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youreverydayfanhuman·2 days agoText

so i know that for some people there are days were you dont want to talk and go non-verbal, i get those days too but theyre not a effect of anything

are days where you dont want anyone to talk to you a thing? like whenever anyone says anything to you, you just cringe and wish they would stop? but of course they dont stop bc they dont see the problem, and theyre your family so you literally cant avoid them without leaving the house which would be even worse

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youreverydayfanhuman·5 days agoText


I love her, that’s the reason why

  • She met Julie and Carrie in kindergarten, because Flynn started a revolution about color-coding crayons; Carrie totally backed it up and Julie made a song for the movement
  • They instantly bonded because music and revolution
  • Flynn learned how to sound mix with Carrie and how to write songs with Julie (and Rose)
  • She has all of Halsey songs memorized
  • Flynn is the first one to download tiktok, she masters all the dances and receives all the attention (carrie is jealous)
  • She has Ray’s phone number memorized. for emergencies.
  • Flynn knows every single allergy Carrie has and every candy she hates and the recipe of her favorite foods
  • that means that she replaced all the normal chocolate Carrie received on Valentine’s Day for vegan ones
  • (she left one more)
  • (Carrie pretended she didn’t notice)
  • Flynn helps Luke to write a full-on album for Julie - and she’s pretty proud of it
  • (Luke is eternally grateful)
  • Flynn watched the entirety of On My Block in 2 days, and she scored Euphoria in less than a week
  • (she still managed to ace her geometry test anyway)
  • Reggie gets on her nerves every single day, especially when he has problems with his cellphone - “it’s exhausting ✨”
  • With time, she becomes fond of Reggie and she helps him comes to terms with his sexuality
  • (And, in some way, he helps her too)
  • Reggie is also the one who realizes that Carrie and Flynn like each other
  • (Flynn is too ashamed to deny it or confirm it)
  • (and Reggie completely gets it, because reasons)
  • After the whole mess that is the greatest ex-friends to enemies to lovers on this fandom…
  • Willex constantly invites Carrie and Flynn to double dates
  • Flynn gets really close to Willie and they bond because he has half of a brain cell and, in her situation, that’s practically gold
  • Also, Flynn starts to host seminars to teach the ghosts about human stuff, Julie is the co-founder and Willie helps in special occasions
  • (reggie is a regular in these lessons)
  • thats it
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youreverydayfanhuman·6 days agoText


julie steals clothes from flynn, and flynn steals clothes from julie, and they start stealing from the guys too after a bit because they got so close and it’s just what they do. the guys often see flynn and julie both wearing their old things and julie mainly wears luke’s, but they both wear a mix. flynn likes alex’s hoodies a lot. alex also steals willie’s sweaters, so it’s pretty much a clothing theft chain.

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youreverydayfanhuman·9 days agoText

love that the two posts i’ve seen about bitch boy (covington) and alex are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum

(note that im paraphrasing) one being “kenny missed out by making caleb the villain bc he could have been a father figure/role model for alex” and the other being “what if caleb uses willie as leverage to manipulate alex and he cant tell the rest of the band”

like i think we’re perceiving this man in wildly different ways lmaooo

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youreverydayfanhuman·10 days agoText


my favourite julie moments from julie and the phantoms because she deserves more love in this fandom

