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youlightmeupfinn · 4 hours ago
Little White Lies 》 Tom Hiddleston x Reader (part six)
a/n: this chapter made me cry AND laugh... i hope y'all enjoy it! let me know what you think! ❤️
summary: Having just turned 30, you were set to marry your boyfriend who you met in college, Drake Walker. However, after an argument that centered on you, Drake, and your best friend, Tom Hiddleston just as your families are about to embark on a getaway, Drake cheats on you, with your cousin, Hannah. After being forced into the wedding, Tom devises a plan to essentially get back at Drake and Hannah for what they did to you. His idea? You and he start fake dating. However, at the wedding, Tom takes it a step further… saying you two are engaged. With both of your families ecstatic, you two suddenly have to create little white lies in order to make your story believable. But here’s the thing… you never thought you’d fall in love with your best friend.
warnings overall: fluff, mature language, smut at some point… cheating, anxiety warnings for this chapter: angst, panic attacks
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You watched as the city passed by, New York decorating eagerly for the Christmas season. You were bundled up in your warmest clothes, nestled in the passenger’s seat of the car that was taking you and Tom to your shared hotel for the weekend. Your mother offered for you to stay with her, but you gladly declined. You didn’t want to be around your family that much before Drake and Hannah said “I Do” tomorrow.
The music cut through from the stereo, random Christmas songs playing. You recognized this one as Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by the beloved Michael Bublé who had finally defrosted for the glorious season. Tom’s hand was wrapped in yours, a driving pastime that you two adopted. It made you feel closer to him in a way, in the ways that you couldn’t have him, although you desperately craved.
He boarded the two of you onto the private jet that whisked you over the map from Hollywood to Manhattan. You grew up in the city, it was your beloved home. It felt bittersweet to be back. The last time you were in New York happened to be six months ago when your engagement to Drake Walker came to an abrupt end once he was caught snogging your cousin, Hannah Lucas.
Something about this trip felt odd. It was more than likely the fact you this weekend was supposed to be your wedding. December 4th exactly. Not only were Drake and Hannah stealing your wedding date, but Hannah was also in possession of your dress, the gorgeous strapless gown that Tom saw you in only. Your family hadn’t even seen the dress yet, but your darling mother insisted that Hannah receive it since her and Drake’s engagement was such short notice.
No, bitch. Buy your own dress.
Drake also kept the ceremony at The Loft. You had that location chosen before you even were engaged. You dreamt of getting married there, for its gorgeous scenery. But now all of that was suddenly swirling itself down the drain, your despair mocking you on the way down with a laugh and wave.
“What’s going on in that pretty head of yours, Darling?” Tom asked, pulling your eyes away from the window. You chuckled, quickly gazing down at your interlaced hands. His large palm completely swallowed yours, his fingertips brushing across your knuckles. You shrugged.
“I just feel like I shouldn’t be here…” You trailed. “Can we turn around and just go to London?”
Tom laughed.
He would’ve turned this car around without a second thought.
“I’ll be right there with you. You’re not going through this alone.” Tom reminded you with his pristine smile, those luscious blue eyes shining brighter than any light on the Rockefeller Christmas tree could.
Maybe you were also nervous at the fact you and Tom were about to embark on a crazy revelation. A fake story that the news would’ve loved to grab and run.
Tom Hiddleston and Beautiful Painter Make It Official!
You felt as the car veered right, the hotel in view.
“You know, we have some good memories in Manhattan…” Tom spoke up. You knew it was his way of diverting your attention elsewhere. He knew when you were nervous. Your leg was bouncing and you were trying your utmost hardest not to bring a hand to your mouth to chew at the nails.
A smile pulled at your lips, your hand clutching his. “Yeah? What’s your favorite memory here, Hiddleston?” You glanced at him briefly, shooting him a wink. “Okay, but am I drunk in the memory? Usually, all of your memories begin with that…”
Tom’s head fell back, a belly laugh erupting.
“No,” He shook his head. “It was when you broke your leg.”
You scoffed. “How the hell is that a good memory, Thomas?!” You exclaimed.
He smiled to himself. “Because it was the first time you actually listened to me. You were on heavy pain medication that caused you to be awfully cuddly… You told me your every secret that night while you made me feed you chocolate ice cream.”
Your eyes widened. “I forgot all about that… My mother called you!” You remembered.
Tom nodded. “Lucky for her, I was already there… I was speaking at BAFTA New York.”
Your mind trailed, heading right back to the memory…
Tom looked down at his phone to see it was your mother, Amanda. His eyebrows furrowed, his anxiety immediately rising. He had just finished up his interview at the BAFTA New York, his phone on silent. Turns out, Amanda had called him quite a few times and he quickly knew something was wrong.
“Amanda, hi! I’m so sorry, I was actually in an interview… Is everything alright?” He said as he was making his way out of the building, towards the waiting car that was prepared to take him to the hotel. You and he had seen each other just two days before, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. You were your cheery self, that skippy attitude with the snarky comments proving yourself to be fine.
“It’s Y/N. She’s okay, but she’s persistent… She had an accident at the shop. She somehow managed to fall and she’s broken her leg.”
Tom’s eyes grew wide. “Oh my God, where is she?”
Amanda sighed heavily. “Elena is taking her back to her apartment… But Tom, she can’t be by herself. She’s insisting she’ll be fine and doesn’t want anyone to stay with her. Elena was going to try, but Y/N is adamant she wants to be alone… You know how my daughter is.”
Oh, Tom knew. He knew you were the most insistent person. You carried yourself so high and it was rare to find you vulnerable. Tom had discovered you growing a thick skin as the years passed by. Having been your best friend for seven years, he had you memorized like study notes.
“Trust me, Amanda… I know.” Tom answered with a small sigh.
“Could you please go stay with her? I know it’s asking a lot of you with your busy schedule and all, but if anyone can take care of her, it’s you. You’re the only person she’ll let in.”
Tom never gave it a second thought. “I’m heading over there right now. I’ll give you an update once I get there.”
He could visually see Amanda smiling in his head. “Tom, you are the best… I don’t understand why my daughter won’t commit to you. You are absolutely perfect, everything she needs.”
Tom felt his heart clench at Amanda’s words.
He didn’t understand why either.
“Thank you, Amanda… That’s very sweet of you.” He sighed.
“Don’t you lose hope, Tom... You chase her and chase her. I don’t care how many times she says no… One day? She’ll come to realize you’ve been there all along, right in front of her. If I could just make her stay away from Drake…”
Tom smirked.
“I’ll talk to you soon, Amanda.”
After the phone call ended, Tom found himself in front of your apartment shortly after. Elena’s car was parked in the driveway, the lights illuminating from the inside. Stepping out, he never bothered to knock. You could fly all the way to London. As long as Tom was physically there, you could saunter your way through without a question being asked.
So he did the same thing.
He opened the door and the sight before him was one he didn’t expect to see. You were sprawled on the couch, your leg in a thick white cast. You were groaning in pain, the sound of Elena bustling in your kitchen making him weary.
“Love, I saw you two days ago and when I left you in perfect health, you managed to break your leg? I thought we weren’t taking that saying seriously?” His voice carried through. Your head turned in his direction, your eyes widening.
“What are you doing here?!” You exclaimed. You jostled around, but a wave of pain made its way through your leg, making you curse under your breath. Tom hurried over to you and pressed himself to your side, his lips leaving a sweet kiss against your forehead. He brushed back a strand of your hair, Elena soon approaching.
“Tom! Oh, thank God!” She exclaimed a bottle of pills in hand. “She won’t take them. And she’s been in pain since we left the doctor’s office.”
You rolled your eyes. “I don’t want them.” You announced, crossing your arms over your chest. Tom gazed up at Elena, smiling gently.
“You can go, Elena. I’ve got her from here.” He winked. Elena gladly took a leave of absence, rushing to grab her coat and race out of the door. Once it closed, Tom looked down at you.
He shimmied himself out of his navy sports coat, soon unfastening the maroon color tie. Tossing it to the side, he was left in the dress pants and his light-colored button-up. Your eyes marveled at him, the pain-causing your vision to blur slightly.
“What are you doing?” You asked him as he reached over and grabbed the bottle of pain meds. Twisting off the cap, he quickly read the dosage amount and poured them into his hand. “You’re going to be a good girl and take your medicine.” He pointed at you, quickly grabbing the bottle of water from the edge of the table.
You shook your head. “I don’t need it!” You exclaimed, but one wrong move of your body and the simple, “SHIT!” fell from your lips which further proved Tom’s point.
He cocked one eyebrow, his jaw grinding. You sighed, watching as Tom brought the pills to your mouth. You shook your head again.
“Baby, please don’t make me…” He sighed. “It’s a cruel game I hate playing with you…”
Your eyebrows arched. When you didn’t open your mouth like he asked, Tom sighed heavily.
Leaning in close, you felt when he rested his hand on your left hip. His arm rested against the back of the couch, his face drawing nearer. You could smell the lovely citrus notes of his cologne as it wafted through your airways, allowing the hairs to stand up on your entire body. Your eyes simmered on his face, those blonde curls pushed back neatly. His breath was fanning across your bottom lip, the quivering of your lips felt.
“The things I’d do…” He whispered, his head dipping lower. You were lost in the moment completely. So much to the point that when Tom’s lips parted, yours did too. Your eyes closed and you anticipated the motion of them… brushing across yours.
When your mouth finally opened, that’s when Tom pushed the two pills into your mouth, making your eyes widen. Seconds later, he tipped the water back into your throat, your cheeks filling. Your eyes popped open and just as you were about to literally spit on him, he closed your jaw with his hand and smiled, kissing your nose.
“Swallow like the good girl we know you are.” His voice was deep, raspy, thrilling.
Within seconds, you swallowed the pills, flinching as they scraped your throat on the way down which caused you to shudder.
“Have I ever told you how much I hate you, Tom?” You growled when he smiled wickedly.
He shrugged. “You’ve done it to me before, Love. Countless times. Especially when you tried to get my car keys, the last pastry, or my credit card.” He pointed an index finger at you. You giggled quietly, your head falling back to rest on the couch.
“Have you eaten?” He asked you softly. You shrugged.
“I had something from the vending machine at the hospital.” You sighed.
He nodded. “Pizza it is?” He asked. “I would suggest a beer, but you can’t drink while taking pain medication. So water it is for you.”
You groaned. “Pizza sounds good… But why did Dr. Hiddleston show up?” You asked him.
As Tom pulled out his phone to order, he chuckled. “A nervous Amanda called me.”
You groaned. “I knew she was going to call you!” You exclaimed, a hand coming up to slap against your forehead. Tom smirked, taking a seat beside you.
“So you weren’t going to tell me that you broke your leg?” He asked you, dragging his fingers through your hair. You shrugged.
“You had more important things to worry about than my broken leg.”
Tom stared down at you. “Nothing is ever more important than you, Love. I would drop everything at a given moment if you needed me… You’ve done it for me countless times already.”
You giggled quietly. “I have… Haven’t I?”
Tom noted how your demeanor changed. Once you were fed and the pain medication had done its job, you were yawning left and right, yet still as vibrant. He knew he needed to try and get you to bed, but you were making it hard.
“Lokiiiiiiii,” You whispered, your eyes rolling. “I’ve got a secret to tell you… But you can’t tell Tom.”
He stared down at you. “What are we not telling Tom?” He laughed.
You wiggled your finger, motioning him to come closer. When he did, you reached out and grabbed his cheeks, smooshing them together, his lips pushing outwards. His eyes crossed as he gazed down at your hands, but soon they settled back on you.
“I wanna bounce on that dick…”You giggled heinously, Tom feeling his cheeks glow red. “I have to hear allllll the girls talk about him and I want to ride too! I’m tall enough!” You groaned.
