I don't feel like I'm in the war"
"Yeah. It's a weird feeling"
"It is. But what do you feel?" you stroke his arm and shoulder.
Echo with you felt calm, even protected.
"I have lived most of my life in Kamino. There was always that atmosphere of war, because I was created for it. But after years... it's nice to sit down and not think about it"
Echo didn't look at you, he simply looked ahead at the beautiful views Felucia was giving you. He looked very calm, in fact he even had a smile on his face. You smiled, you loved seeing him so calm after everything he went through. You knew that the moment you stepped on the ship, he would remember the war again, but now you were just enjoying the moment.
"It's not really the planet that gives me that feeling"
"And what is it?"
Echo, after smiling again, finally looks at you.
That caught you by surprise.
"Me?" you're surprised.
"War has not always given me bad things, but also good things..." he grabs your hand. "It gave me the best in the galaxy"
You didn't know what to say, it caught you by surprise and also touched you deep in your heart. You just smiled in happiness and brought your face close to Echo's to join your mouth with his. You kissed each other with all the love you had for each other, and that love was a lot. You went through so much together that you had formed a very strong bond that was hard to break.
No matter what happened in the past, what happened to Echo, you were never going to leave his side.
After the kiss, you stand up and start walking again, without letting go of each other's hand. In a moment you stop to hug him, and he reciprocates by wrapping his arm around your waist.
“Thanks, Echo...”
“No, thanks to you, cyare. You are my happiness"
“And you are my happiness” 
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writing-and-robots · a day ago
inspired by @transformersluna ‘s wonderful modern au fanart!
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writing-and-robots · a day ago
Misunderstanding, Ch. 2
Whirl knew he was fucked. He knew it every time he heard the melodious sounds of Tailgate’s laugh. He knew it when he saw Cyclonus meditating after one of their sparring sessions. He especially knew it when he saw both of them, huddled over a shared glass of engex at Swerve’s in a quiet corner of the bar.
Whirl, in his past life, had quickly found out that 99% of mechs would never be interested in him. And he often found this out the hard way. It was weird, because eventually some aspects of the whole empurata ordeal started to seem like a blessing. Now, with his ugly no-face, killer claws and overall psychotic demeanour, he wouldn’t have to worry about explaining himself in a relationship; cause he’d never have one.
Keep reading
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writing-and-robots · 2 days ago
Honey I'm Good (Hunter x GN!Reader)
Warnings: Alcohol consumption, fluctuating POV
Word Count: 1221
This was meant to be jealous!Hunter but it turned more into hurt/comfort, if that. Still, hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Hunter couldn’t lie to himself or his brothers. He was a lightweight and he knew it. But that didn't stop him from downing his third glass as a meager attempt at a distraction.
Tech sighed and adjusted his goggles, conservatively only on his first glass. Crosshair and Wrecker were already far ahead of them, caught up on the energy of the club.
“At this rate, your hangover will kick in approximately four and a half hours from now. Are you certain you want to do that to yourself?”
Hunter snorted dismissively at his younger brother and ordered a fourth, “We nearly died today. Can’t a guy get a drink?”
Tech shrugged. “We nearly die almost every day. What makes today any different?”
Today was different because he nearly died defending you. The reason the Batch were called in to help was because you needed an escort to Coruscaunt. As one of the GAR’s brilliant young scientists, you’d had several Bounty Hunters and Techo Union creations targeting you on behalf of the Separatists. Your private lab on a Naboo moon was deemed too dangerous, and so you and your work were brought to Corucaunt under the protection of Clone Force 99 and the 212th. You had been incredibly patient with the whole process, certainly, though Hunter could see from the moment he met you how tired you were. The more you explained the mechanics of your tank designs to Tech, their firepower to Wrecker, and the improved accuracy of the cannons to Crosshair, the more Hunter became enamoured of you. He wished he had a reason to talk to you, other than to say “Pleasure to meet you” “We’re under attack!” or “We’re approaching Coruscaunt now, sir”.
Aurra Sing had attacked the convoy, of course, and made her way to your quarters aboard the ship. Hunter had gotten there just in time to knock the blaster from her hand with his vibroblade. She wasn’t going to kill you, the Separatists wanted your mind, but he couldn’t stand the mere thought of you captured, held against your will in some dank, dark cell in some far-flung corner of the galaxy. Not when he could do something about it.