  • “hey underachiever” “hey disappointment”
  • her wearing fuzzy slippers in episode one 🥺
  • when her and carlos are teasing each other and hes making fun of her about the ghosts and she’s trying to lie (and then he’s so proud when she sings later)
  • her waving at the guys when she’s leaving for school with flynn and then when flynn sees her pretending theres a bug and hitting her plant
  • her patiently listening to flynn spiral about her getting cut from the music program while smiling and then being like so i sang again 😃
  • the entirety of i got the music
  • when she’s so excited about the songs she wrote with luke and she basically pulls flynn into the music room to show her
  • her admitting to flynn after .2 seconds that she likes luke (man she is bad at lying huh)
  • her luke and reggie talking about how their band’s future is going to be before they even play their first gig and her smiling at reggie being excited about country
  • when she says “other way sweetie” smiling at flynn 🥰
  • the whole thing with carrie and luke her improv skills are legendary! coming up with this stuff on the spot! “nickiepoo”? gold.
  • her having complete faith the guys will show depsite having known them for like a week
  • her wearing sweats to the dance
  • julie getting rightfully upset at the guys and explaining why she’s upset, and sticking up for herself, and holding her ground
  • her running in three classes late to school still looking amazing and killing it in her dance class 🥺
  • every scene with her in the blue dress in ep 6
  • the scene where the guys convince her to sneak out and then she pulls the vest from her mom’s things
  • her talking “on the phone” with luke and laughing at his antics when she’s talking to nick
  • when she’s playing perfect harmony on the piano after imagining it in her head
  • her nervously ringing her hands when she steps out before edge of great, and then trying to avoid luke the whole time but giving in
  • her and flynn’s little fistbump and symmetrical hand on the chin sigh thing after she successfully derails the conversation from the guys
  • when she forgets she has class because she’s excited to write luke a song 💜
  • her bringing luke’s parents unsaid emily to do something for him because she knows he regrets not apologizing and making up with his parents. and she knew she could be overstepping but she felt it was important to give them that song, that piece of luke that was meant for them.
  • when she comes in and tells the guys to snap out of it (she probably came up with the orpheum plan too let’s be real)
  • her dance while on the phone with the manager girl when they find out they’re playing the orpheum (and trying to high five alex while he’s doing that lift thing)
  • “we’re playing the orpheum baby!!” 🥰
  • her conversation with her mom right before she performs. she’s talking, and telling her mom how guilty she feels and the buildup to the guys coming on stage and escaping is so good. she feels like she failed them, but she saves them.
  • her dedication to her mom and the guys before stand tall. she thinks she’s the last one standing and she dedicates it to them because she doesn’t think they’re coming (and her mom is her mom)
  • her elation when she sees alex and reggie and the song changing from a sad message to a positive one? im in love
  • her carlos and ray singing stand tall walking up to their house
  • when she tries to get the boys to go save themselves by going with caleb because she can’t have them die again
  • the joy when they can all hug and her jumping up and down with them because not only can they all hug they! played! the! orpheum!
  • every time she smiled 🥺💙
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youreverydayfanhuman·12 days agoText

okay but something i missed during my first couple listens to You Got Nothing to Lose is that when covington does the accented or whatever that is voiced “i’ve got an offer you cant refuse” it’s addressed to covington

he mentions this ‘wise man’ who made him an offer

this is all to say who the fuck is this man and what was the offer?

my mini theory about it is that this man (ghost?) is the reason covington can become visible and make other ghosts visible, especially bc thats essentially what he was offering the phantoms

^this is the lyric btw

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youreverydayfanhuman·12 days agoText

things i want in season 2

even though season 1 just came out and season 2 isnt even officially comfirmed

  • more dirty candy songs
  • especially dirty candy songs ft. alex the “i was doing it for you guys” ghost
  • alex and willie going roller skating
  • dont ask me where that idea originated, it popped into my head and now lives here rent free
  • willie teaching alex how to skateboard, holding his hands and waist and shit bruuh i am Yearning
  • cuddling!
  • specifically, luke and julie
  • like imagine it, theyre just vibing in the garage, one of their heads is in the other’s lap, theyre brainstorming for their new song
  • theyre just so cute i cant
  • at some point, reggie comes to the garage and just flops on top of them both
  • speaking of my mans reggie
  • reggie learning about memes
  • its probably carlos or flynn (or both) who teach him
  • a completely unironic country song performed by reggie (maybe even the rest of the band) that no one in the show ever brings up again
  • caleb ‘bitch boy’ covington being forced to pretend to be a teenage boy in 2020
  • instead of being cunning and stealthy like he usually is, he has no idea what the fuck i going on like 80% of the time bc the way this generation interacts is so convoluted at this point
  • flynn playing a trumpet solo
  • i dont know how or why this would happen nor do i care i just need this in my life

i’ll probably add more when im not sleep deprived, feel free to add your own

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