Tom stared down at you. “You’re tall enough?” He laughed, you acting as if his dick was an actual amusement park ride with a height requirement.
You nodded your head, biting your lip. “Can I have ice cream?” You suddenly questioned.
Tom grinned. “Chocolate?”
Your eyes grew wide. “I’ve never told you what my favorite ice cream flavor was, Loki! How did you know?!” You gasped.
Tom shook his head, already heading towards the freezer. “Tom told me!” He called back.
You looked on in shock.
“He told you?! What else does he know?! Oh no… Does he know about me texting that one girl he went on a date with?” You whispered.
Tom’s head picked up. “WHO?!” He exclaimed.
You giggled quietly. “Some random girl he did a movie with… I don’t remember.” You hiccuped.
Tom narrowed his eyes. “What did you tell her?”
He took a seat beside you, watching as your eyes gravitated to the bowl of chocolate ice cream in his hand. You licked your lips and as he was about to hand it to you, you shook your head. “Feed me.” You said.
Without a second thought, he gathered some up onto the spoon, but before he did, he stared at you.
“What did you say to one of Tom’s dates? I promise I won’t tell him, Darling…” He trailed mischievously. You giggled again.
“I told her to keep her ass away from my man!” You exclaimed and opened your mouth. Tom passed the ice cream over and you moaned when the coolness touched your tongue. Your head fell against his shoulder and you clapped your hands together, making yourself look absolutely adorable.
“Is there anything else Tom should know about?” He asked you, preparing to deliver you another bite.
You sat there in thought. “I got locked in in Vegas with Elena while he was filming The Dark World.” You giggled suddenly.
Tom stared at you. “WHY?!” He exclaimed. These were secrets you never would have spilled had you been sober. Although Tom knew you like a book, there were still articles of your life that even you didn’t want him to find out.
“I beat a woman up in the MGM Grand bar…” You hiccuped. “But my record is clean, I swear.” You laughed when you saw his face scrunch up with pure worry. “That girl started it.”
Tom laughed. “Why did you fight her, Love?” He inquired.
You smirked. “She asked if I was actually dating Tom… and when I said no, she said she understood why… look at me. Look at him? He’s too good for me… Too perfect.” You babbled, opening your mouth lazily. You whined when the spoon didn’t come fast enough, but Tom felt his heart tighten in his chest.
“Too perfect?” He laughed.
You nodded. “See, Loki… That’s another thing Tom can never know.” You sighed.
You reached your hand out. “Pinky promise and cross your heart?” You stared.
Setting the bowl aside, Tom wrapped his pinky through yours and crossed a hand over his heart.
You smiled in satisfaction, your eyes lighting up when another spoonful of chocolate ice cream touched your lips.
“I’m in love with Tom.” You breathed out, giggling. “But he’s my best friend… I can’t ruin it.”
Tom felt himself become absolutely still. His breath caught in his throat at the revelation and he wanted nothing more than to prove to you he was meant for you. It hurt him beyond measure to hear it, knowing that if you were completely fine, you would turn his requests down.
And he’d spend the rest of his life hating himself.
He just didn’t know that three months later, in June, you would’ve found yourself to regret meeting him for the first time.
You knew what that memory held for the two of you. You looked down to see Tom’s hand still wrapped tightly in yours. You admitted that you were in love with him, but you never made an attempt to try. This is why fake dating him scared you out of your mind. Elena was right in the fact that you two should at least give it a try, but what if it somehow blows right back up in your face? A perfectly good friendship that stood the test of time for twelve years now, just… gone?
If Thomas William Hiddleston wasn’t your best friend, you’re not sure where in life you would be. He saved you more times than one. Every time your eyes dissolved on him, he was that curly-haired mess with the baby blues who stumbled across your singing 3OH!3 in Michaels…
He was the man who laid beside you before he flew back to London, watching the clouds and deciphering their images. He was the person who you declared pinky promises and crossing your heart were vows that could never be broken. He was the cute British guy who captivated your world by storm who had absolutely no idea he would become as famous as he did…
He was your darling best friend, the person you would give your life for.
Loving him would either make you or break you.
And you weren’t sure which one would happen. He’s broken you once before without even realizing it fully. The first fight you two got into was over her. It was the first time you felt like he chose someone else over you, after his promises of never committing such a crime in your heart.
Oh, those were memories you would find yourself lying awake at night thinking about.
So maybe fake dating him would do you some good. You could finally convince yourself why he wasn’t supposed to be your forever, although you hoped to the world and more that he was.
You wanted your babies to have his curls and ocean blues, maybe even an accent. You wanted your last name to be that exotic-looking Hiddleston that sounded like royalty… You wanted the big house, the fancy cars, the fame, him. You wanted every dream and fantasy.
You wanted to walk down the aisle this weekend to him.
Instead? You were walking to no one. When you made it to the end of the aisle this weekend, you would be beside Hannah. Who stole Drake right out of your hands.
Thanks for that, Hannah.
“Are you okay?” Tom asked you when he realized you hadn’t stepped out of the car. You gazed up, your attention snapping to the hotel that was right in front of you. Tom had your door opened, the suitcases already lugged behind him. His hand was outstretched, ready for you to grab onto. “The rehearsal dinner is in two hours, so we need to go ahead and get ready.” He reminded you.
You blinked, feeling the onset of tears rushing in. You smiled quickly and grabbed his hand. He pulled you up into his chest and that was when your chest tightened. You needed to get inside and lock yourself away for a bit, you needed a moment.
But as the two of you found yourselves walking inside the hotel, the room key being put into Tom’s possession, he felt you subtly shaking. You knew it was the nerves leading up to the big day tomorrow on top of the emotions you were currently experiencing, yet you couldn’t find yourself able to breathe.
By the time you two made it to the room, you were gasping.
“Baby?” Tom called out when you gripped his hand even tighter, your nails digging into his palm. He quickly unlocked the door and pushed you both in, your eyes watering. He dropped everything in his hand and grabbed your shoulders, his eyes scanning yours.
“P-Panic,” You waved your hands in front of your face. “Breath… I can’t…” Your eyes were growing redder. It was then the spring snapped and you completely broke. Falling to the ground, your hand flew to grip your chest, your body rocking with the sob that coursed through it.
Tom was right there with you. It wasn’t the first time you experienced an anxiety attack in front of him. He had been down this road numerous times before. You found yourself flying into his chest, your cries worsening. You clutched yourself around him, Tom wrapping his arms around you.
He spread his legs, pulling you down against his ribs. You curled into him, your eyes leaking with tears.
“Darling, take big breaths, come here,” He pulled back and rested his hands on your cheeks. “Inhale,” He coached. He continued to breathe with you until he could get you to take a steady breath in. “Good girl, now exhale for me…” He whispered, pushing the air from between his lips.
The two of you breathed together until you found yourself growing calm. He smiled gently, kissing your forehead.
“That’s my girl… Are you okay now?”
You nodded, your palms sweaty. “It’s just… Nerves.” You grumbled.
Tom nodded. “Remember, I’ll be right there with you.” He assured you.
You nodded, thanking him with a smile as you held onto his wrists. “Are you sure you need to be at the rehearsal dinner, Tom?” You asked him while you went over to gather your suitcase.
He laughed, retrieving his own. “What better way to start the riot than to show up at the rehearsal dinner? Darling, Hannah, and Drake won’t ever see it coming…” He smirked.
You stared at him. “You play a dangerous game, Tom…” You gently said, gathering your things so you could take a quick shower.
Tom laughed. “And it’s one of the many reasons why we’re best friends.” He shot you with one of those wonderful winks.
You grinned and made your way into the bathroom, Tom always letting you have the first shower. Within an hour, you two were showered, dressed, and ready. You wore a white dress, Tom sporting a black tux. When you two met back in the room, you both smiled widely.
“Hi, fake boyfriend.” You laughed.
Tom chuckled. “Hi… fake girlfriend.” He said with a little hesitation.
You giggled quietly and the two of you joined hands. “Ready to put on a show?” You stared at Tom.
Tom laughed. “Did you forget I’m in the acting business?” He wiggled his eyebrows, gathering the keys to the rental car.
You rolled your eyes, the two of you heading out to the waiting car.
The entire ride to the rehearsal dinner was filled with you two jamming out together, trying to keep your mind off of the simple fact you were about to see Drake and Hannah for the first time in six months. You didn’t even attend the wedding dress shopping, although you were a bridesmaid. You quickly sent over your measurements and had the dress shipped to you from New York.
Which meant no one even knew Tom was coming. You hadn’t told your mother or any other soul that he was attending… as your boyfriend. Or a fake boyfriend.
Whatever the hell this crazy plan of his was.
You could feel your heart pounding in your chest, Tom helping to calm the nerves when he wrapped his hand back through yours.
“Don’t panic on me now, Love.” He laughed softly.
You giggled, shaking your head. “Just shut up and drive, Hiddles…” You smiled. “I’ll be fine. I promise.”
When you two pulled up to the country club, you saw the familiar cars belonging to your parents, Cassie, Chris, Hannah, Drake along with a bunch of others who you assumed to be the bridal party itself.
Tom pulled up in front of the doors, making you furrow your brows.
“What are you doing?” You asked him in confusion.
He unlocked the doors, the sound clicking in your ears. “I’m not letting you walk in the cold that far. Get inside and I’ll be right behind you.” He winked. You smiled, shaking your head.
Climbing out, you wrapped your jacket further around your body, watching as the rental car zoomed off into a parking space. You inhaled deeply and made your way inside. You were greeted with the sound of music drifting through the air, the country club already decorated for Christmas.
You could hear the sound of voices floating through the air, which you recognized. Your mom’s laugh, your father’s chuckle… Hannah’s annoying cackle, Drake’s cocky laughter…
Feeling yourself begin to seeth, you turned the corner. When the crowd heard your footsteps, all eyes turned to you.
“Sweetheart!” Your mother said with a smile. Drake and Hannah both looked at you. Hannah frowned, rolling her eyes, but Drake lingered his gaze. His eyes pierced right through you, making you sigh.
“Weren’t able to find your plus one, I see?” Hannah tipped her head to the side. Drake was wearing a blue tux while Hannah donned a baby pink dress. However, Tom heard the question as soon as he braced the doors.
“Of course she did. I’m sorry, Darling. I was parking the car.” Tom announced, moving into your side. You watched as Hannah and Drake’s faces both contorted with horror.
Tom pressed his lips to your cheek, hugging you closer.
Your mom looked between the two of you. “Oh my God!” She gasped. “Is… Are…”
You smiled at your mother. “Yes, mom...” You giggled and that was when Hannah gasped.
Tom looked at your mother. “Amanda, you were right… It took some time, but she’s finally mine.” Those words ripped right into your chest and caused the butterflies to erupt.
“I KNEW IT WOULD HAPPEN!” Amanda suddenly screeched, racing over to you two.
Hannah stared at you, her eyes narrowing, arms crossing over her chest.
Drake glared at Tom, his eye twitching as he wrapped his arm securely around Hannah’s waist. “We need to start the rehearsal.” He announced in her ear, to which she looked even more annoyed.
Your mother watched closely. You and Tom linked your hands through the others and followed the crowd, the two of you sharing a devious smile.
