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Genre: romance, LGTBQIIA+, Young adult

Warning: Underage drinking, clubs, alcohol

Age: Teen and up

Summary: Frances Janvier studies. And when she doesn’t, she draws fanart for her favorite podcast, Universe City. Aled Last is quiet. That’s how everyone knows him. What they don’t know, is that he is the creator of Universe City, who goes by the name of Radio Silence. So, when Frances receives a message from Radio Silence asking her to collaborate with him, everything changes. They spend a summer together, but when Aled’s identity is revealed, everything is at risk, nd slowly, it feels as if, everything was just made to fall apart.

(P.S. they don’t fall in love)

Themes: Lgbtqiia+, podcasts, love, university, coming of age, passion, self discovery


About: This book has a lyrical writing it captures the essence of what it tries to convey, then sets it free in your mind. This is a beautiful book about realising that your life affects you, not the people who tell you what your life should look like. Featuring people of various sexualities, races, and backgrounds, it is a beautiful tale about friendship, because they don’t fall in love. (You also wanna be friends with the friends in this book.)

Rating: ugh i wanna give a five so bad,,, 4.5/5

Reviewer’s Opinion: spoilerless (this is more like what was going on in my head while reading this,,, so excuse me) seriously tho, the friendship is wow. so great to read something thats set in not america. mm, nice we’re getting aaaaaaangstyyyyyyyyyyy. mmm, chaos. the description of anxiety was so on point, i actually fucking gasped. ooohkaay possibly [redacted]???? Mmmm page 329 she just described tumblr bye. she is an idiot dammit. whats up with his [redacted]????? Mm yeahhhh were discovering ourselves. fuuuck his [redacted]. yeah okay were helping people now are we. wow i love her [redacted] both of these gits are so damn oblivious. wow she really played with words didn’t she. page 424. page 425. you know the chapter titles are killing me. YES HE’S [redacted].

Critique: Alice Oseman manages to keep her writing refreshing and the aura of mystery and unsolved questions just keep the reader invested and hoked. She conveys and portrays her character so well, everyone immediately sympathizes with her. The representation is on point. All her characters have just enough of a background to make them look deep, and just enough so that the focus is on the main character. It has refreshing humor, well placed, so that it balances the mystery and overall questions. It is a well written book. 

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Genre: LGBTQIIA+, music, romance, bands, young adult, healing

Warning: Suicide, drugs, alcohol, death

Age: Teen and up

Summary: All of them can feel it. That haunting little part of them that knows they’re never going to talk to that one person again. When Shay, Logan and Autumn all lose someone close to them, they realize that it may be music that brought them together, but death can bring them apart. As they all work towards realizing that one day, it won’t hurt so much, they learn that they can always lean on each other along the way.

Themes: Death, loss, healing, music, bands, gay, lesbian, bisexual

Pages: 324

About: With a hauntingly enrapturing narration from three different perspectives that hooks you in, Ashley Woodfolk spins a beautiful story about healing, about loss, and most importantly, about finding yourself in the wreck that’s left while recognizing that there is always going to be that a small space inside them where it hurts. It’s the kind of book that makes you want to know: what made the author write this?

Rating: 4/5: It is an emotional read, so be prepared for that

Reviewer’s Opinion: If you like music, if you like seeing people healing, read this. You can see the characters healing in front of your eyes and you can see that it is a two-steps-forward-one-step-back process, but they’re getting there. Music plays a huge role throughout the book and is described so beautifully, you want to listen to it, you wish it existed. The author portrays the guilt that comes with enjoying things when someone else can’t beautifully. She shows the fear of losing someone else, realizing, that what happened isn’t your fault. We see the characters come together, meet each other, and maybe their coming together doesn’t fill the empty space all of them have, but they it does make it better. She talks about rediscovering yourself after it seems like you’ve lost the most important person in your life. 

Critique: This book is written beautifully, thoughtfully. Every sentence seems in place and though it seems almost a jump to the epilogue in the very end, it is satisfying, seeing everything come together the way the whole book had set up for. The characters are beautifully written, their hurt is felt through every page of the book, through every action they make. This book may not have many twists and turns or a very thrilling plot, but it does have a satisfying one.

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Find it here

Warning: Death, gore, discussions of rape

Age: Teen and up

Genres: Murder Mystery, mystery, fiction, young adult, LGBTQIIA+

Summary: Flynn’s relationship is a mess, and when his girlfriend goes missing, the cops start asking questions that he can’t answer without revealing his own secrets. 

Themes: LGBTQIIA+, murder mystery, mystery

Pages: 324

About: This book is about finding out that everything is not as it seems. It’s about realizing, that what seems like freedom to one person, may be a trap to another. Author Caleb Roehrig explores these themes, along with those of coming out, letting people go, and of rape survivors in this well written, fast paced coming of age story.

Rating: 4/5: It is a good read, and is engaging, perfect for a standalone of its genre.

Reviewer’s opinion: This book was fast paced, thrilling and always surprising. The plot unravels beautifully, and even in the end, there’s a surprise that keeps you thinking.

Critique: This is a well written book. It is a fast paced thriller that leaves readers with questions that do get answered eventually It has a satisfying end, though there are some characters that I felt were not wrapped up well. The conclusion is smooth and is a mixture of Why didn’t I guess this?, as well as That was a bit unexpected. It does not focus too much on the LGBTQIIA+ element of the story, but even in that regard, the conclusion is well portrayed. The main character are well written though lacking a bit in depth and backstory. The side characters however, were not very well written and were only there for the advancement of the plot.

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