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zeronandayo · 19 years ago

“Though there’s always one truth,
Justice is counted through the number of tears

I wander into the darkness,
Both good and evil have become my blades
The blades I wield soon turn around to attack me,
But that’s right -
There’s both good and evil in me”

Perfectly matches up with how Rei Furuya is on both sides, he is both a good and a bad guy. He’s aware of being both too, he is doing so for the justice he believes in. Rei will use both sides to his advantage to achieve this justice, hence “become my blades” and “The blades I wield soon turn around to attack me.” He isn’t scared to put up a fight if it happens.

“With the justice I’m displaying right now,
And the ideals I’m displaying right now,

From those who threaten you and make you sad,
Without anyone getting hurt or without hurting anyone yourself,
is something I cannot do.
Perfect justice doesn’t exist.

It’s zero.”

Rei doesn’t believe in perfect justice. He must fight on both sides; even if it means people will get hurt or him hurting people. He will keep the people he loves happy, even if it leads to harm to other people. The song mentions his code-name and name of the song at this point, “It’s zero.” It is impossible to have perfect justice. This song could mean his code-name represents his views, which makes his character even more interesting.

“When you wander into the darkness,
And you can’t even trust yourself,
Throughout this world, there are words and light,
That will prey on your frightened heart,
There are a countless number of these,
Anywhere and everywhere.
Some light may even deceive you.

I want to protect you,
Despite everything, I want to protect your smile,
Even if to achieve this I become evil at times,
Should someone, in the name of love,
Bind your heart with chains of love,
If your heart eventually begins to blot up with blood,

I’ll cut that love with these blades.

I want to protect you,
Despite everything, I want to protect your future,
Even if to achieve this I have to become evil at times.

Even if, in the name of love,
Everyone loses their way to love”

Poetic. Near the end of the movie, when Conan asks who Rei’s girlfriend is, he answers: “My lover… is Japan.” I don’t believe this song is just about him wanting to protect people he loved (in a platonic sense) such as Scotch, but the majority of Japan. The song begins mentioning about his sense of justice again in this half of the song, meaning what’s been sung about isn’t different views. (Due to the end of the song’s lyric changing to “It’s not zero” I want to point this out now.)

“Though there’s always one truth,
There’s never only one kind of justice,
Justice is infinite,

It’s not zero.

That’s why I’ll look for it.

The possibly of zero - of zero.”

Rei is looking for justice, there’s multiple types. He doesn’t believe in perfect justice, but there’s other sorts suited to him. The possibility of zero is that one of these multiple types will be ‘perfect’ in his ideal, but not literally perfect. 

The song overall is perfect at showing what sort of character Rei Furuya/Amuro Tooru is. He has a strong sense of justice, will fight for what he believes in even if it means being the bad guy and is fighting for the people who he loves. It makes a lot of sense why he chose to be part of the public security bureau.

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