This was going to be a fun night…
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youlightmeupfinn · 4 hours ago
I just broke up with my boyfriend of 1 and a half years, and I find immense comfort in your writings. It lets me know I did the right thing, and that I deserve better treatment than what he gave me.
oh no, love.... i am so sorry! literally, what you just said... i've been in the same situation. i dated this guy for almost years. literally, had my engagement ring picked out and we were 2 months away from getting engaged and celebrating 2 years... but i realized i could do so much better and i deserved far more than what he gave me. i suffered mental and emotional abuse. worst part? i was hopelessly in love with him, i knew i wanted him forever, but i finally had to ask myself, "can i love him and keep doing this?" which the answer came out to be; NO!
you did the right thing and i'm here for you! i pray each day gets easier, as every breakup is hard. if you ever need someone to talk to, please don't hesitate to reach out, Darling! i'm always here for you! ❤️
so glad i can bring comfort to you ❤️
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youlightmeupfinn · 4 hours ago
Will we be seeing little white lies anytime soon? It’s soooo good and I can’t wait for more!
about to post a new chapter! <3
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youlightmeupfinn · 7 hours ago
get ready!! Little White Lies is updating tonight!! :)<3
Little White Lies 》 Tom Hiddleston x Reader (part five)
a/n: part five is live! i believe this one is a touch longer, as i did the time jump, some flashbacks, and yeah! i'm loving how this is turning out and it's about to get heated from here!
summary: Having just turned 30, you were set to marry your boyfriend who you met in college, Drake Walker. However, after an argument that centered on you, Drake, and your best friend, Tom Hiddleston just as your families are about to embark on a getaway, Drake cheats on you, with your cousin, Hannah. After being forced into the wedding, Tom devises a plan to essentially get back at Drake and Hannah for what they did to you. His idea? You and he start fake dating. However, at the wedding, Tom takes it a step further... saying you two are engaged. With both of your families ecstatic, you two suddenly have to create little white lies in order to make your story believable. But here's the thing... you never thought you'd fall in love with your best friend.
warnings overall: fluff, mature language, smut at some point... cheating, anxiety warnings for this chapter: angst, mature language
L I N K S link to previous chapter spotify playlist pinterest board Little White Lies masterlist
Tumblr media
"I had all and then most of you Some and now none of you Take me back to the night we met I don't know what I'm supposed to do Haunted by the ghost of you Oh, take me back to the night we met," The Night We Met - Lord Huron
Tumblr media
Tom watched as you danced on the floor, downing another shot of straight whiskey. You threw your hands up, lolling your head to the side as a cry cut from your throat. He made the wise decision of taking you to your favorite bar in London. His plan for after you finished getting what you wanted was to take you to the tattoo parlor just down the street.
Inking up your skin always makes you feel better. Tom knew this from the very beginning, especially when you got your first tattoo, which happened to be his initials along with the date you two became best friends. That wonderful night of September 19, 2009. It would be a day he’d remember forever.
One day he hoped he could tell yours and his kids, “That’s how I met your Mommy.”
He watched you, laughter freeing itself from his lungs when your expression changed. “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry started playing and you rushed over to him.
You reached out and grabbed his hand, mumbling the words carelessly, but when the chorus hit, you drunkenly wrapped your hands around the back of his neck while he settled his on your waist.
“You make me feel, like I’m living a Teenage Dream, the way you turn me on I can’t sleep, so run away and don’t ever look back, don’t ever look back!” You giggled, your voice nearly as loud as the speakers producing the music.
Tom held onto you tightly, allowing you to control the movements. You were craving for your hips to be rocked, so Tom let his hands take the lead, not giving it much thought.
“My heart stops, when you look at me Just one touch, now baby I believe, This is real, so take a chance and don’t ever look back, don’t ever look backkkk!” You continued to sing for him, your head falling against his shoulder.
“Tommyyyyyy, I’m so drunk,” You giggled wildly, drool seeping from the corners of your mouth.
Tom smiled, still keeping you close to him. Even if he was having to swing around the floor with you drunk, he loved the fact he could have his hands on you without a second thought.
“Too drunk to get a tattoo?” He pressed.
Your head quickly picked up off his shoulder, your index finger wagging in a circle as you poked his shoulder. “I’m never too drunk for a tattoo!” You squealed.
Tom sighed and gathered your hand. “Good, because I’ve already paid the tab. Let’s get out of here.” He whisked you out of the bar, soon piling you inside of the Jaguar. You were digging your heels into the floorboard of his car, smiling brightly.
“Happy Birthday to meeeeee!” You sang, your arm reaching out to snake through Tom’s. You dropped your head against his shoulder and inhaled his scent. “Your cologne smells so good.” You whispered.
“You’re the reason I wear this kind.” Tom chuckled.
You slowly looked up at him. “That’s nasty,” You chuckled.
“What?” Tom asked, taking a left turn at the light.
“You don’t wear cologne for your other girlfriends?” You asked stupidly.
Tom glared at you. “Sweetheart, your blonde is showing… No, I wear this brand of cologne, because it’s your favorite.” He informed you.
You nestled back in the seat. “I chose your cologne?” You asked quietly, inhaling again, your eyes subtly rolling.
Tom smiled. “You sure did… In a London mall back in 2017. I’ve been wearing it ever since.”
You giggled. “You smell like oranges… and now I want fruit.” You puckered, smacking your lips together which made Tom smirk. He pulled into the parking lot of the tattoo parlor.
“I’ll make sure you get some fruit… Tattoo time,” He winked, pressing a kiss to your cheek. You giggled profusely as you made your way out of the car and towards the door, Tom guiding you with a gentle hand rested on the small of your back.
The two of you made your way inside, the artist immediately recognizing you both from a previous trip into his shop. “Tom, Y/N! Come on back,” He immediately ushered you in. Once you were nestled in the chair, you offered Tom a dumb smile that kickstarted his heart, sending it into overdrive. It was a smile he would fight forever to see.
“Y/N, what are we getting today?” The familiar man asked you. You sighed, contemplating.
Again, drunken words are sober thoughts, right?
“I want a dagger,” You announced. “And I want to have vines around the handle that goes up into the blade… But, here’s the kicker!” You smiled, wiggling your finger at him this time. You looked at Tom briefly, swallowing. “I want the edge of the blade to say Love is a dagger.”
Tom’s eyes widened. “Why do you want that, love?” He questioned you.
You turned your head back to stare up at him. “It's a weapon to be wielded far away or up close. You can see yourself in it. It's beautiful until it makes you bleed. But ultimately, when you reach for it,” You slurred, but Tom finished Sophie’s delivering line.
“It isn’t real,”
You snapped your fingers. “Bingo! Drake can rot in a ditch for what he did to me tonight.” You sighed. “Loki couldn’t have said truer words.” You giggled.
Tom laughed. “Loki has the wrong interpretations on love though, darling.” He informed you. The tattoo artist went to work on your newest addition.
“Where do you want it?” He asked.
You tapped your right arm, just beneath your shoulder. “Ink that baby right there.”
Your head turned to Tom to answer his thought. “Yeah? It sounded good to me… More so it sounded great when you said it.” You smiled.
The tattoo was finished up, the grin that was plastered across your face proving it to be satisfactory. “Can I have Dirty 30 tattooed on my butt?” You asked Tom who immediately widened his eyes, shaking his head.
“Absolutely not!” He laughed.
The drive back to his home was filled with you craning your head to the side, gazing at the tattoo.
“Thank you,” You told him, reaching out to wrap your hand in his. Tom smiled, rubbing the back of your hand, his fingers grazing your knuckles.
“Anything for you, sweetheart. Happy Birthday.”
Getting you inside, although stumbling and slurring, he was shocked you aided him with steps. He whisked you into his bedroom, soon helping you to change out of your clothes and into something more comfortable.
It wasn’t long and you were tucked underneath his sheets, lying on your back with your head resting against a pillow. Tom was gathering his blankets, preparing to head into the guest room with Bobby at his heels. But when you saw him start to leave, a whine broke free from your throat.
“Where are you going?” You asked through a whimper.
Tom wasn’t about to invade your space. You just broke up with your fiancé. He wasn’t sure if sleeping in the same bed as you for cuddles would be alright. Although the two of you had most certainly shared a fair amount of close-calls that Tom eagerly wished had gone all of the way, he knew that if you ever felt the same, you’d come forth.
He hoped.
“I was going to sleep in the guest bedroom.” He informed you with a soft voice. You blinked a few times as though as if his words hardly registered in your mind.
This wasn’t normal, he had been in the bed with you for cuddles since you arrived two days ago.
“Please don’t go,” You begged quietly. Even if you were on the verge of blacking out, your emotions were still simmering wildly. “I need you,”
That’s all it took for Tom to toss the blanket back onto the bed. It was that one look you offered him, even when you were drunk, he knew it meant wonders. Tom understood you to a degree that even your family didn’t, he knew things about you that any man who you’ve dated in the past had no idea of.
Tom knew how your eyes crinkle when you smiled.
He knew of that scar that settled just above your hip that looked invisible to anyone, but he could see it.
He understood the silence you offered, as a means to say, ‘I’ll be okay, but I need time.
Tom had himself versed in the way you danced, no matter how awful it may be and if you tripped over your own two feet, you’d laugh at yourself.
He knew the drops in your voice, the sudden edge to your tone that showcased your hidden emotions.
Tom knew every single look you had, the one that you held when you were angry, sad, happy, excited, each look was different in its own way, conveying the messages only he picked up on before anyone else could.
He knew the secrecy of your tattoos, how you wanted your children, and wedding dates lined up across your back with you and your spouse's birthdays. Which sometimes offered him a sliver of hope because he knew that one of those birthdays was already inked across your skin.
How you wanted to travel the world and devour food and expensive alcohol, just to say you did it.
He even knew of your crazy idea of having a sex painting in your home. You craved the rush of stripping to nothing, rolling around in paint on a canvas and showcasing it in your bedroom… With only you and the person, you’re with knowing what occurred to create it.
How when you fell in love, you were much like him in the sense you gave your everything, sacrificed your time, loved the person hard.
He just wanted it to be him.
Tom pulled himself out of his thoughts, remembering you were still there with waiting eyes. He pulled back the blankets and slid his body in, preferably on your left side since your right was covered in a wrap. The subtle brushing of his skin across yours made you see stars and immediately you found yourself curling into him. Snuggling your head against his chest, you were at peace in your mind.
He wrapped his arm around you and it wasn’t long before your snores filled the air of his bedroom, his smile faltering. Bobby was curled up against both of your feet, aiding with warmth.
“Happy Birthday, Darling… I love you.” He whispered, kissing your forehead. He reached above him to turn the lamp off and soon found himself giving in to his body’s desire to rest…
You danced around the studio, your paintbrush forming an absolute masterpiece underneath the control of your hand. You had paint splattered all over you, but you hardly cared. It was your job, you lived for this.
The music was blaring, Trey Lewis’ Dicked Down In Dallas cutting through the stuffiness of the room. You may not have been from the south, hailing all the way from New York, but you could appreciate a hilarious song, who you may have pinned for that horrible cousin of yours, Hannah.
Using the paintbrush as a microphone, you hardly heard the door open when Elena walked in. It was crazy how the two of you befriended one another while you worked at Michaels during your stint in art school, only to have the two of you join forces and open an art studio together called Sunset Studio.
You were turning a full circle, the lyrics belting out from your mouth, only to have Elena abruptly stop, her eyes blinking at the choice of words.
“Dicked down in Dallas, Railed out in Raleigh, Tag teamed up in Tennessee! Analed in Austin, Butt fuc-” - “ELENA!” You suddenly screamed.
Elena looked at you, the bag of food held in her hands. “I leave to grab us lunch for twenty minutes and you’re singing some country song about a woman getting fucked in random cities?”
You sheepishly smiled, turning to grab the remote and pausing the music. Clearing your throat, you pointed at the bag of salads she had. “I’m starving?” You hesitantly said, Elena, rolling her eyes.
You quickly rushed to clean your hands off, the two of you gathering together at the table. Elena watched you, her eyes scanning you. “Have you lost more weight?” She prodded. Subconsciously, you found yourself turning away, your eyes not meeting hers.
