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yourdeepestfathoms·6 hours agoText

Imagine Aragon asking Bessie how therapy was going.

“Oh,” Bessie says. “I didn’t go. I quit counseling.”

Aragon snaps her head around to her. “What?”

“Yeah. I’m not going anymore.”

“But I thought you said you liked Chelsea!”

“I did!” Bessie takes a long sip of her coffee. “But then I realized that there was no point in paying for appointments when I’m obviously not going to get better, so why waste the money, right?”

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yourdeepestfathoms·7 hours agoAnswer

I’m starting to think that anon is here just for you to roast them. love your fics!

They’re a fan ✨

And thank you!!

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yourdeepestfathoms·8 hours agoText

No, seriously, I love that Aragon is pregnant during the DnD AU. Because they’re literally in the middle of a war and she’s fucking five months in and INSISTS on fighting all the monsters. Like, they go to a fucking volcano at one point and nearly burn up in the heat and her baby is probably being cooked like a fried chicken but she STILL won’t go home.

AND YET she gets mad when people point out that she’s pregnant. Like BITCH you just slayed a TENTACLE MONSTER while PREGNANT after it SCRATCHED YOU ACROSS THE STOMACH. It is DAUNTING.

Anyway DnD!Aragon really said, “War doesn’t have maternity leave ✌️”

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yourdeepestfathoms·9 hours agoAnswer

Give us the reason then, ya coward. *insert interested eye emoji here*


1. Bessie was with Henry longer than five out of the six queens.

2. Henry genuinely loved Bessie. Like, REALLY loved her. He would send her love letters and gifts all the time and completely adored her. So much so that he fell out of love with Aragon. He literally only thought about Bessie.

3. He liked her enough to knock her up again AFTER the affair ended.

4. She gave birth to a boy.

5. She LIVED. She walked away from all her pregnancies completely unscathed, unlike SOMEONE. And that would be very valuable to him, even in modern day.

6. She continued to give birth to healthy boys after their affair. And survived.

So yeah. The queens are useless to Henry when he could have someone who’s basically a three in one package deal.

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yourdeepestfathoms·12 hours agoAnswer

Why does the new hate anon seem like a petulant child who stole their parents ipad? Like the excess use of emojis and weird logic of attacking someone for writing something they can just ignore really makes them seem like a bratty kid ngl

I think you may be onto something 👀

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yourdeepestfathoms·16 hours agoAnswer

Lizzie can I have your permission to punch this new hater in the face

Absolutely do it

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yourdeepestfathoms·17 hours agoAnswer

I am going to throw that anon into the sun with Henry VIII

Do it!!

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yourdeepestfathoms·18 hours agoAnswer

Wait a damn fucking minute...istg can that anon message me please? I won't leak your info or anything, but I genuinely want to see who you are to see if I'm correct in my guess-


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yourdeepestfathoms·18 hours agoAnswer

Hey Lizzie, here's a bit of serotonin for ya

Your writing is great, you're a really sweet person(actually one of my favorite people I've met this year) and you're just over all really cool. Idk if this actually helps or makes sense cause I'm loopy as shit, but hopefully it does. Have a good day ✌️

Thank you, Raven 🥺🥺 You sweetie 💕

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yourdeepestfathoms·18 hours agoAnswer

“ugh so annoying that i have to defend the fact that i’m harassing someone for literally no reason” - anon, apparently


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yourdeepestfathoms·18 hours agoAnswer

if you really think i sen you the death threats just prove it, post my adress or ip 🙄🖖🏻 idc about my ip adress being online or even my actual adress. what should happen anyways? your little friends coming over to my house to beat me up??🥱

Why would I stoop as low as you? I wouldn’t post something that could potentially put someone else in danger. I’m not as evil as you make me out to be. Unlike you, given all your harassment and threats all because you don’t like my writing. Like, dude, I don’t care if you don’t want to read my fics. Just scroll past them. It’s really not that hard.

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