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zodiactalks·17 hours agoText

While the phrase “mental stimulation” often evokes thoughts of Rubick cubes and chessboards, the truth is we all exercise our minds a little differently.

Yes, some people solve puzzles and play board games with that purpose, but it’s not the only way one can stimulate their minds.

Exercise, reading, chatting, and even cleaning are some of the things the Zodiac signs pursue for mental stimulation, and while some of these activities may not seem as stimulating as others, the truth is they provide exactly what each sign is looking for.

#1 Aries

Arguments and discussions mentally stimulate Aries.

The stakes don’t have to be high, nor the arguments need to be important. What matters is that Aries individuals need someone to discuss with.

Whether it’s about silly themes as the best character in a show or something bigger, like religious beliefs, Arieses love defending their position and poking holes into their opponent’s arguments.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, as it’s pretty hard to find an Aries that doesn’t like to argue over the smallest things.

So, remember. Next time an Aries wants to argue with you, chances are they’re not angry. They’re just bored.

#2 Taurus

Whether they consider themselves religious or not, Taurus individuals tend to enjoy spirituality, as it’s one of those things that can lead to mental expansion.

Meditation for relaxation, prayers for inner peace, and the following of rituals for a sense of accomplishment. Trust Tauruses to find a spiritual activity that will stimulate them.

Unwilling to be boxed in or labeled, Taurus individuals will often pursue the things they want, even if they’re hard to achieve, and that also applies to their spiritual beliefs and practices.

#3 Gemini

For Gemini, mental stimulation comes in the form of fun activities like cooking, reading, gardening, watching TV, etc.

Gemini individuals get their mental stimulation by focusing all of their attention on one activity, and if said activity lets them improve their skills, that’s even better.

They enjoy spending time alone to stop-up on metal energy, so when the time comes to rejoin everyone else, they can blow them away with their renewed energy and interesting conversation topics.

#4 Cancer

Cancer individuals love to try anything at least once, be it for mental stimulation or simply to enjoy a new experience.

New foods, new travel locations, new activities, new styles, new topics. You name it.

Their mental stimulation comes less from practicing a variety of activities and more from learning about new things and trying them out themselves.

Adventurous in spirit, this sign is always on the lookout for something new to try-out.

#5 Leo

Though they love it when people dedicate themselves to them, Leo’s mental stimulation comes from pleasing others.

Of course, Leo individuals are known for going all the way in everything they do, and that extends to how they pamper people.

Trust them to look for innovative and incredibly creative ways to show their appreciation for others, even when they decide to do it out of the blue.

Though, perhaps their mental stimulation doesn’t come from helping others, as much as it comes from finding ways to one-up themselves.

#6 Virgo

Virgos don’t need any more mental stimulation. They’re great at going in circles in their own heads 24/7.

What Virgos need to relax and reload their mental energy are a good veg-out session and some good old-fashioned alone time.

Give them a comfy couch, a TV show that doesn’t require too much thinking and, after a couple of hours, they’ll be as good as new.

Ready to burn through their newfound mental energy by overthinking about everything.

#7 Scorpio

Keen on using their mind even in their downtime, Scorpios love to educate themselves on whichever topic interests them.

A good book, an exciting video, or an online course are their best friends when it comes to relaxation.

What’s best, since Scorpios love learning new things, they take pleasure and refuel their mental energy while performing tasks others would find tedious.

Scorpio individuals are one of the few Zodiac signs that can find mental stimulation while doing their job.

#8 Sagittarius

Like Virgo, Sagittarius individuals use their minds all the time, be it by thinking constructively and overthinking even the smallest of things.

Unlike Virgo, however, Sagittarians don’t like to veg-out. They get nothing out of it.

They stimulate their brains by using their minds even more: Puzzles, riddles, strategy videogames, writing, etc.

Sagittarians know that thinking invites more thinking, and they constantly seek for activities that can help them use their brains.

#9 Capricorn

Capricorns love to use their minds, both during their work hours and during their downtime.

Crossword puzzles, riddles, and other types of exercises give them a thrill, particularly when they get the answers right.

When they need to take a break and distract themselves, they tend to go for hands-on activities, and if they’re logic-based, the better.

Capricorn individuals also get a thrill from assembly-related things, so if they’re all out of puzzles, don’t be surprised if they move to assemble furniture or models.

