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There’s just something about a girl tying her hair up that hits different, you know?

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Another week passed, so it’s time a new flash art compilation!

This time most of the piece have a common theme, “Film Gold”. See how this One Piece movie inspired our artists!


Kasai_draws clarifies: I’ve decided to draw Hiyori / Komurasaki because I love her strong personality and she’s my favorite Wano character. In style, I have tried to make it more like a “Japanese” features but without losing manga style 


Art_Of_Firefly tells: I really like Kaya she is so sweet and kind. After all she had to got through and her depression i thought it was really important to draw her laughing and happy 


Majora explains: I love Film Gold, and with this sketch I wanted to experiment drawing Hina with a more realistic style, which I think fits Oda’s characters quite well!


Lufdraws says: it’s luf loving OP ladies hours again!✨how could I resist putting Hancock in a white suit rly? I wanted to keep the design simple, elegant & a bit wild🐍 she deserves more screentime, and definitely more opportunities to show us her incredible strength🔥🔥 


AMossyMess states: I believe Cosette is a very strong woman character in One Piece, as she lived through awful tragedies of her employers. She cooks for people who don’t appreciate her work, but still works hard for them. I’d enjoy to see her dressed up and having a luxurious vacation out on Tesoro’s ship to reward herself. So I made this, I hope she has a fun trip! Haha! 


Jccatstudios asks: Film Gold? More like Film 24 CARROT Gold! I wanted these fashion designs to blend well with the original Straw Hat designs, but still let her uniqueness shine through. Carrot is a force to be reckoned with, both in strength and artistic skills!‬


All MyCrysArtz wants to say is: “Happy Birthday, Carrot!” We hope to watch more of her epic accomplishments as the story progresses!

And what would you wish her? :)

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Okay I feel real dumb for only just realizing this now but the reason Lola’s pirate crew is called the Rolling Pirates is because her name in Japanese, ローラ/rōra, can also be the word ‘roller.’

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zorume-star·2 days agoAnswer

Hi! I just wanted to ask, does oiran just mean courtesan or is it prostitute?? I've seen both translarions employed to describe Komurasaki from Wano Arc...

well, i mean, those are both correct, because ‘courtesan’ means an upper-class prostitute who specializes in a wealthy/upper-class clientele. oiran were indeed courtesans and thus prostitutes, although, as with geisha, their focus tended to be more on entertaining with the arts and with good conversation rather than solely on sleeping with clients. (you can find the wiki article on them here.)

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Can we get a Sanji thoughts/analysis now that you're on WCI?

oh, boy. hm. yeah. 

for the sake of my sanity, i’m gonna leave off addressing the sexism thing here, because i’ve talked about it before in other posts (check this tag if you really want) and also other people have done it better than me. my friend star has a really good essay on the matter and why different people have such different opinions on it that you can find here.

that disclaimer out of the way: i really like sanji, actually. i’ve said before that if not for the amount of regrettable joke material oda has saddled him with, i think he’d be my favorite strawhat, and even as is, i still like him a whole lot.

sanji is, of the strawhats, maybe the most self-sacrificially inclined, which is almost impressive given how many attempted heroic sacrifices these assholes attempt to pull. with sanji, though, it’s an established trait ever since his introductory arc- first with his refusal to quit working at the baratie because of his perceived debt despite zeff literally firing him, and later with his willingness to just fucking let pearl kill him for the same reason. whole cake island and his actions during it is basically the culmination of this character trait. 

sanji, by all appearances, doesn’t value his own life and happiness very highly, despite the amount of justified confidence he has in his abilities as both a fighter and a cook. this is something that makes a lot more sense when you look at the environment he was brought up in- if everyone around a child is telling him he’s a worthless mistake for the first eight or so years of his life, he’s kind of bound to internalize that at least somewhat. 

sanji is one of the more independent actors on the crew in general. he has a tendency to kind of fuck off and do stuff on his own that everyone else only finds out about after shit starts blowing up (see: enel’s arc, mr. prince, gates of justice), which is one of my favorite aspects of his character. and that’s what he’s attempting to do in whole cake island too, pretty clearly- sneak off on his own and solve the problem for everybody else before it becomes a problem. it just doesn’t work out that way, because the cost this time around isn’t something his crewmates will tolerate. 

sanji cares very much about the people he’s close to, both the strawhats and zeff, but it doesn’t seem to occur to him that they care about him just as much. he’s genuinely surprised when luffy bombs into whole cake island to rescue him even though any objective observer could have predicted that in a heartbeat. sanji’s seen luffy go through hell and high water for nami, robin, vivi, and ace, among others, and still doesn’t expect that he’ll merit that same level of concern. not to mention that zeff is clearly upset at sanji’s self-sacrificial bullshit during the baratie arc (which sanji ignores). can you imagine how pissed he’d be if he knew what sanji was trying to pull to keep him safe during WCI? 

tldr: someone needs to beat “you are loved” into sanji’s stupid stupid head asap.

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🧜🏼🌿 MerMay 2020 🌊💙

Here’s my illustration for this year’s Mermay ! I’ve decided to draw Zara Sora, my One Piece OC, as she’s got some merfolk blood in her veins.