“I’m just stressed,” You muttered, pulling out the salad. You quickly topped it with your dressing, checking your phone in the process. You saw his name flash across your screen and you couldn’t help but smile to yourself.
My plane just landed. I’ll see you later tonight, Love. Can’t wait to celebrate. Love you.
Elena eyed you closely. “Stress?” She asked.
You glared at her momentarily. “Did you forget already? My ex-fiancé’s wedding is this upcoming Saturday. Which I was forced to be a part of! Thanks to my mother.” You breathed out.
Elena quickly nodded.
“Yeah, that’s really going to suck.”
Yes, it most certainly was. As soon as Hannah and Drake returned from Hawaii, you had never heard your family be that excited over two people getting married. Hell, they weren’t even that excited when you and Drake announced your engagement to them.
You thought you would have gotten out with no questions asked. You blocked Drake and Hannah’s numbers, removed yourself from the group chat, and didn’t talk to Cassie or Chris for the entire duration. You ended up staying a full week in London with your best friend, spent your 30th birthday tangled up on a dance floor in some London bar, and got a tattoo out of it.
Immediately, your eyes fluttered down to your right arm, the dagger still prominent in color, the words, Love is a dagger clearly visible.
It was a saying that still rang true.
Your eyes drifted back over to the text message, quickly typing out your response.
I can’t wait to see you either. Love you too, babe ❤️.
Elena smiled. “Is that your new boo thing?” She wiggled her eyebrows.
You started smiling, shaking your head. Stabbing your fork into a piece of lettuce, you pulled it into your mouth. “Not my boo thing. Just my best friend.” You sighed.
Elena groaned, tossing her head back. “I told you… That night I left you two alone at the store together while you taught him how to paint? He was the one. He looks at you with those puppy dog eyes. He is so in love with you, he can’t see straight!” She punched your shoulder, earning a whine from you.
“Elena! We’re just friends. It would never work. Plus, he’s seeing someone.” You sighed.
Elena rolled her eyes. “You mean that woman he did the Broadway with? No, he’s not. You told me a while back he stopped dating her.”
“Yeah? I think they rekindled.”
“You’re just saying that to avoid the conversation.”
“No, I’m not! I love her. I met her in person! She really complimented him so well. It was an absolute dream and she made him happy.” You exclaimed. “Tom and I have always worked better as friends.”
“Oh, so you two have tried dating each other?” She shot back.
You licked your lips. “No, we haven’t.”
Elena sighed. “You’re in love with him, too.”
“No, I’m not.”
“Wow, you’ve said ‘no’ a lot in this conversation when you should be saying ‘yes’. Listen, I know you had a New Year's kiss with him in 2009 and you said he didn’t even kiss you back. He was probably shocked! Men are like that!” She expressed. “But you never tried anything else with him.”
You rolled your eyes at her this time. “I did try again. As a matter of fact, he tried too. We had a slip-up in 2018, the day of the Infinity War premiere.”
Elena’s eyes widened. “And you never told me?!”
You shrugged. “We both just agreed to not let it be detrimental for us.”
She stared at you, ushering you to move on. “TELL ME!” She exclaimed.
You groaned, putting a cucumber into your mouth.
“I feel like I’ve lost my head, Tom!” You exclaimed with a laugh, pinching the bridge of your nose. You were searching the counters for the ring you just had on, the white gold band that had your birthstone in the center of it.
You heard him laughing from outside of the hotel room.
“Found it!” He yelled suddenly. You gasped and hurried out of the room, wearing a navy blue dress that hugged your figure. Tom wore a navy blue tie and you wanted to try and match him, which he had no clue about.
Your hair was curled, your makeup perfected. You didn’t look like the girl who sat in an art studio, covering the canvases with paint as a job. You literally looked like you were made for Hollywood.
Your golden heels clicked against the floor as you walked out, Tom’s head lifting up. His suit hugged his body in the best way possible. His hair, which had now grown out longer with still a manageable curl was pushed back. He had recently started growing a beard to which you could easily say you found heavily attractive.
When your eyes feast upon him, you gasped.
Those blazing blues settled on you, his mouth falling open. In his hand was your ring, but he suddenly lost all focus.
“Love,” He swallowed, admiring the way your curves were outlined in the dress. The fabric clung to your body, showcasing you in every way that made him crazy.
“Do I look okay?” You asked, smoothing out the dress. It had a slit leading almost to your hip. Where your leg was exposed, you had a diamond-encrusted accessory wrapped around the top portion of your thigh, giving you a little touch of glamour despite everything else.
Tom walked forward, his hands resting on your hips. He searched your face, his tongue pushing out to swipe across his bottom lip.
“Okay? You look irresistible, ravishing, gorgeous, beautiful.” He whispered, causing the blush to creep along your cheeks.
You reached out and rested your hands on his shoulders, smiling widely. “You look sexy as hell, Hiddleston. You clean up so well.” You breathed out, your nose quickly being hit with the scent of his cologne that was intoxicating.
His new exterior had proven itself to be detrimental to you. For the last few weeks, you had craved Tom in more ways than one. A part of you ultimately wished that you would just escape from Drake and settle into Tom’s arms.
But you never knew if he wanted it still.
The silence brewed between the two of you. His hands were still resting on your hips, yours moving to tangle around his neck. When Tom asked you to be his date for the Infinity War premiere, you never considered it a ‘date’. You had found yourself stirring through the rumor mill many times before.
You had been donned as Tom’s ‘Mystery Woman’ since The Avengers premiere. The press only heightened with the story more once The Dark World dropped. And by the time Ragnarok came around after his public split with Swift? People were certain you two were a thing.
Not to mention, there were photographs all over the Internet of you two jet-setting to another country, you visiting while he filmed, or him attending art shows of yours across the countries.
No matter who he dated, who he was seen with, somehow at the end of it all, you were the one.
Even when the videos were released of him and Taylor Swift at the Met Gala in 2016, you were off in London of all places, showcasing your newest art piece when you read the articles that night.
But when the press broke with the story, although your heart was slightly shattered, you could still see the headlines.
What Happened to Tom’s Mystery Girl?
Tom Hiddleston Ditches Painters for Singers
And what hurt the most? You met Taylor. You and Tom always met the other’s significant others to give your opinions.
And it was the first time you lied to him. Although now he knew you ultimately lied, what he never knew was the countless nights you spent crying your heart out over him.
Why? Because his relationship with her nearly broke you two apart. He was jet-setting with her, arranging for her to go to all of these places with him. Although three months was short-lived, it was the worst three months of your life.
The July 4th party? Of course, you weren’t there. You were sitting in Hollywood alone.
With only yourself to talk to and the occasional Drake who was coming in and out of your life constantly, never once trying to settle.
It was the first hookup you had with a guy where you needed to forget Tom Hiddleston, your best friend. You got drunk that night, not a care in the world. It was the first time you ever regretted the tattoo on your wrist,
T. W. H 9/19/09
It mocked you throughout that entire three months. Repeatedly.
“Love?” His voice called, pulling you out of your thoughts. You gazed up to see those blue orbs crystalizing in yours. Your breath was caught in your throat, the space between the two of you closing before you could even realize.
He looked wonderful. You were here with him, two years after that dreaded stint. You craved him, you wanted him, you needed him. As if you two were both thinking the same thing, that’s when Tom’s lips came crashing down against yours. You felt light on your feet suddenly, your every thought tossing itself out of the window.
You kissed him back, the passion clearly there. Your hands were grabbing him, his finding their way to snake across your back, his large hands holding you close to him.
But then to ruin the moment, Drake suddenly floated through your mind. You reeled yourself back, your hands flying to cover your mouth. Tom stared down at you, his own eyes widening.
“No,” You mumbled, the tingling sensation still present on your lips. “Shit.”
“What?” Tom asked. “You didn’t enjoy it?” He asked.
You stared up at him, blinking. Were you even alive right now? Or was this some screwed-up fantasy in your head that you wanted to believe?
“Drake,” You whispered and that was when Tom’s eyes rolled.
“It’s always him,” Tom muttered under his breath. “It’ll always be him.”
“Tom,” You called out. Tom looked back at you, shaking his head.
“No,” He raised his hand. “I already know what you’re going to say. We’re best friends. We’ll always be best friends and you don’t want to ruin our friendship. That’s fine. I promise.” He was trying his utmost hardest to not seem pissed, but you knew otherwise.
You sighed and saw him extend his hand that held the ring. “We need to get going.” He sighed.
And that was it.
“Okay, but why did you stay with Drake’s stupid ass after that?! You could’ve walked into that premiere with a boyfriend who actually loved you!” Elena practically screamed.
You groaned. “Because I got over it.” You sighed. “And then Drake started changing. He acted more seriously after that trip than he had in all of the years I knew him.”
Elena rolled her eyes. “Yeah? Funny enough, the first time he walked into Michaels, I knew he was awful. I’ve always rooted for Tom.”
“Well, stop rooting. Tom and me? Never gonna happen.”
After you two finished up eating, you got back to work, choosing to blare the music to drown out the sorrow you faced. You were excited, you would get home, grab a shower, and hang out with Tom. He had been busy as ever since the events went down in May between you and Drake, that you two hardly got to see each other except through FaceTime calls. But with the holidays approaching, he finally had spare time.
The time that he wanted to give to you.
When you pulled into your driveway, you stepped out of the car to retrieve the mail. Not bothering to sift through it, you finished pulling your Jaguar up into the garage before stumbling out, gathering the pieces of mail with you.
A yawn formed and you made your way inside the house, soon shutting the door behind you. You decided to go ahead and glance through. It would more than likely be magazines, bills, or random letters asking you to donate to special causes.
But when your eyes fell across the champagne-colored envelope with the cursive lettering nestled on it, you felt sick to your stomach.
Ms. Y/N Y/L/N.
The back of the envelope had a heart-shaped seal on it with the words decked out in black,
“Are you kidding me?” You asked yourself. Not only were you being a bridesmaid, but they also sent you an invitation like you would forget?
That was absolutely Hannah’s doing, wanting to drive the knife further into the wound…
You reached out and grabbed your phone, dialing his number. It wasn’t but moments later, he answered.
“Hi, love. I’m actually ten minutes away from your house. What’s up?”
Your hand came to rest against your forehead.
“Get help,” You two adopted the phrase from Ragnarok, not for a fighting situation, but for times of distress.
If either of you said, “Get help” it meant that the situation was pressurizing and the other had to provide the means necessary to improve a mood.
When you said ‘Get help’? It meant you needed to be drunk.
“Are you serious?”
You sighed. “Get help, Tom. Get help!”
“Tom, can you believe this?” You asked your best friend of twelve years, the invitation nestled in your hands. “It hurts bad enough that I was forced to be in the wedding by my mother, but to still send me an invitation?”
Popping the top to another beer, you took a long swig as the man plucked the wedding invitation out of your hand. Glancing down at it, the cursive lettering looking back at him.
Join us for the Wedding of Hannah Marie Lucas & Drake Elliot Walker, December 4th, 2021 at four o’clock in the evening. The Loft, Manhattan, New York.
Tom peered back up at you, biting his lip.
“You know? This is your fault.” You reminded him as you pointed an index finger in his direction.
His blue eyes widened. “Excuse me? I can’t help the fact you didn’t tell your fiancé you saw your best friend a few days before our families got together!” He reminded you. “It’s not my fault he decided to hide away in Amanda’s house, cheating with your cousin all because he was angry at me.”
He then chuckled. “Plus Emma and Sarah both said he was too ugly for you. Oh, did I mention my mom said the same thing, too?”