#10 Aquarius

Gifted with imagination to spare, Aquarius mentally stimulate themselves by writing, be it fiction, technical texts, treatments, essay. Whatever catches their fancy.

They may or may not be interested in others reading what they have to say. Though, as a group, they love boasting about their intelligence, they tend to write for themselves more often than not.

Whenever an Aquarius shares whatever they’ve written, chances are they wrote it for themselves and then realized they could share it with the world.

#11 Pisces

Often found lost in their own heads, this analytical sign finds it hard to take mental breaks.

When they do, though, they enjoy revisiting their past — thinking about things and experiences that brought them joy and recreating them one way or another.

Movies, old photo albums, letters from past lovers; it’s all good, as long as it gives Pisces something to think about.

When they don’t feel like taking a walk down memory lane, they often choose to do hands-on activities, such as cleaning, which for Pisces is a form of motivation on its own.

#12 Libra

An avid reader, Libra likes to exercise their brain by reading books, magazines, blog entries, and more.

They thrive on the idea of acquiring knowledge, and if they find a practical way of using it in their life, that’s even better.

There’s no real subject Libra cares about more than others. They’re a varied bunch with different tastes: Some will find pleasure reading a thriller, others an autobiography, others a technical manual.

What they do have in common, though, is the tendency to find interest in things that can come in useful later in life, so it’s not uncommon for them to read self-help books every now and then.

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zodiactalks·3 days agoText

Some people live for parties; others can’t stand them.

Part of it is the company, what kind of music is played, and the overall energy of the room; Another part can be boiled down to personality: Some people are just not built for it.

#1 Aries

Aries party like they do everything else in life: Without any measure of control.

They’ll dance, they’ll chat, they’ll drink, and if there’s any competition taking place, Aries will join out of principle.

Arieses have soo much energy there’s a good chance they’ll not only party after the night is over, but they’ll stick around to help with the clean-up as well.

If things get boring, Aries won’t hesitate to walk away to a better party, taking half of the attendants as well.

#2 Taurus

Though Taurus isn’t what you’d call “the life of the party,” they’re definitely up there as one of the best guests to invite to a party.

Polite, thoughtful, and orderly, Tauruses are likely to pitch in for the party, be it via food, drinks, or even money.

Not only that, but they’ll show up with a gift for the host, and if that wasn’t enough, there’s a good chance they’ll also help with the cleaning.

They might be out of place in a keg party, but they shine when it comes to more upscale celebrations.

#3 Gemini

Great conversationalists by nature, Geminis love parties in general, as it gives them the chance to mingle with new people and enjoy new experiences.

Geminis are capable of putting people at ease and making themselves the center of attention, even if they don’t intend to.

They’re great for parties where people don’t know each other, as they’ll carry the conversations, but are better kept in check if you don’t want to be ignored at your party.

#4 Cancer

Cancers usually prefer small, private gatherings over huge parties, as they like making sure their guests are having a good time.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated host, as Cancer will go out of their way to make everyone comfortable.

As a guest, they too prefer to keep it small, sticking to private conversations between just a handful of parties.

Even as a guest, Cancers tend to be very solicitous, going for more drinks or appetizers for the host and the people they’re hanging out with.

#5 Leo

An attention hog by nature, parties are essential to Leos in several ways.

Not only will Leos make sure they’re the best-dressed person at any party –including the host– but they’ll make sure their presence gets noticed.

They’ll make a big deal about the gifts, whether they’re receiving them or gifting them, and will make sure the limelight stays on them the entire time.

Dancing, singing, chatting, telling jokes, organizing games. Whatever’s happening, Leo will be on it.

#6 Virgo

Virgos are animators. They like to make sure everyone’s having fun, even if it’s not their party.

They’ll check on others, make sure there’s enough food and drinks, convince people to dance, chat with strangers, etc.

If Virgo is sober, they’ll make sure their friends don’t do things they’ll regret.

If Virgo isn’t sober, they’ll at least make sure you have some laughs the next day. 

#7 Libra

Libras love to party, and they like it even more when people around them are having fun.

If someone looks like they’re not having a good time, Libra will be on them, making sure they don’t bring the party down.

Libra might even try to “cheer up” people who are having a perfectly good time, albeit quietly, making it a bit of a double-edged sword.