I’ve also decided to test gouache painting, and I really love it ! I did a lot of mistakes during the process (like painting the background in the end…) but I understand where I messed up so I can do something better next time. This is my very first take at gouache (aside from when I was a kid) and doing a full background with plants so in the end, I’m really proud of this illustration !

Follow me on Ko-Fihttps://ko-fi.com/i/IJ3J21QIOW
All my linkshttps://linktr.ee/zorume13

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Babs and the Batgirls

I’m giving out cookies to those who noticed the heart shape 💕

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Dinah: ˡᶦᵉ


Dinah: ˡᶦᵉ ᵇᵉᵗᵗᵉʳ

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Behind every man there’s a badass broad.
Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn (2020)

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FINALLY got these done lmao. I really like how all of these turned out except for Kirk but ykw? Not every drawing can be a winner and that’s fine!

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And it’s official: we have closed our applications!

We got some really incredible contributors for this project and we want to thank you all for your applications and encouraging words. You are the best!

Now we’re starting the creation process and we can’t wait to show you some snippets of our contributors works! In the meantime we will be traditionally showing you more of flash fics and art created by them, so stay tuned :)

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(obligatory disclaimer: agreeing or disagreeing with one or more of these does not necessarily make you ace or NOT ace, your experience will vary!)

  • You’re not sure if you’ve ever felt sexual attraction.
  • You’re not even sure what ‘sexual attraction’ is vs. other types of attraction
  • You’ve ever had to just pick a person (celebrity or otherwise) that you had a ‘crush’ on in order to fit in with your peers (regardless of gender)
  • You’ve felt pressured to pursue relationships because “that’s just what everyone does”
  • You’ve felt pressured to kiss/touch/have sex with someone because “that’s just what everyone does”
  • Your peers being obsessed with sex makes you feel deeply uncomfortable or excluded
  • You’ve tried to mimic sex jokes or sexualized behaviors in order to fit in with your peers.
  • You’ve ever felt like “well, I guess must be bi/pan because my level of attraction towards everyone is the same” (and that sameness feeling isn’t actually, y’know, sexual attraction) (I’m just saying you’d be surprised how many aces start off identifying as bisexual or pansexual and then realize they are bi/pan ace or aro ace)
  • People having crushes/dating/having sex feels like a joke and you’re pretty sure everyone else is also faking or exaggerating their attractions (but then you realize they’re Not)
  • There are times when you suddenly remember that other people Fuck in real life, with Each Other, and it’s surreal as hell
  • The entire topic of sex is repulsive to you, or your just don’t understand why other people care about it so much.
  • You don’t understand people who complain if they go without sex for X days.
  • You don’t understand why people cheat (in real life or media), no matter how “hot” the person they cheated with is.
  • You’re fine thinking about sex as a vague concept, or even other people having sex (especially in fiction and/or on video) but when the topic of sex involves you personally, (or real life people) it’s a big nope.
  • Sexual jokes, innuendo, or flirting tends to go over your head often.
  • You have no interest or desire to masturbate and don’t get why other people do.
  • You enjoy masturbation but you’d be fine going without it.
  • You enjoy masturbation and can’t understand why some people claim that it isn’t “enough” for them vs having sex.
  • The idea of the “honeymoon night” (or other implied social sexual contracts, like a date expecting sex in return for dinner/being nice) fills you with dread.
  • The idea of having sex is strange or upsetting for you.
  • You enjoy sex but you’d be fine going without it.
  • You enjoy sex but can’t understand why some people seem addicted to it.
  • Sex is something you enjoy (or endure) moreso to have intimacy with your partner or because you want them to be pleased.
  • You’ve ever told someone you don’t want a relationship/don’t want to have sex, and they felt sorry for you or acted like you’re weird even though you’re perfectly happy.


You might be Grey Asexual if:

  • You’ve definitely felt sexual attraction (maybe) but it’s a rare occurrence
  • (Not to be confused with having a libido)

You might be Demisexual if:

  • You’ve definitely felt sexual attraction (maybe) but it was only after getting to know someone really well and only for that person (and even then, it might come and go at times)

If you find many of these things relatable, you might wanna look deeper into asexuality! 

*- Please note that whether or not you have a libido is not a qualifying factor for whether or not you are ace. Some aces have zero desire or need to masturbate, for instance, others do masturbate. Some aces will even have sex to satisfy that drive. Feeling aroused is not the same as sexual attraction. This might sound confusing, but trust me it makes sense when you’re in this situation.

*- Also note that whether you have positive feelings towards sex (for other people or yourself), indifference to sex, or are triggered/repulsed by sex, also has no bearing on whether or not you are asexual. Allosexual people can also be positive, indifferent, or repulsed by sex, especially certain actions.

*- Ultimately, you are ace if you don’t experience sexual attraction, but since it’s a really freaking difficult task to recognize the absence of something you don’t even feel, this list might help some aces figure themselves out! ♥

(Feel free to add more! Aphobes and exclusionists, don’t interact)

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Brie Larson is the biggest Lesbian!Carol warrior

she will fight until carol gets a girlfriend mark my words

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