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Headcannons for my Hispanic MC at her quince with the brothers & the datables
-Levi is stepping on her dress constantly, and its not even that he doesnt it on purpose, the dress is just so big its hard to be near MC without accidentally stepping on it a bit
-Luke is giving her the Ultima Muñeca (last doll) and is very happy about being a part of it
Watch him drop it, the utter silence that would follow is cracking me up im sorry
-Asmo is helping MC with any touch-ups
Makeup smudges? Fixed
Hair wont stay in place? He's got you covered
Wardrobe malfunction? Dont worry, he's got it
Feeling emotional? He's got that waterproof makeup honey dont worry
hide any money from mammon
He w i l l pretend to find it on the ground and proceed to buy the weirdest things on Akuzon
Lucifer and Dia doing the facebook mom recording pose trying to film the vals and surprise dance
Dia is actually getting the good video Lucifer Lowkey pressed about it
Belphie is that one kid that sleeps on 3 randomnchairs the whole night, no I wont take criticism
Satan and Simeon talking about cats, (I'd like to belive simeon also likes cats as much as satan just that he's more lowkey about it)
Barbatos is everywhere, trying to do everything, even with the help of waiters and some other staff
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MC: you know, if I had 10 grim for everytime I got offered a sugarbaby position on (insert some weird devildom version of twitter here), I'd have 500 grim, too many times :/
Mammon: ....
Mammon: MC, I know what we're doing today...
MC: 😥
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rb to tell ur mutuals ur fond of them
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MC: Fun Fact; If I really, r e a l l y wanted to, I could probably kill you
Lucifer: MC it is 6 in the morning, for the love of diavolo, please shut the fuck up
MC, not even 2 hours later: so about what I said earlier-
Lucifer, who had the great idea of grabbing MC by the throat: S H U T-
Mammon, who's been waiting for this exact moment for months: I'll save you MC!
MC and Lucifer: Bro shut the fuck up
Mammon: :( *sadge*
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The Vine Incident 2.0
I've been unactive for a while sheesh my bad, this one is quitw short so sorry in advance😃-~-
Jack, trying to be a good friend: alright MC, so what do we do when stuff doesn't go our way?
MC, being the chaotic B!tch they are: Hoes mad
Jack: nO-
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Chaotic Gen Z MC
Lucifer: *explaining that MC must do tasks while they're in the devildom*
MC, in a bitchy mood: Don't tell me what to do bitch >:/
Lucifer: what did you just say to me
MC: oh, i'm sorry did you not hear me? I said don't tell me what to do B i t c h
Leviathan, recording the entire thing: *whispering to the brothers* yo, I think MC's gonna die today
Satan, quietly encouraging MC: What an honorable death
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Gen Z MC (Obey Me Edition) pt. idk
MC: *Watching the Laurens Interlude in Hamilton*
The TV: “I may not live to see our glory”
MC: *slapping a hand over her mouth, very dramatically* Bestie, no-! 🥺
The TV: “-but I will gladly join the fight-”
MC, starting to tear up: Bestie this ain’t  i t- 
The TV: “-and when our children tell our story, they’ll tell the story of tonight...”
MC, crying: I don’t cry, wtf, I’m a bad b*tch- >:’(
Mammon, satan, and lucifer, watching from behind the corner: ...wtf...
The TV: “Tomorrow there’ll be more of us...”
MC: *Angry crying while denying their tears* >:’(
Belphie, watching them from the couch where he’s “sleeping”:...
The TV: ALEXANDER: “I have so much work to do”
MC: AAAA- you fckn B I T C-  ✋😭
Lucifer: MC, what in the devildom are you doing?-
Satan, who you has most definitely watched Hamilton[no, i don’t take critisism :)] :  yup-
The Brothers:....Chile, anyways so-
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Mammon, screeching thinking it was Lucifer for  second: y-yea? watcha want now MC
MC, close to tears: I can’t find my blue gen pen that Asmo gave me! :’( 
Mammon, noticing that it’s stuck in MC’s hair {or MC’s holding it if they have short hair or no hair}: Really? Man, asmo’s going to be real upset with ya
MC, literally seconds away from bawling on the ground: Please help me find it! 
Mammon: Sorry! no can do, I have a gig in about 15 minutes and they’re going to pay me some good grim 
MC: Mammon please! 
Asmo, walking in: hey, what’s all the noise for?
Asmo, noticing the pen in their hair/hands: MC you have the pen in your hands/hair
Mammon: Yea times running, gotta go-
MC, throwing the pen at mammon’s head: son of a BITCH- >:(
Mammon: *screeching*
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Hispanic MC shenanigans
MC, running up to solomon like a crazy person: SOLOMON!
Solomon, completly unbothered: Yes MC?
MC, a bit winded: Do you know how to dance? Like Cumbia, merenge and of the sort?
Solomon: Well, do you think I've lived this long and not learn how to dance?
MC: .....so...?
Solomon: Yes MC, I can dance :|
MC, who is starting to look like a kid who's going to disney: YES! Ok thank Diavolo, my tia's been trying yo get me to go to this party and I can't go by myself
Solomon: ok, but why didn't you ask the brothers?
MC: ...really? Why not? Because even if asmo knows how to dance, he'd probably try to hook up with my tia and I really don't need that. Beel, Levi, and Mammon don't know how to dance. Belphie doesnt either but we both know he'd fall asleep before we can even greet half of my family-
Solomon: yea-
MC: Neither does lucifer but it isnt like he'd admit that😃 and Satan knows how to dance, but I know for a fact he'd throw hands with....certain..people
Solomon: ok so what time again-👁👁
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MC: *walking around with her chancla*
Mammon, panicking: I swear I didn’t take anything from you! 