Sing escaped in a Bounty Hunter’s usual fashion of literally blowing the Jawa Juice stand, taking out all the models of tanks and cannons you’d been working on for years. The devastation on your face was almost too much, even Wrecker hadn’t been able to enjoy the colorful explosion.
And that brought all of you to where you were now. Partying at 79’s. Sure your life’s work had gone up in flames, but the 212th had the brilliant idea to cheer you up and celebrate the fact that you were all still alive after all that had happened.
You didn’t want to celebrate, and Hunter knew it.
Hunter noticed everything. Especially the way your laughter rang out above the usual crowd of 79’s as you talked with Waxer and Boil. It was too loud, too forced. Your eyes shimmered with unshed tears in the neon lights as the bass pumped and you downed another corellian brandy. The members of the 212th were some of the few regs his squad got along with, and Hunter wasn’t too keen to lower that number, but he couldn’t deny that the idea of smashing Boil’s nose in right above his perfectly manicured mustache sounded really satisfying right about now.
“If you want to talk to them, you are perfectly welcome to walk right across the room and say something.” Tech said, not even looking up from his datapad.
“‘S rude.” Hunter muttered, finishing his next glass. Maybe he really should stop.
Tech sighed, and typed something out on his datapad. “Three hours and forty-five minutes.”
Hunter sighed, completely missing the look Tech threw across the bar to Crosshair. The sniper glanced at his datapad, nodded to Tech, and slipped through the crowd to where you spoke with Waxer and Boil. Waxer was saying something about the time Captain Rex had been tossed off the side of a bridge by General Skywalker when Crosshair approached your table.
“Apologies,” He sounded anything but apologetic as his eyes drilled past the troopers and into yours, “I was wondering if I might be able to persuade you to dance?”
You shrugged and glanced at Waxer and Boil, “Sure. Sorry boys.”
“No worries, love, I’m just sorry I didn’t think of asking you first,” Waxer said.
You rolled your eyes in good fun. Crosshair took your hand, leading you out onto the dance floor with the air of a stuffy galactic senator. The Sonaj Brother’s newest hit began playing as Crosshair brought you to the center of the room, center-stage for Hunter, who was trying to look anywhere but at you. You waved at him and Tech, and in the club’s colorful lighting, you thought Hunter might be blushing, but you couldn’t be sure as the red light shone in your eyes. Everyone looked flushed. You felt flushed, but you dismissed it on the drinks and the dancing.
“You alright?” Crosshair asked.
“Fine,” You tried to smile up at him, but the disapproving frown showed he clearly didn’t believe you. You avoided looking at him, and your dancing with Crosshair slowed almost to a standstill.
“Come on,” you looked up as Hunter gently placed a hand on your shoulder, “Let’s get out of here.”
You had no idea what he had in mind, but whatever it was it appealed to you much more than anything 79’s had done for you so far.
Crosshair smirked as the two of you walked off, not-so-subtly proud of his handiwork.
You and Hunter dove out of the humid bar and into Coruscaunt’s cold night air. You shivered almost involuntarily, and Hunter wrapped his arm around you, pulling you close to his plastoid chest piece.
“What are you feeling?” He asked.
“What am I-?” You looked up at him. It was the first time anyone had asked you that all day, and you were grateful it was Hunter who asked you.
“Well stars, I guess I’m karking pissed.” You told him.
He chuckled, and pinched the bridge of his nose to push back the headache Tech had warned.
“I don’t blame you.”
“I mean, within the last seventy-two hours, I’m dragged from my home and family to kriffing Coruscaunt, held at gunpoint by like two karking bounty hunters who then proceed to blow up my entire life’s work, and all that Waxer can say is ‘have a drink’? I don’t want to drink, I want to get to work!”
“They mean well,” Hunter said, feeling a little guilty.
“I know, I know, they’re so sweet, but unfortunately there’s no way to politely tell everyone to kark off in the language that will convey how upset I am about the fact that they won’t.”
“You can tell me to kark off. I won’t mind.” Hunter shrugged.
“No, not you. You’re an angel and I’m glad you’re here.” You said without thinking about it. You stared up at the stars, completely missing how he rubbed his neck nervously.
“Then, would you mind if I escorted you to your new lab?” He ventured.
“Not at all. I would love the company.” You grabbed his hand, hailing a cab.
