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“She stole from me!”

The rage of his dishonour, the attack on his Cairoyas and Limious pride prevented Hilbert from thinking rationally enough to realize spilling the truth was perhaps not the wisest of choices. Not when the audience was Caramel.

“Oh?” the shift in her pitch erected his neck hairs. “Must be serious. She gave up theft years ago. Hmm… What kind of sister would I be if I didn’t support her?”

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I’ve suffered
Twelve long years
Been a lost wanderer
Searching for home
On the lost highway

God spoke to me
But didn’t say much
Pointed at you then at me
And said, “Go on find her again”

I stand accused of a heinous crime
She pointed the gun at me and pulled the trigger

I cannot fathom myself doing that kind of thing
But she assures me again and again that it was me

Let me drink away my life
Let me smoke away my problems
If I’m guilty then let me die, but I’m still alive

Everyday asking if it was me
I prayed to the East, I prayed to the heavens
I prayed in the temples chanting mantras over and over

She looked at me and said, “I know you didn’t mean to”
But after long nights of intimacy she screams, “Remember what you did to me?”

And again I’m thrown into an abyss
Did she just use me and then stab me in the back
What I thought was innocence finally turned on it’s side

Nothing tastes as good as her
Nothing fills the emptiness like she did
No one holds me like she once did, a crucifix

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I have… so many… ohmygods 😅🤣

So, I’ll start with the ongoing WIPs that have been posted:

  • Ocean Song - Many thanks to @heybuddy-drabbles for encouraging me to write this! This is my longest fic ever, with Ben as a selkie and Joe as a fisherman who rescues him after an oil spill. Cue Joe teaching Ben about being human while trying to keep him safe from a rich, greedy businessman who will stop at nothing to make Ben his pet.
  • Operation: Stardust - Basically I wanted to give the 6 Underground team daemons after I saw The Golden Compass again. I’ve changed the movie storyline up bc here, they’re going after Dr. Marisa Coulter and the General Oblation Board. This is gonna be a soulmate AU as well, so wish me luck!

For the rest:

  • Days of Our Lives - Many thanks to @bohrapbois for the inspiration! So, this is gonna end up being an ongoing WIP with random snippets of Ben and Joe’s lives after Ocean Song.
  • The Return of Destro - The Mouse/Four sequel! After their escape, the Ghosts continue up their list of targets and discover that the next one has close ties with the G.I. Joes. Both teams have to set aside their differences and work together to bring this villain down. Aka Four and Mouse are horny af!
  • Kamikaze: Into the Breach - The penultimate chapter of the Hardzello Pacific Rim AU! Set 8 years after Commencing Neural Handshake, the PPDC has decided to send a team of Jaegers on a suicide mission to close the Breach once and for all.
  • Grab My Hand - A short 6 Underground thing that I haven’t touched in a while 😅. Basically, Billy has nightmares of when he faked his death and Blaine comforts him.
  • Untitled X-Men fic - I’m making a 5+1 thing, like 5 times the X-Men team helped Warren and the 1 time he returned the favor
  • Untitled Into the Spiderverse fic - This feels so out of place compared to all the other WIPs but yeah. After the events of the movie, the Spiders find a way to travel through dimensions and are able to get together again. Trouble arises when someone gets the super-collider working again and brings in villains from across the multiverse.

And there you have it!

Oh and before I end this, I wanna show off this chonky seal plushie I just recently bought bc Ocean Song made me really love seals. Please excuse my weird feet 🤣

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Birds returning to their nest at the dying of light reminds me that there will come one evening when you will return to our nest signifying this long day has finally come to an end. Till then, I will wait for you.

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Aw, this was a real sweet request, I hope ur okay! Horror movies sometimes make me paranoid too! Soft joot fuels me so I enjoyed writing this! Short n sweet <3


Dark - Jotaro


Originally posted by jojoposesofficial

You felt a shiver crawl up your back as the credits rolled, maybe it was a bad idea to watch this sort of movie right before bed, you felt a bit stupid really, you had been brave enough to face stand users and death on the daily, but now this shitty hotel provided horror movie is what made your blood run cold? 

You snatched the remote from your side, switching off the television quite abruptly, looking over your shoulder, feeling tense as fake scenarios ran through your mind, as if the horror movie antagonist was in your very hotel room, you attempted to laugh it off, maybe if you pretended you weren’t scared, you actually wouldn’t be?

Oh boy were you wrong.

You had only succeeded in making yourself feel worse, your slightly brave facade had melted away, leaving the more openly timid one to take it’s place, as evident to Jotaro when he walked into the room, he saw you jump under the covers of your bed when the door closed, he let out a small ‘yare yare’.

“What are you doing, woman?” Jotaro’s deep tone sounded out through the otherwise silent room, you stayed silent for a second, debating whether to tel him or not, “Nothing, Jotaro. Goodnight.” 

You heard him sigh, or was he huffing? You weren’t sure if he was annoyed or disappointed, but you’d rather not bother him with something so silly either way, but you were unable to contain the yelp that escaped your lips when he suddenly pulled back the covers, “You watched the movie, didn’t you?”