MC, who was looking for the roach asmo screamed about: I-...
Mammon: *already zoomed away*
MC, confused: Okaayyy-
~A few minutes later~
MC, walking into Levi’s room: Hey lev-
Levi, already shutting off his game in a panic: I went to sleep on time, I promise!! 
MC, still looking for the roach: but I wasn’t- you know what never mind-
Belphie, sleeping soundly (as always) : 
MC, getting annoyed: Belphi- 
Belphie, jolting awake: I didN’T DO ANYTHING TO LUCIFER-
MC, who just about had it: BelPHIE! FOR F*CKS SAKE LISTEN TO ME-
Belphie, absolutely f*ckn terrified: *scared noises*
Belphie: well you dON”T HAVE TO YELL AT ME!!  >:’’( 
MC, storming out of the living room: I’m fckn  D O N E-  >:(
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Look, im not saying I would let Hange rail me, but I would let Hange rail me 😗✌
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Is the Creepypasta fandom still dead? Who knows
Y/N, while giving toby all the attention he wants: Look Jeff, I just don't think pushing toby off the balcony was very poggers of you...
Toby, enjoying the attention while also using this as an oportunity to rile up Jeff: Yea jeff- 🥺*fake sniffles*
Jeff: *silent angry stabby boi noises*
Ben, after winning Y/N in Mortal Kombat for the 100th time: So, uh......GayFC?
Y/N, silently sniffling: Y eA-
Sally, an innocent bean: Can I come?
Ben: well, yea i guess, but we'll need to go to femboy hooters, you know what this means Y/N?
Y/N: maid outfit?...
Ben: maid outfit....
E.J, showing the creeps how he can unhinge his jaw:*kalm*
Y/N, a zoomer: so E.J,......what that mouth do?👀
E.J:.....one day.....jusT ONE FCKN DAY
Masky and Hoodie, who were casually spilling tea like those wine aunts: *funky music stops*
Y/N: well zaym, dat kinda hurted doe🗿
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The Vine Incident
Azul an the Tweels: Happy Birthday MC!!
MC, getting vine flashbacks: ,,I can’t swim,,
Azul, confused asf: MC, we aren’t anywhere near a body water...?
Floyd, who is starting to get excited: I’ll teach you how to swim shrimpy~!
Jade and Azul: Floyd, no-
Floyd: *already dragging MC away*
Leona, who for some odd reason, in the Ramshackle dorm: *sleeping soundly*
MC, who is beginning to smirk: *feeling chaotic*
Grim: Oh no- *runs and hides in MC’s room*
MC, banging pans together near Leona’s ears: I DON’T GET NO SLEEP CAUSE OF YA’LL
Leona: *jumping awake due to the sudden abuse to his ears*
MC, not caring that Leona woke up: YA’LL NEVER GONNA SLEEP CAUSE OF ME-
Leona, tackling MC: yO SHUT THE F*CK UP-
MC: *screeching*
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Mc, walking back to their room after going for a jog around the devildom: *humming cheerily*
Mammon, not realizing MC is heading his way: Where did they leave their piggybank again? Aha-
Mammon: MC, I can-
MC, taking off her chancla and throwing it at his head: Que cHINGADOS ESTAS ASIENDO-
Mammon, knowing damn well he fucked up: *Unholy Screeching*
Lucifer, listening to mammons screeching in the room next door while sipping his tea: MC was taught well
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The "jeez louise" had me cackling 💀😂 but besides that i almost cried, awesome writing😌🤙
I've seen alot of headcanons about Simeon turning into a demon, but how would everyone react if Luke managed to turn himself into a demon 🤔 Like maybe he didn't amount up to Celestial Standards (I headcanon the Celestial realm is kinda weird due to the events of the anelic event) and then he made some type of minor violation and they kicked him out of heaven to avoid the possibility of him growing up to be undesirable in the Celestial Realm
Tumblr media
When a Child Falls
Luke-centric ANGST & FLUFF
Warnings: Pain, falling from heaven, Luke hurting :(
Summary: After failing to live up to the standards of his superiors Luke is kicked out of the Celestial Realm and becomes a demon. Luckily for him the exchange program had given him so many new and old friends who wanted nothing but to help the poor child despite any bitter past they may have had with him
a/n: i was gonna do headcanons but then i was like what if i make a whole one shot about him falling and everyone helping him adjust to his new life and uh yea
Also this didn’t come out as angsty as I wanted it to but demon brothers comforting a fallen Luke >>>>>>>
Keep reading
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Hispanic MC
Mammon, running from Lucifer after he got tangled into some trouble due to  his “money-making” schemes
Lucifer, done with everything and everyone, chasing mammon
MC: you should hit him with la chancla voladora or the cinto
Lucifer: ..What?
MC, confused as to why he doesn’t know what they’re talking about: you know.... the chancla or the belt.....?
Satan, looking up from his book: Chancla is Spanish for sandal
Lucifer: Yea, I know what it means Satan. My question is why would I use that?
MC, even more confused: What do you mean why?! getting chased with a chancla by an angry mom is scary! Especially when they finally corner you and land a good hit on you! *shivers at the flashbacks*
Mammon, who stopped running to hear MC speak:...
Belphie, who was sleeping on the ground:...zzz
Mammon: MC...were you..were you chased around like that as a kid...?
MC, suddenly remembering all the good hits their mom got on them with the belt and the chancla: I... I don’t wanna talk about it🥺😔😣
Lucifer, noticing mammon is distracted: *Grabs him and starts dragging him toward his office*
Mammon, panicking: aAAAA-
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