xue yang simp & songxuexiaoist first, human second. gay + not cis [call me ryn!! she/he/they pronouns + old enough to buy cigarettes and alcohol in america, but not-quite nearing the mid 20s] tired failure of a writer.

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xuesongxiao·12 hours agoText

its fucking weird when u look at a teenage character or a kid n think “yes time to age them up for porn” or “oh yes time 2 ship him with an adult” or “yes time 2 draw nsfw of em” or something similar Like it is Weird As Hell what is the motive first of all & second, there are so many characters who are 18+ in fiction that are free range but yall wanna touch the 15 year olds who act like 15 year olds its creepy and quite frankly i dont trust u around children lol.

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xuesongxiao·13 hours agoText

songxue is either the most edgy dovey shit you can think of or they’re boyfriends who annoy each other but they will kill someone who hurts their baby

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Wangxian cooking together and giving each other feedback on the things they make 🥺

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xuesongxiao·a day agoText

You know half of everything could have been resolved if madame Jin had a gun and shot Jin Guangshan the first time he cheated

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xuesongxiao·2 days agoText

XXC sucks at growing things. He nearly gives up when his parsnips don’t even sprout until he wakes up and sees little sprouts.

Bonus: he wakes SL up at an ungodly hour and half-leads, half-drags him to the budding plants and hes just so excited and impassioned and SL gives him a sleepy smile, a kiss, hugs him and XXC leans against SL.

“Okay, let’s get back to bed. We can plant them outside in the morning.”

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xuesongxiao·2 days agoPhoto


Inktober, day 11, DISGUSTING

Yes, I have just drawn Xue Yang’s face as Xiao Xingchen called him disgusting. I’m not a Xue Yang apologist (it’s not his fault he had an awful life that shaped him, but he sure doesn’t exist in a harmless vacuum). But my dear, lovely XXC, had zero chance to understand him.

I just can’t with Xue Yang. I’ve accepted he is a bastard and I love him (not unlike Lestat). He is my newest murder baby. I love him a normal amount.

Sketch: Graphgear 500 and Prismacolor Verithin, Tuscan Red
Ink: Pigma Micron, Brown
Colors: Prismacolor Verithin, Tuscan Red and Crimson Red

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xuesongxiao·2 days agoPhoto


I know. I miss her, too.

Hey guess what, it’s MORE art of Jiang Cheng crying, this time with Jin Ling thrown in, ALSO crying! Nothing but good times on this blog!!

A papercraft commission for @b9rambling. The whole time I worked on this I was listening to “Light” by Sleeping At Last on repeat and making horrible sad faces down at my worktable to evoke the right mood and feeling horrible sad feelings about Jiang Cheng being backhanded straight into Single Dadhood all alone. It’s fine!! Everything’s fine!!!!!!

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xuesongxiao·5 days agoText


Nie Huaisang: Wei Wuxian was the only motherfucker in the whole cultivation world who could Handle me and he’s fucking dead

Mo Xuanyu: I wish I were dead

Nie Huaisang: ……maybe I can solve both our problems

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xuesongxiao·5 days agoText


cats are little narcissists because they will see you upset or troubled and they’ll think “you know what would help? a healthy dosage of ME” and they’ll headbutt you and snuggle you.

anyway it DOES work so I can’t fault them

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