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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

yanlissoup·8 hours agoText

if you want to feel some real pain think about how jc and wwx wanted to apart of jyls wedding so bad. don’t think about how they probbaly had discussions, planned together, bonded over their love for their sister before the wens.

or how jc must’ve been so, so sad and bitter when jyl got married but wwx wasn’t there. or when she had jin ling, and how that sadness turned into intense anger when she died.

the yungmeng bros will forever be the most wrenching thing in mdzs.

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yanlissoup·8 hours agoText


Okay but do you ever think about the sheer comedy of nie huaisang taking a good look at the multitude of cultivators around him who were alive and well and going, “You’re all useless to me, I’m going to have to straight up resurrect my dead school friend if ANYTHING is going to get done around here”. Like does anyone else think about that

i just love the idea of nhs just being like ‘i really miss my friend, he’d know what to do and how to help me’, and i really wish their friendship was explored more in the fandom 🥺

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yanlissoup·19 hours agoText

just remembered i made a very dramatic divorce au for wangxian when i first entered the fandom. wwx and lwj basically divorce over a major misunderstanding, and after several years find eachother again BUT wwx adopted a little girl and lives with wen ning, which ultimately makes lwj think he moved on. (news flash: they’re just poor and wen ning lives with them to help take care of the kid when wwx goes night hunting to earn some coin).

anyway, it’s all very wild and doesn’t make a lot of sense but the ANGST

Edit: i realize by ‘make’ i mean i just wrote like a vague outline but never actually posted it! i might one day!

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yanlissoup·a day agoText


some of the best things:

  • waking up at the same time as the sun
  • when the light comes thru leaves in little floating spots
  • sunset (everything golden + highlighted)
  • walking just to walk
  • hearing ur favorite song 
  • sitting outside w/ good ppl 
  • feeling love
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is there any look hotter than disheveled and slightly bloody

um?? dishevelled and slightly bloody, with a sword under their chin

Ahem. Dishevelled, slightly bloody, with a sword under their chin, while smiling lasciviously

for your consideration: dishevelled, slightly bloody, with a sword under their chin, while smiling lasciviously, and kneeling

Editing my reblog, because this just occurred to me…

Dishevelled, slightly bloody, with a sword under their chin, smiling lasciviously, while kneeling and slightly breathless

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yanlissoup·2 days agoText


we were absolutely ROBBED of the passive aggressive i-dislike-him-deeply-and-will-be-obvious-about-it-but-he’s-technically-family-and-i-guess-i-trust-him-implicitly-or-whatever in-laws relationship between jin zixuan and wei wuxian that we deserved

  • wei wuxian at a discussion conference: he may be an arrogant, vain, and unappreciative jerk, but jin zixuan is also slightly less awful than the rest of his sect and he has my full support!
    wwx: *turns and gives jzx an unsubtle grin and thumbs up*
    jin zixuan: ………………………………………………. thanks, wei wuxian.
  • wwx and jzx competing over jiang yanli’s attention, or rather:
    • jzx does something nice for jiang yanli because he loves her and wants to make her happy. to his intense annoyance, as soon as wwx finds out, he makes a big show of getting her something thematically similar but technically grander or more impressive, and then smugly smirking at jzx over jyl’s shoulder.
    • wwx does something nice for jiang yanli because he loves her and wants to make her happy. when jzx walks into the room, wwx remembers he exists and smirks smugly at him over jyl’s shoulder as if one-upping him was his plan all along.
  • the first time wwx holds jin ling he bursts into tears and sinks to the floor. jiang cheng walks out of the room immediately, jiang yanli laughs, and jin zixuan stands there surprised and kind of horrified. he reaches out to comfort him until wei wuxian bawls, “a-ling … please don’t grow up as spoiled as your dad ….”
    • it’s actually wwx who spoils jin ling rotten the most in the end
  • jin zixuan calls wei wuxian “brother” as a sarcastic jab at one point. he regrets it immediately, when wei wuxian’s head snaps around so fast he’s shocked it didn’t fly off, gives him a maniacal grin, and from that forth on proceeds to loudly and publicly address jin zixuan as his brother at every opportunity. jin zixuan doesn’t hate it.
  • jiang yanli: i think hanguang-jun may be … fond, of a-xian.
    jin zixuan: *choking on his tea* oh??
    jyl: it would be nice to see a-xian settled down, but we’re all already so busy with our current responsibilities, and i would hate to lose his company further to marriage.
    jzx: … oh?
    • thus begins jzx’s plotting to set wei wuxian up with lan wangji that eventually culminates in:
    • wei wuxian: i noticed you’ve been inviting lan zhan to lanling pretty often lately
      jin zixuan: *has been carefully arranging lwj’s visits so they coincide with wwx’s* … yes …?
      wei wuxian: well, i don’t care how handsome you think he is! you can’t have him! for god’s sake, you’re married already to the most incredible woman in the entire world, when will you be sated? isn’t she already enough?
  • the thing is: jzx logically knows that wwx is only really saying this shit to rile him up. knowing does not make it any less annoying.
  • things are a little awkward between jin zixuan and jiang cheng, who has grudgingly accepted his sister’s marriage but still side-eyes jzx occasionally in a way that makes it clear that he believes jzx as undeserving of jyl only slightly less than wwx does. however, jiang cheng quickly becomes the more tolerable of jin zixuan’s in-laws when his habit of immediately trying to throttle wei wuxian whenever he opens his mouth comes to light.
  • when lwj and wwx finally start getting their shit together, jin zixuan is relieved and gratified to discover jiang cheng and - to his surprise - jiang yanli turning testing gazes onto lwj instead. finally, he will no longer be the only oppressed brother-in-law of the jiang family!
    • this relief lasts right up until the day jin zixuan insinuates to lwj politely over tea that the swords of lanling jin would be quite willing to avenge wei wuxian’s tears if he ever has them, and jzs realizes with abrupt and sudden horror that - oh no. he’s become the overprotective sibling.
  • wwx: that stupid peacock of a brother of mine is so annoying! always getting in my business and sending me tired looks at discussion conferences and saying “could you please be a little less obnoxious wei wuxian, or for the love of all that is good i will lock myself in my room and scream into my pillow for thirty minutes straight”! who does he think he is, jiang cheng?
    lwj: you like him
    wwx: *angrily* maybe so!
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yanlissoup·3 days agoText

