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Whenever you die, you have the ability to reincarnate at any point in history with full memories of your past lives. Billions of deaths later, you realize the truth: Every single person in all of history is your past or future reincarnation. You're all alone.
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Fantastic Guides:
Traversing The Antarctic
1 - Bring a coat. Duh.
2 - Travel while the sun is out. It gets lonely sometimes and will help guide you in exchange for company.
3 - Wear goggles.
4 - If you think you saw the mountains in the distance moving, you didn't. Keep going.
5 - Use the night to rest. And hide.
6 - Don't let the whispers scare you. Focus. They might be trying to help.
7 - If the ground cracks, don't move.
8 - If you see the Spire, head for it. You'll never reach it, but your path towards it will be safe.
9 - Bring a jar of cookie butter. You'll understand once you're there.
10 - If you see the Mountaineer, turn around. Do not approach it.
11 - You can eat the hot meals you find, but always leave some behind.
12 - Don't be afraid to take risks, it's one of the things life is all about after all.
13 - Seek shelter during blizzards, they can grow stronger during them.
14 - Ice cream is forbidden.
15 - Just because something appears to be human, does not mean that it is. Be observant.
16 - Let it snow.
17 - Keep your distance from the trees. The lights might attract you, but you must not get close.
18 - The Shrouded hide in the distance. You may seek them out if you wish, but keep in mind they don't always welcome strangers.
19 - Don't start fires. They don't like fire.
20 - Ignore the singers, don't let them distract you.
21 - Be sure to leave an offering for the old ones, for their sake and yours.
22 - Don't. Pollute.
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You're an immortal vampire who can only be killed by a wooden stake through the heart. In a dying universe, you're now in a spaceship, looking for wood before it's too late.
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"And that, class..." the professor concluded, "...is why humanity is believed to be the most peaceful, reasonable, cooperative, and overall, docile known species in the cosmos. Any questions?" You, the only human in the class, raised your hand.
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"Be not afraid," said the biblical accurate angel as it came down from the heavens. It, however, descended at a science symposium and, instead of the fear and cowering that it's used to, the scientists flock to it in order to try studying and questioning it.
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You have lost your sight, along with everyone else on the entire planet. This was called the Blinding. Two years later, your sight suddenly returns. As you look around however, you realize that that every available wall, floor and surface has been painted with the same message: "Don't let them know you can see."
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Your childhood bully once said you were nobody. Unbeknownst to them at the time, they held a reality-bending superpower. Now, they're the strongest superhero, with everyone calling them The Truth due to their word being the absolute truth. Nobody knows about their past, and Nobody will make sure that they pay.
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"Greetings, mortal. I am Hera, Queen of the Gods," the floating woman said. You looked towards your flustered genie and asked, "Is she really..." "Yes, master," they replied, seemingly embarrassed, "It appears she is your soulmate."
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You watch the clock count down to midnight as everyone gets ready to welcome the new year. On the last second however, everyone stops. 鈥淲ait, wait, wait,鈥 you hear a voice all around, 鈥淚鈥檝e been sleeping for two years? No, no, that won鈥檛 do. We must restart.鈥 There鈥榮 a snapping of fingers, a flash, and you find yourself back to December 31st, two years ago.
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You find a sketchy ad for a temp job as a mall elf, which claims to pay $60.00 an hour. You apply, and not long after, receive an email hiring you right away. On your first day, you find the mall tugged away in a desolate part of town with barely anyone there. You notice a welcome note has been left with your name on it, confirming your position, along with a set of rules:
Seymour Uywa Mini-Mall - Temp Assistant Elf Rules:
- Avoid leaving Santa unattended for more than 21 minutes.
- If an ornament falls from the tree, do not touch it. Use one of the empty gift packages to scoop it up and then place them behind Santa鈥檚 chair.
- Carolers might come to sing every other hour. Do not join in. You will not be able to stop.
- If another mall elf approaches, one of smaller stature, be sure to hand it two green candy canes. No questions are to be asked.
- The faint noise of jingle bells might play from time to time. Never follow it. No matter how much it appears to call you.
- You might spot snowmen around the Santa area, and the mall itself. Never disturb them. If you spot others doing so, look away and return to your post.
- During closing, if something resembling a reindeer with a red nose and eyes appears anywhere, DO NOT let it see you.
- If spotted, regular-looking reindeer creatures are to be fed one of the carrots from the carrot bag. They will assist after each of your shifts if you do so.
- A glass of milk and raisin cookies are to be brought to Santa every 2 hours. The red tonic must accompany these.
- If a parent begins to yell, act out, or otherwise be disrespectful in any way and asks for a manager, please take one of the gifts from behind santa's chair and give it to them. Let them know one will be with them soon. Be sure they open the gift and hold the ornament.* Once they have vanished, please scoop up the ornament with the gift again and place it back behind Santa's chair.
- If any spoiled kids act out, or create a scene, please do as it says above. Do not let them get near Santa.
- If you feel like you might be in danger at any point, please contact the number within your elf hat by using the santa phone. Any other outgoing calls must also be done by use of this phone.
- We highly advise that you follow closing procedures and not leave the premises without properly locking up Santa's workshop, performing the merry ferry jingle ritual, shutting off each light, and shoveling the snow. This is for your own good.
From all of us here at the Seymour Uywa Mini-Mall, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
*If unsure what the ornament is, we highly suggest checking our Instagram highlight for our "The Ornament" story. Hope you enjoy it ! 馃
- Prompt Dude
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Heaven is separated based on cause of death. All of those who suffered heart attacks are together, all hippopotamus attacks together, drowning, etc. You die and appear in a nearly empty room. An old-looking man looks up at you, and says, "Finally, someone else! It's been ages!"
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You鈥檙e an elf who has been awarded a scholarship at one of the most prestigious schools of magic in all the realms! The鈥 Massachusetts Institute of Technology?
Wait what?
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You agreed to be cryogenically frozen for a thousand years in exchange for a total of one billion us dollars when you woke up. As the freezing process began, a thought came to you. "Hey," you called out to the scientists on the other side of the glass. "Will the money be adjusted for infla-?"
Next thing you knew, you were waking up.
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Your realm lies in chaos and in ruins, and now the demons have arrived at your gates. You hold the sacred relic, passed down through countless generations, to your lips and speak the prayer in the long forgotten language:
"Orbital strike on my location."
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"You shall fall dead on the day you first child is born!" the young, inexperienced witch had cried, as she put the curse on you. Little did she know that to an asexual like yourself, she'd practically granted you immortality. Now, every year, on the anniversary of the curse, she tries her best to "fix" things.
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While magic may exist, it is impossible for it to affect "normies", nor would they be able to witness it. You could try casting a huge explosion, but only those magically gifted will be hurt. Buildings and objects constructed by normies are unaffected as well. You have been waging a secret war with Jerry from HR for years now.
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As a survivor during the zombie apocalypse, you've been unwillingly taken and protected by a vampire coven. Not because they like you, but because you're their only sustainable food source for miles around.
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