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Baby blue: Loving yourself, no matter your body, weight, or race/ethnicity

Dark blue: looking hot af!!!!! Go kings go!!! Rock that bod!!!!

Lime green: Having the Wii theme song playing in your head at all times.

Dark green: solidarity with thembos!!!


Light green: loving yourself, no matter the body, weight, or race/ethnicity


Light orange: the excel icon is your braincell and it’s bouncing in your brain like a screen saver.

Dark orange: solidarity with bimbos!!!!!!


Light pink: loving yourself, no matter the body, weight, or race/ethnicity

Dark pink: being HOT as HELL

Light blue: Having 2 brain cells and using both to party rock

Dark blue: solidarity with himbos!!


DNI if ur a transmeds/scum, terf, map, or want to cause discourse I will eat your bones for cereal.

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“I get my breaks in the comfort of my hive, yes.” He replies while tossing away his dirty rags and gloves. The way she was grinning at him made him question any possible motives she had in mind.

He picks up his coat and heads toward the front door of his hive. “Why do you ask?”

Razlet casually hopped over a little to stand between him and escaping into his hive, “Oh, because I thought it’d be nice if you could get out of this hole of yours for once.”

She shrugged and leaned towards him, “Come on, I almost never see you outside of here or your hive either! I can always show you around where I go off outside of this place?” Her lips twitched into a smile and she tilted her head, standing on her tiptoes a little and gleaming up at him, “Would you be so kind as to let me steal you away from here and show you? Even if only for a little while? Or is fresh air going to kill you?~”

He stood there for a moment, looking between her and his means of escape. He really did want to get his things cleaned up, he felt filthy! Though it is true that he rarely goes out, it’s usually only to get things like the essentials for living.

Another moment passes before he gives a defeated sigh. Why was he agreeing to this he did not know, but he knew that he probably would’ve been dragged out by her anyhow. With his voiced slightly hushed he replies, “Fine. Only this once.”

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you-cansci-me·5 days agoAnswer
any trolls here sings dorime?

(( Only my 4th wall breakers can sing the holy praise; Conard and Nanami. Only difference is that Nanami would be singing it like Miku would ))

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you-cansci-me·5 days agoAnswer
I want to say thank you for the pic! ;A; you didn't have to do that. I never feel like I deserve anything like that. still, thank you so much for drawing my grump bun. you have no idea how much I wanted to tear up from happiness when I saw it c,: thank you and keep being awesome!

(( Aw, no problem at all! It makes me smile when my drawings and gift art make someone happy! ))

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you-cansci-me·5 days agoAnswer
hc voice: joy from inside out

(( Djjdjdhd nice!! I’m happy to see that you’ve found a literally joyful voice for me! I am quite jovial! ))

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Sometimes i wonder if my followers have their own “headcanon voice” for me

go into my ask box thing (Q&A) and tell me what your headcanon voice for me is

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I was in a very “drawing other people’s OCs” kind of mood lately .w.

I have been wanting to sketch for a while but I couldn’t get into the right mood for it and then I thought I might as well continue from when I was doing random sketches of people reblogging a post I put up where peeps sent out refs and I drew them!

and this is pretty much a filler continuation of that!

I will say this: I am NOT AT ALL great or whatever of an artist to do justice of some of these characters and I EXTREMELY APOLOGIZE if I messed up on your OC! ;u;

still, I wanted to do them because I admire all of you and your characters that are on here

I would do more but I like to keep my sanity and my hand perfectly intact =w=

@stickertrolls (you have so many cute trolls that it’s REALLY hard to choose who to draw. all your fault! >:o)

@one-twisted-sister (I know I did not do Domini or Apollo justice. but I tried. and I still love them ;w;)

@lavender-bites (please continue making awesome trolls. they’re great and adorable c:)

@thealchemytrolls (I’ve drawn Cupper a few times already. gotta give your other OCs some love, too uwu)

@sleepytrolls (I was trying to figure out who to draw and I just chose the obvious. I know I did Parhis in the past but I feel like I did somewhat better here! I think .w.;;;;)

@leethetrashpage (we never talked but I already like your art and trolls! and Hagvin became my fave right away! ;u;)

@you-cansci-me (still love the lime mom friend!)

@ask-the-jester-buds (we haven’t talked but your punk-looking subjug caught my eye and I love her. that and she’s a punk character and I just gravitate to those kinds of OCs ;o;)

@clocktrollqueries (I’ve just been following you and I really like the addition of a lite animation with your replies! also, I’m sorry if I didn’t do your OC justice. first time drawing dreadlocks style of hair ;w;)

@kaztrolls (I love Rixaka. that’s just it. enough said :3c)

@comettrolls (so… I like punk OCs and I also like goth OCs as well. and Gally checks that 100% and I love her new design SO MUCH)

@romanticpolitician (FINALLY. you. this is a thank you for drawing my gal, Merlee! I would’ve done more but I figured this is good enough even if it is very simple. again, thank you. I still love it even today. hopefully this is okay! ;w;)

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(( Aww! I’m happy to see this, really! And I remembered how you said my traditional inspired you to keep going, so just for you, I did a lil something in return! ))

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you-cansci-me·6 days agoAnswer
🔮 Hajime @ Zititi?

[💀 Hm… it’s the cute fish man again…. 💀]

[💀 I wonder if he knows that I know he’s undoubtedly pale for me… I wonder if he knows I feel the same… I’m sure he does…💀]

[💀 I wonder if he’s cold with out a shirt… I guess I could warm him up with a hug…. as a treat for me… ^~^💀]

[💀Plus, the pink on his face is always worth it when it comes to small affections…. nyeh hehe… 💀]

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At least he was getting some help, which he was glad for. The priest didn’t really expect her to start helping him, honestly. He decided that he would clean up the furniture and floors first, opting to clean his clothes in his hive. At least he wouldn’t have to take off any article of clothing in front of anyone there.

It took the duo some time, but it was finally cleaned. The floor was spotless, the benches were blood free, and the walls were just as clean. He had actually tied up his hair some so it wouldn’t get in the way. He had also removed his coat to prevent it from being sullied any further, leaving his button up on. “Finally.” He sighs.

It didn’t seem like she really minded helping him at least, and it probably wouldve taken a lot longer if she hadn’t. Ralzet had pulled her hair back as well, and looked around to double check and see if there was anything left. Once it seemed to be spotless once more of what had just occured, she let her hair back down and sighed softly.

“Sometimes I forget just how messy idiots can get,” She shook her head and fixed her hair with her hands, looking to him and raising an eyebrow before grinning a bit, “You’re still a mess it seems too pff. Do you ever get a break from any of this that doesnt involve being holed up in your hive?”

“I get my breaks in the comfort of my hive, yes.” He replies while tossing away his dirty rags and gloves. The way she was grinning at him made him question any possible motives she had in mind.

He picks up his coat and heads toward the front door of his hive. “Why do you ask?”

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