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"We are the things monsters have nightmares about". -  Multifandom. Filled with personal ramblings about life. / call me Moragh.

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👏🏾Education 👏🏾is 👏🏾a 👏🏾right,👏🏾 not👏🏾 a👏🏾 service 👏🏾

Pass along and use the shit out of them

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sometimes i think about how constellations are an entirely man-made construct and don’t actually exhist inherently in nature. i mean, the universe just gave us stars, and we saw art and myths and stories in them. the capacity that humans have for seeing purpose in the incidental makes me realize just how lonely we are on this planet, desperately searching for meaning elsewhere in the universe.

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Nicky, 6am: How are you this morning, my love?

Joe, closer to dead than the living: You know, they killed Socrates because he asked too many questions.

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Danusha Laméris, Bonfire Opera: Poems

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old guard text + individual characters (3/6) | booker

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A fluffy little TOG fic :)

Read on AO3


No response. It had to be nearly 2AM by now.


Still nothing. Reluctantly, Nicky turned his head on the linen pillow and blinked his eyes open. The love of his life was sitting up, sketchbook in hand, gaze transfixed on Nicky’s face. Nicky noticed how the hotel bed lamp on Joe’s side, still on, lit up his curls like a halo.

To Nicky’s dark-adjusted eyes, it was like looking into the sun, and he only spent a minute marveling at the irony of his artist’s ethereal beauty before groaning and covering his face with an arm.

Amore, please,” Joe protested softly, reaching out to move his arm.

“It is too bright, Joe.”

For a moment, there was silence.

“I’m sorry,” Joe said quietly. His voice sounded far away, and Nicky quickly moved his arm to look at him. Joe was leaning away to set his sketchbook aside. He switched off the light and settled back onto his pillow.


Afficher davantage

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marwan kenzari attends shooting stars 2014 during the 64th berlinale international film festival on february 10th, 2014 in berlin, germany.

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marwan kenzari on stage at the shooting stars stage presentation during the 64th berlinale international film festival on february 10th, 2014 in berlin, germany.

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me watching a romance, enjoying it but knowing fully well i’ll never experience that in my life:

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christians: god makes no mistakes


Absolutely living for the fact that in ancient Greece, it was said that when Apollo was drunk he created people with the “wrong” genitalia,, which, first of all, means that 1. trans people are not a new thing, we’ve always been here and we’ve always found ways to justify and explain our existence, and 2. the way that we chose to explain ourselves at one point was, “Yeah, the sun was wasted as hell when he made me, but it’s cool.” and that is fucking awesome

ancient greeks: actually sometimes god os just really fucking wasted

the god of trans people is also the god of wine so that checks out 

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the bravest writers are the ones who make granny characters in scifi and fantasy solely for the sake of having grannies i think there needs to be more old ladies who Fight and Kill

not only because i like the concept of badass oldladies and the destruction of the concept that all girl characters have to be sexually appealing to the audience bc thats fucking annoying as shit, there is literally Nothing funnier than the concept of a granny with a massive sword or death laser. she pinches ur cheek lovingly and then saws someone in half. amazing

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best trope!!!: two characters are undercover at a ball. they’re dressed up all fancy & a waltz starts playing & they dance together but they’re carefully analyzing the room & theorizing under their breaths the entire time. bonus points if they get separated & dance w different partners at some point & then shove through the crowd to get back to dancing w each other. MORE bonus points if one of them is wearing a fluffy dress & the other lifts them into the air

more VERY good points abt this trope

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as Glen McReynolds in EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!! (2016)

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We are not dating because I can’t handle the idea of being in a relationship and he’s respecting it so we decide to be something on our own terms.




You want the secret backstory? I’m gonna give you the secret backstory.

We met over three years ago on Facebook. He was a friend of a friend (let’s call that mutual friend D. and I’m gonna talk about that one friend you all ship me with as F.) and somehow we ended up replying to D.’s comment. Now it’s common knowledge that Im a very smooth talker with my friends when I really like them, so I was already jokingly flirting with D. when F. joined. We flirted back at each others because it was fun, and then we all asked each other in marriage and did very bad montages of happy polycule/constellation couple except we all photoshopped our heads on theirs. F. and I added each other but didn’t talk much until M/nster Prom came out: D. made a group conversation where he added F., another friend in common and me. Starting from that we played SO MUCH together and all bonded very damn well. The twist is that F. and myself are the only male loving male out of the group, D. being a poly-het and our other friend (L.) being a bisexual woman. While we do all act like a 4 people QPR polycule/constellation, sweet talking to each other, giving pet names, holding hands etc, F. and I are *very* close and he came home multiple times (he slept home like… at least 1 week per month for the last five months?), we are always together and share bed very often if needed considering we don’t mind sleeping together since we respect each other boundaries. (I mean aside of calling me Pedro in his sleep and shoving my plush in my arms, he never did bad to me and uh, worst case I’ll drool on him.) We often joke about actually getting married but I’ll lost a lot of disabled related help if we do so, sorry, no fake wedding unless we find a solution.



I love how half of the reblogs/tags/notes is like “GUYS JUST DATE??” and the other half is like “So great to see some close make friends!!”




He was talking to his mom about his vacations here because he left earlier today and is home, and his mom mentioned me using the term “boyfriend”







Because he bought a shirt with skulls and stuffs like that on it while he’s usually a very plain clothes guy, his mom is saying I’m bad company because I’m influencing him in the wrong way



Okay here’s the list of everything we got

For him:

  • My lover
  • My husband
  • My fiancé
  • My only-2nd-in-mom’s list possible boyfriend.

For me:


He’s currently sleeping at my place and sleep talked few nights ago, shoved my teddy bear in my arms while saying “Get it, Pedro, you’ll need it.”