Groaning, your face fell into your hands. “Thomas William!” You scoffed. Ripping off a piece of the crust to your pizza, you tossed it into your mouth, chasing it back with the ice-cold beer.
“We broke up four days before my birthday. I was the one supposed to be getting married this weekend. I’m thirty years old, my biological time clock is ticking!” You exclaimed.
Tom sighed and sat back. The alcohol had definitely taken its toll on you two, your words somewhat slurring together, but the anger was still evident. As the room grew quiet, your feet nestled in Tom’s lap, your head fell back against the cushions until you heard him laugh.
“Stop snickering, you sound evil. I really don’t need my headache worsened by Loki,” You mumbled. You felt as Tom squeezed your calves, earning your head to pull forward. “What, Hiddles?”
“Let’s throw it back at Drake and Hannah,” He looked at you with a smirk.
Your eyebrows knitted in confusion. “What?” You held up a finger. “Hold on, before you even speak,” You quickly downed the rest of the beer, Tom’s eyes widening. He always knew you could handle your alcohol. You then took one more bite of pizza and looked back at him.
“Continue,” You breathed out.
Tom laughed. “Let’s show up. But as a couple. You’re allowed a plus one, right? Your plus-one can be me. Hannah’s had the biggest crush on me since you and I first met.”
Tom wasn’t even invited to the wedding, which shocked you considering how obsessed Hannah was with him.
You nodded. “But Drake hates you.”
Those blue eyes were constantly flickering, their intensity only brightening. “Exactly! What better way to bite back at the two of them, than for us to show up together?”
You looked at him briefly. “Okay, I’m not sure if it’s because I’m drunk or I’m stupid but are you saying we should fake date? For the wedding?”
Tom nodded. “Come on, love! You and I? We’re a dynamic duo. Have been since the beginning.”
You remembered Elena’s question about whether the two of you had even tried to date.
Could you actually see what it was like while faking it? Just to infuriate your cousin and ex-fiancé?
You would be crossing a dangerous line with him if you agreed. You two always worked better as friends. What if your friendship found itself crumbling?
You looked up at him, seeing those eyes holding yours steadily.
Smirking, you tossed your head back and released a small laugh.
“Hiddleston, what would my life be without you?” You asked him.
Tom resumed rubbing your calves. “Boring, awful, and lonely.”
You smiled. “Alright, deal. I guess you need to get a tux, but that should be within arm’s reach.” You wiggled your eyebrows.
Tom bit his lip. “I’ll arrange for the private jet to fly us out to New York Friday morning.”
You shook your head. “Tom, this is crazy.”
“You love crazy, darling. That’s why my life always excites you.” He winked.
Rolling your eyes, you wiggled your fingers, itching for another beer. Tom gave in to you and grabbed the bottle. Twisting the top off, he placed the glass into your hand, watching as you smiled like a child.
T-Minus six days until the little white lie began.
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y'all better get ready. got a one shot releasing tonight of Tom... as Agent 007 🤫🥵
Tumblr media
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Tay, I am in need of something angsty but also super fluffy. Could you do number 46 with Loki, please? 🥺
Counting the Seconds 》 Loki x Reader
GIRLLL you always get me!!!
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youlightmeupfinn · a day ago
Counting the Seconds 》 Loki x Reader
request: Tay, I am in need of something angsty but also super fluffy. Could you do number 46 with Loki, please? 🥺 (holdmytesseract)
a/n: girlll, you always pull at my heartstrings with your requests! i hope this is what you were looking for! ❤️
summary: Loki tried to make you stay out of the fight, but that was no use. When he sees you get hit and taken to the ground, he assumes you're dead... and his life flashes before his eyes.
Drabble Prompt #46: “I thought you were dead.”
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He saw you.
Your lifeless body clinging to the ground after you took the direct hit. You were face-first against the concrete, any movement whatsoever ceasing from your body. His blue eyes were zeroed in, his footsteps getting faster, the strides longer as he rushed to you.
Thor saw the commotion from the corner of his eye, doing his best to keep up in the fight.
“Brother! Is Y/N okay?” He yelled out over the loud sounds.
Loki found himself hurdling to the ground where you lay, his hands reaching out to grab you. He had to shield you from the fight that was still pressing on around him. But his chest grew heavy at the sight of you. He pulled you over, your nose bloody and your head wounded.
“Darling!” Loki reached out and shook you, his tears welling. “Y/N!” He tried again, but it was no use. You were completely limp.
“Brother, I have to get her out of here!” Loki exclaimed. Thor’s eyes locked on his younger brother whose body was hovered over that of his girlfriend’s. He knew the most important person in Loki’s life was you. If he somehow lost you, Thor was afraid that any good Loki had in his body would resort back to hatred, envy, and jealousy.
He would set himself up for domination and wouldn’t stop until he had the entire world in his hands.
“Go!” Thor waved him off.
Loki teleported the two of you to a location of safety.
When Loki arrived with you in his arms in Asgard, he knew he needed to get to Eir. It wasn’t long before the Asgardian physician had your body whisked into a locked room where Loki couldn’t even see you.
Loki was pacing the floors outside of the room, his hands behind his back. He truly never felt fear like this. The love of his life could potentially be dead and there was nothing he could do to save her. How would he live with himself?
He knew you getting out there on the battlefield alongside him and Thor was a mistake. You were a powerful force to the point even you scared Loki, but he loved you all the same. You two had a rocky beginning to your relationship. When you were first taken to Asgard by Thor and you recognized Loki as being the one to bring torment on New York in 2012, you stomped on his foot and slapped him in the face.
The recoil of your slap made Loki groan, but a wicked smile plastered across his face.
“I like her,” He said to his brother. “You should’ve brought her here sooner.”
And although you witnessed Loki die what felt like a hundred times already, you found yourself falling hopelessly in love with Mischief, your life centers around him. He understood you in ways that no one else could. He reflected on you, his mind opening up to the new realms that you invited him to join.
Loki could be himself with you.
Now, he was standing outside of the room you were sealed inside of, hoping that you were still with him. He wasn’t able to get a clear view of what happened, all he saw was your body hurtling towards the pavement and he heard the loud smack when you connected with the ground.
He was counting the seconds before he could have any word on your condition.
Loki was suddenly pulled out of his agonizing thoughts by Eir walking out. She had her hands crossed, her eyes locking on the raven-haired male in front of her. His eyes picked up and quickly traced over her.
“Is she okay?” He immediately asked.
Eir smiled softly. “She’s okay, Loki… She’s pretty hurt, but she’ll make a good recovery… She’s awake and is asking for you.”
That was all it took for Loki to barge past Eir. She smiled gently at the sight of him pushing his way inside. Nestled in a bed was you, bandaged up and on your way to healing. Your eyes fluttered open when you saw him approaching you.
“Loki,” You whispered with a hurt smile.
He gasped, the sound of your voice like music to his ears, even if it wasn’t as cheerful as it was normal. He closed the distance between the two of you, settling himself in a chair at your side. Taking your hands into his, he kissed your knuckles. You grinned at him, coughing which made you wince.
Loki reached out and stroked your hair behind your ear.
“I thought you were dead!” He suddenly exclaimed, tears filling his eyes. Your heart shattered at the sight of him, a deep sigh emerging from your sealed lips.
“Loki…” You whined, watching as his head fell at your side. His shoulders rocked, a cry overcoming him. You felt your own tears well up in your eyes at the sound of his sadness. You reached out and ran your fingers through his hair. “Baby, I’m right here… I’m okay.”
Loki’s head picked back up, his tears free falling. He stared at you.
“When I saw you on the ground… Darling, I just knew I had lost you forever. I couldn’t bear to think of that! You are my purpose.” He announced.
His words made your own tears fall. You motioned him to come closer. When he did, you pulled his head against your chest. Wrapping your arms around him, you cradled him closer, kissing his forehead.
“Loki, darling, I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere, I promise.” You sobbed. “I thought I was dead, too. And my first thought was... What would happen to you?”
He pulled back and wrapped a hand around your neck, his finger brushing underneath your eye.
“Don’t you ever scare me like that again. I shouldn’t have even let you go with Thor and me.” He sighed.
You smiled softly. “But you boys needed a strong woman to balance the power…”
Loki glared at you. “That woman? Is the love of my life. We can handle ourselves without her having to join the fight. You’re going to be out of commission for a while, anyway. And I’m not leaving your side.” He reached forward and brushed his lips across yours.
You whined against his mouth, the softness of his mouth completely melting against yours.
“I have a strong feeling I won’t be able to argue myself out of this one...” You trailed with a small laugh.
Loki shook his head.
“No, you’re being kept under my supervision, Love.” He kissed you again.
Yet that didn’t seem like such a bad idea...
tagging: @immersed-in-mischief @high-functioning-lokipath @annoyingsweetsstranger @eclecticlokibytomhiddleston @spidyyparker @deanaddicted2 @ethanshide @lokistoriesblog @l0st-in-reality @shae-annelore @realandloud @favthiddles @marvelgirl0515 @tiredmamamac @cherii--bomb @stuckybarton @peachsteven @vampire7595 @moonshooter @knopewyattworld @holdmytesseract @wander-lustbabe @captain-asguard @mm2305 @1marvelnerd3000 @xfirespritex @ferriswheel97 @augusta-imperatrix @inas-thing @harrietbarnesblog @a-laufeyson @bakatsuki-hime @lokiswildheartcantbebroken @marvelgirl0515 @a-laufeyson @warriorqueenofthesea @joyful-enchantress
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TAYLORRR…I found this like a few minutes ago and I thought you might enjoy it just as much as I do…LOVE YOUUUU ❤️❤️
AHHHHHH i freaking LOVEEEE them.... ugh, i listen for hours on end... let me tell you... 😳😳
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youlightmeupfinn · a day ago
My Keeper 》 Bucky Barnes x Reader
a/n: this idea hit me out of nowhere. i wasn't sure what direction i was taking it until it came out and... yeah. there may be a second part? it's definitely open to expanding. idk let me know what you think!
if this gets a good bit of response, i'll turn it into something! let me know if you'd want to be tagged! :)
summary: James Barnes, the most feared mob boss of New York City promised you at one point protection if you needed it. You're the younger sister of the most hated mob boss who the public wants to be removed. You have to pay the price for his actions... You and James are solely transactional, but you know he can be so much more... Would he for you?
pairings: Mob!Bucky x Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The thunder roared across the sky, the lightning following soon after. There was always something scary about the fallout, especially when all you could taste was the blood pooling in your mouth. You were stumbling for every step, growing weaker by the second. Your vision was blurry, your mind cloudy with the repetition of the weapon being cracked across your back.
You were always told not to get yourself into fights that you couldn’t win, but you hardly paid attention. The poor woman was being tormented by her abuser. And while you currently were considered to be America’s most wanted, you couldn’t just sit back and not do anything.
Even if your brother was the most hated mobster in New York and people were rushing out to kill him at the given chance, once they saw his darling sister, the game had just begun. But you paid the ultimate price with a few shattered bones and a face that wasn’t as pretty as before regarding the events tonight.
You didn’t want anything to do with the mob. You could care less about it. However, when they heard Mason’s name, the tables ultimately turned and anyone in his family was seen as a common threat.
The diner.
You had to get to the diner.
He had to be there. You promised yourself you wouldn’t ever go back to him. He was dangerous, he scared you but thrilled you all at the same time.
If Mason ever knew of your relations with his enemy, James Barnes, he would kill you.
But James offered protection.
He was a hookup you found to become an absolute drug. You craved his touch and his tongue shoving itself into your mouth. You desperately whined for the feel of those ring-clad fingers teasing you relentlessly as you called out his name. You wanted to writhe beneath him while he stuffed himself inside of your cunt while he asked you who you belonged to.
