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screnwriter · 7 hours ago
i just think that unhinged female characters with a little blood on their face and wrath in their eyes is pretty neat, that's all
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lunewell · 22 hours ago
How to absolutely wreck your audience with a character death:
Let the character have plenty of screen time before the death. Show us their motivations, dreams, and inner world, so we really connect with them.
Kill them towards the latter half of the middle of your story, instead of the end, so we get to see the proper grief and how the death has affected the other characters.
Kill them off while their at their highest, or when things are just starting to look up for them.
Alternatively, kill them in the middle of their character arc, as they’re about to change for better.
For the actual death themselves, killing via betrayal from something they trusted- be it equipment failure, or a person, or killing them of something that could’ve been easily preventable, often hit the hardest.
Show other characters grief over them. Show how they’ve been absolutely wrecked over the loss of this character.
Continue to show sides of the character even after death. Have other characters find out information about them that makes the audience wish they could explore the dead character further.
Let the dead character have an ambition/goal/dream they were super passionate about that they never got to complete.
Cause an argument/conflict between the dead character and another character right before the character dies.
Have the remaining cast face challenges that could’ve been easily resolved if the dead character was there.
Kill main cast characters sparingly. A few meaningful character deaths are a lot more tear jerking than a blood bath.
If you want to be really, really cruel, and your writing in a point of view that would allow you to do this, reveal important information about the death to the audience, but not to the characters.
If your writing in a genre were it would be possible, consider having the dead character know that they’re going to die, but not revealing it to the others.
Have their death be in vain to the main goal. Instead of a heroic sacrifice, it was a cruel casualty.
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cobwebs-and-clutter · 20 hours ago
“Wow,” I say, “Olympians are really so far beyond the capabilities of a normal American person!”
You look up to see what amazing feat has been accomplished. It is Simone Biles, taking a responsible mental health break to prevent herself from getting injured for people who don’t care about her.
“What?” you say. You thought you’d be seeing something exceptional. “Shouldn’t that be normal and perfectly acceptable?”
In the corner, capitalism is sweating.
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ggukiepie · 16 hours ago
so good
pairing: jungkook x reader
summary: just some steamy sex with your boyfriend jk
tags: established relationship, smut, literally pwp, the plot is maybe two sentences long lmao, a little bit of fluff
warnings: dom!jk, sub!reader, kissing, a little bit of cock warming, bondage (handcuffs !), pet names <33, spanking, oral (f. receiving), fingering, multiple orgasms, squirting, anal play, anal fingering, reader kinda goes into subspace at the end, unprotected sex (!! plz be safe), creampie, i think that's it
wc: 3.3k
a/n: first one shot im releasing that is smutttt yay <33 requests are open and like, reblog, tell me ur thoughts on this one shot !! / masterlist
“Stop,” Jungkook says. This is the second time he’s said it and you know deep down if you keep going, he’s going to snap pretty soon. Your body stills as you’re perched on his lap, arms around his neck and legs trapping his, face buried in the crook of his neck. His cock is inside you and he’s so undeniably hard that you’re trying your best not to move.
You can still feel his arms move, fingers moving quickly on his keyboard as he’s still playing Overwatch. He’s been playing for hours and you were bored. And horny. Horny because he was such a tease this morning—you were making breakfast and he had come up behind you, grinded his hips against yours as he oh so innocently asked if you could make him breakfast as well. And it wasn’t just that. He teased you while you both ate breakfast. He teased you when you showered, surprisingly joining you in the shower but not touching you at all. Then he ignored you and started playing, so you whined and whined until he said you could come sit on his lap and wait while he finished.
You roll your hips just to get back at him. He hisses through his teeth. You smile to yourself.
“Baby,” he warns and you roll your hips again, even daring yourself to start kissing up the column of his neck. “Stop moving or I’ll spank you.”
You roll your eyes and scoff. “As if,” you say as you grind down against his hips. “You’re too busy playing.”
He drops one hand to squeeze your waist in warning. You’re going to get what you want, finally, even though you’d probably be punished first. But you don't mind. You loved it even, craved for it. And you knew Jungkook loved this little game you both were playing as well.