As you leaned against his shoulder in the back of the speeder, Hunter thought about how grateful he was to have found a reason to talk to you.
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writing-and-robots · 2 days ago
Folium Fascination 🍁 [Tech x GN!Reader]
Tumblr media
rating: SFW
w/c: 1.4k
tags/warnings: be prepared for incredible amounts of fluff, established + lengthy relationship with tech, reader collects leaves/flowers/foliage and presses them into a journal basically
a/n: welcome to october prompts! here is the first of the batch slaps my own knee at my joke character fics! please enjoy a hike with tech below! 
prompt: #1 - dried bouquet of flowers
The leaves crunched beneath your boots as they littered the forest ground all around you. It was quite chilly, enough where you could see your breath if you huffed with enough force from your lungs. But despite the environmental changes that were happening, it was one of your most favourite yearly seasons. Tech knew this, always wanting to keep his dearest happy, so he plotted out a course for a planet that had a near-perfect autumnal setting. It was a relaxing occurrence of rest when the Batch wasn’t being chased or having to be at Cid’s beck and call. Taking this rare chance, Tech decided to take you deep within the forests that surrounded the ship for an afternoon hike. 
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writing-and-robots · 2 days ago
Hi! I saw that requestsare open and I was wondering if you could write some general lost light crew headcanons with a human liason who has relatively neglectful parents, so they get attached to the crew very easily (bonus points if they're touched starved). Love your work btw!
Aww, thanks! I love writing it!
·They noticed quickly that this particular human didn't like being alone, but none of them knew why, or thought to complain about it. It was cute, actually. Having this little thing following them around and seeking out cuddles... Certain bots became favorites quickly, but the competition for time with the friendly little human was often fierce. It took a memo from Ultra Magnus to finally get everyone to just let the human choose for themselves.
·Certain bots figured out right away that the human isn't just friendly. Bots like Swerve, who know what it's like to be lonely, made it a point to always ensure the little human felt welcome. Hugs and cuddles certainly aren't off the table either, but with big bots some care is needed. Thunderclash is quite happy to hug, after all, but with a human it's kind of like trying to hug a hamster. Precision is required.
·Whirl gets attached right back to the human, and he makes sure that everyone knows their his little buddy. This is both to brag and to ensure anyone who hurts them knows exactly what they'd be signing up for. Having been through a fair amount of pain himself, he knows just how much the little one is secretly suffering, and he isn't going to let them go through that alone.
·Should the human ever feel under the weather, they don't need to worry about leaving their room for comfort. There'll be a line around the corner of bots bringing gifts, hoping to wish them well, and offering whatever care they could need. Ratchet will have to beat them back with a wrench to clear a path.
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writing-and-robots · 2 days ago
Hey i was wondering if you could write something where Hunter sees the reader being very soft with Omega and in that moment he realizes "oh shit i love them", and then he starts to change his adittude with reader so he's more open with them, softer, that he finally tells them how he feels? Please💛
yes i love this so much
pairing : Hunter x gn!reader
warnings : none!! pure fluff !!
a/n : hi I am so sorry this took me so long!! i hope you like it!!!
Hunter sat up with a gasp from his bunk.
His senses were freaking out, he had believed he heard something on the ship. Something that wasn’t just the ship running or tech tinkering around. He thought he heard someone whimpering. Someone panicking or worse. The sergeant quickly kicked off his covers and stood up before going to inspect the suspicious sound coming from the back of the ship. His breathing was coming to a calm as he passed his sleeping brothers in their own bunks, and rushed up to the gunners nest when he realised it would be Omega having the nightmare.
The sergeant paused when he peaked over the ledge to see you cradling Omega on your front, her arms around your neck with Lula on your shoulder as she yawned against you. “You’re alright, Omega. I promise, you’re never going back to Kamino.”
“But you guys can’t protect me forever. What if-what if they come after you?! Or Hunter? Or wrecker ? Or tech?-”
“Hey, mega, mega.” You shushed, running a hand through her hair. “They’d have to send the entire galaxy before they could even get near the marauder. We would never, ever leave you. They’ve been after us for a while, kiddo, they’ll have to try harder than this for us to even think about letting you go, you’re family, you’re with us.”
“Can you stay until I fall asleep?” She yawned, head resting on your shoulder as she looked at the galaxy pass by in hyperspace. “‘m tired.”