However, James Barnes was transactional. He was never the type to settle.
But again, you didn’t want that either.
He was terrified of settling. Those blue eyes spoke wonders to you, they held such power that every man in the span of New York would fall if they looked hard enough.
James was a protector, a man who you knew could be so much more than who he was currently. Although the most feared mob boss of that New York had ever seen, you saw him at his weakest.
And then he never let his guard down again.
He kept one promise to you though.
“If you ever need protection, don’t hesitate to come to find me.”
Now you found yourself making leeway for his usual meeting spot? He owned the place, it’s where he held most of his meetings. That protection he talked about? It was needed.
After the events of tonight, you knew that the enemies of Mason would soon come looking for you. You had been trying to escape the demise of Mason for the longest time and you at first found a way out with James, until he ultimately closed off any connection you two had unless it was sex.
You needed him. Not in the cravable way, the one where his sex sent you into a blistering mess.
You needed help.
Even though the hospital would’ve worked better, you couldn’t find the urge to head in that direction. Your car had broken down just before you saved that woman from getting the hell beat out of her, sacrificing yourself for her.
Glancing up, you finally saw the illumination of the sign. Breathing out a sigh of relief, you pushed your way down the sidewalk and fell against the door. A loud gasp erupted from your throat as you clambered inside, the rain dripping from the ends of your hair. You immediately fell to your knees, a pained cry finally breaking free from your throat.
“Oh my God!” The waitress exclaimed as she stumbled forward.
“Who is that?” You heard his gruff voice say.
“It’s me,” You moaned aloud.
You heard the sounds of those dress shoes connecting with the tiles, the clicking getting closer. Within seconds, you felt his hands make contact with your shoulder. You winced, feeling as James pulled you upwards. Your head lolled to the side, the waitress scrambling to grab a first aid kit.
“What the hell happened to you, Doll?” His gravelly voice questioned.
Your face contorted with absolute despair, your eyes looking up at him.
“My car broke down… I got into a fight with a guy… He beat the hell out of me.” You stammered, clutching your side. “I think he broke my ribs? I don’t know.” You moaned.
James took his hands and pushed back your hair. “Why did you come here?”
You licked your lips, feeling as the waitress knelt down beside you.
“Because you said you would protect me…” You coughed. “I need you to keep me safe… Bucky.”
tagging: @high-functioning-lokipath @eclecticlokibytomhiddleston @spidyyparker @nervousbiscutzonkslime @kiolabean @caritobbg @lynnettes-stuff @straightforwardly @tiredmamamac @stuckybarton @peachsteven @mvaldez7821 @moonshooter @holdmytesseract @mcu-thoughts @wander-lustbabe @cadythelady @captain-asguard @xfirespritex @inas-thing @harrietbarnesblog @wearenotdoinggetheelllp @marvelgirl0515 @blue786sworld
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youlightmeupfinn · a day ago
okay wait why is my brain like this
i'm trying to start on my Found You fic for Tom...
and Mob Tom rushes in and says, "GIRL I KNOW THE HELL YOU AREN'T! sit your ass down and write my story"
so uhm... White Line is being binge-written... heh....
Tumblr media
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youlightmeupfinn · a day ago
i'm starting on this right now ugh ❤️
Short Fic Idea? - Tom Hiddleston
Tumblr media
I'm sitting here doing schoolwork... and of course, the idea comes into my head... if you want to see this played out, let me know. but here's what i've got for maybe a 5 part mini-fic? plus i'm from the south so country songs about breakups and love are my go-to AGH
Hear me out, the pic begins with Found You by Kane Brown with these lyrics;
“'Cause I'd never found you At that random house party that I didn't even wanna go to The way you move Had me first-time feelin' in a while I should make one too Sometimes the finish line is just the start of somethin' new If I'd never lost her Then I'd never found you Oh I'd never found you Never found you,”
A Tom fic where he’s just gotten out of a bad relationship (maybe she cheated, left him, etc) and he is depressed. Benedict encourages him to go out with them for the night (Hemsworth, Luke, etc) and they decide to just have a guy’s night. Well, there sits pretty Reader who is also going through a bad breakup, her friends encouraged her as well. Tom and her find themselves sitting at the bar together until finally… the two leave together. They sleep together the next morning, it’s literally them in his bed curled up, discussing life. This starts a romance between them (she’s not famous in the slightest) and suddenly, Reader is Tom’s new It Girl, they are photographed everywhere and she’s suddenly pinpointed as the person who broke him and this actress up. She tries to not let it get to her, but ultimately, the panic attacks start to worsen and she’s being followed, bombarded with questions, to the point that she tells Tom she can’t do this anymore and after a six-month relationship with him, it’s too much. Tom was his happiest with her and his heart is shattered, but he doesn’t force her to stay…
But the press is suddenly shocked that the two lovebirds are not together anymore, after the fact they looked to be their most happy with one another.
The story continues with Comeback by Kane Brown
“Six months passed since we both said goodbye Never thought that I'd run into you here tonight And I can't ever think your smile's the same as it was back when I saw you every day I probably shouldn't say it What I'm about to say We could make a comeback if you come back We were on top of the world people wanted what we had We could have it again don't you know that,”
Tom can’t stop thinking about her. He suddenly finds himself sitting at the bar where they first met and she’s there. He’s shocked, she had been dodging his phone calls for months. So he goes up to her. Although he’s constantly going, he tells her that the nights he’s sitting in his home without her by his side are detrimental. He tells her he wants everything back, he’s so sorry that the press scared her off, but he’s in love with her. Maybe even goes on to say, “I bought the ring a month into the relationship because I knew you were my soulmate and I couldn’t live without you” and maybe “No other woman will have the privilege of wearing it unless she’s you”. So Reader hears all of this and through tears, she tells him she can’t put herself through it again, so she leaves.
But then she starts thinking and realizes she’s in love with him and can’t live without him. Tom is already gone back to London at this point. She gets in touch with Luke about her coming to London and Luke helps to get her a plane there and everything. She shows up on Tom’s doorstep and as soon as he opens the door, she says, “I love you, I can’t live without you.” and he is in literal tears.
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youlightmeupfinn · a day ago
Waking Up in Vegas 》 Tom Hiddleston x Reader (part three)
a/n: this is getting good, eeeee! if you want to be added to the tag list, let me know! i've also included the link if you want to add yourself ❤️
summary: You're in Vegas for the weekend of your best friend's bachelorette party and wedding. When you disappear from your friends for the night and wound up in the arms of a stranger, you suddenly find yourself waking up in Vegas the next morning, married, with hardly any recollection of the events. Your world is turned inside out when the man you married? Is your celebrity crush, Tom Hiddleston. Is it true when they say, What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?
warnings (overall): mature language, smut warnings for this chapter: mature language, smut, oral sex female!receiving
L I N K S previous part Waking Up in Vegas masterlist spotify playlist tag list
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You moaned when the sweet taste of the cinnamon roll hit your tongue, the hangover that overcame your body appreciating the warm delicacy. The glaze was succulent as it wrapped itself around the crisp edges, your heart fluttering.
Tom looked at you from across the table, the largest cup of coffee nestled in his hand that happened to be straight black. You had an iced caramel macchiato at your fingertips, soon taking a swig of it to wash down the pastry.
He watched your eyes roll with each bite, not helping himself but chuckle. “I think that cinnamon roll heard more of you than I did last night…” He trailed with a cheeky smile, causing you to glare at him. He saw the small dribble of icing run down the corner of your mouth, his laughter growing.
“Come here, darling,” He motioned for you. Bringing yourself forward, Tom gently rubbed his thumb across the corner of your lip and soon took it into his mouth, licking the icing clean. You giggled to yourself, rolling your eyes.
“How much trouble are we in?” You questioned as he took another sip of the coffee.
Tom gazed up at you, biting his bottom lip. “Well, I have a rather angry publicist who knows our face made a tabloid cover… so a lot.” He announced, his eyes flickering down at your rings. “And apparently I have a wife.”
Your eyes glanced at the rings. Inhaling deeply, you brought the iced coffee to your lips.
“Alright, Tom… Help me remember.” You looked at him with innocent eyes. Tom smiled gently.
“Tell me, what do you remember?”
You bit down on your lip. “I remember dancing with you at the club because I didn’t completely freak out over seeing Loki… I also recall us talking about the craziest things we’ve wanted to do, mine being getting married in Vegas while you wanted to play the spoons on a tour,” You explained, Tom laughing at your recollection.
“Anything else?” He prodded.
Closing your eyes, you shook your head. “It completely stops after that.”
Tom inhaled sharply, bringing his lips into his mouth, those blue eyes igniting.
“We hit the casino after we said “I Do” in front of Elvis…” He began to tell you his memories…
Nestled in Tom’s hand was the marriage license he purchased, as you both knew this wasn’t happening without it. “Are we seriously about to do this?!” You asked him with a gentle laugh as he handed the person working a whopping $102 in cash, plus a generous tip for being so kind to the two of you.
Tom looked down at you, twirling you in circles as you made your way to the waiting car that happened to be taking you both to the chapel. “Yes, Love! It’s Vegas like you said.” He winked, adding his lips to your cheek that made you blush fervently.
“Wait until I rub this in the girls’ faces tomorrow! I’m marrying Tom fucking Hiddleston!” You cried out, waving your hands around. The car was settled on the curbside, you and Tom hurrying towards it.
The car pulled up in front of the Graceland Chapel, you and Tom looking at each other. You two were definitely under the influence, drunken giggles erupting from you. The entire car ride to the chapel consisted of you two with your hands on the other, sloppy kisses exchanged that consisted of pure whiskey mixing with whatever fruity cocktail you had back at the nightclub.
It wasn’t long before you were escorted down the aisle by Elvis, your smile wide. You made it to Tom, the two of you laughing at one another like teenagers. The ceremony commenced and the command, “Tom, you may now kiss the bride!” was exclaimed. Tom wrapped his arms around you and dipped you, your squeal erupting as you wrapped your hands around his neck.
He kissed you with a fiery passion, your mind racing, and your body feeling as if it were levitating. You two hurried back down the aisle, not bothering to tangle yourselves in the rest of the festivities. You both just wanted to make your way down the strip of Vegas and figure out other ways to celebrate.
But just before you two escaped from the chapel, Tom looked over at the Elvis impersonator.
“You wouldn’t happen to have a pair of spoons… would you?” He narrowed his eyes.
The man looked at him with a confused look. “Spoons?”
You giggled to yourself, resting your head on Tom’s arm. “He’s a spoon aficionado,” You winked.
The man nodded his head once and left the room, soon returning with two silver spoons. “Is this okay?” He asked.
Tom’s eyes lit up. You watched when he pulled into his pocket and handed Elvis a handful of cash. He grabbed the spoons and the two of you finally made your exit.
You blinked, the cinnamon roll brought back to your mouth. “Do you have the marriage license?” You asked. Tom nodded his head.
“It’s back at the hotel, on the dresser. I also have the souvenir copy they gave us.” He chuckled. Your eyes widened, your breath catching in your throat. You could somewhat piece the puzzle together, but there were still details that were absolutely fuzzy in your brain.
“Where did we go after that?” You asked.
Tom smirked. “Turns out, you have one of the best Poker faces… We hit the casino in the hotel we were staying in right after.”
Your eyes widened. “Did I win?” You gasped.
Tom chuckled. “You sure did… Took every man’s money at the table.”
“WHAT?!” You exclaimed. Although that wasn’t much to Tom, it was a pretty penny in your eyes. You settled back in your chair, taking another drink of the coffee.
The MGM Grand was absolutely gorgeous. You remembered seeing so many commercials but you never found the will to actually go. The girls booked the hotel at Caesars Palace just fourteen minutes down the street.
