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daddyslittlesnugglebunny2 17 hours ago
Not big enough to wear pull-ups!
Yesss I am! 馃ズ Seeeee?? 馃檲
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hissluthisprincess 2 days ago
He鈥檚 so fucking cute why am I not sucking his dick or leaking his cum or choking on his spit or holding his hand 馃ズ
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somethingworthbeingwet a day ago
He had made me a collar the night before. It was rough, just a piece of leather with a heavy chrome buckle and a leash loop. It had only one hole and it was made to fit me tight.
I turned up my nose when he presented it to me. He is an experienced craftsman and I knew he was capable of better. I am his treasured pet and I thought (foolishly) that I was deserving of better. I didn't want anything fancy, just something more suitable.
"It's just a prototype, I need to see that it will hold up. If you behave, I will make you a nicer one."
I beamed at him and allowed him to put it on me. It was tight and rigid, the edges were almost sharp. The buckle felt cold and heavy on the back of my neck. Fuck, did I feel sexy. I also felt the comfortable weight of submission fall upon my shoulders.
"It suits you. Come, I want to test it out." His voice was hard and demanding. He snapped a leash to the loop. The pressure jolted my head and was terribly intimidating. I silently nodded and hesitantly followed him to the bedroom. He had never asked that I crawl in his presence but with the leash...........
Once we had arrived at the second floor landing he turned around and placed a hand on my shoulder. I knew immediately what he wanted, I lowered to my knees and with a bite to my lip followed him to the bed on all fours.
My heart and mind were racing. I had been submissive before but the collar added a new element, I couldn't put my finger on it! All I could think about was having a little name tag on my collar; what would it say, I wondered.
I obediently sat on the bed as he commanded I do and he tied the leash to the hooks that he had installed into the ceiling.
"Sit, Pet." He said, smoothing my hair and straightening my collar.
I watched as he undressed and I could feel how wet my panties were becoming. It was terribly distracting.
"Did I tell you that you could stop watching?"
My attention snapped back to him and I shook my head as I bit my lip. I really wanted a new collar, I really had to behave.
He changed from his work clothes into the oh so familiar black slacks and shiny black boots that meant he was my Master. There was no questioning it now, obedience was compulsory. My panties were soaked through the moment I saw him pull the boots out of the closet. I quivered with anticipation.
He approached me, my god he was an imposing image. I felt so small in front of him. "Take off your clothes," he demanded.
I blushed as I pulled off my jeans, I didn't want him to see how wet that I was just from being intimidated by him. But see he did and he smiled a wry smile that made me squirm. He removed the leash so that I could remove my top and quickly reattached it. His cock was hard but restrained by his slacks. My nipples were hard and extremely sensitive to his touch when he finally chose to touch me; I squirmed and moaned at his touch and I couldn't stop my hips from grinding as his fingers slipped between my legs.
"Oh. I see that you've made yourself ready for me...." he said as he slipped two fingers into my sopping wet pussy. I think that I visibly withered when he withdrew them immediately and raised them to his lips, his eyes never left mine as he tasted me.
"Good, Pet."
I smiled and thought about my new collar. I raised my hands to the waist of his pants so that I could undo them but he stopped me with a stern no. He demanded that I bend over and I obeyed, though I knew he wasn't going to fuck me I retained a small amount of hope that he would. The sting of the flog on my bare ass took care of that.
Following my punishment he untied my leash and motioned towards the floor, "Bad pets don't get to use the bed."
I whimpered and obediently sat on the sheepskin rug at his feet, feeling the new collar slip through my grasp. The fibers of the rug tickled my sensitive pussy, I was so fucking horny. I watched hungrily as he unleashed his cock and he stroked it slowly as he held my leash tight. He pulled me in close and his expression told me clearly what he wanted. I hesitated, wanting a definitive command, then reached my tongue out to lick his balls. I dared not touch him with my hands. He held his cock out for me and, with my hands gripping the bedframe tight, I licked the length of his shaft. I ran my tongue around the head of his cock and our eyes met as I took it into my mouth. I took as much of it as I could, deep throating him until I gagged and he moaned his approval. My hips were grinding the air and I was sure that the lightest stroke of my clit would send me into an explosive orgasm. My saliva ran down his cock and my chin and his grip on my leash tightened as I ran my tongue along the vein on the underside of his cock. I licked and sucked the shaft, trying my best to clean up my sloppy mess, then took his cock back into my mouth and gave him an energetic mouth-fucking. My tongue danced around his head until he pulled me in closer, forcing his cock down my throat. His cock exploded in my mouth and down my throat. I didn't stop, couldn't stop sucking his cock. He gently pushed me away and I pushed back. I lapped the cum off of his cock and licked my lips. I was so damn pleased with myself. He put his semi-hard cock back into his pants and sat on the bed watching me as I squirmed. I had really hoped that this would be the part where he bent me over and shoved his cock into my pussy and gave me the pounding that I was hoping for, but my hope was very rapidly vanishing.