Suddenly it’s quiet and you realize he closed the game. “Bed. Now,” is all he says. He sounds so serious so you have no choice but to stand up and walk quickly to the bed. You know this by now. Everything comes second nature to you that your body moves on its own. You take your shirt off so you’re finally naked and then you kneel on the bed and look down.
You don’t dare look up as you hear him moving around the room. Excitement is coursing through your veins and you can’t help but fidget in your position. Sure, you had to push a few of his buttons to get him to snap and give you what you want. You were probably going to get punished for it but it was fine. It was—
Your head snaps up and your eyes zero in on the handcuffs he’s holding in front of you. Your eyes widen. Okay, so maybe you pushed him a little too far. He looks so serious, eyes brooding and staring straight at you. You’re frozen in place as he stares down on you.
“Don’t make me ask again, sweetheart.”
His voice snaps you from your trance and you bring both hands up. He cuffs your wrists silently and you feel goosebumps across your skin. You’re not sure if it’s from the cold metal or the scary look on his face. His eyes roam your body, from your lips to your perked nipples and down to your core. Your cheeks redden from his burning gaze.
“Ass up and head down, baby. You know the drill.”
Your mouth opens in surprise. “But—”
He raises his eyebrow. “Do you want me to get the whip?” You shake your head quickly and get into position but it’s hard because your hands are handcuffed. Jungkook knows this as well and he enjoys seeing you struggle as you try to get on all fours. You end up leaning on your elbows with your face pressed against the mattress. You spread your knees and arch your back, not in the slightest bit embarrassed that he’s now seeing how wet you are.
He places his hand on your back and you jump at his soothing touch. He rubs your skin soothingly but you know he’s just doing that to get you to relax. “Count to fifteen for me, okay?” he says lowly. “And if you make a mistake, we’ll start all over again.”
Before you can even reply you feel his palm smacking your ass, his big hand hitting your right cheek and your body jolting in surprise. You feel the pain shoot down all the way to your toes. “O-one,” you choke out. Despite this you arch your back even further.
Jungkook chuckles and rubs your skin slowly. “My naughty baby,” he says softly. “Didn’t listen to me at all,” he continues and slaps your ass again, this time the left cheek.
“Two,” you whisper hoarsely. “I’m sorry, I’m—”
Another hit. You count again. And again and again. There’s a fine line between pleasure and pain, really. You want to evade his slaps but you also want more. Jungkook’s slapping your ass and you’re counting and you want him to stop but at the same time you don’t because it just feels so good. It’s making your head fuzzy, the pain that’s spreading through your body but also making you incredibly wet. Your pussy is dripping, can tell from the way you feel it coating your inner thighs.
Another slap. This time it’s on the skin where your ass and thigh meet. “Six,” you croak out.
Jungkook laughs from behind you and pinches your butt. “Wrong number. Again.”
You try to shuffle from your position. Your elbows are starting to hurt from leaning on it for too long. Your ass is on fire and you’re sure you won’t be able to sit down properly tomorrow. “No—” you try to argue, try to wiggle from away but Jungkook’s holding your waist firmly. He’s rubbing smoothing circles on your skin but it’s not doing anything for you.
“We can always stop. You just have to say the word.” He touches your core this time, his fingers teasing your clit. You moan and press back further into him. “Seems like you even like it. My little pain slut.” He pinches your clit and you gasp.
“Again please. Slap me again. I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” you rush out. Your brain is fuzzy and you feel everything and nothing at once. You want to feel the pain. You want to prove that you can handle it. Want to make Jungkook happy. To please him.
He says nothing more and slaps your ass. You start counting from one again and he keeps going and you don’t tell him to stop. You’re crying by the tenth slap, shoulders pressed against the bed and your arms stretched out in front of you. Jungkook alternates from rubbing your skin affectionately to slapping you harshly.
“Last one, sweetheart. You’re doing so well for me.” He’s rubbing your ass and you feel his thumb press down on your rim and you absolutely keen, the filthiest moan coming out of your mouth and your spine stretching even further. “God,” he laughs. “Such a fucking slut, hm?” he chastises and presses down even harder. Your eyes roll back and you’re seeing stars. The pleasure feels so good. His hand feels so good. “A fucking slut who’d take anything I’d give, right?”
