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40% of users visit Tumblr between 1 and 30 times a month.

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Hey, everyone! Due to the sudden influx of viewers on AO3, the site has had to modify some things, including the experience of guest users and how hits are counted on the site. This is not the fault of AO3 (they’re doing their best to keep things up and running for all of us), but if you’re a guest user following stories on AO3, PLEASE make sure to leave kudos for your authors to see. We understand it can be difficult to get an account on AO3 (probably more now with COVID-19 leaving people in their homes), but sudden drops in statistics can be inexplicable and disheartening.

Keep your heads up, people. We’re gonna get through this.

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the only difference between me and a medieval peasant is that I can make a Spotify playlist to express my feelings

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