My hypnotherapist refers to him as “My husband” and one of my tattoo artists calls him “my boyfriend”









You know a lot of people meeting us are convinced we are dating because we are both softies who love to hold hands and hug and I give a LOT of petnames (like kitten, baby, sugar, etc..). Even on discord when we are in vocal, new people are sure we are dating like a guy once apologized to me because he didn’t want me to think he was trying to hit on my man lol

Also we are in a group of 4 people and we are the only mlm so I end up drawing us as a couple often whenever I hear a gay couple describing each other funnily.


You’re… not dating???? ಠ_ಠ



The story takes place in summer. A friend drove 5h to come to see me (which was very sexy of him) and we spent the whole day together. We had a blast but damn I was exhausted af and so was he so we went to bed, sharing the same bed and I quickly fall asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night, finding the bed empty and cold. I’m alone in the room. It’s past midnight. I’m lost and confused because I spent the whole month dissociating really hard so maybe it was all fake, I imagined everything and in reality I’m lonely and this was nothing but a dream.

But no.


One night I woke up and got almost convinced that the day before never existed because of a man and it’s still fuck me up sometimes

He was just too hot because it was 40° and went on the couch in the living room. We moved the fan to the bedroom and ended up falling asleep. To this day he’s still ashamed to make me panicked that night. :’)

He knows no rest

Could’ve fooled me

(Translation: “My lover is an antiquity, I found him in a flea market.”

Did I ever mention he’s almost 2m tall and he’s the softest man I ever met when it’s about to hold kitten in his hands??? You need to know that. I’m 170cm and I feel small next to him

Great news! Now his own friends are asking him if we are secretly dating!

Friends to lovers, slow burn, 50k

Where’s the fic now!!!

He forgot his sweater at my place and now it’s mine. Finder’s keeper, bitch.

I have never shipped a couple so hard YOU BETTER KEEP US UPDATED

Oh well, then here: We’re going on vacations this summer!! None of our friends asked for our opinions for the bedrooms and they decided that they will all get simple bedroom while we will get the double one.

My life is getting my friends assigned as my lovers.

I have, for once, been assigned as the boyfriend!!

My doctor got very into our romance and asked if he was moving with me. Got disappointed when I said no. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that we aren’t dating.

He doesn’t know any Pedro. None of my names are Pedro.

  • His boyfriend
  • His lover
  • His babe
  • “Bad company” by his mom

But why are you “bad company” by his mom

And I love being seen as bad influence or bad company because I’m clearly not haha

You ever consider dating? (Is it like a QPR? Or yall just vibing.

We eventually talked about dating, but I’m absolutely not interested in being in a romantic relationship and it’s the same for him. We are very happy with our current relationship, we are excellent friends vibing together, we just find it hilarious that people see us as a couple!


Can we have context please? How did the word Boyfriend come up?

We don’t know if she meant your boy friend or your boyfriend, regardless, my friend didn’t ask anything and went with the flow.

Alright now he knows you’re all shipping us and he enjoys it

You know what I forgot he actually has tumblr and read this damn post along with your answers.

We can be your guys being dudes or your slow burn ship, we’re multitasks.

Awwwww!!!! This is adorable. How long have y’all been secretly da-.. I mean friends?

TL;dr: I met him on Facebook 3 years ago and made a fake poly marriage with another friend and now he’s very dear to me. Thanks to how poorly made laws are for disabled people we can’t even give you a fake wedding ending even if we thought about it as a joke.

He first drove 5 hours to come to see me so now this time it’s my turn to drive 5 hours to go to see him.

We are boyfriends.

Here for these who asked for a pic of us

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Can someone please write a sterek ficlet about this Pretty please?

//for thesterek, because i’ve had this in my likes forever and finally got around to it and OH MY GOD THAT PHOTO.  I hope its worth it!! featuring handyman!derek and a metric ton of fluff.//

Stiles graduates from Stanford with honors, and after a few months of scrounging together every penny he’s ever made, he moves into his first grownup apartment back in Beacon Hills. And it’s…fine, it’s perfectly nice, Lydia, not everybody can afford a chic little studio in the Beacon Hills equivalent of soho. So what if his landlady is kinda shifty about the previous tenants, and the floor is always vaguely sticky, and the fridge makes worrying clanking noises in the middle of the night. It may be old and the worse for wear and technically an attic, but it’s affordable and it’s his

In the spirit of his first foray into independence, Stiles throws a housewarming party.  

“It’s nice,” Scott lies enthusiastically when he arrives, handing Stiles his housewarming gifts– an economy sized bag of Pirate’s Booty and a rubber spatula with a bow on it, thank you, Scotty. At his side, Kira nods uncertainly, smiling in earnest. 

“It’s a dump,” Malia says matter-of-factly, pushing past them to go snooping through the kitchen. 

“It has potential,” Kira corrects, leveling an admonishing frown in her direction. “The windows are really nice and big, and you have way more space than Scott and I do.”

“Thanks for trying, guys,” Stiles says cheerfully, clapping Scott companionably on the shoulder. “I mean, Malia’s totally right, but I appreciate your support.”

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i know quynh mad rn but

i just want her and andy to resolve this issue and for them not to kill each other and for then to just get to be together again

joe + nicky doing literally anything together but preferably some soft things like MORE CUDDLING IN BED

nile saving all of them again because i just want that to be a Thing that always happens

nile getting some sort of closure with her family because i’m sad that she’s sad

booker just being there and not being exiled because he makes me sad and i want to hug him (even tho you did a shitty thing)

nile being gay all of them being gay only the gays can live forever that’s the secret

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