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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Major Networks: Kids just can’t understand complex themes and subjects. You have to dumb everything down for them…

Avatar: How about the theme no one is truly evil. Everyone can be redeemed. You always have a choice. Friendships last more than one life time… all while having the world almost burn into a fiery flame and our main protagonists having to wonder if they truly believe in all the themes I just mentioned.

Over the Garden Wall: What about having a show where it’s just big metaphor for the after life and it’s kids wondering in the grey area between life and death. Along the way they learn how to truly treat each other as brothers… and make it only slightly scarring.

Gravity Falls: I love what your doing with the sightly scarring bit but what if we adding the theme of all good things must come to an end, You don’t know everyone’s situation, and life is a mystery so go out and solve it. Also let’s add some codes for kids to crack… because they’re smart.

Steven Universe: Okay but what about the theme love conquers all but also show the hardship war and destructive love has on people and how it can hurt people even thousands of years after the fact, but it’s never too late to try and make it better… also make it have queer representation.

She-ra: See, I like what your doing with that queer representation… but what if we showed that abuse victims don’t have to continue the cycle even if it seems like they reached a point of no return, they can become better. Also show that everyone has the power to be good but not everyone will choose to be good, and you can be selfish sometimes… also let’s show an wlw that has no mentions of homophobia… because lesbians with swords.

Networks:…. what?

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Being in a tiny fandom is always being stuck between “I wish more people knew about this thing” and “I know exactly what problematic elements of the story and annoying discourse topics are going to consume the fandom if more people find out about this thing”

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people aren’t stuck in poverty because they’re dumb, like I know it’s a really hard pill to swallow but no one is poverty stricken because they deserve it no one is poverty stricken because they placed themselves there no one is poverty stricken out of choice

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