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“I thought we agreed that we weren’t doing Halloween this year?” Enjolras half grumbled, half called up the steps. “In light of the fact that there is a global pandemic and we’ve been responsibly quarantining and social distancing this whole time.” Despite his complaints, he still fixed the ridiculous headband he wore as part of his costume. The halved wiffle ball glued onto it made pretty decent looking fly eyes, but the weight was weird and the whole thing kept slipping as a result.

The thud of footfalls preceded Enjolras’s view of Courfeyrac as he loped down the stairs. “Yes,” Courf sighed, “we agreed not to host a party this year and not to hand out candy but that does not a cancelled holiday make!”

Triumphantly, Courf jumped the last two steps to land in front of Enjolras. This forced Enj to step back and the space gave him a full view of the sparkly corset, booty shorts, and fishnet stockings that Courfeyrac managed to work into a costume every Halloween. This year with a clear plastic raincoat over top. He raised an eyebrow as Courf kept talking.

“Besides, we already decorated and there’s enough people living here that we can have an inhouse house party. And enough alcohol.” Courf nodded sagely before eyeing Enjolras. He smirked and leant against the banister, “For someone who is seemingly against this you put a lot of effort into your costume. I was wondering what the red paint in the grass was from.”

Enjolras felt his ears heat. “I spray painted the wiffle ball. And the pipe cleaners and plastic wrap to make the wings wasn’t that much work.”

Impossibly, Courfeyrac’s eyebrow crept higher into his poof of curls. “Right.”

“But what are you supposed to be anyway?” Enjolras deflected in a huff.

Courf’s grin brightened and a spark of mischief lit in his eyes. He shouldered past Enj towards the living room. Enjolras followed as Courf picked the sheet of paper off the top of the printer and the roll of tape from the table beside it. He’d heard the whir of the printer earlier but hadn’t bothered to question it, he should’ve known it’d have something to do with Courfeyrac.

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“Soldier on brother, the dreams you’ve chased are reachable, the light is for those who fight for it, so fight, and conquer those demons like they were the ashes of Rome.“ Maxie Fray

"You can rise, and rise, and rise, but remember, what comes up, must come down, those who scale a mountain, always descend, those who take to the skies always land, and those who leave our atmosphere always find themselves back on Earth.” Arthur Wellburn

"Tell me, do you know the definition of the word sin? According to the English dictionary, it is an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law, let me ask you this, who made it divine?” Quentin Satchel

"The darkness is in us all Hymond. It’s our shadow, it’s the moon we look up to in the night sky, it’s the natural state of our Earth. So it’s really just how we were supposed to be."  Wyatt Demouchett

"There ain’t no light in the day no more, only darkness and the sins I’ll commit to put that mad man in the dirt."  Betty Shalfien

“You can walk a mile in my shoes and find yourself within Hell on the first step.” Cecil Valentina Smith

"Anything, is kinder than a man who sold his soul for nothing more then a chance to taste the flame.” Cecil Valentina Smith

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I’ve decided to use this blog to talk about my experiences in dating. So here is why I’m giving up (soon hopefully)! First of all, I should talk about what I am looking for. After a lot of thinking these past two months, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am probably cupioromantic. I’m not sure where I am on the ace spectrum, so I’ve been saying cupioromantic and ace spec or queer. I’m looking for a queer platonic partner or soft romantic relationship where we can still cuddle and hold hands. If I get into a “soft Romo” relationship with someone who is not aro, I have to explain my experience of romantic attraction and make sure that we can be in a relationship at all.

I find that it would be easier to date in ace spaces, because I’m more likely to meet people who want what I want. However ace dating spaces are few and far between and the ones I know about are depressing. Dating on average apps is already difficult enough to navigate as a Black woman without having to do it in niche apps like Discord. 🙃 I’m just feeling really hopeless about the whole thing. I wish I was an ace/aro person who wanted to be alone or simply just not aro/ace.

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“she” is soft.

“she” is gentle.

“she” is kind.


are those the qualities

that make up a “she”?

what makes a “she” a she?


butterflies float in the wind

gently, gracefully.

magnificent colors flutter

through the breeze,

like stained glass.

are butterflies “she”?


roses with their soft red petals,

velvety to the touch

and oh so sweetly scented.

despite the thorns,

they are loved.

roses must be “she”.


if one is dressing up,

in twirling dresses and

extravagant makeup,

one may examine carefully,


who is “she”?


what makes a “she” a she?


could it be the roaring waters

and a boat crashing through

a heavy storm?

the sailor yells “atta girl!”

as he pulls “her” out of harm’s way.

“she” keeps him safe.


or is it a freshly polished

vehicle, hot on the road

and cared for lovingly?

going fast, faster, fastest,

and tended to after.

“she” is cared for greatly.


zooming down the sidewalk

is a scooter decorated in

stickers and neon paint.

the boy shouts excitedly,

playing pretend.

“she” is all his imagination needs.


what makes a “she” a she?

is she tangible? can you hold her?

maybe “she” isn’t something

you can measure.

maybe “she” isn’t something

you can own.


“she” is a concept,

one that gives you whiplash

at the thought of “her”.

“she” is the embodiment

of everything loving

and caring.


maybe it isn’t “she”, as in girl, but “she” as in cherished.

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So I work as a writing tutor. I’m trained to work with young adults, but I work with a lot of kids, so when I get a new adult client I get really excited. I had my first lesson today with a young woman somewhere around my age, and I started by asking her about writing and to tell me about the story she wanted to work on. This girl wanted to work on a fanfiction, and lemme tell you I have never had more fun in a tutoring session. Guys, hire writing tutors to work on your fanfiction with you, it’s a blast. 

