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zh1hui·6 days agoText

Nectar by WayV - VOCABULARY

in honor of nectar ranking number one on qq music despite it being an unpromoted non-title track (also it being one of my favorites from the resonance pt 1 album), here is a vocab list i put together!

干渴 gānkě - thirsty

孤独 gūdú - lonely

沿 yán - to follow

指引 zhǐyǐn - guidance

经纬 jīngwěi - longitude and latitude

节奏 jiézòu - rhythm

视线 shìxiàn - sight

热烈 rèliè - warm

存在 cúnzài - existence

尽头 jìntóu - end

不休 bùxiū - endlessly

纯白 chúnbái - pure white

无瑕 wúxiá - flawless

过去 guòqù - past

辉映 huīyìng - reflect

世界 shìjiè - the world

悬 xuán - to hang

期冀 qījì - to look forward to

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zh1hui·6 days agoText

i already have 40 followers?? i know that’s not a lot and it’s been a couple months since i opened this account, but i’m glad you guys seem to enjoy my posts even though i’m pretty inactive. i feel like this account has already grown a lot and reached people so thank you!

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zh1hui·22 days agoText

外来词 (loan words)

*the info in this post is taken from this video

words that sound the same and have the same meaning are called ‘外来词’ or ‘loan words’

here are some 外来词 in mandarin that sound like words from english

  • 沙发 shāfā - sofa
  • 吉他 jítā - guitar
  • 夹克 jiākè - jacket
  • 麦克风 maìkèfēng - microphone
  • 巴士 bāshì - bus
  • 模特 mótè - model
  • 芭蕾 bālěi - ballet
  • 脱口秀 tuōkǒuxiù - talk show
  • 瑜伽 yújiā - yoga
  • 粉丝 fěnsī - fans
  • 卡通 kǎtōng - cartoon
  • 巧克力 qiǎokèlì - chocolate
  • 咖啡 kāfēi - coffee
  • 沙拉 shālā - salad
  • 苏打 sūdá - soda
  • 披萨 pīsà - pizza
  • 布丁 bùdīng - pudding
  • 培根 péigēn - bacon
  • 汉堡 hànbǎo - hamburger
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zh1hui·22 days agoText


here is a list of some really helpful mandarin resources that i found recently! all of the underlined ones are live links :) 

chinese-grammar: i’m gonna be honest here, this grammar website is IMPRESSIVE. it provides 22 lessons and an extensive and detailed explanation of chinese script and characters (with a really long list of characters). i only just recently came across this website but i totally see myself using this, like, all the time. i highly highly highly recommend it! 

chineseboost : this website is definitely an awesome long-term resource! it provides lessons for pretty much all levels of chinese (a1-c1, hsk1-hsk5) so everything is in one place! it also has some super helpful tools such as as a hanzi to pinyin translator and a blog where they have tips and study strategies! 

LTL mandarin school : although the posts on this blog are a little limited, i feel like the posts that they do have are pretty helpful, especially their “complete guides” to basic chinese grammar! this is definitely not a primary resource, but since it has some helpful stuff i decided to include it :) 

HSK 1: i find myself coming back again and again to this app! it’s a super super accessible resources and really interesting as a beginner chinese learner since it kind of throws you in the deep-end with its built-in games, and it’s honestly quite refreshing. it also provides a huuuuge bank of vocabulary as well as sentences! 

HSKOnline: this app is most useful to people who plan to take the hsk exams. i believe it provides all 5 hsk levels with practice exams, exercises, and important vocabulary! i personally have not completely dived into this app since i am very much not exam ready haha, but i can see how it would be very very helpful for people who want to formalize language learning. (honestly it’s great for casual language learners as well since you can just pretend that they are practice tests or fake tests) 

Infinite Chinese: this app is great if you are a beginner and you want a fun and interactive way to dive into the language! it’s also a great warmup activity. infinite chinese is basically an app that has a game very similar to quizlet’s meteor game thing (i hope you know what i mean) and it also covers quite a lot of vocabulary. it’s great for review as well! :) i’ve used this app multiple times for entertainment too, so it really helps you pick the language up a little faster! 

pleco chinese dictionary : needless to say, it’s super important to have a mandarin dictionary since the vocabulary and script is so expansive. i feel like this dictionary is particularly awesome since there is handwriting input (you can write out a character using your own hand) that will give you the definition and pinyin of whatever you wrote! this is great since it’s sometimes easy to mix up definitions and pronunciations since the language is so nuanced. ans, because it’s an app, it’s nice and accessible and not to mention portable lol 

scripts: this app has been something i find myself coming back to over and over again for not only mandarin, but other languages as well! for mandarin specifically, it gives you a really strong foundation on chinese radicals (if you are new to the language: radicals are the fundamental and most basic strokes that makes up the mandarin script- it’s super important to learn them because it will help you write and also sometimes help you with the definition of words you may not know quite yet) which is super helpful, especially in the long run. 