Libras have the habit of signing up for more than one party, so it’s not uncommon for them to vanish in the middle of a gathering.

#8 Scorpio

Scorpios only party when they feel like partying.

They can go out and party the night away as readily as they can enjoy staying at home, having some beers with a friend or two.

It’s not that they’re antisocial, it’s that too many people can be exhausting to them, so they enjoy that kind of festivity only when they’re in the mood for it.

#9 Sagittarius

Sagittarians love to party, and they’re happy to join just about any party out there.

Raves, networking events, weddings, baptisms. It doesn’t matter, Sagittarius will be there, happy to take part in the festivities and to try anything at least once.

The thing they like the most about parties is the opportunity to meet new people, as Sagittarians have endless energy when it comes to new encounters.

#10 Capricorn

Parties can be pretty awkward for Capricorns, so they tend to only to those they can’t wiggle out of.

Small gatherings are preferable for Capricorns, but they can always find a way to blend in with large crowds as well.

Give them a little booze and enough time to relax, and they’ll start enjoying themselves.

They might not transform into the life of the party, but I’ll least they start talking to others.

#11 Aquarius

Aquarians love meeting new people, but they also value their peace and quiet, so how they do at a party depends a lot on their mood.

They might stick to a couple of trusted friends; they might transform into the DJ; they might end absorbed in a deep, philosophical conversation with the delivery guy…

No one knows what Aquarius will be at a party, least of all, Aquarius.

#12 Pisces

Known for their overindulgent attitude when it comes to parties, Pisces will make the best out of any gathering they’re invited to.

Kissing strangers, accepting free drinks, eating that gigantic pizza they saw once on TV. It doesn’t matter.

If it looks like it could be fun, they’re going to do it.

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zodiactalks·5 days agoText

While it’s still traditional and by far the most common form of relationship, monogamy is no longer the only kind of romantic relationship out there.

Open marriages, polygamous relationships, and other combinations have slowly entered the collective mind and are carving a space in society.

Nonetheless, monogamy remains typical, and while plenty of people who call themselves monogamous cheat on their partners, many others are perfectly happy to be with their other half.

Whether they’re doing it out of respect and love for their partner or whether they genuinely can’t imagine being with anyone else, the following zodiac signs are the most likely to stick to a monogamous relationship and mean it.

#1 Virgo

Virgos are known for their dedication and commitment to anything they choose to do, and relationships are no different.

If anything, they make even more of an effort.

Virgos work hard on their relationships and are genuinely interested in making them work. They’re not known for their flights of fancy, so if they’re interested in you, they’ll mean it.

On a more cynical side, Virgos are also practical; they recognize that maintaining more than one relationship is too much work and will undoubtedly lead to failure, so sticking to a single partner is only logical.

#2 Leo

Leos love being admired and cared for, which means a stable romantic relationship means a lot to them.

Sure, they can always find people that admire them, but someone who loves them and genuinely gets them is a lot more complicated, and Leos know that.

What’s more, though they don’t like to admit it, Leos can be pretty possessive, and the idea of sharing their partners with someone else can be too much to bear.

Monogamy, then, is Leo’s best option.

#3 Libra

Committed and old-fashioned, Libras genuinely enjoy focusing their attention and romantic feelings on a single partner.

It’s not only generally easier, but it’s also the best way to dedicate yourself fully to your relationship and really get to know what makes your significant other tick. 

Libras aren’t risk-takers, and that tends to extend to relationships as well: A comfortable and committed monogamous relationship is way easier than involving other people.

#4 Pisces

Always thinking with their hearts, even the most open-minded Pisces out there will have trouble with the idea of sharing their partner, however temporary and consensual it might be.

Often oversensitive, Pisces can come to doubt themselves in a polygamous relationship, always double-guessing whether the other parties love them as much, and seeing signs of the opposite where there are none.

 Pisces individuals are also known for giving too much, so the more partners they have, the higher the chances of giving and giving without asking anything in return.

#5 Cancer

While Cancers could potentially be a match for open marriages and polygamous relationships, thanks to how comfortable they are in relationships in general, they have a dark side that might complicate matters.

When things are going great in a relationship, they’ll be the most faithful, protective, and loving individuals to every party involved.

If they start feeling threatened like the relationship isn’t fair or that the parties involved aren’t equally committed, they can get suspicious, clingy, and outright paranoid.