“Of course I can.” You heard her yawn again as she brought her arms around you in a tighter embrace, lula on her front.
Hunter observed with warmth in his heart and comfort in his mind. You were so kind and loving to the young girl. Hunter knew he liked you for a while, it wasn’t hard for him to figure out. There were so many times-even before Omega joined your squad-when he would freeze after you had done something and realise how completely enamoured he was with you. Just little things too. When you’d finish a battle on the field and spin your blaster back into your holster like he did with his knife. It made him grin ridiculously, almost proudly when you stood by his side mirroring his actions.
But the domestic side of you was something so rare that he ever so adored. Wrecker once woke up with a hangover and could barely move out of bed, so you made him a large breakfast (having woken up early to make him it). There was also the fact that you went out to buy him some medicine, you made sure he had spare blankets and anything comforting he would have or could have needed. Hunter woke up and walked to check on his brother to find you sat by his bed with the sick bucket on the ship, patting his back and soothing him whilst he threw up and cradled his lula to his chest. Or when Tech wouldn’t sleep and you stole his datapad and hid it under your shirt because you knew he was far too much of a gentleman to steal it back from you.
He stepped off of the ladder and backed up slightly when he noticed you pulling the covers over the sleeping young girl. Seeing you with Omega enhanced his ever so strong feelings for you. The way she always ran to you when she was sleepy and you were all out, or how she always asked to speak to you or Hunter if she had a bad night. On one occasion the two of you were awake talking in your quarters, the blonde raced in after a nightmare and pleaded to stay with the two of you for the night. So the three of you shared your bunk (somehow) whilst Hunter wrapped his arms around the two of you and slept on the outside of the bed.
“Hey.” You whispered, climbing down the ladder from the gunners nest. “She had a nightmare. She was asking for you but I thought you were asleep.”
“You can wake me up if she needs me, you know? I tell you that all the time. And if you need me wake me up. I don’t mind.”
“I know, but you need to get your own rest too.” You gave him a smile, only then noticing that he was standing shirtless before you. “I rarely ever get to see you without your bandana.”
“I’m stood shirtless in front of you and that’s the thing you decide to comment on?” He gave you a smirk. “I’m kidding. Do you not like it-”
“No! I like seeing you without it, you look more relaxed. You always wear your bandana in battle or whenever we’re with regs. It’s nice to see you relaxing and being comfortable.” Your hands reached out to his. “Is that okay? Can I-”
His eyes softened at your admittance to him as he took your hands in his. You being so careful and polite to ask if you could hold his hands (scared to be too forthcoming or mess with his senses) made him swoon. His arms tugged you into his as he placed a hand in your hair to massage your scalp softly. “Thank you.”
“Is there anything I can get you? How come you’re awake? Do you wanna talk about it? We don’t have to if you don’t want to!-”
Kriff, i love you. Hunter thought when he heard you. You were always asking how everyone else was, putting them before yourself. It was a quality that annoyed him at times-especially on the battlefield. When you’d go back to help some injured Reg in the direct line of fire and disobey his direct orders to not do that.
“What…what did you just say?” You asked, pulling away to look up at him. “You-you love me?”
“I-” There was no way he could get out of this one. The strategic, confident, vocal sergeant lost every single word in any dialect he could speak. “I do.”
“Do you…mean it?”
“Yeah. Yeah I do.” He paused, unable to gauge a reaction from you. “I’m sorry for telling you. I completely understand-”
“I love you too, you kriffing idiot.” You admitted and he gave a wide smile-beaming with pride and overwhelming happiness. “I didn’t wanna tell you and ruin-”
“Me neither.” He admitted. “If-Can I kiss you?” You nodded eagerly, closing your eyes as the sergeant pulled you back into his arms with a smirk.
“Say yes!” You heard a whisper and the two of you simultaneously furrowed your brows. Pulling away-the two of you noticed the young girl hidden under her covers. “Say yeah!”
“I thought someone was going to sleep.”
“Well I was! But then you guys started talking and finally admitted it!” Omega cheered, leaping to her feet and rushing forward to the two of you. “Can I stay with you two tonight?”
Hunter lowered his head with a laugh as the young girl crawled up into your arms, resting her head on your shoulder. “I guess. But you actually have to sleep.”