lingodeer:  honestly speaking, lingodeer is a great app to learn mandarin! even though it somewhat forces you to go through all the basics before jumping into the meat (but that’s pretty much every language learning app so i’m not surprised about it), it provides a good review of things you already learned and does it pretty thoroughly. a lot better than duolingo 

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zh1hui·23 days agoText


Important things to remember when learning languages

  • A language has 3 major components: culture, grammar and vocabulary. So whenever you feel like you’ll never master a language, remember that you have 3 elements to master and you can jump from one to another. I call this deconstruction because you think in small chunks.
  • Do you remember what the classmate in front of you or the one next to your left said last week? No, they also don’t remember what you said. No one is judging you. They have their own thoughts to focus on.
  • When in doubt, be minimalistic. I’m talking about resources here. There are languages with many, and I mean MANY resources so try to choose 2 per skill max.
  • Never be afraid to ask questions when you don’t know something. Natives are happy to help because you show interest in their language.
  • Mistakes are good because you remember them. Instead of thinking of them as mistakes, think that you’re in a game and they are experience points. The more points you got, the higher your level.
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zh1hui·23 days agoText

chinese vocab that i learned in september!

  • 日记本 rìjǐběn - diary
  • 假日 jiàrì - holiday
  • 打算 dǎsuan - to plan on
  • 试 shì - to try
  • 理解 lǐjiě - to comprehend
  • 活 huó - to live
  • 拿 ná - to take
  • 坐…去 zuò…qù - to go by…
  • 计数 jìshù - to count
  • 发音 fāyīn - to pronounce
  • 拼 pīn - to spell
  • 关闭 guānbì - to close
  • 吵 chǎo - to make noise
  • 发现 fāxiàn - to discover
  • 灰色 huīsè - grey
  • 练习 liànxí - to practice
  • 眼光 yǎnguāng - eyesight
  • 安慰 ānwèi - comfort
  • 泡 pào - bubble
  • 离别 líbié - a farewell, leave
  • 爱情 àiqíng - mood
  • 尽情的 jìnqíngde - to heart’s content
  • 走开 zǒukāi - to go away
  • 确保 quèbǎo - to make sure
  • 表现 biǎoxiàn - performance
  • 或称 huòchēng - aka; also known as
  • 节 jié - class period; section
  • 狮子 shīzi - lion
  • 认可 rènkě - to approve

what’s some new vocab that you learned this month? reply with some, i’m curious!

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zh1hui·23 days agoText

currently working on a september mandarin vocab list!!

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zh1hui·a month agoText


A friend of mine asked me if i don’t have any method for people who want to learn languages by doing nothing and i thought i should make a post on this topic.

Now, basically, if you do nothing, you won’t really learn a language so all the ideas/tips/methods that i’m going to present need a minimum of energy, like:

  • wanting to learn a language
  • staying in bed, or at your desk
  • watching a screen
  • clicking every now and then
  • looking for some some stuff once in a while
  • checking your phone
  • paying attention as much as possible


Memrise requires a lot of energy sometimes so why not use Semper for example? Semper is an app that makes you translate 1 word by choosing from 4 possible answers every time when you check your phone. 

Also, there are many apps that take some space from your background and once a day (or multiple times) change the word that’s there.

9000 words has the setting to send you 1 new word as a notification, all you gotta do is to check your phone. Simple as that.

And if you feel like you want more, there are many videos on youtube where you listen to them. Pod101 is a good yt channel for learning vocab. Also, they have audio files too. 

Also, audiobooks/courses. You just do your thing and listen to it.

Flewent is an extension that changes a certain % of what you read in your target language. You procrastinate while reading articles from buzzfeed and at the same time, you learn new vocab. 


Many people make videos with explanations. You just sit and listen to it. If you can multitask, then play on your phone, clean, cook, whatever you have/want to do.

Audiobooks/courses were made to just listen to them + if you listen to something while you’re out, people will avoid you thinking that you’re busy.

Download some cheat sheets and hang them around your room. When you’re bored, just look at them. How often do you check the fridge? Add some grammar on it.


Find a pdf, find a site for speed reading, set how fast you want to read and just stay and look at the screen. You don’t even scroll down or flip the page.

Reading subtitles is still reading so you can find a movie/show with subs in your target language and enjoy watching it.


Watch movies/shows but dubbed or originally made in your target language. 

Listen to songs and find videos with lyrics too so you also practice reading and if you find it with translations after, *bam*, you just found a way to practice vocab too.


Talk to yourself. Try to talk to yourself as much as possible and if you don’t know a word, add it in another language. If you feel wild, look for it.

Sing for improving your pronunciation if you like doing this.


Whatever you write in general, try to write it in your target language. Your grocery list, your appointments, some important dates etc. you already have to write them down so why not in your target language?

