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yonstudies·a month agoText

🗒️🌿 : 18/100 days of productivity


-today was meh, really tried to get myself to do more things but i just don’t have the mental clarity for it and i’m stressed about the 12hr shift i have to endure tomorrow. life is a bit much but have my spread for an ig collab.

(ig: voices.mp3)

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yonstudies·a month agoText

🗒️🌿 : 17/100 days of productivity


-to be 100% honest (because i need to get this off my chest) these past few days i’ve had a lot of negative things on my mind. i think i’m experiencing the low after over exposing my brain to visually exhausting things (spending too much time on pinterest is entirely to blame). the goal of this challenge is to list all the productive things you did but i feel like i’ve been more focused on the pictures i take than making any real daily progress.

-so i’ve decided to start a new challenge alongside this one because ‘productivity’ isn’t specific enough. i can’t say i’ve been productive unless i’ve studied korean for two hours that day. this will hopefully be a useful restriction as my exam is in about a month :)

(i accidentally saved this in my drafts yesterday instead of queuing it)

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yonstudies·a month agoText

🗒️🌿 : 16/100 days of productivity


-phew a lot of things happened today. i sent in a pc trade for jilix and went to school and work, squeezed in a reading session even. really in love with “the winter soldier” :(

also, this big chunk is a compilation of all shakesperean works and i’m absolutely smitten by it. my aunt let me borrow it when i told her i’m gonna major in english literature. the second one is yet another new book (i have a problem) that i’m super excited about.

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yonstudies·a month agoText

🗒️🌿 : 15/100 days of productivity


-literally five minutes away from 12am but i completely forgot to post today. had a great breakfast outing with one of my friends, then met up with my best friend. overall chill day as it’s a national holiday + these are small spoilers for tomorrow’s post over on my ig (voices.mp3).

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yonstudies·a month agoText

🗒️🌿 : 14/100 days of productivity


-another very late post but i went to the art store today with my best friend and we picked up this random piece of wood i’m happy about and the green tombow brush pen. also, finished a collab spread (probably posting it here tomorrow and in a few days on my kpop aesthetics insta).

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yonstudies·a month agoText

🗒️🌿 : 13/100 days of productivity


-it’s almost 10pm and i realized i haven’t posted yet oof. these are from yesterday’s self care saturday + my new lunch box set arrived. so excited to use them! today was a very weird day, woke up happy, lazed around, watched itaewon class and met with my best friend but then i took a one hour nap? my body is a bit tired i guess.

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yonstudies·a month agoText

🗒️🌿 : 12/100 days of productivity


-remember when i used to art? me neither. today was all work at the dairy store and i honestly don’t know how i survived nearly nine hours when i had no motivation to do anything but read all day. but we got through it! tomorrow’s finally the day we leave for xanti so a packing list is must.

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yonstudies·a month agoText

🗒️🌿 : 11/100 days of productivity


-math test went alright, got myself a new book that i’ll take with me on the greece trip (more about that tomorrow) and a new mug. also, kiwis for afternoon snack as per usual.

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yonstudies·a month agoText

🗒️🌿 : 9/100 days of productivity


-had a truly terrible day. i got a ’d’ in literature and then got scolded for work :( but it’s okay because i met a cuddly cat in the morning and hyunjin posted a vlog. also, some instant rice and spaghetti because i had zero motivation to cook. the moon shaped cookies are from my grandma and they’re so sweet, i love her soo much.

-decided to try these printables from @studyblrbunny to keep better track of everything too and i love them!

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yonstudies·a month agoText

🗒️🌿 : 8/100 days of productivity


-i used the oven for the first time in my life and i’m pretty proud of the single sweet potato i coated in olive oil, garlic powder, salt and pepper. it was great. what isn’t great is that i have a japanese and a maths test coming up.

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yonstudies·2 months agoText

🗒️🌿 : 7/100 days of productivity


-it’s been a whole week! i’m so happy even if i didn’t achieve anything that great, better than nothing. i stayed up late after work to work on this japanese assignment and the deadline is in a few hours but it’s mainly talking about your aspirations in life so i find it pretty inspiring. hopefully i can finish it well!

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yonstudies·2 months agoText

🗒️🌿 : 7/100 days of productivity


-work was so exhausting today but i get to rewind with the first volume of haikyuu @mypositive-thoughts got me for my birthday so yay!!

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yonstudies·2 months agoText

🗒️🌿 : 6/100 days of productivity challenge


-the only productive thing i did today was make breakfast lol. but ig i’ll do some korean studying when i’m back home :D

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yonstudies·2 months agoText

🌿🗒️ : 5/100 days of productivity


-okay maybe today wasn’t productive,, but i got to calm down and take a step back. i played some sims 4 and overwatch and i have just a tiny bit of regret because i didn’t do anything :(

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yonstudies·2 months agoText

🗒️🌿 : 4/100 days of productivity challenge


-i have a rest day from work and i can finally do some research on my book and study korean. will probably end up playing sims and watching itaewon class most of the time thou.

-i also have to constantly remind myself that productivity isn’t just about studying. so, i decided to try cooking some spaghetti for the first time, learn something practical for a change.

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yonstudies·2 months agoText

🗒️🌿 : 3/100 days of productivity


-the literature quiz was meh, not too good, not too bad. i finished “the little friend” and i’m still confused but no spoilers, i’ll go rant over on goodreads.

-physics test is up tomorrow and i’ll squeeze in a little study session between school and work. also, excited to start this beautiful book, the first korean book in english i’ve seen in a local store. it’s called “miracles on cherry hill” by hwang sunmi.

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yonstudies·2 months agoText

🗒️🌿 : 2/100 days of productivity


-today i’m still studying for the literature quiz (couldn’t do as much yesterday because of work) and i still haven’t touched my book but hey, baby steps–nothing to do with my emotional attachment to the book k.

-so anyways, i don’t know which classic to read first so if you’ve read both please tell me how you found them (without spoilers)

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yonstudies·2 months agoText

🗒️🌿: 1/100 days of productivity

[ 02월17일 ]

-first day, i’m excited but also don’t know how long i’ll be able to keep it up. hopefully this challenge helps with my constant urge to procrastinate. today i have to study for a literature quiz coming up and i really wanna finish my book

(i’ll miss harriet but i wanna dive deeper into the description hence the many little crumpled bookmarks sticking from the side)

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