When the three of you made your way to your quarters and got into bed, Hunter took time to gaze at the two of you. Those he loved incredible amounts. Omega rested her head against you as she cuddled her lula doll, her arms around the doll and you whilst one of your hands reached out to entangle it with his. This was what he loved, almost as much as he loved you.
taglist !
@masteracewindu @marlycatt @sirkekselord @no-idea-what-to-write-here @nerf-herder0 @jesseeeka420-blog @kateii @tired-ninfa @captaingansy @kybacrystal @jess6578 @marveloushunter @mrs-perfectly-fine @wakeupjackthisisntfair @greenysnarl @dagobahbound @sashatheswift @alice1wren @mango-peachjuice @photogirl894 @reader3 @azrin-draws @badbatch-simp24 @calypsoshere @thephantommenac-e @mylifeinthetardisforever @shadowwing1324 @azem-thefourteenth @ellieredfox @darkphoenix2332 @hedahobbit98 @shadowfoxey @incognito-lezbean @stormtrooper-kd1601 @tacticalsparkles @gabile18 @hanns1d @4rosydreams @maddybraps @14mcmd1122 @grand-admiral-luna @salaminus @hobbithistorian @stwrawr @idunnobutithink @sarahtanmarvel @therealautobotgirl @thebahdbitch @extreamlycutecuban @buddee
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writing-and-robots · 2 days ago
Fandom: The Bad Batch (Star Wars)
Relationship: Tech x gn!reader (medic)
Word Count: 1.6k
Rating: Everyone
Tags: first kiss, mutual pining, nerds in love, idiots in love, friends to lovers
You are a GAR medical officer assigned to accompany Clone Force 99 on missions. You have a crush on Tech.
Caged Butterflies
It had been several galactic standard months since you had been assigned to the Bad Batch. More importantly, it had been about 15 missions (all successful, of course). When you had first joined them, you joked that your white and red medic armor already matched the others. Now, after many scratches and plenty of carbon scoring, it matched even better.
You’d fought alongside the Batch long enough to truly become part of the team. Even though you could never keep up with them on the battlefield, you had saved their lives a handful of times, and they had of course saved yours. This most recent mission had thankfully produced no serious injuries.
The Havoc Marauder hurtled along through hyperspace to its next coordinates. It was peaceful inside the shuttle for once, and everyone was occupied. Crosshair was perched in the turret, likely cleaning and calibrating his rifle. Wrecker was seated near you on the racks, doing bicep curl sets with Gonky. Hunter and Echo were up in the cockpit. Tech was seated at one of the consoles and tinkering with a project.
You had been reorganizing and checking your kit for the next mission when you realized your handheld diagnostic sensor wasn’t powering on. Not even after giving it a few hard whacks against the heel of your hand, and that almost always worked! You were officially out of ideas to try. Glancing up at Tech, you figured now was a perfect time to ask for his assistance, since his tools and things were already out.
When you stood up, the GNK unit being hoisted in the air kicked its stubby legs and let out a fretful sounding gonk but you just pat its side and walked away, leaving Wrecker to chuckle to himself. As you approached Tech, he seemed absorbed in his work, but when you stepped up next to him, he lifted his head to acknowledge you. He also raised one hand to adjust his goggles and gave you a small smile, which gave you the familiar sensation of butterflies erupting in your chest.
‘Oh, don’t be ridiculous,’ you internally scolded yourself. ‘This childish crush has gone on too long already.’ With that, you resolved to cage those butterflies and keep them contained.
“Uh,” you began elegantly, “my medisensor is busted and I was hoping you could take a look for me?”
“Of course!” Tech replied cheerily, and hurried to lift a box of spare parts off the seat next to him, motioning for you to sit. He swiveled his chair and placed the box off to the side, also placing his project there. You couldn’t tell what it was from the jumble of wires and parts.
“What were you working on?” You couldn’t help your curiosity as you peered past him into the box while taking a seat.
“Well,” he adjusted his goggles again, turning back to face you, “it will hopefully be a medical holoprojector when I’m finished with it, though I can’t always tell which direction a project will take me.”
You wanted to ask how the projects had minds of their own, but were struck by the realization of his answer first. “Wait, a medical holoprojector?”
Tech shifted a little in his seat and cleared his throat before answering, “yes, you had mentioned before that one might be useful for future endeavors, but that they do not come standard in Republic medkits and the Kaminoans have not responded to your request for one.”