“How did you know?” You blurted, looking up at him from the huddled position you were still in, Jotaro still holding the cover up as a smile dared to tug at his lips, “Just a hunch. Also you left the tape out.” 

You internally facepalmed. 

“If you were scared of the movie, why didn’t you just say so?” Jotaro grunted, moving the cover to the side so he could sit down next to you, the bed dipping slightly under his weight. 

“I don’t know, I guess it’s embarrassing..” You hummed, rubbing the back of your neck, flinching when Jotaro sighed, thinking he was going to agree with you and leave you in fear and embarrassment, but he didn’t. Instead, his hand came to rest against your back, a comforting gesture.

“Yare yare, it’s not embarrassing. You got scared, so what? It doesn’t make you any less badass.” Jotaro smiled, pulling the brim of his hat down to hide his face with his other hand, you smiled, leaning against his chest, “Was that a compliment from the one and only Jotaro Kujo?” 

“Yare yare woman, you had to ruin it, didn’t you?” Jotaro chuckled, you let out a quiet hum of laughter, Jotaro hadn’t noticed you had snuggled closer to him in the comfortable silence until he heard your quiet snores, in your defence, the man was a living space heater, instead of moving and waking you, Jotaro got comfortable, letting you rest against him, he’d wake you in the morning, but for now, he’d enjoy this moment of peace.

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When person after person with darkness in their soul

Makes their way into your life

You develop a funny little talent

Of working out exactly what the blackness is

Your’s my dear, is nothing special

Just a good old fashioned fear of being unloved

You bury yourself in girl after girl

So the first won’t find out who you are

Instead she’ll label you as a cheater and move on

You think it will be easier if you choose

The reasons you’re unloved

Rather than let them dig and find the gloom for themselves

But now you’ve fallen at my door

Hoping I can kiss you all better

As if the self inflicted wounds you scratched

Are all my problem to heal

I wish I could but I’ve been burned by this before

I know that when i’m done, you’ll leave me

And with all the darkness that is no longer yours.


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It is an interesting thing isn’t it?

I think it comes from the general anonymity of the internet, people don’t feel they have to observe general considerations the same way they do in public. 

A writer isn’t a person, they are a writer and therefore must want x,y,z.

And it also comes from the fundamental belief (I am guessing here) that everyone can write a story. Because everyone does have an idea for one. But having the idea doesn’t mean much if you don’t put in the time to write it. Writing, grammar, people assume these are things they are just magically authoritative on.

What is especially fun is that a lot of grammar complaints often stem from class and race origins that are incredibly problematic and also, grammar rules change. Things that were completely wrong when I was in university are now fine. Formal writing and informal writing are more different than they ever have been before. What you were taught, you might not be remembering correctly, or it might be outdated.

A lot of it comes from a certainty that people cannot just enjoy themselves, and it removes a chance to be proud of an accomplishment as it stands. And that is what I deplore. I took up painting during COVID. I’m not good, I get better the more I do, but I am so proud of my attempts. I watch tutorials online, ask a couple other artist friends about perspective. If I post it, it is not because I want critique it is because I am proud that I tried and want to share that joy.

Fanfic is the same. We are sharing it because we want to share our pleasure and joy. We want to maybe make someone smile or ache, or blush. And some people think being technically correct and perfect matters more than the sheer joy of sharing.. That is there choice and more power to them. But they do not have the right to impose that on other people.

And in public, it absolutely would get them punched.

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Definitely thinking of doing something along those lines! Each scepter has a challenge to get past. A couple people have suggested doing good deeds, so I’ll probably incorporate that!

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I actually read a fic a while ago that talked about them getting stuck in an elevator, and I always liked it, so I’m gonna choose that one!! thank you again, nonnie!!

This was not how Roy had planned to spend his Tuesday morning.

Apart from the fact he was hungover and had woken up in some random woman’s bed, his Tuesday had been going quite well so far. His bus had been on time, his coffee had been damn well heavenly and he’d ran into Moss when he was getting off the bus. The two of them ended up walking into work together, chatting about the possibility of playing Call of Duty together later instead of actually working.

Then Roy had convinced Moss to ride the lift, and that’s where Tuesday went to shit.

In Roy’s defence, word in the building had been that they’d finally fixed the lift down to the basement ever since Harry the Postman fell down the stairs and broke his ankle a week ago. Anyway, he still had a headache and had always been lazy. Moss had been apprehensive, but when Roy promised to give him the Dairylea Dunkers he had in his bag he soon relented. They had been stood there, just chatting, when all of a sudden the lift began to shudder and shake. Roy stopped mid-sentence and looked around, confused. Moss was clutching at the handrail, back pressed against the side wall of lift. The lift gave one last final shudder and it ground to a halt.

A second later, the lights went and they were plunged into pitch black.

“We’re going to die,” were the first words out of Moss’ mouth. His voice was shaking, and although Roy couldn’t see him he knew he was probably in full on panic mode.

“We’re not gonna die,” he replied. He dug through his pocket, retrieving his phone and clicking the torch on. It wasn’t much light, but it was enough so they could see each other. “It’s prob’ly nothing.”