You nod because you can’t say anything else, mind too ridden in pleasure.
Jungkook slaps you for the last time. One harsh smack that leaves a handprint on your left cheek and you hear it echo in the room.
“Fifteen,” you shriek. “Thank you, I’m sorry—” You’re babbling now. You feel Jungkook lean over you, his body covering yours as he kisses up your spine, your neck to your ear.
“My good girl,” he says so softly as if he didn’t slap you more than twenty times. He nibbles your earlobe and you shiver. “Took your punishment so well, sweetheart,” he whispers in your ear.
“I want you,” you beg. “Please, I want you now.” You feel his body leave you and suddenly you’re craving for his warmth again. But then you feel his mouth on your pussy, his tongue licking into you and you groan. “More.” You press further into your face as he eats you out. “Want more. Please.”
“Greedy girl,” he says as he sucks on your clit. Your orgasm is coming embarrassingly close. It just feels so good. His tongue is swirling on your clit, collecting your juices that he laps up like he’s starved. He pleasures you so well that your thighs are shaking. You’re almost there, almost feel the knot in your stomach snap.
But then Jungkook leans back just as you’re about to orgasm. He’s mean. Jungkook is so undeniably mean sometimes that you want to smack him for it. Want to reach down with your own hands and make yourself come but you can’t because you’re fucking handcuffed.
You whine out loud and more tears stream down your cheeks. “Jungkook,” you say, so wound up and frustrated and tired. All the while he’s laughing at your demise. Laughing at the way you struggle and squirm. Suddenly, he flips you and your back is on the mattress, eyes blown out and looking straight at him.
He hovers over your body and brushes your cheekbone with his thumb. “So pretty,” he murmurs. “Look so pretty when you cry, baby.” You pout at him and he grins.
He kisses you and you arch your back to get closer to him. His lips feel so good against yours, mouth opening slightly to let his tongue slither into yours and lick into your mouth. The kiss is messy and wet and it’s just the way Jungkook likes when he’s riled up like this. Likes it messy when he’s being mean and you let him anyway because you love it as well. He leans back and squeezes your cheeks with one hand, forcing you to open your mouth. You know what’s coming, can tell from the gleam in his eyes and the way he stares at your mouth. You put your tongue out and open your mouth even wider. He doesn’t even have to ask.
“God, you're filthy,” he says but spits in your mouth anyway. It hits your tongue and your hips roll up involuntarily. You swallow and open your mouth to show him, loving the way he looks at you like this. “Good girl.” He loops your cuffed hands around his neck so you’re trapped underneath him. His fingers trail down your body, pinching your nipples and then down to your clit where he circles it with two fingers.
“Jungkook,” you moan out. He’s rubbing your clit so quickly now and he’s also nipping at your neck, biting until the skin blossoms into pretty shades of pink. You’re coming before you know it, legs shaking and hips moving up and down. Still, his fingers don’t stop its assault on your cunt.
“Another one, sweetheart,” he whispers into your ear. “Let go for me.”
You close your eyes and focus on the way he’s playing with your clit. You’re not even embarrassed that he’s making you come again just from touching your clit alone. You feel your orgasm building up, the coil in your stomach becoming tight and then snapping. And then you feel the bliss, feel it all over your body that you don’t even moan or make a sound. You’re crying again from how good it feels.
Finally, finally Jungkook slows down his fingers. He kisses your forehead and looks down at you with his doe eyes. You can’t even focus on him, too busy trying to even your breathing. “So beautiful for me.” He thrusts two fingers into your core and you babble out his name over and over again. You feel full just from his fingers and you think you might come again.
“Need to stretch you out,” he huffs. He’s still wearing his boxers but you can see how hard he is already.
You shake your head. “Want you now.” He ignores you and continues fucking you with his fingers. “Jungkook,” you plead. “Need your cock. Please, please— I’ve been good,” you all but beg.
Suddenly he withdraws his hands and leans a bit back to take his boxers out, his cock springing out to slap against his stomach because he’s so big and hard and—it’s throbbing. He wants you just as much as you want him right now. He presses his body to yours as he holds his cock, rubbing its tip against your pussy to gather the juices. And then in one swift motion he enters you, filling you to the hilt where his pelvis is pressed against yours.