You were momentarily shocked that not only had he remembered a comment you made weeks ago in passing, but that he was now spending downtime to build one from scratch. But then, of course he was. Tech absorbed and remembered almost everything, and why wouldn’t he work on a piece of equipment that could potentially help save one of their lives. Still, you were beyond impressed.
“Wow! Thank you, Tech. That could be extremely helpful!” You smiled brightly at him, and you could swear his cheeks tinged pink at the praise.
“Yes, well,” he glanced down and hurriedly changed the subject, “you say your medisensor is not functioning?” He plucked the device from your hand and turned it over, examining it closely.
“It won’t even power on,” you explained.
Tech hummed to himself in thought before swiveling in his chair to face the console. He had set a sheet of plastoid across the terminal as a makeshift work space, and it was still strewn with some screws, wires, and a few tools. He grabbed a screwdriver and removed the back plate to the handheld device, carefully setting the pieces aside.
“Ah, it seems as though some wires have come loose,” he diagnosed, raising one index finger into the air, as he had a habit of doing.
You smiled at the mannerism. The way he often did it without realizing was cute. ‘No! Not cute!’ you chided yourself mentally.
“I should be able to solder the wires and have it working again in a minute,” Tech explained, trading the screwdriver for a soldering iron and turning it on.
“Thank you,” you smiled at him again, and he quickly turned his attention back to the device.
“It is no trouble at all,” he replied, still facing the work station.
There was a moment of awkward silence while he waited for the iron to heat and you distracted yourself with rolling a screw around on the sheet of plastoid. Maybe it only felt awkward to you. You concentrated on the mental image of keeping butterflies contained in a cage.
“It is an unfortunately common occurrence for the wires to come loose in the BioTech RFX/K model medisensor,” Tech broke the silence. You nodded absently, still busy trying to convince yourself that you weren’t attracted to him.
It truly was the work of minutes for Tech to solder the loose wires back in place. He flipped the device over and pressed the power button. The screen blinked to life and smiles spread across both your face and his.
“Excellent!” you exclaimed. “I’m glad it was a simple fix!”
Tech hummed his agreement as he deftly replaced the back plate and tightened the screws. He placed the device back in your outstretched palm, and you had to mentally chide yourself again when his fingers brushed yours. You successfully managed to keep yourself from blushing by flipping the device over and pretending to examine it for yourself.
“Do you mind if I test it out?” You asked, finally glancing back up to meet his gaze.
“That makes sense,” Tech responded begrudgingly. You thought it was a strangely unenthusiastic answer, though you supposed he probably just wanted to get back to work.
You scooted forward to the edge of your chair and motioned for him to do the same. With both hands on the arms of the chair, he shifted forward until his knees bumped together with yours. He looked back up and pushed his goggles up his nose, but didn’t meet your gaze, looking off to the side instead.
You held the device up between the two of you and scanned his torso down to his waist, then back up again to his shoulders. Bringing the device close to your face, you read the output of his vitals with a furrowed brow.
“No, it must be uncalibrated as well,” you frowned. “This can’t possibly be your resting heart rate, it’s much too high.”
“It is very likely correct,” Tech replied quietly, still looking away. “I frequently experience elevated sinus rhythm in your close proximity.” He finally met your gaze and this time his cheeks were definitely tinged pink.
You took a breath to reply, but the wheels in your mind were spinning uselessly. Your only coherent thought was that your heartbeat had begun to race as well.
“I apologize,” Tech began bashfully, “it is unprofessional and—“
“Tech—“ You attempted to interrupt him, holding your free hand up, palm out in a gesture for him to stop.
“—inappropriate for me to—“
When he didn’t stop, you raised your hand and pressed your fingertips to his lips, holding them there.
He froze, wide eyes looking at you in surprise from behind his yellow-tinted goggles.
There was another silent moment, but this time you were just reminding yourself how to breathe. You looked at your fingertips still pressed to his mouth, then surged forward and replaced them with your lips.
The cage of butterflies you were trying to bury burst open in your chest as you leaned in. It was only a fraction of a moment before you felt Tech melt into your kiss. He brought both of his hands up to cup your face, gently, almost reverently. The hand you had shushed him with came to rest on his chest where you could feel his pounding heartbeat.