"You've been a very bad pet tonight. I don't think that you deserve to be fucked, and I certainly don't think that you deserve a new collar."
I whimpered and suddenly felt very naked and very vulnerable.
"Master needs to eat. Don't you dare leave that rug, and don't you dare touch yourself," he commanded. He fastened my leash to a loop on the bedframe and left me there in the dark.
Some time later I awoke from a nap on the floor. He was coming up the stairs with a bowl. I was pleased because I was actually quite hungry and I was very optimistic that the bowl was meant for me. He set it on the floor next to the rug.
The game was still on.
I looked up at him and then down into the bowl. It contained ice cream. No spoon.
All right, no hands then.
He detached my leash and smoothed my hair, then gave me permission to eat. I was blushing furiously, embarrassed and frustrated, but I lowered my face to the bowl and lapped at the ice cream. The bowl was too small and ice cream was getting all over my face; the metal loop of my collar kept hitting the side of the bowl. I tensed when he slid two fingers into my still-wet pussy and moaned loudly into my bowl. He gripped my hip and demanded that I keep eating, all the while he fingered-fucked me.
"Are you done eating, Pet?" he asked when my moans became too consistent.
I nodded and bit my lip.
"Good girl." He motioned me up onto the bed and I excitedly obeyed. He pulled me to the edge of the bed and I opened my legs for him. He pushed his cock into me and my body quivered uncontrollably from pleasure. I was his filthy slut and his favorite pet, and he told me as such. He pushed my legs away from him to force his huge cock in further. It was painful, but I was so close, so very close to cumming. I'm sure that he could feel my pussy tightening around his cock because it wasn't until then that he gave me permission to cum. I exhaled and started teasing my clit with my fingertips. Within moments I threw my head back and screamed, I moaned frantically and begged him to fuck me. He obliged, taking my hips firmly in his hands and forcing his cock into me as hard as I could handle. I screamed and moaned and writhed on the bed beneath him, my body being wracked with waves of pleasure. He pulled out and I knew he was cumming; I sat up in the bed in front of him just as he made his first shot of cum. It struck my lips and chin, the second my neck, then my breasts. We were panting, exhausted having played our game for nearly the entire evening.
He cleaned me up and with one hand on the buckle of my collar said; "You're not going to be able to count the number of cum stains on this by the time I replace it."
And just like that the collar was removed and the game was over
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daddydomchair a day ago
Fucking and overstimulating you until you fall asleep cockwarming my dick all night long
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g00dgirlthings 2 days ago
I鈥檒l be a good girl if you give me your cock
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666thiccdummybitch666 2 days ago
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sunnyselene 20 hours ago
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Felt cute 馃拝馃徎馃槍馃挄
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bambibunsworld a day ago
Is it bad that when I鈥檓 at school I hope the boys take advantage of me? Sometimes during class I just can鈥檛 concentrate because I鈥檓 thinking about all the dirty things the boys will do to me 馃ズ馃挄 bonus points when I鈥檓 thinking of my teachers raping me
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demoninheavensblog 2 days ago
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My own creation 馃拫
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t1nyl0li 2 days ago
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馃巰Spank me till it turns red馃巰
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charlotte-flora a day ago
going to bed nowwwww... i hope a mommy or daddy or maybe even a big sibling don鈥檛 come into my room and fuck me rawwww鈥︷煒夝煒
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gracieeespbackup 20 hours ago
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waiting for daddy like a good girl馃槆
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666thiccdummybitch666 21 hours ago
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cutie-madness a day ago
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chakalaka98 a day ago
Want someone use and manipulate like:
"Don't be scared angel this is what lovers do , you love me don't you? Don't you want to make me happy, I promise it won't hurt, if you love me you'll do this for me won't you? "
Then continue to r4pe them in the name of love鈾
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bambibunsworld 22 hours ago
Crying n holding onto daddy burying my face deep in his neck while he fucks me 馃ズ I鈥檓 feeling like such a needy slut right now, I need daddy鈥檚 big hard cock forcing itself into my tight little cunnie
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