“Feels so tight,” he groans out. “Feel so good for me baby. God,” he chokes.
You’re at a loss for words, too focused on the feeling of being so full. He starts thrusting and he hits your g-spot right away.
“Faster,” you moan. You encircle your legs around his waist and bring him closer. He’s careful not to crush you so he places his forearms on either side of your head. Your legs instantly wrap around his waist and you push him even deeper, feeling him deep in your stomach. You can feel his cock brushing against your cervix and you arch your back even more, already unaware of the loud moans escaping your mouth. “Jungkook, I’m—”
He hikes your legs over his shoulders and because your cuffed hands are around his neck both of your bodies are pressed against each other, not a bit of space to separate you both. It feels like you’ve been folded in half and your legs are starting to ache but it feels so good. “God, look at you,” Jungkook breathes out as he keeps the punishing pace of his hips against yours, hands holding your thighs so tightly you’re sure it’s going to bruise. “Wanna wreck you, wanna—”
“I’m close,” you cry out and this time you’re not even embarrassed that you’re about to come again.
Jungkook starts kissing your jaw, nose pressed to your cheek as you feel his teeth nibbling your skin. “Come for me, baby. Want you to make a mess.”
And you do. You come from his filthy words, from the way his cock feels inside your pussy, from the way he’s holding you tightly. Your vision blurs for a moment and you cry from how good it feels, how your legs start to feel like static and everything’s wet and messy but you want more. Jungkook fucks you through your orgasm until you whine and tell him to slow down. Then he maneuvers your bodies until you’re on top of him and your hands are free of the handcuffs. You didn’t even realize he’s taken it off, your head too high up in the clouds and stuck in that feeling of pleasure and euphoria. You still feel his cock inside you, so big and heavy and it’s twitching. But Jungkook isn’t moving and is rubbing your wrists instead to try to ease the pain of being handcuffed for too long.
“You good?” he asks quietly and you look into his eyes, see the concern in it but there’s a bit pleasure in there too. You nod and kiss his nose, a small but sweet gesture that doesn’t go unnoticed by him because he’s smiling as well.
“Wanna keep going,” you say, voice hoarse and quiet from all the screaming you’ve done earlier. You start kissing down his neck, biting down on that sweet spot of his and it’s his turn to moan out loud. “Want you to fill me up, please.”
“Ride me baby. Be good and bounce on my cock for me, yeah?”
You nod quickly and start moving your hips up and down, resting your hands on his chest to go even faster. Your legs start to shake but you don’t care. You keep going despite the ache, the fatigue, despite the fact that your pussy feels so used but it still feels so good. But Jungkook’s helping you as well, hands on your waist to help you move up and down, words of encouragement and praise escaping his lips.
You feel yourself tighten around him, feel that coil tightening and wanting to snap. Your body feels so light but so heavy at the same time just begging for a release. You feel the wetness between your legs, to where you’re connected, to where it’s dripping down your thighs. You hear the sounds of skin slapping against skin. You feel rather than see Jungkook’s hands gripping your ass, squeezing the flesh between his long fingers. You feel his hand moving to your other hole, to the puckered rim that he played with a few moments ago. You push against him and moan again, wanting to tell him you want more but failing to get the words out your mouth because you’re too lost in the pleasure.
But Jungkook knows your body so well. “Greedy girl,” he says. “Always wanting more, huh?” he asks as you continue to bounce on his cock. You nod, the words barely processing in your pleasure muddled mind. His middle finger presses against your rim, not pushing it in but just applying pressure. Still, the coil inside you snaps and you feel your pussy gushing, your wetness coating your thighs and his chest and it doesn’t take long for Jungkook to start fucking into you, his pleasure taking control to reach that high he’s been holding off for so long.
“Come inside me, please,” you whimper as you let him use you, brushing away the sensitivity that’s building in your body.
“You feel so fucking tight, so fucking good, God,” he huffs out as he finally comes inside you, hips stilling against yours and cock twitching inside you. You feel him fill you up, so undeniably full and tired but so good.
You both stay like that for a while, with you on top of him and his arms around your waist, touching you everywhere while he’s leaving kisses on your neck.