“It’s about time,” a sarcastic quip sliced through the moment and you both quickly pulled back.
Eyes wide, you whipped your head around to see Crosshair leaning down from the turret seat, smirking. Wrecker had abandoned Gonky to kick helplessly on its side, and was standing at the base of the ladder. He turned toward you to begin laughing loudly.
Your face burned with embarrassment at having gotten so caught up with your feelings that you managed to forget you weren’t alone. You turned back to face Tech, your hand still resting on his chest.
Tech was glaring at his brothers. If looks could kill, Crosshair and Wrecker would have been vaporized in place.
You leaned back in your seat just as Echo and Hunter peered out of the doorway to the cockpit.
“What happened?” Echo asked.
Wrecker was still laughing, but Crosshair answered across the ship, “you owe me 50 credits.”
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writing-and-robots · 3 days ago
Could I get a little drabble or story of TFP Smokescreen when his human charge or s/o loses their pet cat and he takes it upon himself to look for it except when he "finds" it, he finds a raccoon instead thinking it's their cat and he's just so proud of himself
Staring at the "furry friend" as Smokescreen called it curentully hissing in the bots servos your glad it's a baby and not a full grown adult or you might be in serious danger right now.
Holding your arms out nervously, unsure of what else to do as Smokescreens looking at you expectantly with his baby blue optics you put on a strained smile. It hisses at you but pauses as you hold it close since your warm and flesh and not made of metal and hard. Cradling the critter close hoping to keep it calm and continuing to smile with a strained look on your face the raccoon pup makes a squeaking noise before nuzzling into your clothes. It closed its eyes as it makes sleepy chirp like noises and begins settling down. Its claws are tiny and don't dig into your clothes. Your relieved it seems non threatening at least for now.
Shaking your head observing the baby as you gently sway the trash panda it was kinda cute. You just wish Smokescreen had found your actual cat and not this poor pup.
"Took me all night!" The kid beams getting your attention as he tells you how he found this critter, recalling the story as if it was a war tale. "But they were hiding in the bushes in a neighbor's yard and I found them after they made a loud noise and caught my attention. Scratched my paint a whole lot when I grabbed them but no organic critter could hurt me."
Flexing before winking at you Smokescreen smiles widely. Adjusting his pedes to get closer he bends his knees before leaning forward to show you his scratched up servo. Tapping the scratches with your free hand fingers traveling over them you hum. He probabaly scared the poor thing...
Kissing the baby raccoons forehead in sympathy it lets out a cute yawn before nuzzling back into your arms. It wasn't your cat but it looks like you had a new pet.
"Thankyou Smokescreen!" You said nervously as the racoon slept soundly for now not causing any problems. He beams proudly doorwings wiggling before he pauses. Tapping his cheek he looks away before he coughs into his servo nervously.
"Could the hero maybe..." He questions looking at you expectantly as he taps his face again. Giggling you shake you head before smiling softly.
Nodding yes you stand on your tip toes as Smokes leans his cheek close. Giving the mech a quick peck he quickly jumps up pumping his fist in the air as his doorwings continue to flap. His facial plate is tinged blue and you laugh as the mech looks like he's on cloud nine.
Swaying as the racoon chitters not liking the noise you hum holding them closer, hoping you could keep up the charade for awhile longer. Smokescreen may not always be the smartest bot but he sure was sweet and he'd do anything for you. You had to love him.
Feeling a little paw on your face tap against your cheek, you hum and look down at the racoon that was curiously swiping. Giving them a kiss so they have your attention and continuing to sway they settle down. Guess you had to love this baby too.
Tumblr media
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writing-and-robots · 3 days ago
Blame Game💥
Tumblr media
Original ask by @hurtbywhisperedmuses: TBB are on the mission where Wrecker gets his big scar and medic!reader feels like she could’ve done something more to save him but in those final moments she couldn’t do it in time.
Pairing: Wrecker x F!Reader (platonic)
Warnings: loads of angst, mentions of canon-typical combat, slight medical gore, friendly bonding over recovery.
Summary: You’re TBB’s designated medic (before O66) and have been for a while when you’re on a particularly dicey mission that puts both you and Wrecker in the medbay. The aftermath proves to be too much to handle and you’re struggling to confront the repercussions.
Also, I deeply apologize for taking this long to do your request! I’ve been a busy painting bee!
Keep reading
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