They waited for a few seconds, looking around the lift. Of course, nothing happened. Roy sighed frustratedly, reaching forward and pressing the alarm button a couple of times. Nothing. He glanced up at Moss, giving him a strained smile. “It’s fine. I’ll just call Jen, get her to send someone to sort it out.”

He turned his phone on. He had been about to dial her number when he glanced up at the top bar. Damn. No signal. And of course his battery was low. Typical. He clicked it off quickly, lowering himself down to sit on the floor. He rested his arms on his knees, sighing as he put the phone torch-up on the floor. Moss looked at him anxiously.

“So?” he said.

“No signal,” Roy said. “We’ll just have to wait for maintenance to get here.”

Yeah, that was not the right thing to say. Roy watched as Moss began to pace as best he could around the small elevator, one hand running through his hair. After a minute, Roy couldn’t watch anymore. He got up, grabbing Moss by the arm and forcing him to sit down on the floor. “Right, calm down,” he said. Moss nodded, though he didn’t seem too calm. “We are going to be just fine. Maintenance will show up and they’ll get us out.” 

“What if we run out of air?” Moss asked. His eyes were wide and full of tears. Roy moved to sit down next to him. 

“Lifts aren’t sealed, there’s still air coming in,” Roy said. 

“How do you know?” 

“I read an article about it last week.” 

Moss gave him a strange look. 


“I was tryna avoid going upstairs.” 

Moss made a small understanding noise. Almost apprehensively, he shuffled up closer to Roy and rested his head on his best friend’s shoulder. Straight away Roy put his arm around his shoulders.

They sat like that for almost half an hour, neither of them uttering a word. Then, as the clock ticked over into the twenty-eighth minute (Moss had been keeping count), the intercom in the lift crackled. 

Both of their heads whipped up from where they had been staring at the ground. Roy’s face split into a grin and he scrambled up, practically throwing himself at the intercom. 

“Hi, hi, we’re stuck in here!” he yelled. 

“Help is coming soon,” a voice said. Neither of them recognised it. They looked at each other, confused. 

“The lights are all off,” Roy said. “Can you at least get that sorted?” 

“Help is coming soon,” the voice repeated. Roy huffed in annoyance, throwing himself back down to sit next to Moss. 

“Bloody recorded messages,” he grumbled.

“At least they’re sending help,” Moss said, his voice quiet. Roy looked at him, smiling a little. 

“You doing okay?” he asked. Moss nodded. Roy let out a sigh, putting his arm back around his best friend. “God I’m bored.” 

“We’ve been here for half an hour,” Moss replied. 

“Oh Jesus, is that it?” 

Moss giggled as Roy groaned, leaning back and resting his head on the wall. 

“Thank you, Roy,” he whispered. Roy looked at him, confused. 

“What for?” he asked. Moss shrugged. 

“For making me feel calm. And normal.” 

“Since when were either of us normal?” 

They both chuckled. Moss scooted a little closer to Roy. They sat for a little while longer, and then Roy looked down, went to say something…

Then Moss’ lips were on his and he didn’t know what to think. 

“I’m sorry!” Moss exclaimed, pulling away quickly. Roy tried to catch his breath, staring down at him. “I don’t know why I did that, I just–” 

Roy cut him off, placing a finger on Moss’ lips. Immediately Moss fell silent, looking up at him. He looked incredibly nervous, eyes shifting from side to side. Roy smiled at him, tilting his chin up. Before Moss could say any more, he leaned down and kissed him again. 

It wasn’t a very long kiss, nor a deep one, but it was enough. When they broke away they were both grinning at each other. Moss wrapped his arms around Roy’s middle as the lift shuddered a little again. A second later, the lights flickered back on. Roy broke away, reaching for his phone and clicking the torch off. He could see Moss properly now. He looked a little flustered, but still utterly beautiful. They both stood, leaning back against the wall. 

“Come ‘ere, you,” Roy said with a cheeky grin. 

Moss wasted no time in surging forward and kissing him again. 

I really hope you guys enjoyed this!! I’m always taking prompts and my inbox is open. I’ll write anything except smut, just drop me an ask!!!! Keep an eye on my ao3 for the main fic updates, and I’ll see you all soon :)

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Me, the last like two weeks: The beginning of this story sucks, maybe if I rewrite it and eliminate this point, no this scene isn’t working, maybe it will work better if I do this instead….

Me, this morning: Hm. Not too bad. If I tweak this line and pick up where I left off, maybe I can finish this fic this week.

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how does anyone plot out stories. like, not even with the specific “common story arcs”, or anything like that. but just, how do they give it a plot, to keep it moving? how

i legit cannot understand; plots just. never come to me, unless i’m really lucky, and even then, they don’t come to me for fics, just for roleplaying ( which is another form of writing altogether )

i’m legitimately stuck, because i can’t finish any of my stories, and i don’t know why. part of me thinks that forming a plot will help????

i’ve got a few notes but like. y’know, they’re scattered and vague; there’s nothing at all coherent. nothing to propel the story along, as it were

if anyone has any ideas, like. feel free to DM me on disco ( if we’re mutuals there ), or PM me or give me an IM or answer here i guess. i’m so stuck and i’d really like some help on this

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