“Why didn’t we go back to our own hotel?” You asked Tom suddenly through a hiccup, your laughter still filling his ears. He smiled.
“Why do that when we can have our own hotel?” He nudged you with a wink.
“What are we doing?” You questioned seconds later when you two climbed out. Tom wrapped his hand through yours and grinned widely, the passion soaring through his eyes. His excitement levels were beyond the stars. He craved a rush such as this and even if he came to regret it tomorrow morning, he knew he had fun.
He glanced over at you, those blue eyes soaring. You only knew the Tom Hiddleston that the media portrayed. The man who of course had fun, but clambered the women. You knew of his existence merely based on movies, TV shows, and theatre performances. You always craved the idea of just how he acted in person.
Now that you had your sights set on him and just married him in a Graceland chapel?
You had everything you wanted.
“We’re going to the casino. Honeymoon starts early, Darling.” He winked. You giggled, the two of you rushing inside. It wasn’t long before Tom secured a room for the remainder of the weekend. You were glancing around, noting that there were signs pointed straight for the… casino? You always wanted to go inside of one.
In all of your twenty-eight years of life, a trip to the casino was at the top of your bucket list. Why was it on your bucket list? You couldn’t really say, just the thrill of high stakes and blackjack, and poker made you want more.
“Tom!” You pulled on his hand. His eyes shifted over to you.
“What is it, Gorgeous?” He laughed.
You pointed your head in the direction of the walkway. “Can we go to the casino?” You bit down on your bottom lip.
He smiled widely, allowing you to lead him down the corridor. You two were making your way down the halls, the sound of bustling contained behind two large doors. Casting a look at each other, you sank your teeth into your bottom lip and hurdled inside. People were everywhere. Drinks were being served, multiple table games were scattered throughout the room.
You heard the sound of cheers as one person won, another one groaning because he just lost everything he brought to the game. There were slot machines with pretty colors and your eyes were dilating at the sight. Tom saw you make your way through the crowd to a signup sheet.
“Darling, what are you doing?” He asked you, watching as your eyes focused on the sheet that was designated for Poker.
“About to live my life,” You giggled in response, grabbing the pen. You quickly signed Y/N HIDDLESTON to the board, Tom shaking his head.
“Are you sure you want to play Poker? You’ve been drinking quite a lot…” He trailed. You smiled, shooting him a wink.
“I’ve got this, trust me.’
Before long, you had purchased the Poker chips and were seated at a table with all men. Tom watched you from the sidelines, seeing how each man took notice of you.
“Who let the pretty woman in here?” He laughed. “You really think you have what it takes, sweetheart?”
You looked back at him. “You boys just keep to yourself and watch how a real woman does it…” You winked, earning the howls from the table. Tom laughed at you and watched as the game unfolded.
Tom had his arms crossed over his chest, watching as the cards dealt. You kept a straight face and it wasn’t long before you had men at the table groaning aloud. You played your weak and strong hands the same way. He could easily catch on to the fact you played aggressively. He was shocked you were doing so well despite the alcohol racing through your system, but your focus was certainly intact.
As the game came to a close, you had wiped the table clean of every man sitting there. You sat there with a large pile of chips in front of you, causing you to smile wickedly.
“Like taking candy from a baby!” You exclaimed with a lighthearted laugh. The chips were then taken to be cashed out, the grand total coming out to be just over $3,000. You grinned to yourself, watching as the money entered your possession.
“Best honeymoon everrrr!” You slurred, Tom grabbing your hand.
You stared at Tom, your head in your hands. “Where did you learn the game, Darling?” Tom laughed. You reached over and grabbed his coffee, needing something a bit stronger to wake you up. You let the warm liquid touch your tongue and your face contorted at the bitter taste, Tom smirking at you.
“My dad,” You groaned, shuddering when the coffee raced down your throat. “He taught me when I was a teenager. I went to games that he and his friends had.” You sighed.
He smiled at you sweetly, watching as you placed the coffee back in front of him.
“Okay, now I do remember the chapel, the casino… What’s next?”
Tom inhaled. “My spoon skills paid for our tab inside the bar of the hotel…” He trailed. Your eyes widened, Tom laughing.
“I really need a drink now,” You announced. The two of you were heading towards the bar, both of you fumbling against the other. Tom had his arm snaked around your waist, his lips pressing against your temple.
“You and me both,” He announced, tiredness not approaching. He had heard his phone steadily buzz, but he made no attempt to look at it. He wasn’t prepared to see what was going on outside of this moment. He was enjoying himself with you and didn’t want it to stop.
The bar was bustling with music. For the first time since the night started, Tom was recognized. You made your way to the circular bar and ordered yourself another fruity cocktail while Tom settled on just straight whiskey. It was a couple standing off from you two that made the realization.
They made their way over, both of them grinning. “Oh my God, Tom Hiddleston!” She exclaimed over the booming of the music. “We’re huge fans, my boyfriend and I.” She pointed between the two of them. Tom turned in their direction and laughed, the conversation soon striking.
You were soaring over the moon when Tom pulled you into his chest, your arm draping across his waist. The talking had started and the question soon arose from the man.
“Is it true you can play the spoons? I know there’s an interview somewhere of you online and seriously, I just want to know if it’s legit.” He tossed his head back. Tom smirked, pressing his lips to your cheek as he reached into his jacket and pulled out the two silver spoons he got from the chapel.
The music died down slightly, a song changes fast approaching. You backed yourself up a bit and watched as Tom started to actually play the spoons. The man and his girlfriend both widened their eyes, clapping their hands together which soon grasped the attention of the entire bar. It wasn’t long before you saw everyone begin to gather around, cheers erupting at Tom’s excellent skill.
The drinks were continuously being poured and Tom swore it was the Irish pub all over again. The couple who you two met asked to get a picture with not just him, but both of you.
The woman looked at you before you and Tom made it out of the bar, her eyes bright with adoration. “You two make such a cute couple! You go girl!” She squealed, making you blush.
“Please tell me nothing else happened after that…” You sighed.
Tom chuckled. “We went for a night swim and then went to our room…” He trailed.
Your eyes lifted. “So we did have sex?”
He licked his lips, his mind reverting to last night. “We did…In the pool.”
The pool was attached to your and Tom’s room, making it utterly convenient. You settled in the water, Tom pulling you against his chest. Your hands wrapped around his neck as he wrapped your legs around him, your face mere inches from his.
“Tonight has been eventful,” You breathed out, twirling your fingers around the strands of his hair. Tom smiled at you, his mouth moving to press against your neck. Your eyes widened at the feeling of his tongue adding pressure to your neck, your sweet spot quickly uncovered.
You rubbed your heat against his abdomen, a soft moan falling from your lips.
“Tom,” You whispered, your eyes reopening. They centered on the wedding band, making you sink your teeth into your lip. “Oh that feels so good,” You praised him. His hands reached beneath you and grabbed your ass. You yelped against him, feeling as he held you closer.
He moved his head up and kissed you passionately. His taste was sweet but mixing with the alcohol made him absolutely intoxicating. You groaned into his mouth, your hand holding the back of his neck. Turning the two of you around, he pressed your back against the side of the pool and settled you down.
Pushing his hand in between your thighs, you gasped when his fingers came into contact with your cunt that was absolutely exposed to him. You two had shed your clothes off just before coming out, making the two of you easily accessible for the other. Tom’s exterior was completely toned and smooth to the touch, his shoulders broad and useful to brace your hands on.
His length found itself pressing against your heat, making you lose your train of thought.
A cry freed itself from your throat when he teased your entrance with his tip, making you shake against him. “Desperate for me, kitten?” Tom cooed against your ear, adding love bites to your skin.
You hummed, nodding your head. “Yes… Need you, Tom.” You moaned.
He took that as his confirmation and readjusted you. Wrapping your legs around his hips, he pushed himself between your folds. Your eyes popped open, your grip on his shoulders tightening, your mouth falling open. “Shit,” You whispered, the breath leaving your body in an instant.
“You okay?” Tom asked through a huff. “You’re so fucking tight.” He groaned, forehead pressing against yours.
“Oh, just get inside!” You said through a whisper. Tom laughed and finished moving inside of you. Where he settled, your noises filled the air.
You gripped the ends of his hair and pulled him closer, kissing him harder than you ever had someone before. He was utterly perfect. His cock stroke every inch of your tight cunt, stretching you out exceptionally well. Your breathing was hitched as Tom swallowed every moan you uttered.
His hips thrust into yours, the water sloshing around the two of you to create an oasis of pleasure.
“Feels so good, babe,” You moaned against his ear, sucking on his neck. “Please don’t stop,”
Tom smiled and he felt nails dig into his back. You wrapped around him perfectly, holding him in place. He reached up and grabbed your breast, massaging it in his hands. He used his fingers to encircle your pebbled nipple, your back arching into him.
Your belly formed that all too familiar tightness, your insides yearning for release. A few thrusts later, you found yourself shaking around his cock, your walls clenching him. Tom sputtered, the strings of hot cum filling your entire space. Your skin felt like it was on fire, but in the best way possible.
Foreheads falling against the others, he kissed you hard, your arms wrapped around each other. Pulling himself out, he never bothered to say a word. Instead, he gathered your hand and led you out of the pool, your naked bodies exposed to the slight chill of the night air. Gathering the towels, you both quickly dried off, but it was when Tom got you back inside the room, that everything shifted.
Picking you up, he laid your back against the bed, his mouth instantly gravitating lower. Your eyes widened and you could feel him spreading your legs. You moaned aloud when his fingers came into contact with your heat that had just recovered from your first orgasm, the second about to be created. He pressed a kiss to your cunt and licked his lips, admiring how pretty you looked.
His tongue swept out to taste your lips, gently sucking on either side. Your eyes were filled with pleasure, your heart pounding hard in your chest.
“Oh!” You screamed when his hot breath fanned across your entire pussy, your hands fisting the bedsheets beneath you. Your back arched off the bed when his tongue circled around your clit, his fingers giving your entrance the pleasure it so desperately craved. Pushing his fingers inside of you, your walls tightened around him.
“I thought you were gorgeous before… But having seen you take my cock and now my fingers so well? Darling, you’re out of this world gorgeous.” Tom smiled, lifting his head briefly to offer you sweet words.
Your eyes fell onto him, his mouth working to pleasure you out of your mind.
“I’m so close!” You exclaimed, Tom, laughing, the vibrations of his amusement sending shock waves down your spine. He grabbed your thighs and pulled you closer, giving his tongue more opportunity to send pressure over your clit. The licks he performed, he was skilled in the art, that was clearly known.
Tom could feel your hips bucking involuntarily as your body craved a second release.
“You wanna cum?” He asked you with a wink.
You nodded, your hands flying to your hair. “Please!” You whispered.
Tom grinned to himself and pushed his fingers in deeper. “Cum around my fingers, baby girl… Let me hear you scream.”
The scream cut through and you were sent over the edge once more, your back arching completely off the bed as Tom held you place, ensuring to continue sucking your clit as you rode against his face. He hummed in adoration of you, the shininess of the band on his left finger looking better and better…
Your cries continued to erupt and Tom didn’t want to stop…
You were blushing crimson red by the time he finished.
“Wow,” You whispered. “No wonder my legs are sore…” You giggled quietly.
Tom smirked at you. “It was definitely a night to remember… After that? We crashed and well, here we are.”
You nodded, biting down on your lip.
Lily’s rehearsal dinner was tonight and you had to be there, as the wedding was tomorrow. Which made you ask the craziest question.
“Will you be my plus one at my friend’s wedding tomorrow?”
Tom looked at you momentarily. “Really?” He asked.