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zh1hui·a month agoText

things to do in your target language for studying

  • write down sentences/words & make sure you say them out loud
  • make flashcards (digital flashcards to be more sustainable!)
  • start a journal to write down new vocabulary that you learn
  • watch a show and repeat what you hear out loud
  • listen to music and translate parts of the lyrics
  • narrate your actions out loud
  • find a friend to practice speaking or texting with
  • try to incorporate new vocabulary as much as you can in your sentences
  • write journal entries everyday (this especially helps if you’re struggling with immersing yourself)
  • while watching shows, actively write down new words that you find interesting
  • learn vocab of objects, places, emotions, people, etc. around you (aka vocab that you will use the most often in daily life)
  • learn synonyms of words that you already know
  • create a small, achievable goal to complete everyday (ex. learn one new word, write 3-5 sentences, read lyrics or a small paragraph out loud)
  • change one of your app’s language settings; don’t change your whole phone’s language, it’ll stress you out even more (coming from experience). baby steps!
  • follow influencers on social media that are native speakers (captions in their posts are good for learning new vocab)
  • be confident! it’s okay to struggle, you’re still learning :)
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zh1hui·a month agoText



you would put the 个! the 个 is not there just because it’s part of a sentence. it has the MW function. You could say 他是老师 with the same meaning intended here, but you are technically dropping the 个 (which is very common in colloquial speech, actually, and that can be confusing)

for a little more explanation, the way i understand it, when expressing 他是个老师:

他是老师 and 他是个老师 are two different sentences
i’ve encountered 他是老师 mostly in response to a question to mean “he is the teacher” (as in “who is the teacher?” 谁是老师? “he is the teacher” 他是老师)
他是( 个)老师 means “he is a teacher” as in he is one of the many people who have the occupation teacher.
However I do think sometimes people drop the 个 to sort give a feeling like his identity which is tied to his occupation is being a teacher. “他做什么工作?” What is his job? “他是老师” he is a teacher (fig. he teaches)  / “他是个老师“ he is a teacher


i got a question. in this lesson it says “他在学校工作,是个老师”。is the 个 there only bc its part of a sentence or would i also put a 个 in “他是老师。”?

In the example you gave, the first piece of information is that he works at (a/the) school. He could be an administrator or a janitor, but he is not, he is a teacher. It is his role.

thank u sm !! this helped me a lot hehe

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zh1hui·a month agoText



I only recently discovered Bilingual Manga, a website where you can read Japanese manga for free. The text is all selectable, which means you can use it with addons like Rikaikun, or just copy/paste words or kanji into a dictionary. If you press the blue “Language Switcher” button, the text switches into English! It’s a really useful and fun tool to get used to reading in Japanese. Obviously, those learners who are more of an intermediate level, I’d recommend using this feature very sparingly, since you get more out of it if you use it as an “extra”, after trying to figure it out by yourself.


So far the website’s selection is really small and they’ve got only couple of chapters per manga, but I’d really recommend reading Yotsuba. So fat they have 14 chapters. It’s a really funny slice of life comic with useful vocabulary and variety of characters (and thus speech styles).

not even studying japanese but this is so cool!!

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zh1hui·a month agoText

i’m starting to forget that french grammar is a lot more complicated than mandarin HAHA (i find this hilarious since the languages are not alike at all)

in french class today i couldn’t come up with sentences because i kept using chinese sentence structure instead and emitting words yikes 😳

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zh1hui·a month agoText


好久不见! 不好意思啊,最近我非常非常忙。 我有四个school projects, 太累了! nct 2020 yearparty视频,你看到了吗? 我很期待啊!

我应该post我的中文notes吗?我感觉我的content非常无聊 (~_~;)

i’m so sorry that it’s been a while since i posted, i’ve been so busy with school. i have four projects to do UGH (and i’ve been procrastinating too much). have you guys seen the nct 2020 yearparty video yet? i’m so excited for ot23 !!

should i post some of my handwritten chinese notes? i feel like my content has been really dry recently..

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我刚刚结束功课。我要make birthday cards因为在星期四我的朋友们的生日!

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my heart goes out to all the lives lost and families who lost loved ones 19 years ago.

enfin, c’est le weekend! je ne vais pas faire mes devoirs ce soir…je voudrais regarder Netflix :) bon week-end tout le monde!

明天是周末! 这晚上我不要做功课. 我要看Netflix哈哈. 大家周末愉快! 休息一下!

it’s finally the weekend! i’m not gonna do my homework tonight, instead i want to watch netflix haha. have a good weekend everyone and remember to rest! 

it was so hard to go from french to chinese…i feel like the more i study french for school, the more chinese i’m forgetting :( 明天我要学中文, 加油!

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zh1hui·2 months agoPhoto


nct dream bu:quest preview

为什么仁俊很可爱? i love him so much omg <3

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我每天在试用新的词汇说。学中文一边going to school一边非常难啊。我应该做功课,但在on my手机呵呵。。

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