Still, if they’re willing to put in the work to not let their negative thoughts rule them, Cancers have a better shot at non-monogamous relationships than others in this list.

#6 Capricorn

While they’re a very sexual zodiac sign, Capricorns are also known for their traditional values and more reserved approach to relationships.

Faithful, practical, and reliable. Building a long-lasting relationship where every party is equally committed is crucial for this sign.

While Capricorns may not have a problem with polygamy and other non-monogamous relationships, per se, they’re likely to see monogamy as a time-tested and secure option overall.

Still, Capricorns are notoriously sexual beings, so threesomes, cuckolding, swinging, and other kinks might be explored, provided they keep that kind of exploration in the bedroom.

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zodiactalks·7 days agoText

They say time is relative.

Einstein’s theory of relativity states that time and space aren’t constant and that the only real constant out there is how fast light travels.

Because of this, things like altitude, gravity, and speed of travel can affect how time passes, though not necessarily in a way we’ll be able to appreciate with the naked eye.

While Einstein’s theory of relativity certainly didn’t involve the Zodiac at all, the following signs could very well prove that theory.

That’s because, for the following zodiac signs, time is relative.

#1 Taurus

If you’re a Taurus, chances are you can’t remember the last time you finished something on time, or the last time you made it in time to an appointment, for that matter.

It’s not that you don’t like what you do or you don’t want to get there in time. It’s that you enjoy the process of getting ready a little too much, and that can be incredibly time-consuming.

Grooming yourself is one of your priorities, and it’ll take a genuine emergency to get you to leave the house without looking the best.

You might show up late to an appointment, but you’ll show up looking your best.

#2 Scorpio

Strict, disciplined, and cool-headed. You’d think to be a Scorpio would mean you’re good at managing your time, but that’s simply not the case.

At least not when it comes to early morning appointments.

You love your sleep, and while you have no problem showing up in time after noon, anything earlier than that can be challenging.

Setting up several alarms doesn’t seem to help. You’ll just hit snooze whenever you hear it, if you hear it at all.

Smart Scorpios know to make late afternoon appointments to ensure they arrive on time.

The young and optimistic still need to learn that lesson… or just forego sleep entirely if they need to be up before the sun.

#3 Leo

As a Leo, you know you can be your worst enemy.

You crave and love attention, to the point of demanding it, but you also love pampering yourself and taking your time to look your best.

You’ve somehow managed to combine procrastination with perfectionism, which leads to starting projects too late and trying to do them perfectly.

The perfectionism is commendable, no doubt, but your habit of getting side-tracked and distracted by instant gratification often throws a wrench into your plans.

You can either learn to start working on time, or you can start working away from all distractions.

#4 Aquarius

Always a bit flighty, the idea of sticking to a rigorous schedule is appealing in theory, but you find yourself surrounded by chaos more often than not.

You’re the kind of person who forgets appointments, or shows up two hours too late or too early.

You buy a planner, then forget to fill it: You install a new time-management app, then forget it even exists; You set up dozens of alarms and notifications on your phone, and then forget to check it.

Chaos dominates your life more often than not, and though you manage to cruise by with a healthy dose of luck, you can’t help but feel jealous of those who seem to have all their affairs in order.

#5 Gemini

You just don’t care about time management. Period.

Schedules, dates, and deadlines are treated as suggestions rather than something that you need to adhere to, and you have no problem making others wait.

It’s not uncommon for friends and loved ones to not invite you anywhere. It’s not that they don’t like you there, it’s that they know better than to extend an invitation.

Always late, always unwilling to commit with an appointment, or give a definite answer when asked if you’ll attend an event or not.

If there’s a word to describe people who subconsciously do everything in their power to avoid being in time, it’d be synonymous with Gemini.

#6 Libra

In general, Libras hate commitment, and that extends to committing their time as well.

You have no problem wasting other people’s time, and even their money. You’ll show up late even to events other people are paying you to attend, and you’ll rarely, if ever, feel ashamed about it.

Apologizing? Fuggedaboutit.

As far as you’re concerned, you’ve never made it a secret that you don’t even try to be on time, so the other person should’ve known what they were signing up when they invited you to that event.

If you’ve ever been tricked into showing up early to an event by being told it starts at least an hour in advance, chances are you’re a Libra.

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