Was that really a good idea? You two just met yesterday, managed to get married, slept together, but something about you told Tom that he couldn’t stay away, no matter how hard he tried.
He thought it over for a second. He would be in Vegas for the remainder of the weekend anyway. And he still needed to figure out everything, but before you and he turned to the more serious topics such as do you annul the marriage or try to carry on with how things are, he needed to keep his mind off of it.
“I would love to.” Tom smiled, agreeing to attend.
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youlightmeupfinn · a day ago
Okay, since we are talking about White Line... Can we talk just a tiny second about how Tom said he wants both? Reader and baby? 🥺 Nooo, I am not sitting in the corner of my room, sobbing...
yes! ugh, Tom would be an excellent father to this baby IF it belongs to him... and as of now, he's bending the line to see how he feels...
the fun question is... will Tom remain in that mindset? 😳
*TV announcer voice*
tune in next time on White Line
Tumblr media
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youlightmeupfinn · a day ago
i absolutely did not scream "MORGAAAAAAAAN" when i saw M.R. in part 12. i promise
Tumblr media
ahahahahaha! can't wait for y'all to read the next chapter 😘😘😘😘
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youlightmeupfinn · a day ago
okay but i was still thinking about that one sub!tom idea you had but apart from that , just hear me out -
what if he gets overstimulated - like imagine riding him and just .NOT . STOPPING , like he'll try so hard to keep up but after like two orgasms hes shaking and moaning and writhing and is regretting the monster he created himself !
also , i got a lil kitten today and named her Taylor because you're so amazing and i was thinking about you when dad brought her home , she's so fucking cute !!!!!!!!
Tumblr media
brb gonna write this tonight 🤭
Tumblr media
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youlightmeupfinn · a day ago
you guys ready for our party duo to come back tonight?! they've got a lot to figure out... 😳
Waking Up in Vegas 》 Tom Hiddleston x Reader (part two)
a/n: this is definitely being turned into a series and i'm HERE for it! i have a feeling you guys are going to OBSESS over this one... i hope you enjoy it! i cried laughing while writing this chapter!
summary: You're in Vegas for the weekend of your best friend's bachelorette party and wedding. When you disappear from your friends for the night and wound up in the arms of a stranger, you suddenly find yourself waking up in Vegas the next morning, married, with hardly any recollection of the events. Your world is turned inside out when the man you married? Is your celebrity crush, Tom Hiddleston. Is it true when they say, What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?
warnings (overall): mature language, smut
L I N K S previous part spotify playlist tag list
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Good morning, wifey.” Tom greeted, his memories obviously better than yours.
“Oh, shit.” You cried out, falling against the bed. Your hand came up to slap across your forehead, Tom staring down at you. “What the hell did we do last night?” You asked him. You knew for certain, you two were donning wedding rings. Somewhere along the crazy night, you two wound up getting married by Elvis and at some point, Tom played the spoons.
Tom sighed, glancing back at you. “Before we discuss this, could we grab coffee? I really need something to wake me up.”
Your eyes delivered him a look that cut right into him. “So waking up married to a woman you don’t even know, isn’t enough to wake you up?” You glowered, but then your stomach started growling. “...Okay, I could really use a cinnamon roll.” You whispered, Tom, laughing.
“Shower?” He asked.
“Separately,” You responded, Tom, chuckling.
“But we’re married.”
“I don’t even know you!” You retort as Tom was stifling another laugh.
“I guess that’s somewhat true… Alright, ladies first.” He waved his hand. You shook your head and rushed to gather your clothes… which were only the used garments and dress from last night. Your suitcases were stowed away at another hotel, which the bridal party was staying at.
You still had the clothes on the vanity in the bathroom, Tom looking at you from his spot on the bed. “I’m in the same boat as you, Love.” He laughed, his head motioning towards the floor where his belongings were.
“Was I too drunk to say I already had a hotel room?” You asked yourself, hurrying into the waiting bathroom. Tom heard you gently close the door behind you before he reached for his phone, afraid to see the damage that had arisen from last night’s events.
He remembered everything clearly, even if he was three sheets to the wind. He looked down at his hands, still remembering the curve of your hips underneath them as you convulsed under his body while he was deep stroking, hearing you moan his name.
Sighing, he rubbed his eyes and unlocked his phone.
(20) Missed Calls from Lucky Windsor Castle
(10) Unread Text Messages from Lucky Windsor Castle
(5) Missed Calls from BenaDICK Cumonherback
(5) Missed Calls from Chris Worthy Hemswith
(12) Unread Text Messages from England Boys + That One Australian
“What the hell?” Tom muttered under his breath. “Who changed my contact names?” He questioned himself. “And who the hell made the group chat?”
You changed them.
He was too afraid to open Luke’s messages, so he started with the group chat. He still had no clue who made it.
Inhaling sharply, he closed his eyes tightly and opened it.
BenaDICK Cumonherback Tom, where the fuck ar eyou
BenaDICK Cumonherback *aree you
BenaDICK Cumonherback *are yzui
BenaDICK Cumonherback
Chris Worthy Hemswith We’re seriously about to ditch you. Luke, has he talked to you??
Chris Worthy Hemswith Alright Benny you’ve had too much
Lucky Windsor Castle No, I haven’t heard a single word out of him. I swear if that man finds himself on the cover of a tabloid tomorrow morning, I’m going to murder him!!!
BeneDICK Cumonherback Thomas William Hiddlesbum IF YOU DON’T ANSWER YOUR PHONE I’M CALLING THE COPS
Chris Worthy Hemswith I’ll bet money he’s got a girl’s legs over his shoulders right now. He’s probably already left the bar
BeneDICK Cumonherback I raise the bet to $25 that his face is going to be on a magazine tomorrow hahahahaha and he’s got 2 women on him not just 1 Chris Worthy Hemswith 👁👄👁
Lucky Windsor Castle Can we PLEASE not place bets on him?! I don’t know if i can recover him from this if he screws up 🤦🏼‍♂️
Tom inhaled sharply, deciding to rip the bandaid off. He opened Luke’s messages, his eyes meeting the sight of a very angry publicist that was bombarding his phone with words that proved… once he was back? Luke was coming with the pitchfork.
Lucky Windsor Castle Tom, where are you? Benedict, Chris, and I are waiting for you.
Lucky Windsor Castle Hello? Earth to Tom?
Lucky Windsor Castle Alright, now I’m getting worried. I’m going to start calling, you BETTER answer.
Lucky Windsor Castle Thomas. Answer the phone.
Lucky Windsor Castle I should’ve known when Chris talked us into going to Vegas for a guy's weekend, IT WAS A BAD IDEA. I really hope you’re with a woman. PLEASE.
Tom saw that the messages paused until a round came through at seven this morning.
Lucky Windsor Castle Thomas. William. HIDDLESTON. Where the hell ARE you?!
Lucky Windsor Castle You idiot! YOU IDIOT! Look at this shit! TOM HIDDLESTON SEEN LEAVING LAS VEGAS ELVIS WEDDING CHAPEL?!?!?!
Lucky Windsor Castle The press is calling. Repeatedly. They want to know iF YOU GOT MARRIED LAST NIGHT. DID YOU?! Did you, Thomas?! I know I work for you and all, BUT I’M GOING TO LOOK FIFTY BEFORE I’M FORTY! I’m going to seriously kick your ass when I see you.
Tom soon clicked out of his traumatizing sea of texts from Luke and shakily clicked on the Twitter app.
“As if it couldn’t get any worse…” Tom groans, seeing that the number one trending hashtag on Twitter was…
It wasn’t long before you stumbled your way out of the bathroom, your face completely ridden of the smeared makeup. Your hair was being towel dried as you straightened out your dress, biting down on your lip.
“I’m afraid to check my phone.” You said quietly, although you remembered just earlier that the swarm of texts was from the bridal party.
Tom looked up at you. “Yeah, I wouldn’t if I were you.” He gulped, pushing his way out of bed. Suddenly, you were met with a butt-ass naked Tom Hiddleston. You gasped, a hand flying to cover your mouth. As he was standing there, your eyes gravitated towards his…
“You didn’t react like that last night.” He informed you, bending down to gather his clothes.
You groaned. “Yeah? Last night I was drunk off my ass. I would’ve done anything! Apparently, I did.” You informed him, holding your left hand up to see the ring glistening. Tom smirked, making his way into the bathroom to take his shower.
Taking a seat in the middle of the trashed bed, your head fell into your hands. The headache was relenting, reminding your skull every few seconds with horrid pulsations. Whoever told Lily to have her bachelorette party the two days before her wedding, was an absolute asshole.
You were the one who suggested it.
Damn it! But Melanie went along with you, she thought it would’ve been fun.
And Lily. She was excited once the idea was thrown around on the table, each bridesmaid clinking glasses together the night it was settled.
You were too afraid to open your texts, but you decided you would see what damage had been done.
(30) Missed Calls from Lills the Bridezilla
(10) Unread Texts from Mel youwishyouwereme Baizen
These were not their names last night!
(13) Unread Texts from Operation Find Y/N
Lills the Bridezilla Y/N, where are you?? We’re about to leave to head back to the hotel!!!11!
Mel youwishyouwereme Baizen Plz tell me you didn’t leave with that blonde guy last night. You were grinding pretty hard against him
Stacey El Dorado I checked outside and she isn’t there either
Macy MayflowertheSHIP I’ve called her 5 times and she won’t answer
Lills the Bridezilla She’ll show up at some point. She always parties hard. Y/N, we’re going back to the hotel11!!1
Ella Jackson Wait nvm that was some homeless dude
Ella Jackson Looked just like her though
Mel youwishyouwereme Baizen Ella you were in the bathroom puking how did you see a homeless man
Ella Jackson He asked me did i want an edible so i said yeah and i followed him
Ella Jackson Maybe that’s why i thought it was Y/N idk
You pinched the bridge of your nose, another wave of pain fighting its way into the front of your skull. You sifted through another bank of messages, this one being from Melanie Baizen, who was actually one of your good friends. You don’t know what possessed you to name her as you did in your phone…
Mel youwishyouwereme Baizen Uhm… idk what happened to you and all, but that blonde guy? He got married last night i guess? And idk the girl looks like you i thought it was crazy lololol
Mel youwishyouwereme Baizen Wait
Mel youwishyouwereme Baizen OH SHIT
Mel youwishyouwereme Baizen IT IS YOU WHAT THE HELL Y/N
You groaned, seeing the cover was Tom Hiddleston seen leaving Las Vegas Elvis Chapel with Mystery Woman.
Tom made his way out of the bathroom, finishing off the last buttons to his shirt. You tossed your phone to the side, him catching the motion quickly. “You looked, didn’t you?” He asked.
You sighed, biting down on your lip. “Yup,” You groaned.
Tom walked over and grabbed his wallet and keys off of the floor, pushing them both into his pocket. “Coffee and cinnamon rolls?” He questioned you with a small smile. “I think we need to go over what happened.”
Inhaling sharply, you pushed yourself off of the bed and quickly tidied the sheets back up, although they certainly looked a wreck. Gazing back over at Tom, his blue eyes flickered across you. “Lead the way, Loki.” You walked over, watching him start to smirk.
This should be interesting...
tagging: @pitifulbaby @immersed-in-mischief @xoxoloverb @melissad1974 @holdmytesseract @augusta-imperatrix @realandloud @l0st-in-reality @high-functioning-lokipath @sheris532 @tiredmamamac @thevelvetseries @angeldarkness95 @shereighties @12-pm-510 @weallhaveadestiny @kingtwhiddleston @stephv213 @deanaddicted2 @christineblood @lokiswildheartcantbebroken @queenofallhobos
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(White Lines)
Oh shitttttttttttt got real
the heat is on that's for sure 😳😘
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