yo tattoos HURT

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yanlissoup·4 days agoText


I open tumblr, I talk to myself then I leave

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yanlissoup·4 days agoPhoto


“Dark? But it’s not dark at all.”

↳Untamed Fall Fest | Day 5: Lantern

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Mingjue: [gets two boyfriends]


bonus! hanging out with the other brothers - 

Xichen: how was your afternoon with da-ge and A-Yao, Wangji?
Wangji: we sat in silence for three hours. I had a fantastic time.
Xichen: :,)

and Zixuan has discovered the perfect shield for his social awkwardness and anxiety - LOOK HERE’S A CUTE BABY AND A PUPPY

more in this au

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You guys are dangerously close to realizing specifically what kinds of people they keep from voting and why.

I want to drill this into everybody’s head:

  • The United States of America has the highest prison population in the world
  • Black Americans and Latin people make up the majority of this population (many of whom are non-violent offenders)
  • Federal Prisons in America require that their state keeps their prisons at a maximum occupancy at all times.
  • The 13th amendment did not entirely abolish slavery…just one form of it. It remains legal through industrial prison system

Oh and we have privatized prisons which allow companies to actually make money off of keeping people incarcerated 

Here’s what’s really perverse: prisoners, who cannot vote, still get counted in the U.S. Census. The more prisoners a county has, the more representation it gets, even though the prisoners cannot vote. See how that works? The more black and brown people they lock up, the more government resources and political representation they get. Even though those prisoners have no say and cannot vote.

If county-A has a population of 50 voters but no prisons, and county-B has a population of 50 voters and 50 prisoners, the county with the prisoners gets more government funding and more political represention. This is sometimes called “prison gerrymandering” and it is used in redistrictring.

Not so fun Fact: Southern states that reliably vote for Republicans also have the highest prison population in the United States. (source). So mass incarceration is a double whammy. It’s both a form of voter suppression and a tool to strengthen white people’s political power.

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yanlissoup·5 days agoText

this is a mdzs blog but if you’re in the USA and 18+, PLEASE go vote!! this debate is such a headache, but don’t be discouraged!! your vote matters!! settle for biden yall.

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yanlissoup·5 days agoPhoto


(^ ^)*: Parenting with Yunmeng Bros

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yanlissoup·5 days agoText


from predator to prey 👀👌🏽🦇

it’s almost halloween, it’s time for vampire!wwx and his shameless human lwj!

When he shy 🥺 he 💥🦇

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yanlissoup·5 days agoText


I am baaack, as well as our favourite cultivators ✨

(I adore the very idea that Lan Zhan starts wearing blue again after Wei Ying comes back)

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