His finger circles your rim again and you shiver but you don’t say anything. You both know you can tell him to stop and he will if you say so, but you stay quiet so he pushes his finger in.
“Jungkook,” you croak. God, you’re so tired but you want more.
His pace is slow inside your ass. “Think you can come for me like this, princess?”
You nod because you’re too tired to speak. He takes his finger out to gather your wetness around your pussy then enters your ass once more, wiggling his finger inside your walls and eliciting a tired and quiet moan out of you. After a while he presses another finger inside and it’s so tight and you feel so full, his dick inside your pussy and two fingers inside your ass. He thrusts his fingers a little bit faster and you feel your orgasm building again. You’ve lost count. Maybe you were at your fourth? You didn’t know.
Suddenly you’re coming, so silent because you’re tired and spent and then Jungkook retracts his fingers out. “So good to me. So perfect. You did so well baby,” he whispers into your hair. He moves to sit up but you shake your head and tighten your arms around his neck.
“Don’t leave me,” you say as tears stream down your face. You don’t know why you’re crying.
“Gotta clean you up, baby—”
“No,” you cry out and hug him even closer to you. “Rest first,” you breathe out. “Please.”
Your arms are tight around him as you try to slow down your breathing. Whimpering every so often when Jungkook’s hands brush over your ass. He rubs soothing circles down your spine, whispering into your hair words you can’t make out and kissing your forehead from time to time.
A beat of silence, and then, “Did I go too far?” he quietly asks.
You shake your head again. “I just…” You shiver from his touch. “Just need to calm down.”
“I love you,” he says, kissing your head, pressing his lips into your hair and rubbing his nose gently against it. He continues rubbing his hands up and down your back. You feel his heartbeat through his chest, slowly and soothing which puts you at ease.
“I love you too, Kook,” you murmur into his chest. “Love you so much.”
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abluescarfonwaston · 18 hours ago
Imagine being the person who got the order for Edgeworth's custom chess set XD.
When the order for the first one comes in you're just like. Well this is oddly specific.
And then the order for the second one comes in before you've even packaged up the box for the first one and you're like. Two people ordering the same Very detailed chess set? But NO. ITS THE SAME PERSON.
And then the third order comes in with a note saying they loved the first one but actually could you match the blue to this swatch now? And its for a travel board and you just kinda stare at the order for a bit because... These are so expensive. Why do you need three? What happened to the first two? But at least this one is a travel board so you can Almost believe its cool. Just some rich guy spending his pocket change on absurdly ornate chess pieces with spiky blue pawns that the designer spent weeks discussing with this guy to get them Just right.
And then the order for the fourth set comes in and you just have to call this guy and ask what the hell he's doing. No one needs this many. F this. You have other customers who are waiting on their FIRST board. You have a wait list. Stop paying extra to jump the queue with this customer loyalty nonsense.
He answers. You ask him what the deal is with these pieces because its been EATING at you. Why this red and this blue? Why do the pawns look like that? WHY DID HE TRY TO ORDER EXTRA KNIGHTS????
He tells you. He tells you in the way one might dump drama onto a drive through clerk at McDonalds. Your life trauma because they are a stranger and nothing more. But you are not a stranger. Not really.
You've carved Thirty two times three custom made pieces for him. Three unique chess boards. You know every grain of those pieces. Know his design. Custom made pieces to fit his heart. His life. So you're not a stranger. Not really.
He tells you of a war between blue and red and how red wanted so badly to destroy blue. To protect its wretched crumbling kingdom of festering darkness. How blue wins. Wins again and again until the kingdom falls. Until light comes pouring in.
The kingdoms falls and he buys a second set. Blue hates red but Red loves blue. Just wants to play the game with him. Again and again and again. Will avoid calling checkmate, just to play a little longer.
But blue is so far away. They so rarely get to play. So he orders a travel set with magnetic bottoms so he can play on the plane. Pretend he's a little closer. To hold him over on long and lonely flights. Longer lonelier nights.
Tells you how blue got captured in someone else's game and can't play him anymore and he hates it but blue just won't let him help and he wants- he wants-
He wants.
But wanting is never enough.
He tells you all this, because you are a stranger on the telephone. At some point that man cries and you wonder if anyone who has ever seen his face know what tears look like on it. You settle for knowing what they sound like.