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“We Are I” - From 1 to 3 and then We are 7*

I was about 17 I think, when I first realized there was a schizmatic event. I began finding names, Evynon and Iocus. Layers to my consciousnesses. My unconsciousness, the mind without tangibility: Evynon. Conceptualized as a mind-spy, The thoughts without awareness maintaining function.

By 18 my subconscious was drawn on my shoulder, the thoughts of question. The “what-if’s”, the “why’s”, and the “should we really’s”. What we label as anxiety. Oh sweet child, that’s your mind expanding. We embraced it fully.

So one became three. By 20, I had learned the hysteria of “tea party” *change places!* Shifting consciousnesses to sate the moment.

I began aging, hormones and genetics playing their game. Three became one. And I was taught by those around me, and learning firsthand what it means to be an adult. What it means to be part of society, a contributor.

I can still visualize the initial faces, I no longer have my portraiture for Evynon, although I have Iocus, my jester permanent tattooed on my right shoulder.

*CHANGE PLACES!* Life became real. Joys, loves, detriments, hatreds, and then complacencies. “Here I am, here we lay.” Schizmatic, that word repeats. Evolving as synchronicity becomes labeled. Learning, comprehending, elevating my tier.

“I really think you need to see a professional, I cannot do this anymore.” “.. Do you still love me?” “At this moment, right now? No, I do not.” Those words will forever be embedded into this mind.

*Knock knock* Hm? “Why did you forget about me?” What do, why happen? “Follow the White rabbit..” “Chase me?” “How did I ever forget about you? Oh my God.” “Oh dear child, we were waiting for you. Be mindful.” “Now put it on your arm. You know the aesthetic.”

I was unfolding, transforming. *Badum tss* Evynon became Evy Kno, because Iocus became Jocus became Jocelyne. *..change places :)* And the tattoos became human.

Here we are, here I lay. Life is about the experiences, regardless of your perception of the moment. Keep it as a pinnacle point, a shift in your psychological dynamic. It’s there to remind you, to keep you, or for you to devastate by your own will.

Mania, dementia, anxiety, depression, ADHD, Asperger’s, autism, psychosis, dissociative disorder, trauma, bipolar, schizophrenia. These are labels, but more importantly they are switches. they can be turned off, although not easily as they’ve already been turned on. That’s where the work begins for yourself, learn who you are and your coinciding esoteric.

Would you really want to though? These superpower gifts that you were blessed with? That’s the unreality of psychosomatics. Everyone wants their specific label, is placed under a category. But the truth is right there, you have a portal open in your mind. You are seeing things on multiple existences, utilizing the connections your junction box has opened.

Do you understand now, pleasant reader, we are speaking to you directly. Walls are meant to be broken, most especially the fourth.

Because there is no coincidence that you are here, reading this. You were meant to do this, This point in your life you are meant to discover your own consciousness awareness. Congratulations, you discovered the white rabbit.

“But we’ve already had this conversation before, simply conceptualizing on other media at the time” ~ Evy Kno <The Myld Hatter>

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Oh, you mean my massive run on sentences, littered with unnecessary commas instead of proper punctuation?

Yeah, those are my babies.

Thank you so much, I always have a lot of fun writing some outlandish nonsensical smut just for ya’ll, your reactions are by far my fav part of these prompts. 💕

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Ona bir not

Şu an nerdesin ne yapıyorsun bilmiyorum. Seni özlüyorum bana günaydın bitanem demeni,bana iyi geceler güzelim demeni , seni , hiç duymadığım sesini, hiç dokunamadığım saçlarını, hiç koklayamadığım kokunu, hiç tutmadığım elini özledim. Sen benim değil onun yanındasın o senin sesini duyor, o seni öpüyor ,o senin saçlarınla oynuyo. Ben seni çok özlüyorum ve ben seni hala çok seviyorum. Lütfen bana geri gel Lütfen…

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Deadline: March 1st, 2021 Payment: $0.005 per word Theme: Furry horror! Deadline: March 1, 2021 Theme: Furry horror! Word Count: 1,500-6,000 Payment: $0.005 per word Editor: Thurston Howl Expected release: Just in time for Howloween! With all the more recent furry horror anthologies emerging—Bleak Horizons, Infurno, Seven Deadly Sins, The Haunted Den, Dread, Slashers, and the upcoming The Howling Dead—we thought it would be useful to have a regular anthology that allowed all furry horror submissions, rather than specific types of horror. So bring us your worst! We want to see the furry Jason attacking a camp of squirrels. We want to see the Howling of Hill House. We want to see an ethereal Bad Dragon toy haunting the user who threw it away. We want to see a couple of foxes collecting knots from the tops they kill. So, slashers, erotic horror, ghost stories, movie monsters, transformation, all types of horror are welcome and encouraged! Kink and fetish are perfectly fine (and maybe even encouraged) with submissions, and you are free to play around with genre here. While erotic horror is accepted, we will not tolerate any positive portrayals of Rape, Torture Porn, Pedophilia, necrophilia, Characters that you do not own or characters under copyright, Bigotry, and extreme violence. Reprints are fine with us as long as you own the rights to your story. Simultaneous submissions are fine! If your story is accepted elsewhere, it is your responsibility to let us know. Max of three subs per writer. Weasel Press asks for Non-Exclusive rights to your story in perpetuity. BIPOC Authors, Queer Authors, Disabled Authors, Authors who are currently or former Sex Workers are strongly encouraged to submit. Submissions are taken through Submittable. Use one submittable form to upload your story(stories if more). The form will take up to…

from The Horror Tree

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I saw a future scene of IDWTW so clearly that I had to sit down and write it, even though I am NOT a person who has ever been able to write out of order ever. But. Those voices would not shut up until I got it out. Idek how many chapters away it is, but I can’t wait to share itttt.

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