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In an interview with inc.com, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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More Modern Bagginshield for your viewing pleasure. Aw man I’ve missed drawing these dorks.

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Okay so @ahufflepuffhobbit tagged me for this, which apparently is to list out my WIPs. Fair warning, this will be quite a list. I have way to many projects…but here we go! Feel free to send asks about any of them:

  • Once Upon a Dream (on AO3)
  • Guardian of Kings (on AO3)
  • Just to See You Happy (on AO3)
  • The Twelve Transformations of Bilbo Baggins
  • Second Chance at a Happy Ending
  • A Hobbit’s Tale: Reclaiming One’s Home
  • The Hoardless Dragon
  • The Tin Captain and His Glass Violinist

So I know we’re only supposed to put the titles on this, but the sad/funny thing is every one of these are Bagginshield, and then there’s one lonely little JohnLock fic.  🤣 (Virtual cupcake if anyone can guess which one!)

And I’ll tag @lindirs-gaze, @bagginshieldoferebor, @raventhorin, @x-kytanna-x, and @mordoriscalling. Do it if ya wanna!

Thank you so much for tagging me @sunnyrosewritesstuff ❤️❤️ Here’s my list of wips (and gosh, they do not end, I don’t finish fics and already start new ones ugh).

  • Afters and Befores on AO3
  • All Hope Lost on AO3
  • Stay or Sail Away here on tumblr (that I’ll post on AO3 when it’s finished)
  • Steals Once More (a sappy and fluffy Bagginshield oneshot not ready to be posted yet)

I’ll tag @x-kytanna-x 😁 @bagginshieldoferebor

Thank you so much for the tag @sunnyrosewritesstuff @mordoriscalling!!! This was really fun ♥️😍

I have to say tho, you both are amazing, having already titles for all of your wips. In my case most of them come last minute as I’m finishing the fic, as you’re gonna see by my list, initially my fics have a descriptive temporary title on my Google drafts.

I have a million wips tbh but I only added the ones I have worked on this past six months as they’re the ones that take precedence. Except for one, I think almost all these wips are gonna be posted on AO3 at some point. 🤔

  • All the paths that lead to your heart (currently on AO3)
  • Xmas gift #1
  • Xmas gift #2 (this one won’t be on AO3)
  • The shape of your soul
  • Reincarnation fic
  • Kid Frodo AU
  • Mer!bagginshield
  • Dwagginshield getting together
  • A heart shaped pebble
  • ABO bagginshield
  • Angsty canon fic (all the sads no comfort)
  • Teach me the meaning of love (ineffable husbands)

I’m going to tag @birdkeeperklink @salsedine @sept-etoiles @mizimeluh @bagginshieldoferebor and anyone else who wants to do it! Just said I tagged you.

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Happy National Coming Out Day! 🏳️‍🌈⚔️

The wholesomeness of this video gives me life

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i see a yellow leaf i think of Him

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People who call Gomez and Morticia the ugly guy, hot wife trope and compare them to Homer and Marge Simpson or Peter and Lois Griffin are fools and will not survive the winter. Morticia thinks he’s the sexiest man alive, he’s an amazing husband and father, and he would smite Peter and Homer on sight. 

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Chuck Tingle is out here being an ace ally.

Chuck Tingle said all our rights.


I think it’s important we all remember this author became famous for writing gay “Dino-porn” erotica, and then proceeded to branch ever outward from that niche into political satire & social commentary erotica

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I haven’t been posting all my tolkientober drawings over here because lots of them are bad, but this one is good, so here u go! Favorite scene was the prompt

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For those who are waiting an update for ‘All the paths that lead to your heart’, I’m super sorry but it won’t happen until the end of the week. I’m super busy with exams and few other personal stuff so i didn’t have time to finish the next chapter. I’m sorry 🥺 but updates are probably not gonna be once a week anymore.

Super sorry guys but might take a little longer. I got my wisdom teeth taken out and while I’m not rolling on the floor from the pain, I’m pretty sore and not in any mood of writing anything.🤕

I promise you I’m not abandoning the fic or anything but the next update is gonna take a while. 😢♥️

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I think one thing that a lot of Addams Family fans forget is that for the family, goth wasn’t about being gloomy and sad or bitter and cynical at all. Morticia was always gazing out at rainy days and declaring, “how beautiful a day it is!” or saying that “black is so much more cheerful!” because they found joy in their dark aesthetic. Wednesday was curious and sharp-minded and very clearly exercised and expressed her personal sense of power and self through things like her interest in weaponry and true crime - in the original series and comics, she was always dancing and playing with her brother. Edgy Wednesday didn’t happen until the 90s reboot, and well, it was the 90s. Gloomy grunge and artful sadness were in at the time. And let’s not even talk about Gomez, who was so full of life and love for his family that he’d often break into song or dip Morticia in the kitchen for an old-fashioned kiss. The Addams worked so well because they were healthy, happy, loving and goth. They were a perfect example of indulging in an aesthetic without letting it become toxic or consuming their lives.

I will repeat this on every Addams Family post until the day I die:

The central joke of the Addams family isn’t that they’re dark and weird, it’s that everyone else is hung on on how dark and weird they are despite them being the only happy functioning family unit on screen.

Can I get a *snap*snap*?

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