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zombbean·4 hours agoText


it’s one toddler and one 12-year-old who should not be babysitting but is babysitting


Oh God this reads like two toddlers but it’s two men close to their eighties.


Last thing I want to add:

I could only notate/paraphrase so much. Please look up more info and recaps about the debate if you missed it or can’t catch a recording. Second-hand information is only so much; always try to inform yourself first-hand, too, and double-check things you watch/read/hear. And of course:


Part nine (the finale!):

• Out of nowhere, Trump: “Bad things happen in Philadelphia! Bad things.”

• Trump said mail-in voting has already been proven fraudulent and Biden deadass tells him he has no idea what he’s talking about

• Debate ends and Melanie slinks on stage. No mask.

• Jill Biden greets moderator politely and wears a mask (guess which has actual manners)

• Post-interview time!

• “It was a pure train wreck. I don’t know how that helped anybody if you’re an independent voter.”

• other station: “it was a disaster”

• Everyone’s immediately calling out Trump for being rude and interrupting and agitated from the very beginning of the debate til the end.

• “This took it too far, even for Donald Trump”

• “The way he ran that debate is the way he runs the country” YUP

• Turned on Fox just to get an idea of what both sides are saying and they’re talking about Biden losing his cool but he only was because trump wouldn’t shut up??


80 minutes down, 40 to go (part 8):

• Biden says he’ll join the Paris Accord if elected

• Moderator is fact-checking the shit out of this debate, on both sides

• “Trump actually said we should drop a nuclear weapon on the hurricane” “that’s not true” “it is true” “no it’s not, made up”

• We’re back to bringing up China, Russia, and India again which he keeps bringing up in that same order as if he can’t remember any other countries and had to memorize those just for tonight

• “The final question is — I can’t remember which of his rantingsis up” “me too” (paraphrased but still)

• The Biden Plan™️

• Trump’s own officials assure mail-in voting is safe and not rigged but apparently trump disagrees with his own officials

• Biden reminding you to VOTE. TRUMP. OUT.

• “Crooked Hillary Clinton”

• Trump’s sad because a ballot with his name on it was in the trash (odd, because that’s where it should be)

• Trump is all but threatening to go to the Supreme Court about mail-in ballots and voting legitimacy, once again hinting that he will not leave office peacefully in January 2021 if voted out

• Biden told Trump he was afraid of losing the election because of losing the vote and from fraud and Trump got SO MAD again


I wanna cry and laugh at the same time, part 7:

• “he made a statement! I need to respond!” *moderator frantically starts telling him that no, no he does not*

• “Antifa is an idea, not an organization” — Biden

• “Antifa is a dangerous, ridiculous group.” — Trump

• Now we’re talking about Clinton and her “con job”

• “He’s Putin’s puppy.” — Biden


• “You’re party has agreed not to interrupt —” *Trump interrupts* “That was not a rhetorical question!”

• Trump is taking more shots at Biden’s son, Hunter

• Now the moderator is getting pissed

• *frustrated moderator voice* “I want to talk about climate change”

• Insulting the Paris Accord, talking about business over the environment

• Won’t talk about the actual science of climate change, just keeps talking about forest management and forest cities??? And he cares about clean air so apparently that’s an answer about science


We’re only halfway there, cry (part 6):

• Trump actually has the balls to tell off Biden about race when he’s a racist and treating people and their children who crossed the southern border like animals in cages

• Trump is so white-sensitive and xenophobic it’s painful

• “He’s racist” Biden isn’t even pretending to give a fuck

• Trump is (still) staring Biden down like he’s his prey and he’s trying to intimidate him but Biden is refusing to even glance his way

• Every time Biden says anything, Trump has to disagree even if it’s statistics/facts

• Trump has said “law and order” at least a dozen time in the past 10 minutes

• “Mr. President, you be really happy with the next subject of debate: law and order” gee I wonder what they’re talking about

• Law and order (x100)


Round 3 of this shit show, here we go:

• He’s calling COVID the “China Flu” and blaming China for all the COVID deaths here (so I guess he has no sense of accountably)

• He keeps saying we have the best economy in the world (OBVIOUS lies)

• Biden just asked for more time back to make up for Trump’s interruptions during his allotted time

• “I have to respond to that” “You’ve both already had your time, Sir” Trump continues to talk and ignore the monitor

• “I’m the one who brought back football!” Sports players and team staff from all different sports leagues are still testing COVID positive despite isolation

• “No, Mr. President, I am asking you a question” this monitor is dealing with an errant child

• “How much in taxes did you pay in 2016 and 2017?” “Millions and millions of dollars.” YEAH, OKAY.


Update (10 minutes later):

• Trump is comparing COVID to swine flu (200k deaths vs ~14k respectively)

• Biden brought up the bleach injection thing and Trump tried to claim it was sarcastic while obviously pouting

• Trump is claiming he spoke to the “scientists in charge” (of what? from where? who are they? we do. It know!) and we’ll have a vaccine “very soon”

• Trump just told Biden not to call himself smart as he is “anything but”

• “Tell that you Nancy Pelosi.” “Will he just shush?”

• Trump is showing how little he actually understands COVID

• shut down is “very bad” and shut down states are “doing very bad” meanwhile Glorida governor just lifted all COVID regulations


If you’re not American and want a recap of the first 20 minutes of the debate:

  • Trump has already taken a shot at senator Elizabeth warren (MA, D) and called her Pocahontas
  • The moderator has had to tell trump MULTIPLE TIMES to stop interrupting him and Biden
  • Biden keeps laughing at trump every time he says something obviously wrong
  • Trump keeps shouting about socialism
  • Trump is trying to piss Biden off but he won’t even look at him
  • Biden deadass just told trump to “just shut up, man”
  • We haven’t even started COVID talk yay

• “He shows up with the biggest mask I have ever seen!!!” ????? What?????

• “You’re the worst president we’ve ever had.” — Biden

• We’re turning the conversation towards protests, here we go

• “If you believe in the science of climate change, why did you roll back about the emissions?” “Because it was too expensive” oh, so it IS about money

• Now all three men are talking loudly at once and nothing productive is happening

• Overall, it was a massive shit show and the president disgraced to American politics


Jesus fuck.

anywho vote ffs just fucking vote

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Telll meeee

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Friendly reminder that bisexual, pansexual, asexual, and aromantic people do not experience “straight passing privilege”.

Identity erasure is not a privilege, it is oppression.

‘you are treated as ‘normal’ provided you never speak about or acnowlege your identity’

neither, importantly, do “passing” trans people. or anyone else.

“You are treated as ‘normal’ provided you never speak about or acknowlege your identity.”

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Drew my Among Us OC Doc.

SeDOCtion <3

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The Get Mitch Fund raised over $8 million overnight to support 13 Democratic candidates to help flip the Senate. They are now up to over $12.5 million total. For those of you doing the math, if they keep this up, each of these campaigns could get a $1 million boost just weeks before Election Day. Donate here to help flip the Senate and ensure a new Majority Leader in 2021.

I donated to Get Mitch or Die Trying.

$16 million and counting! votesaveamerica.com/getmitch

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I think a lot of us would love this (x)

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Doodled my favorite Five Nights of Flirting characters~ <3

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