But you are not a stranger. You have hand carved thirty two times three custom made pieces for this man. Have held the dream of his life in your hands thirty two times three times. You have spent countless nights wondering why the pawns have spiky hair. Why that exact shade of blue. That exact shade of red.
"I will make another board for you." You assure. "But if wanting ever becomes having, I want to know."
Years pass. You forget about that brilliant red and blue.
"I was wondering - well I just want to order two pieces."
"There is a form for replacement for lost or damaged pieces online-"
"No. No I know. But they don't need replacement. These are new. Wed-" He coughed. "Wedding toppers if you will."
Wedding toppers?
"If you haven't ordered from us before-"
"I have. Miles Edgeworth is the name. Would you be able to change the color's slightly?"
The old pictures loaded slowly on the computer. "Sir I can only do custom work for full set-"
That red and blue.
"I-I see... Well perhaps then I could order another-"
When wanting becomes having.
"Oh. Oh. I would love to make those pieces for you."
"You... You would?" A pause. "You certain I don't need to buy another set? Because I will if there is policy in place that-"
He tells you all about his life. You don't know his face - although perhaps you could. But you have carved thirty two times four chess pieces for this man. Loved his every grain, knot, and finish.
"Miles." You cut him off. You are not making him a fifth board. Not until he tells you how he destroyed the other four. "I am so happy for you."
You hold his life in your hands. Thirty two times four times. Thirty two time four times you cradle him.
"... Thank you."
You go and carve two more.
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perfectquote · 6 hours ago
Give people time. Give people space. Don’t beg anyone to stay. Let them roam. What’s meant for you will always be yours.
Reyna Biddy
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quotefeeling · 53 minutes ago
I will not be another flower picked for my beauty and left to die. I will be wild, difficult to find, and impossible to forget.
Erin Van Vuren
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thoughts-ofawriter · 7 hours ago
you mean I have to actually explain what’s happening in my story? readers are not able to see into my brain and instantly understand?
the audacity.
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perfectquote · 13 minutes ago
Don’t wait too long. Life takes unexpected turns, and we don’t always have the time we think we have.
Sylvain Reynard, Gabriel’s Rapture
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quotefeeling · 17 hours ago
Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain but it’s more common and also more difficult to bear. The frequent attempt to conceal mental pain increases the burden. It is easier to say “My tooth is aching” than to say “My heart is broken.”
C.S. Lewis
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thehopefulquotes · an hour ago
I feel very small. I don't understand. I have so much courage, fire, energy, for many things, yet I get so hurt, so wounded by small things.
Anaïs Nin, Nearer the Moon: The Previously Unpublished Unexpurgated Diary, 1937-1939
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witchy-home · 23 hours ago
Since everyone wanted some here we go🥳
🔮Astrology Notes pt.14🔮
Ruler of the 11th and the 5th house in the 3rd makes for someone who can easily imitate other peoples voices
Sag/ Gemini Venus are attracted to people who show no interest in them, probably because they like the chase.
Venus and Sun in 9th house are most comfortable in foreign countries. Even if they don’t understand the language they enjoy it very much.
Lilith square Mercury will use your words against you. They wield their tongue like a sword and it cuts deep you guys🤠
Mercury in 1st house say things that are totally out of concept.
I noticed that people with no water placements in their chart cringe the most when someone is being affectionate and lovey-dovey, but want that affection at the same time too🥸
The 5th house can not only represent what kind of music you like, but also your favorite genre in movies/series and books
Sun in 5th house: Drama, Western
Moon in 5th house: Romance, Thriller
Mercury in 5th house: Comedy, Drama, Documentary, Mystery
Venus in 5th house: Musical, Romance, Drama
Mars in 5th house: Action, Adventure, Sports
Jupiter in 5th house: Sports, Documentaries, Action
Saturn in 5th house; Documentaries, Historical
Uranus in 5th house: Animation, Science fiction
Neptune in 5th house: Fantasy, Romance
Pluto in 5th house: Action, horror, thriller, crime
What sign/ planet is in your 8th and 2nd house and what do you collect?(if you collect things)
Tumblr media
I hope you enjoyed reading my notes and tell me if it resonates
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